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Everything Blah is my weekly podcast that tell everyone what is going on in our lives for the week from news to how many paper towels I used today. Give the show a call at 512-961-6353
Recent Episodes for Everything Blah
DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 73.9 MB
Episode #40 Nick the new house husband?

Dino Sherrie  Notes and Links: man uses one phone call from jail to threaten to kill her wannabe car surfer becomes roadkillstudent cussed got unruly got warned got tased amateur ghost hunter investigating ghost train killed by real trainstory off of Eddie's story strippers protesting church in OH  Yep, these are the latest nominations to the "Darwin Awards" and-dumber-the-countrys-least-savvy-criminals/19575663L et's play pick the pimp! oryid=142349&catid=250

DATE: Sun, 15 Aug 2010
SIZE: 116. MB
Episode #39 Slow Talkin v1.1

EB EP #39 (8/14/2010) Andy daewinEddie  This weeks Sponsor: the PooTrap mbest-Pet-Inventions-Of-All-TIme/ ml#joomimg Great Inventions with Kids not in mind: AAAAAAAAO58/rNzRnYAsFYo/s1600/retro-stupid-inventions-0 4.jpg or AAAO6M/Ol9zaWvDIyA/s1600/retro-stupid-inventions-02.jpg  Suprising best TV shows of 2010 so far. amp;sort=1&pg=1&tag=container;shows_hub_topnav     Music Festival PRE SUES Bootleggers. Yay Lawyers. html Apparently Turkey doesn't have enough lawyers. Overweight flight attendants suspended without pay until they LOSE WEIGHT. Mom takes kids shopping (in other peoples homes) ne/post/2010/08/ohio-woman-who-took-her-kids-along-on-b urglaries-faces-sentencing-/1 Daddy? Why does the seat have chocolate on it? (102 Brits ride rollercoster naked) ne/post/2010/08/102-brits-grin-and-bare-it-in-naked-rol lercoaster-ride-for-charity/1?csp=obinsiteMan demands refund from Dad for 13 yr old girl's no show efund_from_no_show_teens_dad.htmFBI Claims Wikipedia Can't Display Its Log 65.shtml

DATE: Wed, 04 Aug 2010
SIZE: 97.2 MB
Episode #38 Sham-something....

For a complete list of links and notes go to Http://    -Nick

DATE: Tue, 27 Jul 2010
SIZE: 71.5 MB
Episode #37 Let the Insults Fly...Owww my eye

Hey everyone, Here are the notes for this weeks show!  Please rate us in iTunes and send us a email at   Episode#37 7/27/2010  Was this a sucessful social media campaign?  Old Spice/Youtube smells-like-social-media-success.html   10 most bizarre video games ever: mes-ever/    In case you are to big... -Youre-TOO-Well-Endowed-342    WTF Weddings: hemes/  A Tweet too far: US editor latest victim of Internet Inquisition - et-inquisition.html  15 Gorgeous Models With AND Without Makeup! models-with-and-without.html  The Leykis 101 Rules: Rules for Every Guy to Live by -  K/S music video: On Kirk, Spock and their special relationship ic-video-on-kirk-spock-and-their-special-relationship.h tml  Michael Immel, Moron of the Day: Leaves His Child Porn Out for All The World to See l_moron_of_the_day.php  Weird Teacher Watch: Christopher Tomsett Posted Craigslist Ads "Looking For A Smooth Young Boy" d_teacher_watch_2.php  Richard P. Bennett, Moron of the Day: Cop Fired for Seeing 'World's Smallest Porn Star' On Duty p_bennett_moron_of_the.php  

DATE: Sat, 17 Jul 2010
SIZE: 1.84 MB
Summer's here, Vacation Time!

It's that time of year!  Vacation time!!

DATE: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
SIZE: 65.3 MB
Episode #36 And the Winner is!

Hey gang this week we got the following stories for you!EB EP #35 (7/3/2010) Andy daewinEddie Shane  EB EP #36 (7/10/2010) There is no try. You either do, or do not. Never try -mental-assassination.html It's official.. Pam Anderson has jumped the shark and needs to be put to pasture ion-ramp.html Why are women better at tasting beer than men? Because we don't taste it! We drink it! asting-beer-than-men New York City's L Train stands for "The Love Train" sexiest-most-romantic-pickup-spot?skyline=true&s=i  Chat Roulette Now has Penis Profiling - ette-plans-genital-scanning-software-block-perverts Unm anned Space Supply Ship confused html I see a movie being made about this:Russian math wiz says no to $1million allery/2010/07/02/GA2010070205539.html  Facebook tops "online evidence" for lawyers: acebook-tops-apf-97414753.html?x=0  Parents give kids booze for end of school: 3994.stm  We are now on serious Miley=brittney watch -with-her-disney-persona/370?nc     

DATE: Mon, 05 Jul 2010
SIZE: 72.6 MB
Episode #35 Keep it wrapped

EB EP #35 (7/3/2010)   Andy Dino Eddie Nick Shane   iPhone 4 Video sex chat services already staffing! (Brigwyn Called it!!!!) ices-already-staffing-up   Hulu Plus   Movies this week, Twilight and the last airbender But he had to touch poop! op-scooper-finds-58-in-dog-poop/ 7 Unorthodox Pageants – Beauty Without Limits imits/ Wonder if Andy had any friends competing in this event: a-thon_champion_spe.php When Is It Legal to Masturbate in Public? en-is-it-legal-to-masturbate-in-public-joseph-tesoriere / Leave it to the Aussies to show up the Americans at sailing.. AGAIN! 2010/05/you-are-wimp-compared-jessica-watson-and-abby-s underland People really are dumb! 700,000 Fans just because of a Book Title no one ever read! -accidentally-got-700-000-fans-on-facebook/ Man Arrested after donating ChildPorn Phone e-video-child-sex,0,4492541.story French Hannibal gets 30 years for eating Cellmate (See I told you French Food was bad...) ouen,0,7670394.story Found this story about some asshat who found a police car oddly attractive enough to try and impregnate it. LOL /cincinnati-home-of-the-facially-tattooed-squad-car-hum per.html Woman handed Asbo for loud sex sessions after neighbours complained to police 25 times anded-ASBO-loud-sex-sessions-neighbours-complained-poli ce-25-times.html

DATE: Thu, 01 Jul 2010
SIZE: 0.69 MB
Testing new graphics and website pushes Version 2 last one

Last Test I promise

DATE: Wed, 30 Jun 2010
SIZE: 0.67 MB
Testing new graphics and website pushes

testing new rss and website feeds as well as itune graphics.

DATE: Sun, 27 Jun 2010
SIZE: 72.1 MB
Episode #34 .....something added and something missing

EB EP #34 (6/26/2010)   Andy Chris Dino Eddie Nick Shane       Crazy naked Hyjinx: inx-with-sylvina-beagley/#more-10464 Man dies after getting receipt for his own cremation: t-attack-after-receiving-receipt-for-his-own-cremation- service/story-e6frfku0-1225884548526 Man stabs roommate: te-for-complaining-about-his-loud-sex-with-homeless-wom an/ Reusable shopping bags may pose health risk: /2010/06/shopping-bags-health-risk/1 Dad was caught at The Boobie Trap: ps-was-caught-at-the-boobie-trap/ Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: uit-attacks-ex-for-flirting-dpgoha-20100625-fc_8315011 Family Of Bong Baby Being Investigated By DCF aby-being-investigated-by-dcf/   Police: Calif couple tried to sell baby at Walmart _for_sale   'Don't Taze My Granny!'   Man trapped under ride-on mower --see this does not just happen in the "south" He replied to the EMS workers, "can you hold my beer first please?" ride-on-mower/story-e6frfku0-1225883995133   Theres a snake in my boot!  what the hell is Tom Hanks in walmart for? 182 games that lasted 11 hours 5 minutes  ----    Good lord people   -- Poor guy got destroyed in straight sets round 2.     You'd think at some point they'd test things like this. -with-similar-signal-loss-issues/   Guy reaches for another beer after crashing drunk driving, waiting for the emergency crews to arrive. Yay New Zealand! I know people aren't HUGE Apple fans here, but how can you NOT want this? Also coming to Andriod Soon! -the-us-this-september-for-299/ Horse carriage driver stabs biker in dowtown fray 09.html User submitted: CA(state) looking to advertise on License plates. .stm Podcast Entry: Wizards of the Coast 'celebrity' D&D sessions (PvP/Penny Arcade/Robot Chicken) Cali Lewis hosts

DATE: Sun, 20 Jun 2010
SIZE: 91.0 MB
Episode #33 Here comes the Judge

EB EP #33 (6/19/2010)   Andy   Chris Dino Eddie Nick       Andy :   Looks like this is a pretty cool free-to-play MMO Beat Em Up. I'll have to check this out! e-launches-in-north-america/ Anyone else waste the equivalent of DAYS worth of hours doing 'one more turn'? ber-21-2010-release-date/   Dino: ager-got-all-crappy-with-the-cops-literally/ -beating-girlfriend-for-not-making-him-a-sandwich/ anny-pack-was-filled-to-capacity/ es-detroit-school-board-president-of-fondling-himself-d uring-meeting ns/         (more as the week goes on)     Nick:   You have been iced: Grumpy is good:   Crazy good looking teachers not only in FL.     Eddie: Things are so desperate in Russia you can rent friends: r-rent.html#art579601 My name is Nikoli.. / Sex Education for Kindegartner's for-kind.html Manfree Car Shows -

DATE: Sun, 06 Jun 2010
SIZE: 98.7 MB
Episode #32 Rocky start but great after taste...

Hey everyone here is the show notes for this week!   EB EP #32 (6/5/2010)   Andy  Chris Dino Eddie Nick       Andy: bter.html         Cheating as it relates to professional sports of ALL varieties. This is just crazy what someone would have to go through. donalds-recalls-12-million-shrek-glasses/             Karma for the Shrek movies. Made in New Jersey too! This makes me a bit sad. Google Wave is 1 Year old! Does -years-celebrated-by-google.html         Inventor of Holography's birthday today is on the google 'doodle'. Not as cool as the 'pac man' one, but still interesting! Moving manzanita bush costs SF a small fortune:It costs San Francisco $140,000 to dig up and move a shrub, and $35,000 for "support" services from geological, botanical and climate experts in preparation for its new home less than a mile away. Now we know why California is bankrupt 6/02/BA9D1DO8C7.DTL Woman Hit by Car sues Google Maps: Headline says it all! r-Directions/7369170 Enfield BoE to discuss locations for graduation: s-to-discuss-church-graduations Leroy Stick the man behind @BPGlobalPR: ehind-bpglobalpr/ - (addition: Was this predicted in 1999? CitiBank is stupid. Don't fire her!! Pimp her out!! Promote her!! an-too-hot-to-work-in-a-bank/ Pay per Pound Airline.. QUICK!! Someone tell Kevin Smith ( ne_tackles_fuel_crisis.html Drunk birds? I think I'm actually speechless... lling-from-sky-in-australias-northern-territory/ What are the advertising again? y-the-message/s You no longer need to stuff bananas in your shorts. Just wear them de-from-banana-fiber-extracts-for-men-only/ How do you know you like someone? Take the Masturbation test urbation-test Jessica Simpson wants a man she can't embarass orld-news/jessica-simpson-wants-a-man-she-cant-embarass .html Listener submission: Kirikitten from Twitter CALIFUR is in Irvine this weekend! June 4-6, 2010  Are you a furry?    

DATE: Sun, 30 May 2010
SIZE: 107. MB
Episode #31 Happy international bash on Nick Day!

Taking bets on the third celb death:Gary Coleman now Dennis Hopper....come Betty White!Crazy Ass Frenchman ate-world-champion-Frenchman-Taig-Khris-launches-himsel f-40m/ss/1600/im:/100529/photos_od_afp/04386abd77bedb2b 65108963d85593d1/Risque Venus brings Moulin Rouge style to French Open _open_venus_dress uver/blog/fourth_place_medal/post/London-unveils-creepy -looking-mascots-for-2012-O?urn=oly,242206 Ninja'shttp: //  Woman Sues Strip Club after Daughter, 16, gets a job thereFlower Toting Crook hold up Calgary Bank with the world's most dangerous.... Flowers!Parents demonstrate about School headmistress The driver of the bus goes pop in the bag.. and throws it all over town! Top 7 "WTF!" Toys for kids - nappropriate_n_286223.htmlDarpa wants very own Autobot - g-car/Noah's Ark Found.. again.. 4/28/noah-s-ark-is-found-up-a-mountain-115875-22217374/ 12 yr old Arrested for Farting in class boy-arrested-after.html World's Fastest Jet fast_destruction/Toilet Paper - It's not just for wiping your ass anymore - er.htmlss Just not right - Celebrity Odor put 7yr old Girl's Lemonade stand out of Business emonade-stand-of-a-7-year-old.htmlAndy  Chris winEddie

DATE: Tue, 25 May 2010
SIZE: 86.2 MB
Episode #30 Refuse all hand written envelopes

EB EP #30 (5/22/2010)   Another Picasso stolen in French fine art robbery   Google TV 010/05/21/AR2010052101683.html   Pac-Man turns 30 and google lets you play!   AT&T ups it's ETF from $175 to $325   Wait.. Seriously? We really needed a movie about Man/Horse love? Zoo (2007) We thought the 13 year old father was bad? How about a 12yr old Mother? 230-girl_birth-0 Secret Fast Food Menus From Starbucks to even McDonalds and even Dairy Queen cret-fast-food Designer Genes or Zombies in the making iner~y2010m5d20-Scientists-have-created-DNA-are-zombies -next 50 Stupid Laws - states/showall/   The Ultimate Revenge Jackson Fans to pay 700 yen for sleepover with his stuff fans-pay-gbp700-for-mass-sleepover.html Man grows pot to pay for attorney Want to keep the wife happy? Be miserable wife-happy-Be-miserable.html The fart blanket! iminates-fl_n_558716.html Andy   Chris Dino Eddie Nick Email

DATE: Sun, 09 May 2010
SIZE: 117. MB
Episode #29 Kids these days!

Facebook wants to rule the world! vacy_backlash_gains_ground.html   The first "last flight" Atlantis 52.aspx   Next Brittney Spears?!? nt-be-tamed_n_563718.html 13?!? And a Father? WTF?’s-youngest-father-a lfie-patten.html If it keeps the smell in I'm all for it. But really? It's a freaking sticker! ers-for-your-cat-and?ref=vl_other_2 Is it really true? Can't guys have "Best Girl Friends?" This person says no way: -friend/ Banning sales of "Ultra Violent" video games to minors. Free Speech or Substitue Parenting? 4/26/BA3V1D524A.DTL Lindsey Lohan is "Deep Throat": lohan-is-deep-throat.html Andy   Chris Dino Eddie Nick

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