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Rock n Roll TV Comments

There are 45 Comments for this Podcast
Excellent show. I enjoyed it. drivers
Submitted By: marksolis12355
(529,292 on 12-2010)

Great Post!!
This is really deserves lots of appreciations,
Submitted By: tvyamgo
(522,494 on 7-2010)

I got the point!! Mobile TV
Submitted By: tvyamgo
(522,493 on 7-2010)

Why Obama has started to get more critics? is it for all presidents? see more...
Submitted By: helen_cohen2002
(517,878 on 5-2010)

Love your show!!! can you make it longer??
Submitted By: joespadaro1
(496,697 on 9-2009)

What do you think..
#1 & always will be as long as they are Rockin !!1
Submitted By: animal_63
(484,925 on 6-2009)

Keep it Real
Great short clips on relevant stuff and fun stuff!
Submitted By: jtsimeone
(454,995 on 12-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,755 on 11-2008)

this show rules
this show rules and should be #1
Submitted By: arthurdog2005
(376,371 on 4-2008)

Please give a recording contract to THE RAINMAN SUITE!!!!
Submitted By: jivargas
(338,443 on 12-2007)

astra heights
Awesome-great vocals!
Submitted By: liz
(324,066 on 10-2007)

astra heights at the key club
loved this episode!! kudos to share and bam for putting together such a great interview!!!
Submitted By: moralery
(322,310 on 10-2007)

R & R
Awlriiight! ~Kathy Jean, Central Illinois
Submitted By: kathyjean
(242,633 on 3-2007)

blast the right
vote for blast the right
Submitted By: vosegus
(242,518 on 3-2007)

Good stuff, you folks, shooting for the stars. This comes from the greatest ever.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(230,195 on 2-2007)

Good Stuff
Submitted By: podshowradio
(203,632 on 1-2007)

love RnRtv!
Love this podcast!!
Submitted By: jmoyni01
(196,387 on 12-2006)

RnR TV for Ever !
rofllolpmsl etc
Submitted By: bruce_cunnington
(180,427 on 11-2006)

Rock N Roll tv, needs to be part of my satellite subscription. LOL!!!!
Submitted By: gkilgus2000
(180,351 on 11-2006)

F++King Brilliant!!!
Submitted By: arakneknits
(171,916 on 10-2006)

is this cheating.??????? 1 2 3 5 8 13
Submitted By: bam13films
(171,722 on 10-2006)

best show on the internet. love it.
Submitted By: upallnitedesign
(168,587 on 10-2006)

Vote for RnR TV
Rock n Roll TV ROCKS!
Submitted By: tmingle
(160,777 on 9-2006)

Bam and Share - legends making legends. Keep it up.
Submitted By: tantrum
(159,611 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: eeriee
(159,011 on 9-2006)

wOOOOOO share!!!!!
Submitted By: DramaDog88
(158,746 on 9-2006)

We Love RockTV and Shrare
Suport your local rock band all around the world.
Submitted By: victoria
(150,433 on 8-2006)

Rock On!
Best thing out there...and it keeps getting better....Keep it up!
Submitted By: jeffro_lane
(143,646 on 7-2006)

Rock on
Love ya Auntie Share... :) Jr...
Submitted By: blatzjoe
(140,318 on 7-2006)

wow what a show!
The best viewing ive seen in a long while....highly recomended.
Submitted By: el-tarto
(138,467 on 7-2006)

Rock n Roll TV
Submitted By: metalstation
(137,890 on 7-2006)

This is an action packed AWSOME Rock N Roll Show!!
Submitted By: leonl55
(137,835 on 7-2006)

I want my Rock N Roll TV!!!!!
Submitted By: sissyslapfest
(133,954 on 6-2006)

Rock n Roll TV
podcast is the best...
Submitted By: naestopaz
(133,918 on 6-2006)

Rock N Roll TV ROCKS!!!!!!
Submitted By: lauren_koslow_forever
(133,884 on 6-2006)

go share!
Submitted By: kaiserbizmark
(133,760 on 6-2006)

yeah rocknrolltv
yes rocknroll tv!!
Submitted By: info
(133,745 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: catchesire
(77,245 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: paula949
(67,276 on 12-2005)

I love this podcast. FANTASTIC!!!! ROCK AND ROOOOOOLLLLLL!!! Great length, great host, great energy. Really cool podcast! YEAH!!!!!!!
Submitted By: johnbrabble
(66,824 on 12-2005)

Its pretty rad. More would be cool.
Submitted By: cora_19
(65,687 on 12-2005)

RNR TV is the shit
I love RNR TV, and Share is hot!
Submitted By: ultrawirt
(65,680 on 12-2005)

Rock n Roll TV
Submitted By: annmarilove
(65,670 on 12-2005)

RnR Baby!
This is what its all about people! If you like the ROCK, this is the feed you need. Well produced, well hosted and always covering the underbelly that youll never find on broadcast TV or cable. The revolution is here, and thanks to the internet and the people at RnR TV we now have a choice as consumers.
Submitted By: jeffrolane
(65,322 on 12-2005)

rockn roll tv is the bomb. the first vodcast i found. totally works for me.
Submitted By: upallnitedesign
(65,061 on 12-2005)

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