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There are 32 Comments for this Podcast
There really is...
...Only ONE Big Mike! Cheers, Paulybx PS. Yes Of course Im your pimp - not that it got us anywhere...
Submitted By: paulyb
(157,866 on 9-2006)

is there something you know...
...that we don ? How come a legend like yourself gets fuck all votes at the alley? Do you change votes into golden sovereigns? What alchemy IS this?
Submitted By: paulyb
(152,295 on 8-2006)

Glory be!
You e back! Whoopee! Paulybx
Submitted By: lastminutecomedy
(115,128 on 5-2006)

The legend continues...
Big Mike is where podcasting starts and ends. If you don listen to this show you e a smacktarding crotch goblin. Paulybx
Submitted By: lastminutecomedy
(93,203 on 3-2006)

A vote for Big Mike...
...Is a vote for all thats good in the world today. He is a truly wonderful man who inspires me every waking moment of my life. Oh hang on, No - thats Jimmy Saville - sorry, Big Mike is a pissmop. Paulybx
Submitted By: lastminutecomedy
(89,779 on 2-2006)

Big Mike
Popped my ipods cherry. Still and always the best
Submitted By: j.d.ball
(69,899 on 12-2005)

mine too!!!
Submitted By: bigmike
(69,098 on 12-2005)

My ears are bleeding!
Submitted By: smallworldpodcast
(47,934 on 10-2005)

Give me hardcore or give me death!!
Big Mike (and crew) kick serious ass! Keep up the stellar job, my friend!
Submitted By: devon_ostendorf
(47,917 on 10-2005)

Like good olde fashion raydio was ment to be
Submitted By: admin
(45,441 on 9-2005)

great music!
Submitted By: wtbtim
(43,817 on 9-2005)

still the best production
Submitted By: tartanpodcast
(40,173 on 9-2005)

My bowels, my bowels!!!
Submitted By: smallworldpodcast
(39,278 on 9-2005)

Music that could launch an earthquake played by the Mad Max of Podcasting
Submitted By: al_saiz
(39,233 on 9-2005)

Great Show
Great Music and Big Mike has a great voice....T&T Pat
Submitted By: pat
(33,678 on 8-2005)

A lunatic at the wheel...a five ticket ride
Submitted By: al_saiz
(31,240 on 8-2005)

Hands down my favorite podcast.
Submitted By: airgeek_1
(23,048 on 7-2005)

Hot, Hot, Hot
Submitted By: al_saiz
(22,749 on 7-2005)

A lot of fun
Good job Bike Mike. I'm a listener from Aus and I love this show. I always look forward to it.
Submitted By: rob
(21,630 on 6-2005)

UltraMega Thank You :)
Hey Big Mike I cant thank you enough for playing "I Smell". It means SO much for me and I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely want to get one of your tee shirts so I will order one from you. I really like your show and the best of luck to you. All you guys doing the Podcasts right now are the best thing to happen to music since Mike Robertson originally started This is way better and I can tell it is going to get so huge. I just hope I can get back in Later. The best of luck to you and your website and player are extremely cool. I am a big fan of flash. I will send you a link of a flash Cartoon site I spent 3 months on that is Dark humor you will absolutely love. Great meeting you and thanks again. -Mike aka Crashman - Band: Crash Menagerie
Submitted By: crashmenagerie
(21,143 on 6-2005)

You can't go wrong with EXTRA! Vote! LISTEN! LAUGH! If you don't I will come to your house and mate my cat with your dog, pour orange juice in your milk cartons and RIP the labels off your damn mattress!!!!!! Then it will really get fun. WHAT THE HELL, I am on my way now. Keeme has spoken. P.S. Please leave your doors unlocked because my lock picking skills are not so good since the "incident".
Submitted By: rkeeme
(16,542 on 6-2005)

the best production in the world
Submitted By: tartanpodcast
(15,794 on 6-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: igammie
(14,366 on 5-2005)

I Love Mike
Submitted By: kimorock
(9,536 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: jimihaze
(9,535 on 5-2005)

Bad ass music, bad ass style. -Chris Rockwell
Submitted By: chris
(8,778 on 5-2005)

You Rock!
Hey, love the show... Wil of the Indie Music Pod Jam
Submitted By: wileverts
(6,934 on 4-2005)

weird is a good thing...
oh my god! there are actually people in the world who are as weird as me. maybe weirder. naa! not possible.
Submitted By: ivorylodge
(3,396 on 3-2005)

Big Fan
Each day it's something completely different, but I always end up laughing! Mike is hilarious!
Submitted By: koelling
(2,115 on 3-2005)

A satisfying BM
I laughed, I cried, I questioned reality. Cosmically aligned. Sensuously orgasmic. Painfully joyful. Wonderfully out of context! Proof that when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Whaté─˘s not to like? I have never had such a satisfying BM.
Submitted By: plees
(175 on 3-2005)

Extra Super Action Comment
You guys are doing a wonderful job here with the ESAS. Big mike is a funny dude with a great ear for music and comedy. Not to mention the site looks f'n fantastic! Keep on going with your current kung-fu style delivery of the show's title, mike....Me likey!
Submitted By: icepick3383
(165 on 3-2005)

I peed my pants!
Great music, hilarious personality, and excellent sound quality!
Submitted By: airgeek_1
(107 on 3-2005)

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