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The Trap Door: Your Magic Podcast




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Magicians Andrew Payne and Keith Barber discuss the art of magic in all its forms. The Trap Door is totally independent, and it is the first magic podcast.
Recent Episodes for The Trap Door: Your Magic P...
DATE: Thu, 28 Feb 2008
SIZE: 15.1 MB
097 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Episode 97 crashed my audio editor repeatedly, but it's finally here! NEWS: TAM6 registration is open. Anyone attending this year? Episode 100 is fast(?) approaching. We're looking for everyone's favorite moments from the show. It would be great if you can make a small mp3 audio clip of your favorite moment, and e-mail it to us. CONTEST RESULTS: A winner is chosen in the Forgery contest. Thanks again to Kind of Magic. KEITH'S SOUND ADVICE: Audio answers and tips for your show. SHANTY o' MYSTERY: The Russian Roulette Firing Squad of Death by Chris Henderson. (Note: You must be logged in to view.) That's it for this one, guys! This episode of Go Magic Go is brought to you by

DATE: Thu, 10 Jan 2008
SIZE: 14.1 MB
096 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Hey, GMGers. Keith here. I'm about to get on a plane, but decided to risk being late in order to get you Episode 96 on time. Enjoy! (I hope there aren't any screaming babies on the flight...) NEWS: The JREF is doing away with the million dollar prize. David Blaine will attempt to break a world record by staying awake for over eleven days straight. SARMOTI comeback show? GMG is looking for a toll-free voicemail solution. A cost effective one. GMG is also looking for a better way to conduct phone interviews. Please don't suggest Skype. PHOTOSHOP UPDATE: Chris (the guy who sent in the Dual Prophecy ad) has created a Hype-ified image that we like to call Dual Hype. Check it out. PRODUCT REVIEW: Glenn West's FORGERY. CONTEST: The FORGERY contest. One lucky winner will receive a copy of FORGERY. How? By examining the forgery Chris made (the previously mentioned Dual Hype image). We want you to name all of the Hype of the Week items that you spot in the picture. Whoever gets the most right... wins. RULES: -Entries must be sent to and must include the words FORGERY CONTEST plus the NUMBER OF ITEMS YOU IDENTIFIED in the Subject line. For example, if you identified five Hype winners, the subject of your e-mail would be "FORGERY CONTEST 5." -In the body of the e-mail, you must correctly list the Hype items. Please don't make wild guesses. If you get one wrong, your entry will be disqualified. -In the event of a tie, or no winners, a winner will be chosen at random via Super Force Glass. (HINT: Super Force Glass was NEVER on Hype of the Week.) -One entry per person. No cheating. No entering a million times with multiple addresses. We're watching you. -Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, January 15, 2008. Good luck to all, and thanks to Phil Cox and the gang over at Kind of Magic. FEEDBACK: Todd writes In Defense of B. Scott aka Dezrah struggles with piracy in a local magic club. Magic John wonders what we should/shouldn't do about Google, Wikipedia, etc. And, that wraps up the first (and hopefully not final) episode of 2008. We'll be back with another episode as soon as possible, and until then, check out the forums!

DATE: Mon, 24 Dec 2007
SIZE: 25.9 MB
095 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Happy Holidays from GMG! We got you an hour of Go Magic Go. Sure hope it fits, we didn't save the receipt. ETHICS DISCUSSION FOLLOW-UP: Your thoughts on piracy. To join in the conversation, or to read more, visit this thread on the forums. SHANTY o' MYSTERY: Geoff Williams gives us The Andrew and Keith Card Trick. FEEDBACK: Jacob inquires about Kollossal Killer and practicing our craft at the magic shop. Scott Wells sends in an audio review of a crasher gimmick. Chris shares this ad from 1932 for Dual Prophecy. Dan asks about openers, gimmicked wallets, and coin effects. Kevin is requesting a review of Jay Sankey's Private Property. Shawn answers the "wiggly card gag" question. 86 PERCENT CRAP - INTERACTIVE EDITION: You'll need to search for this one. Well, that's about it for this one. Hope you all had a wonderful 2007. We're looking forward to the new year!

DATE: Thu, 27 Sep 2007
SIZE: 21.4 MB
094 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Andrew's back from Vegas-- how 'bout a podcast? Episode 94 has arrived. NEWS: Go Magic Go's US voicemail line was disconnected-- stay tuned for our new toll-free number. The Magic Cafe asploded. All the king's horses were triumphant, this time. Keith's going to be all over the place with The Spencers this fall. E-mail us if you'll be attending a show! ETHICS: Pirates of the Carib-internet. (How's that for clever?) INTERVIEW: GMG Field Reporter Shawn Milo interviews Jay Scott Berry. PRODUCT REVIEW: Scott Westerman (of The Spartan Podcast) reviews Third Degree Burn by Jason Palter. FEEDBACK: Brad wants to know if Keith wrote that amazingly wonderful and hilarious review on the iTunes Store. Speaking of iTunes, if you love the show, please consider rating/writing a review. It's easy! Just CLICK HERE. Speaking of self-promotion, visit GMG on MySpace. (Go ahead and add Andrew and Keith, too.) Harrison shares his high-school horror story. Let us know if you have a less-than-perfect show. Everybody loves a train wreck. 86 PERCENT CRAP: Scraper by Cifer. (Thanks, Greg!) Be sure to check out the demo/how-to video. That's all for now. Don't cry. We'll be back.

DATE: Thu, 30 Aug 2007
SIZE: 12.8 MB
093 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Episode 93 comes in just shy of 30 minutes, but hey, we've been going long lately. Give us a break! NEWS: Jerry Andrus passed away on Sunday. The New York Times reviewed the Magic of Consciousness meeting. Andrew reveals Baby Payne's name. (Slow news week.) PRODUCT REVIEW: Potassy-Wave Deck (and DVD) by Levent. INTERVIEW: Joe Franklin speaks with Oscar Munoz. FEEDBACK: Michael inquires about the ethics of teaching the 3-card monte routine. Field Reporter Shawn Milo lets us know about Magic for Miracles, a charity event to support Alex's Lemonade Stand. Charon enjoyed watching Uri Geller get punked. Vinnie does it again-- this time he created an ad for Fire Crutch! Chet's not all-knowing. But we are. Steev encourages us to check out Michael Moschen on YouTube. HYPE OF THE WEEK: Johnny Wong's Jacket Miracle. (Hint: It's neither a jacket nor a miracle.) That's all for this week. We have some long-awaited product reviews coming up soon...ish. See ya!

DATE: Thu, 16 Aug 2007
SIZE: 16.7 MB
092 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Show 92 Go! NEWS: David Copperfield will perform at OneVoice in October. Mind Control with Derren Brown has moved to Wednesday nights at 10pm Eastern. Tonight (Thursday) there will be a replay at midnight for those of you that missed last night's new episode. ETHICS DISCUSSION: Buying Good Reviews. (Thanks, Zach!) FEEDBACK: Magic Mike phones us to ask about outs for anything but card effects. Kevin reviews Jay Sankey's Underground Jam DVD. Jason responds to the "exposure to close friends and relatives" topic. UK MattH from Pennsylvania tells us not to neglect sound. HYPE OF THE WEEK: Kikuchi Fire Spoon. That's it for this week-- we'll see you on the forums and in the chat room!

DATE: Thu, 09 Aug 2007
SIZE: 22.5 MB
091 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Episode 91 is here-- but the show notes are not. For now, enjoy the link to the Telekinesis Deck, this week's 86% Crap winner. Show notes should be up by Thursday night.

DATE: Thu, 02 Aug 2007
SIZE: 16.7 MB
090 - Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast

Episode 90 finds your GMG hosts embarking on Year Three of this podcasting journey. Where will it take them? We don't know. On today's show: an update on the electrifying pastor, a discussion about the new site, contest winners, feedback, and of course, Hype of the Week. NEWS: Phase 1 of the all-new is live! (Yes, the archives will return.) UPDATE: Pastor Obiri Yeboah was cleared of all charges. CONTEST WINNERS: The Good Vibrations Contest. Three winners are chosen at random to receive the autographed Good Vibrations manuscript from Paul Brook. No contestants were able to divine that the first magician Keith Barber saw perform live was... Bob Conrad. FEEDBACK: Levent responds to Snicket's query on a modified Zig Zag routine. Geoff was inspired to revisit some classics of magic. Notsua2710 had some ITR troubles. Hans shares his Orlando experiences, and thanks the GMG-ers for their suggestions and kindness. HYPE OF THE WEEK: Dragons Crystal Ball. (Thanks, Larry!) (Money-saving Link.) That'll do it for this week. Remember to join Andrew, Keith, and many more in the all-new chat room tonight at 10:00pm Eastern as we watch Mind Control with Derren Brown together!

DATE: Thu, 26 Jul 2007
SIZE: 25.1 MB
Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast - Episode 089

Take 2, and... action! 89's here- and we supersized it for ya. No charge. NEWS: Princess Tenko was injured during a performance. (Thanks, Aaron, for sending that in.) We wish her a speedy, complication-free recovery. July 28 is our second birfday! World Magic Media (as mentioned last week) is looking for undiscovered magicians. Details in today's podcast. See last week's entry for mailing addresses, or click HERE. One lucky bidder won the Ultimate Signed Deck in the last 40 seconds of the auction. 660 pounds (about $1300 US) will be donated to Make-a-Wish. Thanks to Graeme for putting this deck together. Andrew G. sent in this BBC piece about a new magic movie in the works. We discuss the Ghanaian pastor who was planning to use Mesika's Electric Touch to con his parishioners. (More links HERE, HERE, and HERE.) Snicket was the first to send in this article about Uri Geller teaming up with Criss Angel for an NBC series. Mind Control with Derren Brown premieres in the US tonight on the SciFi channel at 10:00 PM Eastern. GMG listeners are encouraged to hang out in the forums with Andrew and Keith during the premiere. SITE NOTICE: (from Web Guy Ron) " will be taken offline Saturday, July 28th, for approximately 10 hours for a major site overhaul. Expect more new features, tighter graphics and features integration, and Super Force Glass protective coating." PRODUCT REVIEW: Good Vibrations by Paul Brook. (Answer a question to gain access to the product page.) CONTEST: The Good Vibrations Contest PRIZE: Three lucky winners will receive autographed copies of Good Vibrations, courtesy of Mr. Brook. RULES: -Contestants must name the first magician that Keith Barber ever saw perform live. (In person, not on television.) -Entries must be sent to by Tuesday, July 31, 2007, 11:59 PM Eastern time. They must contain "GOOD VIBRATIONS CONTEST" in the Subject. -Three winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries. If there are fewer than three correct entries, the remaining prizes will be awarded at random from all other entries. -One entry per person. One magician's name per entry. No cheating. Decisions of the judges (Andrew and Keith) are final. Best of luck to everyone! FEEDBACK: Many listeners wrote in to say that Strong Magic is back in print. Try clicking HERE, HERE, or Private Messaging Mr. Ortiz directly on the Magic Cafe. Doc calls in to announce the formation of an IBM Ring in Second Life. The first meeting will be on August 1st, at 11pm Eastern time. Joseph (aka Snicket) recommends Tricks of the Trade: Over 79 Experts Reveal the Secrets Behind What They Do Best, and he asks about modifying existing illusions. Jason writes back to tell us about the Gimmick Master. HYPE OF THE WEEK: Connected by Peter Harrison. Reference links for this week's Hype include Peter Harrison's product page for the original PDF manuscript, the Video link for Connected, a discussion thread on the Magic Cafe, Hank Lee's product page for Connected,'s product page for Connected, and Big Blind Media's site (turn off your speakers and scroll down to Connected). That's it for now. Don't forget to enter the Good Vibrations contest, and we hope to see you online Thursday night for the Derren Brown premiere!

DATE: Thu, 19 Jul 2007
SIZE: 1.33 MB
GMG - A Message From Keith

It's been a frustrating night for us. Keith will explain. Please note that 89 is coming soon, but we don't have an exact time or day. Please keep checking back, or hang out on the forums. NEWS: World Magic Media is looking for "undiscovered magical talent." For details, listen to this quick message from Keith. Submissions are being accepted in North America and in Europe: IN NORTH AMERICA, SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: World Magic Media, c/o Michael Lauck, 1906 Mitchell Place, St. Louis, MO 63139-3549, USA. IN EUROPE, SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: World Magic Media, c/o World Magic Shop LTD, Unit 1 Rea Business Park, Inkerman Street, Birmingham, B7 4SH, United Kingdom. We'll see you again with Episode 89 very soon, and we'll have a new contest for you!

DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2007
SIZE: 13.8 MB
Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast - Episode 088

Episode 88 is just one of TWO new eps available today! NEWS: CHARITY DECK: GMG listener Graeme is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind autographed deck of Bikes. Over 52 signatures from the likes of Penn, Teller, Lance Burton, Jay Sankey, Ali Bongo, Mac King, Cyril, the Pendragons, James Randi, Michael Ammar, and... Andrew and Keith! All proceeds will benefit Make-a-Wish. More details are available at their website. Or, go straight to the auction. Hurry, it ends July 21! Andrew announces an upcoming review/contest for Paul Brook's Good Vibrations. (NOTE: Click on products, then answer the magic trivia question.) The guys discuss the podcast famine. FEEDBACK: Marty mentions David Regal's cups and balls routine in his letter about exposure. He also asks about our impromptu card routine request. Magic Mike asks a great question on the ethics of exposure as it relates to "coaching." (And Keith laughs way too long at his joke.) Michael is looking for a copy of Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz? Anyone? Greg shares this news story about a blind magician. Jason says Keith was right to ask magicians to behave at shows. HYPE OF THE WEEK: Bigger Wands. Thanks to all of our listeners (new and old) who stuck with us through the drought. We'll be back soon!

DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2007
SIZE: 9.28 MB
Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast - Episode 086

Episode 86 is one crappy episode, that's for sure. But hey, that's to be expected, isn't it? NEWS: Rumors of our demise have been exaggerated, again. Andrew and Keith discuss The Beauty of Magic. CHARITY DECK: GMG listener Graeme is auctioning off a one-of-a-kind autographed deck of Bikes. Over 52 signatures from the likes of Penn, Teller, Lance Burton, Jay Sankey, Ali Bongo, Mac King, Cyril, the Pendragons, James Randi, Michael Ammar, and... Andrew and Keith! All proceeds will benefit Make-a-Wish. More details are available at their website. Or, go straight to the auction. Hurry, it ends July 21! ETHICS DISCUSSION: Self-Promotion. 86 PERCENT CRAP: Lots of crap this week! McKee Impact. Ultimate Wand Levitation. Color Fusion Change Bag. We'll see you again soon...

DATE: Thu, 24 May 2007
SIZE: 1.20 MB
GMG - A Message From Andrew

A two and a half minute episode of GMG? Not exactly. Andrew can explain.

DATE: Thu, 17 May 2007
SIZE: 12.7 MB
Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast - Episode 085

No Keith on Episode 85. No show notes either (for now). Expect them by 9am Friday-- hopefully sooner.

DATE: Fri, 11 May 2007
SIZE: 15.0 MB
Go Magic Go: Your Magic Podcast - Episode 084

Episode 84-- actually released on the correct Thursday. If you're in California, anyway. NEWS: Martin Freeman (from The Office, UK Version) is set to play a struggling magician for a new television series. Japanese magicians are suing a TV network over exposure. (Thanks for the news tip, Aaron!) The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is suing Uri Geller over his misuse of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. GMG ASKS, YOU DELIVER: IMPROMPTU CARD ROUTINES This week Levent, author of Roy Benson by Starlight, shares his "Here, do a trick" routine. PRODUCT REVIEW: GMG Listener Andy reviews Kings Fool by Kipp Sherry. FEEDBACK: Vinnie wonders if we expose too much during our cups and balls routines. Greg's take on the shakes. Ryan has some mentalism/Derren Brown questions. Zach (another one) applies Penn's statement about magic to our discussion on "psychic believers." HYPE OF THE WEEK: Big Babies. (Thanks Megan and DG!)

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Excellent show. It deserves to be permanent.

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