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Nerd Stalker covers all things tech with an emphasis on startups, research labs, conferences, meetups, and design houses.
Recent Episodes for Nerd Stalker
DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 23.0 MB
How To Have A Voice In Tech Politics is a statewide coalition focused on championing the conversation about the future of California’s critical technology sector. brings together industry experts, thought leaders, tech innovators, policy makers and consumers in a non-partisan mission to promote innovation, create new jobs, spur investment and support tech-friendly policies. leads the discussion on technology and innovation throughout California by seeking insight from vested membership and counsel from our advisory board. does not focus on every technology related issue facing our state, but will champion the most pressing issues concerning technology companies, end users and our communities. is a resource for policy makers in California and beyond as they grapple with policy that affects the innovation economy.  From our dynamic new media platforms that feature California’s innovators and tech leaders, to meetings and briefings with California’s chief policy makers – not only provides a medium for companies to network, but helps to connect the ideas of today for an economy of tomorrow.   

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 31.7 MB
How Your Smartphone Will Get You Some ... ideas

Nerd Stalker interviews Founder of OliveWoo, Andrew Levy. OliveWoo lets you create and share date ideas for you and your significant other and other couples too.    OliveWoo is a web start-up based in Mountain View and San Francisco, CA. Their mission is to help couples build better relationships. The focus right now is on creating a repository of cool date ideas to encourage couples to go out on more creative dates.

DATE: Tue, 24 Aug 2010
SIZE: 42.4 MB
Im Clipping Your Webzites

Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews CEO of, John Pettitt at the recent SF New Tech Summer Social. What does do? allows you to make both visual clips and formatted quotes from web content that you can post on your blog or web site. Clips are screenshots that provide both back links and trackbacks to the original source. Quotes made with extract relevant passages from any web content, format them, and also provide both back links and trackbacks to the original source. also creates short links that are easy to tweet and email.You can clip any public website or web page with Clicking on a clip will bring you back to the original source of the clip. Your clip will show the format and content of the site or page at the time you created the clip. If the site or page you clipped is no longer available, your clip will be a permanent record of that content.

DATE: Wed, 18 Aug 2010
SIZE: 45.0 MB
iPad Bag or Man Purse (Murse)? boa push by booq

Nerd Stalker iPad bag review / unboxing of the boa push by booq. Who am I kidding it's my new man/purse or as I like to call it "Murse". It's amazing how many crappy iPad bags are out there and booq seems to be on of the few companies that are finally coming forward nailing this space. The Boa push iPad messenger provides one of the most compact ways to carry your iPad, iPhone, credit cards, a notepad and pens wherever you need to go. Crafted from durable Twylon and genuine Nappa leather, the slim Boa push is equipped with a wide, super-comfy seatbelt nylon shoulder strap and a sturdy snap button flap closure. Each Boa push is tagged with a gunmetal-framed Terralinq serial number. Once registered, the booq Terralinq service may help reunite you with your lost and found bag.   External: •1 pocket on main outer flap for iPhone •1 large slip pocket on back for flat item storage •2 pen holders on sides Internal: • 3 credit card slots and 1 large pocket for wallet or checkbook • Densely padded iPad compartment   • Durable Twylon exterior fabric • Genuine Nappa leather trims • Adjustable seatbelt nylon shoulder strap • Metal hardware • Soft Nylex® lining won't scratch your iPad • This item has a Terralinq™ serial number, designed to help you recover your lost & found bag

DATE: Mon, 26 Jul 2010
SIZE: 18.8 MB
Like YouTube But Money

Nerd Stalker Finland interview with Videolla. Videolla lets you make money on videos, sell or distribute videos. No signup fees. Takes 60 seconds to start.

DATE: Sun, 04 Jul 2010
SIZE: 39.4 MB
Make An iPhone Android iPad app No Code

     Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews the CEO of SachManya about his wysiwyg web application called Yapper. YAPPER is an award-winning, easy and affordable online service for publishers bloggers, newspapers, magazines, video-casters, band, celebrities, and pod-casters to create their own mobile optimized, rich and branded apps that work across iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad devices without writing a single line of code! Features YAPPER (Your APP makER) is a award-winning online self-service for bloggers, newspapers, pod casters and many other publishers to make their own native apps for iPhones, Android Blackberries and iPads in WYSIWYG fashion. Key features of YAPPER online service Build the app in 4 easy steps using a WYSIWYG toolNo coding required use existing RSS feeds (RSS, RSS 2.0, ATOM)Major foreign languages supportedMultiple mobile devices support: iPhone, Android and iPadOptimized for mobile user experience: Mobile optimized UI (mobile friendly entire article content with images and videos), Content caching (users can read offline), Fast (no straight RSS feed parsing), Location enabledCustomization options for App icon, splash image and tab iconsPush notifications for breaking stories and eventsMonetization and analytics support Key features of the apps built using YAPPER Feature iPhone/iPod/iPad Android Blackberry Mobile optimized UI - mobile friendly entire article content with images and videos Yes Yes Yes Content caching - users can download articles (text) to read offline Yes Yes Yes Fast - no straight RSS feed parsing within the app Yes Yes Yes Social sharing of articles - email, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and many more Yes Yes Yes Instant update of the content Yes Yes Yes Save articles to read later Yes Yes Yes Global user map - shows the app users on a global map Yes Yes Yes App stores submissions Yes Yes Yes Branded app icon and splash image. Also custom nav bar color Yes Yes Yes Push notifications Yes (optional) N.A Yes (optional) Monetization using ads Yes Yes Yes Tab icon library - tens of icons to select from Yes Yes N.A Adhoc Testing Yes (optional) Yes (optional) No Publish under your developer account Yes (optional) Yes (optional) No  

DATE: Mon, 28 Jun 2010
SIZE: 54.2 MB
The Future of Golf Is A Web Application

TEEspy, Inc. is a social networking company focused on building an online community for golfers.  The website,, offers users the ability to find and book tee times from a selection of regional courses.  The system directly integrates with golf courses’ computers, allowing for instantly confirmed tee time reservations. Along with bookings, golfers can find other players, track scores, record statistics, and create tournaments within the TEEspy network. provides golfers with a branded online destination for booking and score reporting.  TEEspy is in position to become the combination of Facebook® and OpenTable® for golf.

DATE: Thu, 24 Jun 2010
SIZE: 43.9 MB
The Next Facebook? WebGreek

With WebGreek, Greek letter chapters and councils will be able to collect and manage money for rent and more online, increase event attendance, share files with ease, stay in touch with instant SMS/email tool, and easily manage their website Web- Greek is a simple to use, but powerful management solution for all levels of the Greek system. Isn't this how Facebook started? Nerd Stalker interviews CEO Patrick Allen at a recent Plug And Play expo in Silicon Valley.

DATE: Mon, 14 Jun 2010
SIZE: 53.5 MB
Ecommerce Has Changed Forever

Just when we thought ecommerce could not be improved comes the most important change to the space yet from a San Francisco company called Payvment. Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews CEO Christian Taylor at a recent PlugAndPlay expo in Silicon Valley. Facebook's #1 E-Commerce Solution Launch an enterprise-grade storefront on your Facebook page with Payvment's Facebook e-commerce solution. Payvment's Facebook app gives you everything you need including a full-featured admin area built directly into Facebook to manage your storefront, products and sales. Plus, when you launch your Facebook store, your products can be discovered across every storefront on Facebook. Payvment is the leader in Facebook e-commerce.The Shopping Cart REST Web Service is the core system driving both Payvment's Facebook Store app as well as its Web Cart solution. This REST service enables you to build your own completely custom e-commerce shopping solution for the web, mobile, a social network or anywhere else without having to build any complex code or install any server side shopping cart software. Powered by Payvment's redundant server farm for maximum availability. The REST API enables you to retrieve a specific shopping cart and display its contents in your app. If no cart is specified, a new empty cart is returned for your user. By adding optional 'command' variables to your REST calls, items can be added, updated or removed from the cart. The REST service also includes payment processing for your customers via credit card or PayPal. Your sales revenue is instantly available from your PayPal account. The Shopping Cart REST Web Service is free to use and you keep 100% of your sales revenue. 

DATE: Fri, 28 May 2010
SIZE: 21.6 MB
The Webs Lost And Found

  Nerd Stalker contributor Ramine Darhiba interviews founder of FinderBase Petteri Kontio. is a community where the members help each other find their lost belongings. That means is a social search engine for anything physical you've lost or found. This service is in beta testing stage.

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 32.0 MB
Augmented Reality Japanese Reading iPhone

Nerd Stalker contributor Ramine Darabiha interview with Finland based startup Lucsens founder Lulian Florea. LucSens uses state-of-the art technology in computer vision, revealing you the possibility to get instant translation from Chinese or Japanese to English by taking pictures with your mobile device.  

DATE: Wed, 12 May 2010
SIZE: 51.1 MB
Attack Of The French!

Nerd Stalker interview with 3 French startups Green Ivory, All My Apps, and Grand Tweet at a recent SF New Tech. is a service that allows you to send an email to any Twitter user.   GreenIvory builds e-marketing tools and technologies and offers solutions that improve the efficiency of your communication on the Internet. Our customers embrace communications agencies (traditional agencies, web agencies...) and companies for whom the web is an essential media for their activity (pure player). Install all your applications in one click.

DATE: Tue, 27 Apr 2010
SIZE: 36.9 MB
Expensive Bar Drinks No More!

Urban Pre-game lets you drink in bars at grocery store prices by buying in bulk with your friends. Pre-buy as a group, but pay for your portion online. The price-per-drink drops as your group's drink total increases. And everyone in your group gets the final low price. Everyone. Pre-gamers collectively saved about $500 at our New Years Eve event. Beer and mixed-drinks at one price that's easy to swallow. Please drink responsibly. What is Urban Pre-game?An online service enabling you to drink in bars at grocery store prices by buying in bulk with friends. It's Costco© of the night. How much $$ will I save?Pre-gamers collectively saved about $500 on 146 drinks at our latest event, beating the price down to $2.91/drink! That's nearly a 60% discount! How does the pricing work?The initial price, when the group's quantity purchased is zero, is what's normally charged at the bar. The cost-per-drink drops as your group pre-buys more drinks. Everyone gets the final, low price. Should I tip the bartender?YES! Absolutely. We're getting a steep discount on drink prices, but they're working just as hard. It's important that they're taken care of. What's a "drink"?A "drink" = one beer or mixed drink. What are the beers?All domestic drafts (bud, bud lite, miller lite, coors lite, etc). What are the liquors?Well-vodka, -rum, -whiskey, -tequila and -gin. What are the mixers?Cranberry, Coke, Diet Coke, etc. You know, the usual. Who are your bar partners?KEATS, a great karaoke bar on 45th & 2nd Ave; Bar None, a world famous watering hole in the East Village. How do I redeem my drinks?Say your name. The bar knows in advance how many drinks you bought. When (and at what price) is my credit card processed?We use Paypal. You will be charged the lowest price per drink based on volume of drinks bought by your group by pre-game time. If I don't use the full value of the tab in one visit, can I use the remainder later?Nope. Bring a friend--share!

DATE: Wed, 21 Apr 2010
SIZE: 41.6 MB
Organize Your Group Thing and Money - Scred

Banking 2.0 Scred is a Finnish company building tools and services to help groups and communities manage their money, wherever they are. It is like having a super smart bank, just for your community. Integrated Services Groups have access to not only payments, but also a number of services: Register, track and pay expense claimsCollect registrations and feesSend invoices, receive paymentsIntegrated webshopPayouts to group members Automated Accounting All activities are recorded and reports generated autmatically. No actual knowledge of accounting is needed. We add meaning to money. It's The People With Scred it's not just one person ending up with a bunch of receipts and left to figure out everything. Members of the groups participate together. Bands, indie film crews, code crewsStudent associations, hobby groupsTravel buddies, flatmates Payments and Fees Payments are managed by the new PayPal X APIs. We charge 1.5% for all payments managed and created within a Scred Group. The Gurus Scred's team consists of multi-talented individuals. Stubborn, opinionated, smart, never running away from a debate, but most of all good humoured and with multi-year experience in entrepreneurship. These gurus don't meditate. Tuomas Toivonen, CEO Expert in network technologies and doesn't mind dabbling in the intricacies of finance. Loves getting cold by surfing in Finnish waters. Dreams of llamas and a farm in Bolivia. Kristoffer Lawson, Head of Product Knows his way around distributed architectures and script-driven application design. Founder and main visionary for one of the most recognised computer parties in the world, the Alternative Party (now 10 years old). Teemu Hukkanen, Technology Platforms Convinced us all that we should move to Python and Django and hacks out pages on them at a rapid pace. Teemu is also a recognised Debian developer. As you can see, he is notoriously difficult to capture on a CCD.

DATE: Tue, 20 Apr 2010
SIZE: 17.9 MB
Get Your Euro Shop On With Shobble

  Nerd Stalker contributor Ramine Darabiha, interviews Jori Lallo, one of the founders of Finland startup Shobble. About Shobble Are you sure that the online shops you buy from are reliable, have enough security and provide goods of quality? You have already seen the benefits in buying online compared to traditional brick and mortar shops. Yet, you might be hesitant when buying certain goods from store that you are not familiar with. Shobble community of people is there to help you make online shopping more safe and reliable. In Shobble, online shoppers like you tell their first hand experiences and provide you with the information you need to make online shopping decisions easier. Shobble does not seem to have the shop that you know? Go on and help others by reviewing the shop.  

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