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Engadget Comments

There are 97 Comments for this Podcast
great podcast!
when is the next podcast ?
Submitted By: lambretta.sx200
(140,474 on 7-2006)

Keep up the good work Team!
I must check 50+ times a day. Can get enough.
Submitted By: newswede
(121,209 on 5-2006)

The best technology podcast ive heard
I lov this podcast.
Submitted By: jiff01
(120,781 on 5-2006)

Yay engadget!
Submitted By: jonah
(119,397 on 5-2006)

Best Tech Podcast
Great podcast, covering a wide range of technologies/devices. Presented by two guys who are enthusiastic and very knowlegeable about their subject. Not just a rubber stamp of manufacturers press releases, these guys are independent and tell it like it is.
Submitted By: jonathan_bruck
(116,512 on 5-2006) d=66&zoneid=3&source=&dest=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.unclebens.c om%2Frecipecontest%2F 0.8/adclick.php?bannerid=66&zoneid=3&source=&dest=http%
Submitted By: galactictraveler11
(116,307 on 5-2006)

Great PodCast! I realy recommand this!
Submitted By: kalle_viklund
(113,856 on 4-2006)

The only place to go for gadget news
Simply put, just a really interesting and informative podcast, kinda agree with peoples comments about too many abbreviations used for the novice gadgeteer.
Submitted By: suf
(113,231 on 4-2006)

The Best
The Best Place For News On Gadgets !!!!
Submitted By: darioensr
(109,888 on 4-2006)

Great podcast thats simple and gives you the gadget news with a bit of humour, and isn voiced by geeky sounding mommas boys.
Submitted By: turin_brake
(98,963 on 3-2006)

Good show...
Easy to listen to...enjoyable...
Submitted By: slickmme
(91,438 on 2-2006)

Excellent... I compare it with TWiT (This Week in Tech) and thats a great thing. Thanks for your podcast and keepin on Castin.
Submitted By: krchambers
(88,959 on 2-2006)

Love it!!
Submitted By: david.anders69
(82,300 on 1-2006)

You guys rock
Keep it up - the voicemail is so good
Submitted By: shyguy01
(81,810 on 1-2006)

The only one to survive...
Ive been listening to podcasts for several months now, and this is the only one thats survived all this time... the others bore me. Way to go, guys!
Submitted By: ludos
(79,890 on 1-2006)

awesome up to the minute gadget news!
Submitted By: erikthechi
(79,180 on 1-2006)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: michael.sandoval
(79,097 on 1-2006)

Great podcast. Informative, fun, but no drivel.
Submitted By: schantz
(77,228 on 1-2006)

Engadget Rocks!
Great tech review!
Submitted By: hrbanana
(77,049 on 1-2006)

I feel that this podcast is the only way I can truly be up to date on the latest tech, Unfortunately they haven updated the iTunes yet but either than that... A 10 out of 10
Submitted By: AKBlade13
(76,274 on 1-2006)

a vote for your show
happy new years from the RBPCshow =)
Submitted By: PEZ
(76,055 on 1-2006)

engadget rox
engadget rox
Submitted By: bab618
(75,781 on 1-2006)

These nerds do it with flair.
Submitted By: jester
(75,673 on 1-2006)

Best site
Engadget is the greatest!!
Submitted By: steverl22
(75,661 on 1-2006)

great stuff!
The best way to keep across what is coming.
Submitted By: emotive
(74,565 on 1-2006)

woo engadget!
Submitted By: naisho.x
(70,887 on 12-2005)

Keep em comming!
My fav site for too long to remember. Thanks guys!
Submitted By: newswede
(70,788 on 12-2005)

Get your news and reviews here
Found the Engadget website by accident one day, and have been a frequent visitor since. The podcast just makes the experience so much better. Unbiased reviews, great commentary, and usually the first to cover all the new, and sometimes wacky, world of tech. Don miss it.
Submitted By: dopus
(70,579 on 12-2005)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: bigfish
(69,414 on 12-2005)

Engadget is your safest bet to get your weekly tech news! The bestin the buisness and deserve an award for the help they give and the entertainment they provide. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!
Submitted By: testarosa5000
(69,299 on 12-2005)

Great Show
Keep on Goin!
Submitted By: pbandj
(69,006 on 12-2005)

These guys are really safe.. they know their tech, its a high quality podcast with a great magazine styled discussion format. They bring you a bit more than the tech news sites give you.. which is the true opinions and debate.. instead of facts that the media throw at us and we disgest with little to no consideration abou the real issues.
Submitted By: spencerocks
(60,467 on 11-2005)

Go Engadget!
1... 2... 3... 4... Engadget rescues us from bore. 5... 6... 7... 8... Engadget is the best @(got too tired of thinking up something)
Submitted By: jesserpi
(60,456 on 11-2005)

Top quality podcost, awesome!
Submitted By: jbarkerdanby
(58,390 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: arimannis
(58,250 on 11-2005)

cool show
Submitted By: alichoudhry
(57,177 on 11-2005)

Best. Podcast. Ever.
Submitted By: pattmyn_x
(56,303 on 11-2005)

These guys love what they do
Lots of excitement and lots of gadget news....very contagious...great fun,
Submitted By: al_saiz
(56,137 on 11-2005)

These guys rock.
Submitted By: scott.hamilton
(55,074 on 11-2005)

Great Pod Cast
A "never miss" podcast.
Submitted By: coulombic
(52,372 on 10-2005)

best tech show
Submitted By: danielsussex
(51,991 on 10-2005)

Engadget rocks!
Submitted By: blair.thiessen
(51,016 on 10-2005)

the best podcast out there right now!
Submitted By: aaron_2k
(50,151 on 10-2005)

Gadget Heaven
All the best gadgets, all in one place, first ;) Oh and a great podcast to wrap up the weeks action too :D
Submitted By: peteremcc
(50,128 on 10-2005)

Where would I be without Engadget? Probably more than a few dollars richer (all spent on gadgets)!
Submitted By: jesserpi
(50,019 on 10-2005)

Geek to the max
Submitted By: rjfarquhar
(48,710 on 10-2005)

love it
This is an awesome podcast!
Submitted By: tweinmann
(46,531 on 10-2005)

Go Engadget Go
Has the info Im lookin for.
Submitted By: himrpsc
(45,863 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: americankgb
(42,521 on 9-2005)

Love this
Best tech podcast right now.
Submitted By: oskar.holmer
(42,308 on 9-2005)

They rock
Submitted By: aptmunich
(42,245 on 9-2005)

my vote for engadget for bringing the best in tech...keep it goin guys..
Submitted By: ravi_31123
(42,232 on 9-2005)

i love this show
best overall news show in all the tech world ... thanks for sharings guys
Submitted By: codedsignal
(41,942 on 9-2005)

Definitely the best Podcast out there for tech stuff!
Submitted By: starbase17
(40,608 on 9-2005)

Love You Engadget!!
Submitted By: swimzach_2009
(40,133 on 9-2005)

I love engadget O+
Submitted By: spam
(37,395 on 8-2005)

Nice BLOGcast ;)
Submitted By: patricksikorski
(37,263 on 8-2005)

No other like Engadget!
Submitted By: sameer
(37,248 on 8-2005)

Best Podcast Ever!
This is the best podcast ever i listen in every week!!
Submitted By: christopher_marklock
(36,234 on 8-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: plucas62
(34,298 on 8-2005)

Beats having to read it all
Submitted By: podcastalley
(32,109 on 8-2005)

Very sharp show
Submitted By: al_saiz
(31,237 on 8-2005)

Best in Scandinavia
Norwegian`s and swedish people love this.
Submitted By: oleeid
(31,056 on 8-2005)

# 1
Engadget is the bomb!
Submitted By: zacsixchip
(29,731 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(29,330 on 7-2005)

Great Podcast
I love your podcast. It is one of my favorites because it covers the best in technology and you guys have great discussions on the show.
Submitted By: semperfi89
(29,095 on 7-2005)

Very good podcast - my favourite!!!
really really good, relaxed and on topic with out to much blabbering all in all all very informative for anybody who wants to stay on top of of technology news
Submitted By: jameschurchman
(28,498 on 7-2005)

Good Podcast, Great Site
This podcast/site is really cool.
Submitted By: chris_masiello
(28,361 on 7-2005)

Best in the Biz
Submitted By: snehalp
(27,198 on 7-2005)

there dope...
this site is great... ofcoarse I would vote for them...
Submitted By: daddyfatsacz
(27,032 on 7-2005)

like it
can't wait for the next one
Submitted By: blancoal
(25,702 on 7-2005)

Engadget Rocks!!!
I love downloading and listening to the Engadget Podcasts on my iPod, keep up the great work.
Submitted By: jadlon85
(22,974 on 7-2005)

Lots of Great Info
Submitted By: al_saiz
(21,698 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: aptmunich
(21,322 on 6-2005)

Awsome Show
I've listen to most all of there podcasts and love every minute oif them.
Submitted By: tvdood92
(20,628 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(18,983 on 6-2005)

best tech show
the guys actually sound like they know what they are talking about;)
Submitted By: griggs.mike
(18,977 on 6-2005)

One of my favorite podcasts. But im not voting for them until they start learning how to ID3 tag their files. You'd expect that from "billys lunchtime cast" but not engadget.
Submitted By: theforks
(18,617 on 6-2005)

a very hi quality podcast show
Submitted By: king.h.cheung
(18,596 on 6-2005)

They freakin' rock my socks off
Submitted By: bumbumkoala
(18,333 on 6-2005)

Good source of tech information. Interesting take on the BS coming out of the coroporate IT spindoctors.
Submitted By: chris_masiello
(18,018 on 6-2005)

Just recently found this show and I think its "kinda cool" ;) ....if you ever want the British opinion ....give me call some time!
Submitted By: podcast
(17,337 on 6-2005)

W00t to engadget
My fav tech site, posts are faster than /.
Submitted By: citrate
(17,105 on 6-2005)

Love the show!
Submitted By: todd.storch
(16,398 on 6-2005)

Guys, please buy more Labtec Mic's when doing your podcasts. No more sharing mics. I can barely hear what the other people have to say.
Submitted By: rlymp
(13,339 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: wheelerbrian
(12,982 on 5-2005)

excellent podcast!
Submitted By: therereallyarenogoodnamesleft
(12,946 on 5-2005)

Engadget is Great
Man! I haven't read other podcasts like this one. I love them because they are short and to the point, so I can read them real quick while I'm on the go and I don't miss any information. My final verdict, ENGADGET ROCKS!
Submitted By: death.knight
(12,838 on 5-2005)

engadget rocks
Submitted By: bchris4
(11,419 on 5-2005)

Good Show
Submitted By: GENIE
(11,399 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: b.bayv
(11,310 on 5-2005)

Great Gadget Site
Engadget is a fantastic site. I'm always surprise at how often it's updated, even on the weekends. Don't these guys take a break :-)
Submitted By: jabberwuukie
(8,991 on 5-2005)

The greatest tech news around!
Engadget is the hip, happening place to be for the latest and greatest in gadgets. Geek on, P.T!
Submitted By: shaness
(5,537 on 4-2005)

Engadget Rocks!
Even though I check the RSS feed 8 times a day at work... I still need the podcast, for those times I'm not near a hotspot. Engadget rules!
Submitted By: damiandamjanov
(3,373 on 3-2005)

Great show!
Even though I miss Phil, Eric Rice does a great job and the sound quality is much better than the 2004 version. Looking forward to where Eric will take this show...
Submitted By: twelliott
(3,316 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: SAKEYES
(2,716 on 3-2005)

Return of the Show!
Yay, I have been waiting for the return of this show for ages. Great podcast
Submitted By: afalleiro
(2,644 on 3-2005)

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