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Kopper's hardboiled show features rough & tumble rock'n'roll of the wild and untamed garage and punk varieties that'll hit ya like a slug to your noodle. It's part of the amazing GaragePunk Podcast network. Grab the giggle juice and prepare to get punked.
Recent Episodes for Savage Kick
DATE: Fri, 10 Apr 2009
SIZE: 37.2 MB
Savage Kick #69

Host: Kopper/nKopper continues the tradition of lowdown and dirty rock’n/'roll on the 69th episode of Savage Kick with music from the Wipers, the Saints, the Movie Star Junkies, Kentucky Knife Fight, the Manikins, the Rip Offs, the Four Slicks, Death, White Flame, the Crusaders, the Missing Links, the Dee Rangers and lots more. Let’s go [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 20 Mar 2009
SIZE: 41.8 MB
Savage Kick #68

Host: Kopper/nThe Subsonics, the Nevermores, Mac Blackout, the Mystery Girls, Vee Dee, the Spiders, the No-Talents, Link Wray, the Hypstrz, Le Face, the Torquays, Nobunny, the Spectors, the Long Strides, the Guilty Hearts, Bob Log III, the Hunches, Tree, the Booby Traps and more. REAL rock’n/'roll for REAL rock’n/'rollers. Any questions?/nLeave a message on the [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 27 Feb 2009
SIZE: 39.8 MB
Savage Kick #67

Host: Kopper/nThis high-calorie episode includes some requested stuff, including the Count Five, Guitar Wolf, Chrome Spiders, plus some greasy, deep-fried rock’n/'roll by the likes of the Goodnight Loving, the Sonics, the Barbarians, the Hong Kongs, thee Fourgiven, Ron Haydock & the Boppers, the Scientists, the Cows, the Passions, Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers [...] ShareThis

DATE: Tue, 17 Feb 2009
SIZE: 23.4 MB
Out of the Vaults, Into Your Ears #20

The Flat Duo Jets - Live at Cicero’s Basement Bar, St. Louis, MO (11/12/95)/nEnjoy this hot rockin’ set from the Flat Duo Jets from Chapel Hill, NC, featuring Dex Romweber and Crow, presented by Kopper of the Savage Kick podcast. Thanks again to Jim Utz for providing this one!/nDOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SHOW | [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 06 Feb 2009
SIZE: 38.9 MB
Savage Kick #66

Host: Kopper/nKopper returns from sick leave to deliver a 68-minute episode #66 that pays tribute to recently departed enormously influential rockers Lux Interior and Ron Asheton with music from both The Cramps and Stooges, plus requested stuff by The Revelators, Los Hories and the Ooga Boogas, as well as Demon’s Claws, Golden Triangle, The Weakends, [...] ShareThis

DATE: Sat, 27 Dec 2008
SIZE: 40.9 MB
Savage Kick #65

Host: Kopper/nAnother 70-plus minutes of lowdown & dirty rock’n/'roll, absolutely none of it with a holiday theme. Listen for classics from bands like the Penetrators, the Gizmos, We the People, the Real Kids, the Milkshakes, Joe South, the’s and more, plus requests for the New Bomb Turks, Esquerita, and an entire set of Dirty [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 05 Dec 2008
SIZE: 40.1 MB
Savage Kick #64

Host: Kopper/nHappy Friday! Here’s the latest episode of the Savage Kick podcast, featuring more hard-boiled rock’n/'roll, this time from the likes of such desperate groups as the Gories, the Oblivians, Scat Rag Boosters, Red Beard and the Pirates, the Original Sins, Movie Star Junkies, Pirate Love, The Gruesomes, Thee Headcoats, Thee Fine Lines, Thee Crucials, [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 14 Nov 2008
SIZE: 39.8 MB
Savage Kick #63

Slap Your Mammy!/nHost: Kopper/nHere’s yet another unrelenting dose of hard-hitting, lowdown and dirty rock’n/'roll, offered up with a backhanded slap of reality that there really is some killer music being created all over the world, including places like Montreal and Kansas City! So grab the proverbial giggle juice and prepare to get punked by such [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 24 Oct 2008
SIZE: 41.9 MB
Savage Kick #61

/nHost: Kopper/nThis episode kicks off with a Rudy Ray Moore (RIP) tribute, then features a song for Obama (Barack the vote on November 4!), plus some demented country from Eddie Noack and Porter Wagoner, broken blues courtesy of the Bassholes, as well as selected cuts from the Dirtbombs, Cheater Slicks, Compulsive Gamblers, Apache, King Khan [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 03 Oct 2008
SIZE: 36.8 MB
Savage Kick #60

Host: Kopper/nDespite being distracted all week by politics and baseball (hey, us podcasters have other interests besides rock’n/'roll, ya know!), I managed to squeeze out another episode of this well-weathered program shortly after the the conclusion of last night’s big, overblown “debate”… and, well, if you’ve ever heard this show before, you pretty much know [...] ShareThis

DATE: Thu, 11 Sep 2008
SIZE: 34.8 MB
Savage Kick #59

Host: Kopper/nEpisode #59 features some new stuff from Soundflat Records (The Hara Kee-Rees, King Salami & the Cumberland Three and Wild Billy Childish & the MBEs) plus a buncha great ’60s garage (The Grains of Sand, The Wheels, Shadows of Knight, the Starfires), some “new” Link Wray as well as a couple of great floor [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 22 Aug 2008
SIZE: 51.8 MB
Savage Kick #58

Back to School Special!/nHost: Kopper/nJoin Kopper as he slams the door on another summer vacation and kicks the kiddies out on their way to another year of schoolin’. This super-long episode features old faves from bands like the Ramones, the Runaways, the MC5, The Yardbirds, Larry Williams, The Victims, Hasil Adkins, plus more obscure cuts [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 01 Aug 2008
SIZE: 39.0 MB
Savage Kick #57

Host: Kopper/nHere we go with yet another onslaught of lowdown ‘n’ dirty, hardboiled rock’n/'roll on this episode, including new stuff from such roughnecks as Apache, Billy Childish & The MBE’s, Figures of Light, Juanita Y Los Feos, The Long Gones, Motorama, plus older favorites from the The Wailers, 13th Floor Elevators, Roky Erickson, the Subsonics, [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 11 Jul 2008
SIZE: 40.3 MB
Savage Kick #56

Host: Kopper/nIt’s all about Kicks… SAVAGE KICKS! 70+ minutes of rock’n/'roll included this time out as Kopper lets loose with an entire set of stuff dug up from the Podsafe Music Network as well as some ’60s classics and other stuff mixed in for good measure. Listen for cuts from bands like The Flakes, King [...] ShareThis

DATE: Fri, 20 Jun 2008
SIZE: 36.1 MB
Savage Kick #55

Host: Kopper/nThis one’s all over the place… new stuff from the likes of Frustration, The Vickroids, Mac Blackout, Jaunita Y Los Feos, old stuff from the Lollipop Shoppe, The Motions, The John Does, Rudy Ray Moore, The Mystic Tide, plus lots in between (Country Teasers, Crime, Dead Moon, Lost Sounds, The Gears, The Weirdos, The [...] ShareThis

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