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Welcome to The House of Wild Delights ladies and gentlemen and get ready for some wild and untamed rock'n'roll with your host, the Screamin' Soul Preacher!
Recent Episodes for The House of Wild Delights ...
DATE: Fri, 13 Nov 2009
SIZE: 45.1 MB
The House of Wild Delights #8

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh !!! You’d better be warned baby coz this 8th episode of THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on is about to blow your ugly Mp3 player up and will probably tear every squares’ eardrums too ! If not, you’ll surely dance so hot and shout so loud to the untamed sounds of The fabulous Hex Dispensers, Thee wonderful Crucials, The marvelous Monsters and various other soulful burnouts or disrespectful punks,that you’ll be as out of breath as The screamin’ Soul Preacher spinning and wailing for you ! Alright, are you ready for this ? Please come in…  For any comments, full playlist and even more : d-delights-8/  

DATE: Thu, 22 Oct 2009
SIZE: 45.6 MB
The House of Wild Delights #7

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen !  As you all know, night time is the right time …So please, let The screamin’ Soul Preacher guide you through the narrow corridors and dark corners of THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS for this 7th episode, here on the GaragePunk Podcast Network, join this nocturnal party and get ready to shake and shout all through the night !!! Hear great classics by The Mighty Hannibal, The Sonics or Dwight Pullen mixed in an orgy of sounds with untamed rockabilly, moody depressed 60’s teenage punks, retarded limbo jungle beats, honkin’& wailin’ orchestras, lonely broken-hearted outcasts and even a few monsters songs for those who were expecting some kind of Halloween special !!! Alright ! Are you ready for this ? Please, dare step in….For more details, comments and playlist : -delights-7/ Thanks for listening.  Super extra thanks to Kopper who keeps posting these stooooopid shows of mine (and tons of other great podcasts) on whatever the weather !

DATE: Sun, 30 Aug 2009
SIZE: 39.8 MB
The House of Wild Delights #6

Here you are baby…back in THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS on the GaragePunk Podcast Network with your thirsty host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !This is episode 6 and you’d better get ready for a pounding hour of  great rock’n’roll with such heavyweights as The Cheater Slicks, The Necessary Evils or The Revelators and, of course, your usual dose of freaky 60’s garage, vicious rockabilly and nasty rhythm’n’blues.So let’s forget those square neighbors, turn the volume up and get sweaty together baby !

DATE: Fri, 17 Jul 2009
SIZE: 37.2 MB
The House of Wild Delights #5

Welcome aboard THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS express n° 5 from the GaragePunk Podcast Network ladies and gentlemen with your special conductor tonight : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !We hope you’ll enjoy travelling by our side in this train with such great numbers as The Gun Club, the Johnny Burnette Trio, Blind Gary Davis and many others.So get your ticket, take a seat and let our train rides you to Nowhere…

DATE: Fri, 03 Jul 2009
SIZE: 39.3 MB
The House of Wild Delights #4

Host: The Screamin’ Soul Preacher/nAlright, the good news first: It’s party time in The House of Wild Delights tonight! So get ready to shake and sweat to the hot, hot sounds of great exotic movers, soul stompers and blasting rockers by such smashers as the wonderful Saucers, the marvelous Gino Washington and the fabulous Terrifics! [...] ShareThis

DATE: Thu, 04 Jun 2009
SIZE: 41.0 MB
The House of Wild Delights #3

Host: The Screamin’ Soul Preacher/nWelcome back, ladies and gentlemen, for this third deadly episode of The House of Wild Delights, with your host, The screamin’ Soul Preacher, who’s having a death trip with a special lady guest tonight and spinning killer records such as Haunted George, The Graveyard Five, Tarantula Goul and one of the [...] ShareThis

DATE: Tue, 05 May 2009
SIZE: 35.2 MB
The House of Wild Delights #2

Host: The Screamin’ Soul Preacher/nAh-hahaha!!! You didn’t want it, but still you got it! If you like such un-understandable foreign accents as mine and overseas groovy languages, this episode is for you, honey!!! Get ready for about 60 minutes of international garage-punk misfits, exotic rock’n/'roll weirdos as the great great Raws, los fabulous Shains, the [...] ShareThis

DATE: Tue, 07 Apr 2009
SIZE: 28.9 MB
The House of Wild Delights #1

NEW SHOW!/nWelcome to the HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS, baby!!!/nIntroducing, for the first time ever on the GARAGEPUNK PODCAST NETWORK, your host: The Screamin’ Soul Preacher!!!/nPlease step in and join the party for about 50 minutes of savage teenagers singing retarded songs about wonderful girls! Get ready to twist and shout with such great untamed entertainers [...] ShareThis

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