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Am I Bugging You? Comments

There are 17 Comments for this Podcast
Not for everyone...
but we dont want everyone so its ok :)
Submitted By: fintago
(538,165 on 8-2011)

I love listening to Am I Bugging you? It is the best comedy podcast i have listened to by far!
Submitted By: davida37
(537,047 on 7-2011)

I love Am I Bugging You! Keep up the good work, Mike, Eddie aka The Truth and Nicole!
Submitted By: davida37
(535,500 on 5-2011)

Great show
Great show!
Submitted By: ssallen
(535,268 on 5-2011)

Good enough
Very funny podcast two dudes and one chick talking about bullshit u can even lough sometimes if they had good week sometimes they just to lazy so podcast can be every two weeks
Submitted By: pawnazar
(533,818 on 4-2011)

very funny podcast
Submitted By: foolishcoyote
(533,795 on 4-2011)

The Truth Rules
This show should be a television show... I would pay dearly to watch Eddie on webcam!!!
Submitted By: eddietheo
(533,780 on 4-2011)

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Submitted By: gerghghthth
(532,165 on 2-2011)

Good. I do not know if this stuff is real but its funny shit!
Submitted By: thejoymall
(530,262 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: behbudm
(528,550 on 11-2010)

this show feels like home
Submitted By: eddietheo
(527,945 on 10-2010)

White Pants
Listen to the latest show at
Submitted By: MikeBoudet
(527,916 on 10-2010)

just listen
i was looking for another podcast to listen to that would make me laugh. this is it! they talk about the stuff I think about guys rock!
Submitted By: loveval16
(526,943 on 10-2010)

Im Capital Z, and I approved this podcast.
Submitted By: stereoradiation
(525,468 on 9-2010)

Eddie's load
So why doesn't Eddie date a chick in his hometown ? What's with the web cam thing? What's the deal with not showing his face? what's wrong with this guy he must be unattractive.
Submitted By: eskimodiet4u
(524,648 on 8-2010)

good stuff
I do not know if this stuff is real but its funny shit!
Submitted By: eddietheo
(524,632 on 8-2010)

Gonna go ahead and vote for my own podcast
Why wouldnt I? I know you do to, motherfuckers
Submitted By: MikeBoudet
(524,615 on 8-2010)

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