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Your Earth Comments

There are 24 Comments for this Podcast
Great info!
This is an exceptionally well researched and produced podcast that deserves to see more exposure. The Canadian viewpoint is interesting and the content is well delivered by a passionate and educated person. Well worth the time.
Submitted By: alfietucker
(448,143 on 11-2008)

Great Stuff
Terrific podcast, beautifully produced! Lets have more like this!
Submitted By: alfietucker
(423,669 on 8-2008)

Great Content - More please!
Id love to see some new episodes of Your Earth! Can we please get Suzanne Elston to do some new ones? Thanks.
Submitted By: alfietucker
(387,043 on 5-2008)

French teacher feedback
Hi I love your podcast but I find it too difficult to use with my teenager esl students. I would appreciate if you can help me find esl resources focused on environment and responsible world citizen behaviours. Thank you and congratulations for the work you do. Fabienne Bully Bordeaux, France
Submitted By: fbc567
(237,769 on 3-2007)

great links thoughtful comment
Submitted By: a2walker
(229,234 on 2-2007)

Suzanne Elstons commentaries inspire me to get off my ass and do something about the ever increasing threats to our fragile environment. Thank you Suzanne!
Submitted By: cosmicvagabond
(127,517 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: frank.peter
(113,335 on 4-2006)

Wish Bubba Bush was smart enough to listen to Suzannes PodCast regularly. His wifs said all he watches/listens to is sports...
Submitted By: glenn
(95,025 on 3-2006)

Right On!
A must-listen every week. And an Elston, well, what do you know! Congrats, "cousin", *very* good podcast.
Submitted By: elstonb
(91,492 on 2-2006)

Right On!
Your recent podcast about using food as a substitute for love was right on the mark. Our kids need to get outdoors and be active instead of sitt around the tube (or the computer!). Getting fit will fix the excess food issue.
Submitted By: elstonb
(91,491 on 2-2006)

Someone who cares and is able to communicate with passion.
Submitted By: tbrunt
(84,936 on 2-2006)

A brilliant site - topical with just the right amount of personal touch. Listeners feel that they know Suzanne and therefore are able to associate themselves with the ideas she puts forth. We need to hear more from this journalist. Brava! Brava!
Submitted By: dalmansion
(84,816 on 2-2006)

Im for Your Earth
Submitted By: annerf
(80,142 on 1-2006)

About Time
This blog finally tells the truth about Nuclear Power and other Environmental issues that the governments want you to agree with them about. Fiscal, enviromental and personal responsibility all tell us that we e being snowed by Business - this blog finally tells it like it is. Excellent.
Submitted By: belston
(68,752 on 12-2005)

Love this column!
Submitted By: miriam.wyman
(68,070 on 12-2005)

A must-read or a must-listen, depending on your preference. Suzanne Elstons pieces cut right to the practical and pragmatic. Keep it up! Anne Rochon Ford Toronto
Submitted By: annerf
(65,365 on 12-2005)

Trustworthy environmental commentary
Rather than simply being a commentary Your Earth provides links to other sites so that the reader can follow up on whatever matter is dealt with in the column. Ms. Elston always provides thoughtful commentary with a personal touch.
Submitted By: arwalkercan
(65,296 on 12-2005)

a wise voice and perfect antidote to the commercial consumer craziness of the season.
Submitted By: jane
(65,259 on 12-2005)

profound and moving
Thanks, Suzanne, for making me think and for educating me. Great work!
Submitted By: jfallon
(65,207 on 12-2005)

Your Earth
Excellent podcast...!
Submitted By: jack
(65,126 on 12-2005)

Your Earth is produced from the heart and Suzannes passion for our environment resonates will all readers. Suzannes ability to mix personal experience with the core message brings the reader right into the issue being discussed and helps us all see our role in the intricate web of life. I look forward to her weekly columns and am inspired and touched by each and every one.
Submitted By: energy
(65,048 on 12-2005)

Lyrical and lucid
Suzannes commentary on the human species and the world we all inhabit is lyric, lucid - and accurate. Highly recommended!
Submitted By: gilliana
(64,983 on 12-2005)

Very insightful and vivid writing. A real gift for those interested in protecting and preserving our environment!
Submitted By: saelston
(64,876 on 12-2005)

Podcast is well-done and covers very important topics in a thorough and professional manner.
Submitted By: slarsh
(64,801 on 12-2005)

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