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Student Pilot Training Podcast Comments

There are 63 Comments for this Podcast
Great podcast!
Great podcast!
Submitted By: wadlust
(545,314 on 10-2012)

There are lot of schools that are providing you the right training and then there are schools they are providing you the right accommodation and some with both so it becomes very hard where to go in that case contact to get the exact information and the best guidance for flying and for ground studies. this is your one stop solution to all your needs from taring , ground studies , medicals , books and each and every thing and that to in the most easiest of ways, mail us at AVIATORWORLD@YMAIL.COM 00917842416194,00639352522906.
(541,747 on 12-2011)

Pilot Training
Thanks a lot for giving information pilot training podcast. I am also thinking to join a pilot training programs as making career in airline industries is very famous these days.
Submitted By: parulparul0912
(538,587 on 9-2011)

Shame it's podfaded :(
It's a shame this podcast has podfaded. Any idea where this person is now? We'd love to interview him over at
Submitted By: flymefriendly
(497,429 on 9-2009)

new listener
Having done 38 hrs and soon to sit BAK exam and GFPT, i am finding the podcasts extremely useful in conjunction with the text books (which i find i can only use in short time spans). Thanks and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: kev.jane
(487,629 on 6-2009)

Really Good !
It was great just wish there was more. I 14 years of Age Located In Australia, and wish to become a commercial pilot when im older. there is a local airodrome in my area which offeres professional flight training, so i guess ill be trainig there, bring out more ! ive notced these were made in 2006, and yoiu website doesnt work anymore. send me an email with the new website or podcast aera please if there is any. if the issue is paying for website hosting for the podcast website dont worry, ill be happt to offer free unlimited website hosting, as i own my own webhosting company ;D thanks, and happy flying, Jack
Submitted By: jack_seymour_05
(485,930 on 6-2009)

Go Fly!
this is the best! I am a 200-hour private pilot and really enjoy going back and listening to this series time and again as refresher training.
Submitted By: bryce.richard
(467,730 on 2-2009)

Well worth a listen
Your podcast is very informative and entertaining. I listen to it all the time in my daily 2 hour drive to work and back. Shame they aren't longer. You are a natural speaker and I hope you continue to make these podcasts for a long time to come. JOB WELL DONE!
Submitted By: chris.adams
(367,548 on 3-2008)

Thanks for this, wondering how i would be able to get that document that you talk about in your podcasts?
Submitted By:
(360,944 on 2-2008)

Useful and educational
Submitted By: dcalder
(358,406 on 2-2008)

Clear, concise and entertaining.
Submitted By: kimiles
(352,424 on 1-2008)

Very good!
Great job with this podcast series. Ive listened and followed and will one day soon take my TIF. Thanks for support. Andy, Melbourne.
Submitted By: usherinandy
(349,822 on 1-2008)

Useful podcast
Hi Geoff Great show. Helps me to consolidate my learning. Keeps me motivated. Show is well put together, informative without being too technical. Regards Guy
Submitted By: guy.oakley
(333,792 on 11-2007)

learning a lot in the tube
this is a very good podcast to refresh your train during a commute to work.. please keep going.
Submitted By: marcus.eich
(319,680 on 10-2007)

Congrats Guys!
We have a flight school here in Spain, so we are in the industry, but I have to say what a great way to get the information across. Well done guys! keep up the good work.
Submitted By: mike
(294,551 on 8-2007)

Very well done show
Very informative & prefessionally done. Im think of getting my sport pilit license (USA) & this has helped my quite a bit with the basics.
Submitted By: ramccoy
(275,024 on 6-2007)

Excellent show
Submitted By: paulslingo
(268,360 on 6-2007)

Great teaching tool
Geoff has put together a great package of various subjects explained in simple language. I listen to it on the way to work. If you play it over and over, the subject will stick in without you trying. I just wish that there were more! Congratulations Geoff!
Submitted By: mikeyp
(263,297 on 5-2007)

Awsome show
this show is very interesting and very useful to aviation enthusiastes and student pilots and is highely recommended to anyone with any interest in starting your pilot training or for people who are looking to refresh their memory of basic flight knowledge
Submitted By: Ciaran805
(248,929 on 4-2007)

Great Stuff
Great Job, about to start my Training towards my PPL so this is very instresting. Keep up the good work
Submitted By: theflyingtom
(236,192 on 3-2007)

Hi, I fly a C172 from jandakot. Perth is renowned for high winds and Rottnest Island off the coast of perth is a popular destination for private pilots. Due to the size of the island, the runway direction is perpendicular to the prevailing winds and 90% of the time winds are blowing directly accross the runway. It would be great for the WA listners who deal with crosswinds all the time if you could report a podcast on the various crosswind techniques and tips to implement safe landings in crosswinds. Look forward to hearing the podcast!
Submitted By: anmol.bedi
(232,793 on 3-2007)

Very good podcast! Straight to the point and no going around the subject to much. Very good for those serious about aviation.
Submitted By: andres_di_giacomo
(214,024 on 1-2007)

Thankyou very much for the podcast your a good man
Submitted By: stewkell
(211,361 on 1-2007)

Great show! Very informative!
Submitted By: sue2005
(202,638 on 12-2006)

Excellent Podcast
This podcast has been very helpful in getting my PPL. It covers not only general common knowledge but also goes in-depth into certain important issues. Truly a great podcast.
Submitted By: wesley.combs
(199,560 on 12-2006)

Very nice job. Ive been using the podcasts as a refresher for material I wish to present to the students on subsequent lessons. Thanks again, WKS.
Submitted By: kpdx_cfi
(198,783 on 12-2006)

Love the podcast
Great podcasts! They help me out a lot in my training and are always there for revision right after a night of ground school. Thanks!
Submitted By: craig.german
(192,395 on 12-2006)

Well worth a listen
Essenitial listening for any student pilot… keep it coming thick and fast
Submitted By: blake
(191,974 on 12-2006)

Its great!
Submitted By: d.harrison9
(180,487 on 11-2006)

terrific, but where are you now?
Fantastic cast! Please continue!
Submitted By: emparkes
(166,516 on 9-2006)

Student Pilot Training
Im training for my PPL(A). This is a great supplement to formal training. Whats happened to Geoff though? No new podcasts since May ?
Submitted By: d.harrison9
(165,764 on 9-2006)

Student Pilot Trg
Excellent effort and appreciated revision of concepts for all recreational pilots. Well done. It would be good to see this go through more or the details on briefings etc but this may necessitate a shift to video?
Submitted By: dldrummond
(155,653 on 8-2006)

Great show with lots of info.
Submitted By: prs950
(151,918 on 8-2006)

Well done
I am a prospective PPL student and am using your podcasts to get a good idea of whats involved before I being and spend any money. Please keep them coming. Regards, Scott (UK)
Submitted By: scott_haddon
(149,147 on 8-2006)

Thanks for radio procedures podcast
Geoff: Im a student pilot in California. I found your podcast while I was looking for training materials on communications protocols. Nice work!
Submitted By: deaguij
(148,567 on 8-2006)

Nice work Geoff...Im actually a qualified PPL pilot, but was really pleased to have a bit of a refresher. Keep em coming! Mike
Submitted By: michael.beath
(146,124 on 7-2006)

Great Job
ive just completed my first four solo series of circuits at Bankstown and ive been listening to you podcasts intently theyre really good for someone at my level!
Submitted By: wellsyjr
(144,686 on 7-2006)

Great job!
II am not a pilot or student pilot – just someone who is interested in aviation and found this Podcast to be very interesting. It is well produced, and the efficient and clear manner in which the subject is covered is very enjoyable. Great Podcast! Jack
Submitted By: jack.wurtzel
(135,318 on 6-2006)

Appreciate the information
I really appreciate this podcast as it allows me to review ground school information. It is helpful to keep me thinking about topics until I am able to finish working on my PPL.
Submitted By: wemmerling
(133,839 on 6-2006)

Hey mate, i just about to go for my first solo at bankstown, and these podcasts are really great. Thanks for taking the time with these
Submitted By: wellsyjr
(133,201 on 6-2006)

very well done....thanks!!!!!!!
Submitted By: mschwartzz
(130,705 on 6-2006)

thank you
hey thanks, I'm a new student reading the BAK from a dull book, this is a helpfull adjunct to my training, thank you
Submitted By: manxaura
(128,903 on 6-2006)

Please do more podcasts they are handy to listen to on long distance drives
Submitted By: michael
(123,835 on 5-2006)

Keep them coming
enjoying the lessons, just starting out on my PPL !
Submitted By: petedoire
(121,564 on 5-2006)

Great stuff
Fantstic Podcast Geoff, I hope to hear more of them?? I am blown away that this is Australian too! I have been debating for a while on whether or not to start flying myself and you offer some excellent advice on getting started. Cheers and keep it up :)
Submitted By: rhysbushell
(119,369 on 5-2006)

Fantastic set of podcasts, still getting through them at the moment. I have an aviation obsession/passion and these podcasts are great. The way the presenter speaks is interesting and keeps the listener informed. The information is true and updated. awesome work.
Submitted By: troy.wills
(118,065 on 5-2006)

Keep it Coming
Geoff, love the posdcast. Keep the episodes coming!
Submitted By: jwicht
(112,279 on 4-2006)

Interesting and well structured
This is a fascinating insight into the world of flying. Whether you e a would-be student pilot or just an information junkie, youll enjoy this and learn a lot. This is what podcasting is all about.
Submitted By: confidential
(111,292 on 4-2006)

Excellent stuff, very helpfull!
Submitted By: roland.hoogendam
(110,236 on 4-2006)

Fantastic podcast, only one of its kind Ive found. Thank you for this.
Submitted By: geminieve
(105,713 on 4-2006)

Good stuff
Thanks for this podcast - I have recently re-validated my CPL after 16 years of not flying. This stuff is great refresher and reminds me that I actually do remember quite a bit about flying.
Submitted By: rjoke
(105,480 on 4-2006)

Very helpful!
I love this show, helps me out with all the theory of flight. Nice work Geoff!
Submitted By: lachymaddog
(99,412 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: danjger
(99,069 on 3-2006)

Awesome Stuff
Dear Geoff, My name is Aditya and i am an aspiring pilot. Your podcasta have been really exciting and informating.Keep the good stuff coming in. I am sure it will be of great help to newbies like me. All the Best. Aditya.
Submitted By: arithhuh
(97,592 on 3-2006)

Much needed
Submitted By: iindian
(92,449 on 2-2006)

Very useful podcast for those learning to fly or for those of us who don fly enough and need refreshers now and then.
Submitted By: rossmcdowall
(90,750 on 2-2006)

Great Show
This is a great show for anyone want to become a pilot. The young man giving the podcast is informative, articulate, and has a great Australian accent. Sometimes the shows move pretty fast with a lot of information, but you can listen to them over and over again. Thanks. Keep it up.
Submitted By: mattdavega
(89,637 on 2-2006)

Great show. I am taking classes to get my private pilots certificate and find the show to be very useful.
Submitted By: fuegox
(88,126 on 2-2006)

Excellent job! Keep it up!
Im a student pilot in the US. I already passed my written exam and am along in my flight training, but I think Ill keep listening long after I get my ticket. Good information, good delivery, all around you e doing a great job!
Submitted By: gregbrown
(84,785 on 2-2006)

great educational aviation podcast
This podcast is superior to any other aviation educational podcast. Its a great review tool and I thank the author very much for creating this podcast. A good pilot is always learning!! Thanks again
Submitted By: futurepilot777
(81,324 on 1-2006)

Interesting Show
I am not a pilot, nor am I trying to become one (I don't have enough money), but I have always been curious about flying, and this is a great podcast to teach how flying works.
Submitted By: dmcallaster
(80,805 on 1-2006)

Hi Geoff, I havent forgotten to reply to your email, I will, I just wanted to vote for your podcast. In the episode on clouds, I thought too much emphasis was on the names of the clouds themselves, although very informative and correct. To start introducing clouds with so many names & types can overwhelm new people to met study. I was confused as anyone until an instructor simply said that there really are 2 types, staroform and cumuloform, all others are a combination of those, then it became simple, well it worked for me anyway, keep up the great work. I just have to listen to ep 6 now, cheers mate. David:)
Submitted By: bobzob
(80,470 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: Matthew.Goyen
(77,016 on 1-2006)

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