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DogCast Radio is a Podcast and Internet Radio station BY dog lovers, FOR dog Lovers.
Recent Episodes for DogCast Radio
DATE: Sat, 11 Sep 2010
SIZE: 21.0 MB
Episode 109 - Coprophagia and cruciate ligament surgery

Coprophagia Coprophagia is a formal term for one of the more disgusting habits a dog can have - that of eating poo. It's an embarrassing problem that many dog owners struggle with and it can be a difficult behaviour to train a dog out of. DogCast Radio listener Chantal Charbonneau has found that her two Weimaraners Mambo and Roxy have taken to recycling their own droppings to such an extent that she wanted expert help with putting a stop to it. In this interview, veterinarian Nancy Kay, who is the author of Speaking for Spot, has the answers for tackling coprophagic dogs. If you have found a product or strategy for stopping dogs eating poo we'd love to hear from you - it's a distressing problem. You can hear Nancy talking about her book Speaking for Spot which can help you be the advocate your dog deserves in Episode 90 of DCR. You can also find out more about Nancy at the Speaking for Spot website and at her Twitter or Facebook page. Good luck to Chantal! Cruciate ligament surgery Earlier this year Star, our Bichon Frise, ruptured her cruciate ligament just by running energetically through the woods. She ended up having surgery and the whole experience was a shock and a steep learning curve for us. I was eager to get some information about this condition which afflicts a surprising amount of dogs. In this interview you can hear John Davies, the surgeon who operated on Star talking about what the basic problem with the cruciate ligament is, how the problem occurs and the variety of treatments on offer. It's reassuring to know that the vast majority of dogs who do rupture a cruciate ligament will recover enough to live a full happy life again. Happily Star is now back to normal. News and other items Although Star is back to normal she is no more eager to go on long walks than she was before the injury occurred, and you can hear about some of the strategies she has developed to deal with this problem. Our dogs are good at finding solutions to problems such as making sure another dog doesn't steal your favourite stick out on a walk, and to avoid being shut out of the dining room at meal times. Host Julie considers this and more. In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick talk about the dog who won the award for the most unusual insurance claim - and it's a story with a sting in the tail! Also hear about how dogs are so relaxing for us, and have at guess what percentage of us talk to our dogs, and more to the point how many of us consider our dog a better talker than our partner. Plus what is pop star Mika training his dog to do, and how did Robbie Williams include his eight dogs at his wedding? Listen and find out!

DATE: Sat, 14 Aug 2010
SIZE: 27.6 MB
Episode 108 - Sue London and Schutzhund

Sue London ***PHOTO23845+++ Sue London is a People & Pet Therapist, a radio host, and much more. In 1989 she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is a chronic intestinal disorder, which causes severe abdominal pain, cramping, fatigue and diarrhoea. Further health complications followed, including being told she would never deliver the baby she was carrying. When Sue’s illness flared up her intestine burst, and she was rushed to the hospital; doctors predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death. Fortunately, a talented surgeon was able to act quickly and save her life. Following this dramatic event, Sue began to take pro-active steps to health and happiness. Throughout this amazing journey, Sue’s now deceased dog, Rocky (a Shih-Tzu) remained a devoted companion, and Sue tells in this interview how her dog helped her turn her life around. Having sorted her own life out, Sue now offers help to others, and brings the healing power of dogs to all who will accept it. You'll soon be able to see Sue who'll be on the Canadian channel Petnetwork, and her show will also be available via her website and through Facebook. Sue is also going to be an Internet TV host. Schutzhund ***PHOTO23764+++***PHOTO23842+++***PHOTO23 841+++***PHOTO23840+++***PHOTO23839+++***PHOTO23838+++* **PHOTO23837+++***PHOTO23836+++***PHOTO23835+++***PHOTO 23834+++***PHOTO23833+++***PHOTO23832+++***PHOTO23831++ +***PHOTO23830+++***PHOTO23827+++***PHOTO23826+++***PHO TO23825+++***PHOTO23823+++ Have you heard of Schutzhund? It’s a dog sport that combines three different disciplines, tracking, obedience and protection work. The DogCast Radio team visited the Leicestershire Schutzhund Club to find out more about this challenging, fascinating dog sport. It must be emphasised that sport is the applicable word; although the protection work involved looks spectacular there is no aggression whatsoever involved. Host Julie can attest to this after slipping on the Schutzhund sleeve to get up close and personal with a gorgeous German Shepherd. Among others, hear an interview with Alison awrence Alison the captain of the British Schutzhund team who will be going to the World Schutzhund Championships in Spain in October. You can find out more about the Leicestershire Schutzhund Club at their website and more about the World Championships. News In the DogCast Radio News you can hear stories about the ice cream van serving dogs, the pubs offering dog food, the luxury hotel with a canine menu - and surprise surprise the news that dogs are getting fatter and fatter! Also what happened when a real life hare ran into the middle of a Greyhound race, and the water that dogs should be avoiding right now, and the water where dogs can have fun. All will become clear when Kate and Nick bring you the news. Next month is National Dog Adoption Month launched by DogsBlog and Butcher’s Pet Care. was set up by Ryan O’Meara, a former professional dog trainer and animal welfare campaigner, and is celebrating the successful rehoming of dog number 10,000 - an 11 week old German Shepherd puppy called Axis. To find out more listen to the show or read the DogCast Radio blog for more information, or visit the DogsBlog site. Let's hope even more dogs find their forever homes during National Dog Adoption Month.

DATE: Sat, 10 Jul 2010
SIZE: 25.4 MB
DogCast Radio 107 - Chiengora and Karen Wild

Chiengora Frances Pike talks about chiengora - knitting with dog hair. Click on photo for larger image. One of the items Fran has knitted using chiengora. Click on photo for larger image. One of the items Fran has knitted using chiengora. Click on photo for larger image. Have you come across chiengora? - it's using dog hair to knit or weave with. The chien part of the word comes from French meaning dog, and the gora part refers to the angora style softness of the fur. Frances Pike knows all about collecting and preparing dog fur for use, and has made several items using chiengora fibre. Having an item made from your dog's fur can be a great fun item, but more than that, for those whose dog has passed on the chiengora item can be a an excellent memorial and sense of comfort. If you want to use some of your dog's fur, listen to Fran's advice for gathering it. You can find out more about Fran at her blog, which is about many aspects of knitting, not just chiengora. If you do make something using your dog's fur, we'd love to hear about it. Karen Wild Karen, with Coco, headmaster Adam and some of the children enjoying the benefits of a school dog. Click on photo for larger image. Karen enjoys helping dogs and people achieve greater harmony and understanding. Click on photo for larger image. Karen Wild is a dog trainer who enjoys working with people just as much as working with dogs, and has been involved in an innovative project at a school for children with special needs. Coco, the headmaster's Labrador, has been socialised and trained very carefully and is proving a hit with the children - as well as a great source of motivation for them. Karen talks about how she came to work with dogs, her attitude to her clients - human and canine - and her work with Coco. You can find out more about Karen at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter, where her name is WildPaw. News and other items In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about the dog who blew away - complete with kennel, the dog that was just too big for the house, and the dog who nearly came to a sticky end when he chewed up the mail. Plus a study claims we have made our dogs less intelligent just by domesticating them - hear the details. Buddy with Luna. Click on photo for larger image. The DogCast Radio family recently lost a member - Luna the cat. She was not quite a year old, and met her end when a car knocked her over. You can read a tribute to her in the DogCast Radio blog - The cat who stole the heart of a dog lover. Plus host Julie ponders if a thoroughly wet and very friendly dog is what really sorts the dog lovers from the non dog lovers. What situations do you think sort out the dog fan from the rest of the world? More details at Episode 107 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 12 Jun 2010
SIZE: 22.4 MB
106 - The the working life of a herding dog and Canix

The the working life of a herding dog Lucky the Border Collie is looking for a happy ending in the movie You Lucky Dog. Click on photo for larger image. Joyce and her Border Collie in action. Click on photo for larger image. Joyce and her dogs. Click on photo for larger image. Have you ever wondered what the working life of a herding dog consists of? Border Collie expert Joyce Geier talks about just that in this interview. Joyce has competed with her dogs at the highest levels, and she shares her experiences of working and living with this amazing breed. She knows that a Border Collie is happiest with a job to do, and she reveals the repercussions when her first Collie chose a mission of her own. Joyce is on the show in connection with the new Hallmark Channel movie, You Lucky Dog, which premieres on 26th June, and features Lucky's story - from rejected rescue dog to success. Lucky has to face plenty of challenges along the way, and so do the family that adopt her - can they all find their happy ending together? Host Julie has a review of the movie and you can find out more about You Lucky Dog at the Hallmark Channel website. To find out more about Joyce Geier check out >a href="">her website. Canix - running with your dog Many of us are struggling to control our own weight - and sometimes our dog's weight too. If you're looking for a way to get and keep fit, or maybe you're searching for a fun new activity you and your dog can share, Canix could be the answer. The dog sport of Canix is running with your dog, and as you can hear from Richard Cook, all you really need is a dog, a collar and lead, and you can get started. A wide variety of people participate in Canix - from superfast Team GB runners to those who compete at a slower pace. Richard talks about how you can best find out if your dog would enjoy Canix, where you can find more information, and how to really motivate your dog to get out there and run with you. And whether you have a Border Collie or a Bichon Frise, Canix could be for you. To find out more, visit the Canix website. News In the DogCast Radio News, we cover the sad consequences dogs can face when they travel on planes. Plus, we bring you the stories of the rescue dog being helped out by a famous little blue pill - find out more about that at the Little Shelter website - the dog who brought a wedding rehearsal to a standstill, and how life can be hard even when your David Beckham's dog. Joyce Geier Joyce Geier talks about the strange task that her dog decided to take on - does your dog seem to have written his own job description? Bichon Frise Star seems to think she should destroy anything that smells of ears, and has so far managed to chew up several pairs of ear plugs and ear phones. Buddy sees one of his missions in life to be keeping his arch enemy Vacuum at bay. Tell us about your dog's quirks. More details at Episode 106 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 08 May 2010
SIZE: 29.0 MB
DogCast Radio 105 - Bel Mooney and Dachshund profile (Updated)

Bel Mooney - Small dogs can save your life Bel Mooney with her beloved Bonnie. Click on photo for larger image. A memoir of how a small dog helped Bel Mooney survive divorce and rebuild her life. Click on photo for larger image. Writer and broadcaster Bel Mooney was happily married to Jonathon Dimbleby, and they lived with his two dogs, whom Bel liked, but hadn't quite learned to love. Then a tiny rescue Maltese called Bonnie came into Bel's life, and won her heart and her admiration. Despite her small size, Bonnie was to prove an invaluable friend and ally to Bel when her husband left her and her world fell apart. Bonnie's steadfast devotion helped Bel rebuild her life, and highlighted what a lot we humans could learn from our dogs. Bel has written about six turbulent years of her life in her aptly titled book, Small Dogs Can Save You Life, and in this interview she talks about it with humour and honesty. Dog lovers will enjoy this book whatever size of dog they prefer, because at its heart is a celebration of the vital role our dogs play in our lives. You can find out more about Bel Mooney and all her books at her website. Dachshund profile Molly breeds characterful Dachshunds that thrive on being together. Click on photo for larger image. I always think that Dachshunds look sweet, but I am aware that it can be a huge mistake to judge the nature of the dog by its appearance. To find out about the true nature of the dog beneath that sweet exterior I talked to Molly Morlino from Hill Country Dachshunds. Molly knows all about Doxies - or Daxies as they are known in the UK - as she has been breeding them since she was fourteen years old. Molly shares her insight into the character of a Dachshund, as well as what motivates them best in training, what health issues are associated with the breed, how much grooming and exercise they require, and other areas of life with this determined little hound. Molly is making great use of technology by streaming the birth of her dogs' litter live online, and also installing Cubby Cams in her kennels. This means that puppy buyers can witness the birth of their puppy as it happens - amazing! To find out more about Hill Country Dachshunds and to view some of those gorgeous Doxies visit Molly's website, and you can also friend her on Facebook News In the DogCast Radio News, we have storied of drug detecting dogs who are helping parents keep an eye - or rather a nose - on their teenagers, and ensuring the safety of a holiday resort in Cornwall, UK. There's also the story of the dog who slept through a burglary, and the dog who truly went that extra mile to help his family when fire broke out. Oh, and would you build your dog a $20,000 dream kennel in the garden? - we report on the dog owner who did. You can find out more about Dargo the dog who is helping parents keep their kids on the right track at the Desert Drug Dog website. Buddy's Diary Poor Star has ruptured her cruciate ligament and has had TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery to rectify the problem. Buddy talks about the effect this has had in the DogCast Radio household in Buddy's Diary. He tells the whole story - how it happened, how Star was bundled off to the vet, what she smelled like when she returned, and the dreadful repercussions of the whole thing. Star The DogCast Radio team would like to thank everyone who has sent good wishes to Star, who is now on the slow road to recovery, getting lots of rest in her crate, and gradually building her strength back up. In due course she should make a full recovery. Go Daddy We've created a number of dog related websites over the years and recently we've used GoDaddy the world's largest domain name registrar. If you're looking to set up your own dog website or blog DogCast Radio can help you save money. You can get 20% off hosting plans with the coupon code Dog20H1 or get 30% off a dot com domain with the code DogCast6. If you do decide to set up your own site we’d love to hear about it. You can find out more about these and other offers by going to More details at Episode 105 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 10 Apr 2010
SIZE: 24.8 MB
DogCast Radio 104 - Dog Tricks for Dummies and Flyball

Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies Sarah Hodgson can help you train and keep your dog happy Click on photo for larger image. Sarah Hodgson is the author of Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies. As well as being a prolific author, Sarah is a columnist, media personality and inventor. In this informative and humorous interview she talks about the approach behind the book and how simple, natural canine behaviours can be taught on command and developed. With Sarah's help you can learn how to teach your dog a variety of tricks, and gain insight into how to give your dog the confidence and focus to carry out these behaviours in unfamiliar locations in front of an audience. She also has advice on turning a trick into an impressive perrformance. Sarah also has great advice if you are starting agility; did you know that there's something much harder to control than your dog involved in that particular dog sport? Sarah has the answers. Above all, Sarah Hodgson wants to help you communicate effectively with your dog, and you can find out more about her at her website, When Dogs Talk, or on Facebook or Twitter. Flyball Katie Burns and her Labrador Dave. Click on photo for larger image. Rachel Ward and Storm. Click on photo for larger image. Ami Sekhon and Kiri. Click on photo for larger image. Lee Ashwood and Zoom. Click on photo for larger image. Kate Nicholas and Twist. Click on photo for larger image. Flyball is a fast and furious dog sport, involving teams of four dogs racing over four jumps to collect tennis balls. The DogCast Radio team went along to a training session with the Carry Ons flyball team and found out exactly what flyball entails, what sort of dogs it suits, and how it can give some dogs the outlet they need. We talk to team captain Katie Burns and various team members, including Kate Nicholas of Kate and Gin fame. Find out why you don't have to have a Border Collie, how slower dogs can compete in flyball too, and all about the health and welfare benefits flyball can offer your dog. Flyball can also help socialise your dog, and offer you a social life too. Listen to all this and more in our guide to flyball, which you can find out more about at the Carry Ons website, or the British Flyball Association website. News In the DogCast Radio News you can hear how dogs can convey different meanings in their growls, how a lurcher involved in a car accident had her body rebuilt, how Kelly Osbourne sustained an injury breaking up a dog fight, and how one dog became a diamond in the rough. Search for Toto The dogs queue outside the Kennel Club building. Click on photo for larger image. This entrant had it sorted â?? umbrella, dog bag and coffee! Click on photo for larger image. Currently in the UK the television show Over the rainbow is searching for a Dorothy to star in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of the Wizard of Oz, and they are also looking for a dog to play Toto. In the film Toto is a Cairn Terrier, but the auditions were open to any breed of dog as long as they were happy, healthy and had bags of personality. That sounded right up Buddy’s street so we went along. Hear how Buddy coped with the audition process. You can find out more at the BBC's Over The Rainbow website. More details at Episode 104 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
SIZE: 23.1 MB
DogCast Radio 103 - Crufts 2010 and Dee Green

Crufts 2010 John Lippiett and Hatch come face to face. Click on photo for larger image. In this show we bring you our Crufts coverage. Crufts 2010 had a new sponsor – the sofa company dfs – and in the show ring the emphasis was on health. Crufts always includes interesting and unusual stories, and one of the most intriguing this year featured a mongrel who had been dead for over four hundred years. In our interview with Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB MBE you can hear more about Hatch who was the mixed breed dog aboard Henry VIII's flagship The Mary Rose. Hatch was the only female aboard, but just what was she doing on the ship? Emily and Buddy have a beautiful friendship. Click on photo for larger image. Buddy and Julie were at Crufts as part of the Safe and Sound scheme which aims to educate children about safety around dogs. Heidi Lawrence, an Education Manager at the Kennel Club and Safe and Sound team member Emily Hilton talk about the scheme. Emily is the child who worked most closely with Buddy in the Safe and Sound displays. In other interviews, Samantha from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue talks about the organisations work rescuing dogs who are desperately in need of help, and we hear about the Poopsta, the device that's making poop scooping as easy and pleasant as possible. Lezli Rees from Driving with Dogs reveals how you can find great dog walks anywhere you travel in the UK, and to round it all off Gemma Young tells her personal story which demonstrates how well our dogs integrate into our families. Dee Green of Balanced Dogs Miley shortly after arriving at Dee's. Click on photo for larger image. Miley and her friend relaxing. Click on photo for larger image. Dee Green of Balanced Dogs took on rescue dog Miley with the aim of retraining her and rehoming her. However sometimes life doesn't turn out as you expect, and Miley has fitted in so well with Dee's dog and proved to have unexpected talents, so maybe she has found her forever home with Dee. Dee has spent her adult life surrounded by between three and nine canine companions including Chows, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and terriers of all kinds. The mission statement of Balanced Dogs is an admirable one, "Our goal is to help you have the relationship of your dreams with your best friend as quickly as possible." Dee talks with humour and passion about Miley and her work as a trainer. For more information visit the Balanced Dogs website. NewsIn the DogCast Radio News, you can find out whether dog or cat owners are more intelligent, how one man fell foul of the law for the way he walked his dog, and how if you are going to break the law you might be better off sticking to cats. TV opportunitiesIn the UK Sky One is working on a fantastic new series about pet behaviours and persistent medical conditions. The show features pet owners looking for a solution to awkward animal problems with advice from vets and pet behaviourists. Presented by Joanna Page (of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ fame), the show will feature correct animal care and training techniques. If you’d like to get in touch with the Tiger Aspect team you can do so on telephone number 02075299400 or on email address In the US, Animal Planet is developing a documentary about people who hoard animals. You can get in touch with them toll-free at 1-877-MY8PETS or got to More details at Episode 103 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 13 Feb 2010
SIZE: 27.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 102 - Kathryn Segura, Hollywood Dog Wrangler

DATE: Sat, 09 Jan 2010
SIZE: 33.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 101 - Stan Rawlinson, The Original Doglistener and Darlene Arden The Pet Expert

DATE: Sat, 26 Dec 2009
SIZE: 29.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 100 - Leashes and lovers and Labradoodle Trust

It's the 100th DogCast Radio show and it's also the Christmas show so sit back, relax and enjoy! Sheryl Matthys is the dog expert. She is an author, speaker, media personality, and founder of leashes and lovers. She's a certified dog trainer, a psychology graduate, and has a masters in radio and television so she's very well qualified for what she does! She is interested in the way we interact with our dogs, and the way our four legged best friends impact on our relationships and the choices we make. She also spends some of her time talking to celebrities about their dogs - you can see some of her celebrity interviews at her website, and find out more about her. If you have leashes and love in your life - or if you'd like it! - listen to Sheryl's advice. Although Labradoodles are a relatively new "breed" some of them are already finding themselves in rescue. When Catherine Mathieson realised that the dogs she loved were in need of new loving homes, she organised a group of fellow Labradoodle fans and founded Labradoodle Trust. The Trust works hard, and with the help of a nationwide network of volunteers they collect, foster and deliver Labradoodles from those who can no longer look after their Labradoodle to their new homes. These can be large, enthusiastic dogs that do shed hair, and these are some of the reasons they find themselves in rescue. In this show we hear from Labradoodle Trust founder Catherine Mathieson and fosterer Catherine Crowther. There's a special Christmas story - A Tale of Two Christmases - which tells of the consequences of a door being open when it should have been shut. And there's a festive edition of the DogCast Radio News from Kate and Nick - who has been awarded the "Bah Humbug" award? Listen and find out. We'll be back in 2010 with more news and interviews from around the world, as well as anything and everything dog related. Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to all our listeners, human and canine.

DATE: Sat, 12 Dec 2009
SIZE: 32.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 99 - Am I Boring My Dog? And Cushing's Disease

Have you ever wondered if you're boring your dog? Well Edie Jarolim did, and it's the title of her book, a fascinating collection of canine questions that covers everything from choosing the right puppy for you, right up to how to let that dog go at the other end of his life. Edie came to dog owning later in life, and so had plenty of questions about what she should be doing, and it that experience has lead her to write an informative, funny and very comprehensive book. With issues as varied as, "Should I get a mixed breed or a purebred?" and "Will my dog hate me if I dress him?" and even "Is there such a thing as a dog travel agent?" it's an interesting read. Edie talks about her experiences, and her beloved rescue dog Frankie who has been by her side through the writing of the book. When Emily Willard contacted DogCast Radio about her dog's diagnosis of Cushing's Disease, she wanted us to find advice for her about Western and alternative treatments on offer. To get that information we talked to Nancy Kay DVM, and animal healer Niki Senior. Nancy is a veterinarian and the author of Speaking For Spot, a book that has all the information and advice you need to become a great advocate for your dog. She talks about what Cushing's Disease actually is, the effect is has on the body, and the treatments your vet might offer you. Niki has worked with animals with Cushing's Disease, and she discusses what treatments she would advise Emily to use on her dog Gracie. To find out more about Nancy, visit the Speaking For Spot website, and to find out more about Niki visit the UK Animal Healer website. We all wish Emily and Gracie many more years of health and happiness. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick have stories of dogs helping those in pain, dogs at sea, down mineshafts and more. For those dog stories you might otherwise miss, check out the DogCast Radio News. Buddy's birthday gave host Julie food for thought. Buddy just turned seven - but he doesn't know how old he is and is still a pup at heart. To Julie he's perfect, but maybe he does have faults. Happy birthday Buddy!

DATE: Sat, 28 Nov 2009
SIZE: 18.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 98 - Black Dog Syndrome and dog friendly bed and breakfast

Have you heard of Black Dog Syndrome? Sadly it seems that black dogs are often passed over in rescues, with the result that they are put to sleep at a higher rate than dogs of other colours. In this show you can hear an interview with Heather Rosenwald of Start Seeing Black Dogs. Apparently black dogs in shelters may be overlooked by potential adopters as they don't show up as well as lighter dogs. It is notoriously hard to take a good photo of a black dog, so adopters going online may not find the dark blob in the photo appealing. Heather has lots of suggestions for how you can help improve the lot of black dogs, and many ideas to help shelters promote the black dogs in their care. Heather's own dogs are both black - as is Buddy of DogCast Radio - so she knows that the myths sometimes associated with black dogs are nonsense. Listen to Heather's great advice in this interview. It's wonderful when you find a vacation venue that is genuinely dog friendly. Karen Thorne runs the truly dog friendly award winning Hopton House Bed and Breakfast, and host Julie visited to find out exactly how she makes canines so comfortable at her beautiful establishment. Karen's own dogs, Murphy and Mitsi, gave Julie an enthusiastic welcome, and Karen talks about how her guests appreciate her dogs' presence. In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick bring you dog related stories that you might otherwise miss, including a worrying story of a teenager mugged for his pet dog. What is the answer to this kind of crime? If you have suggestions or opinions, get in touch with us. In Buddy's Diary Buddy reveals what he really thinks about Luna and Leo, the kittens who have recently come to live in his house. And what is the real difference between dogs and cats? - Buddy has the answer. Plus how do you make Christmas special for your dog? And what safety advice do you have? And what funny things has your dog done during the holidays? Host Julie shares her thoughts on all this.

DATE: Sat, 14 Nov 2009
SIZE: 23.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 97 - Author Chris Davis and Australian Terrier Health Committee

Chris Davis didn't anticipate writing a book, let alone four, complete with beautiful illustrations. She feels an emotional attachment to each of her books - For Every Dog an Angel, The Shelter Dog, Old Dog and the Christmas Wish, and For Every Cat an Angel. Chris was inspired to write the books by her own dogs, and in this interview she reveals the experiences that helped develop the ideas in her mind. You can hear how her animals enriched her life in so many ways, and how they interacted with each other in surprising ways. In the wake of the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed the UK Kennel Club has asked breed clubs to take stock of the health of their breed. The Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain has set up a Breed Health Committee to investigate the health of their dogs affectionately known as "Ozzies". Host Julie interviewed Doreen Simpkins, an established and respected breeder of Australian Terriers at the Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain's Championship show. At the time of the interview Doreen was also Chairperson of The Southern Counties Australian Terrier Club, a committee member of The Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain and the Vice Chairperson of Joint Breed Health Committee of the Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain. At the show, Julie also chatted to Sue Thompson who was very new to showing, and Susan McCourt who has a long and successful showing career. What is it that keeps exhibitors coming back for more? What's it like to walk into the ring for the first time, and can you really be friends with competitors? In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick talk about the dog that unexpectedly got stuck to his crate, and how dogs are apparently bad for the environment, but we love 'em anyway! Host Julie ponders on between Buddy and Star and their latest co-habitants, kittens Leo and Luna. What are the consequences when your dogs and cats make friends and start working as a team?

DATE: Sat, 24 Oct 2009
SIZE: 24.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 96 - Canine health concern

Do you worry about your dog's health? Whether to vaccinate, what to feed and so on? If so Catherine O'Driscoll of Canine Health Concern has the information you need. She issued a press release concerning thirty-three vets and doctors from around the world, who had signed a letter stating their concerns about vaccination. They quoted world veterinary bodies that have announced publicly that annual vaccination is not necessary, and that it can be harmful. As far as we are aware we were and are the only media organisation which published this release. In this in depth interview Catherine examines the evidence about vaccination, linking it to her own experiences with her dogs, and outlines how Canine Health Concern came into existence. She is on a mission to inform dog owners so they can make better decisions. Rally has been established in America for a while, but it's very new to the UK. Julie and Buddy were among the first to try it out. Hear about their experiences at a level one course run by Carole Thornley of Aricia Dog Training. Find out how they got on and what their biggest problem on the day was. In the DogCast Radio News hear about dogs behaving badly with a variety of consequences - some of the disastrous. Plus there's a huge dog, and a Dachshund who's making medical history.

DATE: Sat, 10 Oct 2009
SIZE: 28.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 95 - Small Dog, Big Life and Basset Hound scent trails

Dr Denny Fried has a very talented dog, who has "barktated" her own book, called Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius. The dog in question, Genevieve, may have a big intellect and a mighty funny take on life, but she's actually a tiny Papillon. As you read her book you realise that although she is small in stature, she makes up for it with a big attitude. As Denny points out in the foreword of the book, this is a dog book unlike any other, as Genevieve reveals inside information on what dogs really think of us. Canines are perplexed by some of our behaviour, and often ponder whether we humans think. It's a funny story how Genevieve even ended up living with Denny, and you can hear him tell the story in this interview. With excerpts from the bog and a lot of humour, Denny gives you a flavour of Genevieve's book, and lots of background on what she's like to live with. Did you know that Basset Hounds were originally a working breed? They're a scent hound and their sensitive nose was put to use to track animals for hunting. In response to criticisms of modern breeding practices the Midland Basset Hound Club was eager to get their dogs back to work and prove that they can do what they were intended for, so they set up a trial. Bassets have such a sad looking face, which belies their clownish nature, but are they couch potatoes or do they thrive on exercise? Are their instincts still strong enough to guide them on the trail of a scent? We attended the trial and have interviews with club members including the judge for the day. In the DogCast Radio News we have an expensive dog, two very lucky dogs and a confused dog who thinks he's a cat. Plus we bring you news of a New York scheme exploring the possibilities of composting dog waste. Plus do you know who Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole trusts more - and less - than her dogs? Host Julie reveals the surprising truth.

DATE: Sat, 12 Sep 2009
SIZE: 26.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 94 - Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Sid Korpi wrote Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss after experiencing her own "tsunami" of grief. This is an incredibly helpful book both for those who have lost a pet, and for those who haven't yet had that experience to prepare for it. Despite dealing with such a serious problematic subject, the book is uplifting, and points out very early on that grief is a "rich" experience, and not one that you can shy away from. On a practical level the book has countless suggestions of wonderful ways to memorialise your pet. You may want to mourn alone, or you may want others to participate in some way, both approaches are valid and catered for. It is almost inevitable that while you are grieving some idiot will come out with something along the lines of, "But it was only a dog!" Sid has strategies to help you deal with this moment - and even suggests that such people may sometimes be more in need of sympathy than scorn. This book engages readers on an emotional level too, and includes many of Sid's own experiences as well as many contributed stories. In this interview you can hear how Sid's animals seem to have some connection as soon as they meet, how sometimes she recognises or knows the name of her next pet, and how two of her dogs who had passed over helped guide her to her next dog. It's an amazing collection of intriguing experiences, and it offers hope to those missing a beloved companion animal. In the DogCast Radio News, hear about the loss of Gibson, the world's tallest dog, plus the dog who's alive thanks only to the wet British weather, the lucky dog who flew alongside his mistress from Paris to Israel, as well as dog rescuing - and being rescued - at sea. We've been running a competition offering you a pawtographed T-shirt and postcards featuring the work of Ziggy the painting Pekingese, and in this show you can hear who the winners are.

DATE: Sat, 22 Aug 2009
SIZE: 23.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 93 - The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood and pet sitting

Nadine M. Rosin is the author of The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood. Her dog Buttons chose her as a tiny puppy, and Nadine was devastated when at the age of eight years old, the vet gave her six weeks to live. Buttons was Nadine's canine child, and Nadine refused to believe that her life was almost at an end. She took a proactive approach to changing her pet's life; improving her diet and removing any possible sources of contamination. The proof of her approach is that Buttons lived to be nineteen years old. Here Nadine shares with you many of her secrets of helping your dog live a long, healthy, happy life, through her holistic philosophy. Of course, however long our dogs live, it's never enough, and Nadine also has a lot of advice about coping with the loss of a beloved dog. Some people in life touch your heart with their integrity and Nadine M. Rosin is one of those people. She knows the utter misery of pet loss, and offers counselling - if necessary on a donation basis. It's always an important part of going on holiday to ensure your pets will be happy and well looked after while you are away. One option is hiring a pet sitter. Listen to this interview with Nina Cole, who owns and runs pet sitting business Nina's Nannies For Pets. Nina talks about what life is really like for a pet sitter, and reveals why a sense of humour is so necessary. For pet owners planning to use a sitter, she has advice on how to get the most from the service - and crucially how to spot a good, reliable sitter. Nina's business grew from one woman to a thriving business, and she talks about her experiences with great humour. Importantly, Nina herself is a pet owner, so she knows just how precious our companion animals are to us, and what great care they deserve. In the DogCast Radio News you can hear why the British Kennel Club just can't please all the people all the time, an old dog, a young dog and Internet scams that are stinging puppy buyers. Host Julie considers that dogs must not know the story of the boy who cried, "Wolf!" and has a reminder of our great Ziggy the painting dog competition. DogCast Radio can offer you the chance to win a pawtographed T-shirt and set of 6 postcards featuring Ziggy's work by entering our Ziggy competition.

DATE: Sat, 15 Aug 2009
SIZE: 24.1 MB
Ziggy the painting dog and Wolf walk

Ziggy the painting dogI found him sitting in front of the painting wagging his tail, staring at the painting admiring his work. - Elizabeth Monacelli Ziggy the artistic Pekingese. Click on photo for larger image. One of Ziggy's creations. Click on photo for larger image. As soon as I read about Ziggy in a newspaper I wanted to interview his owner, Elizabeth Monacelli. In most respects Ziggy is an "ordinary" Pekingese, except Ziggy has an unusual talent - he's an artist. In this interview Elizabeth explains how it all came about from Ziggy's interest in cardboard tubes. She has evidence that he admires his own work, and she talks about how Ziggy is adamant about which colour to use at times. Ziggy chooses when and for how long he works, and part of the proceeds from the sale of his masterpieces goes to charity. There's more to Ziggy's story than meets the eye - listen and find out. You can find out more about Ziggy at his website, and you can contact him on Twitter. Plus DogCast Radio can offer you the chance to win a pawtographed T-shirt and set of 6 postcards featuring Ziggy's work by entering our Ziggy competition. To be in with a chance of winning answer this question: In our interview how many paintings does Elizabeth say Ziggy had completed so far? You can email the answer to The winner will be chosen and random and announced in our September show. Good luck! Wolf WalkThere is such a skewed vision of wolves by many people. When you think about it from the day we’re born the wolf is always cast in a bad light. - Sean Kavanagh Jenny enjoys interacting with a wolf. Click on photo for larger image. Julie pets a wolf. Click on photo for larger image. When Jill Moss founder of the Bella Moss Foundation invited us on a wolf walk with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust we jumped at the chance to go. The trust offers members and their guests the chance to interact with wolves in a wonderful woodland walk, and then return to the centre to learn more about these beautiful creatures. It's amazing to see how affectionate the wolves are with their handlers, and to hear about the wolves appearances on television. One of the wolves, Alba, broke his neck in an accident in his enclosure - hear his amazing story of recovery. You can find out more about the trust at ">their website. Jill Moss has been nominated for Woman of the Year, and in this show you can hear her talk about her experiences with the wolves. She became a member of the trust after interacting with young wolves in their enclosure. One of the wolves a reacted strangely to her - with very lucky consequences for Jill. Hear Jill tell the story of how she lost her beloved dog Bella to MRSA and how she has since helped countless other sufferers around the world in Episode 58 of DogCast Radio. You can find out more about Jill and support her fight against MRSA and other serious infections at the Bella Moss Foundation website.Buddy's Diary In Buddy's Diary, Buddy has been observing Star and Jenny at their training classes. So how is Star getting on with training her human? What crafty strategies has she been employing and do they work? More to the point how can Buddy make it work in his favour? News Host Julie brings you some dog related news stories (because Kate and Nick are away from the News Desk celebrating Kate's birthday). Did you hear about the dog who's been upstaging Richard Gere, and who are the new sponsors for Crufts 2010 - and why will they be so popular among the dogs?

DATE: Sat, 08 Aug 2009
SIZE: 22.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 92 - Cardio Myopathy in dogs and Ruby Scrumptious toy dog walking group

We are bombarded with messages about keeping our own hearts healthy, but did you know that dogs can suffer with heart disease too. Larger breeds are particularly prone to this, and Melanie Powell who works in the Cardiology Department at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Centre runs a clinic offering a screening to breeders and owners. The clinic detects dilated cardio myopathy in dogs, and though the condition can be treated it can't be cured. Dogs affected should not be bred from. To find out what dilated cardio myopathy is, what the symptoms are, and why it's so important to establish if your dog is affected. How do you feel about little dogs? Are you a big fan of small breeds, or maybe are you not so keen? Well whichever you are this interview is for you. Michelle organises the toy dog group Ruby Scrumptious, so if you think toy breeds are terrific you'll love her, and if your favourite breeds are big breeds, Michelle has something to say to you too. If you've ever made fun of someone with a dog in a stroller, listen up and think again! Owning toy breeds brings its own issues and challenges, which those who've only ever had larger dogs might not have thought of. The Ruby Scrumptious group meets in London, and there are many benefits to dog owners from walking in a group. In the DogCast Radio News you can hear how dog communication hit the headlines recently in contradictory studies. Plus listen to Kate and Nick with stories about cloned dogs, five legged dogs, why Australian women prefer dogs to men, and how a very special pair of dogs got rehomed in the UK. In our fiction feature The Best Medicine of All, written and read by host Julie, hear how a dog's visit to a care home is the highlight of one man's day. Host Julie considers what happened when owners try to work each other dogs in training classes - and why was it so humiliating for her?

DATE: Sat, 11 Jul 2009
SIZE: 28.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 90 - Speaking For Spot and the Swedish Kennel Club

Nancy Kay is a veterinarian who can help you truly be your dog's best friend. She is the author of Speaking for Spot: Be the advocate your dog needs to live a happy healthy longer life. In this interview she gives some great insights into how you can make informed decisions about your dog's health. When it comes to visiting the vet, do you know how to make the consultation as effective as possible? And would you like to know the secrets of being a popular customer? All through our dogs' lives we face difficult choices - when to spay or neuter, which treatment to choose, and that ultimate problem of when to let go? Nancy shares her Ten Commandments of visiting the vet and explains the procedures that most of us probably didn't even know were available for dogs. All this dished up with a hearty helping of humour - so don't miss out, listen to Nancy's interview. In the UK the Swedish Kennel Club is often held up as a model of perfection, so when I interviewed Jon Buscall who breeds Basset Hounds in Sweden, I took the opportunity to pick his brains on the subject. While Jon does not represent the Swedish Kennel Club in official capacity, he has plenty of experience of being a member, and of breeding dogs under its guidance. So just what is the SKC doing that's so good, and how are they working to improve and ensure dog health, and of all the things we are told about them what is myth and what is truth? - Jon has the answers, and you can hear them. Buddy has been somewhere exciting. He went to a huge dog party, and he tells all about it in Buddy's Diary. Buddy was at Crufts helping to promote the PDSA, and had a fantastic time - but how did he cope with all the attention, and what did he make of the press room? Listen and find out. In the news you can hear how much X-men actor Liev Schreiber loves his dog, why ex-footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones is so grateful to his dog, and how British politician, former home secretary and guide dog user David Blunkett recently sustained a cow-related injury. Plus ugly dogs, noisy dogs and the aaah! factor -what more could you ask for from Kate and Nick at the DogCast Radio Newsdesk? Plus host Julie has the story of how the dog got his wet nose. So let DogCast Radio inform, entertain and amuse you.

DATE: Sat, 13 Jun 2009
SIZE: 29.5 MB
Episode 89 - Be the Ideal Puppy Purchaser and the Dog in Art

Be the ideal puppy purchaser Jon Buscall breeds Basset Hounds in Sweden. He recently wrote an interesting blogpost titled, "How to be the ideal puppy purchaser". When you look for a breeder, you are usually focusing on what you as a buyer want. However, you need to be able to show the breeder you choose that you are worthy of buying one of their puppies. Jon's advice can help you do just that. He has many things to consider - do you have the time and energy to commit to a puppy? Are you willing to keep in touch with the breeder? Have you really found out all you need to about the breed? And intriguingly, does it matter if you're experienced or an absolute beginner? - the answer to that one just might surprise you. To benefit from more of Jon's advice visit his website, and you can also contact him on Twitter. The Dog:5000 years of the dog in art Tamsin Pickeral has written The Dog:5000 years of the dog in art. Dogs were a natural subject choice for her as she grew up with dogs right from the start. She has studied the development of the depiction of the dog from its very beginnings. She has an interesting theory on why horses have been included on human art for so much longer than dogs have. It's fascinating how the way we have drawn and painted our dogs reflects the way our attitudes have changed towards them. It’s a beautiful looking book but Tamsin talks about how she has also included lots of information too. You can find out more at Tamsin's website. News and other items In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about how dogs have been mixing with exotic animals, with different results. And did you hear about the dog who made a phone call that ended with the police getting involved? Well you can hear it in the news! Do you enjoy taking your dog to the beach? Host Julie does, and she talks about some bad beach behaviour she recently observed. To learn about great doggy beach etiquette try these links: ps/beachetiq.shtml -etiquette-at-the-beach/ ette.php

DATE: Sat, 23 May 2009
SIZE: 1.84 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 88 - Kate and Gin .. and Ice

It's hard to believe that it was only last year that doggy dancing duo Kate and Gin burst onto our television screens in the show Britain's Got Talent. They amazed the judges with their display of heelwork-to-music, with Simon Cowell declaring, "All my life I have searched for the new Lassie and I think I've found him. That dog has got more talent than Rin Tin Tin." Kate and Gin went on to the finals of the show, delighting viewers at home with their wonderful routines. Since then there have been countless personal appearances for the partnership as well as success in competitions, and of course lots and lots of dancing displays. So how does a girl of sixteen cope with such incredible success? And what came after that initial blaze of publicity? The big news is that the duo has become a trio with the arrival of Border Collie Ice, who is now nine months old. According to Kate, Ice seems to know that she has big footsteps to follow, and is proving a very willing pupil. So how has Gin taken to the arrival of the newcomer? And what was it that Gin did in obedience classes that was so embarrassing? To discover all that and more, listen to Kate talking about her beloved - and clever - dogs. In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about the dog whose digging could have blown up in his face, the dog who was literally blown away, and the dogs who ended up in surgery after developing an appetite for some very unusual items. Host Julie will be talking about the things she wishes she'd known with her first dog, Buddy. What was the problem with toilet training? What was the training issue Buddy took longest to master? And what discovery was the aspect of dog ownership that most surprised her? Listen and find out. In our fiction feature, Starting at the very beginning, we see a dog training class through the eyes of the instructor. Will she ever get this class licked into shape?

DATE: Sat, 09 May 2009
SIZE: 27.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 87 - Fit as Fido and A Day at Dogs Trust

Dr. Dawn Marcus has spent years telling patients that living healthily was more complicated than just taking a tablet to put everything right. She always knew that lifestyle played a huge part in health, but it was not until the arrival in her life of Wheatie the Wheaten Terrier in her own life, that she realised how much we can learn from our dogs. Meeting a dog's needs involves having a regular routine, and getting lots of exercise. But it also includes having fun, and in the process our physical and mental wellbeing are improved and enhanced. Did you know that if you eat, sleep and play like a dog, you can seriously improve your health? Listen to Dr. Dawn Marcus as she talks about her brilliant book Fit as Fido, which explains how you can learn the vital life lessons your dog knows all about. My local Dogs Trust centre, Roden, does tremendous job of rehoming dogs, so I went to find out what a day is like in the centre. It starts early, it goes on late, and it involves lots of hard work. It also means lots of fun and attention for the dogs, as well as training and meeting the public. There's cleaning, feeding, grooming and walking to be done, and none of this could happen without the commitment of a very devoted team of staff, and some wonderful volunteers. Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog down, and has some ingenious schemes in place to raise awareness of and funds for those dogs in its care. In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about dogs in danger, a GPS system for guide dogs, and do you know what a Chorkie is? Well a Chorkie could be the smallest dog in the UK. But where does the smallest dog in the world live? Nick has the answers! Does your dog love you? Well according to author Jon Katz he doesn't, he merely exhibits behaviour that tricks you into thinking he loves you, because that gets him what he wants. By the way, he doesn't miss you when you're gone and would soon forget you apparently.

DATE: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
SIZE: 37.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 86 - CAPS, Crufts and more

When Deborah Howard was horrified by the appalling condition of a dog in a pet shop, she founded CAPS - Companion Animal Protection Society - of which she is the president. She and many colleagues now work tirelessly to ensure companion animals receive the treatment they deserve. CAPS gathered evidence for a recent court case, which Deborah talks about in this interview. The abuses that lead to the court case are shocking - and will horrify all dog lovers. Mic Martin was at Crufts raising money for the charity Support Dogs. Mic was busy on all four days of the show, giving training advice in return for donations to the charity. Mic Martin is the familiar disciplinarian trainer on the television program Dog Borstal - but in real life he is far less daunting as you'll hear! Mic talks about why he is so committed to Support Dogs, and the incident that lead him to this attitude. He also talks about the training he offers at his own establishment, what he thinks of Crufts - and he has some excellent advice if you want to find out about particular breeds of dog. The Native Dog Breeds Trust is striving to highlight to the British public what is great about traditional British breeds that are in danger of dying out. For example, did you know that while 45,000 Labradors were registered in the UK last year, only 37 Skye Terrier pups were registered? The Skye Terrier is the most vulnerable of all the breeds the Trust is trying to promote, and in this interview, you will hear John Breeze talking about the work of the trust, and he says there's a vulnerable breed that would suit everyone. Jim Hawkins is the presenter of the morning show on Radio Shropshire. He is also a Twitterer and a dog owner, sharing his life with his beloved "Comedy Dog". I interviewed Jim as he sat on a park bench in Telford town park - this is a practice he carries out once a week, varying the location of the bench around Shropshire, and recording the conversations he has for broadcast in his show. In this interview you can hear Jim talk about life with feisty Comedy Dog, and the difficulty of inter-species communications between Comedy Dog and Big Fat Cat- Jim's other pet.

DATE: Sat, 11 Apr 2009
SIZE: 29.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 85 - Just This Side Of Heaven and Crufts 2009

Beagles came into Tim Glass's life by accident. Once he had discovered the breed, he loved them. Beagle brought Tim's wife Cathy into his life. Cathy is another Beagle devotee, and so it was that Tim and Cathy set up home together with their pack of three Beagles. Penny was a very special Beagle, whose life and death, taught Tim and Cathy so much. The worst aspect of dog ownership is the comparatively short canine lifespan, and many of us are cast adrift in our grief for a devoted companion we have lost, but whom the world see as "just" a dog. Tim's experiences lead him to write the book Just This Side of Heaven, which is affecting those who read it in many ways - and definitely helping people to cope with loss, and move on. In this interview with both Tim and Cathy, you can hear the amazing story of how they were brought together by their beloved Beagles, how they lived with them, and how they coped with the loss of their very special girl, Penny. Crufts 2009 was a much anticipated, much talked and written about show, but if you were there you know it was business as usual. We were there, and as usual we sniffed out some interesting stories for you. Sue Cole and her pupils were there raising awareness of and gather signatures for their petition to make microchipping of dogs a legal requirement. Sue and one of her pupils, Lauren, explain why they feel so strongly about this subject, and the efforts they are making in their campaign. Together they are the SOFA Club - Speaking Out For Animals. They have their own website, an online petition and an excellent patron in Marc Abraham. Dog Theft Action and Vets Get Scanning also support the SOFA Club's campaign. Marc Abraham was at Crufts as the Kennel Club's Veterinary Adviser, but also as co-founder of ThePet.Net website. You can hear a great interview with him and co-founder Andrew Seel, talking about a range of things, including the awards scheme they have to highlight pet friendly businesses, and how the Internet can unite and empower dog owners. Jill Moss was at Crufts promoting the good work that the Bella Moss Foundation does supporting pet owners affected by MRSA and other serious infections. She had news of new patrons this year. Cat the Vet, the resident vet at Pet Street offers advice and information as well as an insight into her work as a vet. It was her first trip to Crufts, and you can hear what she thought of it all. Rose Bugler and Sue Jones were at Crufts publicising their DVD, The Well Balanced Pup. They were approaching the show from a rather different angle - hear how in this informative interview. With so many dog lovers gathered together, the magazine Your Dog was selling like hot cakes, until they sold right out of copies. I spoke to Editor Sarah Wright about what readers find inside a copy of the magazine.

DATE: Sat, 14 Mar 2009
SIZE: 27.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 84 - Give a dog a home and raising puppies (part two)

Graeme Sims is the shepherd who works up to nine sheepdogs at a time, each in a different language. Now retired, Graeme, his wife and their pack of Border Collies have found peace in South Wales. Graeme's latest book is called Give a Dog a Home, and deals with some of the problems rescue dogs can encounter. Graeme talks about his definition of "rescue", and there can be many situations that a dog needs to be "saved" from. As ever, Graeme talks with honesty, authority and a lot of humour. He has a lot of advice, gained through years of experience, but always has food for thought too. Jerrie Wolfe is an amazing breeder who allows her dogs the freedom and space to follow their instincts when it comes to bringing up their puppies. With over thirty years experience of breeding her own dogs, Jerrie has the experience to back up her approach. The puppies she produces are well-balanced and confident, and most importantly they know how to be a dog. It may sound strange, but young dogs need to learn how to read other dogs, how to take correction, and how to deal with dominance. Puppies need to play with each other, and to learn from older dogs. Jerrie's Cairn Terriers get the opportunity to do all that. They are successful as family pets, and in the show ring. The Journey, our fiction feature that began in the last episode concludes this time. The young Weimaraner was abandoned at the roadside - what will his future hold? This is the only episode in March - but DogCast Radio returns in April.

DATE: Sat, 28 Feb 2009
SIZE: 27.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 83 - Raising puppies and Justice for Dogs

Jerrie Wolfe is an amazing breeder who allows her dogs the freedom and space to follow their instincts when it comes to bringing up their puppies. With over thirty years experience of breeding her own dogs, Jerrie has the experience to back up her approach. The puppies she produces are well-balanced and confident, and most importantly they know how to be a dog. They may sound strange, but young dogs need to learn how to read other dogs, how to take correction, and how to deal with dominance. Puppies need to play with each other, and to learn from older dogs. Jerrie's Cairn Terriers get the opportunity to do all that. They are successful as family pets, and in the show ring. The law as it relates to dogs can seem incredibly complicated - even to some lawyers apparently! In the UK Ann Harpwood is the woman to turn to if you find yourself in dog-related trouble with the law. Ann founded Justice for Dogs, which is a charity which aims to provide support for dog owners with problems, especially of a legal nature. Although Ann is based in the UK much of the advice she has for dog owners is relevant wherever you live, such as how a DNA profile could be helpful, and what forms of identification are really effective? Ann also talks about some of the requests for help she has dealt with. In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear about dogs behaving badly, dogs going missing, and why smokers are more likely to quit for their dogs' health than their own. There's the first part of a two-part fiction feature, The Journey, and did you know that you can now get DogCast Radio updates on Twitter?

DATE: Sat, 14 Feb 2009
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DogCast Radio Episode 82 - Russian Dog Wizard and Wolf Conservation

If you haven't encountered the Russian Dog Wizard yet you're in for a treat with this show. Vladislav Roytapel has trained dogs in many countries, in many situations, and now owners often turn to him for help with dogs that are considered untrainable. Valdae can always help though, and with his ability to communicate with dogs in their own language, "doglish", he can get humans and canines on the road to living in harmony. Vladae has trained dogs for the Russian government, the Red Army and the KGB. The dogs he worked with carried such tasks as sniffing out gas leaks, delivering mail between the military ships, guarding and search and rescue. Now he brings all that knowledge and experience to bear on solving problems for pet owners. In this interview he reveals some of his secrets, and gives his advice for living in peace with your dog. To experience more of the magic of the Russian Dog Wizard, you can visit his website, where there is a wealth of information about Vladae, his training methods, and some of his highly entertaining appearances on TV and radio. Toni Shelbourne is not just one of the UK's foremost authorities on Tellington Touch, she is also an Education Officer & Senior Wolf Handler with the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. In this interview you can hear her talk with great affection about the wolves she works with. They are so well socialised that they can be taken on walks to meet the public, and definitely enjoy interacting with humans. Toni talks about how they are cared for, their environment, and the sometimes surprising effect they can have on those who meet them. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick bring you the latest on why Emma Roberts found working on Hotel For Dogs kept her on her toes, how a dog rescued a woman with hypothermia, the Australian dogs who need rescuing from a large reptile, and what never to do when searching for a lost dog. If you want information about President Obama's dog plans, check out the American Kennel Club site. Don't forget that the Buddy's Diary book is still available for $10.95 or 6.35 UK pounds. Or you can download the book for $3.95 which is 2.31 UK pounds. It should be available in most parts of the world, and you can of course use the ISBN number to order it into your nearest book shop.

DATE: Sat, 24 Jan 2009
SIZE: 25.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 81 - Free Shaping and Tellington Touch

There's a lot of different ways that you can train each thing, but I love the free-shaping process, and I love to watch them figure things out. Hopefully you know by now that clicker training is a highly effective training method. You should also be aware that the clicker is not to get the dog's attention or give an instruction; rather it's a way of pinpointing to the dog the exact behaviour you want. There are many ways to use a clicker, and in this show we hear about shaping from expert dog trainer, Pam Dennison. Shaping is a way to break a behaviour down into little steps, and tell the dog that he is doing something right, and gradually moving towards the behaviour you want. According to Pam, you can think of it a little like the hot and cold game. Pam has all the information you need to get you started on shaping with your dog - and she has a DVD The Magic of Shaping: Explore the Possibilities. It sounds like a great way to get your dog thinking. Tellington Touch can be used on dogs with health or behaviour problems, as well as healthy dogs. It's something you can learn to do with your own dog, whatever his breed or age, and it's something that will benefit you both, and help you bond. In this interview you can listen to Toni Shelbourne talking about Tellington Touch. Toni has studied under Linda Tellington-Jones as well as other top Tellington Touch instructors, and risen to become one of the highest qualified practitioners in the UK. She can work with a variety of animals, appeared alongside Sarah Fisher in the television series "Talking to Animals", and runs one and two day workshops in the UK. You can find more details at her website. According to Toni, if you're willing to give it a go, you can learn to do Tellington Touch. In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear why Jennifer Anniston thinks a dog is better than a man, how dogs can tell if things are fair, and how actor Kevin McKidd learned the hard way you shouldn't put off having your dog neutered. This show's article highlights Bichon Frise Star's eccentricities. You've been feeding back about the new theme music, and the consensus is that you preferred the old one. Keep letting us know what you think. Also, have you checked out the DogCast Radio Blog yet? If not you're missing out on extra information about DogCast Radio, information about Buddy and Star, dog related news, great website links, and occasionally Julie's musings.

DATE: Sat, 10 Jan 2009
SIZE: 25.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 80 - Listener's problem and Swapping Bones For Brocolli

We were contacted by a listener, Katarina Anthony, with a problem with her three dogs. Her German Shepherd, Bismark is constantly trying to be top dog, and Katarina is beginning to despair of her dogs ever living in peace. For help with this difficult problem, I turned to aggression specialist, Susie Aga. Susie always gives great insights into canine thinking, and this interview is no exception. She has advice for Katarina on establishing which of her dogs is really the alpha dog. She also has tips on how to handle life - particularly those flashpoints like dinner time - to ensure the dogs avoid situations that set off competition between them. Susie Aga is a Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialist who received her certification from Triple Crown Academy, a world leader in pet education. She has 20 years experience with dogs and is recommended by over 45 Veterinarians in the Metro Atlanta area. Susie was chosen by Turner Broadcasting to be their featured 'Pet Expert'. Susie is also the 'Pet Expert' for- Pet Doctor Online. She is interviewed by veterinarians regarding many behavioral issues and their solutions. The discussions are directed towards behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, cage aggression and other hard to define issues facing many owners and their dogs. The shows are also archived for your convenience. She has six rescue dogs of her own and donates much of her time and services to Rescue Organizations. You can truly say her life has gone to the dogs and that is just the way SHE WANTS IT! Did you know that many owners are swapping bones for broccoli in their dog's diet? Many of us are trying to improve our own diet at this time of year, so it makes sense to overhaul what our dog is eating too. Do you give your dog vegetables? Or vitamin supplements? We talk to Emma Holyer from Liverpool Victoria about some research they carried out on canine cuisine. Their results may not be quite what you expected. In the DogCast Radio News, Princess Beatrice's dog Max went missing over Christmas, her uncle Prince Edward has been investigated by the RSPCA after allegations he hit his Labradors, and we hear about puppies who made the journey from Atlanta to Florida to find new homes. Our fiction feature is Be Careful What You Wish For. It's written by Kate Coldham and read by Nick Coldham. It's a New Year, and we have new opening music for DogCast Radio. Is it change for the better or the worse? Let us know what you think. It's still the same great mix of dog related interviews, news and more - so start 2009 as you mean to go on, and listen to DogCast Radio.

DATE: Sat, 27 Dec 2008
SIZE: 28.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 79 - Tailwaggers and Rethinking rescue dogs

It's time for a Christmas episode again. In this episode we have an interview with a woman who's doing her best to change the way we talk and think about rescue dogs. Cynthia Miller shares her life with two beautiful Maltese dogs, Lulu and Lolly, and she and the girls do a lot of work to raise money for dogs who really need help. Cynthia (and husband Dean) wrote Rescue Dog Rock, which you can see at Lulu and Lolly's website. The video that accompanies the song may well make you think again about rescue dogs. Lulu and Lolly have their own calendar which is helping raise money for charity. They also have a blog, and their own unique career ambitions. To have your preconceptions challenged, listen to Cynthia - her enthusiasm is infectious. It may be Christmas but we can't rustle up a Fairy Godmother. We can do the next best thing though - that's the Furry Godmother, Dogs Today editor, Beverley Cuddy. Beverley talks about a charity that's close to her heart - Tailwaggers. The charity was once incredibly popular in the UK, but has declined in recent years. Beverley is helping to ensure the charity's future. It may not be a household name, and it may not change the world - but Tailwaggers can and does change people's and dogs' lives for the better. Beverley gives some heart-warming examples of people who have turned to Tailwaggers and found solutions to their problems. We have a special two minute fiction feature - Christmas Shopping. Why buy things for a dog you haven't got? And our quotes between items are a dog's rules for Christmas. So listen online, or take us with you on your mp3, but one way or another, enjoy a merry Christmas with DogCast Radio.

DATE: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
SIZE: 28.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 78 - Choosing a puppy and more on spending less at the veterinarian

If you're looking for ways to save money as we all feel the bite of the credit crunch, veterinarian Paula Terifaj has some great advice on how you can spend less on your dog's medical treatment. In the second part of her interview, Paula talks about what you should do to prepare for a large vet bill. She also has tips if you are already in debt, and she'll tell you if insurance is financially viable. Paula also reveals the single most significant contribution you can make to keeping your dog healthy - which of course means paying out less at the vet's surgery. The documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed has caused turmoil in the dog world in the UK, with the Kennel Club being accused of putting dogs' appearances ahead of their health. What is the truth of the matter? Are Kennel Club approved breeders the best guarantee of a healthy puppy? If a dog isn't Kennel Club registered does that mean it's more likely to live a long happy life? Should you look for a breeder who carries out health tests? What about puppy farms or mills, and are back yard breeders to be avoided? What's the difference between the top kennels and a hobby breeder? If you're confused, let Kimberley MacDonald make sense of it for you. Kimberley breeds healthy, well-balanced Rottweilers and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and has the information you need to know about buying a puppy, how to spot a good breeder and how to recognise a bad one. How should you buy a puppy - and just as importantly, how should you never buy a puppy? In the DogCast Radio News, hear about the plight of Hubble, the dog that the media dubbed Britain's ugliest dog. You can hear about the dog who drove, the rarest litter in England, the dog who stood up to a snake, and the Jack Russell who's looking for love. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy's looking on the bright side of life - and how could you do anything but that, as you listen to your favourite dog podcast? And to make things even better, there's now a video section on the DogCast Radio website. You'll find the video button at the top of each page, next to the photo button, so go and check out the videos already uploaded.

DATE: Sat, 22 Nov 2008
SIZE: 28.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 77 - Spending less at the veterinarian and Walking Ollie

With the credit crunch making us all look for ways to economise, we have timely money saving advice from Dr. Paula Terrifaj. Paula talks about how you can spend less at the veterinarian's surgery without compromising your dog's health. Who knows that better than a veterinarian herself? Find out when to go to the veterinarian and when to wait, where to buy medicines from, and how to find a great value veterinarian. Is it really necessary to have an annual health check? What treatment is essential, for example do our dogs really need all those vaccinations? So to make sure you keep your dog healthy without wasting money, take Paula's advice. When Stephen Foster and his partner adopted rescue dog Ollie, it was the start of a very difficult relationship for Stephen. Ollie had been found living wild in Thetford Forest, and was according to Stephen, thin but beautiful. It wasn't the immediate happy ending they had hoped for though, as Ollie became frightened of Stephen, and it was a long struggle to achieve harmony. The experience inspired Stephen to write Walking Ollie, a book that dog owners will identify with and understand. Told with humour, the story is honest and moving. Later puppy Saluki Dylan joined the family, and another book was inspired - Along Came Dylan. So did Stephen's persistence pay off? Did Ollie eventually bond with the owner who loved him? Hear Stephen answer these questions. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick bring you the latest happenings in the dog world. Host Julie talks about walking Buddy in the damp chill English autumn weather, and the nature of happiness, in Walk the Walk.

DATE: Sat, 08 Nov 2008
SIZE: 24.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 76 - The National Dog Show, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Puppy Farm Protests

The National Dog Show sponsored by Purina will be televised on Thanksgiving Afternoon, and is fast becoming a holiday tradition. Co-host David Frei tells us what viewers can expect to see. He also talks about the behind the scenes work that goes into preparing a show dog, and what the judges are looking for. David knows what he is talking about as he has had great success in the show world with his Afghan Hounds and Brittany Spaniels. He also knows how rewarding having a qualified therapy dog is. If you don't know what a bench show is, or what stacking is, David explains these terms, plus he tells us what the new breed at this year's show will be. To find out more about the National Dog Show, visit their website, and for a really useful dog show glossary, visit the Purina site. Dogs don't belong in pet shops, but if a new pet superstore has its way it's something we'll be seeing a lot more of in the UK. Lady Margaret Flack, together with the Kennel Club and Our Dogs, is mounting a campaign to try to put an end to puppy farming, dog smuggling, dog dealing and dogs being sold in pet shops. In this interview, Lady Margaret talks about the awful conditions dogs are kept in at puppy farms, and about the pet superstore that is an outlet for many puppy farm dogs. Lady Margaret points out why dogs bred by puppy farms are highly unlikely to be healthy or temperamentally sound, and point out the right and wrong way to buy a puppy. The campaign includes demonstrations at the superstore selling many breeds of dog, and we'll bring you updates of its progress. Kate and Gin rose to fame in the show Britain's Got Talent, and are one of the most well known doggy dancing duos around. Now Kate has written a book telling not only her and Gin's story, but also offering advice on how you can train your dog like she trains Gin. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is now recognised by the UK Kennel Club. Host Julie talks to Kimberley MacDonald, the woman who brought the Swissies to Britain, worked to have them recognised by the Kennel Club, and is now setting up a breed club. If you'd like to find out more or actually meet a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Kimberley and her dogs will be attending Discover Dogs and Crufts. In a packed show, we also have the DogCast Radio News, in which you can hear about dog guarding monkeys, Pekingese dogs losing popularity, and how dogs have been surfboarding, making use of GPS and eating chocolate muffins.

DATE: Sat, 25 Oct 2008
SIZE: 27.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 75 - Australian Terriers and more on settling a new puppy

Australian Terriers are cheerful, companionable, lively little dogs, and in this episode breeder Doreen Simpkins gives us an insight into life with this delightful breed. She talks about their appearance and character, as well as grooming, training and exercise requirements. Doreen is involved with both Australian terrier Breed Clubs in the UK, and also writes the breed note column for Our Dogs weekly newspaper. To find out more about this feisty Terrier breed which originally helped control vermin and snakes in the Australian outback, listen to Doreen's interview. Matthew Culmore's interview about settling a new puppy into the house concludes in this episode. You can hear the first part in episode 74 of DogCast Radio. In this interview Bichon Frise breeder Matthew continues with what to do to ease the stress of transferring to his new home for a puppy. How much time do you need to set aside to be with him? How should you feed him? How should you treat him generally? - Matthew answers all this and more. Winfred Peppinck was the Australian High Commissioner/Ambassador to the Caribbean when he and his wife Wendy took a lucky rescue dog into their home. Diplomatic Dog - DD as he became known - lived happily with them, and his life as a cherished pet was incredibly different from his beginnings as a stray. Winfred was inspired to write the book The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados telling DD's rags to riches story. Sadly, DD passed away earlier this year, leaving his owners devastated. In a poignant story, A Phoenix in Black and White, Winfred recalls the bitter-sweet arrival of new puppy Harry Lime. The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados is published by Olympia. The DogCast book Buddy's Diary plus fiction and article from DogCast Radio is now available, so if you are looking for a Christmas present for a dog lover, or you know someone who would enjoy DogCast Radio but doesn't have Internet access, or maybe you just fancy treating yourself, look no further!

DATE: Sat, 11 Oct 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 74 - Settling and new puppy and Canine Good Citizen

Top Bichon Frise breeder Matthew Culmore talks about settling a new puppy in to your home. Matthew was previously on the show in episode 51 giving advice on how to recognise a good breeder. However, once you've found a breeder you trust, you then need to know how to make the transition from the breeder's house to yours as smooth as possible for the puppy. Matthew's dogs' litters have been highly rated by the American Kennel Club, and settle into their new homes extremely well, and in this interview you can hear Matthew's advice on how to acheive the same success with your dog. If you've ever wondered how your puppy should spend his first night in your home, when you should start training and how to treat your puppy generally, this interview has answers for you. Many national Kennel Clubs around the world offer dogs and owners the chance to participate in the Canine Good Citizen Scheme. Buddy and host Julie have passed the Bronze and Silver levels, and are currently working on their Gold Award. Julie talks to trainer Jill Arnold from Paws 4 Thought Dog Training about what the scheme involves. You can also hear from owners working at all levels of the scheme about how the training has benefitted them and their dogs. The scheme incorporates tasks that owners will find useful in every day life with their dog, such as basic obedience, as well as teaching the dog not to leave or enter a car until he is given permission. Buddy has been watching his people, and frankly they have been up to some strange behaviour recently. What makes birthdays so good? Why do they smear smelly stuff from tins onto the walls? Above all, what on earth is in that big glass box? All will be revealed in Buddy's Diary. In the DogCast Radio News there's an incredible shaggy dog story about the dog who survived a close encounter with a shark. Host Julie talks about the effect the painting The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner had on her. Buddy talks about a new book he really likes - well he would wouldn't he? It's called Buddy's Diary plus fiction and article from DogCast Radio. Yes, you can now enjoy DogCast Radio as a book! So if you're looking for a Christmas present for a dog lover, you know someone who would enjoy DogCast Radio but doesn't have Internet access, or you'd just like to treat yourself, you've heard the show, now buy the book.

DATE: Sat, 27 Sep 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 73 - Clicker Training

Clicker training - you've probably heard of it, but do you know how to do it? In this show you can hear Aaron Clayton from Karen Pryor Clicker Training explaining exactly what clicker training is, how you can start using it, and some of the amazing results you can get with it. We bust some myths about clicking, and talk about how it can be used for both family pets and those competing at the highest level. Clicking is a way to communicate with your dog, and it's also a way to help your dog use his brain and begin to think and problem solve. This will mean a happier life for both of you, and a closer relationship too. In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear about some of the dangers your dog can encounter in your own backyard - from insects to plants to cocoa mulch. Our fiction feature is Spirit, written and read by host Julie. After rescuing her two dogs Lulu and Lolly, Cynthia Miller decided that rescue dogs needed to be talked and thought about in a much happier way. To that end, the trio have launched their own music video - Rescue Dog Rock - which you can see on You Tube. Lulu and Lolly have their own website too, and sales of their calendar and other merchandised have benefitted Animal Rescue New Orleans in the wake of the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Find Dog related resources at

DATE: Fri, 12 Sep 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 72 - Calming your dog and Tellington Touch

Do you ever wish that your dog was calmer? Well wish no more, as trainer Pat Miller talks about the simple steps you can take to allow your dog to become calm. It's great when our dogs are full of enthusiasm and energy, but we can encourage them to find the right outlet for that energy, and show them how to behave appropriately at other times. Pat has some common sense ideas and she talks about how any owner can put them into effect. Plus she tells Julie how to train Labrador Buddy to greet people in a more calm manner. Pat Miller was a humane officer at the Marin Humane society in California for over twenty years, before qualifying as a CPDT trainer and opening her own training establishment, Peaceable Paws. She is also the training editor of The Whole Dog Journal. Pat has living proof that her methods work, in the shape of her own serene pack of dogs. Monty is a dog who has had a lot of luck - some good some bad. In this interview you can hear how he is certainly lucky with the owner he has now, Joanna Brown, with whom he has found his forever home. Just as things were looking up for Monty, disaster struck again, and Joanna had to help him get through physical and emotional damage. Just how much can a dog suffer and come back from? What do you do when you love your dog, but you find it hard to like him? Worse still, how do you cope when you don't think he likes you? When they discovered Tellington Touch, it was a huge breakthrough for the pair, and TTouch practitioner Sarah Fisher was so taken with Monty he features in her latest book. To find out more about Joanna Brown visit the I want a happy hound site. Buddy's Diary is about Buddy's recent vacation in Scotland. What does Scotland smell like? Why does it take so long to get there? And what the heck do they do to those bagpipes to make that sound come out? All will be revealed! In the news hear how dogs can make you snore, where to find advice on choosing the right dog for you, and a dog who is sniffing out bumblebees. Julie and Buddy have been practising Heelwork to Music for a few months, and were delighted to be awarded fourth place in a competition by Kate Nicholas. Kate is the human half of the dancing duo Kate & Gin - Gin is the canine half. They were catapulted to fame by the UK show Britain's Got Talent, and have been wowing crowds ever since. Julie interviewed Kate about how life is now for the partnership, and discovered more about Kate's book.

DATE: Fri, 08 Aug 2008
SIZE: 25.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 71 - Separation anxiety and Border Collie Profile

Dogs are very social animals, and bond strongly with their pack whether canine or human. Some dogs can find it difficult to be left alone, and sometimes separation anxiety can develop into a serious problem. We were contacted by a listener with a dog called Scruffy who hated being left alone so much that she barked. Scruffy's owner found the complaints and unsympathetic attitude of her neighbours difficult to cope with, and it was clear the situation wasn't ideal for anyone involved. We turned to expert trainer and author Cindy Scott for advice. In this interview Cindy has some great and practical suggestions on how you can cope with separation issues. Happily for Scruffy she now spends time at a friend's house when her owner is at work. Scruffy was a rescue dog and in these photos you can see how far she has travelled in her new home. When she first arrived she was uncertain and worried, but after some time with her new loving owner, you can see she has relaxed and is loving life. The Border Collie is a very popular, but often misunderstood breed. Barbara Sykes is a Collie expert who has lived and worked with the breed all her life. She has written several books and publishes a magazine, Freedom of Spirit, on the breed, as well as competing at the highest level, and developing her own training philosophy, T.L.C - Thinking Like Canines. Barbara knows Border Collies well and in this interview she talks about how to meet the needs of the breed. What is the ideal home for a Collie? How do you motivate a Border Collie, and do you really have to give them to chance to do constant agility or flyball? Barbara has the answers. In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick bring you some advice for keeping your dog healthy and comfortable in summer. We have a fiction feature called Teamwork, which focuses on a dog and his person's struggle to find an activity that suits them. It's DogCast Radio's third birthday, and we've had a great time sharing anything and everything dog related with you. We're taking a short break, and we'll be back with the next episode of DogCast Radio on September 13th.

DATE: Sat, 26 Jul 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 70 - Cold Wet Nose Show and Greyfriars

Greyfriars in the UK is a rehabilitation and hydro-therapy referral centre. The centre does a much needed job of helping dogs with a variety of problems, and even healthy dogs can benefit from some water treatment. In this interview Angela Griffiths talks about her work at Greyfriars, the dogs she has helped, and the close bond she forms with them. In order to enhance dogs' enjoyment of their time in the water, Angela or another member of staff goes into the pool as well, and it's not unknown for owners to accompany their dog too. The Cold Wet Nose Show was billed as the show with a sense of humour and a heart of gold, and also as the most fun a dog and his family can have all year. It certainly was a terrific day out for humans and dogs, with displays, demonstrations, competitions and awards going on in the main ring, with fun games and training and shopping opportunities to hand as well. Don't worry if you couldn't attend as we spoke to a variety of people who were there. One of the amazing dogs with a heart warming story who won an award is Bianca. She is a young Labrador who is being trained to work with a little boy called Noah. At a very young age, Bianca has learned to alert Noah's parents when his blood sugar levels fall, which can happen frequently and without warning. Bianca is making a huge difference to a family's life, and she was a pleasure to meet. Claire Guest who is training Bianca told us all about this award-winning dog. The Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs put on a display in the main ring, and I spoke to Chairman Daryl Toogood about what the team actually does. He told me how early dogs can start their training, and how long it usually takes to complete. He talked about how the dogs work, and the sort of environment in which they work. Candy King lost her Jack Russell puppy four years ago, and despite the puppy having a microchip, they have still not been reunited. Candy turned her pain into a positive and launched Dolly's Directive, which seeks to make it a legal requirement that everyone who comes into contact with dogs, whether they are lost or not, scans them. The effect of losing a dog can be devastating and Candy talks movingly about her missing dog and her mission to change the legal situation in the UK. How much thought do you give to what your dog sleeps on? Do you know the advantages that a raised bed can offer? Katherine McKay was at the show offering the chance to try the beds out, and she told us the benefits of letting your dog sleep on one. Star tried them out and certainly looked comfortable enough! Although Adolescent Dogs trains all ages of dogs from young puppies to older dogs, I talked to Jenny Trigg & Anna Read about a time that can be particularly trying - when your dog hits the teenage years. What happens when your dog becomes a teenager, and how can you make the time as stress free as possible? You can emerge at the other end with your sanity and your relationship with your dog intact - so listen to some advice on how to manage that! In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about the dangers of going out or staying in with your dog, the latest thing dogs are being taught to sniff out, and a dog who got in a flap when he tried to be a copycat. In our fiction feature, The Kitchen Dog, you can hear about a dog who isn't happy with his life.

DATE: Sat, 12 Jul 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 69 - Socialisation, toilet training and dog counselling

In this show we grapple with some of the really problematic areas of training. Cindy Scott is an experienced trainer who gives her advice on two subjects that she finds most owners need help with. The first is socialisation. It is vital for your dog's development to give him experience of as many environments as possible as early as possible. This can be difficult, because this is at an age when most puppies haven't completed their vaccinations, but Cindy has some advice on what to do, as well as how to approach things with an older dog. The second subject she has advice for is toilet training. Surely house breaking a dog is something all dog owners have to try hard with - some of us more than others! Don't despair though, as Cindy can help you get it right. For more of Cindy Scott's excellent advice you can read her book Zen Chien - and in this interview she explains exactly what the term Zen Chien implies. Imogen Holt is a dog counsellor who works with people as well dogs and specialises in bereavement counselling. She approaches her cases with a different attitude from many trainers, and has a special insight in to the way our behaviour affects our dogs'. In many situations, she ends up working on the human's problems rather than the dog's as the dog is reading his person and adjusting his behaviour accordingly. It can be such a comfort when we are in tune with our dogs, but such a disadvantage for them if our issues spoil their quality of life, and Imogen shares some of the partnerships she has helped steer back to a healthy balance. There is a lot of information as well as a message board on Imogen's Work Wonders website. In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about one woman's amazing efforts to save dogs in China, how weather caused problems for a Rottweiler in America, and life for dogs in Wales won't be so shocking anymore.

DATE: Sat, 28 Jun 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 68 - Dogs in divorce and Border Collies

Divorce is affecting more and more couples, and consequently it is affecting more and more dogs. Jennifer Keene is an experienced dog trainer who has been through a divorce involving dogs, and has put what she has learned to great use by writing the book We Can't Stay Together for the Dogs. This book is full of useful advice and practical suggestions to help anyone contemplating or going through divorce. Splitting up can be an extremely stressful and difficult time, there are many pitfalls to get caught in, and of course it's a time when communication can be fraught. If there are dogs involved they can pick up on the tension surrounding them, they can be affected by the loss of part of their pack (be it human or canine) and they can have difficulty adjusting to new routines. Jennifer has help for anyone coping with any of these problems, and ways to make the process as pain free as possible. The Border Collie is a well known and loved breed, and Barbara Sykes is a well known and respected Border Collie expert. Barbara was born surrounded by Border Collies, developed her own training techniques called TLC - Thinking Like Canines, and has competed at international level in the male dominated sheepdog trialling world. She has also trained dogs for television work, and has international clients seeking her behavioural advice. Barbara has founded the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies which seeks among other things, to support existing Border Collie owners, educate the public about the breed, and find homes for Collies in need. In this interview Barbara's knowledge of and love for the breed that is her passion shines out. In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear about fireworks affecting dogs in Australia, the dog who swallowed a Cane toad, the dangers of dogs and driving, and one family who got more than they bargained for when they took in two strays. Host Julie talks about how the Kennel Club is leading the way in the UK in reacting to the arrival of the hire a dog company Flexpetz, as well as a European Union ruling about dogs in kitchens. Plus did you hear about he trampolining dog? No - well listen up!

DATE: Sat, 14 Jun 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 67 - Coping with the loss of a dog

The death of your dog can be incredibly difficult to deal with. In this episode we talk to author Melisa Wells about her book Remembering Ruby, which aims to help families cope with the loss of their beloved dog. Remembering Ruby was inspired by Melisa's own experiences with her Beagle Bijoux. Melisa and her family worked through their grief, and her book contains suggestions to help other families do the same. A lovely aspect of the book is that the illustrations are Melisa's family photographs, telling Bijoux's story. Melisa now shares her home with another Beagle, and she talks about what it's like to move on, and how different her new companion is from Bijoux. Something that can help ease the pain of losing your dog is creating a memorial to him, and talking about him. Richard Seale tells us about his website where owners can do just that. The site, A Pet Cemetery, allows members to pay tribute to their passed over pet, and to offer comfort to others in the same position. Richard talks about the various features of the site, and what inspired it. Have you heard the story of the Poodle Martyrs in the UK? Jill's Standard Poodles escaped from her garden during their late night toilet break. On the same night there was an attack on a nearby flock of sheep. Although the Poodles came home clean, and no evidence was found against them, they were taken into custody. Jill and her family were not allowed to visit, or even to know where the dogs were being kept. Eventually the dogs were allowed home, but Jill and her partner Peter had the threat of a court case against them, which could have resulted in bankrupcy. We find out from Jill what the latest developments are, and she has a stark warning for British dog owners. In the DogCast Radio News, we hear about rescue dogs with a difference, entertaining dogs, and old dogs. And there's an appeal for help from the dog's old adversary - the mailman!

DATE: Sat, 24 May 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 66 - A Dog About Town and more on Breed Specific Legislation

A Dog About Town is written by J. F. Englert is the first novel in the Bull Moose Dog Run Mystery series. The book's narrator is a charming and highly intelligent Labrador called Randolph. When his owner Harry is faced with various dilemmas and dangers, including murder, it falls to Randolph to help him sort things out. Add to this the fact that Harry girlfriend - Harry's beloved owner - has also mysteriously disappeared, and you'll see Randolph is a dog with a lot to cope with. Randolph carries it all off splendidly, and even offers a glimpse into the world of an urban dog along the way. In this interview Englert talks about his first novel, and his second, A Dog Among Diplomats, in which Randolph finds himself in even greater danger. The fact that Englert is a dog lover, with experience of living with dogs shines through in his writing. Hear him talk about the laid back Labrador who shares his life, and how she came into his life. We have two copies of A Dog About Town, and to win one all you have to do is email us telling us the name of the canine narrator of the books. At the end of June we will select two entries at random and mail the book out to you. Good luck! Our fiction feature this week is a short story entitled The Ship of The Desert. The story is written and read by The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados author Winfred Peppinck. DD is living in Bahrain as the story takes place, and he has some encounters with strange humped animals; but are they friend or foe? The book The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados tells DD's rags to riches story. From humble beginnings as a cane dog living wild, he is rescued and spends many months in a shelter until he is adopted by no less than the Australian High Commissioner to the Caribbean and taking up residence in the fabulous Molyneaux House. DogCast Radio listener Bob Cardone heard Paula Terrifaj talking about breed specific legislation and contacted us with his experiences. Bob and Paula agree on some issues and differ on others - listen and see what you think. If you would like to express your opinion on this complicated subject phone us on our UK or US number or send us an email. Bob is a dog lover, who volunteers at a no kill shelter and has also adopted a rescue dog.

DATE: Sat, 10 May 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 65 - Rescue dogs

In this episode we focus on rescue dogs. Susan Daffron has had a wealth of experiences with rescues, and has written the book Happy Hound. This is a guide to helping you develop a good relationship with your rescue dog or puppy. In this interview Susan talks about many of the issues that accompany giving a dog a much deserved second chance - starting with perhaps the most fundamental question of why it's good to adopt a dog from a shelter. Susan also describes some of the challenges she has risen to when dealing with her own dogs, as well as how to deal with shy dogs, and what preparations you should make before bringing home your newest friend. All dog lovers enjoy a rescue dog story with a happy ending, and Louisa Adams book has sixty of them. The book is published by Angela Patchell, and in this interview Angela tells the story of three of the dogs included in Caring For Your Rescue Dog. Her own experiences of giving a home to a dog looking for a second chance inspired Angela to publish the book, and she is hoping to hear from any of you with stories of your own to tell. Sometimes of course, taking on a rescue dog isn't a straight forward matter. The Sweet Spot is a beautiful and thought provoking short story from Shawndra Miller. Shawndra also reads one of her poems inspired by her own rescue dog, Hannah. To read more about Shawndra visit her blog. You can also hear another of her stories in episode 47 of DogCast Radio, and listen to an interview with her in episode 55. The DogCast Radio News includes some of the latest dog related research. Larry Kurdek, a Professor Wright State University, has conducted a study looking at how close we are to our dogs, compared with how close we are to other family members.

DATE: Sat, 26 Apr 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 64 - Merle's Door

If you haven't read "Merle's Door" by Ted Kerasote, you've missed out on a treat. This is an amazing book that tells the story of a man and a dog living in harmony. Ted met Merle when the dog was around ten months, and living wild in the Utah desert. Ted was on vacation taking a river trip, and Merle ended up travelling down the river with him and his friends. At the end of the trip a bond had been formed, and Merle accompanied Ted back to Wyoming. Ted's home in Kelly is in the middle of a national park, and the dogs living there are afforded freedom which would be impractical in most areas. Having lived alone, Merle had become independent, and wanted to come and go on his own timetable. To enable this, Ted installed a dog door - Merle's door. Man and dog could then develop their own routine. This is no ordinary tale of man meets dog. Merle had clear ideas of his own, and he gave Ted an insight into the dog world. He had a way of communicating which Ted had a way of translating. Reading this will make you smile and make you cry, it will educate you and it will make you examine your attitude towards your own dog. In this interview you can hear Ted talk about his and Merle's journey together - from how they met, to what Merle showed him about the natural world to how Ted coped with the eventual loss of his best friend. Adding another aspect to the book is the research included, which is presented in a very accessible way. Dog lovers will find the wolf research cited particularly interesting and relevant to dog ownership. You may not be able to give your dog total freedom, but hear how Ted advocates enhancing his life. We were contacted by a listener who was concerned about the impact the ban on hunting with dogs was having on beagles. At Crufts we found an expert and put the question to her. In this interview you can hear whether Beagles are adapting to the new legal situation, and what Beagles are like to live with. The DogCast Radio News brings you the usual mix of dog related stories, and you can catch up with listener Jim Martin's quest to find the dog he wanted. Jim spotted Scout on our Jack Russell breed pages, and wanted a dog that looked just like her. He found one - but be careful what you wish for as the reality can take an awful lot of energy!

DATE: Sat, 12 Apr 2008
SIZE: 35.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 63 - Crufts 2008 part 2

Crufts 2008 was a celebration of all things dog, and in this show we bring you interviews with dog owners, organisations and product developers. Crufts is spread over several halls at the Birmingham NEC, and there's so much more to it than just the show rings - although they are fascinating. The opportunities to find out about different dog breeds, different tasks dogs can complete and abilities they have, and to see countless dog related products just go on and on. In certain breeds grooming is crucial - a bad fur day is to be avoided at all costs. We have interviews with a poodle owner busy combing her dog's impressive coat, and with a Yorkshire Terrier owner occupied with putting doggy curlers into her dog's hair. How much help are you allowed to give your dog's natural beauty though? And how do the dogs themselves react to all this preening and primping? Listen and find out. We also talk to a Chihuahua owner about showing procedure and what it's like to live with such a small dog. Not all the dogs at Crufts are there to be shown, and we talked to Claire Guest from Cancer Dogs UK. She and two dogs she has been training for only a few months, demonstrated cancer detection. Claire also told us how dogs are helping predict low blood sugar for diabetes sufferers, and how the dogs' scenting abilities will be used to develop new technology. Claire also talked to us about one of the breeds that the Kennel Club is concerned is in decline. Organipets was celebrating the best of British - they are one of the UK's best dog foods. We caught up with Liz to hear how her rescue dog Raffy is getting along on her Organipets diet. 2008 is the Year of the Assistance Dog. Although the right of a disabled person to take their dog with them is protected by law, they still run into prejudice and problems occasionally. These dogs do a wonderful job, and are kept healthy and clean to ensure they pose no hygiene risks to the general public. To hear more about the year celebrating the work of these amazing dogs, we spoke to Dogs for the Disabled Chief Executive, Peter Gorbing. Pets as Therapy - or PAT - dogs - are also allowed into places most pet dogs can't go. These dogs are carefully selected to visit hospitals, old people's homes, schools and so on to spread the joy of interacting with dogs. In this show you can an interview with two PAT dog owners who talk about the rewards of visiting with their dogs. We also discuss what size of dog makes a good PAT dog, since we were talking to the owner of a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The National Dog Warden Association was represented at Crufts, and I asked them what a Dog Warden's job really entails. They are often portrayed as a "baddy" in cartoons and films, simply intent on catching dogs - what is their role in real life? We also have an extract from a Dog Warden's book, as Bernard Cartwright reads from his The Knocknobbler, which tells of his time working in Worcester in the UK. Alfie's Lost Terriers has a new name - they're now Alfie's Lost Dogs. We spoke to Chris from Alfie's about the work the website does. The people involved - often they've had experience of their own dog go missing - are dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost or stolen dogs. The site also supports many other dog welfare issues. If you are unfortunate enough to have your dog go missing, these are just the compassionate supportive people you need helping you. The site is lucky enough to have its own vet - Julien Poublon. We talked to him about his role at Alfie's, as well as his own innovative site offering pet owners valuable resources to keep themselves informed and their animals healthy. Jane Aireton and Toni Cherrett from Trover Coats were at Crufts with some exciting news. They have been involved in filming for a new ITV1 show, Dog Rescue. Through the show Jane came to adopt a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who has a hair lip, which makes him too "ugly" for most people. Now the little dog has found a great new home with Jane, a new job as he is the company mascot, and of course a new name - Trover. Trover Coats also launched the 2008 series of events for DockDogs in the UK at Crufts. We have an interview with Grant Reeves, the CEO of DockDogs, about why the sport is so popular with dogs and owners, and what it actually involves. We bring you the best of the shopping at Crufts, with the world's most advanced dog collar, the device that cleans your dogs muddy paws, and some intriguing puzzles to help occupy your dog. All this, plus the DogCast Radio News. Many of you tell us you listen while out walking your dogs - so grab that lead and start listening!

DATE: Sat, 22 Mar 2008
SIZE: 25.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 62 - Crufts 2008 and How to Train Your Dog Using Its Own Language

Graeme Sims is the amazing dog trainer and shepherd who can work up to nine Border Collies simultaneously. Just to make his achievements even more impressive, each dog responds to commands in a language specific to him. Graeme and his beautiful, clever dogs featured in episode 29 of DogCast Radio. Never one to sit around, Graeme has delighted crowds with his dog displays all over the UK, as well as visiting America to lecture about his experience and knowledge. He is also an extremely talented artist, an award winning children's book illustrator, and used to be a Church of England Vicar. Now you can get the benefit of his training advice in his latest book, "The Dog Whisperer - How to train your dog using its own language". In this interview Graeme talks to us about what's in the book, about his fourteen beloved Border Collies, and we have a sneak preview into his next book. Crufts 2008 was held at the Birmingham NEC, in the UK in March. It was the usual spectacular showcase of all things dog. Crufts is not just about show dogs though. In the first part of our Crufts coverage, you can hear our interview with It's Me or The Dog presenter and trainer Victoria Stilwell about what she thinks of Crufts. We also speak to actor Neil Morrissey about why he is supporting the Pedigree Adoption Drive, which was part of a strong pro-rescue message at this year's Crufts. Crufts is a great place to launch new developments, and so Jill Moss speaks to us about the fantastic news that The Bella Moss Foundation now has official charity status. Celebrity vet Marc Abraham tells us why he is supporting the Bella Moss Foundation, as well as about his own new website, The Dog magazine Dogs Monthly relaunched at Crufts, and you can hear from editor Caroline Davis about what readers will find in the new look magazine. In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear from Kate and Nick about the unusual music that is affecting dogs in New Zealand, catch up with the results and gossip at Crufts 2008, and hear about the Cold Wet Nose Show. Plus host Julie will be considering why some of us get so attached to one specific dog breed, and in Graeme Sims' honour our quotes between features are all about Border Collies.

DATE: Sat, 08 Mar 2008
SIZE: 22.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 61 - Lloyd Aguero on training and Dr. Paula Terifaj on Breed specific legislation

Lloyd Aguero is an inspirational trainer who founded and runs the Great Falls/Reston Companion Dog Training School. Lloyd is a life member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors and a member of the Delta Society. He pioneered the coupling of dog socialisation with training to prevent and treat temperamental problems. His training sessions sound not only effective but great fun from the dogs' point of view. One of the most fascinating aspects of Lloyd's work is project heart, which involves him rehabilitating dogs who are damaged in some way. From his own experiences as well as research, Lloyd made the connection between environment and state of mind. Comparing dogs with emotional difficulties to people with emotional difficulties, Lloyd developed his own program to help rescue dogs in dire need of support. Those unable to attend his training school can benefit from his advice via his television show, Your Dogs Best Friend. Dr. Paula Terifaj has been on DogCast Radio previously offering excellent advice about how to vaccinate your dog safely, and how to feed your dog as well as possible. In this interview she talks about those causes close to her heart. Breed specific legislation is something that this veterinarian is staunchly opposed to. She has even set up her own organisation - Roverlution - to protest against unreasonable restriction on dog ownership, to support owners of breeds discriminated against, and to raise public awareness about the issue.   In the DogCast Radio News, you can hear about the illegal discrimination that still affects guide dog owners, a dog in a million who followed his soldier rescuer, a dog owner who wants another dog exactly like her old one, and a puppy in a pet shop who had bad luck and good luck. We all love a happy ending; a story of a rescue dog who finally finds a rescuer. In The Diplomatic Dog of Barbados, by Winfred Peppinck, you can read just such a story. The dog at the heart of the story starts off as Roy, then becomes Sandy, and finally gains the name Diplomatic Dog, when he finds a home with no less than the Australian High Commissioner/Ambassador to the Caribbean. Although the dog is the star of the story, the book also offers insights into life on Barbados, and the world of a high-flying diplomat. To find out more, listen to the review in the show.   You can also hear the inspiring story behind Tennessee state bill 2399. Hayley Ham from Tennessee lost her dogs Sam and Jessie when they were poisoned by anti-freeze. A devastated Hayley, researched the subject, and set about protecting others from such a fate. To read more about brave Hayley, visit Melisa Wells' Remembering Ruby blog. A Staffie cross in rescue has found his forever home with Trover Coats and the touching story of how Jane Aireton came to be his new owner will feature in a new TV show "Dog Rescue" on Sunday afternoons on ITV1 in the UK. The show airs between 9th March and 13th April, and we'll have more on the story when we catch up with Jane at Crufts.

DATE: Fri, 22 Feb 2008
SIZE: 30.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 60 - Bringing Light to Shadow and improving your dog's diet

Pam Dennison was already an experienced trainer when she met Shadow, a Border Collie in need of a new home. Shadow however, had more problems than even Pam imagined. After a short time with him, she decided to return him - but she changed her mind, and the two of them began a long and difficult journey. Pam needed all her skills to help Shadow, and their experiences inspired her to write Bringing Light to Shadow - a Dog Trainer's Diary. Could Shadow overcome his fear and aggression and live a normal life? Could Pam teach him alternative behaviours? To find out more about Pam Dennison and the other books she has written, check out her website. Dr. Paula Terifaj is a veterinarian with some great advice for dog owners. In this interview you can hear her top tips for giving your dog the best diet you can, as well as solving a listener's problem. If you're too nervous to change straight to a natural diet, Paul has some easy steps to improve the food you offer your dog. Paula is passionate about helping dog owners provide the best standard of health care for their dogs, and you can hear her advice about vaccinating your dog in episode 59 of DogCast Radio. Paula has written several books to help you make informed decisions concerning your dog, which you can find at her website, where you can also sign up for her newsletter, Dog Breath. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick tell you about the radical approach one website is taking to persuade people to adopt rescue dogs. Other stories include how pregnant women in Australia are getting help preparing their dogs for the new human arrival, and how a children's hospital is helping veterinarians carry out difficult surgical procedures. Plus hear how two dogs got into trouble - one out and about and one in his own kitchen! Author Bernard Cartwright reads an extract from his book the Knocknobbler which tells of his experiences as a dogcatcher in Worcester, UK. Host Julie has some dog-related items of interest. Jody Wright's fascinating and beautiful book 50 Secrets Humans Should Know, was inspired by her love of dogs, which grew from an early age, as well as her admiration of their approach to life. In this show you can hear music especially for dog lovers from the album Dog People, by Freebo. On his website, Freebo expresses his love for dogs, as well as dedicating the album to dogs and dog lovers everywhere. You can hear extracts of My Dog Has Fleas and More Like You in the show.

DATE: Sat, 09 Feb 2008
SIZE: 25.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 59 - Vaccinating your dog and Doorbell manners

Paula Terifaj is a holistic veterinarian with lots of sound and relevant advice for dog owners. In this interview you can hear her advice about vaccinating your dog. Paula talks about what you really need to vaccinate your dog against, and has some surprising news concerning when and how often those shots should occur. If you've been having your dog routinely vaccinated every year, you may well be shocked by what Paula has to say. Paula's advice is based on her own years of experience in practice as well as current guidance from the American Animal Hospital Association. At her website, Paula has some useful advice booklets available. Does your dog run to the door every time the doorbell sounds? Does he give your visitors an enthusiastic greeting - whether they want it or not? Do you want to know how to have him behave properly in these situations? Well DogCast Radio listener Ayeshah has just this problem with her dog, and contacted us for some help. Dawn Antoniak Mitchell is co owner of the Bonafide Dog Academy LLC, and has offered courses tailored to owners wishing to give their dogs better doorbell manners. Hear how to go about training your dog to behave when guests call. Dawn has some great advice - not just on how to train, but also on how to make it less stressful. That sounds good to us! DogCast Radio listener Chris got in touch to tell us what she thinks about the show, and also to share a tip she has to make walking your dog easier. She enjoyed our feature on rescue dogs, especially Millie, the rescue St. Bernard, whose owner preferred to think of as a "lucky find". In Buddy's Diary, Buddy has noticed something about Star. This indefatigable little white fluffball has finally found a dog she is frightened of- in fact a whole breed? Listen to find out more. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick bring you tales of how dog owner "down under" are having to find greener ways to scoop the poop, how a Norwegian dog fell foul of New Year's celebrations, and how one dog protected his owner, while another owner protected her dog. Plus we take a look at some new breeds competing for the first time at the Westminster Dog Show in New York, USA. Host Julie is intrigued by the methods some dogs use to communicate, and our quotes between features are themed with love in mind. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so tell your dog you love him.

DATE: Sat, 26 Jan 2008
SIZE: 38.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 58 - MRSA in dogs

MRSA is a frightening subject - and now even our dogs are at risk from it. In this show you can hear from owners whose dogs have suffered from the infection, and also where to get information and support. We have interviews with Jill MOss, founder of the Bella Moss Foundation, and also from Doctor Harley Farmer who has spent fifteen years researching and developing products which can help keep us and our dogs safe from MRSA. Jill Moss and her dog Bella met in an unusual way, but formed a close and strong bond. When Bella was struck down by MRSA, and eventually died, Jill was distraught. She has kept her promise to her dying dog to create a lasting tribute to her beautiful Samoyed companion who was so cruelly taken from her. In this moving interview Jill talks about how Bella came into her life, how she enriched it, and how she died. Jill Moss is an incredible example of an individual who makes a stand and makes a difference. From the early days of her campaign, Jill has been determined to educate, inform and support others whose animals contract MRSA and other serious infections. This she has certainly done - since Bella's death in 2004 the foundation which carries her name have helped over 700 hundred animals of various species, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses. Doctor Harley Farmer has spent fifteen years researching and developing products that can get rid of MRSA. He has some simple common sense steps that anyone can take to help keep their dogs - and themselves - safe from MRSA. He also has products, advice and information available at the Newgenn website. To find out how you can keep your environment, your dog's bed and bowl, and even your dog as clean and germ free as possible listen to this thought provoking interview. Harley has spent years trying to persuade the authorities to accept his methods - which he has proved work on cruise ships and care homes - and has even written a novel to bring his message to the public in general. The message is that we all - including dog owners - have a part to play in beating MRSA, and we have to work together. We also hear from two dog owners who turned to Jill Moss when their dogs contracted MRSA. Vikkie's dog Xena caught MRSA after a spinal operation. Vikkie has turned her experiences into a positive and now helps fellow dog owners by offering Reiki healing. Sue's dog Maple was diagnosed with MRSA after a leg operation. Sue tells how she, Maple and the team at their vets battled the infection. Thank you to Jill, Vikki and Sue for sharing their very difficult experiences with us. Let's hope fewer dogs and people will suffer from MRSA in the future.

DATE: Sat, 12 Jan 2008
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DogCast Radio Episode 57 - The Companion Animal Protection Society and more on psychic dogs

In this episode we meet CAPS - that's the Companion Animal Protection Society - founder and President, Deborah Howard. Deborah's love of animals lead her to set up CAPS which has a mission to alleviate the suffering of pet shop and puppy mill dogs. CAPS is America's only national non-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals. In this interview you can hear what experiences lead Deborah to found CAPS in 1992. Although the society has been safeguarding the rights of companion animals for fifteen years, there is still work to be done in this area. If you wouldn't like your dog to live the life of a dog caught in the puppy mill and pet shop nightmare, help Deborah and CAPS improve the situation for those dogs forced to live in unacceptable conditions. Does your dog have psychic abilities? Well according to innovative biologist Doctor Rupert Sheldrake there is good reason to explain why he might. In this fascinating interview you can hear Rupert explain his theories of morphic fields and morphic resonance, and how the bonds formed by social animals could be what helps some dogs stay in touch with their owner, no matter where their owner is. Rupert Sheldrake gained a double first class class honours degree in natural sciences and a Ph.D. in biochemistry, both from Cambridge University. He has written seventy five scientific papers and ten books, including the intriguing Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home. You can hear author Bernard Cartwright read an extract of his book The Knocknobbler, which tells of his time working as a dog warden in Worcester, UK. This extract tells the story of Polly Seven legs. Plus host Julie highlights some recent studies into dogs' abilities to recognise and sort photos, and how "walkies" can help keep you happy! Don't forget to listen right to the end to find out from Jenny the difference between dogs and fleas.

DATE: Sat, 22 Dec 2007
SIZE: 27.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 56 - Exercise for dogs and rescue dogs

Our dogs need exercise to be happy and healthy - but when they're young puppies it can be tricky to ensure they get the right amount of the right sort of exercise. In this episode you can hear dog trainer and exercise specialist Cam Bexten's advice about making sure your dog has the appropriate exercise. Cam has two Bulldogs - suitably named Rugby and Cricket! - with whom she enjoys many activities. A DogCast Radio listener asked for advice on how much exercise to allow a six month old Golden Retriever, and Cam has the solution to this dilemma. However, Cam has lots of other suggestions for activities you and your dog can enjoy together. Cam is co-owner of the Bonafide Dog Academy LLC, and as such is involved in many training situations, as well as competing with her own dogs in agility and obedience. If you thought Bulldogs and their owners kept themselves to their couches think again! To explore further, visit the website of the excellent Bonafide Dog Academy. To find out more about some great dog sports try Dogs Across America, Dog Scooter, SkiDawgSki, Cani Cross, and SkiJor. Listen to Cam's advice for exercising sufficiently and safely. At this time of year we hear a lot about the horrible fates that can befall the dogs bought as Christmas presents. Many dogs who find themselves in rescue do find a happy ending with a loving family - and we hear from two owners who couldn't be happier with their "re-cycled" dog! Hear from the family of first time dog owners who fell in love with a Neapolitan Mastiff at an RSPCA centre, and from the family who already had two young children and a young dog, but knew their family wasn't quite complete. Joanne and her family desperately wanted to give a rescue dog a home - but their journey wasn't a straight forward one. The DogCast Radio News team bring us a special report on the dangerous, daft and expensive antics some dogs have got up to. It seems whether you stay in or go out there is plenty of scope for a dog to get into trouble. Our Christmas episode wouldn't be complete without a specially written Christmas story - and this year is no different. Listen to The Christmas Dog, written and read by Julie Hill. Liz can't be sure whether she has one dog or two, but either way she knows he - or they - are a Christmas miracle. Animals Healing has news of a terrific new book to help you feed your dog as well as possible - Real Food for Dogs and Cats by Dr. Claire Middle. Dr Middle is a veterinarian with over twenty five years experience, who has combined her experiences with sound science to write this informative book which is easy to read and use. All this plus do you know the answers to our dog-related teasers? If not don't worry we have the answers as well as the questions. The whole DogCast Radio team wishes you and your dogs a happy and safe Christmas and a healthy New Year.

DATE: Sat, 08 Dec 2007
SIZE: 25.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 55 - Dogs That Know and Shawndra Miller

Does your dog know when you're coming home? It seems some dogs can sense when their owners are returning, and behavioural changes occur which can be observed and recorded. Experiments have indicated that the dogs are not reacting to hearing their owners, or detecting familiar engine noise, and even varying the time of returning doesn't stop the dogs predicting it so just what is triggering the behaviour? The really interesting point is that the dogs seem to react at the point that their owner decides to return. To find out more about this intriguing subject listen to our interview with Alex Tsakiris, the founder of Open Source Science and the Skeptiko podcast. To find out more about the research and the do-it-yourself home experiment to determine if your dog senses when you are returning go to the Dogs That Know website. Writer Shawndra Miller's work is not only often inspired by her own beloved Standard Poodle Marley, but her love of dogs in general has lead her to cover other dog related stories. Her blog Living Mindfully is about living in the moment - which our dogs encourage us to do - and Marley regularly features in it. Shawndra and Marley have together had fun and some great achievements training - and they have plans for their future training too. Having a dog is a responsibility and a blessing, and Shawndra is eager to share the blessing she has found with Marley. They are preparing for Marley to become a therapy dog, and Marley is also a blood donor. Hear Shawndra talk about her life and work with Marley. DogCast Radio News brings you a star-studded issue. Find out who the latest top five most famous Hollywood dogs are, and about the statue that's a touching tribute to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, his family and Sui the dog they all loved. In Buddy's Diary, for once Buddy has it all figured out. From the two new tiny dogs in his home, to the latest addition to the lounge - he has a handle on it all. According to Buddy, it's Star who's confused. Listen and see what you think. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny has a recipe to try out to give your dog some festive treats. Host Julie has a problem sent in by a listener whose Labrador Simba gets distracted by anything she can eat out on walks. Do you have some good advice for owner Judith? Also, the Company of Animals has announced that it is donating the profits from its inaugural Dog Train and Behave Week initiative to its supporting charities, including Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, The Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Dogs for the Disabled. The dates for Train and Behave Week 2008 will be announced in the New Year.

DATE: Sat, 24 Nov 2007
SIZE: 22.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 54 - Massage for dogs and The guide to Owning a Dog

How do you feel after a massage? Relaxed and ready to face the world? - well our dogs can benefit from massage too, and in this episode you can hear from Lynn Vaughan who with her colleague Deborah Jones has brought out a DVD called Bodywork for Dogs - Intuitive Touch through Massage, Acupressure and Awareness. The DVD can be used as a guide for owners to use massage techniques on their dogs, but has also been used to help train pet care professionals. The techniques have many benefits for both dog and human, and can be used on dogs who are young or old, healthy or not so well. Indeed for some conditions massage can provide great relief from pain, and increase well being. As another incentive, the physical contact involved can improve the bond between you and your dog. Do you long to read a book that paints a realistic picture of life with a dog - warts and all? Then try The guide to Owning a Dog. This is written by Krista Mifflin who is the Guide to Dogs on the website. Krista has dogs in her life, and has done lots of research which both inform the book. In this interview, she talks about how she came to write the book, and gives us an insight into some of the advice the book offers. The guide covers many areas - both the pleasant and that which we tend to shy away from, and ranges from how to choose the right dog to how to deal with things if problems arise. Not only does the book contain lots of relevant information, but a really great feature is the many websites listed where you can continue learning. Bernard Cartwright is the author of The Knocknobbler, which chronicles his experiences as a dog warden in Worcester, UK. In this show he reads an extract from his book, revealing some of the colourful characters his job brought him into contact with - some older, some younger! In the DogCast Radio News we hear how some dogs are having a hard time finding new homes. Apparently black dogs just get overlooked in shelters. Other dogs are proving a great success as facility dogs working in schools in Florida, USA.

DATE: Sat, 10 Nov 2007
SIZE: 25.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 53 - Dog estate planning

It may be a subject that most of us don't want to think about, but what would happen to our dogs if anything happened to us? This show focuses on some excellent advice from Dawn Antoniak Mitchell. Dawn co-owns and runs the BonaFide Dog Academy LLC in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Dawn is also a lawyer, and so has an insight into being a dog owner as well as how we can best make provision for our dogs should we be unable to care for them. This is a consideration not only in the event of our death, but also in the case of a short term incapacitation like a broken leg, or even flu. Having a dog brings responsibilities, and dog owners need to think through the issue of, "What if...?" There are many easy and free steps you can take to help keep you pets cared for, and in this interview you will hear Dawn's practical authoritative advice. Dawn's dog training achievements are phenomenal. With over twenty years experience in dog training, Dawn has provided training opportunities for owners and their dogs, as well as working in shelters. She is an American Kennel Club rally and obedience judge, and she and her Delta Society certified therapy dog Lizzie B regularly visit hospitals, as well as being involved in a reading therapy program. She trained the first AKC rally titled Jack Russell Terrier America, as well as the first Curly-Coated Retriever rally titled dog at all three levels of AKC rally obedience competition in the US. The list of achievements and accolades go on, to see the full list check out the BonaFide Dog Academy website. There you will see that the academy always values the bond between owner and dog, as well as offering classes and lectures that really meet the needs of those who share their life with a dog. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy is confused. Are his people building him the biggest kennel he has ever seen, or have they gone completely mad? Human behaviour seen from a dog's perspective can be incredibly puzzling! In the DogCast Radio News hear about dog shows in England and America. Also, discover a website which offers advice on many training issues. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny has two great websites for you to explore. To try some jigsaws featuring beautiful photos of dogs check out. To go to a website with lots of fun stuff such as games, jokes, downloads, competitions and more try. We have brought out a new website, If you would like to see videos that really feature dogs and are family friendly, check out this site. If you search on YouTube on "dog" the results may be irrelevant and unsuitable. We have selected dog videos that vary from informative, to funny to downright cute. You can register on the site and leave comments - which are also approved before being put on the site to continue the family friendly environment.

DATE: Sat, 27 Oct 2007
SIZE: 27.1 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 52 - Freestyle and Aggression

Aggression is probably one of the dog behaviours we fear most. In this episode you can hear expert advice on dealing with aggression from Susie Aga. Susie specialises in dog aggression, she is a Certified Canine Behavior & Training Specialist who received her certification from Triple Crown Academy. Susie tells us the different types of aggression that can occur, and how they can be managed. She also has some invaluable advice on socialising puppies to as many different situations and objects as possible. Why does aggression occur, can it be cured, is it preventable? Listen to fascinating and authoritative advice from an aggression specialist. The expert advice on another area of dog training comes from Hannah Crook. Hannah competes and judges in canine freestyle. She talks about how freestyle is divided, and how you can start from scratch in the sport. If you've ever watched human and canine moving to music beautifully synchronised, and wondered if you could have a go - listen up and find out how. Hannah was recently involved in the UK television program Richard and Judy, helping to show an absolute beginner how to devise a freestyle program to a short piece of music. . Bernard Cartwright talked about his book, The Knocknobbler in episode 46. His work as a dog catcher in Worcester brought him into contact with many dogs - and people. DogCast Radio listeners can now hear extracts of his entertaining book. In today's selection, find out how Bernard helped sort out a noisy dog. In the DogCast Radio News, hear how you can take part in an auction to help support The Companion Animal Protection Society. The Society - or CAPS - for short works to bring an end to the suffering inflicted on dogs through pet shops and puppy mills. Halloween is nearly here, so we've brought you some top tips to make sure your pet enjoys the celebrations as much as you do.

DATE: Sat, 13 Oct 2007
SIZE: 31.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 51 - Ron Hevener and Matthew Culmore

How good a dog is is often determined by how good his breeder is, and in this show we have two of the best breeders around. Ron Hevener owns one of the oldest dog show kennels in the U.S. - Lochranza. The kennel specialises in Collies, and the story of how Ron met Jacqueline M. Kauffman, the original owner of Lochranza, learned from her, worked alongside her, and eventually continued working towards her dream is a fascinating one. It hasn't been an easy path to walk, but Ron has walked it with love, commitment and determination. The final realisation of Jackie's dream came with the arrival of a litter that was over ten years in the planning. As well as breeding his beloved Collies, Ron Hevener owns a Greyhound racing kennel, Arabian race horses, and finds time to write novels, paint and sculpt. Listen to this fascinating interview with a fascinating man. Matthew and Patricia Culmore breed Bichon Frise dogs, and their highly acclaimed kennel is in California. Some of their recent litter have been ranked top in their State, and in the top three for the whole of America. Producing high quality dogs with excellent temperaments is a priority at Culmore Canines, and health tests are done as well as well as making sure the puppies get the best start in life they possibly can. In this interview, Matthew tells us how to recognise a good breeder, and passes on some of the measures he takes to make sure his pups end up in loving homes. We all want a breeder who has put the same effort into breeding a pup that we will put into raising it, and you can hear some wonderful advice about good breeding practices. In the DogCast Radio News, hear how dogs are now being used to help predict diabetic blood sugar lows, and about a great Pet Expo coming soon in Las Vegas. If you have the time to help on the Bella Moss Foundation stand at Discover Dogs in the UK on the 10th and 11th of November please contact the Foundation. In return for a few hours help you will receive a free pass to the show - as well as the satisfaction of helping a great cause. The Bella Moss Foundation is committed to helping dogs and other pets with MRSA and other serious infections. If you're the owner of Scout who appears on our Jack Russell breed profile page, please get in touch, as we have a listener who would love to know which breeder supplied Scout, as he wants a similar dog. All this plus dog quotes from Mark Twain - and do listen to the end for Jenny's joke.

DATE: Sat, 22 Sep 2007
SIZE: 26.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 50 - Uncle Matty, and Your First Great Dane

"Get rid of the problem, not the dog!" is Matthew Margolis or Uncle Matty's catchphrase and philosophy. Matthew has educated countless dog owners about training and understanding their dog better, and satisfied clients include Renee Russo, Merv Griffin, Goldie Hawn, Drew Carey, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor and Shannon Doherty. He has his own television show, "Woof it's a dog's life", as well as videos, cds, books and training kits. Now he has launched The Business of Training, a scheme whereby you can learn to be a dog trainer at home via the internet. You can learn to train dogs the Uncle Matty way in your own home, as well as how to market your new training business and attract clients. What led Matthew Margolis to develop his compassionate philosophy, and what does he think about how we treat dogs? Hear all this and more in this fascinating interview. Great Danes are a very popular breed, but what is the reality of sharing your life with one of these gentle giants? Angela Mitchell read around before she brought her Great Dane, Hovis, into her life, but none of the books on offer answered all her burning questions, so she decided to write her own book - Your First Great Dane. One Great Dane is apparently never enough, and Hovis was soon joined by Bob - and another book is now on the way about life with two Great Danes. Angela tells us how her dogs enhanced her life, and about the comments you hear over and over when you're out and about with a Great Dane. In the DogCast Radio News we have two great ideas for your next year's calendar. In the UK, the PDSA has brought out their Pet Pawtraits calendar. In the USA, take the opportunity to support dogs who really need it with For The Love of Rescue calendar. This features themed photos of rescue dogs as well as training tips. Rescue organisations can sign up to raise money for their cause. To read a list of the strange items dogs have swallowed, check out the PDSA website. We are celebrating our 50th episode, and Ingrid E. Newkirk, founder and president of PETA, has written a book with some terrific ideas to help incorporate dogs into your celebrations. Let's Have a Dog Party has celebrity endorsements from Pamela Anderson, Simon Cowell, Martina Navratilova, Tamara Beckwith, Tommy Lee, Ali MacGraw and others. To find out more about the book go to the Peta site. If you listened to our interview with Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, you are already aware of her fantastic and very comforting book, Will I see Fido in Heaven? If you haven't already bought the book, now's your chance because by purchasing Will I See Fido In Heaven? from on September 27, 2007, not only will you find biblical truths and inspirational true-life animal stories within the book, you will also receive wonderful bonus gifts valued at over $250, most instantly downloadable. Host Julie has a health warning from a concerned listener, and gives you her take on the funny side of life with three dogs. Enjoy our 50th episode! If you've been following the story of Jill's imprisoned Standard Poodles, we have great news - the girls are home! Jill and Peter still can't believe they finally have their dogs back, and the reunion was emotional as you can imagine. Peter still faces charges, but the dogs are back where they belong. It is frightening that this has happened at all - and this should alarm every dog owner in the UK.

DATE: Sat, 08 Sep 2007
SIZE: 28.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 49 - Dalmatians and Reiki for dogs

The Dalmatian must be the most recognisable dog breed - and we have a profile of the breed. Deborah from Krystaway Damatians, which is in New South Wales, Australia, tells us about this beautiful, clever, energetic breed. You may know how to "spot" a Dalmatian but do you know anything about their history? The purpose this breed was developed for still affects how they behave today, and the more you know about a breed gives you a better idea of whether they would be a good companion for you. How do Dalmatians fit into family life? Are they couch potatoes or jogging companions? Are they free thinkers or do they train well? Find out more in this great breed profile. Do you know what Reiki is? Do you know that it can be used to great effect with dogs? Penny Leisch is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher, a Sacred Flames Reiki Master Teacher, as well as an empath and animal communicator. In this interview she explains what Reiki is, and gives examples of the amazing results it can give when used with dogs. Penny is assisted in her work by her instinctive understanding of animals, and she also shares that experience with us. Buddy has been enjoying the summer - and in his diary he tells us what he likes about the season. He also tells us what he dislikes about the summer, and if he thought "Vacuum" was bad he has met another evil creature out in the garden! In the DogCast Radio News, hear how dogs are giving and getting vital help in the water, as well as how sniffer dogs sometimes sniff out danger, and how actress Anne Hathaway's Labrador helped her win a part in a film. If you fancy reading a book that will help you come to a better understanding of your dog and improve your relationship with him, then pick up The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller. Tamar's philosophy is based on love and gentleness - and satisfied clients include Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck and Goldie Hawn. To get some tips from the founder of Southern California's first cage-free day care and overnight boarding facility, read The Loved Dog.

DATE: Sat, 25 Aug 2007
SIZE: 31.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 48 - Train and Behave Week and Pampering Your Pooch

In this our second anniversary show you can hear from well known animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford. Roger heads up a dedicated team at The Company of Animals, and is committed to and passionate about dog welfare. In his long career, Roger has encountered many "problem" dogs - several of which have been lucky enough to end up living with Roger, as part of his beloved pack. We took the DogCast Radio dogs to meet Roger's dogs - and they all had a wonderful time, and Roger's canine family is a testament to his loving rehabilitation methods. Roger is the originator of Train & Behave week, and we found out what inspired the idea, as well as discovering the history of some of the dog related products Roger has developed. Buddy adores his Kong Wubba - one of the latest toys on offer from The Company of Animals. It is clear in this interview that not only is Dr. Mugford an expert in his field, but lots of fun too. For some great ideas on how to pamper your dog, listen to our interview with Jason Rich about his book Pampering Your Pooch: Discover What Your Dog Wants, Needs and Loves. Don't be misled by the word pamper though, this is pampering with the dog's health and well-being as the priority. Jason has everything you can think of covered and there is something here for every dog lover. Jason shares his life with his best pal Rusty, a Yorkshire Terrier, so this book has real-life experience behind it, as well as a wealth of research. To make sure you're meeting your dog's needs and giving him the best life possible, listen to Jason's advice. JettyDogs is the latest dog sport to come to the UK - and boy does it look fun! Penny Draper and her dog Jumping Jack Splash were at Train & Behave with a pool to let handlers and dogs have a go, or even enter a competition. This is like dog long-jump, but since the landing is into water, it is safe for older and younger dogs to participate. This is also great fun to watch, so if there's a JettyDogs event near you go and have a look, although do watch out as you can get splashed as the dogs jump in, and then sprayed as they shake when they get out. There is a new UK charity aiming to use the dog's incredible sense of smell to detect cancer. We talk to Claire Guest about Cancer Dogs UK. Steven Pam travelled all the way from Australia to attend Train & Behave. You can hear Steven and host Julie discussing some dog-related stories that have made the news recently. To hear and see more of Steven check out HoundTV.

DATE: Fri, 10 Aug 2007
SIZE: 27.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 47 - Natural dog food

What do you feed your dog? Are you worried about food recalls? Do you know what the ingredients in your dog's food are? Kim Bloomer is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition/Doctor of Naturopathy. She worked in the veterinary field for many years, and continues to do extensive research into natural health care for dogs. Kim is also a member of the American Veterinary Naturopathic Association. On her radio show Animal Talk Naturally Kim discusses all aspects of natural pet care and health, and in this interview you can hear her advice on feeding your dog naturally. You will be amazed at the advantages to giving your dog a natural diet, and you may never look at your average bag or tin of dog food the same again. Although it's only the problems that hit the headlines, there are some excellent dog foods available. Organipets is a new company whose dog food is not only organic, but whose packaging is environmentally friendly too! We met Liz Nuttall and she told us the amazing results she is getting with the company's dog food. The company's story is one of success, but the story behind that success is a very moving one - and it all started with a rescue dog named Raffy. Listen to the Organipets story, and get new faith in the dog food industry. Our fiction feature this time is written and read by Shawndra Miller. Shawndra is a writer with a blog called Living Mindfully, which regularly features her beautiful Standard Poodle Marley. Shawndra's story is Leaving Ginger - a moving story that just might have you reaching for a Kleenex! In Puppy Playtime, Jenny talks about her favourite dog stories. Puppy Playtime listener Ella also reviews her favourite animal stories. Now we've whetted your appetite you may want to explore the area of your dog's nutrition more, so we have some suggestions to start you off.

DATE: Fri, 27 Jul 2007
SIZE: 28.1 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 46 - The Dog Communicator and The Knockknobbler

Do you ever wish you could communicate better with your dog? Well Joy Turner could help you do just that. Joy is a renowned communicator and energetic healer for both animals and humans. She hosts the radio show Talk With Your Animals, and offers private communication sessions to her international clients. Joy can communicate with living dogs as well as those who have passed over. In this interview, Joy speaks about how she communicates with dogs, how she believes we all have the ability to do so, and recounts some of her experiences. If you want to find out how you could develop the ability to communicate with your dog, listen closely to Joy's advice. Joy also communicates with host Julie's dog Buddy - so what's his take on things? Do you know what a Knockknobbler is? Well listen to our interview with author Bernard Cartwright and find out. Bernard took on the role of Dog Warden for the City of Worcester, and his experiences in the job inspired him to write his book, The Knockknobbler. Just what is life like as a dog warden? Well, it has its highs and lows, and Bernard's book gives a great insight into the demanding but rewarding job. Some days Bernard was confronted with sweet lost puppies, other days it was more demanding beasts, but he faced it all with compassion and humour. His own dog Schtroumpf helped support him through it all too. To celebrate the fact that there is a new Jettydogs World Champion, Trover Coats has brought out a single called Walkies. DogCast Radio listeners can hear a preview of the single in this episode. The new champion is a Greyhound who was rejected because he couldn't run fast enough - but he obviously can jump! We also bring you the latest news on Jill's poor imprisoned Poodles. Host Julie brings you her thoughts on small dogs. Do the best things come in small packages or is big always best? Listen and find out.

DATE: Sat, 14 Jul 2007
SIZE: 25.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 45 - Dog Etiquette and Trover Coats

Trover Coats, based on the English Channel island Alderney, is a small company that's making a big difference to many dogs' lives. First, the quality of the products that Trover make is excellent. Whether you choose to spoil your dog with a Trover coat or a Trover bed, he'll be happy with your choice. Jane Aireton and Toni Cherrett ensure that their products are of the highest quality, with the best design and as a result they really work. Beyond that, Jane and Toni are very quick to respond to a need in the dog community. Having shared their lives with rescue dogs, they run a competition which honours "Ladies That Rescue". When Hurricane Katrina left hundreds of dogs having to live outside, Toni rose to the occasion and designed a coat to keep them warm and dry. If you love dogs, this interview will warm your heart, and inspire you that you too can make a difference. Charlotte Reed is an international pet expert who aims to provide pet owners with insights on how to best care for their pets. To this end, Charlotte has a new book out on pet etiquette - The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette: The Definitive Guide to Manners for Pets and Their People. If you want to keep your dog happy, while still getting along well with family friends and neighbours, this book is for you. In the modern world there are many dilemmas for dog owners - from how to dine out with your pet, to how to ensure visitors are comfortable around your animals, to what happens to your dog if your relationship splits up. In this interview Charlotte has advice on all this plus more. In the DogCast Radio News, we have safety tips from the California Veterinary Medical Association. We all like to keep cool when the weather heats up, and dogs are no exception - but they have to be kept safe around water. So listen up for some great advice. If you do have a pool and are concerned for your dog's safety, check out the Skamper-Ramp, a product that will help get your dog back on dry land. Host Julie has news from our friends over at Animal Talk Naturally. Animal Talk Naturally in conjunction with the American Veterinary Naturopathic Association presents the first annual Natural Animal World Convention: Inspiring Minds. Empowering Choices. Integrating Ideas which takes place online on September 7 - 9, 2007. You can attend without leaving the comfort of your own home, and the convention has opportunities to hear some authoritative speakers, mix with other animal lovers, and much more. Buddy has gone from being an only dog, to a middle dog. How has he adapted and which does he prefer? Is his little "sister" really a pain, and what's it like to have an instant older "brother"? Listen in and find out straight from the Labrador's mouth!

DATE: Sat, 23 Jun 2007
SIZE: 20.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 44 - Acting dogs and detained dogs

If you like family friendly dog movies, then Lithium Springs might well be the film for you. It stars Fred the Dachshund alongside Carter Lord who also directed the film. This independent movie is getting rave reviews for its wholesome enthusiasm, and the performance of its canine star. The story centres on Evinrude Jones who discovers Juan Ponce de Leon's treasure map. Together with his faithful hound Fred, he sets out to find the gold. Hear Carter tell us about his attitude to working with dogs, and how Fred came to be in the movie in the first place. How would you react if your dog was seized by the police, held in an unknown location, and was under a possible death threat? Jill and her family find themselves in this situation. Jill has four poodles, but currently only two live at home with her. The other two have been taken by the police as "evidence", and Jill hasn't seen her beloved dogs for almost three weeks. Given the extra grooming that Poodles need, and the fact that one of the dogs has special dietary needs, Jill is beside herself with worry. No one seems to be able to help, and the family are becoming increasingly desperate. We can only guess how desperate the dogs are. If any DogCast listeners have an idea of how to help, or would like to pass on their good wishes to Jill as she endures this enforced separation, contact us at the usual address and we will pass your messages on. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny has a great game and quiz for our younger listeners to try out. In this show's DogCast Radio News, you can hear about Ozzie Osbourne and his dogs, how Vanessa Williams' dog went missing, and the new challenger for the title of World's smallest dog. Also we've found an upper class Labrador who's rolling in money - and looking to make more. Host Julie talks about the great new British initiative, Train and Behave Week. This great event will be starting at the end of July, with a grande finale on 4th August. Many high profile dog trainers are supporting the competition, such as Dr Roger Mugford, Victoria Stilwell, Colin Tennant, Gwen Bailey, Fiona Whelan, Charlie Clarricoates and Carolyn Menteith. No matter how old or young you or your dog are, or how much - or how little! - training you've done previously, this is your chance to have fun with your dog while you both learn.

DATE: Sat, 09 Jun 2007
SIZE: 18.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 43 - Jazmyn, junior dog handler and Alfie's Lost Terriers

Jazmyn Wray went to her first dog show as a tiny baby, and dogs have featured in her life ever since then. She adores the Flat Coated Retrievers that she has grown up, but has experience of many other breeds. Flatcoats remain her favourite, and she is now the third generation to enjoy promoting the Bushman name. At the age of 7 years old, Jazmyn became a Junior Handler, and since then has had great success. She has qualified for the Pal Junior Handler final every year since, and won the State Final in 2005. In this interview, Jazmyn tells us what Junior Handling involves, and why she enjoys it so much. Hearing such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable youngster makes great listening. If your dog went missing how long would you keep looking for him? Justine Marlowe's beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Alfie, was stolen over three years ago, and she is still determined to find him. Her other dogs have given her the will to carry on, but Justine has found it very difficult coping with the loss of Alfie. Helping others in the same position has also helped Justine, and Alfie's Lost Terriers was created. In their first year the website has helped reunited many owners with their lost or stolen dogs, and Justine and her team are devoted to their chosen task. Justine and Alfie's story is a moving one, but Justine continues to search and hope. In our Two Minute Fiction feature, we have a story about an owner who needs to learn more about her breed. The owner has formed an opinion about her dog, but is it accurate? Why does a dog behave the way he does, and how should a responsible owner respond? Strategy is written by Julie Hill and read by Kate Coldham. In the DogCast Radio News, hear how you can tell your dog's story if he is always waiting for you to be ready to spend time with him. You can also hear some wild dog news, and about some dogs with unusual jobs involving insects and birds. How do you regard your dog? Whatever you think of him or her, you almost certainly don't consider him a parasite. Yet this is Stephen Budiansly's opinion. You can read an extract from his book The Truth About Dogs at but beware this is strong stuff. Hear host Julie ruminate on Budiansly's assertions, and defend the dog from his accusations.

DATE: Sat, 26 May 2007
SIZE: 20.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 42 - Flat Coated Retrievers and grooming your dog

In this episode we bring you a breed profile of the Flat Coated Retriever. This is an elegant looking dog, with a lot of enthusiasm for life. Like many gun dogs the Flatcoat can make an excellent family dog - find out how his qualities suit for that role. If you're looking for an affectionate companion could a Flatcoat be right for you. How much exercise do they need, and just how much grooming does that beautiful coat need? To find out all this and more we talked to Judy Kennon Wray from Bushman Flat Coated Retrievers. The Bushman kennel has been established in Victoria, Australia for over four decades, specialising in Flatcoats since 1988. How often do you groom your dog? We all know how important it is to train, exercise and feed our four legged friend properly, but did you realise just how beneficial grooming can be for your dog? It's not all about looking good, their health and behavioural advantages. To get the most from grooming you need to establish a good routine right from the start, and that's not just with long coated dogs, or those who need stripping - all breeds can benefit. Sue Davidson is an Advanced Master Groomer, shes been Groomer of the Year twice, as well as an International Gold Medallist and Inter Grooming Judge. We first met her at Crufts with one of her immaculately turned out Bichon Frises. As well as telling you why to groom, Sue has some excellent advice on how to make it as easy and effective as possible. Go on - dig out that brush and have a go. In Buddy's Diary Buddy has two newcomers to put up with. And one has been brought in by magic - according to Buddy anyway. He sees one dog go up onto a table, and another dog get down. What is a Labrador to make of it all? In the DogCast Radio News we have some great competitions to check out. The RSPCA have started their Dog of the Year competition, and if you think your dog is "Super" you can enter Disney's competition and your dog could be a "Super Star"! What's your dog called? Why is he called that, and how long did it take you to choose? Host Julie takes a look at the pros and cons of naming your dog, and in the process reveals a few embarrassing secrets.

DATE: Sat, 12 May 2007
SIZE: 18.3 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 41 - Movie star Onion and Camp Gone to the Dogs

Have you ever dreamed of your dog becoming a famous movie star? In this episode you can hear what it's like when your dog moves in celebrity circles. Onion is a miniature Bull Terrier who has appeared in a Ewan McGregor film, a pop video, and has been painted, sculpted and illustrated! All this and her career started unintentionally! Onion is no prima donna though, and enjoys her walks in the park as much as her strolls down the red carpet. A look at her website ( will quickly tell you that this is a dog with a sense of humour too. Hear what it's like to be on a film-set with your dog, the training methods Sarah finds work best, and whether Onion enjoys her work. Plus what does a dog do with her fee? - Well this canine puts it to a very good use, find out how by listening to the interview. Are you looking for a really enjoyable vacation experience with your dog? Well look no further than Camp Gone to the Dogs. This is a holiday where you genuinely get to share life with your dog. It doesn't matter whether your dog is already well trained, or if you haven't quite achieved such a high level of obedience, and all breeds are welcome to try out the huge variety of activities. The best thing about Camp Gone to the Dogs is their attitude - this is no canine boot camp, this is fun, fun, fun! Their aim is that you and your dog enjoy the vacation, they want to see happy smiles and wagging tails. Apparently once you've tried it, you'll keep going back for more, hear why from owner and organiser Jeanne, as she tells us why dogs and their owners think Camp Gone to the Dogs is so fantastic. After our interview with Onion, Jenny has been inspired to find out about famous dogs. Discover how Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart got their start in show business. In the DogCast Radio news, there's outrage all over the place in the dog world. What will you make of it all? The fiction feature for this episode is inspired by the newest member of the DogCast team, Tom, our retired guide dog. How does a dog who's enjoyed working all his life adapt to retirement? Just how easy is it to twiddle your thumbs when you've only got paws?

DATE: Sat, 28 Apr 2007
SIZE: 18.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 40 - Petstreet and Stevie the blind agility dog

Training your dog can be difficult can't it? Taking on a disabled dog also has its own challenges. So we were amazed when we discovered Stevie, a Bernese Mountain dog who has been blind since birth. Owner Jill took Stevie on as a rescue dog when he was a small puppy, and she tells us of her experiences with him. What does training a blind dog involve? What is every day life like with a blind dog? Surely a dog who can't see can't do agility? - Well yes he can actually, and Jill tells us what Stevie has achieved, his attitude to life, and how he interacts with other dogs. She also tells us what she has learned from living with such an incredible dog. Do you fall into conversation with other dog owners easily? Do you have a lot in common with other dog lovers? Well now you can talk to them online all over the world with Pet Street. Maurice Melzak is the man behind Pet Street and he tells us about this online community for pet lovers. Not only can you create your own page, but your pet can have one too. You can upload photos of you and your pets, and you can even put videos on. In the blog feature you can tell everyone about life with your pets. To explore Pet Street go to and don't forget to get in touch with Julie, Jenny, Buddy, Star and Tom - we're all on Pet Street already. Buddy's Diary is back, and in this entry, Buddy muses on how well - or otherwise - he understands not only his people, but also his fellow dogs. Why do humans waste so much time on silly activities? Why is Star so naughty? And why won't people put socks to their best use? In Puppy Playtime, Jenny tells you how you can have fun with your dog and a hoop. Also, do you know why dogs sniff bottoms? Jenny thinks she has the answer! In the DogCast Radio News, hear how some dogs enjoy traveling, and how some have had problems. Talking of problems, Victoria Stillwell is great at solving dog related ones - so listen up to find out where you can catch her program It's Me or the Dog. Plus, Buddy and Star have a new member in their pack. Tom the Labrador has joined the DogCast team, but how has he fitted in, and what changes has he caused?

DATE: Sat, 14 Apr 2007
SIZE: 20.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 39 - Two dog households and Crufts part 2

The only thing better than sharing your life with a dog is sharing your life with two dogs! Having two dogs can mean double the love, fun and general all-round good time that having one dog is - BUT it means at least double the work, and the initial stages take a lot of thought and vigilance. How you introduce two dogs can have an influence on their relationship, so we talked to trainer Lyn Richards to find out the right way of going about things. Get it right and you'll help your dogs hit it off from the start - Lyn tells us just how and where to bring a new puppy into an older dog's life with the minimum of upset to both. We continue our coverage of Crufts. We talk to the tallest and smallest of the hounds, some striking utility and toy dogs, plus we find out some tricks of the trade! What treats help show dogs perform at their best, and how do you keep a white show dog white? Not everyone was full of praise for Crufts. UK magazine Dogs Today hit the headlines for daring to criticise the most well established dog show in the world. To get the truth behind the headlines we talk to Dogs Today editor and publisher, Beverley Cuddy. When you hear the arguments Beverley puts forward you may just be surprised, listen and make up your own mind. In Puppy Playtime we have a great Nintendo DS game that budding vets will love to try their hand at. You can also find out about the Young Kennel Club scheme. All this plus the usual quirky DogCast Radio News, and some interesting dog proverbs. You can also find out about a dog who's star is on the rise - Onion the Miniature Bull Terrier - and a well known one off dog who recently passed over to rainbow bridge, Skidboot.

DATE: Sat, 24 Mar 2007
SIZE: 29.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 38 - Earthquake detecting dogs and Crufts 2007 part 1

Psychologist and dog expert Doctor Stanley Coren was researching into whether seasonal affective disorder could influence dogs, when he came across an unexpected finding. Could it be that the dogs in his survey had actually been displaying unusual behaviour because they could sense an imminent earthquake? On further examination, this seemed an inescapable conclusion. Many factors involved point top that fact that dogs may well be able to "hear" earthquakes. In this fascinating interview you can hear Doctor Coren explain his findings and the conclusions he has come to. Is it possible that we are only aware of a small fraction of what our dogs can actually know and sense. Almost certainly - listen and find out more. Crufts 2007 was bigger than ever. We visited and fought our way through the crowds to bring you our reports. Listener Peter has a problem with his other wise perfect Pug - he likes to bite toes! For help with this puppy problem we turned to Puppy School founder, Gwen Bailey. Another DogCast Radio listener, Sarah, has asked for advice on how to help an anxious dog. To solve this we consulted Hilary Self from Hilton Herbs. Crufts is an international event - so we couldn't resist visiting the American Kennel Club stand to see what they were doing at Crufts. Dog Theft Action were also promoting their fight against dog theft at Crufts, and we interviewed founder Margaret who has herself suffered the heartbreak of having a beloved dog stolen. To raise money for their cause, Dog Theft have organised a raffle with a fantastic prize - a portrait of your pet by Paul Doyle. Tickets can be bought online from the Dog Theft Action site, and wherever you live this prize could be yours. Also on the Dog Theft site, you can support the Jester's Law campaign. Jester was a Rottweiler who was stolen, and his story ends very sadly. We interviewed his owner, Nikki, about her determination to stop other owners and dogs enduring what she had to. You can hear an article by author and artist Ron Hevener. His Master's Smile fits with our Crufts theme, and is read by host Julie. In the DogCast Radio News discover the prize winning past of Crufts Champion Araki Fabulous Willy. Kate and Nick also have news of a great dog travel website and a new book Planet Dog: A Doglopedia that's a must for all dog lovers.

DATE: Sat, 10 Mar 2007
SIZE: 28.5 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 37 - Dog theft and Wolf encounters

Would you like to meet a wolf? Well it's something Julie Rodaway has always wanted to do. We first met Julie back in episode 26. Julie told us about life with her guide dog Wallace, and the strong and loving bond that has developed between them. Julie loves dogs, and has also always been fascinated by wolves. Julie mentioned to us that she would love to meet a wolf, so she could touch it and find out for herself what a wolf is like. When we discovered Wolf Watch UK offers wolf encounters we thought it was the ideal opportunity for Julie to realise her ambition. Julie's husband Pat is also blind, and has a guide dog called Tom. The DogCast Radio team, Julie and Pat visited Wolf Watch UK, and director Tony Haighway shared with us his knowledge of and experiences with wolves. The wolves who live at Wolf Watch UK have been rescued by the organisation for a variety of reasons, and now have a safe and loving home for the rest of their life. Two of the wolves were hand reared by Tony, and so are well socialised to humans. It was one of these wolves, Maddy, who met Julie and Pat. The insight Tony gives into his life helping protect these stunning animals, is in turn touching, informative and amusing. Hear his experiences, the wolf encounter Julie and Pat enjoyed, and their reflections on the meeting. Dog theft is a growing crime, and every dog owner's nightmare. Debbie Matthews lived through this nightmare when her beloved Yorkshire Terriers, Gizmo and Widget were stolen. Debbie was fortunate however, in that her father is legendary entertainer, Bruce Forsyth, and so the theft attracted considerable media attention. Eventually, Debbie and her dogs were reunited, but the experience was an eye-opener for the family. Is your dog micro-chipped? If so do you expect that your dog will be routinely scanned by authorities and vets? Well this is not the case in the UK and Debbie and her father have set up an appeal to help fight for justice for dog owners. Wherever you live you can help support their appeal, listen to the interview, visit the website and help lost and stolen dogs get back to their families. In two minute fiction, hear Joyce's Story. Joyce has spent her life accompanied by a series of well-loved dogs - but old age has deprived her of this joy. Plus, an update on Star's clicker training, the first diet drug for dogs is made available in the UK, and Crufts is just around the corner! Find out more about Episode 37 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 24 Feb 2007
SIZE: 22.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 36 - RSPCA and Rescue story

It's a sad but true fact that many of the dogs bought as ill thought through Christmas presents find themselves homeless before spring. We know they end up in shelters, but once there, what is the process that helps put them on the road to a new home? Host Julie visited the Gonsal Farm RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals) shelter to find out more. Did you know that it's much better for a dog to be taken to a home by his owner than to be taken in as a stray, as staff can find out lots of relevant information from the owner. The more the shelter knows about a dog, the more likely it is that they can find a suitable home for the dog. For example if a dog has lived happily with children, this is a good piece of news to have. After arriving at a shelter, a dog goes through a range of health checks and temperament assessments. For those that pass the assessments and make it to the adoption kennels, so far so good, but what lies in store for those who have problems? Usually a lot of training and patience from staff and volunteers. Most problems can be solved with time. Once in the adoption kennel is life plain sailing? Which breeds cope well with kennel life? Which breeds don't adapt well? How much enrichment can be provided through food? How do dogs tolerate that worst of problems - noisy neighbours? Find out all this and more as we trace a dog's journey through a rescue shelter. Michelle Muto enjoys listening to DogCast Radio, spending time with her dogs and writing. Michelle sent us her story about rescuing one of the dogs she shares her life with. Thief of Hearts tells Tasha's story. Can Tasha overcome her bad start in life and find her forever home? In Puppy Playtime, hosted by Jenny we find out about the Westminster dog show top dogs, and how water - in winter or summer - doesn't always mix well with dogs. Plus - could you help listener Mark with his problems toilet training his dog? If you sailed through toilet training with no problems tell us what you did that conveyed the message to your dog so well? If you struggled with toilet training what did you find that worked well finally? Help us get Mark through this sometimes fraught stage of a dog's life. Find out more about Episode 36 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sun, 11 Feb 2007
SIZE: 27.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 35 - Dog behaviour specialist

How many of us made New Years resolutions? How many of them have already been broken and forgotten this early in the year? Well one resolution we can all make is to do more training with our dogs. Nick Jones is a dog behaviour specialist and trainer who can help us do just that. Nick works alongside owners and dogs, helping with problem behaviour and making sure puppies get a good start. You can hear how Nick is flexible in his apporach to training, and is happy for owners to have an input too. His goal is to spread understanding and happiness between canines and humans. Nick tells us about his work, his methods, and some of his more memorable experiences. When listener Emily contacted DogCast Radio with some training problems she had encountered with her dog Jasmine, I asked Nick Jones for his advice. Jasmine is a nine month old Shih Tzu. As you can see from her photo, she is a sweet little dog - but her behaviour doesn't alway match her appearance. So how do you cure a young dog of chasing the two cats she shares a house with, of eating their food, and of being afraid of children? Hear Nick's training tips. Once you've brought up one puppy and managed to produce a reasonably well behaved and trained individual, you must know exactly what to do with he next dog, right? That's what I hoped would be the case, but all dogs are different, and we have reached a hiccup in Star's training. It's not a big one, but we just can't manage to get her to do a "down". Julie took advantage of having access to a trainer and asked Nick for some help. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick bring us a special report on the latest from the American Kennel Club on the most popular dog breeds in the USA. In Puppy Playtime Jenny has some great ideas on how you can show your dog you love him this Valentine's Day. Find out more about Episode 35 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 27 Jan 2007
SIZE: 16.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 34 - Dog car safety and Assistance Dogs

Does your dog travel in the car with you? How does he get into the car? How safe is he once he is in the car and travelling? Does he know not to leave the vehicle until you give him permission to do so? It's something many of us do every day - pop the dog in the car - and yet if it isn't done safely then we can be putting our dogs, and ourselves, in danger. The good news is that it is something we can easily put right with a little thought and training. Julie asked advice from the always excellent Mim Edwards, based in Adelaide Australia. Mim's advice is always clear, relevant - and it works! You can hear Mim tell Julie how we can get our dogs into the car safely, make sure they are safe during the journey, and that they exit the car in a safe controlled manner. The process of having the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog recognised in the UK continues, and we went along to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Fun Day recently. It was great fun, and of course there were many Swissies there. There were also other dogs, and we couldn't help noticing a very nice black Labrador. This young dog is not destined to be a pet dog though, he is being socialised as he prepares for his training as an assistance dog for the disabled. Beryl who is the puppy socialiser for this particular dog talked to us about what her role is, and how she came to be a socialiser. Perhaps the biggest question that springs to mind is, "How do you cope when it's time for the dog to leave you?" How does Beryl cope? Listen and you'll find out. In the DogCast Radio News, we hear about a dog who is losing pounds, as well as a dog who has lost a lot of dollars, and a dog with a gas problem - in a good way! We also feature a new initiative by authorities in Australia to help educate children about dogs. Find out more about Episode 34 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sun, 14 Jan 2007
SIZE: 21.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 33 - Assistance dogs and German Shepherd Dogs

Karen Shirk was struck down with bad health, and then received the further blow of being told she was "too ill" to benefit from an assistance dog. Karen refused to accept that an assistance dog would not improve her quality of life and set about finding and training herself a dog. The result was a partnership between Karen and her German Shepherd Dog, Ben. Ben turned into an amazing dog, and who was honoured for his work at Karen's side. On at least one occasion he saved Karen's life. Although she herself had found an answer, Karen couldn't stop thinking about others who were being denied the happiness she had found, and so 4 Paws For Ability was born. In this interview, Karen talks about the work of 4 Paws, her wonderful dog Ben, and the organisation's positive policies which are helping people and dogs. Karen has been nominated for an award, which should she win will bring $25,000 to 4 Paws For Ability which will boost the great work already going on. The German Shepherd Dog is an extremely popular breed. They have a terrific reputation as a working dog or pet, and are versatile enough to excel in many kinds of training and activity. Could a German Shepherd be your perfect dog? If you do choose to share your life with a shepherd just what can you expect? Robin Winter from Narnia Kennels tells us all about German Shepherds, including how they fit into family life, interacting differently with different people, and what to bear in mind when looking for a German Shepherd puppy. In the DogCast Radio News, we have questions with unexpected answers, a town which limits its dogs, and dog with no limits. If you would like to hear a preview of Jude Stringfellow's book about her family's experiences while caring for two-legged dog Faith, then listen in to Puppy Playtime. All this plus a question from a listener, and what would you enable your dog to understand if you could? Find out more about Episode 33 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 23 Dec 2006
SIZE: 20.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 32 - The Alternative Animal Sanctuary

How far would you go to rescue animals without any other hope? Would you give over your house to them? Would you go into debt for them? Would you survive at times on four hours sleep a night to ensure they were comfortable? How much difficulty would you endure to ensure the animals that found a home with you had an easy life? In today's episode you can hear an interview with the amazing Tamara Lloyd. Tamara is an inspiring woman who has taken in a great variety of animals to live at her Alternative Sanctuary. Many of the dogs and horses who live here were condemned as being too aggressive. However Tamara's simple approach of allowing the animals the time and space they need to heal has had astounding results. When the DogCast team visited the sanctuary, we met gentle, affectionate, happy dogs, who would have been put down for behavioural or health reasons if Tamara had not stepped in. This is a touching story of a woman who is driven to help animals, whatever the cost to herself. Tamara has received a variety of awards for her rescue work, including one at the Wag and Bone Show, and you will be inspired as she talks of her experiences. In the DogCast Radio news, we hear how you can "buy" a dog for Christmas in the right way, for example sponsoring an assistance dog. You can also hear how dog owners indulge their pets at Christmas, and one unusual dog who gave a Christmas present - not to his humans, to a species of bird! All this and more from Kate and Nick at the Newsdesk. In our two minute fiction feature host Julie has written, and reads, her festive story. What makes a good present? As one pet shop owner observes his customers, what conclusions does he reach? Listen and find out! Is your dog of a supposedly intelligent breed, but you'd never know from his behaviour? Or is he a breed not traditionally considered so clever who can do amazing things? We have a link to an article about intelligence ranking, with discussion of the article, and we consider how we interpret our dogs. Find out more about Episode 32 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 19.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 31 - Jack Russell Terriers and Faith the two legged dog

What would you do if your son brought home a severely disabled puppy? Would you give her the chance to a happy life? Would you spend time and energy helping her face life and cope with her problems? Well Jude Stringfellow and her family rose to the challenge magnificently when they were confronted with a two legged puppy. They called the dog Faith, and Faith and her loving family have achieved great things, and in this episode you can hear Jude talk about their journey together. Faith has learned to walk upright, and has a great quality of life, including interacting with other dogs. Jude is now very busy, not only looking after her family and her dog, but since the rest of the world now wants to hear about Faith's story, she also makes public appearances with Faith and has written two books. The Jack Russell Terrier is a very popular dog for many reasons. You've probably met at least one, but do you really know what the breed is like? How affectionate are they? Do they need a lot of exercise? Could they be the ideal dog for your family? Gaye Redpath from Conquest Terriers talks about the breed she loves so much, and discusses the vital information you need to know about these attractive, versatile dogs. Gaye and host Julie also discuss other issues - such as what childhood experiences lead adults to allow or deny their children the company of a dog, and as a dog lover, is it really possible to get along with those odd people who don't like dogs? This and much more in an entertaining, informative interview. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy tells us about his latest experiences, which have been very perplexing to him, as his family have moved to a new den. Worryingly for Buddy, he can smell other people and dogs in his new home - what will happen should they return? Also, there are some strange new neighbors to adjust to. However, his new house does have one big advantage over his old one, but does it make up for all the upheaval? Julie considers the pros and cons of a dog's life, and Jenny has the latest DogCast Radio joke, so take a listen. Find out more about Episode 31 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 25 Nov 2006
SIZE: 18.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 30 - Dog intelligence

Dogs Only is a charity based in the Little Rock and Central Arkansas area, devoted to helping dogs in need of a new home. Dogs in the area face a variety of horrendous problems, and the devoted volunteers of Dogs Only put a lot of effort into rehabilitating dogs. This not only involves finding them new loving reliable families to love, but can mean behavioral training, or medical treatment. In this episode you can hear Peter Farrell talk about his experiences working for the charity. The Dogs Only website has details of dogs available for adoption, as well as a wealth of useful information, and some inspirational dog related stories. Dog rescue is an emotional minefield, and many of the dogs Peter has helped stay vividly in his mind. Find out more about Selma, who suffered appalling gunshot injuries, and was nursed back to health at Dogs Only. Read the story of Rio, the dog who was too intelligent for her own good, and outwitted her owners. Check out Duke who is a great big puppy in need of a home. Be warned though - he really is big! Are you a fan of pedigrees or do you prefer crossbreeds? Opinions on this area can be very heartfelt, and the issue is clouded in myth. Which is more intelligent though, a pure pedigree or a mixed up mutt? At Aberdeen University in Scotland, Dr David Smith and his students have been investigating this very matter. A variety of dogs were tested and the results make interesting listening. The research is still on going, and you and your dog can participate where ever you are. If you are in the UK you can join in with research about the effect fish oils can have on a dog's intelligence. In two minute fiction, you can hear the story of Charlie a big brave dog, who's scared of water. Charlie's owner thinks that Charlie is also suffering unrequited love. When the occasion calls for it, can Charlie become or hero? DogCast Radio News brings you a special report on the odd, expensive and downright dangerous objects our dogs sometimes swallow. Find out more about Episode 30 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 11 Nov 2006
SIZE: 20.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 29 - Graeme Sims and his Border Collies

How many dogs do you think you could control simultaneously? Well meet Graeme Sims - he can work up to eight dogs at the same time. Yes, eight! When over thirty years in the advertising business came to an abrupt end, Graeme was at a very low ebb, and it was at that time that Border Collies came into his life, and helped him find his way. A move to Devon brought a new career, working with Annie. Soon Border Collies followed, and Graeme began to build his extraordinary team of dogs. Graeme has a unique way of communicating with his dogs, so that each knows when he is instructing them. We were lucky enough to attend one of his brilliant displays, and to witness the relationship between him and his dogs is a treat. The photographs on this page are of Graeme and his dogs in action at a show. We filmed the display and hope soon to have that available too. Living with any dog can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, of snatches of insight into your dog's mind, and a lot of learning. In this episode you can hear Graeme share his highs and lows, and the amazing experiences he has shared with his sheepdogs. This is all told with much humor - and it is evident from the interview that not only is Graeme a great trainer, but also a great character. Not only does Graeme train and work his dogs, he is a talented artist and writer. Just to keep him busy, he is also the vicar of not just one but two churches. In DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick bring you dog related stories you might not be aware of - the threat posed to dogs by bridges, two life saving dogs, and two dogs with a taste for water, but in very different ways. Host Julie brings you the story of Skidboot, a very talented dog who is lucky enough to have a loving devoted owner. The story of Skidboot and David Hartwig is an amazing and touching one. Find out more about Episode 29 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 28 Oct 2006
SIZE: 18.3 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 28 - Travelling with your dog

Do you wish you could take your dog on vacation with you? Would you love to let your canine companion enjoy the fun of discovering new places together? Well now you can, because Barbara Whitaker has the advice you need. Whether you're looking for somewhere dog friendly to stay, or you want help to get organized when you hit the road with your dog, she can help you. Barbara has written two travel guides - Have Dog Will Travel the California edition,and the Oregon-Washington-Idaho edition. Barbara was inspired to write her guides by her experiences traveling with her own dog, Ginger. When other people commented to Barbara that it was "too hard" to travel with a dog, she set about the task of proving to them just how easy it can be, with a little forward planning. Were you aware that October has been a good month for dogs? Did you know how good having or mixing with dogs is for us humans? In Puppy Playtime Jenny tells us all about this, and has some suggestions, so that even if you don't have a dog of your own, you can still reap the health benefits dogs bring. After all, what other species encourages us to get out and about with daily exercise, and then aids our relaxation once back at home? Physically and mentally dogs are great for people, so listen up and find out more! Anita Bax is a world class groomer, having won golden scissors awards in both the UK and the US. Anita also breeds poodles, and is a great enthusiast about the breed. You can hear Anita's overview of the breed she loves, as she tells us about a special litter she has bred. If you thought poodles are always solid white, black, or apricot, think again, because they can be party colored. Anita told us about her beautiful and unusual puppies, and the problems she was having registering them. If you have one of these unusually marked dogs, we'd love to see photos or video of your dog. In the DogCast Radio News hear about the marvelous work being done by 4 Paws For Ability, founded by Karen Shirk. 4 Paws For Ability supplies a variety of assistance dogs. Hear about two different approaches to using police dogs on either side of the Atlantic, how Kobe the terrier was lost and found, traveling a huge distance in-between, plus, Kate and Nick have details of a great new website to help you care for your dog. In Two Minute Fiction, hear the story The Benchmark, written and read by host Julie. Two women meet on a park bench, and one shares her heartbreak with the other. If you still haven't had your fill of dogs, then check out the DogCast Radio Rottweiler breed page, to see some beautiful photos of these big softies. Find out more about Episode 28 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 14 Oct 2006
SIZE: 9.95 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 27 - Chow Chows and PADS

Our breed profile is the Chow Chow. This is a fascinating breed. Did you know that a Chow has two more teeth than other breeds? They also have a blue-black tongue, that according to legend was gained when they helped clear up at the start of creation. Some have even claimed that the Chow is descended from bears, not wolves. The actual origins of the breed are hard to establish, which shrouds the breed in further mystery. All this is a lot to live up to for a breed, so what is a real Chow like? Intriguing is the honest answer. They are certainly not your average dog, and they won't be to everyone's liking. For one thing if you are looking for an obedience champion, you're probably not looking for a Chow! So what other qualities does the breed have? - are they playful, affectionate, how much energy do they have, and will they fit in with other dogs? You can hear the answers to all this and more in our Chow breed profile. Do you ever want someone to turn to for dog related advice? Well we have an excellent website for you. PADS - People and Dogs Society - is a charity dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. It is run entirely by volunteers, has a confidential telephone advice service, a large informative website, and a variety of useful leaflets and fact sheets. Whatever stage of life your dog is at, PADS can be of help to you. We spoke to Chairman Debbie Waller, to find out more about PADS, the help they offer, and the information you can access on their website. How do you train your dog? What methods do you find work well for you? Have you been given some fantastic training advice? Have you been given dreadful training advice? Host Julie talks about her experiences with her dogs, and how she muddles through the training minefield. Once you've trained one dog, will you be better training the next? If one method doesn't seem to be working should you stubbornly stick with it, and does shouting actually help? In the DogCast Radio News, we hear about dogs and cars. We all know not to leave our dogs in cars - but what about the dog who left his owner in the car? Do you know that some sugar free products are dangerous - possibly fatal - to your dog? Hear about the latest research on a substance that helps fight the flab, but doesn't help Fido. Plus Bark Busters is supporting Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month in October. Anyone adopting a dog in October in the US can expect extra help from Bark Busters. In addition you can hear about some of the feedback we've had about our Guide Dog episode, and if you fancy a good dog-related read, hear about Dogs Today magazine. Find out more about Episode 27 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 23 Sep 2006
SIZE: 24.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 26 - Guide Dog Special

This episode is a special devoted to the marvelous work that guide dogs do. We all know how our dogs enrich our lives and touch our hearts in so many ways, but to some people their dog is essential. Julie Rodaway is blind, and she and her guide dog, Wallace, make a great team. We went to meet them both, and we learned a lot about the invaluable service guide dogs provide. How much do you know about the training process that produces a guide dog? What is a guide dog's life like? Do they get to play, and are they ever off-duty? How easy is it to get a guide dog? Do you know the cost involved in providing the guide dog that gives its owner new independence, freedom and confidence? Jule shares with us her experience of life with a guide dog, including the funnier side of things. Just how intelligent do some people think these dogs are? In Two Minute Fiction hear Romance, the story of how one woman's dog lead her into romance....well not her dog exactly, it's a bit of a delicate matter really. You'll have to listen to understand. Find out more about Episode 26 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 09 Sep 2006
SIZE: 19.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 25 - Five labradors and Lakeland Terriers

Would you like to hear the training secrets of a man who has trained several dogs to an amazing standard of obeience? Chris Warner is totally outnumbered by his pack of five Labradors,and yet armed only with a whistle, he keeps them in order. If you think the only way to train is by bribery with tasty treats, then this trainer can make you think again. Hear first hand about Chris's dogs, who range in age up to ten years old, and how he has coaxed such a fantastic level of response from them. As well as being family pets, Chris's dogs are working dogs, picking up at shoots, and competing in competitions. Despite their obedience, these Labradors retain their charming enthusiastic characters, and are charming company too. Our breed profile is the Lakeland Terrier. This is a fiesty little dog, but do you even know what he looks like? In this interview at a Lakeland show, you can hear not only about this terrier's appearance, but also his temperament and attitude to training. An important question with any breed is how sociable are they? - do they mix well with people, other dogs and children, and what kind of family dog so they make? Listen as a variety of Lakeland owners share with you all this, plus details of what grooming a Lakeland requires. In the news, find out what animal lover Brigitte Bardot's latest campaign is. The Blue Cross is organising its eleventh Take Your Dog To Work Day on Tuesday 19th September 2006. To find out more about how you can support this event, which attracts participants from Cameroon to Canada, and from Portugal to Pakistan listen to DogCast Radio news. News hounds Kate and Nick also bring you two great ways that you can support charities helping dogs in need. The animal charity PDSA has a fantastic calendar for 2007 combining canines with their celebrity friends. Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster shot the calendar, which includes Simon Cowell with Cairn Terrier, Buster, and Rod Stewart himself with Golden Labrador, Mrs Potts. Other famous faces include: Bradley Walsh, with Jack Russell, LuckyLulu with Scottish Highland Terrier, ClydeRoxanne Pallet, with Poodle, Missy Tim Vincent, with Boxer, Ruby Jenny Frost, with Dachshund, George MichaelFrankie Dettori, with Boxer Georgie, Parson Jack Russell Jeldi and Doberman PradaKenny and Gabby Logan with Boxer, Sydney Trisha Goddard, with Hungarian Poulis, Raz and AlfieSir Elton John, with Cocker Spaniels, Arthur and Marilyn Holly Willoughby, with cat, Miu Miu Doggie's Angel has a calendar on offer to help support dogs affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The charity has created a unique dog calendar, of which 60% of the net proceeds will go to Louisiana SPCA. This is a calendar which has been designed to be a thing of beauty as well as help a lot of dogs in need. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy tells how puppy Star's arrival in the house continues to effect him. Buddy's old enemy water pistol is back in town - but is he friend or foe? Is having a little doggy "sister" who is so small and attracts so much attention a good thing or a bad? Hear it all from Buddy's point of view. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny has discovered an exciting website for you to explore - This site has games, e-cards, dog name suggestions, an agony aunt and more. So click the link and have fun exploring! All that plus host Julie brings you some fantastic news about Helga, a dog blighted with bad health, whom we featured in our Wag and Bone coverage. Find out more about Episode 25 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 26 Aug 2006
SIZE: 23.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 24 - Aniversary and dog portrait artist

In our special first anniversary program, we take a look back at our first year. In the past twelve months DogCast Radio has profiled many breeds, including Labrador, Rottweiler, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Italian Greyhound, Great Dane, Labradoodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, and Irish Setter. There has been expert training advice on offer throughout, starting off with Joe Timko at the beautiful Canyon View Ranch. Mim Edwards from Adelaide, Australia, helped solve a variety of training problems, while Steve Fryer and Gwen Bailey from the UK both gave us the benefit of their advice on several issues. What has really made DogCast Radio what it is, is the characters we have encountered. Right back in episode one , in our Labrador profile, we met a delightful lady who shares her life with three chocolate labradors, all aged under three years old. Labradors have an enthusiastic approach to life, which this owner certainly shared with her dogs! You've heard of a Boxer dog, but what about a kickboxer? The dog in question is a Black Russian Terrier who lives with Russ Williams. Russ is a martial arts instructor, so when his dog displayed an innate aptitude for kickboxing, it seemed natural to nurture it. Another active group we encountered was the Paddlepaws organisation. The Newfoundland breed generally loves the water, and is an excellent swimmer. This ability coupled with the dog's heritage has lead to the dog being very protective of humans in the water, and water training is an activity that many Newfies and their owners enjoy together. If you're looking for somewhere to look after your dog in style while you're on vacation, we have discovered the most luxurious venue in the Dog and Cat Hotel. Hear about the glamorous lifestyle on offer here, which includes tastefully decorated suites, each with their own television. Pam Dennison is the trainer who advised us to be unpredictable to keep our dogs motivated. However, when Pam gave her next piece of advice, it was more controversial. Pam's views on kids and dogs caused quite a stir, with many of you disagreeing with them. However whether you agree or disagree with Pam, she's a great trainer and a great character. Can your dog do tricks? In episode eight we met Willy, the clever Bichon Frise who could sneeze on command. Sarah, Willy's owner, taught her dog a variety of tricks, and he certainly was a character. For your chance to hear a dog sneezing on command, listen up! One of our guests was a mystery figure - Dog Lady. When Dog Lady got her dog, she wanted somewhere to ask all the silly questions you have as a first time dog owner. When no suitable source of wisdom could be found, Ask Dog Lady was born. If you or your dog is looking for an agony aunt with a sense of humour, look no further. One of our most touching characters was Sandy Hall, a lady with a big heart and an even bigger dog. Sandy owns Gibson, the dog who holds the Guinness world record for being the world's tallest dog. Quite by chance, Sandy produced a puppy who grew and grew and grew. Now she thinks one of Gibson's nephews - Bigson - is shaping up to break his uncle's record. Alongside our interviews, we have brought you our DogCast regulars - the DogCast Radio News, Puppy Playtime, Buddy's Diary and Two Minute Fiction. One story that many of you liked was our Christmas story about the vet and the Weimaraner, so you can also listen to a reminder of that story. Since it's our anniversary episode, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about something that could be the perfect gift for any celebration, a pet portrait. Connie Bowen is a very talented artist, and she talks about the process involved, and shares some of her experiences. You can hear about the family that argued over future possession of one of Connie's paintings, the Rottweiler who was camera-shy, the input one Cairn Terrier owner had into the portrait of her dog, and many other stories attached to these wonderful portraits. In the news, we have some good and bad role models for dog owners from around the world. Plus, fashion has spread to the dog world, and dog products expert Charlotte Reed gives us a sneak preview of what the best dressed canines will be wearing this autumn. Also, you can hear what the latest status symbol dog accessory is. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny tells us how Bichon Frise puppy Star has been enjoying a taste of fame. Plus how so you cope with meeting the exercise demands of two very different dogs? Do you ever worry about dogs left alone outside shops while their owners are inside? In Two Minute Fiction, hear about the consequences of this situation from three very different points of view. Host Julie brings you her reflections on DogCast's first year, and do remember to listen right to the end for Jenny's joke. Find out more about Episode 24 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 12 Aug 2006
SIZE: 17.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 23 - Saving Shiloh and dogs in heaven

Are you familiar with the Shiloh novels written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor? If not you're missing out! The latest film, based on the third book of the trilogy, Saving Shiloh, is out on DVD on August 22nd 2006. Phyllis is a prolific author, and in the Shiloh series, she tells the story of an abused Beagle, and the efforts of a young boy to rescue the dog. The Shiloh films are not only great family entertainment, but will also make children - and adults - think about how we treat our animals, and how we make decisions and judgements about people. It was a real life encounter with a mistreated Beagle that inspired Phyllis to write the Shiloh trilogy. In this interview you can hear how Clover, the abandoned Beagle Phyllis discovered, became a star in her own right, and how she found her own happy ending. We love our dogs so much, and a dog's life is so much shorter than ours, that the heartbreak of losing them is the price we pay for sharing our life with such a wonderful companion. Have you ever wondered what happens then? Do dogs have souls? Is there an afterlife for animals? Will we be reunited with our beloved pets in heaven? If any of these thoughts have ever occurred to you, this interview is for you. Mary Buddemeyer Porter has written two biblically-based books on the subject, Will I see Fido in Heaven, and Animals, Immortal Beings. Here you can listen to her reassuring views on the subject. So do all dogs go to heaven? - do any of them go? Here's your chance to find out. The DogCast Radio News brings you the latest dog-related stories. What really makes us happy? Is it a good job, a healthy bank balance, a successful romance, or a canine companion? Plus, find out how a dog's microchip reunited a little girl with her family, and how a little puppy fat saved a dog's life. Listen up for those stories you might otherwise miss out on. How well can you communicate? Can you actually convey your message as well as your dog can? Host Julie considers what a dog's priority in communication is, and how they achieve this. In addition to all this you can listen to some inspiring quotes and poems about dogs, so prepare to be entertained, amused and enlightened! Find out more about Episode 23 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 22 Jul 2006
SIZE: 22.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 22 - Wag and Bone Show preview and teaching the leave command

The Wag and Bone Show is just around the corner, and we share with you some of the stories that make this event the unique celebration it is. DogCast Radio was invited to attend a pre-show photo shoot at world famous dog photographer Tim Rose's studio. There we interviewed a variety of people involved with the show. Wag and Bone Show originator and Dogs Today editor Beverley Cuddy comes as near to describing the phenomenon the show has become as anyone can. The show celebrates all dogs, and it honours some of those with special stories, such as Cocker Spaniel Rupert. Rupert lives with Kerena and Jordan, who are both profoundly deaf. When Jordan's father died Jordan stopped communicating in any way. Training Rupert has given Jordan the motivation he needed to start talking again. Hear Kerena telling Jordan and Rupert's moving story. Rescue dogs play a big part in Wag and Bone, and in this episode you can hear how six gorgeous Shar Pei-Staffordshire Bull Terrier crosses from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home are each looking for a home. During the photo shoot, it became clear that the show provides a welcome opportunity to celebrate the wonderful way our animal charities enhance lives of those they protect. We spoke to Tamara who runs The Alternative Animal Sanctuary , where Helga the GSD-Collie cross lives. Helga was recovering from an unfortunate start in life, when bad health nearly ended her life. With the help of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, Helga is able to maintain her mobility thanks to special carts shipped in from America. There are other incredible stories, like Cheaz, the Staffie cross who survived forty days and nights in a full body cast, thanks to the devotion of staff at the PDSA. The RSPCA found Border Collie Blue a loving home after his first family gave him up when they were expecting a baby. Blue's problems are compounded by the fact that he is deaf, although his new owners have helped him achieve success in training by using signs. Kiki the Chihuahua needed a new home when his owner died. Dogs Trust rescued him, and contacted Steph Collis, a Chihuahua enthusiast who works at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Kiki is now receiving the specialist help he needs to make the long journey towards finding a new family. His case highlights the way animal charities work together to ensure the best outcome possible for the animals in their care. Hear about Buzz, a Shetland Sheepdog who travels in style - on a motorbike. He has a variety of talents, and together he and owner James are one of the great partnerships competing in the Pup Idol competition. We all want a well behaved dog, and one essential command for this is the leave command. Delia Graham gives her expert advice on training this very important instruction. Delia is an instructor at Gwen Bailey's Puppy School, and both Delia and Gwen will be at the Wag and Bone Show in the Trick and Treat ring. Listen to this vital advice, and you will never need to wrestle with your dog again. In Puppy playtime you can hear Jenny's progress report on her Bichon Frise puppy, Star. How is toilet training going? How has Star settled in? How has Star taken to Buddy? How has Buddy taken to Star? In Buddy's Diary, you can hear how Buddy's world has been turned upside down. How does a dog who has been an "only dog" for three and a half years adapt to a newcomer? For Buddy, things will never be the same again - but is it a change for better or worse? Plus, if you love DogCast Radio, you may well enjoy Hound TV. Hear from host Steven Pam, and check out this new Australian video podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the exciting mix that is DogCast Radio. Find out more about Episode 22 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 08 Jul 2006
SIZE: 18.1 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 21 - Dog Paddling Adventures and healing dogs

We all know that participating in activities with our dogs helps strengthen the bond between us, as well as being highly enjoyable. Does a canoeing holiday with your dog sound like fun? How about hikes in beautiful scenery where your dog can run free? When winter sets in you could try Skijoring and kick sledding. If you would enjoy an exciting vacation experience that your dog can accompany you on, you are going to love hearing about Dog Paddling Adventures. How many times have you been told that dogs are welcome, only to find that actually they must be on a lead, and are not allowed access to a whole variety of areas? There's none of that at Dog Paddling Adventures - hear about the wonderful opportunities on offer here, where dog is truly just as welcome as you are. These days when we're dealing with our dogs' health we are not confined to visiting the vet. There's a growing acceptance of "alternative" therapies, and owners and dogs benefit from having a wide variety of treatments to choose from. Margrit Coates is the UK's only full time animal healer, and also an animal communicator. Margrit has treated many dogs, but also a wide variety of animals from the domestic to the exotic, including mice, cows and penguins. She gives us a fascinating insight into the healing she offers to animals, and what it's like to live with such an a strong empathy with animals. Margrit has produced two CDs, Animal Healing and Music for Pets, which you can find out more about here. In Two Minute Fiction hear Dog Fight. We all think our dog is the best in the world - but can that lead to problems? Our news team Kate and Nick bring you the usual mix of dog related events and occurrences that you might otherwise miss out on. This time you can hear how shops have been getting on the wrong side of the law, for both excluding and allowing dogs onto their premises. Find out how police dogs are helping police in their duties - and being honoured for it, and the lengths one ex-Crufts judge went to get her dogs back when they were stolen. Host Julie brings you a touching poem that sums up a lot of our attitudes towards our dogs. Buddy has received his first email, in which he is offered advice on dealing with the arrival of our new puppy, Star. Moose, the clever canine star of Frasier has died, at the ripe old age of sixteen. Find out more about his inspiring story. Find out more about Episode 21 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 24 Jun 2006
SIZE: 16.9 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 20 - Irish Setters and the Blue Cross

How much do you know about the glamorous redhead of the canine world, the Irish Setter? We met a variety of beautiful Irish Setters and their owners, and found out what life is like with this gorgeous breed. How excitable are they? Do they make a good family dog, and how are they around children? Does that stunning coat take much grooming? How much exercise do they need, and if you do let them off the lead for some free running, will they come back? You will hear all this and more in this episode's breed profile. The Blue Cross has launched an excellent scheme to help educate children about the responsibilities and benefits of keeping pets. Delia Graham, a dog behaviourist and trainer tells us about her involvement with the charity. Blue Cross was originally Our Dumb Friends' League, and the establishment and development of the charity is an interesting story. If you are familiar with the story of Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, you know the appalling conditions some horses lived in, and the unfeeling treatment they endured. Listen as Delia unravels the history of this marvellous charity. Hear how helping horses during wartime inspired its modern name. In the DogCast News, hear about how one dog's unusual deformity has so far stopped him finding a loving long term home. You can also hear how June has been a good month for dogs on both sides of the Atlantic, how first aid saved a dog's life, and how much the most expensive dog in the world cost. In every dog owner's life there comes a moment of panic - the "What have I done?" moment. Irrespective of whether you acquire a puppy or an older dog, pedigree, crossbreed or rescue dog, the moment will come when you realise the force you have unleashed upon yourself, your home and lifestyle. Take heart - we all get these moments, it's how we deal with them that matters. Host Julie tells you her take on what we do when we bring a dog into our lives in this lively article. In Puppy Playtime Jenny has an exciting announcement to make. We won't spoil the surprise here; if you want to find out you'll have to listen! Find out more about Episode 20 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 10 Jun 2006
SIZE: 18.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 19 - Dog allergies and faithful dogs

How much do you know about dog allergies? If you listen to our interview with Shirlee Kalstone, author of "Allergic to Pets? The Breakthrough Guide to Living with the Animals You Love", you will hear things you didn't know you didn't know, and also discover that some of the facts you thought you knew are wrong! Shirlee's book is informative and entertaining, and gives invaluable advice on living with animals you are allergic to. Being allergic to dogs, doesn't necessarily mean being unable to share your home with one, but many myths have been built up around this area. Can you find a "hypoallergenic" dog? Can any one breed be the answer to your problems? Shirlee discusses this and much more. See how many questions you can answer correctly in our true or false quiz about allergies. Dog hair is the bane of most dog owners' lives. We groom it, wash it, and ensure it's free of fleas. To make matters worse, we even have to sweep and vacuum it from our floors, brush it off our clothes, and often pick it out of our food! Who would have guessed it held the secrets of the universe? This article is a mix of sound scientific knowledge and the madness that living with a dog brings - Stephen Hawking listen up! We return to the theme of living with allergies in Puppy Playtime when Jenny interviews Adelaide. Adelaide developed a severe dog allergy, which even saw her spending New Year's Eve in hospital. How does she deal with her reactions, and has she found anything that helps her? Allergies to animals can cause heartbreak, but even if you can't have your own dog, it doesn't mean you can't interact with them. Hear how one little girl deals with her allergy. Buddy is a dog who gets around, and in his diary this week, he tells us how he feels about the various modes of transport he has experienced. Does he prefer the car, the boat, the train or plain old walking? Why do his people have so many devices to spoil his fun when he travels? Is the journey better than the arrival? It's all good fun with Buddy around, so enjoy his latest Buddy's Diary. We all love our dogs for their faithfulness, and we bring you a celebration of that steadfast canine nature. When you bring a dog into your life you discover an unwavering supporter who will stand by you when no one else will, even if doing so puts him in danger. Hear these remarkable tales of doggy devotion of that most faithful of friends. Host Julie brings you a website to explore, and exciting news about the brilliant Wag'n'Bone Show. Find out more about Episode 19 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Wed, 31 May 2006
SIZE: 18.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 18 - Bichon Frise and worlds tallest dog

What is the Bichon Frise like? The Bichon is a small white dog, with a big fluffy coat, that can take a lot of grooming. However, it is the personality of this diminutive dog from the toy group, that is its charm. The Bichon is friendly and outgoing, and loves nothing more than being with his people. Listen to out breed profile, and you can find out how this beautiful little dog has a character to match his looks. We all think our dogs are special - and they are! We came across a dog who is genuinely unique, and he has an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records to prove it. Sandy Hall bred and shares her house with Gibson, the record-breaking Great Dane who is the tallest dog in the world. Sandy and Gibson's story is not just about world records though, it is a celebration of the bond between humans and dogs, and how the strength of that bond can help us through the rough times we sometimes endure. Gibson holds the world record, but for how long? Hear Sandy's opinion on the young dog that may one day break Gibson's record. Have you seen the Disney film "Eight Below"? In Puppy Playtime, Jenny brings you her review of this moving and exciting tale about sled dogs fighting for survival. In Two Minute Fiction hear the story of a dog with a dilemma. He has a loving owner, a comfortable home, good food, toys and exercise, but he also has an extensive wardrobe of clothes, which he detests. Can this spirited little dog find a solution to his problem? In the DogCast Radio news you can hear some amazing stories of owners reunited with their dogs after years of separation. Owners who despaired of ever seeing their dogs again, now happily have them back where they belong - in one case after an absence of nearly five years. Also find out how you can help support vital legislation to provide emergency evacuation provision for pets. Host Julie features inspiring and touching stories from a website supporting dog rescue in Arkansas, and throughout North America. If you like stories and articles about dogs check this one out, but don't forget the dog adoption centre. All this plus our run down of our top five dog cartoon characters. So find a sofa, a chair, a dog bed, or even circle three times and curl up on the floor, but whatever you do don't miss this episode of DogCast Radio! Find out more about Episode 18 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 13 May 2006
SIZE: 20.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 17 - Sled dogs and wolves

In this episode, our Scottish special, you can hear all about the dogs at the Cairngorm Sleddog Adventure Centre. At the centre the sleddogs don't pull sleds, but wheeled buggies, so sledding is possible even when there is no snow. The centre also offers the not-to-be-missed experience of a kennel tour. Listen as we meet the dogs, and hear the stories of their characters and breeding. Not all the dogs here are Siberian Huskies - some are German Pointers, and there are also Husky-Pointer crosses. Never thought of Pointers as a sled dog? - then listen and find out how the breed became involved with sledding. We all know the wolf is the ancestor of all our modern dog breeds, and that dogs retain many of the wolf's characteristics. But how much do you really know about the intricacies of life within a wolf pack? Who gets to breed? Who cares for the pups? Why do wolves howl? How far away can a howl be heard? Who gets bossed around most in the pack, and why are the youngest wolves shown the most leniency? In a fascinating interview hear Park Manager, Jeremy Usher Smith share his knowledge on all this and more. While his family are off having a great time (and carrying out essential research) in Scotland, Buddy is left at home. But he's not home alone, as his beta family have moved in to take care of him. Is Buddy happy with this arrangement? Hear what he thinks of his stand-in caretakers, and how he manages to manipulate the situation to his own advantage. In the news, we bring you Scottish stories old and new. Hear how one dog is helping to educate the public about the dangers of fire raising, how a terrier fell into the sea near John O'Groats, and how giant owls strong enough to carry off dogs are on the loose. Catch the story of The Great Lafayette, the highest paid illusionist of his time, and his utter devotion to his dog, Beauty. So settle down with a shortbread, and listen to our Scottish episode. Find out more about Episode 17 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 22 Apr 2006
SIZE: 18.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 16 - Yorkshire terriers, reading dogs and more ..

One of the most popular terriers is the Yorkshire Terrier, and in this episode you can hear a profile of the breed. Marita Parker from Crystal Waters Kennel, in Canada, is a successful, responsible breeder of Yorkshire Terriers, and with many years' experience of Yorkies, she is well qualified on what life with them is like. Did you hear about the dog who liked to be read to? Well we did, and this gentle giant of a dog touched our hearts. Dozer is a large Mastiff cross, who is helping children in many ways, including building their confidence in reading. Dozer's owner Karen talks about her lovely dog, and how together they are working to enhance the lives of children. Listen to Puppy Playtime, where Jenny has a great website for you to explore. She has been having fun on the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home website, and she particularly likes the playtime section. Buddy is feeling very good after a check up at the vets. Does he always find a visit to the vet so pleasant though? What were is first impressions of the surgery, and why are cats so annoying when they are in the waiting room? Hear Buddy's latest diary to find out all this and more. Did you know that Sunday April 30th is International Day of the Dog? Hear about this special day to celebrate dogs, organised by Dog Listener Jan Fennell. If you like dogs and the internet, have you come across ? We review this is a site that will support you through setting up your own dog blog. Make sure you keep listening right to the end to hear Jenny's latest joke! Find out more about Episode 16 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 08 Apr 2006
SIZE: 20.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 15 - Age proof your dog and Dog Lady

We welcome our first mystery guest on the show - Dog Lady. She's a lady, she's got a dog, and a website If you have a question about dog related issues, then you too could ask Dog Lady. Dog Lady does not answer medical or aggression problems, but anything else - ask away! The answer will be Dog Lady's take on the situation, helpful but definitely with a humorous touch. After all, who can survive life with a dog without a sense of humour? Dr. Stanley Coren provides invaluable insights into the complicated relationship between people and dogs. Dr. Coren is Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and his knowledge of both psychology and dogs gives him a unique perspective. This interview makes fascinating listening, as Dr. Coren tells us why signs are useful in training- but more than that, how you can use them to help "age-proof" your dog. Ever wondered about the long tradition of royals and their dogs? In Puppy Playtime, for our younger listeners, Jenny tells us about the research she has been doing into just that subject. Which monarch let his dog give birth in the royal bed? Which devoted dog refused to leave his royal mistress even at the very end? Which ruler wrote a best seller about his favourite dog? Find out all this and more. In Two Minute Fiction hear the story of a devoted old man and his dog, who face the ups and downs of life together. Plus we bring you some more dog quotes we love.

DATE: Sat, 25 Mar 2006
SIZE: 9.16 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 14 - Crufts

If you would like to know what is feels like to show your dog at Crufts, listen to our special Crufts edition. In this episode, we venture away from our usual format to bring you our coverage of the biggest pedigree dog show in the world. Making it to Crufts is the pinnacle of any dog and owner's career, but there is much more to Crufts than that. This event is a celebration of dogs in general, and no dog lover could fail to find something of interest here. We have interviews with those about to walk into the ring, and those who have already braved the spotlight. How young does a show dog start his career? Hear what it's like to show your dog for the very first time at Crufts. Find out how hard those super-intelligent (not to mention super-trained) dogs competing in obedience competitions have to work. The Good Citizen Scheme might be just what you and your dog are looking for to help build your relationship. Bruce Fogle gives us some behind the scenes information about his book If your dog could talk. This is a re-working of an earlier book, Know Your Dog, and the superb illustrations will certainly help you understand your dog's behaviour. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People have been training dogs to make deaf people's lives easier since 1982. Discover how these clever dogs help their owners, and how you could support the charity's work. The DogCast Radio News brings you the results of the pedigree judging, along with some facts and figures. Host Julie gives her impressions of the show, conveying the exciting, touching and busy scenes of Crufts 2006.

DATE: Sat, 11 Mar 2006
SIZE: 10.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 13 - Labradoodles and crate training dogs

There are many so called designer breeds around now, but the original designer breed was the Labradoodle. Edie Mackenzie's book The Definitive Guide to Labradoodles, will tell you everything you need to know about this new breed. What is the difference between an F-1 and a multi-gen? Is the Labradoodle a good family dog? Are all Labradoodles suitable for dog allergy sufferers? Edie answers these questions and more. Most dog owners know that a crate is an indispensable tool when toilet training your puppy, but when can you dispense with a crate? Trainer Lyn Richards maintains that a crate is not just useful, but vital. How can you ensure your dog's safety when you're not at home? How can you keep them secure in the car? Most importantly, what does your dog think about crates? - you may be surprised. Buddy tells us about the troubles a dog can sometimes have recognising another dog. Some dogs' appearances are misleading, whereas some animals seem to have all the criteria to be dogs, but they are not what they seem. All this plus the DogCast Radio News, and brush up your knowledge of dogs in mythology. Find out more about Episode 13 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 25 Feb 2006
SIZE: 10.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 12 - Rescue dogs

In this episode we feature rescue dogs. It's a sad fact that by February many dogs unfortunate enough to have been bought as Christmas presents are rejected and find themselves in shelters. Having a puppy is lots of fun, but bringing that puppy up, and giving him the experiences to help develop a well balanced, happy, trained adult dog is hard work. Sharing your life with any dog has huge rewards, but is a huge commitment too. Adopting a rescue dog can be very fulfilling, but it can have its own challenges too. Author and dog trainer Gwen Bailey gives her expert advice on what to consider before rehoming a rescue dog. Gwen offers further advice in her book The Rescue Dog. DogCast listener Susan Groux is a volunteer helping with homeless dogs. Susan has three dogs, one of whom, Frank has a very touching story. Frank was rejected by his original owners in tragic circumstances, but has found a loving home for the rest of his life with Susan and her family - and has enriched their lives in return. The Greyhound is a breed that often needs a second home after its racing days are over. What is a Greyhound like to live with? Are they the tireless athletes they appear, or are they more happy curled up in front of the fire? Apparently if you meet one, you'll fall under its charm. Heather Hawkins works with the Retired Greyhound Trust, and has her own rescue Greyhound, Tiger. Hear first hand what Greyhounds are like, and the work that goes into finding them loving long-term homes. What is a sponsor dog, and why do Dogs Trust have them? In Puppy Playtime, we find out about sponsor dogs, and especially about Leo, who Jenny has chosen to sponsor. Jenny and Julie meet Shauna Steadman at Dogs Trust's Evesham Centre, to talk about Leo, and the many other ways you can help dogs in shelters. In DogCast Radio News, first we discover how bad the situation is, then we find out some of the ways we can help, and if you need extra inspiration, keep listening! In Two Minute Fiction, hear Doggedness - how far would you go to keep your energetic dog happy?

DATE: Sat, 11 Feb 2006
SIZE: 9.20 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 11 - Great Danes and man-hating dogs

In this episode we hear a breed profile of one of the largest dog breeds, the Great Dane. These are tall, sturdy dogs who have a serious, dignified expression. With an impressive physique and a big bark to match, are they hard to handle or big softies at heart? What do you do if your dog takes a dislike to men, and has no inhibitions about showing her dislike? Jo tells us about her Miniature Schnauzer, Pippa, who barks at all strange men. Giving her expert advice on this problem is Mim Edwards, a professional dog trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Mim has a variety of strategies to help support Pippa and correct her behaviour. Buddy has discovered how devious humans can be, tempting him with his favourite food in return for good behaviours. His favourite food is cheese, and he will do almost anything to get it, he loves it. However, is his strong love of cheese a weakness that his people can exploit? In the DogCast Radio news, find out where the best fed dogs in Paris get their treats. Guide Dogs for the blind is celebrating 75 years of supporting blind and partially sighted people in the UK. Plus, discover the dog show that made the most of the internet, and how dog tags have gone digital! All this and more, including things your dog would definitely want to say to you.

DATE: Sat, 28 Jan 2006
SIZE: 9.90 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 10 - Dogs, DNA and Greyfriars Bobby

How DNA be used to help identify lost or stolen dogs and help reunite them with their family? We talk to DNA expert George Clottey about the fast and effective service his company is offering. However, DNA is a very powerful tool and can be used for much more than just identification purposes. Find out how DNA is gaining importance in the fight to improve dog health. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy tells how he has encountered and overcome the problem of another dog accompanying him on walks. Life as a Labrador is never that easy though, and just when he thought he had everything worked out, he was just at the beginning of another challenge. In the DogCast Radio news, find out what America's favourite dog breed is, along with the breeds rising and falling in popularity. The news also brings you more scientific proof that spending time with you dog is good for your health. Do you know the story of Greyfriars Bobby? This touching and true story from 19th century Scotland is the subject of a new film. You will be touched by the strength of attachment between dog and man. Plus more dog lightbulb jokes, and listeners' feedback.

DATE: Sat, 14 Jan 2006
SIZE: 5.53 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 09 - Dogs and kids, dog creches and Nintendo's

If you have a dog and children Pam Dennison has some frank advice for you. The author of An Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training (link) tells us the problems that can occur when we expect a dog to fit into modern family life. A thought provoking interview. What does your dog do during the day if you work? If you don't amuse him, he'll find ways to amuse himself, which aren't always what we had in mind. It can be problematic to combine a dog with going out to work, and a dog creche might be the answer. One dog creche provider gives us insight into canine day care. In two minute fiction, read our very own Nick from DogCast Radio news, hear first hand how disturbing it is to live with a dog addict. In Puppy Playtime, Jenny reviews Nintendogs, and gives ideas for junior listeners to create their own dog magazine. Plus host Julie gets something off her chest - and gives you some good reasons to scoop the poop!

DATE: Sat, 24 Dec 2005
SIZE: 11.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 08 - Sneezing dogs, good and bad food for dogs

In our Christmas episode find what progress Kimberley MacDonald is making, as she searches for a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog bitch puppy to import into the UK. Kimberley has already secured a male puppy, Luca, who is growing up with his breeder in Switzerland, until he can come to the UK. The Three Dog Bakery has a fantastic approach to dog food - they use only the best quality ingredients, and believe good wholesome food leads to good health. Dan Dye tells us how the Bakery got started, and how their recipes saved the life of his Great Dane. We all like good food, particularly at Christmas, but some of the good food we love can be very bad for our dogs. We bring you vital information on what to make sure your four legged friend doesn't get his paws or his jaws on - and some of it may surprise you. Does your dog have a party piece trick? Listener Sarah got in touch with us, and told us how her dog Willy can sneeze - yes sneeze! - on cue. Hear about this cute Bichon Frise, how Sarah taught him, and the extent of his repertoire! If your dog has an impressive trick, get in touch. In the news find out what Christmas present you could buy for the dog who seems to have everything, and who is the best and worst celebrity dog owner. In our fiction feature, The Christmas Present, share a vet's dilemma when asked to destroy a dog. The DogCast Team wish you a Happy Christmas.

DATE: Sat, 10 Dec 2005
SIZE: 7.91 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 07 - Training, royal dogs and fashion for dogs

Author Pam Dennison, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training, has some amazing insights into training that may well revolutionise your relationship with your dog. If you want to learn how to motivate your dog, and how to focus his attention on you, then listen to Pam's guidance. Jayne Hayes from has had another busy and successful month, reuniting dogs with owners. Hear how one of her current cases is progressing as she seeks to find a puppy from one of Princess Anne's dogs. What is the latest technological tool in identifying lost dogs? Listen and find out. is an innovative site run by husband and wife team, Richard and Pav. If you have a pooch with a passion for dressing up - whatever size they are - there are imaginative outfits for them here. In Puppy playtime, Jenny shares lots of ideas to liven up long journeys. Also, find out how you can amuse your dog in the house during the dark days of winter. In Buddy's Diary, Buddy considers the matter of how a nice guy deals with the stresses and strains of being the family dog. All this plus how many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? Find out more about Episode 7 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 26 Nov 2005
SIZE: 11.4 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 06 - Dog Whisperer and Dog hotel

In Episode 6 hear about the luxurious accommodation available at the America Cat and Dog Hotel, in Las Vegas. It's certainly not a "dog's life" here. Have you ever wondered what a dog whisperer actually does? Listen to Steve Fryer as he shares his experiences with us from his years facilitating communication between people and dogs. Toilet training your dog can be a frustrating experience. Shirlee Kalstone's book "How to Housebreak Your Dog in Seven Days" has invaluable advice for anyone struggling with this problem. In this interview, find out how understanding the fundamental nature of the dog will give you an advantage in housebreaking your dog. Buddy is generally a happy chap, but in his diary this time, he relates the few things that do trouble him. The worst of Buddy's problems is his arch enemy, Vacuum. In the DogCast Radio news, do you know who Jennifer Anniston's favourite room mate is? Also find out about the latest "designer breed", that's sweeping across America, and has now made it to Australia. All this plus catch up on Buddy's tattoo, a website review on a site that gives you realistic breed advice, and some of our favourite dog quotes. Happy listening! Find out more about Episode 6 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 12 Nov 2005
SIZE: 7.96 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 05 - What is my dog thinking?

In Episode 5 of DogCast Radio, you can learn about the elegant, intriguing Italian Greyhound. They are the smallest sighthound, and we hear from breeder Leona Bortis and an owner who has been lucky enough to take her Italian Greyhound to Crufts. If your dog is easily distracted by other dogs or people, and you have trouble recalling it, dog training expert Mim Edwards has the answer. Behaviourist and author Gwen Bailey discusses her book "What is my dog thinking?", in which she seeks to deepen people's understanding of their dogs. Find out behavioural insights you didn't know you didn't know about your dog! In Puppy Playtime, Jenny brings you a review of robotic dog, Robopet. It has an impressive array of tricks, and doesn't have to be taken for walks. All this, plus competitions and more ... Find out more about Episode 5 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 29 Oct 2005
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DogCast Radio Episode 04 - Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and lost dogs

If you live in America or Europe you may well have encountered a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, but there haven't been any in the UK - until recently. We talk to Kimberley MacDonald from Samala Rottweilers who will be one of the first Swissy breeders in Britain. Joe Timko instructs us on how to teach the "off" command to your dog. Joe tells us the steps to go through, and the critical timing to achieve the best results. Jayne Hayes from is continuing to wage war against dog theft and tells us about some of the work she's been doing. In Buddy's Diary we learn the important role Buddy plays within his pack. DogCast Radio News brings us the latest innovations about dog friendly cars, the amazing lengths we go to for our dogs, and celebrity dog news. Plus websites reviews and more. Find out more about Episode 4 Subscribe with iTunes

DATE: Sat, 15 Oct 2005
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Episode 3 - Huskies and Newfoundlands

Dog sledding adventures In episode three of DogCast Radio, discover the fantastic dog sledding holidays Arleigh Jorgenson can provide. Hear how exhilarating working a dog team is, and what its like to develop a working relationship with theses athletic huskies. The holidays can be tailored to most ages and abilities, no experience required! Newfoundland water rescue training How much do you know about that shaggy gentle giant of the dog world, the Newfoundland? These huge dogs love the water, and we visited a training club, Paddlepaws, to find out about water training. Video:Small - Mpeg 11:25 320X200 3.9MB Video:Big - Mpeg 11:25 640X480 14.0MB If you are in the UK you can contact Karen or Dean on 01162849483 for more information. Training tips Mim Edwards from Adelaide, Australia, gives incisive advice about teaching your dog to walk on a lead without pulling. Mim has a very positive spin on training, which your dog will certainly appreciate! Puppy Playtime In Puppy Playtime - our feature for younger listeners - Jenny reviews an entertaining and informative website How to love your dog - A kid's guide to dog care which she enjoys using. Also hear how much fun the game Dogopoly is. Buddy certainly enjoys playing. Other items Our Two Minute Fiction feature tells the story of a rescue dog, plus brush up your dog knowledge with out did you knows! The next episode will be on October 29th. From next month, we are moving to a twice monthly format, on the second and fourth Saturday of each month, so the next but one episode will be November 12.

DATE: Sat, 24 Sep 2005
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Episode 2 - Rottweilers and kickboxing dogs

Rottweilers In episode 2 of DogCast Radio our featured breed is the Rottweiler. Our breed focus this week is the Rottweiler. Kimberley MacDonald of Samala Rottweilers gives us her expert opinion, and tells us about her experiences with this loyal, affectionate breed. We meet a Rottweiler bred by Kimberley with an unexpected job - Donna tells us about her dog, Luger, and how he has become one of only two Rottweiler Pets As Therapy dogs in Cornwall, England, while still under the age of two years old. Training tips Joe Timko gives us another Top Training Tip from his beautiful Californian ranch. This month Joe advises how to stop your dog jumping up at people as they come into your house, and how to stop them pushing through doors in front of you. Kickboxing dogs? We hear about a Black Russian Terrier with an interest in martial arts. Black Russian Terriers are a relatively new breed to the UK. Australian Shepherds Are you aware of Australian Shepherds? They're an intriguing breed, and we hear from Jeni, an Australian breeder who also shows, trains and judges them. An amazing number of breeds share a home with her too, and her whole family is involved in the dog world. Find her website at Lost dogs Jane from has information about the dramatic increase in dog theft, and has advice about how to prevent this happening to your pet, and what steps to take in the event your dog is stolen. For lost Labradors try checking out the site Lost Labs specifically for the breed that works alongside Jane. Other items Jenny hosts Puppy Playtime for younger listeners. Jenny tells us how you can teach your dog to shake hands, and if your dog can already do this, find out how you can develop it into other tricks. Husband and wife team Kate and Nick bring us the DogCast news from around the world, while Buddy the black Labrador, lets us sneak a peek into his diary. This month Buddy is confused about food - how can he get more of it, and why do we humans do such unaccountable things with it? Add to this issues to set you talking, and a new feature, two minute fiction. Here Max's tale in the story Abandonment. Plus learn what your dog would probably never say!

DATE: Sat, 27 Aug 2005
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Episode 1 - Labradors

So what's in Episode 1? In episode one of DogCast Radio we take a closer look at one of the world's favourite breeds, Labradors. We spent a day with the Labradors - and people - from the Labrador Forums web site, and found out what they like about the breed. Representatives from a Labrador rescue organisation and Guide Dogs were in attendance and, of course, willing to talk dogs with us. Anthea from Labrador Rescue South East & Central has her own Labrador bitch of eight and a half years of age; she shares her experiences of bringing a mischevous puppy into adult dog hood. Since being involved with the rescue charity Anthea has taken on a second dog of nine and a half years, who has cancer. This charity doesn't have a kennels, which alleviates the potential stress of that situation for the dogs they rehome. The Labradors in need of rehoming stay with their owners if at all possible, or if not, they go to foster families until a permanent home can be arranged. Anthea gave an insightful talk about her dogs and the charity's work to the assembled crowd. Puppy walker Garry is a mine of information about Guide dogs. He and his family have been puppy walking for several years. Puppy walking involves taking a puppy into your family until they are old enough to begin their guide dog training. As well as the responsibility of a series of puppies, Garry also cares for one of Guide Dogs' brood bitches - and is currently waiting for his dog to give birth to a litter of future guide dogs. The Guide Dogs organisation have their own breeding stock, but apparently at the moment there is a shortage of dogs. In the UK guide dogs are funded through charity and so, fund raising is an essential part of the organisation's activities. Our black Labrador, Buddy, shares an extract from his diary with you, while Jenny our young human shares her experiences in a junior dog handling class. Jenny also has details of our first competition. There is a review of one of our favourite dog related websites, Pet planet . This is a useful and fun site which provides relevant information about a variety of dog breeds. It has a great dog breed selector feature, and also chat forums. Joe Timko from Canyon View Ranch gives this week's top training tip. The ranch is a beautiful dog training establishment in California. There are topical issues to spark debate and Kate with the DogCast Radio news. All this - plus our top five dog quotes. So sit down with your favourite canine companion and have a listen.  

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