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Lipstick N Laundry




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Cutting edge discussion about current topics, modern trends, gossip and family life! Lipstick n' Laundry is a snarky look at stupid celebrities, trends, politics and hot button topics with a woman's edge! Just because you have to do laundry, doesn't mean you shouldn't wear lipstick! We ain't your mothers mothers!

Judi was born and raised in Los Angeles, California by an English father (her conservative side)and a cowboy mother (from Cheyenne...and quite liberal). So she got the best of both worlds!Being in L.A. was very easy for her to get the "bug" (acting that is), and she was fortunate to have not only performed on stage in award winning plays, but work in film and television (SAG-AFTRA member for too long to mention). Somewhere along the way someone said she had a good voice and thus began her career in voiceovers and radio, which also keeps her very busy. Never one to rest much, Judi also writes and has credits on Comedy Central as well as is in the middle of writing a young adult fiction series (which will be finished ONE DAY!) Kate might be right that she has adult ADD. Her awesome husband Mike's job brought Judi to the midwest where she found a kindred spirit in Kate! Someone completely opposite of her, and SO MUCH FUN! She found the sanity within her insanity in the friendship and using both of their skills on-camera and writing they created LipstickNLaundry! Judi and her husband are blessed with their beautiful daughter Shira and their quite handsome (he said to write that) son, Leo!

Kate Frisina has worked as an actress in L.A. for more than 20 years. Kate has been seen in many national commercials, as well as TV and Film. She is a proud member of both SAG and AFTRA. Kate was trained at the Goodman School of Drama/Theater in Chicago and is currently teaching an "On-Camera Commercial Workshop", highly recommended throughout the Midwest. Although she might josh on the show, she has an amazingly wonderful husband, Jack as well as two challenging boys, Max and Duke, that, of course, she would do ANYTHING for! Please check out Kate's website at to learn more about her! She loves coming to work every day and gossiping with her MCF (Moms Cocktail Friend) Judi!
Recent Episodes for Lipstick N Laundry
DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2010
SIZE: 233. MB
Kates STAIN Tigers Tape and DWTS OH MY

Kate's got a real STAIN she's P.O'd about!  And now another celeb with a Sex tape?  What GIVES on this episode of LipsticknLaundry!  DWTS kicks off another star, GLEE does Britney and more!

DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 282. MB

Dog Training Essentials!

DATE: Thu, 16 Sep 2010
SIZE: 182. MB
Cover UP when in the Locker Room? HUH!?

Back to the dirt!  We're talking American Idol, and you're not going to BELIEVE what former contestant is returning to audition again!  Also should a female sports reporter cover up when in the men's locker room?  Or should she just let the "boys be boys"?  All on this episode in about 5 minutes!   Put your funny caps on ladies!

DATE: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
SIZE: 281. MB
E.R., Urgent Care, or WHAT?

When is your kid sick enough for the E.R.? welcomes Pediatrician Dr. Alan Skoultchi and he tells us the details in five minutes!  Check out the show and send us your questions for Dr. Skoultchi!

DATE: Tue, 07 Sep 2010
SIZE: 221. MB
Why Men Cheat!

Jesse James, Tiger Woods....what the heck is up with all the men cheating!?  IS it OUR fault?  Check it out and weigh in on what you think!  sponsored by AVIS use coupon code LIPSTICK and get 30% savings NOW!

DATE: Thu, 02 Sep 2010
SIZE: 284. MB
Dancing With The Stars 2010!

Time to dis on the new cast list of DWTS 2010!  Sponsored by eHarmony!  Sign up for a free month by using EHLIP coupon code! 

DATE: Mon, 30 Aug 2010
SIZE: 263. MB
Doctor "S" Answers ALL!

On this episode we talk to Pediatrician Doctor Skoulchi about the pros and cons of immunization.  Jenny McCarthy is SO against (we've talked about this before on earlier episodes), but other celebrities are coming out FOR immunization.  So let's get down to it.  Is getting your baby immunized putting them at risk for future illnesses, such as Autism?  Watch and see what the good Doctor thinks! 

DATE: Mon, 23 Aug 2010
SIZE: 238. MB
Stroller Recall, Demi Heels and More!

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
SIZE: 205. MB
Five Guys To Stay Away From

We're talking the five guys you should definitely stay away from, also the newest trend in shoes that any girl would flip over!  And what to do if your nails are brittle!  We're gonna help ya out!

DATE: Fri, 23 Jul 2010
SIZE: 258. MB


DATE: Fri, 16 Jul 2010
SIZE: 287. MB
Ranting Mel!

Should Mel Gibson be Fired from Hollywood?  Why DOES Whoopee Goldberg think he's still okay?  Also GREAT decorating idea for a family friendly kitchen all on this show!  Sponsored by Promo Code coupon Code LIPSTICK save 30% off a rental of a car!  ROAD TRIP anyone????

DATE: Wed, 07 Jul 2010
SIZE: 34.0 MB
Babies and Piercings Oh MY!

Babies are getting pierced!  Is it Okay? 

DATE: Thu, 01 Jul 2010
SIZE: 259. MB
4th Of July Hollywood Style

Elin got HELLA LOT of money! You won't believe just HOW MUCH! On this 4th of july special hollywood's ablaze with fireworks of dirty laundry sponsored by Use EHLIP as your code and get a month free for 3 months! Maybe Elin should check out Eharmony to look for a new Hole In One! Lindsay's in trouble again, Kim's ass is being encased in wax and much more on this episode!

DATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010
SIZE: 598. MB
School Causing Accidents?

Teen driving accidents are on the rise!  Studies are now supposedly showing that the early start time for high schoolers is making them too tired to drive!  But what about teaching teens to be responsible!  Not stay up late chatting online or going out and partying?  We talk the issues.  Do teens need more sleep?  Or should we tell them to "suck it up" and get their asses up?  This show is thankfully sponsored by where if you use the coupon code:  lipsticktv10 or lipsticktv12, you get 10% to 12% off  your entire order!  GREAT and UNIQUE gifts for all! 

DATE: Sat, 19 Jun 2010
SIZE: 530. MB
Cocoa Mulch a Dog Killer?

This episode we see if Cocoa Mulch REALLY can hurt your dog!  Plus Betty White has just outed a CLASSIC movie star icon!  Megan Fox having plastic Surgery?  And more all in just 5 minutes with LipsticknLaundry! 

There are 85 more episodes in this feed. View All Episodes
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