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We are just two regular guys who live in a rural town in the middle of Wyoming USA. "Too Smart Guys" aren't just Pox and Ragable - we have tons of friends and family who help out with the show too. We even meet up with viewers of the show when we travel and they help make the show too! The show is vastly user-created. Our music and tutorials have been submitted by viewers, and we use whatever suggestions we can so that the show will be worth watching!
Recent Episodes for Too Smart Guys
DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 387. MB
Commute Cast - Boxee and Scott Pilgrim

Join the Too Smart Guys as they talk about there new spycam, Death of Blockbuster, the new Boxee box,Scott Pilgrim Movie and much more!!   Save big on Zazzle,CCS and more!

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 301. MB
WDTV Hacker B-Rad Interview

Pox,Ragable and Couchguy get to interview the WDTV hacker B-Rad B-RAD » WDLXTV – enhanced WDTV firmware 

DATE: Mon, 13 Sep 2010
SIZE: 402. MB
WDTV Live Hack

How to Hack a WDTV Live with the latest B-Rad Hack to add more features 

DATE: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
SIZE: 155. MB
Jailbreak Your Sony Play Station 3 with an Android Phone

How to jailbreak your PS3 to run homebrew and blu-ray backups using a google Android G1 Cell Phone Guide Used 40595 Get back on PSN Make your primary DNS and your ps3 will be able to connect to psn without any updates Good Site to check out 

DATE: Mon, 06 Sep 2010
SIZE: 396. MB
DSLR Lens Tips and Tricks

How to save big bucks using lens adapters and old 35mm lens 

DATE: Tue, 31 Aug 2010
SIZE: 202. MB
How to build your own Mac Mini

How to Build a Mac Mini that's faster and way cheaper.  Grand Total:$352.931Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 320GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Item #:N82E16822148316 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy$44.991OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Memory Item #:N82E16820227124 Return Policy: Memory Standard Return Policy-$6.00 Instant $45.99 $39.991Rosewill R379-M Black/ Silver Computer Case Item #:N82E16811147098 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy-$15.00 Instant $64.99 $49.991ZOTAC G31MAT-B-E Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Item #:N82E16813500033 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy-$5.00 Instant $49.99 $44.991MSI GeForce 8400 GS N8400GS-TD256 Video Card Item #:N82E16814127368 Return Policy: VGA Standard Return Policy-$5.00 Instant $34.99 $29.991Intel Core2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Item #:N82E16819115056 Return Policy: CPU Replacement Only Return Policy$124.991LG 22X DVD Burner - Bulk Black SATA Model GH22NS40 Item #:N82E16827136180 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy$17.99

DATE: Wed, 25 Aug 2010
SIZE: 229. MB
Commute Cast - Ragable's Driving

Join Pox and Ragable as they about talk tech News, Floods,Scott Pilgram and Beyond the Clipping Plane on their way to work. Save 15% on online backup Use Code: TooSmart 

DATE: Thu, 19 Aug 2010
SIZE: 166. MB
Commute Cast our iPhone 4's are over heating!

Join Pox and Ragable as they talk about how Android is now out selling the iPhone and much more

DATE: Mon, 16 Aug 2010
SIZE: 147. MB
FreeNAS Bittorrent Client Setup

FreeNAS’ Bittorrent Client enabled to use a Blocklist and SchedulesEnabling Transmission (bittorrent client)Navigate Chrome to FreeNAS URL and loginNavigate to Services -> BittorrentCheck the Enable boxGo over each options and explain their meaning and recommended settingsAdd system variables to enable Transmission's blocklistNavigate to System -> Advanced -> rc.conf tabtransmission_blocklist=YES, and transmission_noblocklist=NOCreate Blocklist Updating ScriptNavigate to: ?f=60&t=519&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=20 #p5515Copy and save the script locallyTransfer the script over to a directoryNOTE: account has to be in staff group to editNavigate to Advanced -> CommandChange permissions on the script to be executablechmod 774 /path/to/update_script.shChange owner and group to transmission:staffchown transmission:staff /path/to/update_script.shNOTE: Write down the full path to the script, the cron tab doesn’t have a file browserAdd cron job for scriptNavigate to System -> Advanced -> Cron tabAdd a job for the blacklist script (you can set whatever time/day you wish)Add cron jobs to set bandwidth limitsNaviate to System -> Advanced -> Cron tabThe command for unlimited upload/download is: “/usr/local/bin/transmission-remote --no-uplimit --no-downlimit --auth admin:xxxxxxxxThe command for limited upload is: /usr/local/bin/transmission-remote --uplimit 2 --downlimit 95 --auth admin:xxxxxxxxNOTE: switches require double dashes “--”NOTE: Transmission uses KiloBYTES for up and down limits. Adjust your numbers accordingly.i.e. I usually have a 10Kbps limit, that would roughly be 2 KBps.Change owners on Transmission directoriesNavigate to Advanced -> CommandExecute the following:chown -R transmission $(xml sel -T -t -v "/freenas/bittorrent/downloaddir" /conf/config.xml)chown -R transmission $(xml sel -T -t -v "/freenas/bittorrent/configdir" /conf/config.xml)Change Group Permissions on Download DirectoryNavigate to Advanced -> File ManagerLog in with your designated admin account for the WebUINavigate to where your download directory is locatedIn the Perm’s column for the directory row, click the permission mask (drwxr-xr-x)Check the Write box for Group SHOW NOTES:Followed this quide, though I used a different update script due to recommendations in the forum post - nts-in-freenas/ Update owner for dirs: ?f=60&t=853 Blocklist Update Script !/bin/sh # 2009-02-20 PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin; export PATH; URL= z DIR=`xml sel -T -t -v "/freenas/bittorrent/configdir" /conf/config.xml` cd ${DIR}blocklists/ # Get local file size LocalSize=`stat -qf %z ${URL##*/}` # Get remote file size or exit RemoteSize=`fetch -apsw 5  ${URL} || exit 1;` # If local file size not equal to remote file size update blocklist if [ ${LocalSize:-0} -ne ${RemoteSize} ]; then        fetch -apw 5 $URL &&        gzip -dfkq ${URL##*/} &&        echo "Blocklists updated on: $(date)" >> ${DIR}transmission_blocklists.log &&        /etc/rc.d/transmission restart else        echo "No update available now: `date`" fi exit 0

DATE: Fri, 13 Aug 2010
SIZE: 311. MB
Commute Cast via 2 iPhone 4's

Join Pox and Ragable on their way to work as they talk about current tech news Save big at 10% Off Orders Over $50 with our New Code " 2smartguys01 "

DATE: Sat, 07 Aug 2010
SIZE: 96.7 MB
iPHone 4 Unlock

How to unlock the new iPhone 4 with the updated ultra sn0w

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
SIZE: 29.9 MB
How to Jailbreak the iPhone 4

New "Start" Jailbreak for all current iOS devices, iPhones,iPods and iPads! Just browse to  Use Code: TooSmart and Save 15% on online backup  

DATE: Mon, 26 Jul 2010
SIZE: 133. MB
Step by Step iPhone 3Gs iOS 4 Unlock

iPhone Hacking 101 - Sprit2PwnHow to Jail brake a and unlock a 3Gs the was on a 3.13 with theSprit jail break Use Code: TooSmartand Save 15% on online backup

DATE: Fri, 23 Jul 2010
SIZE: 493. MB
Commute Cast 5 Years of Crazy

Commute Cast recorded July 21st 2010 The  too smart guy's commute cast in a new Prius and new mic setup  http :// 2010-Toyota-Prius-photos/-10-Prius-solar-roof.htm Use Code: TooSmartGuys and Save 10% on Orders $50 or more  at

DATE: Mon, 19 Jul 2010
SIZE: 139. MB
Android 2.2 Froyo on the G1 and My Touch

Guide Used Unlock/root your device --> See Android Hacking 101 - Episode 1 Install Clockwork Recovery via ROM Manager or Amon_RA's recovery image ( RA-v1.6.2) --> See Android Hacking 101 - Episode 1 Do a Nandroid backup! Upgrade the Radio to: Upgrade the Bootloader with DangerSPL 1.33.2010 WIPE Install the Cyanogen ROM Optionally install the Google Addon Save %15 on Mozy Online backup with Code: TooSmart

DATE: Mon, 12 Jul 2010
SIZE: 116. MB
iOS 4 Jail Break and Unlock on iPhone 3G

DATE: Fri, 09 Jul 2010
SIZE: 135. MB
How to Run Flash on iPad

Guide used -on-your-jailbroken-ipad-for-real/   Save 10% at on orders $50 or more with our code "toosmartguys'

DATE: Sat, 03 Jul 2010
SIZE: 257. MB
iPhone 4 Launch Line Camping

DATE: Mon, 21 Jun 2010
SIZE: 340. MB
New Tech Cast

Very busy week in the Tech worldiPhone 4 Pre Order, Nintendo 3DS, iPad 3G ATT&T  Hacker, Mac Mini

DATE: Thu, 17 Jun 2010
SIZE: 171. MB
Do The Dew 5

DATE: Fri, 11 Jun 2010
SIZE: 336. MB
Commute Cast May 2010

Android on iPhone on-an-iphone-3g  Backup Wii Games -games-from-an-external-hard-drive   illegal wireless mics cs-illegal-after-june-12/   3G vs 4G cs-illegal-after-june-12/ 

DATE: Fri, 04 Jun 2010
SIZE: 283. MB
Install Android OS on an iPhone 3G A utility that will automate some of the process (mostly file transfers to the iphone)Mac only guide g_or_3g.html The noteworthy utility here is the download of a Mac version of dripwn for extracting the multi-touch driversMac version of dripwn .zip SUCCA ( Speed Up Custom Creation (of) Android ) amp;t=245

DATE: Tue, 25 May 2010
SIZE: 389. MB
Dew the Dew AMPED!

DATE: Mon, 24 May 2010
SIZE: 120. MB
Make an iPad 3G Micro Sim Card

Guide on cutting a normal SIM to a Micro SIM ake-your-own-ipad-micro-sim-681020 

DATE: Mon, 17 May 2010
SIZE: 318. MB
How to Make a Virtual Set

TSG Explane Chroma key: What  green to use?  fabric, paper or paint wallHow to light Generating Virtual Backgrounds: Static or fix set Photo Shop and just use stock imagesBuild a 3D set in modeling software like lightwave

DATE: Fri, 14 May 2010
SIZE: 311. MB
Dew The Dew Part 3

Final Scores: Diet Caffeine Free 2 Caffeine Free 5.3 Diet 3.6 Regular 8.6 Throwback10

DATE: Sun, 09 May 2010
SIZE: 113. MB
iPad Jail Break with Spirt

Get the files you need from the links at our

DATE: Thu, 29 Apr 2010
SIZE: 223. MB
Do the Dew Part Two

DATE: Sat, 24 Apr 2010
SIZE: 265. MB
NAB Las Vegas 2010 Report - Commute Cast Style

Check out the a blog of all the events and products we talk about at the NAB 2010 Blog and more TSG shows at

DATE: Tue, 20 Apr 2010
SIZE: 229. MB
iPad Hacking 101 - EP1

Add a camera via your iPhone and bluetooth Use your iPad as a 2nd computer monitor with iDisplay Jail Break is on it's way 15% off any order of $75 more at with code: AFSMART2

DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 2010
SIZE: 118. MB
Structured Light 3D Scanning

The Programs we are using t More detail on how it all works nning/

DATE: Fri, 02 Apr 2010
SIZE: 247. MB
NetBook Snow Leopard Hackitosh

This software is the key Dell Mini 9 guide: sion/16731-netbookinstaller-0-8-3-final-official-releas e.html Installation Instructions : Restore OSX DVD (10.5.x or 10.6) to USB driveRun NetbookBootMaker (this version) to patch the USBMake sure Legacy USB is enabled in BIOS (for booting from USB)Boot Mini (9 or 10v) to patched Install USB [note, if "pinwheel of death" appears... wait up to 10 minutes. if not, reboot to USB]Install OSX 10.5.x, OSX 10.6.x or upgrade from 10.5.x to 10.6Once the installation has completed remove your USB drive and rebootEnjoy OSX on your Mini! [let me remind you that it is always a good idea to check/repair permissions after any OS upgrade. you can do this with Disk Utility or applications such as OnyX] Upgrade Instructions : Download the NetbookInstaller .8.3 Final Run NBI .8.3 Final using the options you preferReboot your MiniRemember to always run NBI after any major OSX update Restore OSX DVD (10.5.x or 10.6) to USB driveRun NetbookBootMaker (this version) to patch the USBMake sure Legacy USB is enabled in BIOS (for booting from USB)Boot Mini (9 or 10v) to patched Install USB [note, if "pinwheel of death" appears... wait up to 10 minutes. if not, reboot to USB]Install OSX 10.5.x, OSX 10.6.x or upgrade from 10.5.x to 10.6Once the installation has completed remove your USB drive and rebootEnjoy OSX on your Mini! [let me remind you that it is always a good idea to check/repair permissions after any OS upgrade. you can do this with Disk Utility or applications such as OnyX] Upgrade Instructions : Download the NetbookInstaller .8.3 Final Run NBI .8.3 Final using the options you preferReboot your MiniRemember to always run NBI after any major OSX update Help Support the TSG Show User Zazzle code: TooSmartGuys Too Smart DVD's Loaded with exculive extras

DATE: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
SIZE: 263. MB
Commute Cast 48 - iPad PreOrder, DSLR Audio test

DATE: Mon, 15 Mar 2010
SIZE: 299. MB
DYI Ultra HTPC with Boxee

TSG Building the Ultimate MPC/Boxee Box Get Full HD video with upto 7.1 surround sound over HDMI, Play back just about any video format thats on your hard drive or any spinning disc Hardware Needed Desktop or Media Center Case  $39.99 Intel MB with HDMI out $99.99 Intel Core i3 530 $124.99 2GB DDR3 Ram $69.99 Big Hard Drive 1GB $99.99 DVD/Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive $24.99/$99.99/$159 A few TV Tuners $24.99 to $99.99 WMC Remote and IR Reciver $0 to $24.99 $534.94 with tuners and optical $335 without AKA Boxee Box Main Software Windows 7 Home Premium or Higher Latest Boxee Beta Hulu Desktop Orb NetFlix Add-on's Latest Flash 10.1 beta WMC Hulu plugin WMC Boxee plugin AnyDVD HD HandBreak Dvd Shrink RipBot264 Alternative OS and Software MythTV Ubuntu Mac OS X Windows XP   Too Smat Guys 10% Discount with Zazzle

DATE: Thu, 11 Mar 2010
SIZE: 281. MB
What is Rolling Shutter? CMOS Camera Showdown

We compare the low light and Rolling shutter on the iPhone 3G,iPhone 3GS, Canon HF200, Canon Reble T2i, Sony EX1 and Sony Z1U

DATE: Sat, 06 Mar 2010
SIZE: 195. MB
How to Backup Your PSP Games

Setting up the essentialsAlternate PSP software to run PSX roms. Selecting the most compatible PSX bios to run your backups by holding the R button down when rebooting. Backing up your UMD's in 2 stepsUse select menu to change the data output in USB mode to UMD and then copy the iso to another computer. Requires a Windows PC. Renaming is ok. Impaler's Multidisk popstation GUI Can read and run from back up drive and write to back up drive. Do's and Don'ts with multiple eboots Best EMUs for classics:Snes9X TYL - SNESgpSP - GBANesterJ - NES Dimensions for the PNG files for your icons and backgrounds on your psp -icon0.png (icon, 144 x 80 px, 32-bit PNG file) -pic1.png (background, 480 x 272 px, 32-bit PNG file)

DATE: Fri, 26 Feb 2010
SIZE: 117. MB
Mountain Dew Taste Testing Part 1

Couch Guy, Ragable, and Andrew sample a dozen varieties of Mtn. Dew.  In this, the first of four episodes, we watch them drink and talk about Game Fuel Horde Red and Game Fuel Alliance Blue.

DATE: Sat, 20 Feb 2010
SIZE: 167. MB
Mac World 2010

DATE: Sun, 07 Feb 2010
SIZE: 167. MB
Install Custom Firmware on a PSP 3000

Guides used: stom-firmware-via-chickhen-on-psp-1000-2000-3000/ ames_psp/ Intro: We are using a PSP - 3000 now we need to load Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Quick rundown PSP 1000 (Phat) Update your firmware to 5.03 Run the ChickHEN Tiff eggsploteInstall 5.03 Gen-C Files needed: 5.03 Firmware Update ChickHEN v2 5.03GEN-C

DATE: Sun, 31 Jan 2010
SIZE: 59.9 MB
Convert PSone Games to play on a PSP

Guides used: stom-firmware-via-chickhen-on-psp-1000-2000-3000/ ames_psp/ Intro: We are using a Phat Japanese PSP - 1000 now we need to load Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Quick rundown PSP 1000 (Phat) Update your firmware to 5.03 (if you are using newer firmware use a Pandora battery and Magic Memory stick)Run the ChickHEN Tiff eggsploteInstall 5.50 Gen-D3 (Next weeks show will be on getting CFW on PSP 3000's) Ripping PSP Games and converting to Eboots Download, install and run "Magic ISO" Use "Extract Disc" to rip the ISO's of your PSone GamesDownload, install and run "Simple Popstation GUI"Simply browse to the PSone ISO you made Select where you want to save it toClick "Go..."Copy the Folder made by the Popstaion to MSroot:PSPGAMELaunch your PSone game just same as any other PSP game Files needed: y.htm CFW 5.50Gen-D3 ChickHen nabler-r2-released/ Popstation GUI ui-v221-beta/

DATE: Wed, 27 Jan 2010
SIZE: 203. MB
FreeNAS Part 3 - Unison

Setting up your Mac to sync to FreeNAS via UnisonEnable the SSH service on FreeNASOpen FreeNAS WebUIClick the Services tab, then select SSHCheck the Enable box Create and grant a user SSH accessClick the Access tab, then select Users and GroupsIf you need to create a new user, click the plus buttonType the username in the name boxSpecify the passwordIn the Shell drop-down box select the shell program you wish to use for the account. If unsure, select bashClick AddIf you wish to give the default guest account access, click the wrench icon (edit) for the guest account, or if you've already created a user account edit that oneIn the Shell drop-down box select the shell program you wish to use. If unsure, select bash Create a Public/Private Key for automatic SSH authenticationOpen up terminalRun ssh-keygenThis generates a public and private key, and id_rsa respectively, in the .ssh folder in your home directoryCreate the .ssh folder in the user's home diretory, i.e. homeuser's home directory is /mnt/raid_mnt/home_sharessh homeuser@freenas.borns.localmkdir .sshchmod 700 .sshUpload the public key to the .ssh folderscp ~/.ssh/id_rsa homeuser@freenas.borns.local:~/.ssh/authorized_keysssh homeuser@freenas.borns.localcd .sshchmod 600 authorized_keys Assign the appropriate permissions for the FreeNAS mount point, which should be dedicated solely to one userClick the Disks tab, then select Mount PointsClick the Edit icon for the mount point containing the sync directoryChange the User drop-down box to the user we've setup for sharing and shell accessThe Group drop-down box can be changed if you've setup a custom group as wellUncheck the Write checkboxes for the Other and Group sections for permissionsClick the Save button, then the Apply Changes buttonEnable and configure the Unison Service Click the Services tab, then select UnisonCheck the Enable boxClick the ... button (browse) for the Working directory fieldBrowse the folders of the FreeNAS box and select the root folder you wish to keep synchronizedClick the Save and Restart button NOTE:The Unison working directory is stored in an environment variable in the /etc/login.conf file. There's a bug with making changes to the working directory: the variable is only appended with changes and not updated properly.To edit this file, you need to be root and you have to configure root to be able to log in via SSHLocate the UNISON= and delete the path(s) after it until you get to the : which signifies the end of the file. After this go back to the WebUI and do a quick "Save and Restart" under Unison and the value you have in the text box will be put back in. Download and Configure Unison for the MacDownload and Install Unison Download the Unison UI from latest version as of this document is 2.27.72 ( 72.dmg)Mount the dmg file and drag the Unison application over to the Applications folder (or wherever you feel is appropriate)Install command line utility for cron jobsOpen the Unison applicationWith Unison selected, up in the menu bar, click Unison then Install command-line toolThe program copies the program without granting access outside of the root account. We need to grant ourselves accessOpen TerminalNavigate to the install directory: cd /usr/binChange permission mask: sudo chmod 755 unisonCreate Unison ProfileClick the Add button to create a new profileGive the profile a descriptive name, preferably the purpose of the profile, in the Profile name text box The First Root text box will be the local path to the directory you would like syncedNOTE: Include trailing slash?The Second Root is for the destination synchMake sure the Remote option is selectedType the username for the account given shell access to earlier in the User text boxGive the IP/DNS address to the remote location in the Host text boxGive the path to the folder you wish to syncrhonize NOTE: There is no way to delete or edit profiles with the user interface. However, they are plain text files stored in the following location:~/Library/Application Support/Unison You can open the files within TextEdit (or other appropriate text editing software) and make any changes. You can delete the profiles and start over as well.This folder also contains the archive file that Unison uses to keep track of changes.

DATE: Sun, 17 Jan 2010
SIZE: 145. MB
CES 2010 Show Floor

DATE: Mon, 04 Jan 2010
SIZE: 88.7 MB
Kindle E Book DRM Removal

Remove Kindle Book DRM This Kindle hack relies on a few Python scripts to remove the DRM from books already purchase via the Kindle Store. The scripts, of course, require Python to be installed; the hack also uses the Kindle for PC application so you'll need to run this on a Windows machine. Download and install the Kindle for PC application: in with an existing account, or create a new one. NOTE: the hack is decrypting books *already* purchased, so you need to have actually bought a book in order for this to work. Download and install the Python scripting language: Download the Unswindle Python script here: the supporting Python script ( that Unswindle relies on: the script (you may need to browse to the python.exe executable). After a while the Kindle for PC application should launchClick "Archived Items" and open up a Kindle BookClose out of the Kindle for PC Application You should be prompted for an output location, choose an appropriate place. Original GuideI <3 Cabbage's blog post ing-kindle-for-pc-drm.html

DATE: Fri, 25 Dec 2009
SIZE: 285. MB
Epic WiFi Finder

Parts list   24Db Grid antenna N – to rp-TNC adapter 35foot 50 ohm RG-8 Cable (rp-TNC on the ends) bridgeable router Antenna rotator Antenna mast antenna mounting hardware     Instructions for the build   construct your antenna , from the instructions via the manufacturer   the antenna mast is a two-part mast with the rotator in the middle. Be sure when installing the rotator that you center the rotator to the north pole, otherwise the directional use of the control unit will be useless.   Connect your cables to the antenna and feed two cables (router connection and rotator cable) to your final router and controller location.   Make all of the connections, and if all goes well your antenna will be able to rotate via the controller freely and you will able to follow the directions in the video to latch into a wireless nearby

DATE: Sat, 19 Dec 2009
SIZE: 156. MB
FreeNAS Box Part 2

Using rsync/rsyncx for mirroring data on Mac OS X Time Machine is a great way to keep your Mac backed up and for keeping a revision history of your files, but it has a one-for-all configuration approach, isn't intended to have the backup shared and it doesn't offer a solution to keep information synced between multiple PCs/Macs, . To get around this, I turned to rsync. With rysnc I'm offered more control over which folders/files I want to back up, how they're backed up or refreshed and I can configure several scripts to run with cron. Rsync is also supported on other platforms, so this brings in Windows and Linux into the pool of resources. In my example scenario, which I'm using at home, I've setup a simple push operation of my iPhoto Library from my Macbook Pro to my new FreeNAS box. I had hopes to share my iPhoto Library off of the FreeNAS box, but I found that iPhoto just doesn't behave very well over networked storage. Later on, this environment will be extended onto another Mac and each one will be configured to run a pull script first, as the FreeNAS is the master, and a subsequent push operation. Hopefully this should keep changes/additions from each Mac synced up. Configure FreeNAS as a Rsync DaemonHover over the "Services" tab, select "RSYNCD"On the "Server" configuration tab, check the "Enable" box and configure as follows:Read Only: leave at the default of no, we'll be writing to our rsync module Map to user: selection box, you can leave this as guest or select a user you've already configured on the FreeNAS box.TCP port: leave at the default of 873 Maximum Connections: Leave at the defaultMOTD: you can ignoreClick the rsync "Server Modules" tab to add a share to rysncClick the "+" symbol to add a module Name: This is what the rsync client will use to connect. In my case I used iPhotoComment: Type in a short description or purpose Path: browse to server backup locationOthers: Click the Save button Create Rsync Script on the client (Macbook Pro)Mac OS X ships with a version of rsync already installed. You can also download Rysncx which is a GUI tool for rsync and it ships with a version of rsync compiled with support for resource forks which is a part of Apple's filesystem HFS+. As of 10.4 however, Apple ships a version of rsync that supports this. This is a moot pint as we'll be syncing via SMB so either will work, but the GUI has a script generator which can make your life easier. Our rsync command will be set as follows: time /usr/local/bin/rsync -azv "$IPHOTO_SRC" $NAS_USER@$NAS_URL::$RSYNC_DEST The time command at the beginning will measure how long it takes for rsync to complete its operation.Next is the the rsync command. I specified the path to the rsync installed with rsyncx. You can use just rsync if you chose not to install rsyncx.Switch operators -a performs an archive operation, which will recursively iterate through the entire iPhoto library-z enable compression-z enables verbose output, which can be helpful for logging and debugging$IPHOTO_SRC is the location of my iPhoto Library. This is where the script generator is useful as it'll insert escape sequences for special characters in bash$NAS_USER is the user we set in FreeNAS if we didn't use guest$NAS_URL is the domain name or IP address of your FreeNAS boxThe double-colon (::) tells rsync to look for a module, which is $RSYNC_DESTNOTE: this is the module name we set up earlier in FreeNAS Save this command to a file (textedit) if you didn't use rsyncx script generator and you'll be able to run it through the terminal. Configure the script to run with cronCron is the job scheduler in the Unix/Linux/FreeBSD world. The rsyncx tool edits the main crontab file. I prefer to edit the crontab file for the user. This is done with the -e flag. Open terminalType crontab -eType i to enter insert mode Specify the date/time you want to run the commandType the path to the commandDo esc, wq NOTES/LINKS-Rsync is NOT a perfect backup solution. As noted in this comment ( y-back-up-your-computer/comments/4073491/) if there is data corruption, rsync WILL copy that over as well. In this instance rsync is only being used to ensure data is the same across multiple machines. This should be partnered with another backup solution (Time Machine) -For more information about rsync see the Samba's documentation: -Consult the FreeNAS userguide for the rsync daemon configuration and suggested Windows clients (This is for the old version, but still relevant): -SUG.pdf -Download a copy of RsyncX from here (current version is 2.1): -Follow news about FreeNAS on

DATE: Thu, 03 Dec 2009
SIZE: 106. MB
iPhone Jail Break and Unlock the Geohot way

 Files Needed: blackweatherblackra1n and blacksn0w geohot/'s iPhone jailbreak solution.

DATE: Fri, 27 Nov 2009
SIZE: 132. MB
Google Android Hacking 101

Full Guide on installing the Alternate OS: Downgrading to RC29 (US) or RC7 (Europe) /n/n There is a security loop-hole in the RC29 / RC7 Bluetooth module/nthat is exploited in the next step. This loop-hole has been fixed in/nmore recent releases, so you must downgrade to RC29 / RC7. /n WARNING: This process will remove all existing/napplications, data, and phone configurations. Reseting the phone back/nto /'base/' settings. There is no going back once you load this image./n/nBackup any files on your SD card that are valuable to you (you can copy them to your PC/'s hard drive) /nFormat your SD card to FAT32 /nIf you have Android 1.6, you must format the SD from the phone settings /nWindows: Right-click on SD icon and select format /nMac users: Use Disk Utility and click Erase and then select MS-DOS FAT (FAT32 is simply known as FAT in Mac OS X) /nLinux: Use gparted (it/'s in the repositories of your favorite distro) /nDownload the RC29 / RC7 dreaimg.nbh file (don/'t rename it or your phone won/'t recognize it) /nRC29 (US): /nRC7 (Europe): /nPut the file you just downloaded onto your freshly formatted SD card. /nTurn your phone off. /nHold down the Camera button, and press the Power button to enter the bootloader. /n/nFollow the on-screen instructions to flash/nthe image. On some G1s it may require pressing the action button/n(trackball), while on others it may require pressing the power button. /nWhen it/'s done, press the trackball. /nPress the Call, Menu, and End buttons at the same time to reboot. You may need to unplug your phone for this to work./n/n Rooting the phone /n/n You need to have root (or /'admin/') access to the phone so that you/ncan install whatever software you want and not just what your provider/ngives you. This is where you will exploit the hole in the Bluetooth./nThis is not the same as unlocking your phone. /n/nFinish booting up your phone, and sign-in to your Google account. Follow this guide to sign-in via wifi if you don/'t have access to a 3G network. /nOnce you/'re at the Home screen, open the keyboard, and press the Enter (Return) button twice. /nType telnetd [enter] /nTyping will bring up the Contacts screen, but you can just ignore that. /nThere will be no indication to let you know you did it right. Just continue on to the next step. /nIf you get an error when trying to connect (step 5), try pressing Enter twice and type /"telnetd/" and press Enter again /n/nOpen the Android Market, and install Android Telnet Client (by Koushik Dutta) /n/nOpen Android/nTelnet Client, enter /"localhost/" in the large text box and press/nconnect. (You may have to enter /"23/" in the smaller text box on the/nright)/nCyanogen Recovery Image /n/n Now you need to replace the standard Recovery Image with a/ncustomized Recovery Image based off the Recovery Image Google/'s/nEngineers use. This will allow you to do things like make a backup of/nyour phone, and recover from a crash. Most importantly, however, this/nwill give you the physical ability to install a custom ROM. /n/nDownload the latest Cyanogen Recovery Image (1.4) /n/n y-1.4.img /nMove the Image File to your SD card /nYou may need to unplug/unmount your phone so the phone can access the SD card/n/nOpen Android Telnet Client and type flash_image recovery /sdcard/cm-recovery-1.4.img [enter] /nIf done correctly you will see # # appear on your screen. If you/nget the /"permission denied/" message, type /"su/" (without quotes), press/nenter and repeat the previous step./nPress Home key and proceed to next step./n File Download /n/n Due to recent events, CyanogenMod/ncan no longer distribute Google specific apps with his ROMS. The way/naround this is to download and install the legal Google apps and then/ninstall CyanogenMod/non top of those apps. The good news is that it works, the bad news is/nthat it requires an extra step or two in the install process./n/n/nDownload the Android 1.6 Recovery Image (it has /"-ota-/" in the filename): /n/n /n/nDownload the latest CyanogenMod ROM for your device: /nDream (G1): zip /nPut both of these files on your SD card (in zip format)/n/nFlash Android 1.6 & CyanogenMod 4.2.5/4.1.9999 /n/n You will now install the actual OS of the phone. First you will install the legal Google apps, and then you will install CyanogenMod on top of those apps./n/nTurn your phone off./nHold the Home button while booting to get to Recovery mode./nIf you wish to have an option to return to your factory settings, select nandroid backup now. If not, continue./nPress Alt-W (or select /"wipe data/factory reset/")Press home to confirm/nPress Alt-A (or select /"apply any zip from sd/") /nDream (G1): 2A / Magic32B (MyTouch): See This Page /nPress home to confirm and let installation complete/n/nSTOP - DO NOT REBOOT YOUR PHONE/nOnce again, press Alt-A (or select /"apply any zip from sd/") /nDream (G1): / Magic32B (MyTouch): See This Page /nPress home to confirm and let installation complete /nWhen this is complete, reboot your phone by pressing Home & Back./nWait. Your phone will say writing radio image and then reboot. This will take a couple of minutes. Be patient!/nIf the phone enters Recovery mode after rebooting, press Home & Back again to reboot it once more. You should see the blue CyanogenMod Android logo this time./n If that/'s all you wanted to do, you/'re done! You should now have a fully functional phone./n/n Go to google market place and download the new google maps app and show off Turn by turn NAV!

DATE: Tue, 24 Nov 2009
SIZE: 30.5 MB
Cell Phone Popcorn Popper Promo

Join us in the chat room for our next live show recording 11-25-09 at 9:30PM PST on

DATE: Sun, 22 Nov 2009
SIZE: 251. MB
Black Friday and Holiday Gift Guide

Links to some of the Deals in the show Walmart:Magnavox NB500 Blu-ray Disc Player - $78.00 eMachines 15.6" Notebook w/AMD Processor, 2GB Memory, 160GB Hard Drive (Model # EME627) - $198.00 * TomTom One 125-SE GPS - $59.00 Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB Hard Drive - $49.00 HellBoy II (DVD) - $2.00 Kmart: Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle for Xbox 360 - $49.99 Halo 3 ODST for Xbox 360 - $39.99 Nintendo Wii w/ Free $25 Nintendo Gaming Coupon - $199.99 Radio Shack: 8GB iPod Touchw/$20 GC - $199.99 iPod 8GB Nano w/$15 GC - $149.99 Netgear WNR1000 Wireless-N 150 Router - $34.99 DualShock 3 PS3 Wireless Controler - $29.99 BestBuy: Motorola S9 HD Stereo Bluetooth Headset - $49.99Compaq Netbook w/Intel Atom Processor, 1GB Memory, 160GB Hard Drive - $179.99 Sony 15" Laptop w/Intel Dual Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 7, Sony Headphones, Built-In Blu-ray, Blu-ray Movie - $479.9 $20 Gift Card w/Any DSi Game System Purchase - $0.00  Too Smart Guys DVDs

DATE: Sun, 15 Nov 2009
SIZE: 206. MB
How to Make a FreeNAS Box

/n /n /n /nFreeNAS Instal Check Hardware Compatibility ListDon/'t/nmake the assumption that your hardware will work under FreeNAS. Take/nthe time and verify all necessary components of your system are/nsupported. First, check the HCL on the FreeNAS site: p;Itemid=30&id=freenas_users_hardware Secondly,/nsearch around the forums for your specific piece of hardware you/'re/nchecking and see if anybody else is having problems. Lastly, search around Google the same way but with FreeBSD or FreeNAS attached at the end of the search string. Taking this time will save you from potentially head wrenching headaches later on. Install PointsAn/ninstall point is where the embedded OS will reside that hosts the/nconfiguration file. Upon boot everything is loaded into a RAMdisk and/nonly changes to the configuration file are written. This is ideal for a/nCF card as it minimizes writes and prolongs the life of the card. There/nare several choices for an install point. The following are/nrecommendations. Recommended:USB stickCF CardHDD install is not recommended for the following reasons:Partitioning of data drives is messyHDD replacement is messyAn install HDD requires another bay, which are limited in a slim PC caseAdvantages/Disadvantages Of Install Points USB Stick Pros: Cheapest solutionEasiest install USB Stick Cons: Potential loss of configuration due to loss of USB stickNOTE: This can be alleviated with the use of a USB pin header to Type A adapter for $15 16815201028&cm_re=usb_header_adapter-_-15-201-028-_ -Product CF Card Pros: Integrated and permanentLarger storage capacity CF Card Cons: DMA adapters/cards are expensiveNon DMA adapters/cards require complex install processPotential for adapter+card being taller than caseCheaper Non DMA cards are still more expensive than a USB adapter Deployment MethodsInstall via LiveCD with CD/DVD driveIf you don/'t have an existing internal/external CD/DVD drive this adds $20 to project total Write image file to install pointIf you don/'t have a CF reader already, this can add around $10 to project total USB Stick InstallationThis is the easiest installation method, and the cheapest. However, loss of USB stick is a loss of the configuration file.Firstly, determine the deployment method:Boot off of a LiveCD is the easiest and quickest wayRequires an external CD/DVD drive Or your case has a full sized for a CD/DVD drive Or your case has a bay for a slim CD/DVD driveNOTE: Adding a drive may increase the cost, but it makes the install much easier now, and in the future. Write image file to the USB stickWorking method requires Windows machine or virtual install LiveCD InstallDownload LiveCD install from FreeNAS ( mp;Itemid=51) Configure BIOS to boot off DVD/CD driveAfter booting type 9 to select Option /"9/" to install FreeNASType 1 to select Option /"1/" to install on USB Stick Select the Source CD drive (e.g. acd0)Select da0Write Image FileDownload IMG file from FreeNAS ( mp;Itemid=51#FreeNAS%20Images) If on Linux or Mac install and setup a Windows Virtual machine with Parallels or Vmware FusionDownload physdiskwrite ( NIC Support InstallIf/nyou manage to end up with a board with an embedded chipset not/nsupported under FreeNAS, but is still supported by FreeBSD then you/'ll/nhave to manually copy over the necessary kernel module and add a/nPostInit command to have it loaded. When checking compatibility/nyou should check across the two available versions of FreeNAS; one is/nbased on FreeBSD 6 and the other FreeBSD 7. In the instance of the/nchipset on my Intel Atom (RTL8102EL) the driver worked under version 6/nof FreeBSD, but not 7. A compile version of the RealTek kernel module is available through this forum post: ?f=9&t=192&hilit=realtek+kernel+module If/nin the situation there is no support for your embedded chipset in/nFreeBSD, you/'ll have to find/buy a supported NIC. If you purchased a/nmicro case then you/'ll have to make sure the NIC includes a low-height/nfaceplate. Options to transfer Kernel Module to Install Point.Upload via a service on the FreeNAS box (FTP, SMB, etc.)Transfer directly to the install point through a FreeBSD LiveCD Upload via FreeNASNOTE: This requires a spare NIC on hand that is supported in FreeNAS. Configure Network Plug/nin the spare NIC. You may have to take off the faceplate of the card if/nyour case doesn/'t support a full-height faceplate. But don/'t worry,/nit/'s only temporary!Start up FreeNASType 1 to select option /"1/", /"Assign Interfaces/"The NIC we just plugged in should be listed and highlighted, press EnterSelect /"none finish and exit configuration/" as we don/'t need an optional name A summary screen will show the interface being assigned to the LAN, select Yes and press EnterBack at the menu type 2 to select option /"2/", /"Set LAN IP address/"If you have DHCP enabled on your network (most likely), select /"Yes/"If/nnot, then you/'ll be guided through a few screens asking for basic IP/ninformation. If you/'re not running DHCP then I/'ll assume you know what/nthis is all about.The only /"gotcha/" is that the subnet mask is/nasked for in bits. For a typical home network this is is 24 bits Select /"No/" to skip configuration of IPv6 The network now has a basic configuration and the Web UI can now be accessed. Configure Share Configure FreeNAS to Load Module at Run time The kernel module must be loaded at run time and this is done via the kldload/nprogram on FreeBSD. FreeNAS can be configured (via WebUI) to run/ncommands prior to initializing; this is the /"Post Init/" process. PostInit Command: kldload /cf/boot/kernel/if_rl.ko FreeNAS System ConfigurationAccess the WebUI using the IP address reported when the LAN interface was configured.The default username and password is: admin/freenasThe/nleft hand side is the navigation for all the configuration options in/nFreeNAS. The right hand side is for viewing and updating the settings/nfor an option.Change the default username and password.Click the System->General link in the Navigation side of the WebUIType in a new admin user nameType in a new password and verifyClick the /"Apply Changes/" button Set up a RAID arrayNOTE: BEFORE AN ARRAY CAN BE SETUP DISKS MUST FIRST BE ADDED TO MANAGENOTE: TO KNOW WHICH DISK TO SELECT USE TABLE 1 ON FREEBSD DEVICE NAMINGAdd Disks Click the Disks->Management link in the Navigation side of the WebUI Click the /"plus/" graphic image to add a disk In the /"Disk/" drop-down box, select the first HDD (See above NOTE)Leave other options at their defaultsClick the /"Add/" button Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the number of HDDs in the system, probably 2 or more.After all devices have been added, click the /"Apply Changes/" button at the top of the /"Disks: Management/" screen.Format the disksClick the Disks->Format link in the Navigation side of the WebUIIn the /"Disk/" drop-down box select the first HDD to formatIn the /"File System/" drop-down box select /"Software RAID/"Click the /"Format disk/" buttonRepeat this step for all disks to be added to the RAID arrayCreate the Software RAID ArrayClick the Disks->Software RAID link in the Navigation side of the WebUIClick a tab along the top to select a RAID configuration setup. In our instance, we/'re doing a RAID 1 (Mirror) so we click on Geom MirrorClick the /"plus/" graphic image to add an arrayIn the /"Raid name/" textbox give the array a meaningful nameCheck the boxes next to each drive listed. It will only list the disks formatted as /"Software RAID/"Click the /"Add/" buttonThe array has been added, click the /"Apply Changes/" buttonThe array will now start to be initializedNOTE: DEPENDING ON THE SIZE AND TYPE OF RAID ARRAY, THIS CAN TAKE A WHILE. H-O-U-R-SNOTE: EVEN DURING A BUILD FREENAS DOCUMENTATION STATES THAT THE ARRAY CAN STILL BE USED. WTF?! Format the RAID ArrayMake sure the status of the array is /"Up/" or /"Rebulding/"You can check this under the /"Disks->Software RAID/" link, the array will be listed with the status to the right.The page does not auto-refresh, so you/'ll have to manually refresh the page to get the latest status of the arrayClick the Disks->Format link in the Navigation side of the WebUIThe RAID array should now be listed in the /"Disks/" drop-down menu, select it.Leave the /"File System/" option at the default of /"UFS/"Click the /"Format Disk/" buttonCreate a Mount Point: this mounts the volume within FreeBSD which will enable it to be visible to the systemClick the Disks->Mount Point link in the Navigation side of the WebUIClick the /"plus/" graphic image to add a mount point In the /"Disk/" drop-down box select the RAID arrayIn the /"Partition/" drop-down box select /"EFI - GPT/"In the /"File System/" select /"UFS/"In the /"Share Name/" text box give the mount point a meaningful nameIn the /"Description/" text box you can elaborate on the share name and purpose further’Click the /"Add/" buttonClick the /"Apply Changes/" buttonConfigure a Service: this will enable a mounted drive/array to be visible across the networkSince SMB is lowest common denominator for a mixed environment, it/'s the safest one to setupClick the Services->CIFS/SMB link in the Navigation side of the WebUIIf you have an existing NetBIOS network in place:Give a more meaningful NetBIOS name for your FreeNAS box if you wish to in the /"NetBiosName/" text box Change the /"Workgroup/" text box to match the name of your networkClick the /"Save and Restart CIFS/" buttonClick the /"Shares/" tab to go to the share management pageClick the /"plus/" graphic image to add a share Table 1. Disk Naming Convention in FreeBSD /dev/ad0 : Is the First ATA hard drive on the ATA channel 1/n /dev/ad1 : Is the Second ATA hard drive on the ATA channel 1/n /dev/ad2 : Is the First ATA hard drive on the ATA channel 2/n /dev/acd0: Is the first ATA CD/DVD drive detected/n /dev/da0: Is the first SCSI/nhard drive. USB key device under FreeBSD are using an SCSI driver, then/nthis name can link to your USB key/drive too./n /dev/da0p1: The ‘p’ represents an EFI/GPT partition type, and ‘1’ represents the first partition on the device. This is the new standard starting from version 0.684/n /dev/da0s1: The ‘s’ represents the old standard partition type. For any filesystem other that UFS you should look for an ‘s’ type partition./n /dev/raid5/RAIDname: ‘RAID’ is only the array device. /n /dev/raid5/RAIDp1: This is the filesystem on the RAID device./n

DATE: Fri, 06 Nov 2009
SIZE: 308. MB
Movie Theater LAN Party Hack

How to hack a movie theater for a XBox 360 LAN party Items Needed: Custom audio cable

DATE: Mon, 26 Oct 2009
SIZE: 186. MB
Halloween Tech Mod Costume

Pox and Ragable make a Halloween costume out of an iPhone, LED's, and fish air filter tubing.  

DATE: Mon, 19 Oct 2009
SIZE: 247. MB
How to Pick an iPhone Jailbreak Method

Flow Chart

DATE: Sun, 20 Sep 2009
SIZE: 181. MB
Burning XBox 360

DATE: Wed, 09 Sep 2009
SIZE: 254. MB
Tom Tom Showdown

DATE: Mon, 31 Aug 2009
SIZE: 41.9 MB
Commute Cast 46

DATE: Fri, 28 Aug 2009
SIZE: 108. MB
Dell Mini 9 Hackitosh Install

  Show Links: /n /n /n DVD Rom Boot 123 Guide USB Stick Guide Dell Boot 123 ISO image DellEFI 1.2 alpha 5 Mac OS X 10.5.7 Combo Update ( 

DATE: Mon, 20 Jul 2009
SIZE: 62.5 MB
Commute Cast 45 - 4 years already?

Show Notes: Pokemon Skit Dr. Hackintosh Skit Tom Tom GPS AT&T GPS iPhone Software 4 Years of shows and a Live video streaming this friday 7-25-09 Movie Theater Rock Band contest 9-9-09 MPG and much more! Download MP3/n /n /n

DATE: Sun, 19 Jul 2009
SIZE: 76.8 MB
iPhone 3GS - How To Jailbreak, Unlock and Teather

Download H.264 Show Notes: Why you need the iBEC and iBSS files iClarified guide for Mac and Windows RedSnow and UltraShow/n /n /n

DATE: Thu, 02 Jul 2009
SIZE: 100. MB
iPhone Hacking 101 - 9 - 3.0 Jail Break and Unlock

We have some fun with UltraSn0w and show you step by step how to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone 3G. This will also work on an iPhone Edge and jail break an iphone touch. Download H.264/n /n /n

DATE: Mon, 29 Jun 2009
SIZE: 43.9 MB
Commute Cast 045 - New Apple Stuff

Show Notes: Pox/'s gets hisiPhone 3.0 on New iPhone 3Gs New Laptop and Much Much more Download .MP3/n /n /n

DATE: Wed, 17 Jun 2009
SIZE: 68.5 MB
PS3 Hacking 101 -EP2- Installing Linux and SNES9x

A step by step on installing Ubuntu Linux and a Super Nintendo Emulator on the Play Station 3. Download H.264/n /n /n

DATE: Fri, 12 Jun 2009
SIZE: 25.9 MB
Commute Cast 44

Show Notes: New HD flash camera Funky audio New iPhone 3Gs Download MP3/n /n /n

DATE: Fri, 22 May 2009
SIZE: 65.2 MB
PSP Hacking 101 - 29 - 5.03 Homebrew Enabler

Pox and Ragable give a quick walk-thru on how to use the new ChickHEN Exploit. This will allow any PSP Model 1000, 2000, or 3000 on 5.3 firmware to run homebrew applications like Nintendo emulators and such. We are also testing out shooting the show live to disc and controlling the cameras and graphics via the Wii-mote. So get ready for a bumpy ride! Download H.264 Mevio {Mevio-a89f3026e818a4123af6632b368ddecf}/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 02 May 2009
SIZE: 63.3 MB
PS3 Hacking 101 -EP1- PS3 Media Server

Download 480p H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Thu, 30 Apr 2009
SIZE: 49.0 MB
Commute Cast 43 - The 48 Hour Film Project

Pox goes to Vegas to make a short film in 48 hours Download MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Thu, 30 Apr 2009
SIZE: 46.7 MB
Behind the Scenes of "BLACKOUT"

Download H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Thu, 30 Apr 2009
SIZE: 98.0 MB
Our 48 Hour Film "BLACKOUT"

Download 480p H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
SIZE: 85.0 MB
The Brew Review - Nintendo DSi Cameras

Pox and Ragable/'s first live switched show. They compare the new DSi to an iPhone and DSLR Download 480p H.264 /n /n/n /n

DATE: Wed, 01 Apr 2009
SIZE: 31.7 MB
Commute Cast 042 - Too Smart Forums

Download MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Wed, 01 Apr 2009
SIZE: 36.1 MB
Commute Cast 041 - Wireless Cracking

Download MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Tue, 31 Mar 2009
SIZE: 34.9 MB
Commute Cast 040 - In 3D

Show Notes: Pinocchio on Blu-Ray (Get in on NetFlix) Ragable/'s Color issues 3D Movies Making our own 3D video Download MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 28 Mar 2009
SIZE: 13.2 MB
Commute Cast 039 - March Madness

Show Notes: Netflix Streaming XBox360 UI PS3 Hacking 101 Download Mp3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Wed, 04 Mar 2009
SIZE: 49.7 MB
The Brew Review - iPhone Video Recording Apps

Download H.264 480p/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 28 Feb 2009
SIZE: 35.3 MB
CES 09 Boxee Trip

In January Pox was chosen to help Boxee out with their booth down in Las Vegas at CES. Here is some video of the trip. Thanks to Andrew for letting me use his Flip HD video camera and Melody for some of the Pictures. Download H.264 /n /n/n /n

DATE: Sun, 15 Feb 2009
SIZE: 61.1 MB
The Brew Review - Live Video Broadcasting

Download 480p H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Wed, 11 Feb 2009
SIZE: 27.8 MB
Commute Cast 038 - On the Road Again

Show Notes: New Prius Boxee CES Trip Sundance Download MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Fri, 02 Jan 2009
SIZE: 63.9 MB
iPhone Hacking 101 - 8 3G Software Unlock Yellow Sn0w

Download H.264 Show Notes: iPhone Dev Team iClarified unlock guide APN Settings List APN Changer/n /n/n /n

DATE: Tue, 30 Dec 2008
SIZE: 9.80 MB
Portable Hacking

PSP Commercial Spoof made for Ep 13 of PSP Hacking 101 Download in H.264 720p/n /n/n /n

DATE: Tue, 30 Dec 2008
SIZE: 53.9 MB
iPhone Hacking 101 - 7 3G Unlock

How to unlock the iPhone 3g with the Universal SIM. It lets your iPhone work with other cell phone providers other than AT&T. Download H.264 Show Notes: Universal SIM APN Settings List APN Changer /n /n/n /n

DATE: Tue, 30 Dec 2008
SIZE: 175. MB
Apple TV Hacking 101 - EP1 - Boxee & XBMC

How to install Boxee on the Apple TV. With Boxxe you can stream internet TV Networks for Free. Download H.264 Show Notes: How To Guide ATV USB Creator Mac & PC /n /n/n /n

DATE: Tue, 30 Dec 2008
SIZE: 45.7 MB
The Brew Review - iPhone- Categories & Netatalk

Pox reviews Apps for a jailbroken iPhone. NetAtalk, Categories and Backgrounder. Download H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 06 Dec 2008
SIZE: 19.2 MB
Commute Cast Ep 37 - Not So Smart Phones

Show Notes: Review of the G1 Google Phone and Blackberry Storm Download .MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sun, 19 Oct 2008
SIZE: 30.9 MB
Commute Cast Ep 36

Download the MP3/n /n/n /n

DATE: Wed, 08 Oct 2008
SIZE: 34.4 MB
iPhone Hacking 101 - 6 Windows QuickPwn (2.1 3g Jailbreak)

Pox and Ragable show you how easy it is to now Jailbreak the iPhone 3g 2.1 fimware on windows. Download H.264 Show Notes: QuickPwn Pwnage Tool 2.1/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 13 Sep 2008
SIZE: 36.2 MB
iPhone's for Tots

The only way to get an iPhone in Wyoming, USA (Skit from iPhone Hacking 101 Ep1) Download in HD 720p H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sat, 13 Sep 2008
SIZE: 36.2 MB
USA Wyoming iPhone Store

The only way to get an iPhone in Wyoming, USA (Skit from iPhone Hacking 101 Ep1) Download 720p H.264/n /n/n /n

DATE: Sun, 07 Sep 2008
SIZE: 24.2 MB
Commute Cast Ep 35 - Qik Gorillas

Show Notes: gorilla video Download the MP3/n /n/n /n

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