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Join Corey and Ward as they get together every week and discuss anything that interests them from the news.
Recent Episodes for Average Joe Show
DATE: Sat, 08 May 2010
SIZE: 74.6 MB
Average Joe Show 080: No Respect For Dumb

Ward, Corey, Mitch Haman (from Geek Talk With Mitch) and Hutch Jr. (from Burghs Eye View) discuss local boy turned super hero, SpiderMan saves the day, Thunderwear, woman attempts to eat note, the White Castle candle, South Korean can drive after 960th try at test, man electrocutes himself for rocket, man steals firefighter's helmet, bad sex means scissor attack.

DATE: Sat, 01 May 2010
SIZE: 65.3 MB
Average Joe Show 079: Anti-Florida

Ward, Corey, Krissi Pardue (from and Chris Collier (from Chris and Phil Present...) discuss avoiding aliens, Arizona's new immigration law, an economic boycott, a gay dog, Cub Scouts latest badge offering, woman bites man cause she was called fat, white man disguised as a black robber, Happy Meals go toyless, and one helluva happy ending.

DATE: Sat, 24 Apr 2010
SIZE: 55.7 MB
Average Joe Show 078: Pull A Train

Ward, Corey, Jon Young (from and Dan Stebbins (from discuss Hilter, donuts, being gay and playing softball, WOMEN!, another Octomom story, woman sentenced for using hammer, 100 year old pedophile goes back to jail, the new $100 bill, lap dances at home, and an animal sex farm.

DATE: Sat, 17 Apr 2010
SIZE: 56.3 MB
Average Joe Show 077: SPUC

Ward, Corey, Thom Reeder (from Back To Hiking) and Bryan Lee (from Tech Side Stories) discuss Conan going to TBS, smelly litter box = meth lab, dead man becomes mayor, KFC's sandwich of death, corpse alive at airport, air marshals cost a lot of money, convicts disguise as sheep to escape, and Wii Fit causes sexual disorder.

DATE: Sat, 10 Apr 2010
SIZE: 66.1 MB
Average Joe Show 076: No Porn For You

Ward, Corey, Ben Straw (from and Jon Young (from discuss fake a mugging for love, Westboro Baptist Church and  Bon Jovi, teen and beer in cop car, world's remotest restaurant, no fast food as Afghan bases, breastfeeding saves money, a 25,000 hour lasting light bulb, and hookers at White Castle.

DATE: Sat, 03 Apr 2010
SIZE: 53.6 MB
Average Joe Show 075: Tea Bagging and Pudding

Ward, Corey, Tyler Hurst (from and Krissi Pardue (from discuss Facebook wants you to like everything, employer can't post for reliable workers, Jell-O pudding scheme unravelled, people who ignore dental health, man from future arrives at LHC, O'Reilly pays legal bills of fallen Marine's father, prohibition of drugs, and man boobs.

DATE: Sat, 27 Mar 2010
SIZE: 64.9 MB
Average Joe Show 074: Where the Cards At

Ward, Corey, Mitch Haman (from Geek Talk with Mitch) and Larry Henry (from discuss man arrested for breaking into prison, robbers call bank for money, mysterious money in your banking account might not be yours, sexting charges can't be brought up, man trolls for underage woman through his cell phone, a great way to get to school, Lego is art, Octomom does porn? and does deal with PETA, noisy sex woman arrested again.

DATE: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
SIZE: 62.9 MB
Average Joe Show 073: Passing A Stone

Ward, Corey, Jon Young (from and Thom Reeder (from Back to Hiking) discuss Peter Graves, TV being bad for you, a silent way to die, another way global warming is happening, another father of the year, a dog eats a $20,000 diamond, a woman wants to be fattest woman in world, and loud sex can allow cops to search home.

DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 57.5 MB
Average Joe Show 072: Top It Off With A Loogie

Ward, Corey, Barb aka CitizenX (from and Hutch Jr. (from Burghs Eye View) discuss Corey Haim is dead, Rove and waterboarding, police cruiser unlocked and stolen, Bank of America takes parrot hostage, taxing soda and pizza cut down on obesity, house burned down over water bill, scratch off ticket arrest, and shaving while driving.

DATE: Sun, 07 Mar 2010
SIZE: 57.4 MB
Average Joe Show 071: Global Warming My Butt

Ward, Corey, Ben Straw (from Ben's Tech Show) and Chris Collier (from Chris and Phil Present...) discuss kids controlling planes, no mail on Saturday?, death by peeing, mayoral candidate wants to fire police chief, caught snorting drugs on cop car, walking dog from your car, producer banned from Oscars, woman gets four breasts, and goat sex and a wedding.

DATE: Sat, 27 Feb 2010
SIZE: 68.9 MB
Average Joe Show 070: I Love Octomom

Ward, Corey, Bryan Lee (from Tech Side Stories) and Larry Henry (from discuss fat woman getting shot, a Santa Claus burglar, Octomom goes psycho, train hits man on tracks, Denny's goes wrong on Twitter, piracy isn't the problem, adult iPhone apps still in the store, pole dancing an Olympic event?

DATE: Sun, 21 Feb 2010
SIZE: 50.0 MB
Average Joe Show 069: Olympic Orgy

Ward, Corey and Krissi Pardue (from her site) discuss Haitian money gone missing, Britney Murphy money returning, Wall Street's money going crazy, a manifesto, Utah wants to drop 12th grade, 94 death row inmate dies and sex and the Olympics.

DATE: Sun, 14 Feb 2010
SIZE: 94.9 MB
Average Joe Show 068: Corey is MIA

Ward, Mitch Haman (from Geek Talk with Mitch) and Barb aka CitizenX (from discuss football, pill popping 4th graders, snow and global warming, adventures in Wal-Mart, waterboarding and tattooing children, Barbie gets some new jobs, a man playing with a chicken, and a $55,000 electric bill.

DATE: Sat, 06 Feb 2010
SIZE: 82.9 MB
Average Joe Show 067: Bodies in Boots

Ward, Corey, Tyler Hurst (from and Hutch Jr. (from Burghseyeview) discuss the State of the Union, Obama's aunt might leave, PETA wants a robot groundhog, cyborgs and chess, Monopoly modernized, Muslim chaplain and a box-cutter, gays in the military, no gay commercial during Super Bowl, the penis-glue plot, and sex in bathrooms.

DATE: Sat, 30 Jan 2010
SIZE: 54.6 MB
Average Joe Show 066: Booze For Buddhas

Ward, Corey and Veronica Lane (from Ask A Project Manager) discuss death by lottery, asleep behind the wheel, tired of husband? call 911, woman rips Picasso, monks use hip hop and alcohol for recruitment, Burger King goes beer, Jell-O shots aren't liquor?, "sexual bending" outlawed in school.

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