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DogCast Radio is a Podcast and Internet Radio station BY dog lovers, FOR dog Lovers.
Recent Episodes for DogCast Radio
DATE: Sat, 11 Sep 2010
SIZE: 21.0 MB
Episode 109 - Coprophagia and cruciate ligament surgery

Coprophagia Coprophagia is a formal term for one of the more disgusting habits a dog can have - that of eating poo. It's an embarrassing problem that many dog owners struggle with and it can be a difficult behaviour to train a dog out of. DogCast Radio listener Chantal Charbonneau has found that her two Weimaraners Mambo and Roxy have taken to recycling their own droppings to such an extent that she wanted expert help with putting a stop to it. In this interview, veterinarian Nancy Kay, who is the author of Speaking for Spot, has the answers for tackling coprophagic dogs. If you have found a product or strategy for stopping dogs eating poo we'd love to hear from you - it's a distressing problem. You can hear Nancy talking about her book Speaking for Spot which can help you be the advocate your dog deserves in Episode 90 of DCR. You can also find out more about Nancy at the Speaking for Spot website and at her Twitter or Facebook page. Good luck to Chantal! Cruciate ligament surgery Earlier this year Star, our Bichon Frise, ruptured her cruciate ligament just by running energetically through the woods. She ended up having surgery and the whole experience was a shock and a steep learning curve for us. I was eager to get some information about this condition which afflicts a surprising amount of dogs. In this interview you can hear John Davies, the surgeon who operated on Star talking about what the basic problem with the cruciate ligament is, how the problem occurs and the variety of treatments on offer. It's reassuring to know that the vast majority of dogs who do rupture a cruciate ligament will recover enough to live a full happy life again. Happily Star is now back to normal. News and other items Although Star is back to normal she is no more eager to go on long walks than she was before the injury occurred, and you can hear about some of the strategies she has developed to deal with this problem. Our dogs are good at finding solutions to problems such as making sure another dog doesn't steal your favourite stick out on a walk, and to avoid being shut out of the dining room at meal times. Host Julie considers this and more. In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick talk about the dog who won the award for the most unusual insurance claim - and it's a story with a sting in the tail! Also hear about how dogs are so relaxing for us, and have at guess what percentage of us talk to our dogs, and more to the point how many of us consider our dog a better talker than our partner. Plus what is pop star Mika training his dog to do, and how did Robbie Williams include his eight dogs at his wedding? Listen and find out!

DATE: Sat, 14 Aug 2010
SIZE: 27.6 MB
Episode 108 - Sue London and Schutzhund

Sue London ***PHOTO23845+++ Sue London is a People & Pet Therapist, a radio host, and much more. In 1989 she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s is a chronic intestinal disorder, which causes severe abdominal pain, cramping, fatigue and diarrhoea. Further health complications followed, including being told she would never deliver the baby she was carrying. When Sue’s illness flared up her intestine burst, and she was rushed to the hospital; doctors predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death. Fortunately, a talented surgeon was able to act quickly and save her life. Following this dramatic event, Sue began to take pro-active steps to health and happiness. Throughout this amazing journey, Sue’s now deceased dog, Rocky (a Shih-Tzu) remained a devoted companion, and Sue tells in this interview how her dog helped her turn her life around. Having sorted her own life out, Sue now offers help to others, and brings the healing power of dogs to all who will accept it. You'll soon be able to see Sue who'll be on the Canadian channel Petnetwork, and her show will also be available via her website and through Facebook. Sue is also going to be an Internet TV host. Schutzhund ***PHOTO23764+++***PHOTO23842+++***PHOTO23 841+++***PHOTO23840+++***PHOTO23839+++***PHOTO23838+++* **PHOTO23837+++***PHOTO23836+++***PHOTO23835+++***PHOTO 23834+++***PHOTO23833+++***PHOTO23832+++***PHOTO23831++ +***PHOTO23830+++***PHOTO23827+++***PHOTO23826+++***PHO TO23825+++***PHOTO23823+++ Have you heard of Schutzhund? It’s a dog sport that combines three different disciplines, tracking, obedience and protection work. The DogCast Radio team visited the Leicestershire Schutzhund Club to find out more about this challenging, fascinating dog sport. It must be emphasised that sport is the applicable word; although the protection work involved looks spectacular there is no aggression whatsoever involved. Host Julie can attest to this after slipping on the Schutzhund sleeve to get up close and personal with a gorgeous German Shepherd. Among others, hear an interview with Alison awrence Alison the captain of the British Schutzhund team who will be going to the World Schutzhund Championships in Spain in October. You can find out more about the Leicestershire Schutzhund Club at their website and more about the World Championships. News In the DogCast Radio News you can hear stories about the ice cream van serving dogs, the pubs offering dog food, the luxury hotel with a canine menu - and surprise surprise the news that dogs are getting fatter and fatter! Also what happened when a real life hare ran into the middle of a Greyhound race, and the water that dogs should be avoiding right now, and the water where dogs can have fun. All will become clear when Kate and Nick bring you the news. Next month is National Dog Adoption Month launched by DogsBlog and Butcher’s Pet Care. was set up by Ryan O’Meara, a former professional dog trainer and animal welfare campaigner, and is celebrating the successful rehoming of dog number 10,000 - an 11 week old German Shepherd puppy called Axis. To find out more listen to the show or read the DogCast Radio blog for more information, or visit the DogsBlog site. Let's hope even more dogs find their forever homes during National Dog Adoption Month.

DATE: Sat, 10 Jul 2010
SIZE: 25.4 MB
DogCast Radio 107 - Chiengora and Karen Wild

Chiengora Frances Pike talks about chiengora - knitting with dog hair. Click on photo for larger image. One of the items Fran has knitted using chiengora. Click on photo for larger image. One of the items Fran has knitted using chiengora. Click on photo for larger image. Have you come across chiengora? - it's using dog hair to knit or weave with. The chien part of the word comes from French meaning dog, and the gora part refers to the angora style softness of the fur. Frances Pike knows all about collecting and preparing dog fur for use, and has made several items using chiengora fibre. Having an item made from your dog's fur can be a great fun item, but more than that, for those whose dog has passed on the chiengora item can be a an excellent memorial and sense of comfort. If you want to use some of your dog's fur, listen to Fran's advice for gathering it. You can find out more about Fran at her blog, which is about many aspects of knitting, not just chiengora. If you do make something using your dog's fur, we'd love to hear about it. Karen Wild Karen, with Coco, headmaster Adam and some of the children enjoying the benefits of a school dog. Click on photo for larger image. Karen enjoys helping dogs and people achieve greater harmony and understanding. Click on photo for larger image. Karen Wild is a dog trainer who enjoys working with people just as much as working with dogs, and has been involved in an innovative project at a school for children with special needs. Coco, the headmaster's Labrador, has been socialised and trained very carefully and is proving a hit with the children - as well as a great source of motivation for them. Karen talks about how she came to work with dogs, her attitude to her clients - human and canine - and her work with Coco. You can find out more about Karen at her website, and you can follow her on Twitter, where her name is WildPaw. News and other items In the DogCast Radio News you can hear about the dog who blew away - complete with kennel, the dog that was just too big for the house, and the dog who nearly came to a sticky end when he chewed up the mail. Plus a study claims we have made our dogs less intelligent just by domesticating them - hear the details. Buddy with Luna. Click on photo for larger image. The DogCast Radio family recently lost a member - Luna the cat. She was not quite a year old, and met her end when a car knocked her over. You can read a tribute to her in the DogCast Radio blog - The cat who stole the heart of a dog lover. Plus host Julie ponders if a thoroughly wet and very friendly dog is what really sorts the dog lovers from the non dog lovers. What situations do you think sort out the dog fan from the rest of the world? More details at Episode 107 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 12 Jun 2010
SIZE: 22.4 MB
106 - The the working life of a herding dog and Canix

The the working life of a herding dog Lucky the Border Collie is looking for a happy ending in the movie You Lucky Dog. Click on photo for larger image. Joyce and her Border Collie in action. Click on photo for larger image. Joyce and her dogs. Click on photo for larger image. Have you ever wondered what the working life of a herding dog consists of? Border Collie expert Joyce Geier talks about just that in this interview. Joyce has competed with her dogs at the highest levels, and she shares her experiences of working and living with this amazing breed. She knows that a Border Collie is happiest with a job to do, and she reveals the repercussions when her first Collie chose a mission of her own. Joyce is on the show in connection with the new Hallmark Channel movie, You Lucky Dog, which premieres on 26th June, and features Lucky's story - from rejected rescue dog to success. Lucky has to face plenty of challenges along the way, and so do the family that adopt her - can they all find their happy ending together? Host Julie has a review of the movie and you can find out more about You Lucky Dog at the Hallmark Channel website. To find out more about Joyce Geier check out >a href="">her website. Canix - running with your dog Many of us are struggling to control our own weight - and sometimes our dog's weight too. If you're looking for a way to get and keep fit, or maybe you're searching for a fun new activity you and your dog can share, Canix could be the answer. The dog sport of Canix is running with your dog, and as you can hear from Richard Cook, all you really need is a dog, a collar and lead, and you can get started. A wide variety of people participate in Canix - from superfast Team GB runners to those who compete at a slower pace. Richard talks about how you can best find out if your dog would enjoy Canix, where you can find more information, and how to really motivate your dog to get out there and run with you. And whether you have a Border Collie or a Bichon Frise, Canix could be for you. To find out more, visit the Canix website. News In the DogCast Radio News, we cover the sad consequences dogs can face when they travel on planes. Plus, we bring you the stories of the rescue dog being helped out by a famous little blue pill - find out more about that at the Little Shelter website - the dog who brought a wedding rehearsal to a standstill, and how life can be hard even when your David Beckham's dog. Joyce Geier Joyce Geier talks about the strange task that her dog decided to take on - does your dog seem to have written his own job description? Bichon Frise Star seems to think she should destroy anything that smells of ears, and has so far managed to chew up several pairs of ear plugs and ear phones. Buddy sees one of his missions in life to be keeping his arch enemy Vacuum at bay. Tell us about your dog's quirks. More details at Episode 106 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 08 May 2010
SIZE: 29.0 MB
DogCast Radio 105 - Bel Mooney and Dachshund profile (Updated)

Bel Mooney - Small dogs can save your life Bel Mooney with her beloved Bonnie. Click on photo for larger image. A memoir of how a small dog helped Bel Mooney survive divorce and rebuild her life. Click on photo for larger image. Writer and broadcaster Bel Mooney was happily married to Jonathon Dimbleby, and they lived with his two dogs, whom Bel liked, but hadn't quite learned to love. Then a tiny rescue Maltese called Bonnie came into Bel's life, and won her heart and her admiration. Despite her small size, Bonnie was to prove an invaluable friend and ally to Bel when her husband left her and her world fell apart. Bonnie's steadfast devotion helped Bel rebuild her life, and highlighted what a lot we humans could learn from our dogs. Bel has written about six turbulent years of her life in her aptly titled book, Small Dogs Can Save You Life, and in this interview she talks about it with humour and honesty. Dog lovers will enjoy this book whatever size of dog they prefer, because at its heart is a celebration of the vital role our dogs play in our lives. You can find out more about Bel Mooney and all her books at her website. Dachshund profile Molly breeds characterful Dachshunds that thrive on being together. Click on photo for larger image. I always think that Dachshunds look sweet, but I am aware that it can be a huge mistake to judge the nature of the dog by its appearance. To find out about the true nature of the dog beneath that sweet exterior I talked to Molly Morlino from Hill Country Dachshunds. Molly knows all about Doxies - or Daxies as they are known in the UK - as she has been breeding them since she was fourteen years old. Molly shares her insight into the character of a Dachshund, as well as what motivates them best in training, what health issues are associated with the breed, how much grooming and exercise they require, and other areas of life with this determined little hound. Molly is making great use of technology by streaming the birth of her dogs' litter live online, and also installing Cubby Cams in her kennels. This means that puppy buyers can witness the birth of their puppy as it happens - amazing! To find out more about Hill Country Dachshunds and to view some of those gorgeous Doxies visit Molly's website, and you can also friend her on Facebook News In the DogCast Radio News, we have storied of drug detecting dogs who are helping parents keep an eye - or rather a nose - on their teenagers, and ensuring the safety of a holiday resort in Cornwall, UK. There's also the story of the dog who slept through a burglary, and the dog who truly went that extra mile to help his family when fire broke out. Oh, and would you build your dog a $20,000 dream kennel in the garden? - we report on the dog owner who did. You can find out more about Dargo the dog who is helping parents keep their kids on the right track at the Desert Drug Dog website. Buddy's Diary Poor Star has ruptured her cruciate ligament and has had TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery to rectify the problem. Buddy talks about the effect this has had in the DogCast Radio household in Buddy's Diary. He tells the whole story - how it happened, how Star was bundled off to the vet, what she smelled like when she returned, and the dreadful repercussions of the whole thing. Star The DogCast Radio team would like to thank everyone who has sent good wishes to Star, who is now on the slow road to recovery, getting lots of rest in her crate, and gradually building her strength back up. In due course she should make a full recovery. Go Daddy We've created a number of dog related websites over the years and recently we've used GoDaddy the world's largest domain name registrar. If you're looking to set up your own dog website or blog DogCast Radio can help you save money. You can get 20% off hosting plans with the coupon code Dog20H1 or get 30% off a dot com domain with the code DogCast6. If you do decide to set up your own site we’d love to hear about it. You can find out more about these and other offers by going to More details at Episode 105 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 10 Apr 2010
SIZE: 24.8 MB
DogCast Radio 104 - Dog Tricks for Dummies and Flyball

Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies Sarah Hodgson can help you train and keep your dog happy Click on photo for larger image. Sarah Hodgson is the author of Dog Tricks & Agility For Dummies. As well as being a prolific author, Sarah is a columnist, media personality and inventor. In this informative and humorous interview she talks about the approach behind the book and how simple, natural canine behaviours can be taught on command and developed. With Sarah's help you can learn how to teach your dog a variety of tricks, and gain insight into how to give your dog the confidence and focus to carry out these behaviours in unfamiliar locations in front of an audience. She also has advice on turning a trick into an impressive perrformance. Sarah also has great advice if you are starting agility; did you know that there's something much harder to control than your dog involved in that particular dog sport? Sarah has the answers. Above all, Sarah Hodgson wants to help you communicate effectively with your dog, and you can find out more about her at her website, When Dogs Talk, or on Facebook or Twitter. Flyball Katie Burns and her Labrador Dave. Click on photo for larger image. Rachel Ward and Storm. Click on photo for larger image. Ami Sekhon and Kiri. Click on photo for larger image. Lee Ashwood and Zoom. Click on photo for larger image. Kate Nicholas and Twist. Click on photo for larger image. Flyball is a fast and furious dog sport, involving teams of four dogs racing over four jumps to collect tennis balls. The DogCast Radio team went along to a training session with the Carry Ons flyball team and found out exactly what flyball entails, what sort of dogs it suits, and how it can give some dogs the outlet they need. We talk to team captain Katie Burns and various team members, including Kate Nicholas of Kate and Gin fame. Find out why you don't have to have a Border Collie, how slower dogs can compete in flyball too, and all about the health and welfare benefits flyball can offer your dog. Flyball can also help socialise your dog, and offer you a social life too. Listen to all this and more in our guide to flyball, which you can find out more about at the Carry Ons website, or the British Flyball Association website. News In the DogCast Radio News you can hear how dogs can convey different meanings in their growls, how a lurcher involved in a car accident had her body rebuilt, how Kelly Osbourne sustained an injury breaking up a dog fight, and how one dog became a diamond in the rough. Search for Toto The dogs queue outside the Kennel Club building. Click on photo for larger image. This entrant had it sorted â?? umbrella, dog bag and coffee! Click on photo for larger image. Currently in the UK the television show Over the rainbow is searching for a Dorothy to star in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's production of the Wizard of Oz, and they are also looking for a dog to play Toto. In the film Toto is a Cairn Terrier, but the auditions were open to any breed of dog as long as they were happy, healthy and had bags of personality. That sounded right up Buddy’s street so we went along. Hear how Buddy coped with the audition process. You can find out more at the BBC's Over The Rainbow website. More details at Episode 104 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
SIZE: 23.1 MB
DogCast Radio 103 - Crufts 2010 and Dee Green

Crufts 2010 John Lippiett and Hatch come face to face. Click on photo for larger image. In this show we bring you our Crufts coverage. Crufts 2010 had a new sponsor – the sofa company dfs – and in the show ring the emphasis was on health. Crufts always includes interesting and unusual stories, and one of the most intriguing this year featured a mongrel who had been dead for over four hundred years. In our interview with Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB MBE you can hear more about Hatch who was the mixed breed dog aboard Henry VIII's flagship The Mary Rose. Hatch was the only female aboard, but just what was she doing on the ship? Emily and Buddy have a beautiful friendship. Click on photo for larger image. Buddy and Julie were at Crufts as part of the Safe and Sound scheme which aims to educate children about safety around dogs. Heidi Lawrence, an Education Manager at the Kennel Club and Safe and Sound team member Emily Hilton talk about the scheme. Emily is the child who worked most closely with Buddy in the Safe and Sound displays. In other interviews, Samantha from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue talks about the organisations work rescuing dogs who are desperately in need of help, and we hear about the Poopsta, the device that's making poop scooping as easy and pleasant as possible. Lezli Rees from Driving with Dogs reveals how you can find great dog walks anywhere you travel in the UK, and to round it all off Gemma Young tells her personal story which demonstrates how well our dogs integrate into our families. Dee Green of Balanced Dogs Miley shortly after arriving at Dee's. Click on photo for larger image. Miley and her friend relaxing. Click on photo for larger image. Dee Green of Balanced Dogs took on rescue dog Miley with the aim of retraining her and rehoming her. However sometimes life doesn't turn out as you expect, and Miley has fitted in so well with Dee's dog and proved to have unexpected talents, so maybe she has found her forever home with Dee. Dee has spent her adult life surrounded by between three and nine canine companions including Chows, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and terriers of all kinds. The mission statement of Balanced Dogs is an admirable one, "Our goal is to help you have the relationship of your dreams with your best friend as quickly as possible." Dee talks with humour and passion about Miley and her work as a trainer. For more information visit the Balanced Dogs website. NewsIn the DogCast Radio News, you can find out whether dog or cat owners are more intelligent, how one man fell foul of the law for the way he walked his dog, and how if you are going to break the law you might be better off sticking to cats. TV opportunitiesIn the UK Sky One is working on a fantastic new series about pet behaviours and persistent medical conditions. The show features pet owners looking for a solution to awkward animal problems with advice from vets and pet behaviourists. Presented by Joanna Page (of ‘Gavin and Stacey’ fame), the show will feature correct animal care and training techniques. If you’d like to get in touch with the Tiger Aspect team you can do so on telephone number 02075299400 or on email address In the US, Animal Planet is developing a documentary about people who hoard animals. You can get in touch with them toll-free at 1-877-MY8PETS or got to More details at Episode 103 of DogCast Radio

DATE: Sat, 13 Feb 2010
SIZE: 27.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 102 - Kathryn Segura, Hollywood Dog Wrangler

DATE: Sat, 09 Jan 2010
SIZE: 33.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 101 - Stan Rawlinson, The Original Doglistener and Darlene Arden The Pet Expert

DATE: Sat, 26 Dec 2009
SIZE: 29.8 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 100 - Leashes and lovers and Labradoodle Trust

It's the 100th DogCast Radio show and it's also the Christmas show so sit back, relax and enjoy! Sheryl Matthys is the dog expert. She is an author, speaker, media personality, and founder of leashes and lovers. She's a certified dog trainer, a psychology graduate, and has a masters in radio and television so she's very well qualified for what she does! She is interested in the way we interact with our dogs, and the way our four legged best friends impact on our relationships and the choices we make. She also spends some of her time talking to celebrities about their dogs - you can see some of her celebrity interviews at her website, and find out more about her. If you have leashes and love in your life - or if you'd like it! - listen to Sheryl's advice. Although Labradoodles are a relatively new "breed" some of them are already finding themselves in rescue. When Catherine Mathieson realised that the dogs she loved were in need of new loving homes, she organised a group of fellow Labradoodle fans and founded Labradoodle Trust. The Trust works hard, and with the help of a nationwide network of volunteers they collect, foster and deliver Labradoodles from those who can no longer look after their Labradoodle to their new homes. These can be large, enthusiastic dogs that do shed hair, and these are some of the reasons they find themselves in rescue. In this show we hear from Labradoodle Trust founder Catherine Mathieson and fosterer Catherine Crowther. There's a special Christmas story - A Tale of Two Christmases - which tells of the consequences of a door being open when it should have been shut. And there's a festive edition of the DogCast Radio News from Kate and Nick - who has been awarded the "Bah Humbug" award? Listen and find out. We'll be back in 2010 with more news and interviews from around the world, as well as anything and everything dog related. Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to all our listeners, human and canine.

DATE: Sat, 12 Dec 2009
SIZE: 32.0 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 99 - Am I Boring My Dog? And Cushing's Disease

Have you ever wondered if you're boring your dog? Well Edie Jarolim did, and it's the title of her book, a fascinating collection of canine questions that covers everything from choosing the right puppy for you, right up to how to let that dog go at the other end of his life. Edie came to dog owning later in life, and so had plenty of questions about what she should be doing, and it that experience has lead her to write an informative, funny and very comprehensive book. With issues as varied as, "Should I get a mixed breed or a purebred?" and "Will my dog hate me if I dress him?" and even "Is there such a thing as a dog travel agent?" it's an interesting read. Edie talks about her experiences, and her beloved rescue dog Frankie who has been by her side through the writing of the book. When Emily Willard contacted DogCast Radio about her dog's diagnosis of Cushing's Disease, she wanted us to find advice for her about Western and alternative treatments on offer. To get that information we talked to Nancy Kay DVM, and animal healer Niki Senior. Nancy is a veterinarian and the author of Speaking For Spot, a book that has all the information and advice you need to become a great advocate for your dog. She talks about what Cushing's Disease actually is, the effect is has on the body, and the treatments your vet might offer you. Niki has worked with animals with Cushing's Disease, and she discusses what treatments she would advise Emily to use on her dog Gracie. To find out more about Nancy, visit the Speaking For Spot website, and to find out more about Niki visit the UK Animal Healer website. We all wish Emily and Gracie many more years of health and happiness. In the DogCast Radio News, Kate and Nick have stories of dogs helping those in pain, dogs at sea, down mineshafts and more. For those dog stories you might otherwise miss, check out the DogCast Radio News. Buddy's birthday gave host Julie food for thought. Buddy just turned seven - but he doesn't know how old he is and is still a pup at heart. To Julie he's perfect, but maybe he does have faults. Happy birthday Buddy!

DATE: Sat, 28 Nov 2009
SIZE: 18.2 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 98 - Black Dog Syndrome and dog friendly bed and breakfast

Have you heard of Black Dog Syndrome? Sadly it seems that black dogs are often passed over in rescues, with the result that they are put to sleep at a higher rate than dogs of other colours. In this show you can hear an interview with Heather Rosenwald of Start Seeing Black Dogs. Apparently black dogs in shelters may be overlooked by potential adopters as they don't show up as well as lighter dogs. It is notoriously hard to take a good photo of a black dog, so adopters going online may not find the dark blob in the photo appealing. Heather has lots of suggestions for how you can help improve the lot of black dogs, and many ideas to help shelters promote the black dogs in their care. Heather's own dogs are both black - as is Buddy of DogCast Radio - so she knows that the myths sometimes associated with black dogs are nonsense. Listen to Heather's great advice in this interview. It's wonderful when you find a vacation venue that is genuinely dog friendly. Karen Thorne runs the truly dog friendly award winning Hopton House Bed and Breakfast, and host Julie visited to find out exactly how she makes canines so comfortable at her beautiful establishment. Karen's own dogs, Murphy and Mitsi, gave Julie an enthusiastic welcome, and Karen talks about how her guests appreciate her dogs' presence. In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick bring you dog related stories that you might otherwise miss, including a worrying story of a teenager mugged for his pet dog. What is the answer to this kind of crime? If you have suggestions or opinions, get in touch with us. In Buddy's Diary Buddy reveals what he really thinks about Luna and Leo, the kittens who have recently come to live in his house. And what is the real difference between dogs and cats? - Buddy has the answer. Plus how do you make Christmas special for your dog? And what safety advice do you have? And what funny things has your dog done during the holidays? Host Julie shares her thoughts on all this.

DATE: Sat, 14 Nov 2009
SIZE: 23.6 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 97 - Author Chris Davis and Australian Terrier Health Committee

Chris Davis didn't anticipate writing a book, let alone four, complete with beautiful illustrations. She feels an emotional attachment to each of her books - For Every Dog an Angel, The Shelter Dog, Old Dog and the Christmas Wish, and For Every Cat an Angel. Chris was inspired to write the books by her own dogs, and in this interview she reveals the experiences that helped develop the ideas in her mind. You can hear how her animals enriched her life in so many ways, and how they interacted with each other in surprising ways. In the wake of the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed the UK Kennel Club has asked breed clubs to take stock of the health of their breed. The Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain has set up a Breed Health Committee to investigate the health of their dogs affectionately known as "Ozzies". Host Julie interviewed Doreen Simpkins, an established and respected breeder of Australian Terriers at the Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain's Championship show. At the time of the interview Doreen was also Chairperson of The Southern Counties Australian Terrier Club, a committee member of The Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain and the Vice Chairperson of Joint Breed Health Committee of the Australian Terrier Club of Great Britain. At the show, Julie also chatted to Sue Thompson who was very new to showing, and Susan McCourt who has a long and successful showing career. What is it that keeps exhibitors coming back for more? What's it like to walk into the ring for the first time, and can you really be friends with competitors? In the DogCast Radio News Kate and Nick talk about the dog that unexpectedly got stuck to his crate, and how dogs are apparently bad for the environment, but we love 'em anyway! Host Julie ponders on between Buddy and Star and their latest co-habitants, kittens Leo and Luna. What are the consequences when your dogs and cats make friends and start working as a team?

DATE: Sat, 24 Oct 2009
SIZE: 24.7 MB
DogCast Radio Episode 96 - Canine health concern

Do you worry about your dog's health? Whether to vaccinate, what to feed and so on? If so Catherine O'Driscoll of Canine Health Concern has the information you need. She issued a press release concerning thirty-three vets and doctors from around the world, who had signed a letter stating their concerns about vaccination. They quoted world veterinary bodies that have announced publicly that annual vaccination is not necessary, and that it can be harmful. As far as we are aware we were and are the only media organisation which published this release. In this in depth interview Catherine examines the evidence about vaccination, linking it to her own experiences with her dogs, and outlines how Canine Health Concern came into existence. She is on a mission to inform dog owners so they can make better decisions. Rally has been established in America for a while, but it's very new to the UK. Julie and Buddy were among the first to try it out. Hear about their experiences at a level one course run by Carole Thornley of Aricia Dog Training. Find out how they got on and what their biggest problem on the day was. In the DogCast Radio News hear about dogs behaving badly with a variety of consequences - some of the disastrous. Plus there's a huge dog, and a Dachshund who's making medical history.

DATE: Sat, 10 Oct 2009
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DogCast Radio Episode 95 - Small Dog, Big Life and Basset Hound scent trails

Dr Denny Fried has a very talented dog, who has "barktated" her own book, called Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius. The dog in question, Genevieve, may have a big intellect and a mighty funny take on life, but she's actually a tiny Papillon. As you read her book you realise that although she is small in stature, she makes up for it with a big attitude. As Denny points out in the foreword of the book, this is a dog book unlike any other, as Genevieve reveals inside information on what dogs really think of us. Canines are perplexed by some of our behaviour, and often ponder whether we humans think. It's a funny story how Genevieve even ended up living with Denny, and you can hear him tell the story in this interview. With excerpts from the bog and a lot of humour, Denny gives you a flavour of Genevieve's book, and lots of background on what she's like to live with. Did you know that Basset Hounds were originally a working breed? They're a scent hound and their sensitive nose was put to use to track animals for hunting. In response to criticisms of modern breeding practices the Midland Basset Hound Club was eager to get their dogs back to work and prove that they can do what they were intended for, so they set up a trial. Bassets have such a sad looking face, which belies their clownish nature, but are they couch potatoes or do they thrive on exercise? Are their instincts still strong enough to guide them on the trail of a scent? We attended the trial and have interviews with club members including the judge for the day. In the DogCast Radio News we have an expensive dog, two very lucky dogs and a confused dog who thinks he's a cat. Plus we bring you news of a New York scheme exploring the possibilities of composting dog waste. Plus do you know who Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole trusts more - and less - than her dogs? Host Julie reveals the surprising truth.

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