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The PK and J Show: Jeanette and Paul Comments

There are 464 Comments for this Podcast
Nice to have you two back!
Submitted By: rbcp
(369,143 on 3-2008)

Brown Phone
The Brown Phone is back!!!
Submitted By: donb61x01
(364,366 on 3-2008)

heres your monthly dose of bitch-funky Punky! love... Cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(324,635 on 11-2007)

keep it up, from Punky! Radio x
Submitted By: paulyb
(312,616 on 10-2007)

another month goes by
You gotta do what you gotta do...just wanted to let you know I miss you guys. Hope you're having fun. If and when you return, I'll be listening! --a fan in PA
Submitted By: vettesiv
(303,518 on 9-2007)

Autumn leaves
...As Punky! enters! Keep up the great work... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(301,813 on 9-2007)

another month, another great bunch of podcasts, another smarmy vote from Punky! Cheers, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(280,465 on 7-2007)

flaming june
heres your monthly vote of joy from the heart of Sherwood Forest! Cheers, Paulybx (Punky! radio) - keep up the good work...
Submitted By: paulyb
(268,326 on 6-2007)

Please dont fade on us.
Submitted By: tvindy
(267,823 on 5-2007)

great show!
Keep up the good work! Paulybx (Punky! radio)
Submitted By: paulyb
(257,158 on 5-2007)

More episodes, please. And what happened to Just With J?
Submitted By: tvindy
(256,850 on 4-2007)

april vote from the quizmaster.
Submitted By: james
(250,457 on 4-2007)

well done!
Keep up the good work and have a punky month! cheers, Pauylbx (Punkyradio)
Submitted By: paulyb
(247,202 on 4-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii / ( =4373)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(245,971 on 4-2007)

A kiss from Tim.
Submitted By: tim
(237,062 on 3-2007)

happy march!
Submitted By: transpondency
(234,500 on 3-2007)

Solid show
A vote from the Goin Deep Show.
Submitted By: kidgarcia
(233,755 on 3-2007)

from pb and t
A votes a vote, aint it? Paulybx (punky! radio).
Submitted By: paulyb
(233,332 on 3-2007)

Time to get out and vote in March - I Beg To Differ -
Submitted By: kburnage
(233,271 on 3-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(232,922 on 3-2007)

February vote from the Quizmaster.
Submitted By: james
(224,327 on 2-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Hawaii Podcast - /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(223,655 on 2-2007)

nice one...
cheers, paulybx (Punky! radio)
Submitted By: paulyb
(218,979 on 2-2007)

Your show makes me feel funny down there.
Submitted By: plaradio
(203,362 on 1-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha And Happy New Year From 808Talk Hawaii! V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(203,061 on 1-2007)

These 2 kick ass despite Pauls anti-Apple agenda.
Submitted By: arruncomic
(196,039 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: aardor1
(193,623 on 12-2006)

December vote from the Quizmaster...
Submitted By: james
(191,385 on 12-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(190,889 on 12-2006)

still one of the very best shows around
Submitted By: pajacque
(184,142 on 11-2006)

Awsome show!
Submitted By: aardor1
(182,741 on 11-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(179,340 on 11-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(179,041 on 11-2006)

Podcast Ally Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(173,662 on 10-2006)

A Bit Of Virtually Everything
If you still would like us to send you 8 votes every month, can you let us know by voting and commenting with the name of your cast on our page each month? Paul, A Bit Of Virtually Everything :-)
Submitted By: above_podcast_uk
(173,471 on 10-2006)

PK&J Show
I love your show. It is so random and so crazy most times that I feel obligated to listen. Mostly though, it is Jeanettes voice that makes me listen. (But she knows this, I am sure.)
Submitted By: a.tangerine
(171,079 on 10-2006)

I ain afraid....
Tossing a vote your way. Whats up, you guys???????????
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(170,658 on 10-2006)

October Lovin from Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(169,790 on 10-2006)

We don beg to differ on this podcast! I Beg To Differ
Submitted By: kburnage
(169,220 on 10-2006)

Boo! Happy October to one of BUCKETs bestest friends. ;)
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(169,021 on 10-2006)

October brings a fell breeze! The World of Skell
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(168,970 on 10-2006)

ABOVE October
Submitted By: Barely
(168,551 on 10-2006)

Our favourite alternative to ourselves!
Submitted By: karmabanque
(168,460 on 10-2006)

Happy October from Spartacus R.
Submitted By: spartacus
(168,156 on 10-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(167,898 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: above_podcast
(167,728 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: vote_1
(167,676 on 10-2006)

A.B.O.V.E Votes !
October Votes and greetings from A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast !
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(167,647 on 10-2006)

Im so proud to have contributed the "WHAT!?!??!!!" sound byte to your show.
Submitted By: plaradio
(167,597 on 10-2006)

to pk & j
from pb & t! Cheers, Paulybx (Punky!).
Submitted By: paulyb
(167,366 on 10-2006)

Autumn greetings from A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast
Submitted By: above_podcast_uk
(162,810 on 9-2006)

Hello from Me & The Bean.
Submitted By: janus414
(162,094 on 9-2006)

Eclectic Mix and One Minute How-To podcasts give a big Thumbs Up!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(161,652 on 9-2006)

votes from .. A Bit Of Virtually Everything
Submitted By: a_bit_of_virtually_everything
(160,691 on 9-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(160,482 on 9-2006)

September from Spartacus
Submitted By: spartacus
(160,399 on 9-2006)

These two are cute. I vote for them. I pray to them. I haven seen Janette naked. Sigh. PK makes hot love to audio and knows the game.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(159,578 on 9-2006)

68% MORE entertaining than the PK Audio Show!
Submitted By: plaradio
(159,160 on 9-2006)

World of Skell continues its support!
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(158,876 on 9-2006)

PK&J ain PB&J, but close enough
Howdy from WI and How-To with Madeline Merced 20829
Submitted By: ewyeth
(158,764 on 9-2006)

Keith & Heather don beg to differ about this podcast - check it out
Submitted By: kburnage
(158,594 on 9-2006)

September lovin from Mikey
Happy September.... heres a little drop of love from Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(158,548 on 9-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(158,409 on 9-2006)

Happy back to school month, from BUCKET!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(158,224 on 9-2006)

Aloha from the Digital Slob
Sending a little August love from digitalslobpod in Waikiki.
Submitted By: digitalslob
(155,864 on 8-2006)

Better than a gummy cock ring!
Submitted By: i2cwben
(151,899 on 8-2006)

Not afraid to vote...
Hey kiddies, this is Paul from BF tossing a vote your way. No need to return the favor if you don want. I didn even vote for myself this month yet!!!!!!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(150,547 on 8-2006)

my favorite all-time podcast
Submitted By: transpondency
(150,376 on 8-2006)

World of Skell sends greetings!
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(150,130 on 8-2006)

An August occasion!
Happy August from How-To!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(150,076 on 8-2006)

A big vote from the Eclectic Mix podcast!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(150,018 on 8-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(149,225 on 8-2006)

Lots of fun
you are the greatest! Dawn and Drew should be filling in YOUR spot!
Submitted By: frosty
(148,915 on 8-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(148,900 on 8-2006)

A.B.O.V.E ! Votes
Lots of August Love from all at A.B.O.V.E ! - A Bit Of Virtually Everything ! xxx
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(148,633 on 8-2006)

Mikey sends his love
Heres some August lovin from Public Nuisance Radio, now be sure to wash your hands!
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(148,537 on 8-2006)

Your show is considerably more entertaining than HOT 105.7 FM!
Submitted By: plaradio
(148,527 on 8-2006)

More A.B.O.V.E Votes !
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(148,466 on 8-2006)

A classic show!
Heres some love from Alaska! Keep the shows coming, Scott
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(148,243 on 8-2006)

A Pile Of Votes From A.B.O.V.E !
Ahoy hoy ! ... heres a load of votes ;-) Paul, Comedy / Talk Podcast
Submitted By: vote
(148,001 on 8-2006)

Whore whole
Submitted By: Ass
(147,643 on 8-2006)

Fun Times!
Great show!! ~The Diva @
Submitted By: KliciousKera
(147,525 on 8-2006)

August is here and Bucket is showing you the love. :)
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(147,495 on 8-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(147,352 on 8-2006)

its gonna be great!
Submitted By: travisbow
(146,439 on 7-2006)

I love this podcast so much...
...that Ive started having semi-erotic dreams about it.. True.
Submitted By: i2cwben
(143,240 on 7-2006)

From the World of Skell podcast.
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(140,680 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: jijinmachina
(140,526 on 7-2006)

A vote from the QuizMaster.
Submitted By: james
(139,315 on 7-2006)

Love you guys!
Just so much fun! ~Frosty, ITRadio
Submitted By: frosty
(139,079 on 7-2006)

I Beg To Differ podcast says worth checking out!
Submitted By: kburnage
(139,000 on 7-2006)

welcome back.
Submitted By: arthurc
(138,448 on 7-2006)

love you guys! Jon
Submitted By: industrialradio
(138,369 on 7-2006)

Paul has got the sexiest voice in podcasting! Oh and that girl on the show, shes okay too. Brad Carter, PLA Radio
Submitted By: plaradio
(138,114 on 7-2006)

I love cunt
Submitted By: Ass
(138,091 on 7-2006)

How To says hi in July 20829
Submitted By: ewyeth
(137,766 on 7-2006)

Someone at BUCKET likes you!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(137,591 on 7-2006)

PK and J is A-OK
From the Digital Slob. pod_id=6491
Submitted By: digitalslob
(137,483 on 7-2006)

PK and J in the top 10. I want see this every single month. Hit me up and Ill always vote for you guys. OY???
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(137,240 on 7-2006)

Hey Paul, great show! Glad to See you guys back. Oh, hi Jeanette
Submitted By: jvsteel
(137,209 on 7-2006)

The Twisted Pickle loves PK&J!
Submitted By: corbybender
(136,989 on 7-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(136,772 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: ima420r
(136,747 on 7-2006)

wow top 10
Submitted By: pactrucking
(136,640 on 7-2006)

Aloha From Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(136,570 on 7-2006)

Happy July
Mignon, Absolute Science
Submitted By: mignon
(136,534 on 7-2006)

Happy July
heres some july lovin from Mikey of Public Nuisance Radio.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(136,416 on 7-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(136,107 on 7-2006)

Corby loves you.
Submitted By: corbybender
(135,697 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: kgettles77
(131,214 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: dgorgos
(129,818 on 6-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(129,704 on 6-2006)

thank you
Thanks for at least an hour or two a week when I don think about quitting my job.
Submitted By: orlando.johnson
(128,988 on 6-2006)

Have Fun in Peru
Great show. John & Allie
Submitted By: john
(128,755 on 6-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(128,414 on 6-2006)

Aloha From Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(126,879 on 6-2006)

Happy Juneteenth! How To with Madeline Merced
Submitted By: ewyeth
(126,456 on 6-2006)

Lots of votes from A.B.O.V.E !
Hey Hey ! Its June votes from A.B.O.V.E ! - A BIT OF VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING comedy podcast ... Paul :-)
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(125,797 on 6-2006)

Happy June! Mignon, Absolute Science
Submitted By: mignonfogarty
(125,786 on 6-2006)

It from the U Live Once Travelcast
It from the U Live Once Travelcast... SWEET!!!! SHOW PK & J & PAUL
Submitted By: popoola
(125,637 on 6-2006)

Happy Vacation!
Just because you e on vacation doesn mean you don deserve the votes!
Submitted By: frosty
(125,460 on 6-2006)

Still one of the best shows around and two of the most "humane" people around too !
Submitted By: pajacque
(123,624 on 5-2006)

great fun
Submitted By: robertmbell
(123,522 on 5-2006)

Hi there, just a friendly word from Belgium, show is pretty incredibly cool! Bram
Submitted By: bram
(122,796 on 5-2006)

Ummm....ahhhh.....welllll l....
GRRRRREAT Podcast!! J, be careful in Peru - I watched a show on the Discovery Channel, and I heard that they are known for sacrificing virg.....Oh yeah, never mind - you e probably safe ;-) (burn)
Submitted By: jvsteel
(121,567 on 5-2006)

We loves ya! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(119,516 on 5-2006)

Keepin it real!
Submitted By: schneids2
(118,940 on 5-2006)

We Love You!
Submitted By: twomenwithforeskin
(118,800 on 5-2006)

sorry to hear about Tom... hopefully this will help you move up the list and make your day a little brighter.
Submitted By: s_mills
(118,082 on 5-2006)

Great Show
1 of the best podcasts out there. Paul and Jeanette are the best.
Submitted By: bob_lew
(117,625 on 5-2006)

Singing and Dancing
This show is like the mother I always wanted but actually had.
Submitted By: i2cwben
(116,815 on 5-2006)

All good things come to those who wait
And what the The PK and J Show wants .... The PK and J Show gets! Paul, A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(116,681 on 5-2006)

On a planet without hope
In a time of global pandemic, PK and J remind us what it means to RAWK! Keep on sexin me up with your bad selves. Big wet kisses, Soccergirl
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(116,572 on 5-2006)

Har Har Har....
I dig PK and J for real. Even if Janette yells f-you at a crowd of people before going off to her special secret transgendered parties. For real, I dig PK and J and this is one of my FEW votes I cast out of REAL appreciation for what they do.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(116,522 on 5-2006)

love you guys
Submitted By: annablack
(115,469 on 5-2006)

Here ya go! Another vote for the month of May. Thanks for podcasting. See-Ya! Dred242 www.D
Submitted By: Dred242
(115,296 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: Ass
(115,193 on 5-2006)

Why can I quit you?
Submitted By: janus414
(114,444 on 5-2006)

May Vote
PK&J are the bestest!
Submitted By: corbybender
(114,375 on 5-2006)

The PK and J Shooooo!
You guys Rock!
Submitted By: frosty
(114,201 on 5-2006)

Jeanette and Paul rule! Love them!
Submitted By: mr_timkovich
(113,221 on 4-2006)

Hope you e doing well
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(113,159 on 4-2006)

PK and..YAY!
Go listen! Especially episode 55 with Tim Henson from "Distorted View Daily" guesting.
Submitted By: i2cwben
(112,156 on 4-2006)

love the show,, cracker and beaner show
Submitted By: texaspete
(111,684 on 4-2006)

love the show
keep it up
Submitted By: bmwpia
(109,884 on 4-2006)

I Love J!
Jennette! Your hot!! Widowlicker, Cause all I do all god damn day is lick windows cause Im autistic. Dur dur dur!
Submitted By: attack_Of_the_show
(107,989 on 4-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(105,226 on 4-2006)

Love the show!
Submitted By: mzeeman01
(105,001 on 4-2006)

Just wanted to say hey and vote for ya! Graeme of ITRadio
Submitted By: weirdcookie
(102,994 on 4-2006)

J once said she loves me. Here I am showing my love back by tossing a vote. PK likes peanut butter. Or not?
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(102,946 on 4-2006)

I love you!
Paul and Jeanette, you are so cool! I hope to colaborate sometime!
Submitted By: frosty
(102,938 on 4-2006)

Asians? Beaners?
Just wanted to clarify. I meant my wife when saying "theres nothing better than a drunken Asian girl". I would never get cheeky with someone elses wife Paul. Jeanette, you e a great girl. Love the show.
Submitted By: aerowolf
(102,662 on 4-2006)

...and jumping.... JUMPING!
I...LOVE....The PK & J Show! This beautiful couple are so sweet together and I was having a drink last night with my gf, and my mum and her friend (who are visiting) after listening to a couple of episodes and... I found myself feeling like I was was part of one of their shows. Maybe thats just my issue with reality though. ...anyway give it a chance and listen, at least for Js sexy laugh if nothing else.
Submitted By: i2cwben
(102,550 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: gdarden
(102,001 on 3-2006)

Columbus Loves Our PK & J
All of your loyal Cbus listeners love both of you (and Tim Henson too). Are there any other good local podcasters that you can recommend? We need to support the hometown team.
Submitted By: calvinwithhobbes
(101,241 on 3-2006)

Vancouver loves you
Submitted By: transpondency
(100,868 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: joshpeay
(100,622 on 3-2006)

He may not be on his "A Game", she may be drunk on vodka, but they're still my favorite Rock 'n Roll bad asses.
Submitted By: cornelball
(99,472 on 3-2006)

More Tim Hensen Please!
Submitted By: s_mills
(99,363 on 3-2006)

March vote from your friendly neighborhood DDR!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(99,156 on 3-2006)

My Swedish ears are tingling with delight!
Submitted By: henrik
(98,804 on 3-2006)

Da PK & J show rawks! Graeme of ITRadio
Submitted By: jthmdevi
(98,186 on 3-2006)

We heart PK and J -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(97,697 on 3-2006)

I love this Podcast. I may be the only bible thumping hard core conservative that would ever listen and admit it but I don care.
Submitted By: depjrtx
(96,803 on 3-2006)

In my opininion, the best show around.
Submitted By: arruncomic
(96,321 on 3-2006)

Uncle Bob love PK & J!
Paul and Jeanette are Zan and Janas bestest podcasting buddies in the whole wide world. Our favourite show!
Submitted By: yeruncle
(96,120 on 3-2006)

Only started listening to your show recently. Enjoying what Im hearing. Keep it up. Regards, Arthur
Submitted By: arthurc
(96,105 on 3-2006)

This podcast is better than The Bill And Dan Show. How do I know? Im Dan.
Submitted By: dan
(96,025 on 3-2006)

March Vote
Still loving the show PK&J. Keep up the awesome work! -Corby- The Twisted Pickle Show
Submitted By: corbybender
(95,918 on 3-2006)

Boobadoo Orgy...
Jannette wanted to make love to me when she came to Denver but rather she went and got some female action instead.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(95,571 on 3-2006)

Hope you e enjoying She-Male Bukkake!
Submitted By: tim
(94,920 on 3-2006)

one of my fav
i like the craker and the beaner
Submitted By: pactrucking
(94,577 on 3-2006)

Jeanette is hot
The vodka taste test still sticks in my mind. Maybe its the thought of a drunk Asian girl but thats just me. Heres my vote!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(94,414 on 3-2006)

A good Stern replacement
Consistently amusing, always a good laugh. Good job.
Submitted By: bobstro
(94,141 on 3-2006)

Sorry you didn get any Punani, J. Paul can get the teabag whenever he wants tho... Craig@Tangents
Submitted By: tangentspodcast
(94,132 on 3-2006)

Loving the PK and J show
Check it out. always fun to listen to.
Submitted By: jaybeeht
(91,379 on 2-2006)
Submitted By: wisefish2k
(91,173 on 2-2006)

damn good show
Submitted By: pactrucking
(89,754 on 2-2006)

A+ #1 -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(88,605 on 2-2006)

New to the show, fell for it instantly.
Submitted By: mycroft90
(88,104 on 2-2006)

Funny shit. Really.
Submitted By: bigwhitespats
(87,632 on 2-2006)

Clever and original
Jeanettes laugh is contagious, and her personality nicely balances with Pauls.
Submitted By: poshjosh06
(87,556 on 2-2006)

Love it
new month, so i figured i would tell ya, im lovin it!
Submitted By: ckinniburgh
(87,488 on 2-2006)

DEFENETLY FUN!!! more episodes more often
Submitted By: bmwpia
(87,423 on 2-2006)

love it
Submitted By: philip
(87,317 on 2-2006)

The Best
I love you two. You have great charisma together.
Submitted By: kgettles77
(87,226 on 2-2006)

You are the bestest!
Submitted By: podcast
(87,170 on 2-2006)

Feb Vote
Keep up the great work guys. Heres a Feb vote. -Corby-
Submitted By: corbybender
(87,134 on 2-2006)

Sweet and fun
Submitted By: dgorgos
(86,918 on 2-2006)

Ya know, its just like...
when you figure out that the world is some pretty screwed up place, and the BushCo seems to be messing up the U.S. something awful, and you really want to create the worlds longest run on sentence, and you really really need some relief from the flying monkeys and the conservative idiots and Rush Limbaugh, and anything to do with Karl Rove, you really need to look no further than: PK and J (heavinly music plays).
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(86,647 on 2-2006)

Hi Guys
Great Brown Phone calls lately. Good stuff. Im liking the shorter shows.
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(86,515 on 2-2006)

A vote from the QuizMaster.
Submitted By: james
(85,978 on 2-2006)

Broiled Scrod With Lemon Butter
Ingredients 1-1/2 pounds fresh or frozen scrod fillets, about 1 inch thick 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice Snipped parsley Lemon wedges Hot boiled potatoes (optional) Directions 1. Thaw fish fillets, if frozen. Place in a single layer on greased rack of an unheated broiler pan. Tuck under any thin edges to make even thickness. 2. Combine butter and lemon juice; brush over fillets. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. 3. Broil fish 4 inches from the heat for 10 to 12 minutes or just until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork, brushing occasionally with lemon-butter mixture. Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges. If desired, serve with hot boiled potatoes. Makes 6 servings. Nutrition facts per serving: calories: 124 total fat: 5g saturated fat: 2g cholesterol: 57mg sodium: 150mg carbohydrate: 0g protein: 19g
Submitted By: tim
(84,489 on 2-2006)

peanut kutter and jelly show
awesome show paul and janette, keep it up! heres a vote for you. PEZ -
Submitted By: PEZ
(83,051 on 2-2006)

Great show as usual!
Submitted By: russ84
(82,834 on 2-2006)

Jan Vote
Keep up the great work, loving you in Omaha! -Corby- The Twisted Pickle Show
Submitted By: corbybender
(79,160 on 1-2006)

Good stuff
Always worth a listen.
Submitted By: bobstro
(79,075 on 1-2006)

By far my favorite Cast on the net. Keep it up guys.
Submitted By: jameslaczkowski
(78,351 on 1-2006)

The Best
I regularly listen to Keith and The Girl, Nate and Di, and Dawn and Drew. I enjoy them all, but the most entertaining is The PK and J Show!
Submitted By: don78boss-smoke
(77,356 on 1-2006)

PK & J are on the real!!! You all know the deal!!
Submitted By: kylekiggins
(77,268 on 1-2006)

PK & J are funny
They e funny and endearing. Youll see. Youll ALL see.
Submitted By: monkeyvsrobot
(76,374 on 1-2006)

Very funny!
heres a vote for pk and j!
Submitted By: PEZ
(74,790 on 1-2006)

One of my first subscriptions and still one of my favorites. Chad from
Submitted By: chad
(73,925 on 1-2006)

Here’s your January vote from the 6620 West Kidcast. You can click HERE to return the favor. Check us out at You’ll be glad you did.
Submitted By: 6620west
(73,477 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: barry
(73,081 on 1-2006)

Fire Millen!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(73,015 on 1-2006)

Heres a Happy New Years vote for you guys!
Submitted By: vaskyre
(72,593 on 1-2006)
Submitted By: steve.todd
(70,718 on 12-2005)

PK and J Show Rocks
Submitted By: jaybeeht
(70,489 on 12-2005)

These 2 are awesome.
Submitted By: arruncomic
(70,330 on 12-2005)

Spectacular! -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(69,213 on 12-2005)

Great show as always!
Submitted By: tim
(68,590 on 12-2005)

cool podcast. I like the banter between the 2 hosts. They have good chemistry, and listenable voices.
Submitted By: jcorbin
(68,226 on 12-2005)

Merry Christmas!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(67,805 on 12-2005)

Love the show
Keep up the great work. Heres a Dec. vote!!!
Submitted By: corbybender
(67,505 on 12-2005)

Here Ya Go!
Another vote just for you guys. Thanks for podcasting. Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(66,041 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: russ84
(65,666 on 12-2005)

Great fun
A fun couple. Well worth a listen!
Submitted By: podcastalley
(62,573 on 11-2005)

Really funny
Submitted By: kekjaer
(61,304 on 11-2005)

Hay Caramba....
PK and J are Hardcore. Rock on, you crazy duo! Rock ON! Paul say so!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(61,098 on 11-2005)

It was fun to meet you guys this weekend. We had a blast, and really dig your show. -Nate and Di
Submitted By: webmaster
(60,263 on 11-2005)

i love it!
its always funny! and its really professionally produced. its nice to hear two people really having a good time, and i love the skits, jingles and stuff too.
Submitted By: dre66
(59,938 on 11-2005)

love it
You guys crack me up!
Submitted By: philip
(59,383 on 11-2005)

Here ya go.
Done!....... See-Ya! Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(58,980 on 11-2005)

All the way with PK and Jeanette!
Submitted By: ryanpmurray
(58,886 on 11-2005)

Written as if I were leaving E-bay Feedback:
EXCELLENT TRANSACATION!!!!! Exactly what I ordered! Package came FAST!!!!!!!!!! Would do business with them again! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Submitted By: tim
(58,524 on 11-2005)

awesome show
Submitted By: bmckinney
(58,519 on 11-2005)

always nice !
Submitted By: pajacque
(58,059 on 11-2005)

See you in Ontario!
Consistantly great show!
Submitted By: tom.sidock
(58,014 on 11-2005)

I love your show!
Submitted By: campyonly
(57,915 on 11-2005)

This show is awesome. It should be Numba Juan
Submitted By: ignacio.pacheco
(56,926 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: jake359
(56,047 on 11-2005)

Good times
Keep it up team...
Submitted By: david.wood
(56,033 on 11-2005)

Great Show
This must be the best couple-cast in the world. And thats not just because they play my promos. Allthough it helps... :-) /
Submitted By: anders.n
(55,516 on 11-2005)

I love your show!
Submitted By: russ84
(55,499 on 11-2005)

The best couple in podcasting ----podcastrant
Submitted By: janus414
(55,248 on 11-2005)

Fuck the religious right!
Oh wait, they don do that. but somehow they manage to procreate. WTF? Why can we chop off their genitals so they can procreate. Oh, and great show, thanks for making me famous again. Stay outta trees.
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(54,713 on 11-2005)

Nov vote
Keep up the great shows PK&J!
Submitted By: corbybender
(54,600 on 11-2005)

Hey Paul, thanks so much for the kind comments on my website. You guys rule.
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(54,564 on 11-2005)

LOVE the show...
Submitted By: grampajack
(54,012 on 10-2005)

you rock.
Submitted By: w.canel
(52,810 on 10-2005)

Love the show
keep up the good work , love you both
Submitted By: gringolocoo
(52,809 on 10-2005)

Grate show
Not grate as in grating, but great as in...well great. Keep up the good stuff
Submitted By: mic_sul
(51,686 on 10-2005)

Good Job.
Submitted By: bilmax
(50,917 on 10-2005)

Oh hellz yeah. This show rawks!!!
Submitted By: ignacio.pacheco
(50,782 on 10-2005)

Great show
I love listening to this show every week! Im always bummed when they skip a week.
Submitted By: tim.dilauro
(50,778 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: cherry_simon
(50,259 on 10-2005)

Almost forgot to vote for October!
Submitted By: industrialradio
(50,134 on 10-2005)

Love this shit
Glad you two are making it to the expo.. keep up the funny...
Submitted By: hazardous.designs
(50,097 on 10-2005)

pkandj, pkandj
Submitted By: jake359
(49,917 on 10-2005)

oh yes!
Submitted By: chashollywood
(48,648 on 10-2005)

when its good its really good...
Submitted By: adam
(47,982 on 10-2005)

Love It
Always entertaining! This And That Jeff
Submitted By: jeffoest
(47,795 on 10-2005)

October Vote!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(47,476 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: chuckie3show
(47,282 on 10-2005)

Vancouver loves you
here, you can ski in the morning and still brunch downtown!
Submitted By: twomenwithforeskin
(46,144 on 10-2005)

Great show this one. I am currently trying to win over a few more Australians for your audience.
Submitted By: brandq
(45,100 on 9-2005)

I love it
PK and J are funny, smart, and cute. I love them.
Submitted By: mattcbrown
(44,861 on 9-2005)

love the show
love the show
Submitted By: stuartort
(43,679 on 9-2005)

Cool Friends
Jeanette and Paul are like cool friends that drop by and have a beer. Insightful conversation, great story tellers (Is there a pick of Molly on the website?) and some much deserved bush bashing!!! I look forward to their future podcasts, but I fear they may never return from this white water rafting trip. You are my number 1 podcast. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: don78boss-party
(42,526 on 9-2005)

PK and J rule!
My favorite podcast.
Submitted By: aaron
(42,331 on 9-2005)

PK and J
This is such a big sloppy vote kiss for PK and J. Oy, is that gay? I mean it in such a nice, platonic way. Are you guys pissed at me????????????????????????????????????????? Hope not. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(42,293 on 9-2005)

you guys are nice..and so black and poor and nice
Submitted By: belzberg
(42,140 on 9-2005)

awesome show guys
I enjoy your weekly show even though there is not a lot of jumping as the title song says, but oh well. keep it up and hear you soon guys!
Submitted By: changolion
(41,854 on 9-2005)

September Vote!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(41,748 on 9-2005)

Pk and J rocks my box
These two are awesome
Submitted By: andrew_garner
(41,582 on 9-2005)

Great show
Here is my vote, now quite bitching ;) And Id do Paul with J looking on anyday...
Submitted By: hazardous.designs
(41,510 on 9-2005)

Best show
Great show almost always
Submitted By: junkmail4me2
(41,433 on 9-2005)

Great stuff. Listen.
Submitted By: fried
(40,897 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: lancelac
(40,857 on 9-2005)

you guyz rock!
Submitted By: daft_desert_eagle
(40,340 on 9-2005)

Love these fuckers.
Good times. Noodle pudding.
Submitted By: harryr
(40,073 on 9-2005)

very nice show
Submitted By: pajacque
(39,875 on 9-2005)

Here Ya go!
More, more, faster, harder! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(39,839 on 9-2005)

They is gud
Submitted By: Podcastalley
(39,598 on 9-2005)

Another Month Already?
Keep it real guys - love the show! jeff (this and that)
Submitted By: jeffoest
(39,306 on 9-2005)

We missed you..
Glad youre back!
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(39,088 on 9-2005)

Great show!
Dig the show! You two sound great. Lots of fun. Cut loose, go crazy, try something weird! Ill listen...
Submitted By: portlandcurry
(38,497 on 8-2005)

Janette wow wow
Me like PK and J. Me think Janette is wow wow. Me like Paul too. He nice and play music. Me have stroke and poop my grammar. Keep going, you two!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(38,476 on 8-2005)

Best show
Submitted By: cmillerarch
(37,048 on 8-2005)

This podcast is simply the best there is out there!
Submitted By: kotheimer
(36,129 on 8-2005)

Super Heavy Duty
As a former highschool cheerleader, I know good podcasts. PK&J are really F-U-N-N-Y. Goooooooo Stanton Wild Cats!!! Woo----hooo!! Show some spirit!
Submitted By: tim
(35,406 on 8-2005)

Funny and cute
I cant help but love PK and J!
Submitted By: mattcbrown
(34,458 on 8-2005)

PK and J are awesome
Great show. I was pretty bummed when they missed a week. ~timmo
Submitted By: tim.dilauro
(34,251 on 8-2005)

..................the wait is over, thankyou anouther great show!
Submitted By: tommas
(33,938 on 8-2005)

Vive PK and J !!
Nice people, nice shows... go ahead....there should be room for you at the top of the list ! Good luck, and "bon courage !"
Submitted By: pajacque
(33,897 on 8-2005)

Happy Birthday, Jeanette! I got you this vote for your birthday. Hope you like it.
I really am missing you guys this week. I would have voted for you anyway, but I hope this will give you a boost in the Podcast Alley rankings for your birthday. Hurry back!
Submitted By: samh33
(33,008 on 8-2005)

Great Show
Much podcasting love to Paul and Jeanette who always keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep it going.... jeff (this and that)
Submitted By: jeff345345
(32,292 on 8-2005)

under rated show
Submitted By: wtbtim
(32,218 on 8-2005)

My favorite podcast
PK and J rule!
Submitted By: aaron
(31,916 on 8-2005)

yes, Yes, YES
Laughing, Singing, Jumping. All you could want in a Podcast :)
Submitted By: jake359
(31,487 on 8-2005)

Love the show!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(31,208 on 8-2005)

From the RobertG man
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(30,973 on 8-2005)

GREAT SHOW!!! Very funny!!! Keep up the great work!!! :- )
Submitted By: Slipknotik454
(30,308 on 7-2005)

My Favorite Podcast!!!
This will probably turn your stomach, I am 55 and have been listening to your show for several months. You guys have a real synergy and although you have an adult oriented show, it is a younger adult to be sure. Wish I could produce bits and jingles like you guys! Tom @ the Loose Ends Podcast.
Submitted By: tom.sidock
(28,260 on 7-2005)

Fun stuff, very well produced, great audio. Jeanett Rocks
Submitted By: barry
(28,035 on 7-2005)

Jeanette and Paul rule!
My favorite podcasters...
Submitted By: aaron
(27,689 on 7-2005)

Great Stuff
Had to vote for you after hearing you for the first time about a week ago. Good stuff!
Submitted By: clag
(26,799 on 7-2005)

PK and J are funny. A few months ago i went on vacation with them and it was great.
Submitted By: rwfowler
(26,546 on 7-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: jgsharp
(25,993 on 7-2005)

also cool
Submitted By: johnbennie
(25,989 on 7-2005)

great podcast!
Submitted By: mr804
(25,398 on 7-2005)

Agabi sou
Submitted By: kgettles77
(25,325 on 7-2005)

Submitted By: ben
(24,891 on 7-2005)

Pk & J, PK &J, it's the PK & J Show!
Laughing! and Singing! and Jumping!
Submitted By: jake359
(24,861 on 7-2005)

Good Stuff
My favorite 'couple cast' - dang, we're a couple cast too... ah,,, foiled again... Keep us entertained Paul and Jeanette - that's all we ask! :-) jeff (this and that)
Submitted By: jeffoest
(24,792 on 7-2005)

My fav "couple cast."
Submitted By: jeff.falvo
(24,652 on 7-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: aparas
(24,631 on 7-2005)

Love you guys!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(24,099 on 7-2005)

Un-American!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
That's right, it's un-American for you to NOT listen to PK&J. I bet you thought I was going to call THEM un-American, huh? Well, my friends, that's what we in the business call a FAKE-OUT! Suck it!
Submitted By: tim
(23,885 on 7-2005)

Onward young liberals....
I like PK and J.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(23,426 on 7-2005)

Great Show Rob
Submitted By: warmupthebus
(23,272 on 7-2005)

Sexiest voice in podcasting
Keep up the great work you two! Loving ya in Omaha!
Submitted By: corbybender
(22,935 on 7-2005)

You guys do a great job. I always look forward to your show!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(22,850 on 7-2005)

Jolly good show
I found this show yesterday and I'm addicted to downloading more and more back episodes. It's hilarious!
Submitted By: peppermintstarr
(22,206 on 6-2005)

I voted!
Submitted By: obrecht72
(21,050 on 6-2005)

I'm rightwing
I am mesmerized by Jeanette's voice.
Submitted By: odomgp
(21,045 on 6-2005)

great show
Submitted By: junkmagnet
(20,948 on 6-2005)

very good... :)
Submitted By: obegron
(20,837 on 6-2005)

Great shows, as always. I really liked the vacation show!
Submitted By: digitaldetroitradio
(20,742 on 6-2005)

They are great
Submitted By: jrfreema
(20,724 on 6-2005)

Your show is great. I look forward to listening every week.
Submitted By: ryanbrick102
(20,375 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: mr.punch
(20,240 on 6-2005)

Twisted Pickle sent me to vote so here!
Submitted By: malloryb
(19,288 on 6-2005)

Fantastic Show!!
Submitted By: tom
(19,025 on 6-2005)

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHOW!?! Did you guys quit?!?! Ok, I'm just kidding I guess, but I can't wait to hear the next one.
Submitted By: deathcab4jamie
(19,009 on 6-2005)

You guys are soooooo cooooolllll Rob in KS
Submitted By: warmupthebus
(18,717 on 6-2005)

PK and J ROCK...
So much more interesting than that OTHER couple, I think.
Submitted By: jake359
(18,682 on 6-2005)

Show rocks!
Love it!
Submitted By: ignacio_pacheco
(18,639 on 6-2005)

lick me.
Submitted By: peddamat
(17,750 on 6-2005)

Hey, they're funny. I'm probably more right than most of their listeners, but WTF, they are are funny. I like them a lot. Keep on keepin' on PK and J.
Submitted By: jkeonin
(17,013 on 6-2005)

great show
I've been listening to the show for a couple months now and I love it. it's great seeing people's during my morning commute when I'm the only one laughing and everyone is barely awake. anyways...keep up the good work. Roy
Submitted By: rhasson
(16,796 on 6-2005)

its funny
love it - keep up the good work. I like the parody commercials!
Submitted By: shoeter23
(16,788 on 6-2005)

Loving ya
Gonna suck when you're on vacation for a week. Have a good time! (June vote)
Submitted By: corbybender
(16,402 on 6-2005)

Like a delicious pizza
They are not so nutritious but who wants a salad when you can have a deep dish extra sauce harden your arteries of a good time with PK& J "Note to self... eat before voting" Keeme has spoken
Submitted By: rkeeme
(16,390 on 6-2005)

You Rock!
Love the show!
Submitted By: info
(16,240 on 6-2005)

You rock!
How about showing Jeanettes boobies? Ok, I'll settle for Soccer Girl for now. :)
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(16,194 on 6-2005)

PK and J are two people with hair!
HAIR! I want to hear some insane fanfiction! WOO!
Submitted By: diehl
(16,091 on 6-2005)

I'm still hear an cheering
PK and J keep up the good work. I'm lost but not forgotten. I need to make about 15 brown phone calls in the near future. enjoy -37
Submitted By: thirty7tofind
(16,085 on 6-2005)

boob lovers
I've never sent a picture of my boobies to a more deserving pair. These guys are really creative. They add a little class to my sordid little life.
Submitted By: soccergirlincorporated
(16,045 on 6-2005)

A Columbus Fan
I'm proud that your podcasting from Columbus. You are both great for our city. Regards.
Submitted By: calvinwithhobbes
(16,022 on 6-2005)

The absolute best!
Submitted By: podcast
(15,927 on 6-2005)

GO PK and J!!!
Way to go, Paul and Janette! This is from Paul at BF!
Submitted By: paul
(15,905 on 6-2005)

Love the show
Keep up the great work Paul and Jeanette! Love it! - This And That Jeff
Submitted By: jeffoest
(15,863 on 6-2005)

One of the best
Too good to be just a podcast!
Submitted By: tim
(15,742 on 6-2005)

You guys make Monday's not suck. I especially enjoy Paul's sick fascination with Who's The Boss. Good luck with the Who's The Boss Fan Fiction Jeanette. I'm sure you'll get some recognition for them somewhere down the road.
Submitted By: deathcab4jamie
(15,714 on 6-2005)

this rocks
I think that this show is rad, and totally deserves to be #4 or higher.
Submitted By: deathcab4jamie
(15,712 on 6-2005)

so so
The imitations you guys do, really suck. sorry. When jeanette talks about girls, it's sexy. If Paul ever starts talking about guys the same way, I'm outta here. Keep up the good work. Bill
Submitted By: w_andrews58
(15,701 on 6-2005)

beat Tony Danza with a cudgel
With my vote I want to suggest that you should have 'namby-pamby, tag-a-long boy (Paul) beat Tony Danza with a cudgel. David (BLEEP)
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(15,693 on 6-2005)

i like the banter pk and j have with each other. good stuff.
Submitted By: wtbtim
(15,366 on 5-2005)

I love PK and J
I love the bits that you guys produce, and J's laugh is infectious, which is what I really need when I 'm listening at work.
Submitted By: vegaramos1
(15,260 on 5-2005)

Great Show
This is a really great show, everyone should listen to this one.
Submitted By: jrfreema
(15,222 on 5-2005)

Irreverence at its best
You never fail to entertain.
Submitted By: earthyme
(14,731 on 5-2005)

Sometimes Funny
The unexpected but unexpectanly good.
Submitted By: robbinsben
(14,393 on 5-2005)

Entertaining Listen
Love the sounds, love the jingles. :) Perfect yin and yang tandem of PK and J!
Submitted By: garanjuez
(14,316 on 5-2005)

Love the Show
I am new to podcasting and think you two are great. Keep it up.
Submitted By: josh.w.morris
(13,110 on 5-2005)

Not worth the time it took to type this!
"J" actually called all US soldiers "assasigns"!!! Believe what you want about the president or the government as a whole but when you make statements like that about the men and women who are putting their lives on the line everyday so that YOU can be safe and do your little "show" you have crossed a line that borders on treason!!!
Submitted By: rtb20
(12,798 on 5-2005)

You have hit your mark
Submitted By: thescott1949
(12,258 on 5-2005)

These Guys Fuckin Rock!!!
Jeanette has got the sexiest voice in podcasting and Paul is funny when talk about sex gets a bit too much for him and he keeps saying "oh, that's really rough...".
Submitted By: bradstout
(11,745 on 5-2005)

Great show... really love PK&J!
Submitted By: rupe33
(11,451 on 5-2005)

Great show. Thanks
Submitted By: info
(11,347 on 5-2005)

Theyre hilarious!!
Submitted By: punkprinsesje
(11,097 on 5-2005)

Had me laughing all the way through. Very entertaining.
Submitted By: don_h_moore
(10,953 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: swatson
(10,952 on 5-2005)

Love your show
Listening here in Central California (Paso Robles, CA) Love your show. And J your voice is so damn sexy. Email me with that sexy voice at the gmail. Keep up the great work. Paul
Submitted By: digital.pmg
(10,871 on 5-2005)

Cool stuff
Good stuff. Keep it coming.
Submitted By: oflinkey
(10,868 on 5-2005)

Love Them
I live in Fort Worth, TX, and it's hard to find people with the opinions that I agree with. Listening to the show reminds me that there are semi-rational, progressive, open-minded and interesting people left in this country.
Submitted By: chris.colegrove
(10,839 on 5-2005)

awesome show
Submitted By: smills99_2000
(10,754 on 5-2005)

entertaining. sort of.
Submitted By: peddamat
(10,678 on 5-2005)

Keep it up
Great show you guys! I look forward to it every week.
Submitted By: john
(10,555 on 5-2005)

Here ya go!!!
I'm dishing out the votes! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(10,387 on 5-2005)

Great, great show.
Submitted By: rossination
(10,244 on 5-2005)

Great Show!
Always love my PK&J!!
Submitted By: jeffoest
(10,071 on 5-2005)

Love em or lust (her)... THEY ROCK
You cats are like a fine wine or just a bunch of beer at the right time. Keep up the awesomeness. The Keeme
Submitted By: rkeeme
(10,048 on 5-2005)

Better than D&D
you guys are cool. Keep it up.
Submitted By: jake359
(10,033 on 5-2005)

PKnJ Rule
Submitted By: PodcastAlley
(9,751 on 5-2005)

Awesome show
Submitted By: lancer
(9,744 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: dganitch
(9,485 on 5-2005)

Ok, so I'm not from Ohio, but it rules because you guys live there! From your fan in Del Mar, CA (probably a few more fans than me, but who the hell knows, maybe you need to do a poll to see where folks and folkettes live).
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(9,421 on 5-2005)

they rock
Submitted By: lowspark
(9,288 on 5-2005)

thirty7 giving a high five for May
Here it is, Greatest podcast on the net. PK and J keep up the great work. Please play my audio comments if you can fit them in, because I'm self absorbed and love to hear my voice on your pod cast!
Submitted By: thirty7tofind
(9,137 on 5-2005)

a how about an apple juice please?
Submitted By: stardebarge
(9,095 on 5-2005)

NO, NO, NO YOU are doing radio!
Hola Paul. Me gusta PK and J. J es bonita. Muchas gracias for the vote.
Submitted By: paul
(9,019 on 5-2005)

Paul and Jeanett ROCK!
Submitted By: patrod
(8,870 on 5-2005)

Happy May.
Happy May vote.
Submitted By: corbybender
(8,754 on 5-2005)

PK&J SHow / Denture Adhesive
After listening to the PK&J show, I'll never go back to those pastes or powders again!
Submitted By: tim
(8,748 on 5-2005)

Dammit they rock!
By far one of the best podcasts out there. Check it out! Love it! Touch it! Be one with it!
Submitted By: hrubenstein
(8,700 on 5-2005)

Jeanette has the best voice!
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(8,183 on 4-2005)

Wow, what a well sounding, attention grabbing snippit.
Submitted By: dcelio
(8,135 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: bob
(8,049 on 4-2005)

Funny as hell. Love the show and the dynamic between PK and J.
Submitted By: chris.colegrove
(7,556 on 4-2005)

Listen to this damn show!
Like Dawn and Drew? Don't we all? Did I say that? Why all these questions? Well folks, just subscribe to this one. I ain't saying this is more of the same, and it isn't. It's funny and entertaining. And what more do ya need to know?
Submitted By: joe
(7,395 on 4-2005)

Make 'em #1!
The Drunk Show ROCKS! "your show sucks" HAHAHAHAHA you're great!
Submitted By: jake359
(7,318 on 4-2005)

My new favorite show
OK, I admit it of the 5 or so cast that I listen too regularly the PK & J show is my new favorite replacing another famous Podcast couple. I love the music, the personal ads, brown phone! Plus, J's voice is so sexy! She needs to work the word "puss" into every podcast! ;)
Submitted By: bbowen
(7,232 on 4-2005)

Great show!
New listener, enjoying your show, thanks!
Submitted By: jakkaball
(7,125 on 4-2005)

Awesome Show
Submitted By: jlmira
(6,890 on 4-2005)

I'll be sure to make them extra loud, maybe with some echo, next time kaplanet :P Just kidding. I've heard lots on the burping and still have yet to decide what I'm gonna do.
Submitted By: pk505505
(6,878 on 4-2005)

Love your laugh J...but could do without your burp PK (I'm wearing headphones and it goes right in my ear!!).
Submitted By: kaplanet
(6,876 on 4-2005)

I enjoy the raw energy and honesty of you two. This is a refreshing bit of entertainment. Your show deserves the expanding audience it is getting. Keep having fun! Here's to continued success. *clink*
Submitted By: Lapis333
(6,768 on 4-2005)

PK AND J = YAY! woahhs521 = GAY!
Submitted By: extensor
(6,741 on 4-2005)

Great Stuff
Love the show, keep it up !!!
Submitted By: devad21
(6,733 on 4-2005)

Very funny couple! Keep it up.
Submitted By: monkee.junkee
(6,607 on 4-2005)

Endangered Species-Possibly Extinct-The Right Wing Intellectual
Olympian intellect, sophists, colloquial, Jiminy Cricket, and turd in the punch bowl. I'm astounded. Sarcasm, wit, and crude humor in a conservative douche bag. If only there were more right wingers that actually thought for themselves instead of endlessly vomiting Gringich-style talking points. Notice I despise your character, not your intellect. And by despise I don't mean disdain. By flexing your community college vocabulary in a effort to make sport of Paul, you just sound like a dick. Notice also I'm using the vernacular, not the colloquial which is generally considered an archaic word. Which makes your use of it quaint, which is the connotation usually attached to colloquial. If a person confines themselves to receiving information from one news source or worse, one media outlet, then the idea that their perspective is skewed by professional spinmeisters is completely valid. However, if you turn the channel away from Fox News, listen closely to the facts, not opinions, assimilate that information within the context of your ongoing, constantly evolving world view, then you should feel confident that you possess the necessary tools to form an opinion about U.S. Foreign Policy and about the Bush Government in general. As you are a dick I found your use of the phrase 'thrust of my argument' so hilarious a little bit of snot came out when I erupted into laughter. Let's examine your deep penetration of thought. "The thrust of my argument is if you can barely get by in a little thing like communicating in colloquial English, what makes you think you've got a clue when it comes to big things like sound foreign or domestic policy?"-Woahhlittlebitchyconservativeprick Podcasting, specifically the PK&J Show is done on the fly. Excuse me, I forgot I was dealing with an intellectual giant. Podcasting is generally spontaneous frivolity with an intention of entertaining. When performed live or in one continuous recording session, people make mistakes. Transposing Foyer and god...they must be idiots. To confuse-momentarily by the fucking way-two nearly identically pronounced words during a live radio broadcast is tantamount to walking across the floor and...god forbid...tripping. Thankfully you were there to disagree with their politics and pounce on their verbal slip. You certainly are a champion of the conservative movement. Creationism, Ann Coulter's call for a new McCarthyism, Bush's proof in the form of a Mushroom Cloud, and now your fearless assertion of rights against a liberal podcast like the PK&J Show. Clearly the intellectual advantage lies with the right. Hopefully the moronic left wing liberal conspiracy can stir up enough support with god fearing, gun loving, gay hating middle Americans to fight you intellectually superior conservative egg heads. Paul may hate you for your ignorance, then again it’s probably your arrogance. Sometimes we stupid liberals make little mistakes like that.
Submitted By: ofao
(6,480 on 4-2005)

good show.
Submitted By: chris.wallis
(6,472 on 4-2005)

They complete me
Listening to the PK&J show was my prime motivation for starting my own podcast. I can indundate you with a few superlatives to describe the quirky, intelligent and funny show these two put on every week but I'll spare you. Check them out. The jingles are also so much fun! !
Submitted By: harry
(6,469 on 4-2005)

Message to PK and J
PK and J don't listen to player hater woahhs521 "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss
Submitted By: rlymp
(6,333 on 4-2005)

Better than most
Love your show, don't listen to the haters, if they think they can do better let them try and we'll all sit around and blow them shit.
Submitted By: mcphailr
(6,292 on 4-2005)

fossil fuels
Hey there, Great Posdcast, brightens my day. I was intrigued that J did not think about the tax element of fossil fuels. really if Mr Bush or John Howard (in my case, Adelaide South-Australia) put money in the research, then they would stand to loose soooo much! Any way keep up the great work, PS I was really impressed to hear 'Adelaide South Australia' mentioned, now you need to mention it again!
Submitted By: waldoetak
(6,250 on 4-2005)

The PK & J Show rocks my world
I love this show. It's the 2nd podcast I listen to each day.
Submitted By: deathcab4jamie
(6,245 on 4-2005)

I saw Paul and Jeanette entering the Anal Bleaching Wing of the Columbus Free Clinic. Someone's going to have pearly whites!! -Tim P.S. and to you PK&J haters: suck it hard! whoop whoop
Submitted By: tim
(6,203 on 4-2005)

I'm am just getting acquainted with podcasting and just needed a bit of humor and stumbled upon PK and J... It reminds me of the freeform/riffing humor of a show like Home Movies (the animated show) Very fun. Keep it up and hope that the Smoke Quit is still holding. I've only heard up to the 7th show, but am determined to catch up.
Submitted By: dvntsvnt
(6,053 on 4-2005)

PK and J is a groovy show. Don't let others discourage you. Maybe the guy badmouthing you enjoys shows where he disagrees with people. Keep going! This is from Paul of BFR. I love the MONGOLOID SUV parody!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(5,859 on 4-2005)

Scott Stapp
left us alone to go write a song about his intimacy problems. This is Oprah's husband, Stedman, who's been harrassing me since 1998.
Submitted By: pk505505
(5,783 on 4-2005)

Scott Stapp is a Douche
I love the show! Don't let Scott Stapp bring you down man!
Submitted By: deltauosu
(5,649 on 4-2005)

Gave it a try after seeing as a featured 'cast. Not bad, but agree somewhat with woahhs. The ....... "middle America" talk is pretty irritating.. There are plenty of people who disagree with you on certain subjects, and they are most certainly not all uninformed morons. To suggest otherwise sounds juvenile and silly.. But hey! There's nothing wrong with being juvenile and silly! Just dont be ignorant, juvenile and silly. Cheers
Submitted By: toolhead7
(5,643 on 4-2005)

great show
I'm new to podcasting and after going through a lot of podcasts I came across PK & J and I love it. Paul and Jeanete are having so much and fun and it makes the show so cool. keep it going. Roy
Submitted By: rhasson
(5,619 on 4-2005)

That's not anger; it's called disdain. And if you find it in any sense "incredible," it's because you fall squarely into the "How did Bush win? I don't know anybody that voted for him." set, and are unfamiliar (or more likely, irritated) with competing points of view.That's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. As you said, it's your podcast, and you can discuss anything you want on it. In the same vein, you can throw a party and invite anyone that will come. Just don't kid yourself into thinking your guests have no reason to bitch when they don't appreciate being subjected to a turd in the punchbowl.The thrust of my argument is if you can barely get by in a little thing like communicating in colloquial english, what makes you think you've got a clue when it comes to big things like sound foreign or domestic policy? I mean come on, the only barrier to the former skill is your own commitment to acquiring it. As for the latter, there are many highly skilled, professional people actively engaged in trying to manipulate your opinion for the purpose of recruiting a political resourse; what makes you think you're immune to their influence? Do ya think Jiminy Cricket is gonna whisper into your ear to give you a heads-up on who's full of shit? Does your rippling, Olympian intellect cause sophists to glow when you gaze at them?As for my time, it will have been well spent if I accomplish nothing more than disabusing you of the notion that ignorance is why other people disaree with you.
Submitted By: woahhs521
(5,611 on 4-2005)

They Are funnier than Shit.
Funny Show. i like the brown phone, and wooden leg song.
Submitted By: rwfowler
(5,563 on 4-2005)

You sound unbelievably angry. I'm allowed to discuss politics on my podcast. You're allowed to piss away your life on comment boards criticizing people too. Which of us is wasting his time? Ben came to my defense out of his own choosing. This is the last you'll hear me respond to you. I am sorry for saying 'shut up' like Bill O'Reilley, but I would suggest you expend your limitless energy for critique on something more worthwhile. I'm sorry the world isn't more like you want it to be, sir. I don't know what 'august' means in the context you used it. So you win. Throw a party for yourself, or maybe you and your intellectually superior friends.
Submitted By: pk505505
(5,555 on 4-2005)

Ah, the old PeeWee Herman "I know you are, but what am I," trick. Obviously PK has secured a master wordsmith to come to the defense.Intellectual standards are not the problem. "Pretentious fuckheads discussing politics" is, so you've (clearly by mistake) put your finger right on it. Right church. Wrong pew.
Submitted By: woahhs521
(5,532 on 4-2005)

unnecessary negativity
This is a bit odd... for someone who clearly despises the PK and J Show because it's not up to your 'intellectual standards', you've clearly indicated that you've listened to several of the shows. I think you're looking for podcasts under the wrong genre.. Try the "pretentious fuckheads discuss politics" category to find what you're looking for.
Submitted By: diehl
(5,529 on 4-2005)

Face it pal, you're an idiot, and the only reason you don't recognize it is because you have great appeal to other idiots. The crappy vocabulary is just an indicator. I find it ironic that your first reaction is to tell me to "shut up." Heaven forbid someone should piss in your coffee in response to your pissing in theirs. My original criticism was your opinions are vapid, showing as much insight as the average teenager on a steady diet of TV, doritos, and angst. Tell you what. If you want to do other things besides play-by-plays of your old lady getting her ass waxed, why don't you publish the reading list from which all your august pronouncements come.
Submitted By: woahhs521
(5,513 on 4-2005)

This show is cooler than polar bear testicles! Rock on! -Peebs
Submitted By: mariop7
(5,370 on 4-2005)

Cute and vulgar
What a great combo. These two are so cute, and yet so vulgar and fun. I can;t stop listening. I just wish they wouldn't do a show every day! I don't have enough time to catch all of their shows, and I don't want to miss any.
Submitted By: scottspam5
(5,296 on 4-2005)

some shows are good some are great!
Submitted By: halfbadger
(5,040 on 4-2005)

love your podcast
ok I just started podding with you guys and I have to say you make me laugh. what is the brown line number anyway?
Submitted By: goddesscatering
(4,973 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: rnichilo
(4,971 on 4-2005)

I heart you guys
Great show, i have it synced to my 30 gig nomad every day, im new to podcasting, and your show is a great, keep up the good work!
Submitted By: rnichilo
(4,970 on 4-2005)

You're totally awesome!
I just started listening to you guys. You haven't made me wreck my car yet, nor have I lost my job for laughing my ass off while I work, but I'm quite amused. Keep up the great work! Robert "the lunatic Mac geek"
Submitted By: rcgottlieb
(4,963 on 4-2005)

These guys rock.....
PK & J make my Monday morning commute better then it ever has been!
Submitted By: dcarpio01
(4,955 on 4-2005)

yeah dude shut up. My vocabulary is pretty damn good actually. of all the things you could pick on, that was not a good angle.
Submitted By: pk505505
(4,893 on 4-2005)

Uh oh, looks like somebody is jealous of Mr PK and Miss J. What's your rank this month woahhs521? Did you finally make the "top 1500" yet? Good luck with that. On a more positive note, GREAT SHOW PK AND J. Don't let this dumbass bring you down.
Submitted By: diehl
(4,865 on 4-2005)

This is a "Featured" podcast?
You've got to be kidding me. PA is "featuring" a pair of dumb-asses holding forth on issues clearly beyond their ability to comprehend, as their high school freshman vocabulary clearly demonstrates. What a waste of download time. Hey guys, when you can put together a sentence about a "foray" without consulting a frickin' dictionary, maybe your opinion will be worth ignoring rather than holding in contempt.
Submitted By: woahhs521
(4,858 on 4-2005)

Hi Guy's
I Just discoverd your cast and want to say that I enjoy it and Your keeping me entertained while I'm layed up playing guitar and nursing a pinched nerve in my spine. I'm so sick of mordern media and your show is like a breath of fresh air... paul keep trying to quit the smokes. I smoked 2 packs a day for 12 years and have not had a smoke for 5 1/2 years It took a couple of years of trying to quit befor It finaly stuck, But it was totaly worth it... Trust thing I ever did.. P.S. keep Burrrrrrrrpppppppiiiinnnnnningggggggg
Submitted By: EvanBaran
(4,791 on 4-2005)

Hermaphrodite Wanted check it out!
Submitted By: tim
(4,758 on 4-2005)

Great show!
One of the best shows I've listened to, and the all-around best broadcast team ever. Keep up the great work, and keep those shows coming! Michael Costa Mesa, Ca
Submitted By: islandmyk
(4,668 on 4-2005)

Too Popular
I'm still tuning in, but you've gotten way too popular. All these kids calling themselves "PK"ers or "J"ers. What posers. I'm fucking School. That's what we called it before all you young punks started calling it Old School. PKandJers, y'all. Peace out.
Submitted By: abroyles
(4,634 on 4-2005)

Keep 'em comming.
Submitted By: obrecht72
(4,618 on 4-2005)

Call, the brown phone, just to say hey.
Submitted By: salmonmoose
(4,575 on 4-2005)

a vote from Keeme is like a vote from.. well, anyone but Keeme votes for you so there.
Love the interaction between you guys. * Sharp * Smart * SEXY * FUN FUN FUN Y'all put the D in DAMN! p.s. Keyboards die man... move on. I am sending keyboard mojo (just in case)
Submitted By: rkeeme
(4,512 on 4-2005)

Straight But Not Narrow!
I don't normally find straight people very interesting. They're usually so... so straight... Imagine my surprise, then, when I happened upon the FUNtabulous PK & J. They make heterosexuality seem plausibly palatable. Who knew? Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on muff diving anytime soon, but I will enjoy listening to the ass-slapping humor of the PK & J! Yay!
Submitted By: wanda.wisdom
(4,249 on 4-2005)

Great Show
You should be nuber two
Submitted By: thescott1949
(4,236 on 4-2005)

Fantastic Podcast!
Listen to it. You'll love it. Paul and Jeanette have great voices for the airwaves and the content they come up with is always interesting. They have a wonderful chemistry between them. Better than D and D.
Submitted By: scott
(4,192 on 4-2005)

great show guys
You guys crack me up. Any chance of the show being on more regularly?
Submitted By: chrisstapledon
(4,123 on 4-2005)

Guilty pleasure
J's voice gives me boners....
Submitted By: corbybender
(3,810 on 4-2005)

negative comments
We won't let the lead singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, get us down with negative comments!
Submitted By: pk505505
(3,501 on 3-2005)

one hour of nonsense???? i stopped listening after 5 minutes. I hope it shaped up after I tuned out. zzzzz
Submitted By: yourstruly
(3,458 on 3-2005)

Very funny and entertaining
Hey Pk and J this is Rafael from San Bruno. I love your podcasts. I want to be greedy and ask for more than a weekly show. How about twice a week? Too much maybe? Adios
Submitted By: rlymp
(3,443 on 3-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: taylor.paul
(3,437 on 3-2005)

Dana loves PK & J!
Submitted By: pandora2317
(3,338 on 3-2005)

PK and J
Keep 'em comming
Submitted By: obrecht72
(3,003 on 3-2005)

the stallion, mang
this podcast is enjoyable. immensely so. i laugh at it. er...with it. word to you muthafuka! YEAH!
Submitted By: brandon
(2,898 on 3-2005)

Hey! I can comment here too! Oh mama! Thanks for all the comments. You guys deserve Snickers Blizzards. If you like the show, call the Brown Phone 206-339-PKNJ. Call when you're drunk, angry, or when you're so caffeinated you feel like your brain is gonna die.
Submitted By: pk505505
(2,830 on 3-2005)

PK AND J My newest and favoritest
F&$K'N right on you guys are great. And for the record guys that listen to podcast do get chicks. Can a guy use a pod cast to get a chick, to get laid? I accept the challenge and willl keep you in the know once I lay it down slow. 37
Submitted By: thirty7tofind
(2,673 on 3-2005)

A New Favorite!
These guys are great! You had me at "I'd rather be groped than raped...unless the groping involved some kind of penetration". God love you both.
Submitted By: tim
(2,353 on 3-2005)

these guys are nuts...i love em
Submitted By: alwayssmilin101
(2,288 on 3-2005)

Humor run amuck!
Wonderful 'cast - you need to listen to understand!
Submitted By: sidomar
(1,950 on 3-2005)

This show is insightful. Im not sure if p is keeping j focused or if j is keeping p focused. If they were two elements they would be sodium and chlorine.
Submitted By: dancelio
(1,866 on 3-2005)

Good stuff
Keep up the funny stuff, writing your own commercials, playing good music, burping and jumping. Oh, and by the way, I am writing this while I sit ... on ... my ... toilet. Listen to ya later.
Submitted By: snumedahl
(1,842 on 3-2005)

Paul and Jeanette are interesting characters, and seemingly people of depth. Their show is a high calibre, well produced product. They deserve more to be in the top 10 rather than D&D. I'm not just saying this! Let's weed out the hacks and help out the new radio legends of our time!!! Keep up the good work, you two! Paul @ barefoot want's to be a caller!
Submitted By: paul
(1,655 on 3-2005)

Hilarious show
Fun and a fine example of what podcasts are about.
Submitted By: bob365
(1,348 on 3-2005)

rock on!!!
Submitted By: stella.rules
(1,262 on 3-2005)

Great Show! watch out DnD
Submitted By: mmarowske
(573 on 3-2005)

Number 19 Baby!
We love the PK&J people They are our very best friends They rule Those PK&J People I want to say this day that I'm not kidding around You Pk&J People
Submitted By: abroyles
(147 on 3-2005)

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