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Pagan Chaos Magic

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The Podcast
Recent Episodes for Pagan Chaos Magic
DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 58.0 MB
Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 20.5

Show Notes: The “Its Just a Ritual” Rant Why I haven’t finished the Chaos Magic 101 A Journal to Dragonson about why I have to be away so much. Musical Notes: “Napolean”, Ani DiFranco from the album Dilate“Pay The Piper”, Chalice & Blade from the album Wild Hunt“Song of Awen”, Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentrice“Tam Lin”, Tricky Pixie from the album Mythcreants

DATE: Thu, 02 Sep 2010
SIZE: 11.0 MB
Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 20

The Ridiculously Long Episode 20. First off Ki’a goes off on a hard core rant on the hypocrisy of elitist, white, stupid, whiny, selfish, heartless, spiritually corrupt and willfully under-enducated pagan soccer moms and their fellow brainless dickheads who abondon their spiritual Brothers/Sisters/Kin in prison.  You know who you are. The Second Half of the podcast disusses the many interesting experiences and teachings he picked up from Andrieh Vitimus’s Reality Manipulation Boot Camp.  An overview of the weekend and a detailed account of a pretty hardcore Baphomet ritual we did Saturday night. The Wild Hunt’s Article on the Pagan Prison Minister, Patrick McCollum that I referenced in the episode. Chef Ray Rays Personal Chef Peter Coon on entsounds Preliminary Musical Notes (Live links in a day or two): The Rain by Eastside Hustlas from Cartel’s album Prepare for GloryLiberty by Belataine’s Fire from the ablum LibertyNine Dragons by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :Kamimukea by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :Blessed by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :Battle Hymn by Faith and the Muse from the album : Ankoku Botuh :Chaos Engine by Belataine’s Fire from the album Ambush On All Sides

DATE: Wed, 01 Sep 2010
SIZE: 127. MB
Pagan Chaos Magic : Episode 19

A chat about the concept of paying for magical training…good or bad? A lot of great music. A bonus interview with Andrieh Vitimus, discussing his upcoming Reality Manipulation Boot Camps and a discussion about Ancestor spirituality and the modern American’s difficulty in connecting with their roots and therefore their Ancestors. A link to the Hands On Chaos Magic Video Book Trailer Contest.Andrieh Vitimus’s Official WebsiteAndrieh’s Reality Manipulation Bootcamp PDFAndrieh’s Calendar and Upcoming Events Musical Notes: “Gently Johnny” by Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentice“Obsession” by Damh the Bard from the album Herne’s Apprentice“Rag Doll Physics” by Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom“Wedding March for a Bullet” by Diablo Swing Orchestra from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom“Welcome to the ‘Danse Macabre’” by The Dolmen from the album Crabchurch Conspiracy“Follow the Drum” by The Dolmen from the album Crabchurch Conspiracy“Bushido” by Faith And The Muse from the album Ankoku Butoh

Recent Comments for Pagan Chaos Magic
Changed my life

Your podcast helped me get back on my magick path. Clarity after years of craziness. Lots of good information!

Submitted By: Awenasawillowserpent@... (on 1-2014)


This is by far one of the best podcasts Ive ever listened to.

Submitted By: bishop@... (on 6-2013)

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