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Talk Radio Meltdown

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Talk Radio Meltdown is a free podcast and uncensored talk radio show from Boston, MA. Host Jack Gill and a quasi-rotating cast of nobodies share the latest buzz in pop culture and outlandish news stories. We invite you to listen; we hope you enjoy.
Recent Episodes for Talk Radio Meltdown
DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 88.4 MB
9/28/10 - Episode 74

Murder-pan / Dead Rising 2 / Fat ugly woman told to wear a paper bag over her face to a job interview / Awful radio station tattoo gone wrong / Movie sequels in development that shouldn't exist -

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 107. MB
9/21/10 - Episode 73

Big Red is co-hosting / Red mistakenly texted a picture of his balls to Facebook - Jack later screwed him over at work with said picture / Fro is using Linux, and therefore, sucks / Oxford Dictionary now includes words like 'bromance' and 'hater' / Movie talk / 4chan launches an attack against the RIAA and MPAA / Say the word 'space bar' and Kate will take her shirt off -

DATE: Tue, 14 Sep 2010
SIZE: 94.6 MB
9/14/10 - Episode 72

Mike and Jack are hosting this one by themselves / We dare you to listen to the entire first segment of this show, where we graphically discuss taking shits / Zombie outbreak / World's largest boobs are no more / We call Fro to berate him for not showing up -

DATE: Tue, 07 Sep 2010
SIZE: 94.3 MB
9/7/10 - Episode 71

Nate Fillers is co-hosting his show / Kate's new hair cut makes her look like the "Education Connection" girl / The worst commercials ever / Steve Slater, the JetBlue hero / Duke Nukem Forever / Baltimore University offers "Zombie 101" / The cake is a lie -

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 71.4 MB
9/3/10 - Episode 70

Talk Radio Meltdown + The Acc & Jack Show - Acc, Black Zach, and new co-host Stephanie are here / Hurricane Earl / Miranda Cosgrove is a whore / Calvin and Hobbes / Kim Jong Il is a psychopath / Nuclear warfare / Arizona governor is a total fuck-up / Acc tells another story about "Leslie" -

DATE: Tue, 24 Aug 2010
SIZE: 103. MB
8/24/10 - Episode 69

New show computer = no imaging or production / Fireworks mishaps / Pooping / Kate's future kids / Getting a blister / Athena Pheromones / Interrogating mice / New Wizard of Oz movie / Homer Simpson as Darth Vader / Pop Tart restaurant / Fro fails on the highway / Fantasy football / Guy freaks out on Team Fortress 2 -

DATE: Tue, 17 Aug 2010
SIZE: 105. MB
8/17/10 - Episode 68

Movie talk / The Simpsons needs to end / Ed Stafford finishes his Amazon hike / Mosque near Ground Zero / 5-year-old mom / Faking your own death / Good show, tune in! -

DATE: Tue, 03 Aug 2010
SIZE: 99.0 MB
8/3/10 - Episode 67

New friends Jackie and Chris are co-hosting / Fro pulled a Fro last show / More Jessi Slaughter hilarity / Antoine Dodson, the newest and greatest internet meme / Carlos Santana and the mutant Green Monster / Chris doesn't know what Battletoads are / Pot critic / Jack vs. Kate -

DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
SIZE: 163. MB
7/28/10 - Episode 66

Acc and Nate Fillers are co-hosting this show / Jack is on the Wikipedia article for the Greatest Freakout Ever / Jessi Slaughter - you dun goof'd / ICP and juggalos / Nickelodeon shows / Wisdom teeth / Nine Inch Nails / Meeting celebrities -

DATE: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
SIZE: 136. MB
7/13/10 - Episode 65

Red is here / Fro starts a blog / Deadliest catch guy / Hitting deer on the highway / George Steinbrenner is dead / Craig Kilborn's new show / Dave Grohl's "Fresh Pots" / Audio of Red shithoused / Mel Gibson is a psycho / Red tried out for Deal or No Deal / Urkel smacks a bitch up / Double rainbow guy / More Conan O'Brien talk -

DATE: Tue, 06 Jul 2010
SIZE: 100. MB
7/6/10 - Episode 64

Jack has swimmer's ear / Red tide / Kate is on her period, and it's evidently an issue / Love dolls / Simpsons references / Drunk man teaches us about "struttin' that ass" / Supergroups and reunited bands / Two-faced baby born in China / Jack eats gross things / Kids failing at making moltov cocktails / Clearly a news-heavy show this week -

DATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010
SIZE: 130. MB
6/29/10 - Episode 63

Attack of the rabid Easter bunny / Kate talks about semen / Cosmopolitan and Fat people / Awesome car chase in Boston / Steven Cliffe calls us / Human Centipede / Dumb retail stories / Drugged-up couple tries to sell baby at Wal-Mart / Kate hates working in retail -

DATE: Tue, 22 Jun 2010
SIZE: 129. MB
6/22/10 - Episode 62

Getting trashed / Jack is half left-handed / Fuck numbers / Jack tried Zakk Wylde's hot sauce and regretted it later / Bush reunion (plus a new song!) / Ozzy Osbourne is a joke / How to solve Fro's financial issues / The best shows from Nickelodeon's heyday / Child stars becoming whores / A Sensitive look at Wilford Brimley and Diabetes / The Facebook Megatron baby / Fro's new religion / Kate versus women -

DATE: Tue, 15 Jun 2010
SIZE: 98.1 MB
6/15/10 - Episode 61

EARTHQUAKE WARNING - The best video ever, as of right now / Transformers 2 sucked / Miley Cyrus is busted / Girl deletes her boyfriend$apos;s World of Warcraft characters - rage ensues / Woman calls 911 because she needs a husband / Fast food jockeys suck / E3 and new video games / Fro has his wisdom teeth out / 4chan fucks over Justin Bieber -

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
6/8/10 - Episode 60

Acc is co-hosting this show / We didn't take any show notes, again - ALSO, this show starts about ten minutes in, because our recording software crashed at the start of recording / Weightlifer fail / Porn addiction / Really good times, just listen -

There are 58 more episodes in this feed. View All Episodes
Recent Comments for Talk Radio Meltdown

This show does it all.

Submitted By: armyflies@... (on 9-2010)

no lie

better than Tosh.0

Submitted By: armyflies@... (on 8-2010)

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