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Security Now! Comments

There are 70 Comments for this Podcast
Security Now rocks
Submitted By: rfgort
(532,101 on 2-2011)

Security Now
Absolutely the finest in internet security.
Submitted By: jimsmith1957
(497,794 on 9-2009)

Listened since number 1
Submitted By: stephenhall
(487,775 on 6-2009)

Your show is absolutely excellent,informative and right on time,keep up the great work.
Submitted By: LeeToBu
(471,695 on 3-2009)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(418,956 on 8-2008)

Great Security Podcast
Submitted By: swhaley
(382,578 on 5-2008)

Great Learning Experience
I have picked up a lot of knowledge by listening to this podcast.
Submitted By: jbenson2
(370,787 on 3-2008)

Fun and relevant
This is an excellent podcast. I particularly like the detailed discussions of the principles behind modern products.
Submitted By: frincke
(352,727 on 1-2008)

Best Technology podcast!
Submitted By: pupkis171-digital
(346,338 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: podcastalley
(311,617 on 9-2007)

excellent stuff
excellent stuff once a week is not enough though
Submitted By: andrewrosaria
(302,986 on 9-2007)

great show
Submitted By: fseymour
(300,735 on 8-2007)

This is the best security podcast
Submitted By: Richard-Rodriguez
(299,916 on 8-2007)

excellent show
Submitted By: andrewrosaria
(297,627 on 8-2007)

The best podcast ever
Submitted By: vitaliy.gryb
(294,039 on 8-2007)

security education for techies
Educational podcast that presents complex security concepts in easy to understand and entertaining episodes.
Submitted By: sipote51
(293,398 on 8-2007)

U 2 are the cheeriest bunch of geeks I have heard. I had to go back and download all your shows. In fact, ur podcast was the main reason I bought a 30Gb iPod. As they say in my part of Cameroon ... MI YAKA NOH NOH
Submitted By: mukom.tamon
(283,195 on 7-2007)

The best netcast on computer security anywhere. Keep it up Steve and Leo.
Submitted By: kr8u
(281,274 on 7-2007)

Absolutely fabulous
Submitted By: the.silva.mind
(267,876 on 5-2007)

Interesting, relevant and entertaining. What more can you ask for? I really look forward to each weeks episode having gone back and listened to all the older episodes.
Submitted By: richard_c_lum
(246,272 on 4-2007)

This is THE best security podcast out there, period.
Submitted By: mike
(241,654 on 3-2007)

Security Now
I like it.
Submitted By: boxtop
(239,201 on 3-2007)

Great show
I love this show. I have learned so much. Thanks Steve and Leo. Keep it up.
Submitted By: kr8u
(234,001 on 3-2007)

Great windows oriented security podcast!
Submitted By: jim
(231,302 on 2-2007)

great topics
Submitted By: mcjunkin
(230,814 on 2-2007)

Great show
I love this netcast.
Submitted By: kr8u
(227,287 on 2-2007)

I really enjoy the podcast
Im working my way through the older shows and they are great!
Submitted By: klotipoby
(203,995 on 1-2007)

Luv This Podcast
Submitted By: noob_e_2003
(185,824 on 11-2006)

Top Podcast
any1 wanting full explaination on how the TUBES work. ie the internet should download all of these amazing podcasts. Thank Leo and Steve
Submitted By: makdaddy8888
(179,136 on 11-2006)

security for everyone
Give me more like this, I feel I know something after listening to this.
Submitted By:
(172,050 on 10-2006)

Its Great!!
Submitted By: podcastalley.davesmith
(166,951 on 9-2006)

Great Job!
Ive been listening since the start. Went over and bought SpinRite to support your efforts! Hopefully, I won need to use it... HA HA! Jim Garrett Baltimore, Maryland
Submitted By: jgarrett
(166,853 on 9-2006)

Security Now - not soon enough
discovered Security Now podcast around eposide #30 and have downloaded it every Friday morning since. Infact I spent last week doing the 56episode marathon and loved it! Im a linux user and although it is rarely covered, it is often mentioned along with all other open-source goodies. If only there were a daily podcast ;-)
Submitted By: andy
(162,788 on 9-2006)

Best security podcast
Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson provide up-to-date information on the current security situation.
Submitted By: jason.dunnett
(161,998 on 9-2006)

Great work
Very valuable pod cast! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: jasongriffithis
(161,681 on 9-2006)

Security Now
Security Now is a great show.
Submitted By: mix3dsign4lz
(161,449 on 9-2006)

Extreme Informative Podcast!!
MY number one podcast for security information!
Submitted By: pktech
(145,745 on 7-2006)

I dont miss one!
Submitted By: ricardo.o.santiago
(140,216 on 7-2006)

Best info out there
This is the first podcast I started listening to and its still my favourite. I donated by buying a copy of Spinrite - it was worth it.
Submitted By: mmalone01
(138,951 on 7-2006)
the best
Submitted By: psx11
(138,840 on 7-2006)

Very informative
Great podcast -- great material - relevant and interesting for anyone that uses a computer
Submitted By: 1campbelldan
(134,477 on 6-2006)

Security NOW
Steve Gibson is a Geeks geek...
Submitted By: wtripp
(131,940 on 6-2006)

Steve rocks!
Submitted By: jmpmaher
(130,135 on 6-2006)

Solid Consistent Podcast
Great podcast. Of all the podcasts Ive listened to, this one delivers the most content per episode. Doesnt stray off topic. Doesn fill the podcast with rambling. Each episode has a purpose/topic, Steve Gibson delivers it, Leo lets Steve go and supplements what Steve has to stay appropriately. And you learn something.
Submitted By: bmacko
(124,767 on 5-2006)

The best security info always
I love this show. Leo and Steve make it easy to understand security issues, encryption, and the way this whole Internet thing works!
Submitted By: db
(119,857 on 5-2006)

Steve Knows his Stuff
Steve lays it out but Leo keeps it understandable.
Submitted By: dlferris
(113,825 on 4-2006)

Very worthwhile
Thanks for your efforts, you cover security issues barely mentioned by the mainstream media. For mobile professionals such as myself, security is vital because our data moves from place to place and is subject to loss, theft, hacking, spyware, and much more. I use a ProtoDrive to store my mobile data so for now I'm safe, but there will always be a new threat tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us informed.
Submitted By: madmaxoc
(110,967 on 4-2006)

Rock On!
Submitted By: john
(101,723 on 3-2006)

I always listen to this podcast for excellent, information concerning what we all need to know about computer security. Please keep up yhe good work.
Submitted By: mmorrison37
(101,408 on 3-2006)

Security Now
Interesting information giving a good understanding of security issues
Submitted By: phil.brown
(96,992 on 3-2006)

Great stuff!
Submitted By: masarak3000
(94,728 on 3-2006)

Security Now! is the Bomb!
This is the best show -- security for novices and pros alike.
Submitted By: rstrb8r
(91,721 on 2-2006)

Great show. Recommend it to everybody. Paul
Submitted By: pauldvf
(88,537 on 2-2006)

A must for any internet user
Submitted By: nathanobserver
(87,116 on 2-2006)

great show! THANKS!
Submitted By: bosabri
(81,846 on 1-2006)

Great Show!
Great show for computer people.
Submitted By: dmcallaster
(80,273 on 1-2006)

Steve, Excellent job.. Hope the MS Mafia doesn come getcha.. JimS
Submitted By: jimsno
(78,283 on 1-2006)

This should be mandatory listening for all technology professionals! SLP
Submitted By: slpaik
(77,492 on 1-2006)

Happy New Year
Many thanks Steve and Leo!
Submitted By: maurye
(73,177 on 1-2006)

Information is given in a very clear, concise manner. It reassures the average computer user, how to protect themselves and what to watch out for...
Submitted By: Hammell
(72,460 on 12-2005)

very informative
I really like the show i took a security class the semester before last so i really understand your concepts. great show
Submitted By: wondrbutch
(71,202 on 12-2005)

Essential listening
This is a fabulous podcast about a subject that everyone should be concerned about--computer security.
Submitted By: terrydudley
(70,882 on 12-2005)

SN is great!
Submitted By: vangoh
(68,626 on 12-2005)

Can get enough!
Submitted By: jvan_lanen
(65,370 on 12-2005)

great podcast on computer security
Submitted By: jonacito
(63,283 on 11-2005)

Steve and Leo talk security
Security Now! is my #2 all-time favorite.
Submitted By: trdaggett
(60,883 on 11-2005)

way helpful
security is so lame and confusing...but this podcast makes it interesting and understandable. One of the best out there!
Submitted By: chembro303
(59,198 on 11-2005)

Good Stuff
The newest show on my podlist. Thanks for making me feel smarter about my tinkering as a vintage geek.
Submitted By: maurye
(58,643 on 11-2005)

A much needed Show
I love the Show and hope everyone will subscribe and learn what they can. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: PandG_Imaging
(58,418 on 11-2005)

very interesting
Very interesting but scary at the same time. You may just want to unplug your computer from the internet and hide away after listening to the security threats out there. :) They always point you in the right direction to avoid the pitfalls out there. A must listen podcast.
Submitted By: billcanada
(56,500 on 11-2005)

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