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Addicted to Race


 Society & Culture


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Addicted to Race is a podcast about America’s obsession with race, with a specific emphasis on mixed race identity and interracial relationships. It is a production of New Demographic.
Recent Episodes for Addicted to Race
DATE: Mon, 16 Nov 2009
SIZE: 16.4 MB
ATR 126 – gay rights, Precious, black men on CNN, mommy memoirs

What are some strategies for overcoming resistance to gay rights in the African-American community? Does the movie Precious exploit black dysfunction? Did CNN’s special on “Black Men in the Age of President Obama” reinforce stereotypes about black gay men? Given the popularity of “mommy memoirs,” why aren’t there more women of color writing these books? [...]

DATE: Mon, 09 Nov 2009
SIZE: 13.0 MB
ATR 125 – oppression olympics, capitalism, Morehouse

MLK’s daughter recently declared that her father didn’t take a bullet for same-sex unions. Why is it that marginalized people fight each other over scraps, instead of uniting to work toward justice for all? Capitalism as we know it is simply not sustainable. We discuss the work of economist Noreena Hertz, and explore the link [...]

DATE: Mon, 02 Nov 2009
SIZE: 13.2 MB
ATR 124 – Anti-Asian bias, Top Model colorface, large black women, hair hatred

Since the implementation of affirmative action in the college admissions process, opponents of the policy have alleged that the changes reduce the chances of White and Asian high school students applying to elite colleges. Is that really true? Tyra Banks often tackles race on her talk show, so why did she get race oh-so-wrong in [...]

DATE: Mon, 26 Oct 2009
SIZE: 14.3 MB
ATR 123 - Latino in America, Halloween, Chinese adoptees, racist kid

Did CNN’s documentary series “Latino in America” break new ground? Or did it simply reaffirm existing stereotypes? Why do so many people use Halloween as an opportunity to dress up as someone of a different race or ethnicity? Are the so-called “homeland tours” — in which countries like China and Korea invite adoptees to visit [...]

DATE: Mon, 19 Oct 2009
SIZE: 18.2 MB
ATR 122 - racism fatigue, Anita Tedaldi, communism, race in fashion

How do we tie anti-racism into policy changes when whites are so weary of talking about race? Did white privilege have anything to do with the seeming lack of guilt on behalf of the white mother who terminated an adoption of her South American son? Are accusations of communism about redistribution of wealth, or redistribution [...]

DATE: Mon, 12 Oct 2009
SIZE: 14.3 MB
ATR 121 - casting actors, Australian blackface, Derrion Albert, privilege and oppression

Why does Hollywood continue to whitewash movies by casting white actors to play characters that were originally people of color? A popular Australian TV show is being criticized for featuring a blackface skit, but can we apply American attitudes toward race to other countries? Would Derrion Albert’s death be any less of a tragedy if [...]

DATE: Mon, 05 Oct 2009
SIZE: 16.9 MB
ATR 120 - transracial adoption, police brutality, healthy food, black Barbies

In a hypercapitalist culture, are children the ultimate commodity? What’s the connection between capitalism, human trafficking, and transracial adoption? How does police brutality impact communities of color? We often hear that poor people make unhealthy food choices, but how often do we consider the availability of healthy foods in poorer neighborhoods? Is Barbie’s new line [...]

Recent Comments for Addicted to Race
Great podcast

Amazing insights, great podcast!

Submitted By: cigognegoy@... (on 9-2008)

interesting podcast

being chinese but brought up in 3 different countries and now living in switzerland, i find this podcast of great importance

Submitted By: eelync@... (on 6-2008)

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