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switched:on Comments

There are 96 Comments for this Podcast
Love it!
Funniest podcast out there. Period.
Submitted By: thx_1227
(366,321 on 3-2008)

Just throwing you guys a december vote!
Submitted By: 1rosscameron
(196,498 on 12-2006)

FUnny shit people! Me & The Bean
Submitted By: janus414
(162,053 on 9-2006)

Happy September, Gentlemen!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(160,109 on 9-2006)

September lovin from Mikey
A little drop of love for my 138 Brothers and Sisters from Public Nuisance Radio.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(159,695 on 9-2006)

The funniest podcast on the net. Me & The Bean.
Submitted By: janus414
(156,406 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: gabberjaw
(149,248 on 8-2006)

Mikey sends his love
heres some August lovin from Public Nuisance Radio... now make sure you wash your hands, never know where Ive been.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(148,611 on 8-2006)

The Twisted Pickle loves Switched:On!
Submitted By: corbybender
(136,997 on 7-2006)

Some July Lovin from Mikey
Whats up guys.. just sending a little support from Public Nuisance Radio.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(136,425 on 7-2006)

Happy July guys!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(136,244 on 7-2006)

Corby loves ya!
Submitted By: corbybender
(135,706 on 6-2006)

Happy June!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(126,393 on 6-2006)

Just throwing you guys a May vote, You rock and will always be my favourite podcast ever!
Submitted By: 1rosscameron
(121,580 on 5-2006)

Switch on switched:on! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(119,522 on 5-2006)

We are turned on by switched on!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(114,800 on 5-2006)

One of the funniest podcasts around. Hilarious! Chad from
Submitted By: janus414
(114,787 on 5-2006)

May vote
I love switched:on! -Corby-
Submitted By: corbybender
(114,373 on 5-2006)

tickle, tickle!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(106,392 on 4-2006)

Merry April Vote Day! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(103,863 on 4-2006)

good show
your shows awsome
Submitted By: black_label716te
(97,885 on 3-2006)

YaY! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(97,686 on 3-2006)

Love it
Keep up the great work guys! A March vote! -Corby- The Twisted Pickle Show
Submitted By: corbybender
(95,922 on 3-2006)

Whats up fellas?... Nothing? Yeah.... Me?... Just votin.... Sweet.
Submitted By: Scizowdelarocha
(95,288 on 3-2006)

Hey these guys are freakin funny!!!
Submitted By: shaun
(94,273 on 3-2006)

Fuck yes
Switched:on is fucking awesome. Love the show guys. Keep em coming.- Justin of the BastardCast
Submitted By: bastardcast
(93,941 on 3-2006)

its the bees knees yo!
Submitted By: janus414
(93,731 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: gabberjaw
(93,072 on 3-2006)

A+ #1 -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(88,599 on 2-2006)

From Your Friends at the BastardCast
Whats up. This is Justin from the BastardCast. Love the show, you guys are awesome. Keep the shit coming. Justin:
Submitted By: bastardcast
(86,349 on 2-2006)

Kisses from Chicago!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(83,221 on 2-2006)

Jan Vote
Keep up the great work, loving you in Omaha! -Corby- The Twisted Pickle Show
Submitted By: corbybender
(79,163 on 1-2006)

a vote for your show
happy new years from the RBPCshow =)
Submitted By: PEZ
(76,013 on 1-2006)

THe funniest show anywhere
Submitted By: chad
(73,955 on 1-2006)

Happy friggin new year dudes !!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(73,224 on 1-2006)

Long podcast, but good. 3 guys with a good sense of humor talk for hours. Not everything is side splitting, but those few minutes are that much more fun because you feel like you were in the room while they were thinking these jokes up.
Submitted By: regamble
(72,927 on 1-2006)

best ive heard!!!
Submitted By: freakmoomin
(69,843 on 12-2005)

Glad to see you're not switched:off! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(69,229 on 12-2005)

WOOT WOOT WOOT! Switched:on is back! WOOT WOOT WOOT!
Submitted By: ayoung2
(69,023 on 12-2005)

This show rocks!
Yo everybody, come on and vote for switched on coz these guys kick ass!
Submitted By: ross-cameron
(67,902 on 12-2005)

This stuff is great! completely original...well..that is unless you've ever heard Blink-182's "LIVE" album, or heard any 4th graders talk to each other on the which case it's the most un-original boring bullshit I've ever heard. Not to mention the hick accents make everything sound not funny. This cast blows.
Submitted By: braydon_russell
(65,281 on 12-2005)

you guy's suck!
Come back! Corby says you got in a you guy's made my day go quckly? Fucking antique aliens...werewrewrwerwerwer just suck it up and get back on!
Submitted By: andy1honda
(64,999 on 12-2005)

come back!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(64,470 on 12-2005)

Come back!
Come back guys...come on, you can do it...bygones, ya know? Please? Who do I have to fucking blow to get Switched:On to make up and come back??
Submitted By: corbybender
(63,702 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: gabberjaw
(54,783 on 11-2005)

Bad Show Indeed
What a bad bad show. I think the ferf gives this guy votes.
Submitted By: pr
(51,889 on 10-2005)

Not only does this show suck fucking dicks - it is racist to the core!
Submitted By: pr
(51,888 on 10-2005)

These are the funniest guys in podcasting. Subscribe or be doomed to a humorless, lonely life!
Submitted By: djohnson
(44,209 on 9-2005)

Power to the 138!
Submitted By: gabberjaw
(41,072 on 9-2005)

These guys rock
Submitted By: rob
(40,640 on 9-2005)

Thanks for taking the time to mask your love for us and Vote! Keep listening closet fan. ;)
Submitted By: switchedonshow
(31,268 on 8-2005)

Your show sucks ass. Id rather listen to MommyCast than this shit.
Submitted By: me
(30,334 on 7-2005)

Switched On is the bestest show ever!
Submitted By: diana
(20,152 on 6-2005)

A vote for all of the 138 guys.
Submitted By: malloryb
(19,290 on 6-2005)

Brob make nice with switchedon
Submitted By: warmupthebus
(18,716 on 6-2005)

Us Brits just love cucumber Snickers!
Submitted By: mrwizzle
(17,551 on 6-2005)

Super-great, really-cool, extra-special podcast! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(16,609 on 6-2005)

A penny saved
is a penny earned. A lesson from your Uncle Bibb. Now listen to this show before I kill your puppy. Welcome to the 138.
Submitted By: garybibb
(16,555 on 6-2005)

I DARE YOU!!!! VOTE AND LISTEN!!!!! Keeme has spoken
Submitted By: rkeeme
(16,437 on 6-2005)

deepthroat a pickle?
June vote for the SwitchedOn Show. Keep it up and get Jerry outta that Brit's panties and back into your studio!
Submitted By: corbybender
(16,416 on 6-2005)

just vote yes! switched:on :)
Submitted By: insaniac
(16,214 on 6-2005)

Funny Funny Funny rob w
Submitted By: podcast411
(15,895 on 6-2005)

It's the... to give a listen!
Submitted By: insaniac4
(12,856 on 5-2005)

better than torture!
Submitted By: insaniac3
(12,741 on 5-2005)

F***ing hilarious!!!
Submitted By: canadamatrix09
(12,679 on 5-2005)

da garden gnomes gotsta stick together...
Submitted By: insaniac1
(12,508 on 5-2005)

great to have you guys out at the star wars line. next time we'll set up a PA system so everyone else can enjoy the fun too... :) mike
Submitted By: justplaininsane
(12,480 on 5-2005)

Funny stuff, made milk come out of my nose...and I wasn't even drinking any.
Submitted By: oldjedi
(12,478 on 5-2005)

you're the tits!
Submitted By: insaniac2
(12,430 on 5-2005)

Great Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. Their humor is always good, and the rants are almost always humorous. Listen!
Submitted By: kiswa_00
(12,318 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Switched:ON rocks!
Submitted By: insaniac
(12,309 on 5-2005)

best podcast in existence
I'm not just saying this because Rob is the bestest piece of ass I've ever had, but this show is the funniest podcast in existence and it deserves way more cred.
Submitted By: alucard3787
(11,141 on 5-2005)

you guys make me giggle
Submitted By: jamahsan
(10,777 on 5-2005)

Very funny, these guys. Keep it up!
Submitted By: zorroaster1999
(10,398 on 5-2005)

Eeeeeeeeeeeee doggie
After listening to them I am convinced we need to steal their idea of having an in house keyboard player. Great show, keep it up! da Bibb
Submitted By: garybibb
(9,888 on 5-2005)

You guys cut me up. I think I blew out one of my car speakers with the screaming, so thanks for that. I'd be angry, but it was funny. So keep up the good work, and thank God I wasn't wearing headphones or I'd be deaf. Gavin The Making
Submitted By: gavin
(5,556 on 4-2005)

that shit is loud
i love you guys ,, keep it up
Submitted By: skatepunkcat
(4,789 on 4-2005)

you guys are funny and laugh really loud espacially Bryan.
Submitted By: dk1053
(4,785 on 4-2005)

GREAT SHOW!!!!!! Get some Mr. T love here.
Submitted By: ivand
(4,772 on 4-2005)

You guys are friggin' NUTS. Stop making me spew my coffee!!! LOL
Submitted By: April_Taurus24
(4,762 on 4-2005)

Friggin funny bastards!
Funny shit...! Laughing at every show...
Submitted By: mg4405
(4,612 on 4-2005)

Hey guys..i was told to let you guys know that Rob sucks!! haha, I am Charlie Jones' girlfriend in Las Vegas, NV. First off...we don't have Whattaburger, or Chickfilet or Taco Bueno..and I hear about it almost everytime we go out to eat. I decided, just for that I am going to open just one of each..right by my house. haha, also, the thing on Price's Right where the contesants are at before they go up on stage is contestants row... i just got a I-Pod for my birthday from Charlie and I am already hooked to you is better than the shitty radio here in town ;)
Submitted By: flamingkittykat
(3,787 on 4-2005)

aircoolers rule
Funny stuff guys! good deal.
Submitted By: dragonlord37
(3,694 on 4-2005)

Great Job..................
Submitted By: southsider76
(3,610 on 4-2005)

Ya'll are too funny ( for work today ) keep it up. Dudes x 3
Submitted By: cwjerden
(3,599 on 4-2005)

switched on
funny! great! Loved it!
Submitted By: fireinspector
(3,574 on 4-2005)

I just foud this show, and plan to listento them all. Couldn't stop laughing.
Submitted By: garyskin_666
(2,876 on 3-2005)

F'ing funny
These guys are really damn funny. None of the other shows make me laugh as hard as these guys. I can't wait for the next show.
Submitted By: michael.x.garza
(2,837 on 3-2005)

I think this show is great! It's nice to hear that some people can find humor in every day life.
Submitted By: diane.roberson
(2,779 on 3-2005)

The description of your show doesn't tell anyone what madness awaits. Simply Greatness. :)
Submitted By: stevenjohnson
(2,704 on 3-2005)

Man, these guys are funny. Listen to it!!!
Submitted By: suspect646
(2,565 on 3-2005)

cheerio me hearties!
I'm surprised people aren't asking me why I keep laughing at work.
Submitted By: jessica
(2,563 on 3-2005)

You guys are weird. Keep up the good humour!
Submitted By: hojomusician
(2,562 on 3-2005)

Better than swimming in raw sewage!
And I mean it too! This show doesn't suck at all, and is worth the download. me = subscriber!
Submitted By: webmaster
(2,561 on 3-2005)

Here’s what I had to say. This show is great. I was considering driving my car off a cliff this morning but decided to download this show and listen to it before I left the house. I hate the radio and the corporate crap. Just before I drove my car into a nearby ravine I was laughing hysterically at these guys. The air bags saved my body but this show saved my life. Way to go guys!
Submitted By: jerry
(2,556 on 3-2005)

You must stop this!
You guys have to quit laughing so much during your shows. I've had 6 different flavors of soda come out of my nose at work this week. That was all at once! Keep them coming!
Submitted By: version3
(2,549 on 3-2005)

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