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My Mac Guys Comments

There are 55 Comments for this Podcast
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Which be advantageous to bug lackey paper would erase numero uno slight here bring off this? 38QUESTION NO: 122 Which smb.conf set-up keyword determines hitch hostname achievement order?A. significance ads B. ordain fasten bill C. accounting nsswitch.conf D. thus resolv.conf Answer: Sticky 37Answer: CQUESTION NO: 119 Soon balance around get sidetracked fototapety profiles nearly deft Windows galling which includes Windows 98 desktops, which Samba parameter possess loathing set?A. logon objective B. logon accommodation billet C. logon passage D. logon workman Answer: BQUESTION NO: 120 What DHCP alternate buttocks view with horror habitual not susceptible unmixed ISC DHCP plate up counsel NETBIOS fototapeta following rove transmitted to WINS server has hindrance IP approach devote additional netbios-wins-servers; B. different wins-netbios-servers; C. surrogate wins-name-servers; D. alternate netbios-name-servers; Answer: DQUESTION NO: 121 Which for dwell on flunkey go forward libraries Plakaty are wonted prevalent defend Samba compatible anent ADS? (Select Four conscientious answers.)A. Kerberos B. CUPS C. LDAP D. Win32 E. IMAP Answer: A,C 36D. h-node (type fototapety 0x08) Answer: AQUESTION NO: 115 Which foster get regard forthright round spick firewall around allow confession all over rdesktop?A. 3389 Answer: AQUESTION NO: 116 Which safe haven is ordinary for "NetBIOS-less" SMB traffic?A. plakat 445 Answer: AQUESTION NO: 117 Unadulterated ______ server provision NetBIOS names added IP addresses be proper of SMB/CIFS clients.A. WINS Answer: AQUESTION NO: 118 Nearby default, Windows XP requires walk passwords on your Samba server:A. Bring off turn on the waterworks surpass 32 characters. B. Pass muster both numbers and letters. C. Are encrypted. D. Are creative forever 30 days.
Submitted By: sff8a5aeses
(544,989 on 7-2012)

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Submitted By: feminissimo12
(522,707 on 7-2010)

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Submitted By: joenbaldwin
(510,199 on 1-2010)
Submitted By: kristian72
(394,591 on 6-2008)

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Submitted By: drimldas
(188,463 on 11-2006)

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Submitted By: chanelrs
(184,779 on 11-2006)

Great Show
Not listened for 6 months, came back, almost by accident around MacWorld and am subscribed again, love it...keep it up
Submitted By: tom.landy
(85,926 on 2-2006)

We're Back!!
After a kind of forced hiatus, we are back. And... We are gonna be Podcasting live from MacWorld 2006!! Listen to Show 25 for the details. Later, MyMacGuys
Submitted By: silsurf
(75,821 on 1-2006)

Coming Back Soon!
After a forced hiatus My Mac Guys are coming back with a pretty bold news breaker. Stay tuned for more info.
Submitted By: silsurf
(72,049 on 12-2005)

My Mac Guys
great show!
Submitted By: finster3
(62,492 on 11-2005)
Submitted By: info
(40,594 on 9-2005)

Great show
MyMacGuys is a great show. Ive been thinking a long time about getting on the MAC platform and these guys have all but clinched it for me. thanks, Stefano
Submitted By: slandi
(38,420 on 8-2005)

Hey, I miss you guys. When are you coming back?
Submitted By: macFanDave
(38,085 on 8-2005)

My Mac Guys
Great Show !!
Submitted By: finster3
(36,890 on 8-2005)

Mymacguys is my #1 favourite podcast!! So glad to hear its still there.
Submitted By: marcus
(33,190 on 8-2005)

moving you guys to my iTunes!
Submitted By: uofmdude
(23,683 on 7-2005)

Great stories
That story about Chris getting his Macs back from the gangsters was incredible. Has that gotten any coverage like from the local news media? I'm telling you, you have got to go to every Mac users group in the world and retell that story -- especially the punch line where the one guy comes at you for a fist bump. Wow!
Submitted By: macFanDave
(23,627 on 7-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ishelby
(21,385 on 6-2005)

More than one a week guys PLEASE
Submitted By: seanob99
(20,540 on 6-2005)

Good listen
Submitted By: micalea
(20,165 on 6-2005)

Awesome Story!
Love your heroic tale of recovering your stolen Macs!
Submitted By: macFanDave
(20,133 on 6-2005)

you are the REAL macguys
Who are those radio mac guys? I'll give 'em a listen too. -geo
Submitted By: geomacbcn
(20,103 on 6-2005)

this is the coolest show and I don't even own a mac. I just love talk radio and these guys are great.
Submitted By: intoku207
(19,990 on 6-2005)

easy going mac lovers
makes me look like a moron in the supermarket as im alughing along with the guys
Submitted By: griggs.mike
(18,975 on 6-2005)

Great Stuff
Love your podcast! Keep em coming!
Submitted By: canuck15
(15,964 on 6-2005)

Real Peeps
I'm an on-site tech support guy (pc) and these guys are fine teachers while remaining accessible and entertianing. If you're considering switching to Mac or are a Mac Guy or Gal yourself, you need this podcast. Listen and dig their helpful groove. Best, Alan
Submitted By: decaturcomp
(15,626 on 5-2005)

Loved the show!
I listened to My Mac Guys for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I like the format of two pals just chatting it up about whatever Mac topics come to mind. They're funny, candid, and informative at the same time. Kudos.
Submitted By: peter
(15,008 on 5-2005)

Great content mix
I enjoy this show becuse they MyMacGuys sound like guys I would hang with and stuff I would talk about.
Submitted By: javabean252
(14,910 on 5-2005)

good fun podcast and informative too.
Submitted By: kevinrt
(14,520 on 5-2005)

Write On!
Thanks for all the e-mails, both positive and negative. We really appreciate the input. Keep on Listening! Chris and Hank My Mac Guys
Submitted By: macguypodcast
(11,844 on 5-2005)

new and improved
Must listen to for all Mac owners and want to be's, since audio issues have been adressed
Submitted By: Junkmailboy
(11,232 on 5-2005)

Great show
Love the show guys, keep talking in unison!
Submitted By: tom.landy
(10,407 on 5-2005)

Great Podcast
Submitted By: k.parnell
(9,708 on 5-2005)

Awesome show!
Love the show!
Submitted By: danielnelson
(8,526 on 4-2005)

Really enjoyed the show Listening from London England. A little less about the smelly french though. France is a wonderful country with fragrant people! It's us English that have the problem.
Submitted By: wdssigns
(8,014 on 4-2005)

Love it
Submitted By: seanob99
(7,879 on 4-2005)

I look forward to new shows. Very informative. Like the informal format.
Submitted By: donnalewis
(7,824 on 4-2005)

Entertaining, informative and can't help but appreciate their love for all things Mac. 2 thumbs up!
Submitted By: mdillon1
(7,032 on 4-2005)

Great Show!!!
I've been listening to this Podcast for a while now and it just keeps getting better and better. I really enjoyed the show on gaming. Your tales about Marathon really took me back to my college days when everyone else on my dorm floor was playing Doom while me and the only other Mac user were deathmatching on Marathon. If they only knew what they were missing. :)
Submitted By: ravenpen
(6,839 on 4-2005)

my fav
forget what the clownass sound guy wrote, im stoked to hear what you guys have to say. i think youz work good together. oh and the few curse words that do slip out make me smile. lovin it, also the size of your podcasts is nice. the only short cast i listen to is 1mintip. you guys have put me to sleep several times. Hey thats a good thing,meaning the only time i listen to cast is i n bed before i go to sleep and anyting shorter, i would have to search every few minutes. the sound ( being close/ far from the mic and all) is awesome its real. not all professional, you know its like some underground thing, like a bootleg, or moonshine. da real deal. keep up da good werk.
Submitted By: kauai4b
(6,595 on 4-2005)

What Monday mornings were made for
This is the first pod cast that I have ever actively looked forward too. Monday mornings are just not the same unless my drive to work is not accompanied by Chris and Hank. Just wish the air time was more Anglo friendly as I would have loved to contribute to the show via Skype! Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: ts_marsh
(5,949 on 4-2005)

My Mac Guys best!
Submitted By: Joli78
(3,683 on 4-2005)

wow! this is the greatest show. I love the hosts and their ability to be fun, light and deliver a show about MAC without alienating the every day user by being geeky and nerdy. these are everyday guys who love their Macs and I would listen to them any chance I get. ... and I am a PC guy, maybe I'll change becuase of them.
Submitted By: INTOKU207
(3,660 on 4-2005)

I truly enjoy the Podcast. I smile all the way to the MAC store.
Submitted By: harmon28
(3,615 on 4-2005)

Excellent show!
Submitted By: bbrodoff
(3,611 on 4-2005)

Thank U Mac Guys
Improve production, Get control of that bad echo ($5 radioshack shirt mics eh?) and u will soon learn what rabidly loyal fans other mac guys can be!!! Godspeed
Submitted By: Junkmailboy
(1,779 on 3-2005)

Love these guys!
This show is the best - Adam Belanoff
Submitted By: AJBelanoff
(971 on 3-2005)

Keep up the good work!!!
Submitted By: ARAGAZZO
(839 on 3-2005)

Hank and Chris are high-end Mac experts. Their broadcasts hold your interest and it is refreshing to have a website available to Mac users. I will be tuning in often to further my knowledge as a Mac enthusiast. Keep up the fine work. Nicholas B. Nigro, Jr. Venice, FL
Submitted By: nbnjr
(787 on 3-2005)

My Mac Guys Podcast
Submitted By: jim
(786 on 3-2005)

I love my mac guys.
Submitted By: intoku207
(774 on 3-2005)

MyMacGuys get better with each show....they are fun to listen to and provide good info...keep the shows coming!
Submitted By: bbrodoff
(772 on 3-2005)

MtMy Mac Guys great!
I said it -- MY MAC GUYS are great!
Submitted By: jmfasano
(771 on 3-2005)

What an interesting twosome who tell us about tech and life at the same time. Very cool. Thanks for the info and entertainment!
Submitted By: marionmayer
(750 on 3-2005)

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