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Hey people! Welcome to The Resident on Mevio. I've been doing The Resident since 2000 as a way to express my extreme annoyance with the mainstream media and society in general. Call it therapy, if you will. The Resident is on TV and on the web in lots of places, but it's just found this new home on Mevio. Whether through Vlogs, talking to people on the streets of New York City, or one-on-one interviews, I try to cover the topics that seem obvious, but that no one is talking about in a real way. So feel free to write in, Tweet up with me, and let me know if there's something bugging YOU, and let's talk about THAT for a change. Together we can buck the mainstream media.
Recent Episodes for TheResident
DATE: Fri, 04 Dec 2009
SIZE: 68.6 MB
Keeping the Faith

I like to talk about religion and/or spirituality on this show a lot, donít I? I canít help it, though, because these topics are on my mind a lot. lot, donít I? I canít help it, though, because these topics are on my mind a lot. So the idea in this video just popped into my head the other day when I was walking down a street in New York. Just, wham! Hey, what if faith is actually some crazy memory we have from before we were born? Like we remember that we totally were just a part of the big master plan out there before, and now here we are trapped in our human forms that canít possibly comprehend where we were before, but somehow we just KNOW we were someplace else before and hey! That memory is faith. This is probably not going to be the last stab-in-the-dark definition I give to faith, but itís an interesting one to me. Iím sure Iím not the first one to think it up, either. If youíve heard of it anyplace else, Iíd love to know because if someone else has explored this idea, chances are theyíve probably done it a hell of a lot better than I. I mean, this video is fraught with bad language choices. Not to mention grotesquely unwashed hairs. So please, if you have any related material on this, let me know! And if you think this is the most banal idea youíve ever heard, feel free to tell me that, too. Though thereís a good chance I wonít respond to those emails. Just sayin'.

DATE: Wed, 02 Dec 2009
SIZE: 171. MB
Stand-Up Comedy

For some reason, I was asked to participate in this yearís New Yorkís Funniest Reporter contest, and for some reason I AGREED TO DO IT. Iíve> New Yorkís Funniest Reporter contest, and for some reason I AGREED TO DO IT. Iíve never done stand up in my life! But by watching this video, youíd never know it. I mean, Iím a total PRO! Just listen to those finely-tuned punchlines! Watch me work the crowd like nobodyís business! Iím amazing up there, for crying out loud! You canít even TELL that my act was going to be a dance routine to a song, and that after the show had already started and ten minutes before I was to go on, the event organizer came and whispered in my ear that they couldnít get my music to play so I had to go onstage in ten minutes WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PREPARED. You totally canít even TELL thatís the case! Because I am so freaking funny. Whatís NOT funny, though, is that the judges GYPPED me and did NOT award me the prize. LAME. I was by far the funniest thing to hit Comic Strip Live. Ever. ROBBED. See for yourself just how hilarious my stand-up act is in this video!

DATE: Fri, 20 Nov 2009
SIZE: 54.3 MB
Next Big Thing

I really do try to embrace change when it comes, no matter how hard that might be at times. Right now, there seems to be a change in our pop culture thatís super-easy for me to welcome with open arms. That change is a cultural shift in what is popular and what is smeared across our magazines and newspapers. At the turn of the century, our pop culture was all about young idiotic chicks with no talent who willingly gave up their private lives, dignity, and morality to be tabloid fodder. They were desperate for the attention and glare of fame and were willing to do whatever it took to stay in the limelight. How many vaginas were we exposed to, really? Remember that? We saw Britneyís and Parisí and Lindsayís and a whole host of other ones, and there was nothing sexy about itÖprobably because the vaginal owners were trashed when the pictures were snapped. For years, that was the kind of culture that was popular here in the states. But now, it seems like weíre over that as a society. I think it might be due to the economic recession, personally. Who wants to watch these stupid twits spend thousands of dollars on a dress that theyíre bound to puke on? That kind of frivolity just is annoying, now, instead of mindless entertainment. For me itís always been annoying, so Iím very glad to usher in a new phase of pop culture. Of course, the devil you know, and all that, right? Iím sure the machine behind our pop culture will manage to beam its lights on some other grossness, though, so Iíll still be in business over here.

DATE: Sun, 15 Nov 2009
SIZE: 56.6 MB
I am an American

If after watching this video you wonder, who could possibly care about whether or not people call the U.S. ďAmerica,Ē let me answer: A lot of nutters on the about whether or not people call the U.S. ďAmerica,Ē let me answer: A lot of nutters on the internet who continuously email me about it. Seriously! I didnít just invent this issue. If after watching this video you wonder, how could The Resident, a liberal and intelligent New Yorker, side with people who want to call the U.S. ďAmerica,Ē let me answer: Donít be so quick to put me in a box, yo! What the hell is wrong with people that they really get riled up about this? You know, when I get battered over the head from any angle about such a thing Ė be it from the right, left, smart, or straight-up bananatown Ė I seriously just want to run in the opposite direction, fast. Because there simply is NO REASON to get all riled up about issues like this, from any angle. Like, get over it people. Americans have confiscated the name ďAmericaĒ for themselves, and by Americans I mean AMERICANS. And I donít need to clarify that to any sane human being. Which is to say, if you are asking me for clarification, you are insane. K? K. There. I feel better already!

DATE: Sat, 07 Nov 2009
SIZE: 71.7 MB

Bringing it back to my roots here, folks! Is porn a good or bad force in our society? This is the question I asked people on the streets recently, force in our society? This is the question I asked people on the streets recently, and let me tell you the answers were as varied as the kinds of porn out there. I mean, not that I would KNOW. I just HEAR that there is a lot of variety in the porn world. Through sickos who tell me about it, even though I try to not listen. I mean, porn is a scourge on the planet, infecting peopleís minds with twisted ideas of sex, violence, and body-parts dysmorphia. Only devil-worshippers and disease-carriers watch porn. You can tell who they are by the nazi symbol burned in their foreheads, or from the way that their ears spew hellfire. Porn is so bad, even Charlie Manson spurned it. Even Hitler knew enough to not watch porn. Iíve heard that some people spontaneously combust while watching it. ESPECIALLY the computer kind. People get all kinds of addicted and weird about it when they watch it on the computer. Yeah. So, porn is really the worst thing on the planet. We all know that. Right?

DATE: Fri, 30 Oct 2009
SIZE: 29.3 MB
Thank You For Smoking

In New York City, it is illegal to smoke in restaurants, bars, and work places. AND my apartment. As a non-smoker, I love being able to go into a work places. AND my apartment. As a non-smoker, I love being able to go into a restaurant now and not reek of cigarettes. Especially as I grew up reeking of cigarettes. Both of my parents smoked it up in my house, and when I went to high school pretty much everyone thought I was a smoker. I wasnít, then, but I was one in college. And I loved it. Loved loved loved it. Went from zero to two packs a day in an instant. Nothing like that first smoke of the day, that smoke after a good meal, that smoke with your coffee, or that smoke with a good glass of wine. Or a smoke when youíre on the phone with a girlfriend, or a smoke whenÖwell, you get the point. But the problem with that is, you start always thinking about your next smoke. Pretty soon it turns into smoke-management thoughts. When was my last one? Do I have enough for the day? How long is this bus trip Ė will I be able to take a smoke break? Better get in a smoke before the movie. Can they smell smoke on me? I better grab a pack before the deli closes. And, boom, it runs your life. You stink, youíre short on breath, you start feeling weird sensations all over your body from it. Sometimes they make you nauseated. And you KNOW they are definitely a cause for cancer. SoÖyeah, I quit again. I will always miss smoking, but I totally donít miss smoking. Classic love-hate relationship. So, back to the point. Iím glad I can go into non-smoking places now, but I absolutely hate the fact that now all smokers just smoke on the sidewalks everywhere in New York. Bars have turned inside out, and if you have to walk past one, well, guess what? You might as well be IN the bar. So, anti-smoking legislation in New York City, this Vlogís for you. Enjoy!

DATE: Fri, 23 Oct 2009
SIZE: 95.6 MB
Charity Water

Charities benefit lots of people around the world, but Charity Water kind of nails the most important, basic need - getting water to people who don't have it. And honestly - what's more important? Not clothes, not even FOOD - water is the first need we have. And that's why I support their work - that, and the fact that Charity Water donates all the money you give right to the cause. It's simple, basic, and necessary, what they do. Check them out at †

DATE: Sat, 17 Oct 2009
SIZE: 68.6 MB
Legalize It!

For years, you guys have been asking me to cover the legalization of marijuana in the US as an issue. I havenít done it yet because to me, it marijuana in the US as an issue. I havenít done it yet because to me, it all seems very obvious. Weed is illegal because of money. It HAS to be. There is no other good explanation. And I think it SHOULD be legal. Have you ever gotten mugged by a raging pothead? Have you ever seen a pothead go on an angry gun spree? No. Potheads are nonviolent. They just like to eat a lot of crappy food and sit around. So let them! Itís sure as heck not as dangerous as alcohol, this weed. And of course there are a grillion practical applications for hemp, like an excellent food source, biodegradable options for material goods, fuels, etc. Honestly, it just seems like such a no brainer: weed should be legal, and itís not because there is no financial gain in it for the government or powers that influence the government. But then recently I was sitting around eating Funions watching TV and wondering just why exactly weed became illegal in the first place? Now that was much more interesting to me. So of course finding an unbiased source for this information was incredibly difficult, because people who want weed legal are impassioned about it and tend to write out facts and angry commentary together. They canít seem to separate the two. And every conspiracy theorist was absolutely sure that THEIR theory was the right one, while all the rest were pure bunk. Which Iím sure will be the case in the comments for this video over on YouTube. The bottom line though is that, probably weed became illegal for a little bit of all the nasty reasons, which I outline for you in this video. And until a nice little perfect storm of finances, culture, and entrepreneurship comes along again, chances are weed will remain illegal in the United States. Boo. Hoo.

DATE: Fri, 09 Oct 2009
SIZE: 95.8 MB
The Reverend Billy Talen

I recently interviewed the Reverend Billy Talen, who's running for Mayor of NYC. He's an anti-consumerism pastor with a following that's bent on changing the world. Check out his message in this interview.

DATE: Fri, 02 Oct 2009
SIZE: 94.9 MB
Naked Cowboy for Mayor

Hey folks! You might not live in New/nYork City, but that doesnít mean you canít enjoy the Naked Cowboyís run/nfor the office of mayor here. A little/nmean you canít enjoy the Naked Cowboyís run for the office of mayor/nhere. A little history: Our current mayor is billionaire businessman,/nMichael Bloomberg. Many people feel he bought his seat, considering how/nmuch money he spends on advertising for his campaign. Some people hate/nwhatís he done for this city Ė turned Times Square into ďDisneyland,Ē/nbrought in a ton of big chain stores, and given many incentives for big/nbusiness. Some people love what heís done for this city Ė cleaned it up/ntremendously, added several parks, pedestrian and bike lanes, and made/nthe city safer. Personally, I have mixed feelings. I support mom and/npop stores, but I love all the new parks and pedestrian areas. The most/ncontroversial move Mayor Bloomberg has made, however, is that he/nextended the mayoral term limit from 2 to 3. Heís already been mayor/nfor two terms, so he should have gotten the boot. But he extended the/nlimit to 3 so he can now run. He did this AFTER the people of NYC voted/non the issue twice, and twice said they only want a mayor to be in/noffice for a maximum of two terms. So he went against the peopleís/nvoice on that one. However, if thatís really the case, then all those/npeople merely just have to go out this fall and vote someone else in./n Chances are, though, that heíll win again. Unless a total renegade/ncomes along and sneaks the mayorship out from under him. Who could do/nthat? Itíd have to be someone who sings in his underwear in Times/nSquare, right? Yeah, so thatís what the Naked Cowboy is thinking, too,/nwhich is why his cowboy hat is now in the ring. He was kind enough to/nlet me ride around with him in his stretch limo on the day of his press/ntour. Enjoy the resulting video.

DATE: Fri, 25 Sep 2009
SIZE: 89.0 MB
The Water Pod

This is really cool. The Water Pod is a barge floating around New York City where a handful of artists work and live completely autonomously. That is, they filter their own water, grow their own food, and barter for anything else they might need with services or other goods. The residents of the Water Pod are testing an alternative to land for people to live on in the event that we need to start living elsewhere Ė whether it be through floods caused through climate change, glacial melting, or anything else. As they float around the city, they dock and visitors can board to learn about their mission and inner workings. If a visitor wants to learn how to make their own water purification system, the Water Pod can teach that. If a visitor wants to learn about compostingÖditto. A really interesting blend of art, education, and science Ė check it out at

DATE: Fri, 18 Sep 2009
SIZE: 25.4 MB
Bin Laden is Dead

Not sure if you caught wind of this, but bin Laden drastically changed his message in this year/'s annual Tape o/' Terror. Interesting stuff!

DATE: Fri, 11 Sep 2009
SIZE: 52.7 MB
Healthcare Reform is Forming a Riot

President Obama/'s proposed healthcare reform legislation is turning this country into a boiling cauldron of insane people. Words like Nazi, Communist, and Hitler and being tossed about. No matter what side of the healthcare fence you/'ve camped out on, the bottom line is we totally should NOT be turning into foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics over it! †So quit it! Let/'s talk about this rationally, ok?

DATE: Sat, 05 Sep 2009
SIZE: 27.8 MB

This one goes out to Casey Williamson,/nwho figured this out well before me. What is this, you ask? Itís the/nfact that I am doing MORE than my/nbefore me. What is this, you ask? Itís the fact that I am doing MORE/nthan my part in reducing my carbon footprint by not having kids. Which/nmakes total sense, donít you think? Right from the get-go, new people/nare a mess on the planet. Diapers, bottles, plastic toys that they get/nsick of in ten minutes, all that extra food, Christmas presentsÖyou/nname it, kids consume it. Having a kid doubles a personís carbon/nfootprint. And most people do it, so it should kind of be factored in/nto a normal person carbon footprint. I, however, have not had a kid, so/nI have cut my carbon footprint in half, essentially. See how that/nworks? Ok, thatís funny, I know. There is truth in it, but mainly itís/npretty funny to me. Whatís NOT funny is the manís continual/ncall-to-action for people like you and me to alter every aspect of our/nlives to help reduce the impact of humans on the planet. The bottom/nline is, itís up to governments and big-business to make the biggest/ndifference of all. As long as big companies keep stocking their shelves/nwith crap and making cars that are clunkers and doing whatever they/nwant, basically, in the name of profit, then people will still buy this/nstuff. Itís there. Not buying it wonít un-make it, wonít take back the/ntoxic byproducts that were created while making the crap. Honestly,/nitís up to big businesses and governments to make REAL change, and itís/nup to the media to broadcast that message and demand. Otherwise, itís/nall just more schlock being shovelled to the little guy. Like me. Until/nthat happens, Iíll stay childless and consider my part MORE than done,/nthank you very much.

DATE: Fri, 28 Aug 2009
SIZE: 34.6 MB
Snuff TV

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