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Geek News Central Comments

There are 552 Comments for this Podcast
great stuff
Thanks Todd for all your efforts and dedicaqtion
Submitted By: r.woodworth
(491,196 on 7-2009)

Love It !!!
Submitted By: sbvmax2
(426,917 on 9-2008)

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Submitted By: danielgeorgescot
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Submitted By: nextlevels1
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Submitted By: nextlevels
(345,527 on 1-2008)

Went back many months and like it.
Submitted By: sbvmax2
(342,566 on 12-2007)

Geek News Central Is Great!
Host Todd Cochrane does a great job keeping on top of the latest in Tech news. He is great to listen to and I wouldnt miss his program!
Submitted By: dearlanadee
(339,452 on 12-2007)

Always Informative
I never miss an episode of GNC. Todd has his finger on the pulse of the internet and technology. Keep up the great work. Stew Huffhines.
Submitted By: john
(339,065 on 12-2007)

Great Show
Im hooked after two episodes. Todd is the master at Podcasting and speaks his mind. I cant wait for his two shows each week!
Submitted By: elevatorradioshow
(338,976 on 12-2007)

A Real Pleasure. Geek Supreme!
Always a great show. Informative, reasonable, supportive.. The Geek has it right. Hes doing a great job. I seem to always go back... Everyone should visit his site. Got to get this guy on AM talk... that way he can reach a broader audiance. Spread the word...
Submitted By: costlesscomputer
(338,785 on 12-2007)
Great great show
Submitted By: podcastally
(338,688 on 12-2007)

Best Tech Podcast
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(338,570 on 12-2007)

GeekNews Central
GeekNews Central is the ONLY podcast I never ever miss. I look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays when it is released, and listen to the show on my commute.
Submitted By: techienews
(338,511 on 12-2007)

Top rated podcast
Been listening since the early days - Todd feels like part of the family! A diverse range of tech and non-tech news. Not just heavy duty geek stuff. One of my regular podcasts.
Submitted By: bruce.low
(338,392 on 12-2007)

GNC is #1
Submitted By: sam
(338,356 on 12-2007)

Great Show!
I have been a listener for almost 2 years now. Love the show. Great way to hear about some tech news.
Submitted By: jeff.blind
(338,295 on 12-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: etlucas
(338,125 on 12-2007)

The great tech podcast - GeekNewsCentral
Submitted By: brie.sansotta
(338,118 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: gabbyegirl
(276,001 on 6-2007)

keeps me up to date
Its the only podcast of 100 that I listen to as soon as available.
Submitted By: dianaorfl-c
(245,241 on 3-2007)

Great Show
Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: kr8u
(233,999 on 3-2007)

Todd....Love the show!!!!!
Submitted By: russwenner
(212,369 on 1-2007)

Great show
Love the show keep it up.
Submitted By: kr8u
(205,182 on 1-2007)

Best Geek
Intellectual, impactful, educational, different and fun Thank you T, Nancy S,
Submitted By: keywestgalz
(199,952 on 12-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: jeff.blind
(192,737 on 12-2006)

Jason loves GNC
Geek News Central Podcast is the Best!!! Todd rocks :)
Submitted By: jasonblr
(192,578 on 12-2006)

top 3 podcast
I havent missed a single podcast since October 2004. I cant make that claim for anyone else. Consistently one of the best in content and good, honest commentary.
Submitted By: DickG
(191,333 on 12-2006)

Todd is very committed host with top content.
Submitted By: oz4me.rwb
(191,269 on 12-2006)

Great Podcast. Lots of really good technical information.
Submitted By: jbredehoeft
(191,121 on 12-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(179,330 on 11-2006)

Best Geek News Available!
Todds a great guy, and he brings you the tech news you need to know!
Submitted By: thirdworldamerican
(174,652 on 10-2006)

Podcast Ally Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(173,651 on 10-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: Jack2608
(172,478 on 10-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(160,474 on 9-2006)

Lots of useful information...great show.
Submitted By: sandc10
(156,612 on 8-2006)

Finally someone to listen!
GeekBrief and are by far the two greatest things since Ipods & Grilled Cheese sandwiches.
Submitted By: inthecorner77
(154,328 on 8-2006)

Great show
I listen to everyone of them.
Submitted By: keith
(153,844 on 8-2006)

A top rated news show for all things geek and related. The host is a major playa in the podcast "movement" and very reasonable and informed about newz affecting computers, software and related.
Submitted By: zenbones
(152,250 on 8-2006)

Wouldn miss an episode
Thanks Todd! We enjoy every show! John & Allie
Submitted By: john
(152,077 on 8-2006)

great stuff
Submitted By: r.woodworth
(149,811 on 8-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(148,889 on 8-2006)

Very Upbeat!
I like the GNC because Todd is always positive, doesn swear, and he works hard at putting on a good podcast. Thank you Todd. amber
Submitted By: amberastar
(148,714 on 8-2006)

GNC is the Best!
You rock Todd! The show keeps getting getter.
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(148,387 on 8-2006)

Most Informative on the Net!
Geek News Central is constantly improving,changing and making it a peoples Podcat for tech!Number 1
Submitted By: pecasso44
(147,843 on 8-2006)

Engaging Show
Todd keeps the content very interesting. It is also very good that he talks about his family because, after all, our professional lives are not completely isolated from our personal lives.
Submitted By: smurty
(147,639 on 8-2006)

Good show!
But, I think Infected, and Isted and Andy are better entertainment.
Submitted By: mllr
(142,480 on 7-2006)

An important podcast for anyone that wishes to keep abreast of cuurent news affecting the internet, computers and geeky events in general. Todds an excellent host, altways thorough and and engaged.
Submitted By: zenbones
(141,943 on 7-2006)

One Cool Geek
Geek News Central is a very informative show. Todd's selection of topics is fantastic, and his comments are always well informed. Anyone interested in a very good technical podcast should subscribe to Geek News Central. You will learn alot. I never miss a podcast.
Submitted By: brotherjohn
(140,822 on 7-2006)

great show
Submitted By: rwbdu
(140,048 on 7-2006)

new listener
Great show, stick with it
Submitted By: marcus.devaux
(139,817 on 7-2006)

GNC Rocks!
Proud to be part of the ohana. Keep up the great work Todd!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(139,700 on 7-2006)
the best
Submitted By: psx11
(138,838 on 7-2006)

Great Show
Great show, listen to it on my commute to and from work, always interesting and gives me something to think about
Submitted By: dgahany
(138,712 on 7-2006)

Awsome Show
Submitted By: norm32539
(138,299 on 7-2006)

Great show.
Submitted By: tom.sybert
(138,242 on 7-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(136,759 on 7-2006)

Si te gusta programas sobre todo lo que es "tech." Vas a disfrutar este podcast. No se habla espanol pero es una buena manera de educarse y gastar su tiempo. Gracias! John & Allie
Submitted By: john
(132,556 on 6-2006)

Great show Todd, keep up the good work. Always interesting and entertaining.
Submitted By: paul_godden
(132,235 on 6-2006)

Great podcast one of the best tech sites Ive heard.
Submitted By: kwl14
(132,193 on 6-2006)

This podcast cured my depression!
Submitted By: sandc10
(130,155 on 6-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(129,689 on 6-2006)

Geek Rules
Todd delivers everytime, no ego , no nonesense an all round friendly handy tech guy. GNCP for Preseident!!!
Submitted By: philgreg
(129,649 on 6-2006)

Great Show I listen to every one of them
Submitted By: keith
(129,267 on 6-2006)

Todd Rocks
Pleasure voting for TC!
Submitted By: childoftheweb
(129,251 on 6-2006)

Great Show!
Love the show! Never miss an ep. -Sebastian
Submitted By: ftdcpodcast
(129,048 on 6-2006)

Todd rocks as always
Submitted By: dkmiller
(128,824 on 6-2006)

love it
Submitted By: dsmaxfield
(128,731 on 6-2006)

GNC Rocks!
The best podcast by a mile! Keep up the good work Todd!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(128,536 on 6-2006)

Great Show
I just discovered Todds show and am in the process of catching up on the show archives. Great Show!!! Todd does a great job of pulling in lots of interesting information that I couldn possible do myself. Todd if you get copies of these posts! You rock, keep up the great work. Gord
Submitted By: gmcphrsn
(128,446 on 6-2006)

I never miss Todds Geek News Central Podcast
Submitted By: jeffrbz
(128,342 on 6-2006)

Great Show
Yours is the most information podcast a person could listen to. Its easy to follow and the novice pc user can really understand. Thank you
Submitted By: cliff.payton
(128,341 on 6-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: aravind_s_in
(128,248 on 6-2006)

Great Show! But...
...Smidgits are coming for YOU!
Submitted By: m_johnson
(128,228 on 6-2006)

Really Awesome Show
Submitted By: postmn
(127,905 on 6-2006)

Round Tables..
The Round Tables are great. What a great value added.
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(127,897 on 6-2006)

this is an excellent podcast for technology news, just the right length and not too geeky
Submitted By: kim.landwehr
(127,797 on 6-2006)

Great Stuff!
This is one of the best podcasts on tech news on the web.
Submitted By: bostonmountain100
(127,503 on 6-2006)

A great show with excellent production.
Submitted By: heath
(127,300 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: podcast
(127,084 on 6-2006)

A show that always on the money-geek news wise.
Submitted By: zenbones
(126,972 on 6-2006)

Aloha Todd
Aloha, showing some love from one Hawaii podcaster to another - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(126,886 on 6-2006)

Good Show Todd
Hey Todd.. enjoy it al lot we have a lot in common.. Hope you have lots of success with the podcasting .. Regards, JimS
Submitted By: jimsno
(126,749 on 6-2006)

Todd presents a great informative show. I deffently plan to be a long time subscriber.
Submitted By: bigb252423
(126,632 on 6-2006)

Technology made fun - by Todd
Todd makes it fun to stay connected to latest technology advances. Todd, keeping us connected to the latest in technology!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: map
(126,624 on 6-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: jhey
(126,396 on 6-2006)

Great Podcast
This is a great podcast. It is put together logically, and I know what to expect when I listen.
Submitted By: timothy
(126,177 on 6-2006)

Most consistently great show
Ive enjoyed the quality of these shows consistently since I started listening to them some time back. I enjoyed them so much, I listened to the entire archive!
Submitted By: trapfnder
(126,110 on 6-2006)

Great podcast!
Submitted By: brian
(126,049 on 6-2006)

Great show (as usual)
Submitted By: podcast
(125,945 on 6-2006)

Great show
Love the style, the content, and humor
Submitted By: Jindai
(125,869 on 6-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: tomroe2
(125,850 on 6-2006)

Timely and funny
A fun listen for techies, not to mention English majors. Todd really slaughters the language, with some great laughs available.
Submitted By: skipG
(125,827 on 6-2006)

Geek News Central
Great Podcast, the Podfather.......
Submitted By: tom.sybert
(125,783 on 6-2006)

Geek News Central Podcast is great. Todd has lots of got news and his personalty and recording voice is great. Very informative and Todd brings a personal touch to his podcast. Always look forward to his next one.
Submitted By: gil.sandy
(125,759 on 6-2006)

Love it, thank you!
Submitted By: sam
(125,706 on 6-2006)

Great show!!!
Keep up the great work Todd!!!!
Submitted By: mstewartfulton
(125,658 on 6-2006)

Informative and Entertaining
Great show...
Submitted By: mohan.gulati
(125,580 on 6-2006)

Loistava show (brilliant)
Submitted By: juho
(125,551 on 6-2006)

Always a good show
Todd gives information that I don find anywhere else, and he always produces a good show.
Submitted By: louis.hansell
(125,542 on 6-2006)

Great show
Very informative, entertaining style of the host, Todd.
Submitted By: smurty
(125,527 on 6-2006)

great show
hey Todd, i really enjoy your show. It is a great source for all of the latest technology news. And an added plus is your great personality, you always seem to make me laugh at least once a show. For that I would like to tell you that i really appreciate all that you have done, and keep on telling the geeks like you, and all of the other geeks out there the latest and greatest news. Keep GNC going!!! Thanks, TIm
Submitted By: compugeek2005
(125,517 on 6-2006)

Great show
Ive been subscribed for a couple of months now and Todds show provides an entertaining way to stay on top of technology happenings on my daily commute. The show notes by email is great too as it provides links to all of the relevant content so that I don have to write anything down while listening to the show. Great podcast!
Submitted By: tonykwok
(125,504 on 6-2006)

Very informative podcast
Submitted By: russ
(125,485 on 6-2006)

Geek News Central Rocks
The podcast rocks, because it is full of useful information. Also Todd just hosts the show like a podcast should be hosted.
Submitted By: keith
(125,469 on 6-2006)

Great show
I love geeknewscenral. Very informative and fun to listen to.
Submitted By: jdecarlo
(125,442 on 6-2006)

Todd is the Best
If he wanted to run for president one day .......Id vote for him. Hes that good!!
Submitted By: dkillone
(125,418 on 6-2006)

Geek News Central
Submitted By: mwhajr
(125,416 on 6-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: alex.penfold
(125,406 on 6-2006)

Best Podcast Vote
GeekNewsCentral Podcast from Todd Cochrane - the one show I never miss!
Submitted By: briesansotta
(125,403 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: james.townsend
(125,394 on 6-2006)

Go Todd Go!
Keep up the good work. You bring a breath of freshair and rays of sunlight to a couple of Alaskan geeks.
Submitted By: Lynn
(125,390 on 6-2006)

love ity
Submitted By: scrantic
(125,372 on 6-2006)

Top podcast
Submitted By: rwbdu
(125,361 on 6-2006)

I vote for Geek News Central
Submitted By: wa3rey
(125,360 on 6-2006)

The Signal Rules
Submitted By: ben.chaney
(124,863 on 5-2006)

Todd is Da Man when it comes to presenting timely computer related info of interest to geek and non-geek alike.
Submitted By: zenbones
(124,551 on 5-2006)

Great Site
Great site for technical news. Well produced and very interesting content. Just the right mixture of personal info and technical info to keep it interesting.
Submitted By: jmhartman
(122,191 on 5-2006)

Good show
Give it a try for a week. Itll grow on you.
Submitted By: thekid
(121,866 on 5-2006)

Love it, thank you!
Submitted By: sam
(119,878 on 5-2006)

Great show!
I really like the way you give your opinion on news items instead of reading them. :)
Submitted By: raj
(119,701 on 5-2006)
The best thanks
Submitted By: psx11
(118,334 on 5-2006)

Great show. You do fell like a part of the family. And I love the tech story. keep up the good work
Submitted By: funkyfoxz
(117,729 on 5-2006)

Great stuff Todd!!
Submitted By: thingos
(117,485 on 5-2006)

GNC Rocks!
Geek News Central always has great content with a personal touch. Todd make the listener feel like part of his family from the 1st time you listen. He also puts out podcasts more reliably and consistently than any Ive listened to. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the great work Todd!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(116,517 on 5-2006)

Pesonal style gives Authenticity, info is current and simple, and I have gleaned some really usefull ways to work with computers, Thanks Mark - Australia
Submitted By: mspmsp123
(116,514 on 5-2006)

Great show!
Submitted By: b
(116,209 on 5-2006)

Geek News Central is the Most Informative Podcast!
Submitted By: pecasso44
(115,789 on 5-2006)

Nice Podcast
Thanks Todd ... Nice Podcasts each week.
Submitted By: edconnected
(115,511 on 5-2006)

Yay for GeekNewsCentral!
Submitted By: briesansotta
(115,506 on 5-2006)

The host really cares about helping people and knows what he is talking about.
Submitted By: bheid
(115,503 on 5-2006)

Great Show!
Submitted By: mwhajr
(115,492 on 5-2006)

Here ya go! Another vote for the month of May. Thanks for podcasting. See-Ya! Dred242 www.D
Submitted By: Dred242
(115,283 on 5-2006)

Great podcast
Love your show I down load and burn as a mp3 to CD listen to it in my 18 wheeler. Yours and the rest of the shows last me the whole week. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: cliff.payton
(113,853 on 4-2006)

newbie listener
I found the website pirate bay & the torrent azureus, i,m well impressed im new to podcasts just got my mp3 bout 3 weeks ago, you mentioned them both on the one show i downloaded to my mp3, which i take to work delivering bakery products around Perth Scotland, this is brain food guys & makes for a shorter day, brilliant show guys & more power to your elbow, say hello to the rest of this shrinking world in which we live in. Very kind regards & respect Raymond
Submitted By: raymondphillips
(112,753 on 4-2006)

Love the show
Submitted By: Dianaorfl-c
(112,095 on 4-2006)

Great Show
Submitted By: podcastlsnr
(111,962 on 4-2006)

Don miss this
These guys are the best. Love Jonathan and Seth!
Submitted By: lisa_larocket
(111,689 on 4-2006)

Geek News Central is #1
The #1 podcast on my iPod! Keep up the great work Todd!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(107,796 on 4-2006)

This is the greatest podcast for tech stuff. Keep it up Todd!
Submitted By: kwl14
(106,948 on 4-2006)

Good podcast!
Submitted By: junk
(106,735 on 4-2006)

Always a great show!!!
Submitted By: jamfield61
(106,601 on 4-2006)

Love it
Listen to this podcast, its awesome.
Submitted By: commandnexus
(106,572 on 4-2006)

Thanks Todd! Great show.
Submitted By: tim_mead2003
(106,467 on 4-2006)

Great show.
I like the new Tech stuff that I get to know about.
Submitted By: mayankkapoormail
(106,108 on 4-2006)

Good Information
I enjoy listening to your show and the news you give. I also like the special deals you pass along . . . . . Thanks!
Submitted By: wam67
(105,631 on 4-2006)

Todd is the best!
Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(105,444 on 4-2006)

Here ya go, another vote just for you! Thanks for podcasting. Dred242 www.DigitalDred. com
Submitted By: Dred242
(105,209 on 4-2006)

Excellent Technical / GEEK Resource!
Hello and I really do enjoy and appreciate the technical / GEEK resources available through my new GNC email subscription. Since I do not have a lot of extra time to brush up on new developments, its great to have a resource such as GNC to keep me posted for my follow-up research! Thank you again!
Submitted By: enviroengineer
(105,157 on 4-2006)

Excellent series of podcasts
An excellent podcast full of interesting information. Good to hear a different perspective on the IT world.
Submitted By: keith
(105,060 on 4-2006)

Excellent show
Submitted By: Skipg
(104,864 on 4-2006)

Geek News Central
Submitted By: Blog
(104,643 on 4-2006)

GNC rocks
Submitted By: ian
(104,351 on 4-2006)

GNC Rules!
Submitted By: scott.robarts
(104,332 on 4-2006)

Thank you Todd
Keep the Podcasts coming!!!
Submitted By: sam
(104,281 on 4-2006)

IT Admin.
Submitted By: jcb4linux
(104,263 on 4-2006)

Love the show
Listen to every show. Wouldn miss it.
Submitted By: oldgeek
(104,180 on 4-2006)

Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: rxlast
(104,172 on 4-2006)

Great Show
Great Show
Submitted By: makas
(104,169 on 4-2006)

This is my favorite tech broadcast
Submitted By: briesansotta
(104,168 on 4-2006)

Geek News Central
Excellent podcast!
Submitted By: mwhajr
(104,162 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: foleydm
(104,155 on 4-2006)

By the time I get through laughing, I realize just how much valuable information was included in each show. There is rarely, if ever, a dull moment or topic to be found.
Submitted By: Wildcat72
(104,133 on 4-2006)

Asl always a great show well produced.
Submitted By: james.townsend
(104,132 on 4-2006)

Todds great
Submitted By: rwbdu
(104,125 on 4-2006)

Still Podcastin Strong
This is a must listen to podcast. You want to know whats going on in the tech and podcast world, right?
Submitted By: revtimpodcast
(104,082 on 4-2006)

Todd is one cool geek
Geek News Central is one podcast I never miss. The show is very informative, keeping the listener up to date on important technology news. Todd knows his stuff and lives the life. He is passionate about podcasting, and it shows. It is one of the best produced technological podcast I have come across. I recommend Geek News Central to my all my colleagues.
Submitted By: johngerber
(104,077 on 4-2006)

Todd is the man!!!
Submitted By: FBABISS
(100,222 on 3-2006)

Geek News
love that podcast!! Go Geek News!
Submitted By: evoqONE
(95,884 on 3-2006)

Great Podcast
Ive been listening for about a month now and I can wait for each podcast, good job!
Submitted By: StangClear
(95,073 on 3-2006)

V.Brown Here
Aloha Todd. Here's my vote for Geek News Central. --V.Brown
Submitted By: 808Talk
(94,368 on 3-2006)

The show intro has been that way since Oct 2004 my listeners are part of my extended family this is not just a tech show it is a relationship.
Submitted By: geek
(94,330 on 3-2006)

Geek News Central
Great podcast. I look forward to each episode!
Submitted By: watsonda
(94,222 on 3-2006)

Intro goes too long
Man, this guys show intro/housekeeping goes forever. No offense to fans of the show but I just can't get past the intro.
Submitted By: theeales
(94,061 on 3-2006)

Todd is the best!
Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(93,906 on 3-2006)

Great show! Keep up the good work, Todd!
Submitted By: trapezounta
(93,821 on 3-2006)

A vote just for you.
Thanks for podcasting.
Submitted By: Dred242
(93,612 on 3-2006)

Top Tech Podcast
Todd is always up to date on the latest tech news.
Submitted By: rjohnso3
(93,562 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: Glidedon
(93,521 on 3-2006)

Todd is the best
GNC is my top of the list for Podcasts. It is informative, topical and professionally done. I feel closer to Todd than to many other Podcasters. This is due to the personal touches he applies to the shows. Keep it up Todd and I wish you every success Joe
Submitted By: bourke_j
(93,504 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: mylesmarshall
(93,492 on 3-2006)

Todd rocks!
Submitted By: dkmiller
(93,457 on 3-2006)

I Like It
Nuff said.
Submitted By: brian
(93,354 on 3-2006)

this is one of the podcast that is part of my weekly list.
Submitted By: kim.landwehr
(93,271 on 3-2006)

Top ten stuff.
Submitted By: rguyan
(93,156 on 3-2006)

Good Content, Great Candor
Todd does a great job with finding new and interesting content aand the personable to ne of the podcast makes it great listening material.
Submitted By: mail
(93,098 on 3-2006)

Great Podcast
Todd has a really good podcast, hes very relatable and gives you the straight facts on technology, and then gives his opinions. I enjoy listening to his podcasts regularly.
Submitted By: Saavedro
(93,066 on 3-2006)

Todd, great show. Your comments and sense of humor are appreciated. Keep up rthe good work.
Submitted By: gil.sandy
(93,013 on 3-2006)

Geek News Central Rules!
You can beat Geek News Central for reliable delivery and great content mixed with interesting persoal stories I can totally relate to. Way to go Todd! Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(92,979 on 3-2006)

Great Job
Todd, Keep up the good work, and continue to carry the torch so that we can find out in an informative manner, about what is good and bad in the technology realm. Thanks Gary
Submitted By: postmn
(92,973 on 3-2006)

Keep em coming!
Submitted By: rabower
(92,972 on 3-2006)

Fantastic podcast
Submitted By: gbyrne
(92,929 on 3-2006)

Great for morning commute
Todd has an easy to listen to voice, has lots of great news and covers lots of great topics. Love it. #1 on my download list.
Submitted By: suborbitalblog
(92,875 on 3-2006)

Geeks Rule
Todd Cochrane the wone and only Interesting Podcast!
Submitted By: philgreg
(92,866 on 3-2006)

Great Show!!!
Todd, Keep up the good work. Ive been listening about a year now and enjoy every show! I liked your CES coverage even with the difficult recording conditions. Thanks, Tom
Submitted By: podcastlsnr
(86,740 on 2-2006)

Geek News Central Rocks!
Todd must be the hardest working podcaster out there. He consistantly delivers quality information mixed with humor and a "personal touch". Easily my favorite podcast. Thanks Todd!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(86,730 on 2-2006)

Best tech
I love this podcast because to mixes life with his tech
Submitted By: abair01
(86,338 on 2-2006)

Great shop Todd!!
Submitted By: thingos
(84,340 on 2-2006)

This is a very informative and light show. Todd the Geek is very professional and he has a great sense of humor. Great host with lots of cool information. I never miss his show, eben when I am on the road. Thanks Todd and keep up the fine work. You are appreciated.
Submitted By: gil.sandy
(84,176 on 2-2006)

I love icecream
I really do.
Submitted By: msaffle
(84,115 on 2-2006)

Good Work
Keep up the good and entertaining work.
Submitted By: richard.scoop
(84,055 on 2-2006)

A great show
Submitted By: james.townsend
(84,034 on 2-2006)

Good Job, Todd!
Todd is doing a great job with this podcast. The content and presentation are both very good. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: danwalters
(84,033 on 2-2006)

The only tech show you need to listen to.
If like me your pod-listening time is valuable, and your allocation to tech matters must be limited, then look no further than Tod to keep you abreast of the important events. He is a good filter. Has a good mind and what is important to him matters for the rest of us.
Submitted By: universe378
(84,031 on 2-2006)

Todd Cochrane has a great podcast
Submitted By: rwbdu
(83,837 on 2-2006)

Great show
Excellent presentation and content. One of the best tech podcasts you can get. Todd has a great attitude. Highly recommended.
Submitted By: jderose2020
(83,826 on 2-2006)

Great Show
If you need to know what is going on in the tech world Todd is the one to get the info from. If he will keep podcasting I for one will keep listening.
Submitted By: postmn
(83,807 on 2-2006)

great show
Todd is real!
Submitted By: gmartin
(83,744 on 2-2006)

Thank for the Podcast
Submitted By: Mac_chew
(83,684 on 2-2006)

The fab geek
Never miss an episode.
Submitted By: dkmiller
(83,635 on 2-2006)

Great Show
Thanks for all the great show content
Submitted By: mahtin9702
(83,593 on 2-2006)

Todd is the best!!
Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(83,575 on 2-2006)

Keep up the good work
Todd, as usual, your podcast is THE one I just cannot miss. Great work.
Submitted By: gbyrne
(83,507 on 2-2006)

Great show
Submitted By: SkipG
(83,506 on 2-2006)

Really Good Info
I aspire to be like Todd!!
Submitted By: wmccave
(82,895 on 2-2006)

Great Show!!!
Submitted By: podcastlsnr
(82,191 on 1-2006)

Best mix of geek and personal
Submitted By: dkmiller
(80,574 on 1-2006)

Great Podcasts Todd, thank you so much
Submitted By: ajarrett
(77,260 on 1-2006)

good show, one of my must listens.
Submitted By: overcusser
(75,648 on 1-2006)

Excellent show ...
Submitted By: verminski
(75,582 on 1-2006)

I listen to this regulary, keeps me updated.
Submitted By: cquale
(75,231 on 1-2006)

love the show
Submitted By: byxbe_ah
(75,095 on 1-2006)

Informative podcast
Submitted By: zenbones
(74,972 on 1-2006)

The geek is better than ever
Submitted By: creamme10101
(74,937 on 1-2006)

GMC - The Best
Submitted By: rwnash
(74,917 on 1-2006)

Still good
Still as good as ever if not better
Submitted By: tuxworth
(74,870 on 1-2006)

Thank you Todd
Keep the podcasts coming!
Submitted By: sam
(74,859 on 1-2006)

Great geek news show!
Happy New Year Todd. Love the show. Really ejntertaining and enlightening. Looking forward to another year!
Submitted By: tim_mead2003
(74,821 on 1-2006)

Love the podcast, used to listen on my desk/laptop, now got a shiny new mp3 player and take it with me. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: paxmal
(74,814 on 1-2006)

the king of podcasting!!
Submitted By: dd
(74,770 on 1-2006)

Life but not as we know it
A great mix of personal blog with the dramas of family and work along with interestings bits of tech. Reminds many of us "chip heads" that our friends and loved ones are trying to relate to us at various levels. Todd puts a mirror in front of me.
Submitted By: astewart
(74,286 on 1-2006)

great podcast
I listen as much as I can, a great podcast!
Submitted By: doug
(74,262 on 1-2006)

very good podcast
Submitted By: salmonk001
(74,192 on 1-2006)

Nice Podcast
If your looking for a professionally done podcast that gives you all the hot topics of the geek world this is the one! Todd will tell you all you need to know, with sound quality and levels that can be beat. Subscribe you won be sorry!
Submitted By: postmn
(74,177 on 1-2006)

Geek News Central
If I could listen to only one podcast, this would be it!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(73,854 on 1-2006)

Geek News Central
This is the best, all-round podcast on tech issues. Informative and fun!!
Submitted By: brie.sansotta
(73,815 on 1-2006)

Good Tech News
Keep-um coming
Submitted By: foleydm
(73,809 on 1-2006)

Jan. vote from Team K Online! Happy New Year
Submitted By: teamk1
(73,086 on 1-2006)

nice show keep up the good work!!
Submitted By: wondrbutch
(71,200 on 12-2005)

Great Show
I download 40-50 podcasts and this one I always listen to first. Great show Todd!
Submitted By: dianaorfl-c
(68,638 on 12-2005)

Todd Rocks!
Submitted By: Bill
(67,311 on 12-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: tom.sybert
(67,007 on 12-2005)

Keep on it Geek master!
Keep on it Geek master!
Submitted By: thingos
(66,853 on 12-2005)

Todd is the best!!
Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(66,804 on 12-2005)

Voting for the Geek News Central podcast
Hi, Im Voting for the Geek News Central podcast. Why? Because it rocks!
Submitted By: htmlnerd
(66,272 on 12-2005)

Horray for Todd
his program is the best! Very informative and easy to understand.
Submitted By: rondavid
(66,255 on 12-2005)

Here ya go!
a vote just for you.
Submitted By: Dred242
(66,043 on 12-2005)

The most efficient tech podcast!
This guy just nails the podcast right to the computer hard drives. Without fail there will be two podcasts a week, well except for 2 weeks ago. My favourite informative tech podcast which has a regular release, never fails to amaze me!
Submitted By: yjlim86
(65,750 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: atcalder
(65,647 on 12-2005)

Great Show..
Submitted By: jimsno
(65,619 on 12-2005)

Todd Rocks
Submitted By: mtarver
(65,583 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: scrantic
(65,581 on 12-2005)

Great show
Thanks for the free plug Todd, Andy
Submitted By: adp113
(65,472 on 12-2005)

One of the most informative and very articulate one host show who btw has time to listen to listners
Submitted By: ravivar_spam
(65,381 on 12-2005)

Go Todd!
Keep up the good work Todd. A fantastic podcast.
Submitted By: gbyrne
(65,046 on 12-2005)

Good Work
Keep up the good and interesting work
Submitted By: gmsuneson
(64,997 on 12-2005)

I love this podcast
I love this podcast. It is very good and you learn alot.
Submitted By: jimhwilliams
(64,973 on 12-2005)
Great source of tech news and tips.
Submitted By: larrygriffin
(64,959 on 12-2005)

Great content
I really enjoy listening to this show - one of the better tech shows out there.
Submitted By: charlietnt
(64,918 on 12-2005)

todd rules
geek news central is essential listening
Submitted By: p0ps
(64,867 on 12-2005)

Great show Todd, keep up the good work...
Submitted By: cbenson.davis
(64,819 on 12-2005)

Great show, Todd
I love listening to the Geek News Central Podcast. It is one of my favorites along with TWIT, the MacCast, and the Mike Tech Show. Todds show is one of the best-produced podcasts that I have ever heard, but he talks like a real person instead of someone whose head is inflated by being on the radio too much. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: andy
(64,770 on 12-2005)

Todd has a great podcast.
Submitted By: Blog
(64,767 on 12-2005)

Amazing podcast as always. Todd you bring great value to the podcast community.
Submitted By: christopher.ball
(64,717 on 12-2005)

GNC Podcast
I love the show. . .keep them coming.
Submitted By: makas
(64,711 on 12-2005)

Very informative
I like Todds delivery. Family listening for the high-tech world. One of the few podcasts I am subscribed to. Every one is a joy to listen to. A smile in every show. Thanks Todd.
Submitted By: cowpres
(64,699 on 12-2005)

Nice Podcast
Keep up the good work
Submitted By: foleydm
(64,676 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: grant.king
(64,670 on 12-2005)

Sweet Show
i like your show
Submitted By: thebostoncast
(64,593 on 12-2005)

One of the best
Great show. Pleasant, articulate presentation full of tech news. One of the best programs you can get.
Submitted By: jderose2020
(64,538 on 12-2005)

Top content, top show
Submitted By: rwbdu
(64,518 on 12-2005)

Geek News Central Top Vote
Of all the podcasts I listen to and to which I am subscribed, this is the best for tech commentary and the genuine great personality of its star, Todd Cochrane
Submitted By: brie.sansotta
(64,443 on 12-2005)

Woo hoo! Good stuff
Submitted By: tmsmalley
(64,441 on 12-2005)

Great show
Its fun listening to Todds show and informative. Lots of interesting tech stuff!
Submitted By: levi
(64,406 on 12-2005)

excellent podcasr, very informative
Submitted By: bvandyken
(64,402 on 12-2005)

Go Todd
Todd go surfing !
Submitted By: Glidedon
(64,399 on 12-2005)

Thumbs up
Submitted By: quoll
(64,393 on 12-2005)

Only podcast I listen to with any regularity apart from slashdot review
Submitted By: rob.englebright
(64,384 on 12-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: rmcbean
(64,381 on 12-2005)

Great podcast, the inspiration to create my own podcast
Submitted By: martin
(64,370 on 12-2005)

An excellent podcast with great insights and superb production quality. Todd should be commended for his excellent hard work and dedication. I listen to 5 different tech podcasts and Todds is the best.
Submitted By: richard.opiekun
(64,364 on 12-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: msaffle
(64,346 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: ralphloizzo
(64,332 on 12-2005)

GNC is awesome
Geek News Central is the original podcast, light yet pithy, and full of the latest information instead of so much balderdash like too many are.
Submitted By: email4blackburn
(64,329 on 12-2005)

Todd Rocks!
By far the best tech podcast!
Submitted By: stlramsfan75
(64,318 on 12-2005)

Thank you Todd
Thank you for keeping the podcast "G" rated and for all the great tech news. Sam
Submitted By: sam
(64,305 on 12-2005)

A show for the geek life
Submitted By: creamme10101
(64,302 on 12-2005)

Todd For Me
Quality Podcast
Submitted By: rwnash
(64,298 on 12-2005)

Great show
Good information. Well produced. I don know how you find the time. Keep up the good work. George Somers The Tech WIzard Podcast
Submitted By: gosomers
(64,277 on 12-2005)

great show
great show !! keep up the good work
Submitted By: wondrbutch
(58,367 on 11-2005)

Great Show
Good content...nuff said
Submitted By: viper5502002
(58,022 on 11-2005)

Geek News Central Terrific
Im new to this, and 62 years old, so not much time left to learn. Todd Cochranes podcasts and his site are a terrific resource. Adult information simply explained. Robert Angel Associate Professor University of South Carolina www.JapanConsidered.ORG
Submitted By: angel
(57,420 on 11-2005)

Great Podcast...
Submitted By: objectibus
(56,968 on 11-2005)

geeky but good :)
If you want a round up of the things going on in the computer/internet/science world a few times a week this is the place to go. Always informative.
Submitted By: billcanada
(56,479 on 11-2005)

Great Podcast!!
Submitted By: mstromme
(56,268 on 11-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: raj
(55,951 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: jhails
(55,929 on 11-2005)

great site!
Submitted By: keithblog
(55,486 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: Bill
(55,411 on 11-2005)

The Best Podcast ever!
GNC in the BEST PODCAST EVER!. Until my ipod went through the wash..........
Submitted By: joe
(55,054 on 11-2005)

Geek News Central-#1
Great information.. check out Todd
Submitted By: mtarver
(55,036 on 11-2005)

Excellent show !!!
Submitted By: shikaeshi
(55,029 on 11-2005)

Good Stuff
Keep Up the Good Work
Submitted By: jcb4linux
(54,933 on 11-2005)

Very good technology news.
Submitted By: ken68
(54,696 on 11-2005)

Good Show
Look forward to it every Tuesday and Friday
Submitted By: a_gelle
(54,663 on 11-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: Foleydm
(54,576 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: atcalder
(54,543 on 11-2005)

I love this site, an ex-street kid who is self taught its my one stop plug in full dose content-LIVE TO HARD DRIVE!!!.
Submitted By: caespetr
(54,207 on 10-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: jasonagnew
(52,517 on 10-2005)

great podcaster, very interesting and informative to listen to
Submitted By: vorpeman
(52,261 on 10-2005)

great job
Submitted By: awbuckleynj
(51,511 on 10-2005)

Great show Todd!!!!
Submitted By: cbenson.davis
(50,901 on 10-2005)

Good regular content
Submitted By: charlietnt
(50,228 on 10-2005)

Wonderful Show
Love the format, love the info.
Submitted By: imflatland
(49,955 on 10-2005)

Best Tech Show...
Submitted By: bhousewert
(49,555 on 10-2005)

Great Podcast
Ive been listening for a couple months now. Fun to listen to, good info. Helps me keep up with the tech stuff. Thanks Todd!
Submitted By: saavedro
(48,765 on 10-2005)

Great! stuff - keep in going.
Submitted By: thingos
(48,577 on 10-2005)

Great Show
Todd, I love your show, I don miss an episode. Keep up the great work! Jim
Submitted By: smith.jamesb
(48,497 on 10-2005)

Excellent. My fave!
Submitted By: lordhornblower
(48,343 on 10-2005)

Coming Soon!
Todd; Any moment now Eds Mixed Bag will hit cyberspace. Mike Smith has talked to me at length and I know he has likewise with you. Hope to be able to start getting your podcasts again, when these cable guys run the cable under my carpeting!! Look for my show at (only a promo there today, Wednesday, but by Fri. maybe the 1st Show??)
Submitted By: ed.ovett
(48,169 on 10-2005)

Thumbs Up
Submitted By: stuff
(48,093 on 10-2005)

Great show have listened for a couple months.
Submitted By: michael.woodrum
(48,003 on 10-2005)

Great Podcast!
My favorite! I download it every week and take Todd home with me on my drive!
Submitted By: tom.sybert
(47,974 on 10-2005)

Really cool podcast
This is a great pod cast to keep up to date with technology news.
Submitted By: alrharris
(47,804 on 10-2005)

Great that it is family friendly
Submitted By: T_R_Smith
(47,731 on 10-2005)

I never miss an episode
Todd Cochranes Geek News Central sits at just the right level of geekery for me: sometimes it makes me feel smart, "Hey, I knew that already!" or "Hey, I can email him some more details." Sometimes I find out things I never would have imagined. In combination with the GNC blog, it helps keep me up to date on the world of technology and gadgets. And what guy doesn like that?
Submitted By: dkmiller
(47,719 on 10-2005)

Love the podcast! I look forward to going to work on Tuesdays and Fridays so I can listen to Todd while I work.
Submitted By: a_gelle
(47,639 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: thesirdanny
(47,612 on 10-2005)

The Geek is GREAT
Submitted By: rxlast
(47,554 on 10-2005)

Love the work that Todd puts in to make Geek News Central a wonderful, enjoyable podcast to tune in to each episode!
Submitted By: ralphloizzo
(47,519 on 10-2005)

Todd is the best!!
A friend introduced me to podcast and Todd made me addicted to it!
Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(47,357 on 10-2005)

Great Tech Show
Submitted By: sblinnin
(47,186 on 10-2005)

Good podcast
Submitted By: ostbren
(47,056 on 10-2005)

Great pod show
Todd, Listening from Sapporo, Japan. Thanks for the great show.
Submitted By: yvanchartrand
(47,050 on 10-2005)

GNC is #1
GNC is #1
Submitted By: niczak
(47,045 on 10-2005)

GREAT person
More than just a content based podcaster. Todd is a wonderful PERSON to listen to. Notes of his personal life bring a intimate insite into the life of a true geek. Thanks Todd.
Submitted By: cowpres
(47,020 on 10-2005)

The Best
Geeknewscentral is THE best technical podcast around.
Submitted By: digitalbrian
(47,019 on 10-2005)

great show
my favorite podcast since the beginning
Submitted By: normad
(47,012 on 10-2005)

GNC is great
Todd, consistently gives a great podcast. His manner and broad knowledge is a pleasure to hear twice a week. Greg Shepherd
Submitted By: gregshep
(46,988 on 10-2005)

Im voting for Geek News Central
put me in for Geek News Central and Todd
Submitted By: jpiercy
(46,962 on 10-2005)

Great sight!
Highly recomended
Submitted By: tim
(46,940 on 10-2005)

I like this show
Submitted By: adlarson
(46,928 on 10-2005)

The Geek Shall Inherit..
Keep the Geek News Central news coming, Pod Kahuna! Aloha!
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(46,916 on 10-2005)

A Great Podcast
Submitted By: joelhaasnoot
(46,912 on 10-2005)

top podcast, great content
Submitted By: rwbdu
(46,898 on 10-2005)

Vote for the GNC
Good information and interesting presentation.. I give my vote to the Geek News Central podcasts.
Submitted By: jeffrb
(44,702 on 9-2005)

Great Job!
Thanks so much for Geek News.
Submitted By: t66tah
(43,530 on 9-2005)

Great show
Informative and entertaining
Submitted By: yvanchartrand
(43,469 on 9-2005)

Sure, Im kind of a closet geek. But what I really like is that Geek News Central really has turned me on to podcasts. Not only is it a podcast (which I love!), but it covers tech and its in Hawaii. Now I just cant find enough podcasts that I like. Id love to find more like Geek News Central!
Submitted By: shorning
(43,465 on 9-2005)

Love the GNC Podcast
Submitted By: jpiercy
(40,491 on 9-2005)

Casual but informative - its a reguar listen for me
Submitted By: John.A.Shea
(40,454 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: barrett_jonathan
(40,168 on 9-2005)

Fine Show
I am a Student (WAS-hoping to go back to school) to get my MSCE...but Tom runs a fine show that is rich in information that is usefull to my someday proffession... I have a job (boring and repeatitive) that allows me to listen to POPDCAST.... on my MP3 player and keep me in contact with Networking and the new tools that I might use. It is a good program to allow me to escape from my boring JOB and use my MIND... I am so very new to PODCASTING concept and it beats the heck out of the to 300 songs I would hear over a weekend. When I get a new GEEK NEWS CENTRAL show I cant wait to list keep up the good work... Viper
Submitted By: Viper5502002
(40,060 on 9-2005)

Here ya go!
Thanks for podcasting! Dred242
Submitted By: Dred242
(40,037 on 9-2005)

Give me GNC or give me death!
Submitted By: niczak
(39,967 on 9-2005)

Great Show
Cant belive its not no. 1
Submitted By: mark
(39,766 on 9-2005)

Submitted By: roberto.abrahamsson
(39,636 on 9-2005)

Love the Podcast
Good news, great tips and sage insight from Hawaii! Love it~
Submitted By: stuartcowen
(39,517 on 9-2005)

Love it, thank you!
Submitted By: sam
(39,442 on 9-2005)
Submitted By: jbeamer
(38,903 on 9-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: LMDavisJr
(37,939 on 8-2005)

Just got to say that Geek News Central is one of the best tech podcast that anyone would ever want to listen to.It gives great news and how tos plus its very entertaining.We just love it keep up the great work. heidi ibanez , Brockton,Ma.
Submitted By: heidi.ibanez
(34,121 on 8-2005)

Great Show
Ive been a loyal listener for many months now and find his upbeat positive attitude peppered with tons of great information to be the first podcast I listen too when I tune in.
Submitted By: homedls
(33,570 on 8-2005)

Great for up-to-date tech news and comment.
Submitted By: mfbailey
(32,861 on 8-2005)

Great podcast
Submitted By: ivordavey
(32,171 on 8-2005)

Greenacres, Florida (home of the condo-conversion) now a "condo" is really a former apt. dwelling traditional condos are called "luxury-condos??"
Submitted By: ed.ovett
(31,775 on 8-2005)

very good, very geeky
Submitted By: waxesstatic
(31,555 on 8-2005)

I vote for you because....
You are working real hard on the podcawards site. Your helping everyone and a stand up guy. Andrew Dallas
Submitted By: acoffey
(31,108 on 8-2005)

Great show, always on time.
Submitted By: mtarver
(29,872 on 7-2005)

Great show, and utterly unique
Great content from the archetypal geek. Your sincerity shines through every show.
Submitted By: rur
(28,151 on 7-2005)

Keep up the great work Todd! I appreciate all that u do.
Submitted By: clambert11
(27,443 on 7-2005)

One of the best!
Todd, I think that your cast is one of the best. I've been listening now for about 2 months and enjoy it very much. Your mix of 'life', 'values' and 'tech' is just right and seems to hit the mark for me exactly. Great Stuff mate. Mal. London.
Submitted By: mcg
(27,047 on 7-2005)

great info
great info great show
Submitted By: makas
(25,442 on 7-2005)

grate show
Submitted By: john
(24,847 on 7-2005)

Podcasting, Tech Geeks this is the place!
Todd.. The book is great.. You are keeping it real and with the Podcast you are keeping it up-to-date. --david
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(24,807 on 7-2005)

Great Show
Sane, unemotional unbiased refelection . sets a good standard for others , is respectful and reflective.. I like Todd's show a lot .. as a new listner joining in with the iTunes LockerGnome Wave.. I got a lot out of thw two shows i have gead so far and this is the only one of 40 I've heard so far that i have taken time to vote for. JimS
Submitted By: jimsno
(24,696 on 7-2005)

Geekie, I Like It!
Submitted By: horusadams
(24,571 on 7-2005)

been with this one for a long while............premier feed!!
Submitted By: tim.field
(23,690 on 7-2005)

Enjoy the podcast. Listening in the Northern Mariana Islands.
Submitted By: neil_hohmann
(23,505 on 7-2005)

Great podcast.
Submitted By: winnopeg
(23,166 on 7-2005)

Vic from
What can I say my second podcasts ever to listen to . Todd "You DA MAN"
Submitted By: vmc1010
(23,033 on 7-2005)

excellent tech info
Submitted By: thomas.williams
(18,388 on 6-2005)

Enjoy Todd Cockrane's Geek News Central Podcast. Very informative and helpful. Ira Shoff
Submitted By: shofey
(18,106 on 6-2005)

Way-To-Go Todd...
Great show...Hope the book is a BIG hit...
Submitted By: chefsjm
(17,667 on 6-2005)

Cosistenty Great Tech News
Todd does a great job of bringing relevant tech news on a consistent basis.
Submitted By: wandamere
(16,852 on 6-2005)

Timely Information
Submitted By: fjdseven
(16,842 on 6-2005)

good news
damn fine show... always listen to the podcast while doing my daughters paper round. keeps me happyand up to date thinking. as i am almost 60 this is amazing.
Submitted By: brigante.tim
(16,743 on 6-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: bill
(16,569 on 6-2005)

todd is the man - well, he's A man, anyway
Submitted By: matthew.kossler
(16,478 on 6-2005)

Great job!
Submitted By: todd.storch
(16,385 on 6-2005)

Great show!!!
Kudos on the new book!!!!
Submitted By: wmccave
(16,304 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: ljohnso16
(16,260 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: oalmulla
(16,147 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Coninued success. This is a show with consistency. Thank you Todd
Submitted By: vmc1010
(16,062 on 6-2005)

this show rocks
He is awesome and knows a lot
Submitted By: randall.lind
(16,055 on 6-2005)

go todd!
todd is doing lots to further the podcasting cause! go buy his book!
Submitted By: earlysound
(16,043 on 6-2005)

Great Podcast, Keep up the fine work Todd.
Submitted By: gil.sandy
(15,959 on 6-2005)

Geek News Rocks
Thanks for your great work Todd!!
Submitted By: redplaneta
(15,910 on 6-2005)

Great News
This podcast has great news and is very informative.
Submitted By: Niksterg11
(15,889 on 6-2005)

Online Education Rocks..
Very informative shows. Thanks for the good work. Iwork for two online Universties in tech. support. Sorry to hear about your experience with restart of the class. That sucks. -david
Submitted By: seymourdavidw
(15,848 on 6-2005)

good things
Submitted By: jerrylawrencejr
(15,831 on 6-2005)

Todd Rocks
This guy just oozes enthusiasm about podcasting. Listen to the cast, read the site and buy the book.
Submitted By: moderick
(15,804 on 6-2005)

Great show. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: twisted
(15,792 on 6-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: Pauldvf
(15,782 on 6-2005)

" It does what it says on the tin" absolutly unmissable the place to go to enhance your podcasting pleasure
Submitted By: michael230
(15,759 on 6-2005)

Submitted By: wardlawc
(15,737 on 6-2005)

Great Show
Keep up the good work Todd! Great content!
Submitted By: balazs
(15,728 on 6-2005)

Great job
Super nice stuff and great technology. I have an Ipod running on XP, is it possible to download your stuff to my IPOD via the ITUNES software ? JB June 1, 2005
Submitted By: joepacific1988
(15,709 on 6-2005)

New subscriber
Great show!
Submitted By: noirtech
(15,706 on 6-2005)

Blah Blah BLah
Here's my mercy vote for you. I'm the best. Check out Paul @ Barefoot Radio. This isn't spam! This is ego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: paul
(15,679 on 5-2005)

Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: Dave.Eguchi
(15,544 on 5-2005)

Love Todd's show!
Submitted By: trent
(15,415 on 5-2005)

Useful content
Always fascinating tips and pointers in every show. Good luck with the book!
Submitted By: rur
(15,396 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Awesome show, lots of untapped potential!
Submitted By: shiv_379
(14,796 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: dan
(13,524 on 5-2005)

Nice Guy. Nice Podcast.
I like this one. A simple podcast - a tech 'geek' summarising the weeks news and happenings. A good way of staying up to date.
Submitted By: newts
(13,414 on 5-2005)

This is an excellent show
This is an excellent show everyone should subscribe.
Submitted By: NeilL
(12,698 on 5-2005)

Awesome show!
Submitted By: russ54321
(12,575 on 5-2005)

This gets my vote.
Submitted By: aaronkw
(12,379 on 5-2005)

Great Stuff
Submitted By: ryankaye
(11,910 on 5-2005)

Geek News Central Rocks!
Submitted By: spacebomb86
(11,899 on 5-2005)

Great show!
Nice, informative podcast!
Submitted By: rad1701
(11,366 on 5-2005)

www.businessthoughtsblog. com
Love the show! Todd
Submitted By: todd.storch
(10,712 on 5-2005)

love this channel
It's quite informative and a must hear for busy techies who have no time to read the news
Submitted By: simplyhonest2003
(10,578 on 5-2005)

Keep 'em coming!
Submitted By: canuck15
(10,472 on 5-2005)

I love the show!
Great show!
Submitted By: sandc10
(10,449 on 5-2005)

I actually take something away after listening to this podcast, sure there are podcasts that entertain in other ways, but I feel smarter after listening to this one.
Submitted By: sonikninja
(10,370 on 5-2005)

great podcast!
Submitted By: coach.steve.smith
(10,311 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Geek News Central is a great show. Todd, keep it up.
Submitted By: kbrewer855
(10,297 on 5-2005)

Best podcast out there
Funny and informative
Submitted By: mmcgregor
(10,270 on 5-2005)

Great podcast! I really like his opinions on the news, not just reading it. I also like the fact that he's not Windows centric. He tries to give some time to Mac's as well!
Submitted By: raj
(10,261 on 5-2005)

straightforward and honest
Geek News' honest and straightforward news and tips is refreshing after tuning into other tech podcasts that seem more concerned with their own advertising income than the disemination of technical information. This geek is not part of a clique! (use that if you want to, Todd! :-)
Submitted By: netknowledge2002
(10,074 on 5-2005)

So funny bcbeatty, you know my first love continues to be windows :)
Submitted By: geek
(9,879 on 5-2005)

Great News Site Geek to Geek. Even if he does like Apple :)
Submitted By: bcbeatty
(9,803 on 5-2005)

great show
todd does a great job of gathering news and sharing some perspectives.
Submitted By: rob
(9,740 on 5-2005)

Consistently Great Show
Keep up the good work Todd.
Submitted By: wandamere
(9,686 on 5-2005)

GNC Rocks!
Submitted By: bingly
(9,666 on 5-2005)

This is one of the best Podcast I've listened to so far. If you're interested in electronics, computers and gadgets, this is the podcast to listen to.
Submitted By: fortrel70
(9,627 on 5-2005)

Great Work
Todd and Geek News Central are a big part of why I now do my own Podcast. Keep up the good work and go to numer #1. Victor from Typical PC User Podcast.
Submitted By: typicalpcuser
(9,606 on 5-2005)

Great Work
Top work by the geek on these podcasts.
Submitted By: scrantic
(9,592 on 5-2005)

great show Geek News Central
Submitted By: mherschorn
(9,587 on 5-2005)

Submitted By: Dganitch
(9,488 on 5-2005)

The best tech podcast(er) around.
Submitted By: phertl
(9,470 on 5-2005)

A true geek, and fun to listen to. Tech news from a guy who living in Paradise still finds time to play with his tech toys.
Submitted By: jdunlap959
(9,416 on 5-2005)

great show. best all around podcast
Submitted By: dlove5744
(9,187 on 5-2005)

"Love" Geek News Central Podcast
Todd's the best...Geek...Is that a compliment?
Submitted By: Chefsjm
(9,070 on 5-2005)

Fantastic Show!!!
Submitted By: postmn
(9,016 on 5-2005)

Great Show
Geek News Central is my favorite tech related podcast. Thanks for a great job!
Submitted By: twisted
(8,969 on 5-2005)

Candid, Down to Earth, Family Safe, something that can a family can listern to together.
Submitted By: mac_chew
(8,944 on 5-2005)

I like the Geek
This is the show that got me into listening to podcasts.
Submitted By: g1v3away
(8,928 on 5-2005)

Geek News Central
Submitted By: ragreen2
(8,885 on 5-2005)

Great tech news for the average guy
Submitted By: eallsup
(8,851 on 5-2005)

Great Show
One of the best...
Submitted By: jgreen45
(8,841 on 5-2005)

Awesome! A must have!!!
Submitted By: druginterdiction
(8,837 on 5-2005)

yay for todd the geek!
Submitted By: earlysound
(8,828 on 5-2005)

love his show
Agreat podcast chocked full of great news information that geeks can really use.
Submitted By: Wmccave
(8,782 on 5-2005)

Excellent consistancy in delivery. Your kept up to date. You will learn many new things that are hot. Listen to every one.
Submitted By: mralsmith
(8,741 on 5-2005)

I newly found Geek News Center and think it's a very lively and fresh website, in addition, it provides free email account as large as 2 gb.... that's the most cool........thanks very much
Submitted By: maysmiling
(8,723 on 5-2005)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: balazs
(8,686 on 5-2005)

simply the best podcast out there.
Submitted By: lucy.georges
(8,680 on 5-2005)

I don't always agree, but I nearly always listen
Submitted By: rur
(8,521 on 4-2005)

This show actually makes me look forward to the long drive home.
Submitted By: bong_dizon
(7,987 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: R.Denman
(7,798 on 4-2005)

The Geek Rocks!
I love your show and listen to each eagerly each time it comes out. Perfect show size....more would be too much less would not get me through the comute to work. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: seancmo
(7,447 on 4-2005)

great place!!
Submitted By: rlj59
(7,417 on 4-2005)

Tops for Tech Admins
Submitted By: rjohnso3a
(7,413 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: randy_wallin
(7,342 on 4-2005)

geek news podcast
excellent show
Submitted By: devyhes
(7,285 on 4-2005)

I vote for GEEKNEWS
Submitted By: atarlecky
(7,247 on 4-2005)

Aloha! Love the show. Keep up the great work!
Submitted By: mwindsor
(7,237 on 4-2005)

Geeks Rule the Airwaves
entertaining and informative. tough to top that!
Submitted By: nightmoods
(7,221 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: uburstein
(7,217 on 4-2005)

Great show!
Enjoy the content, thanks for a great show!
Submitted By: jakkaball
(7,123 on 4-2005)

In a word - Awesome
Submitted By: codemannh
(6,991 on 4-2005)

This is funny
Submitted By: helensnet
(6,933 on 4-2005)

My Vote
My vote is for Geek News Central.
Submitted By: sspraul
(6,914 on 4-2005)

Great show
Submitted By: jasonkel3114
(6,891 on 4-2005)

Well Rounded Show
Great content and viewpoints. Well balanced quantities and variety. Love the family sidenotes, gives the show personality without being overly cheesy. So good I listened to the last 4 shows today while digitizing. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: wandamere
(6,754 on 4-2005)

Very consistant. Great News. Good Listen,
Submitted By: mralsmith
(6,588 on 4-2005)

Definitly listen to Geek News Central!
If you want to know all about news and gadgets and get a little Hawaii feeling, you have to listen to this show.
Submitted By: ewald.voit
(6,553 on 4-2005)

Great podcast, informative and entertaining.
Submitted By: morn
(6,379 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: UNKARTIST
(6,342 on 4-2005)

great shows
love it
Submitted By: david.gus
(6,215 on 4-2005)

For the best!!!
Submitted By: sivulca
(5,857 on 4-2005)

Great show!
Entertaining, thoughtful and informative... great show!
Submitted By: anthony
(5,850 on 4-2005)

Great Show!
Submitted By: computerdiva
(5,816 on 4-2005)

great show
Submitted By: cochranetr
(5,777 on 4-2005)

Extremely informative. Host is entertaing, and makes you want to keep listening.
Submitted By: e.zwicker
(5,259 on 4-2005)

GNC is an entertaining show. i especially like it, because I can stay up to date on information without earching a bunch of websites. I listen everyday at work.
Submitted By: veets00jdv
(5,098 on 4-2005)

Love Geek News Central
Submitted By: John_in_cal
(5,087 on 4-2005)

Very informative show. Love it!!
Submitted By: inmykayak2
(5,079 on 4-2005)

Geek News Central vote
Very good tech. Podcast!
Submitted By: cmclainjr
(5,052 on 4-2005)

gmail acc
Submitted By: ngu_qua
(5,028 on 4-2005)

Great Show!
Really enjoy Todd's show - keep up the good work buddy! James
Submitted By: jamesryanUK
(5,027 on 4-2005)

Geek News Central rocks
GNC's podcast was the first technology-related podcast I've listened and from that time it is a must-listen. The production is superb and above all GCN's podcast is fun to listen.
Submitted By: todeskampf
(5,005 on 4-2005)

This website is great!
Submitted By: robisagradof2005
(4,947 on 4-2005)

What a great show!
Love it!
Submitted By: kfields
(4,835 on 4-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By: pclark77
(4,732 on 4-2005)

Geek News
What a great Podcast! Relevant, insightful and entertaining.
Submitted By: wardlawc
(4,693 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: david
(4,636 on 4-2005)

GNC Podcast
Very entertaining!
Submitted By: theittech
(4,603 on 4-2005)

Todd, you're the man
Submitted By: rapscallion
(4,503 on 4-2005)

Great show!
Submitted By: twisted
(4,427 on 4-2005)

for geek news central
Submitted By: bwarren
(4,396 on 4-2005)

cool show
keep it up!
Submitted By: mattadata
(4,391 on 4-2005)

Geek News rocks!
Submitted By: gonzo74405
(4,374 on 4-2005)

Fluox speelt Fluox
Get up to speed you geeks!
Submitted By: fluox
(4,314 on 4-2005)

Todd the Geek
Todd the Geek is the best...I enjoy listening to his insightful TECH knowledge...Hope he keeps-up the good work...
Submitted By: Chefsjm
(4,247 on 4-2005)

The Geek is Great!
Actually he is not that geekish to me. Thanks for a great show! 10 out of 10! Stay with it! I admire you for following your dreams. You're AMAZING! It's Amazing, Brian
Submitted By: brian
(4,230 on 4-2005)

great show
Submitted By: tjautry
(4,228 on 4-2005)

Great show.
Submitted By: dl.mac
(4,196 on 4-2005)

Great Show
Submitted By:
(4,193 on 4-2005)

Great show
I like the way he talks about his personal life a little and also includes news about PCs, Macs, and Internet in general, not just a Windows thing.
Submitted By: rajid
(3,943 on 4-2005)

i like this geek
thats it.
Submitted By: waspfactory
(3,915 on 4-2005)

Submitted By: earlysound
(3,914 on 4-2005)

great podcast
have learned a lot from this podcast. This should be number one!
Submitted By: nvoutback
(3,831 on 4-2005)

the best!
Submitted By: shylock7
(3,748 on 4-2005)

Geek News Rocks
Submitted By: mutedecho
(3,734 on 4-2005)

Vote for Geek News Central
Submitted By: michael
(3,681 on 4-2005)

Best of all.
Submitted By: gil.sandy
(3,654 on 4-2005)

great show - the best
Submitted By: pcivics
(3,626 on 4-2005)

great show
Submitted By: thanecast
(3,563 on 4-2005)

I had my Gmail invite very fast and i am very happy. Thanks Gilles B.
Submitted By: gbanvil
(3,551 on 4-2005)

good information.
Submitted By: tennis.friends
(3,549 on 4-2005)

Great Podcast
You'll always get my vote, even if you don't fly me to Hawaii. al
Submitted By: al_saiz
(3,523 on 4-2005)

Great information
This is a definite must listen if considering investing in realestate or businesses in the Bay Area.
Submitted By: timbuckley5
(3,509 on 4-2005)

blues shop is awesome
josh jones has a GREAT voice, plus GREAT taste in the music he plays. it's fun to listen to his take on the bands and the musicians, too. the blues shop is awesome! very professional while also being innovative, independent, and edgy.
Submitted By: carol
(3,505 on 4-2005)

it rox
Submitted By: ball5sg
(3,008 on 3-2005)

Great podcast. Keeps me up on tech news. Todd is very natural and eaasy to listen to.
Submitted By: maccast
(2,912 on 3-2005)

Great geek news
Submitted By: eallsup
(2,611 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: rsams3
(2,422 on 3-2005)

Pls try to cut down the first 10-15 minutes other probs
Submitted By: unni_83
(2,039 on 3-2005)

Informative and Entertaining
Good blend of information and humor.
Submitted By: norbert_95624
(1,792 on 3-2005)

Podcast Rocks
Submitted By: mail
(1,738 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: bassbeast1968
(1,707 on 3-2005)

Geek News Central is awesome.
Submitted By: junkmail
(1,691 on 3-2005)

Very informative, a must hear!
Submitted By: alnpd
(1,636 on 3-2005)

Yay for Geek News!
Submitted By: earlysound
(1,579 on 3-2005)

My Vote
Submitted By: phillip.pilkington
(1,400 on 3-2005)

great show
Submitted By: psi
(1,032 on 3-2005)

Good geeky show
This guy is a man on a mission to spread podcasting and he puts a mighty good show up too.
Submitted By: cle604
(991 on 3-2005)

Great podcast, the guy is entertaining.
Submitted By: mbehrns
(980 on 3-2005)

Ohana geek style
I have an old "Hui Ohana" album of which Geek reminded me. He warms up geek-speak with the spirit of ohana (family) - I like that balance.
Submitted By: camote
(939 on 3-2005)

Great Format, Nice Guy
I look forward to listening to Todd twice a week... Wish he would broadcast three times a week.
Submitted By: jgreen45
(863 on 3-2005)

Great technology podcast
Submitted By: smithmh
(711 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: tafflerbach
(433 on 3-2005)

Go Geek!
Submitted By: temp1
(405 on 3-2005)

Submitted By: wmlehotz
(396 on 3-2005)

Thank you Todd
Thank you Todd! I enjoy your podcast. It is enjoyable, informative, and timely. I know I will always have the latest security updates, and coolest software applications thanks to Todd. Thanks for the gmail invite also.
Submitted By: tylergtd
(252 on 3-2005)

Great tech podcast
Submitted By: surfbits
(237 on 3-2005)

One of the best...
This is a podcast that sets the trend for Technology News, and it is a fantastic resource for Podcasting information. Todd is a class act. -paul.
Submitted By: ptfigg
(221 on 3-2005)

What more can you Ask For?
Todd, the Geek, brings it to the table (technology that is). I love listening to his podcasts and always walk away felling smarter and nerdier.
Submitted By: info
(46 on 3-2005)

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