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GrapeRadio Comments

There are 118 Comments for this Podcast
Reading through the shows has made my day! Jay
Submitted By: Jay
(453,757 on 12-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from Daniel j. Harris and The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(445,887 on 11-2008)

A Show of Support
A vote of support from The SoupyGato Show.
Submitted By: soupygato
(428,768 on 9-2008)

Merry Christmas
Thanks for the great shows
Submitted By: blazekc
(191,519 on 12-2006)

Great show
Ive listened to all the shows. I like the foreign winery shows as well as the trip to Germany. Youve mentioned Tokais several times. How about a show on Tokias? Chris
Submitted By: blazekc
(130,566 on 6-2006)

Best wine podcast out there!
Submitted By: brianmonks
(89,636 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: vcuspoon1
(77,540 on 1-2006)

Very, very interesting topics and discussions. Keep it up.
Submitted By: g_robert
(65,012 on 12-2005)

Always awesome show, but guys, how about the rare coverage of some excellent BC and Ontario wines?
Submitted By: coffeekid
(63,914 on 12-2005)

Excellent show
Thanks for the education and entertainment. Keep it up!
Submitted By: mleeroof
(59,371 on 11-2005)

what a nice show. keep up the good work guys. the show is rich with information and very enjoyable to listen to.
Submitted By:
(56,283 on 11-2005)

One of my favourite podcasts
this is one of the best podcasts out there.
Submitted By: mike
(45,772 on 9-2005)

Good stuff. I listen to every one...
Submitted By: pieterkeyzer
(45,705 on 9-2005)

Learned a lot!
I am new listener to Podcasts period. My friend, Mark Tafoya of The ReMARKable Palate suggested that I listen to a wide range of podcasts downloaded from iTunes. I spent all day yesterday while I was working (I am a personal chef also) and I learned so much about so many things. I feel like it was time well spent! Each show, for me, had something to offer that I interested me. I will be a faithful listener from now on and buy more wine!
Submitted By: doodlebug957
(42,844 on 9-2005)

the best wine related podcast!
Submitted By: sylvainlotito
(42,432 on 9-2005)

Great show, love the interviews with winemakers, merchants and others in the industry.
Submitted By: knishida
(39,642 on 9-2005)

Thanks for help furthering my appreciation of wine.
Submitted By: smallworldpodcast
(39,336 on 9-2005)

Like Fine wine, quality comes first
I started listening to grape radio in February and have listened faithfully since. A wine collector but by no means an expert, I learn something from every show. For wine geeks and newbies alike, grape radio really has something for everyone. Interviews with people I read about in Wine Spectator and events I hope to attend one day. Every day guys with expert knowledge. Theyve had great shows on corks, barrels, storage, wine makers, the political scene, etc. This podcast is the best small production cast out there.
Submitted By: laura.clark
(38,654 on 8-2005)

Good stuff...
Great product done well. I look forward to watching and listening as the tannins soften and GrapeRadio ages into its full potential.
Submitted By: ChipDWood
(33,001 on 8-2005)

Excellent stuff
Submitted By: hughmcdaid56
(26,474 on 7-2005)

Enjoyed it.
Submitted By: redmikeu2
(26,220 on 7-2005)

I enjoy the podcasts.
Submitted By: dhinners
(22,668 on 6-2005)

Keep the glasses raised..
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(20,857 on 6-2005)

A great place for information and enjoyment about wine.
Submitted By: david
(20,075 on 6-2005)

Great Show!
Keep up the great work, love listening.
Submitted By: owh1919
(17,265 on 6-2005)

Grape Radio Voting
Submitted By: markv
(16,687 on 6-2005)

I voted
Brian has voted.....
Submitted By: brian
(16,517 on 6-2005)

Hogle-Ireland, Inc.
Submitted By: awashburn
(16,237 on 6-2005)

I voted
Submitted By: mike
(16,229 on 6-2005)

Very interesting shows! I love visiting the site and listening to the tips on wine.
Submitted By: diane.johnson65
(16,175 on 6-2005)

I like it
Submitted By: lorax8
(11,613 on 5-2005)

Enjoyable and Infromative
Submitted By: rbirch
(10,796 on 5-2005)

www.businessthoughtsblog. com
Great show! Todd
Submitted By: todd.storch
(10,715 on 5-2005)

Love the show. Makes this listener thirsty.
Submitted By: maurye
(10,359 on 5-2005)

The show is great!
Very informative and educational for all of us who think of wine as white or red!
Submitted By: cristine_clark
(9,926 on 5-2005)

Great content.
Submitted By: charles
(9,792 on 5-2005)

Awesome Podcast
I drink Sebastiani Wine!
Submitted By: acuneo
(9,723 on 5-2005)

Great info!
Submitted By: alex
(9,361 on 5-2005)

Great show...thanks!!
Submitted By: mc
(9,314 on 5-2005)

Love that Grape Radio!
Submitted By: dsoltys
(9,299 on 5-2005)

Excellent Show
Great show! Keep it coming!
Submitted By: owh1919
(9,281 on 5-2005)

I love these guys. Wine is King!
Submitted By: missa
(9,276 on 5-2005)

No comment...
Good job......drink up
Submitted By: mike
(9,273 on 5-2005)

love it
Submitted By: drstogie
(9,268 on 5-2005)

the best
the best
Submitted By: jneylan
(9,267 on 5-2005)

Great Show!!!!!
Submitted By: sbechara
(9,266 on 5-2005)

Wine Rocks
GrapeRadio makes my life worth living. Go GrapeRadio Go.
Submitted By: brianwineguy
(8,624 on 4-2005)

Robert Parker, Doug Shafer, Bob Foley - all the gods of the wine world. How do you do it.
Submitted By: baseball2005
(8,622 on 4-2005)

Great PodCast
I have downloaded every GrapeRadio podcast and have learned and enjoyed everyone of them. Thanks!
Submitted By: jweippert
(7,178 on 4-2005)

Very good
Submitted By: Mhullibarger
(7,058 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: NEURAD
(6,968 on 4-2005)

Love grape radio
One of many loyal listeners, great show.
Submitted By: dillonmong
(6,628 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: jsiegelesquire
(6,495 on 4-2005)

My Take on It
I really enjoy Grape Radio. I don't have an Ipod, I listen to it at the computer.
Submitted By: chefblake
(6,433 on 4-2005)

Grape Radio
Excellent and informative show....
Submitted By: colinwpaul
(6,397 on 4-2005)

also to enter dvd drawing.
Submitted By: gregsueknutzen
(6,231 on 4-2005)

Love it!
Submitted By: lsmyser
(6,199 on 4-2005)

Really enjoy Grape Radio!
Submitted By: lvawsweb
(5,895 on 4-2005)

great show
Loved your round-table on Sideways. Good commentary, you guys shoud get together more often...good chemestry... wine... movies...some of my favorite distractions from the impending global destruction! Keep it up.
Submitted By: nathanleetate
(5,766 on 4-2005)

Vote for Grape Radio
Submitted By: arabella
(5,764 on 4-2005)

Audio Volume
For whatever reason, I have to really crank up the volume to hear this podcast well. Other than that, I really enjoy the 'cast.
Submitted By: pmoorman
(5,686 on 4-2005)

Great Show GrapeRadio!
Great Show GrapeRadio!
Submitted By: paulbracamonte
(5,629 on 4-2005)

Bumped into a win(n)er
I just found out about podcasts. I tried just a few to get started. The podcast I chose was Reel Reviews, but it happened to be on the topic of "Sideways." Joining up with the Grape Radio guys was a good idea. I appreciated the Reel Reviews format and will continue to subscribe. But now, in addition, I'm a fan of Grape Radio. I'll be going back through the catalogue of both podcast shows this weekend to download. Great stuff. Thank you. Lp
Submitted By: LyndonPerry
(5,610 on 4-2005)

Love Grape Radio
love it
Submitted By: taconsulting
(5,609 on 4-2005)

Great stuff!
Submitted By: david_sweet2002
(5,338 on 4-2005)

Fantastic podcast to learn about wine in a friendly environment.
Submitted By: marco-r
(5,287 on 4-2005)

I miss HOME! You guys are great. I am from the bay area ( San Mateo) and now live in florida where people know NOTHING! I have had to search out knowledgeable people and educate my new friends, life is getting better. hehe Keep up the good work! peace, wendy
Submitted By: goddesscatering
(5,117 on 4-2005)

Best show on my CAT VI cable. I wish some of the others would get to this level. -Greg
Submitted By: winenutty
(5,115 on 4-2005)

I love this show. New to podcasting and I'm hooked. Knowledgeable, good content, you ask the questions I would love to ask. Thanks for putting out a QUALITY show.
Submitted By: njkagey
(5,110 on 4-2005)

Grape Radio vote
Great podcast.
Submitted By: cmclainjr
(5,054 on 4-2005)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: lajdadams
(5,048 on 4-2005)

I loved the Champagne Show!
Cheers! Your show is something to celebrate! Champagne is my favorite. That's what I love about your show. You give air time to topics we want to hear. I download your shows to listen on my Ipod during air travel & daily workouts. Great show!
Submitted By: laura.clark
(4,769 on 4-2005)

Thanks for your help!
I am a winemaking newbie and truly appreciate any help and inspiration I can get. My newest and extremely rewarding hobby is so rewarding. I can't thank you enough for providing honest and informative information for home winemakers! Lori Duncan, Washburn, Mo.
Submitted By: lorijean012
(4,727 on 4-2005)

Very Educational
This is a very good show about wine making.
Submitted By: johnoed
(4,527 on 4-2005)

I love Grape Radio!!!
Submitted By: bruce.hendrick
(4,429 on 4-2005)

Great show. An excellent place for views on Wines
Submitted By: creckord
(4,135 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: david.pellerin
(4,086 on 4-2005)

great show
Keep em coming...
Submitted By: jpeterson
(3,653 on 4-2005)

Excellent show
Submitted By: luciano.dalesandro
(3,477 on 3-2005)

very knowledgable and low key approach - i like these guys
Submitted By: joakley
(3,442 on 3-2005)

Always a Fun Listen!
Submitted By: domains
(3,352 on 3-2005)

Great 'casts
I loved your podcasts on "trusting your own taste". Great stuff
Submitted By: fishmanj_98
(3,311 on 3-2005)

Grape Radio Rocks!
Submitted By: youndo
(3,013 on 3-2005)

Great Grapes!
Grape radio is one of the best programs on the air today!
Submitted By: m.j.shubert
(2,986 on 3-2005)

Great program!
Submitted By: gregg.w.whelan
(2,935 on 3-2005)

Vote Affirmative
great show
Submitted By: peter
(2,683 on 3-2005)

Great Grapes!
Love the show. One of the if not THE best Podcasts out there.
Submitted By: cward23
(2,632 on 3-2005)

what a great program.
Submitted By: jtomasso
(2,582 on 3-2005)

Grape Radio - EXCELLENT!!!
Submitted By: margmenger
(2,559 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: info
(2,492 on 3-2005)

Great Show
Great job guys...I've been in the wine biz for approx. 15 yrs and this show is both fun and informative. I love the fact that you have people like Brian Loring on there. I realize you have to mix it up between novice and more experienced listenders, but thanks for all.
Submitted By: landnwinebar
(2,263 on 3-2005)

grape radio is rad
Loved it...
Submitted By: mike
(2,249 on 3-2005)

Champagne Show
Very cool.
Submitted By: james
(2,208 on 3-2005)

Grape Radio!!
Submitted By: mtrichards
(2,184 on 3-2005)

Excellent , entertaining, and informative
Submitted By: colinwpaul
(2,164 on 3-2005)

Lord Plumb
Great show!
Submitted By: riwellness
(2,052 on 3-2005)

One of the best
Take it from the guys at Podcast Basics... this is one of the best. The good... * Well produced * They pick a topic and stick with it * They're careful to explain wine terms some of us may not understand * It's a good length
Submitted By: podcastbasics
(2,046 on 3-2005)

Winecast Rocks!
The casual environment is comfortable. Even though I don't know the team personally, they make me feel like an old friend, lounging with a fine Cab.
Submitted By: sidomar
(1,949 on 3-2005)

That's Infotainment
Great show!
Submitted By: segomarus688i
(1,741 on 3-2005)

Love the site/show
Love the site/show
Submitted By: debdvo
(1,733 on 3-2005)

Greetings from Austria
Interesting program. Lee told me about your site. Good luck. Manfred
Submitted By: m.kern
(1,711 on 3-2005)

this site rocks!
Submitted By: ppuno
(1,684 on 3-2005)

Grape Radio = Good Radio, Anytime
Big "thumbs up" for the concise, unpretentious talk about wine at Grape Radio.
Submitted By: justo.gonzalez
(1,591 on 3-2005)

Industry Professional
I must say, I am impressed by this show. Part education, part entertainment, a bit of humor, and human interest stuff. I voted for you guys today.
Submitted By: drinkmywine
(1,540 on 3-2005)

Very Well Done!
Submitted By: mango2kw
(1,536 on 3-2005)

Loring interviews
Great interviews, I'll be checking out the site often!
Submitted By: steven.kooij
(1,415 on 3-2005)

These guys are teaching me a lot about wines. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: deviant_life
(1,357 on 3-2005)

Great show for those of us who are wine snob wannabe's.
Submitted By: kscheng
(1,265 on 3-2005)

Love the show.
Submitted By: dougsmith
(1,228 on 3-2005)

Informative, entertaining, useful
Submitted By: dlwoo111
(1,216 on 3-2005)

Regular guys
I've been enjoying graperadio for about two weeks. The hosts provide a ton of great information and they do it in a way that isn't overly produced. This makes the content totally memorable and familiar even though they are over on the opposite coast. Lifting a glass of Pinot Noir right now!
Submitted By: kluskiewicz
(1,145 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: jim
(1,068 on 3-2005)

This Show Rock!
From day one this has been the best podcast.
Submitted By: baseball2005
(1,056 on 3-2005)

This is a highly professional broadcast, with great audio quality, intelligent and informative guests, and an inviting tone that makes even the subtler aspects of wine appreciation quite accessible to all. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: scottbroadway
(949 on 3-2005)

Great Show!
One of the most innovative, interesting takes in wine info I've seen. Archives are great too.. Hat's off to Grape Radio! Don E. Ward
Submitted By: don4data
(902 on 3-2005)

I'm new to this podcast thing, and these broadcasts are keepers. I copied them to CD to listen in my car going to work.
Submitted By: justin.porto
(442 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: roberto.tovar
(210 on 3-2005)

I love your show!
Submitted By: laura.clark
(150 on 3-2005)

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