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Your source for timely, accurate, informative and entertaining interviews, TechVi talks to technology newsmakers and reporters to get to the bottom of today's headlines.
Recent Episodes for TechVi Shows (all)
DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 20.9 MB
PlayStation Move, iPad at the Oscars and more on Weekly Wrapup

This week the top tech stories were the iPad commercial at the Oscars, PlayStation Move and could the Amazon Kindle be getting a better web browser? Find out in this week's edition of the Weekly Wrapup.A quick programming note, TechVi is off to SXSW next week, so expect new shows to be back the week of March 22.

DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 7.73 MB
Apple iPad now available for pre-order: TechVi Now

Orders aren't going without a hitch; some web browsers have experienced issues when users tried to pre-order Apple's tablet. Also, Microsoft's game console beat out Sony and Nintendo for the month of February. Find out more on TechVi Now.Show Notes:0:40 — Xbox Sales Beat Wii, PS3 in February, Bloomberg0:53 — Apple's future won't be brought to you by the letter i, Sydney Morning Herald0:17 — Apple limits iPad pre-orders, AppleInsider0:28 — Apple iPad pre-order comes with bugs, Financial Times

DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 72.6 MB
6-core processors, fake Intel chips, and more: HotHardware

The boys from HotHardware return to talk about the first 6-core processor available, the fake Intel chip fiasco, Wi-Di, the Dell Zino HD and more.Show Notes:0:26 — Intel Core i7-980X Extreme 6-Core Processor Review, HotHardware.com1:50 — Toshiba Satellite E205-S1904 WiDi Laptop Review, HotHardware.com4:09 — Dell Inspiron Zino HD Desktop Review, HotHardware.com5:17 — Newegg Ships Fake Intel Chips; Supplier Threatens Journalists For Reporting It, HotHardware.com6:36 — Dave: Android Crushes the Competition, iPhone Stands Still, HotHardware.com9:00 — Showing the Love: HH and Cyberpower PC Sweepstakes,

DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 31.4 MB
The Bottom Line on the Sony PlayStation Move, iPhone multitasking, and more

Robert Borgesi of ChannelFlip Web joins us to talk about the Sony PlayStation Move, Nokia's newest operating system, the rumored multitasking iPhone OS and more on this episode of The Bottom Line. Guests:Robert Borgesi , ChannelFlip WebShow Notes:0:30 — We touched it: PlayStation Move from every angle, Joystiq1:17 — iPhone 4.0 software to deliver multitasking support, AppleInsider2:20 — Valve confirms Mac support for Steam, Joystiq3:10 — doubleTwist adds podcasting, Lifehacker3:43 — Motorola StarTAC, Wikipedia

DATE: Thu, 11 Mar 2010
SIZE: 40.1 MB
The Apple iPad, iTunes LP, and Mac gaming: The Bottom Line

If we're going to talk about Apple, why not bring in an expert? Adam Christianson of the Maccast joins us on the Bottom Line to talk about the iPad ad, Mac gaming and more.Guests:Adam Christianson , MaccastShow Notes:0:17 — iPad ad launches during the Oscars, CNET News1:00 — iPhone apps on the iPad, Daring Fireball2:00 — RIAA pressured Apple into iTunes LP, TUAW.com3:00 — Valve confirms Mac support for Steam, Joystiq

DATE: Thu, 11 Mar 2010
SIZE: 10.8 MB
Sony introduces PlayStation Move, its motion controller: TechVi Now

The PlayStation Move will use a combination of a camera and a new controller to bring motion control to the PS3. Also, doubleTwist adds a new feature that may help it in its battle against iTunes. Find out more on TechVi Now.Show Notes:0:17 — Sony Motion Controller is called PlayStation Move, Gizmodo0:38 — doubleTwist adds podcast support, TechCrunch0:55 — Internet in running for Nobel Peace Prize, BBC1:12 — Look for the blue dots., Google Blog1:27 — iPad to get B&N app, Barnes and Noble

DATE: Wed, 10 Mar 2010
SIZE: 11.1 MB
Sony brings HD movies to PSN: TechVi Now

Sony has managed a deal to get HD movies from all the major studios for their Sony PlayStation Network. Also, Twitter launches a new service to protect its users. Find out more on TechVi Now. Show Notes:0:14 — PlayStation First to Sell HD Movies from All Major Studios, Mashable0:44 — Twitter Starts Routing All Links Through New Anti-Phishing Service, TechCrunch0:57 — White House uses Justin.TV, Justin.TV Blog0:30 — Biking directions added to Google Maps, Official Google Blog

DATE: Wed, 10 Mar 2010
SIZE: 37.9 MB
The Bottom Line on the Microsoft Courier and Pink

Engadget was privy to some information about both the Microsoft Courier and Pink project. So we got Nilay Patel of Engadget to join us on the Bottom Line to discuss Microsoft's latest projects.Guests:Nilay Patel , EngadgetShow Notes:0:20 — Microsoft Courier exclusive, EngadgetMicrosoft Pink phones coming to Verizon, Engadget

DATE: Tue, 09 Mar 2010
SIZE: 60.1 MB
The Kindle browser conundrum: The Bottom Line

Amazon is looking for someone to help them come up with a real web browser for their e-book reader so people will pick up the Kindle over a slate PC. What makes for a good Internet device? We talk to Kevin Tofel on The Bottom Line to find out.Guests:Kevin C. Tofel , jkOnTheRunShow Notes:0:20 — Will the Amazon Kindle ever have a decent browser, jkOnTheRun2:00 — HP slate does Flash, jkOnTheRun

DATE: Mon, 08 Mar 2010
SIZE: 7.73 MB
Apple iPad at the Oscars: TechVi Now

The iPad was introduced to the world with its first advertisement during the Academy Awards. Also, Microsoft is planning its own ad campaign to make Bing your search engine. Find out more on TechVi Now.Show Notes:0:17 — Apple airs first iPad commercial, MacRumors0:32 — Microsoft Bing TV ads in the UK, Guardian

DATE: Mon, 08 Mar 2010
SIZE: 18.0 MB
PS3 bug, Apple sues HTC, and more on the Weekly Wrapup

This was a big week in tech news. Sony's PS3 had a clock bug that rendered many PS3s useless. Apple pulled out the big guns and sued HTC over iPhone patents. Microsoft managed to sell millions of copies of Windows 7. Those stories and more on the Weekly Wrapup. Show Notes:0:07 — Sony PS3 bug, BBC0:30 — Google acquires Picnik, Picnik Blog0:42 — Apple sues HTC, Engadget0:57 — PS3 clock bug squashed, Joystiq1:12 — A fond farewell, Hulu Blog1:27 — Microsoft sells 90 million Windows 7 licenses, CrunchGear1:41 — Microsoft Project Pink coming to Verizon, Gizmodo1:58 — Apple iPad launch, Pocket-Lint

DATE: Fri, 05 Mar 2010
SIZE: 63.3 MB
Quake on the Droid, Western Digital SSDs and more: HotHardware

It's time to talk some HotHardware with Marco Chiappetta and Dave Altavilla including Western Digital moving into the SSD market, Quake II and III hit the Droid, and a 6-screen ATI Eyefinity that has to be seen to be believed.

DATE: Fri, 05 Mar 2010
SIZE: 50.3 MB
The future of portable computers: The Bottom Line

The Apple iPad got its release date today, but is it the future of portable computing? We talk to Donald Bell of CNET and Kirk Hiner of Appletell to see what the future holds on The Bottom Line.

DATE: Fri, 05 Mar 2010
SIZE: 11.6 MB
Apple iPad coming in April: TechVi Now

Apple's iPad has a release date and it is April 3rd for the United States. Also, Google's phone by HTC apparently is not designed to handle rough tasks like placing it in your pocket. Find out about these stories and more on TechVi Now.

DATE: Thu, 04 Mar 2010
SIZE: 28.8 MB
The death of desktop computers: The Bottom Line

A top Google exec says that desktops will be irrelevant in just three years time. Is that really the case? We talk to Seth Porges and Jason Hiner on the Bottom Line to find out.

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