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Trip on a Deal is a weekly show featuring unique vacation ideas and hard to beat travel deals across the web. Informative, fun and loaded with bargains, destinations and entertainment ... all in just five minutes a week! Whew!
Recent Episodes for Trip on a Deal
DATE: Mon, 09 Aug 2010
SIZE: 263. MB
Trip on a Deal: Season Two Logo Search

DATE: Thu, 03 Dec 2009
SIZE: 166. MB
New York’s Mohonk Mountain House: Trip on a Deal Ep 45

DATE: Mon, 23 Nov 2009
SIZE: 164. MB
8 Great Historic Stays in America: Trip on a Deal Episode 45

DATE: Wed, 11 Nov 2009
SIZE: 261. MB
Top Ten Free things to do in Chicago: Trip on a Deal Ep. 44

DATE: Mon, 02 Nov 2009
SIZE: 121. MB
Top Ten Spa Tips: Trip on a Deal Episode 43

DATE: Thu, 29 Oct 2009
SIZE: 373. MB
8 Great World Music Scenes: Trip on a Deal Episode 42

THIS WEEK TRIP ON A DEAL IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY … BUDGET CAR RENTAL. Budget is offering /"Trip on a Deal/" viewers 10 percent off their next rental ... or $30 off their next weekly rental. Take advantage of this great offer by visiting  

DATE: Wed, 14 Oct 2009
SIZE: 195. MB

DATE: Thu, 08 Oct 2009
SIZE: 251. MB
Best of Amusement Parks 2009: Trip on a Deal Ep 40

L: /nThis week on Trip on a Deal …  wanna get spun, dropped, catapulted and/nsoaked? /n/nJ: Not/nto mention scared out of your wits - and buy a ticket for the opportunity? /n/nL: Plus/n- some of the best possible entertainment America has to offer for you and your/nfamily! /n/nJ: It/'s/nmore than just a thrill a minute - The BEST of the BEST fun at the parks … on/ntoday’s Trip on a Deal. /n/n  /n/n/"Amusement/nPark/" sounds so very very...quaint and gentle doesn/'t it? /n/nL: you/ngo there to be amused. /n/nJ:/nWhich ones give you the best of all possible bangs for the buck?  Hello/nand welcome to Trip on a Deal. I/'m Luz and I/'m John. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nToday we bring you the best that Americas/' amusement parks have to offer in/n2009.   Each year, Amusement Today announces their prestigious Golden/nTicket Awards.  They are based on an /n/ninternational/npoll. /n/nL: /nSurveys were sent to a database of SERIOUS amusement park fans around the world/n– asking them to rate the “bests” in 25 categories such as “amusement parks,”/n“roller coasters,” “shows,” “friendliest staff” and “water rides.” /n/n  /n/nJ: /nWe found stuff on their list that we never heard of that will certainly inspire/nOUR future trips.  Here are some of the highlights of the 2009 winners: /n/n  /n/nL: /nWe/'ll start with the Best New Ride of the year - the Prowler at Worlds of Fun,/nin Kansas City, Missouri. It/'s a wooden roller coaster of all things - sounds/nold fashioned, but there/'s nothing old fashioned about its swooping 85 foot/nplummet into a ravine followed by high speed twists and turns.   /n/n  /n/nJ: /nThe Best overall Wooden Coaster of the year goes to The Voyage at Holiday World/nin Santa Claus, Indiana.  This ride is 1.2 miles long and provides a/nrecord 24.2 seconds of /"air time./" /n/nL: /nwhat/'s that? /n/nJ: /nthat magic moment when you/'re suspended in air...before you die. /n/nThe/nVoyage includes a record five underground tunnels , a series of dramatic/ndrops  and multiple track crossovers.  Don/'t eat before you get on. /n/n  /n/nL: /nThe pick for The  Best Steel Coaster even has a scary name - the Bizarro/nat Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts.  It/'s named after a DC/nComics character and guess what - it/'s FLOORLESS - meaning you feel like you/'re/nflying as you plummet at 61 miles per hour through a /"cool/nzone/"  before twisting and turning through interlocking corkscrews while/nfire shoots around you. Oh yes and there are 96 foot dive loops.  My pulse/nwas racing just reading about this thing.  Go. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nYikes.  We need too cool off then - in the Best Water Ride!  The pick/nwas Dudley Do-Right/'s Ripsaw Falls at Universal/'s Islands of Adventure in/nOrlando, Fla.  It/'s a water flume ride to rival anything you/'ve/nexperienced.  If you like plummeting through the dark in a speeding boat,/nthen this ride/'s sure to thrill.  Watch out for the dynamite shack at the/nend - hint:  it/'s got a sign called /"Highly Kaboomable/" /nand you should definetly bring a change of clothes.   /n/n  /n/nL: /nAmusement Today didn/'t just award the best rides.  They culled through all/nsorts of entertainment and say that the Best Shows take place at Dollywood, in/nPigeon Forge, Tennesee.  Dolly Parton knows her stuff, and Dollywood/ndelivers the best of country, bluegrass, Southern gospel, classic rock and 50/'s/nmusic presented in their live stage shows.  The newest, called/nSha-Kon-O-Hey! features music written by Dolly herself.  Their holiday/nspectacular, featuring 4 million lights and a live Santa/'s workshop is not to/nbe missed.  /n/n     /n/nJ: /nHere/'s one I love.  The Best Halloween Event looks completely terrifying/nand is more than a step up from your local haunted house. Get your family over/nto Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, Florida.  On select/nnights in September and October, this theme park is transformed into a/nnightmarish labyrinth of haunted houses, outrageous live shows, and/nelectrifying scare zones while an army of mutants, monsters and maniacs roam/nthe darkened studio streets.  The scare professionals at Universal/nincorporate some of their scariest horror films to really terrify the pants off/nya.  Don/'t worry, you have a year to recover.  /n/n  /n/nL: /nWimpy people should maybe stay home.  OR head for the Best Children/'s/nPark!   It/'s LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, Calif.  I sincerely want to/ngo here.  Aside from the astonishing feats of Lego building, LEGOLAND/nfeatures more than 50 super rides, shows and attractions for the whole/nfamily.  Everything there will bring out your inner child - your little/nones can become paleontologists digging for lego /"fossils/"  or/nyour family can bond over the challenges put to them in Fun Town.  And did/nI say the Legos are amazing? /n/n  /n/nJ: /nLet/'s face it - fun is FUN.  I/'m sure this next one was hard to pick,/nbecause what/'s better than a water park?  The Best Waterpark, that/'s/nwhat!  Check out the Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort, New Braunfels,/nTexas.  You will find everything from the amazing1000 foot long, six story/ntall  Master Blaster® Uphill Water Coaster child-friendly spots/n-like   Kinderhaven - A great shallow wading pool for kids with a little/npirate ship and soft slides. /n/n  /n/nL: /nThey also took the prize for Best New Waterpark Ride … the Congo River/nExpedition at Schlitterbahn Waterpark features a rainforest where guests float/non an ancient river teeming with wild animals, restless natives, thundering/nwaterfalls and a underground diamond mine. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nFinally, the big prize, the coveted title that everyone wants - sort of like/nthe Oscar of amusement parks -  … the best Amusement Park of 2009 is Cedar/nPoint, Sandusky, Ohio /n/nL: Yay! /n/n  /n/nJ: The/npark has more roller coasters than any other park on earth.  /n/nL: How/nmany? /n/nJ: /nSeventeen.  That includes three of the top 10 steel roller coasters/ntoo.  Cedar Point is considered the roller coaster /n/n  /n/nboasts/nan unheard of 17, yes, 17 roller coasters (more than any other park in the/nworld)! With a lineup that includes three of the top 10 steel roller coasters/nin the world, Cedar Point calls themselves the Roller Coaster Capital of the/nWorld, and apparently those in the know think so too.  /n/nL: /nSeventeen, wow.   It is a coaster lover/'s dream come true. /n/n  /n/nJ: You/ncan see a complete list of the best park picks at That/'s it/nfor this weeks trip on a deal.  For the links to everything mentioned in/nthe show today go to /n/nL: and/ndon/'t forget to follow us on twitter  at /n/n  /n/nJ: /nand join us next week so you can trip on a deal! /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n  /n/n/n

DATE: Tue, 29 Sep 2009
SIZE: 140. MB

Today … the top 5/nCanadian expressions … Hi, Welcome to trip on a deal.  I’m Luz … and I’m John.  While we were researching our story on the Winter Olympics/nin Vancouver, we came across a great list of top Canadian slang on the site/, which gave us the inspiration … so props to them. /n/nNow Luz, you’re/nfrom Milwaukee, so many of these are already familiar to you, yes.  The Canadians like to say pop instead/nof soda?  You too? (answer) /n/nSo … /n/n  /n/nNUMBER 5 /n/nKeener /n/nIf a Kanook looks at you and says “What a keener” it may be a backhanded/ncompliment.  Basically, someone/nwho’s keen to show how smart they are … but frankly, is a bit of a brown noser.  /n/n  /n/nNUMBER 4 /n/nPop quiz.  You walk in a/nmarket in Vancouver an a lady asks you if she could borrow a loonie.  What do you give her? /n/nWell I know the answer to it’s not fair. /n/nBasically it’s a buck.  The/none dollar coin that has a loon on the coin’s face. /n/nTo further complicate things … they now have the twoonie … not too hard/nto guess what that is. /n/n  /n/nNUMBER 3 /n/nPop /n/nWhat did you call soda when you grew up in Milwaukee? /n/nIn Canada … it’s all about pop. /n/n  /n/nNUMBER 2 /n/nTwo-four /n/nYou heading to a Canadian shindig … they may expect you to bring a two/nfour.  What is it?  A case of 24 bottles or cans of beer …/nmeant to be consumed that night for all to get sloshed.  When Canadian’s Celebrate Queen/nVictoria’s birthday … it’s on May two-four … so how do they celebrate?  By getting completely hammered.  Hail to the Queen. /n/n  /n/nAnd the NUMBER 1 Canadian phrase /n/nHoser /n/nYou may have learned it from SCTV … ya hoser!  Basically it means a loser.  It comes from the hockey days when the losing team would/nhave hose down the rink.  And, it’s/njust fun to say. /n/n  /n/nNow it’s not really a word … but shouldn’t “Eh” be on the list ../neh?  Perhaps.  /n/n  /n/nWant to learn more about the Vancouver Olympics, watch our/nshow at Trip on a /n/n  /n/nAnd join us next week so you can Trip on a Deal. /n/n/n

DATE: Fri, 25 Sep 2009
SIZE: 199. MB
2010 Olympics Vancouver Travel Guide – Trip on a Deal Episode 38

L: /nThis week on Trip on a Deal … it’s your must see Olympics travel rundown. /n /n/nJ:/nHow to get there … where to stay … how to nab the best tickets and how to avoid/nthe price gouging.  /n/nL:/nSo lets go for the Gold … Vancouver 2010 … on today’s trip on a deal. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nFebruary 2010, it’s all about Vancouver.  The 21st Winter Olympic games/nwill take over this Canadian city.  Hi, welcome to trip on a deal. /nIm john /n/nL: /nAm I’m luz.  The city will host over 5000 Olympic athletes and officials/nrepresenting over 80 countries.  And better yet, there will be a lot of/ntickets up for the taking.  /n/nJ: /n1.6 million tickets for all the events.  And the best news … most of these/ntickets will be priced well under a 100 bucks a shot /n/nL:/nmany for as low as 25 bucks.  Wanna go?  Here’s your ticket to/ngetting the gold! /n/n  /n/nJ: /nFirst off … the official host city website is Vancouver  A nice/noverview ….  But, ya better make friends with a Canadian right now, cause/nthe tickets are only available to Canaadians.  How do ya like that!  /n/n  /n/nL: /nNot a canook in sight?  There are two authorized sellers for/nAmericans. / and its sister company /nBut be warned.  Most of the opening and closing ceremony tickets have/nalready be distributed through a lottery.  /n/nJ: /nThe remaining tickets will be available first come first served, but the sale/ndates haven’t been announced yet so keep watching.  And beware … many of/nthe tickets will be linked with expensive travel packages.  That’s how/nthey getcha. /n/n  /n/nL: /nSo how do you get there?  If you intend to fly … as always you can protect/nyourself by booking early.   If the flights are filled … consider/ntraveling into Seattle, then taking a train or a bus the 140 miles to/nVancouver.  It’s a short hop and bus carriers like offer/nroundtrips for around 100 bucks. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nIf you plan to cross the US-Canada border … heads up … the border patrol/ncrossing rules will change for the Olympics.  A birth certificate and/ndriver/'s license will no longer be enough … so be sure to bring your passport …/nor you may be watching NBC from a Seattle motel room. /n/n  /n/nL: /nIf you love the ease of a rental car and always get one whereever you/’s a big heads up … don’t do it!  Much of Vancouver will be closed/nto traffic. /n/nJ: /nAnd many of the venues will have little or no parking.  The good news …/nthere will be considerable public transportation available, and everyone/'s/nencouraged to walk or bike as much as possible. /n/n  /n/nL: /nIn fact, a new rail link connecting Vancouver Airport to the city center /nhas just opened. /n/n  /n/nL: /nNow - where to stay?  /n/nJ:/nVancouver is a big city with almost 25,000 hotel rooms.  But, those pesky/nhotel operators are already gouging … we’re talking 500 bucks a night on up …/nand tour operators are buying up rooms in bulk, so you may want to consider/nlooking for rooms in the outskirts.   /n/nL: /nSurrounding areas include Burnaby, Horseshoe Bay, and Richmond.  Try/nB&Bs or hostels. Or for house rentals, check out this site /nthey still have a lot of homes available as of this taping. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nHere’s another idea… the Vancouver Board of Parks has created/  … basically they’ve turned two beachfront parking/nlots into RV camps during the Olympics.  If you’ve got access to an RV/nit’s the deal of the Olympics… /n/nL:/na campsite will cost about $87 a night, including shuttle service to the/nnearest station of the Canada Line. One caveat … no hook-ups are available. /n/nJ: /nAnd there’s always the adventurous but economical to rent a/nlocal’s sofa or spare bedroom for a couple of nights. /n/n  /n/nL: /nOther wacky idea , if you have the cash… stay on a Norweigan cruise ship docked/nin Vancouver.  NewWest travel dot com is offering this up … but beware …/nit ain’t cheap.  The lowest we found: 800 dollars a night for two once you/nadd up taxes and fees.   /n/nJ:/nWant a good idea of what to expect at the games. has a/ngood page of video podcasts that showcase all the venues /n/n  /n/nL: /nand finally … you can/'t get tickets to every event right?  So what else is/nthere to do in Vancouver?  /n/n Well/nthis  young a bustling city is an outdoor wonderland in the warmer/nmonths.  In the winter … you many want to check out Stanley Park … a/nbeautiful urban park and seawall promenade.  /n/nJ: /nTake the kids on a 15-minute ride on the park’s Miniature Railway and visit the Children’s Farmyard.  Also worth a visit/nthere … the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre with/nit’s beautiful showcase of iridescent jellyfish. /n/nL: /nGranville Island offers a great stroll of boutiques and galleries. /n/nAlso/nworth a look … the gorgeous suspension bridge in Lynn Canyon Park. /n/n  /n/nJ:/nWant more Vancouver 2010 links … head to our website … trip on a/  /n/nL:/nPlus, you can follow us at /n/n J:  And tune in next week ../nso you can … trip on a deal. /n/n  /n/n/n

DATE: Thu, 17 Sep 2009
SIZE: 220. MB
Best Travel Contests Winter 2009: Trip on a Deal Ep 37

Travel/nfor Free!  The best travel contests running right now! Trip on a Deal /n/n  /n/nJ:/nThis week on Trip on a Deal … here’s the best travel deal … FREE!  /n/nL:/nWe bring you the best travel contests available today.  /n/nJ:/nYou could win trips to Thailand … China and Hawaii.  /n/nL:/nHow bout a week on your own yacht and crew off the British Virgin/nIslands?  /n/nJ:/nOr a VIP ticket to the Grammy awards.  /n/nL:/nWe/'ll tell you the secrets of how to find these sweepstakes … and you could be/na winner! /n/n  /n/nL: /nHi and welcome to Trip on a Deal.  I’m Luz /n/nJ:/nand I’m John.  Step right up.  Spin the wheel.  You could win/nbig!  Travel to the four corners of the Earth with our compilation of the/nbest travel contests running right now. /n/n  /n/nL: /nGet your pen and your globe and  let/'s get right to them! The Thailand/ntourism authority is sending 5 teams to explore Thailand’s top destinations. /n/nJ:/nTeams with 10,000 bucks in cash and 5,000 in prizes.  What do you have to/ndo? /n/nL /nGo to ultimatethailandexplorer dot com for details on where to send your 60/nsecond video showing how awesome you would be promoting Bangkok, Phuket, Chaing/nMai, Pattaya or Koh Samui. /n/nJ:/nYou have til January 8th to show what you have to offer (Tim and Tamy). /n/nYou’re/njudged on overall enthusiasm, charisma, communication skills, social media/nsaavy as and your ideas for promoting the destination. /n/nL: /nOh we could so win this!  /n/nJ:/nWell, get cracking then. /n/nL: /nIn our humble opinion … there’s isn’t an entry right now that’s an obvious win/n… so there/'s time for YOU to show off your creativity … you may be heading to/nThailand. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nNext up?  Are you tired of doing all the work yourself aboard your/nyacht?  /n/nL:/nOh I am /n/nJ:/nWell here/'s your chance to win a personal crewed yacht vacation through the/nBritish Virgin Islands , that includes roundtrip for four.  It’s worth/nalmost five grand. /nYou do have/nonce choice to make though.  /n/nL: /nRight - are you a  /"47-foot power catamaran/" type or a /"/n45- foot sailing yacht/" type?  Both come with a captain, chef and/nprovisions. /n/nJ:  /nCat/sailing yacht.  Cat/sailing yacht.  Ohhh, that’s tough. /n/nWhat/ndo you have to do?  Enter a video?  Write a poem?  /n/nL: /nUm, nothing.  Just fill in a form. /n/nJ:/nWow … that’s so … 20th century.  Here/'s a contest you might find worth winning - How ‘bout a trip to 2010/nGrammy awards? /n/nL:/nTHE Grammies? /n/nJ:/nYes. Rainy Day Records will not only fly you to LA or NY next March (depending/non the show/'s location), but they’ll get you in to the VIP Grammy party to hob/nnob with music industry elite.  Fill out the form on rainydayrecords dot/nnet by January 10th. /n/nL: /nWow - what to wear? /n/nJ: /nDon/'t worry, they/'ll all be lookin/' at Beyonce. /n/nL:/nThat/'s what I always tell myself.  Hey I really like this one,/nready?  National Geographic is giving away a trip to Xi’an China for/ntwo.  This contest coincides with the arrival in DC of the historic Terra/nCotta Warriors … who guarded China’s first emporer for X years. /n/nJ: /nYou and guest get to visit the site where they were first discovered.  It/nincludes roundtrip air and a 12 day cruise tour, of the sights and sounds of/nChina.  How do you enter?  /n/nL:/nSimply go to and fill in the/nform.  So you know about any MORE cool free vacations our/nviewers could win? /n/nJ: /nFunny you should ask!  Marriott Resorts Hawaii is giving away 25 5- day/nvacation retreats for two to the 49th state.  Each week they give away/ntickets to a different gorgeous destination.  Just fill in the form at/ … you must have a twitter account … and you’re in. /n/n  /n/nL:/nIf you want a little more of a challenge and are feeling creative, make a video/nshowing why you love Hawaii and you can win a trip for you and 11 friends, that/nincludes hotel, airfare, and a luau your choice of two of the four major/nislands.  So get those cameras rolling! /n/n  /n/nJ: /nHere/'s one more Hawaii giveaway … to increase its circulation, US Weekly/nMagazine is giving away a first class trip for two to Hawaii at a luxury spa/nresort with food, fun ,sun and pampering.  /n/nL: /nAnd, if you’ve just been to Hawaii, or you entered because you /"Never Win/nAnything,/"  and you do win the trip, you can bag it and take 25 grand/nin cash instead.  /n/nJ: /nThat doesn/'t suck. /n/nL:/nNo it does not. /n/n  /n/nJ:/nThe studio behind the Vince Vaughn comedy “Couples Retreat” want to give you a/nweek in Tahiti.  What dya have to do?  Create a video about why a/ntrip to Tahiti will /"invest in your love./"  Their phrase, you/nfigure it out.  That’s right … tap your inner sap and share it on YouTube/n… and you may be heading to the islands.  /n/n  /n/nL:/nFor true romance, check out newly minted newlyweds Randi and Joel … he wants to/ngive her a proper honeymoon.  Everyone: awwwwww. /n/n  /n/nJ: /nOr Julie and Joe’s clever animated photo montage.  They should win just/nfor the amount of time it must have taken to animate this thing.  They/nevern have their own soundtrack. I think they should send the ukulele player. /n/nL:/nNo, he should go to Hawaii, where they all belong. J: How ‘bout we/nenter?  How would Tahiti invest in our love?  /n/nL: /nTrust me, win us a trip to Tahiti, and your investment will have/ndividends.  Even in this economy.  /n/nJ:/nI’ll consult my broker. /n/n  /n/nL:/nWant all the links to the entry forms and contest rules … get ‘em at trip on a/ndeal dot com.  /n/nJ: /nGood luck to you!  And hey, let us know if you win! Follow us at/ for updates on these and other deals.  /n/n  /n/nAnd/ntune in next week … so you can … trip on a deal. /n/n/n

DATE: Wed, 09 Sep 2009
SIZE: 191. MB
Top 10 Tips for Train Travel: Trip on a Deal Episode 36

Today: Top 10 tips when travelling by train.  Hello and welcome to Trip on a Deal I’m John, and I’m Harold, John’s Grandpa.  It’s was my grandfather’s wish for us to take this Amtrak Southwest Chief, riding from Los Angeles to Chicago.  It’s a great way to travel if you want to slow down and get away from the information overload of normal life.  If you’re gonna take an train journey, here are 10 tips that’ll make your trip great. -          Tip #1: When checking fares, be sure to visit the weekly specials on  Some times you’ll find deeply discounted fares to your destination.  Plus, be sure to use your discounts for kids, seniors and groups like the triple A.  Plus, google for various coupon offerings. -          Tip #2: Plan a tote or carry on with just the essentials and check your bags.  Whether you’re got a seat or a sleeper you’ll have little space for extra bags.  Plus, you’ll be away from your space enough that you don’t want to leave expensive items laying about.  Keep in mind, your checked baggage will be inaccessible til you get to your destination. If possible pack everything in one bag.  You’ll be glad you did. -          Tip #3: If you’re going for more than a day, consider upgrading to a sleeper car.  Yes, the cost is much higher than just a seat, but sleeping on those train seats that don’t recline makes for a hard night.  Plus you get 3 meals a day, a private space and, most importantly … a shower!  If you’re willing to forgo the sleeper though, you can get some great fares.  Finally, if you’re sitting in a coach seat onboard and craving a sleeper, it is possible to get an upgrade.  Ask a conductor and have your credit card ready.  Just know, this isn’t the Orient express.  They turn down the beds and clean the room, but it’s not the lap of luxury. -          Tip #4: If you’re sleeping in a coach seat, you’ll be given a pillow, but no blanket.  If you need one, bring your own.  And consider bringing ear plugs … if not, you’ll be snoozing next to the loudest snorer. -          Tip #5: Bring more entertainment than you think you’ll need.  Crosswords, magazines, those books you were meaning to get to.  Amtrak provides the scenery, but that’s it.  Bring headphones for your music and DVD players… it’s a shared space.  Also, A portable GPS is a fun way to keep track of your location. Games for the kids are a must.  Spread out in the lounge or dining car with a board game or some good toys and you’ll have some great family time with nothing to disturb you. -          Tip 6: Wear comfy clothing.  It’s not like a cruise, there’s no formal night in the dining car.  Slip on shoes are good too because you must wear shoes in all public areas like the observation car and the dining car. -          Tip #7: Don’t expect on time performance.  This is not a flight.  Passenger trains can be delayed for hours by freight trains.  Get your mind in the right place and think of it as a plus … more time to relax away from it all.  Plus, leave at least a day pad if you’re going to an important event or you may miss it. -          Tip #8: Plan ahead for meals.  If you don’t get a sleeper car, you’ll be expected to pay for food at the café or dining car … which can get expensive and… let’s be honest, it’s train food … BUT, you’re allowed to bring your own food on board if you want to save the dough. -          Tip #9: Beware, almost all Amtrak trains don’t allow smoking.  If you get to a smoking stop, stay close to the train.  You won’t get much of a warning when they leave, and they won’t wait! -          Tip #10: And the Number One train travel tip: Make Friends.  When you’re travelling by train in America, everyone has a story.  Fear of flying.  Love of trains.  Wanting to relax.  You’ll meet some fascinating people and it’ll be the highlight of your trip. Want more?  Head to our website at  Plus, follow us at  And tune in next week, so you can triponadeal!

DATE: Fri, 04 Sep 2009
SIZE: 116. MB
The Best US Island Vacation Spots: Trip on a Deal Ep 33

DATE: Fri, 04 Sep 2009
SIZE: 133. MB
LA’s Best Unknown Museums: Trip on a Deal Ep. 32

DATE: Fri, 04 Sep 2009
SIZE: 136. MB
Top 10 Beach Tips: Trip on a Deal Episode 31

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