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Most people are DJ's is my media review podcast where I spin a bit of music and talk about comics, movies, TV, books etc. The content usually falls into the alternative music, hero comics, sci fi books and movies.
Recent Episodes for Most People Are DJ's
DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
MPAD#241 "I Love Lightning Bugs"

The past week flew by so fast for me I didn’t get a chance to blog so as part of the intro to this video I figured I’d put some thoughts down on new Fall TV shows I’ve seen. I had big expectations for Detroit 187, but the first episode was a underwhelming. It came across as a very formulaic cop drama set in Detroit. I might stick around for a few more episodes to see if it improves. Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s new big show, came on last week, and while I was impressed with parts of it, like the setting and characters. It introduced a few too many characters and felt like it might play better as a long movie. A show I really hated was The Defenders, I’m not even sure why I watched it. Some of the returning shows I really enjoyed were the season premiers of Smallville, Chuck and Gossip Girl. All 3 of these are off to great starts. This MPAD video episode features “I Love Lightning Bugs” who were formerly known as Lorem Ipsums. They mention their influences as are bands like the Pixies and Sonic Youth, but they kind of remind me of Pavement. I interviewed Rob, the bass player and Reid, the guitar/singer. They have a full length coming out in November and can be found on the indie band social website knerd. My affiliate for this episode is, also known as FTD. There’s always one reason or another to send flowers and makes it easy by delivery just about anywhere and making the selection easy. You can save 20% off your order at when you use the code People20. Click here to Download the Show!  

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
MPAD#240 "Common Grackle, OMD and More"

This week is the official week of TV premiers, so I'm sitting here watching the 2nd episode of 90210. Believe me I'm as surprised as you are that I'm sticking around for another year. Just call it another of my guilty pleasures. What's new on TV is just one of the few things I'm covering on this audio edition of Most People Are DJs. I've also got an amusing interview with Greg Pepper from Common Grackle, a duo that play mix of soulful hip hop and indie pop. A little over week ago I blogged about the return of OMD, on this episode I play a new song by them and do a little profile on their career that spans more than 30 years. And if you're still tuned in by the end of the show I give some clues about the host change on the ESPN Football Today podcast. ESPN Football Today podcast has gotten so bad I'm looking for a new football podcast - any suggestions? music - Kisses - Bermuda Common Grackle - TGIM (with Kool Keith) OMD - Sister Marie Says Blue Sky Black Death - Carl Sagan My affiliates for the show this week are which is the place to go for all logo paraphernalia. You can save 10% off your purchase of $50 or more when you use my coupon code MOSTPEOPLE11. At GoDaddy you can reserve a new website for only $7.49 when you use the code DJ10. I have other GoDaddy offers you can check out at my MPAD GoDaddy coupon page. And lastly, is the place to go to get all your pet supplies. You can save 10% at when you use the code MOST10.   Click here to Download the Show!  

DATE: Tue, 14 Sep 2010
MPAD#239 "Adams Castle"

It's another week for a video episode of Most People Are DJs. This week I am featuring the band, Adam's Castle, a trio from New York that play instrumental music. You might be thinking to yourself that seeing an instrumental band play live might be boring, but, just a few minutes seeing Adam's Castle play, you'lll be so captivated by how interesting and pulsating their sound is, a vocalist would just be an annoyance. Their sound is different than most other "alt-instrument" bands like Mogwai, in that most of AC's songs move along with movement changes and dynamic effects. If you dig any of what you hear on vidcast you need to go to their website and sign up for their exclusive info and songs from their upcoming album "Vices." This vidcast was all done using my Kodak Zi8 so you might notice some differences from my prior videos using the Flip. This episode is brought to you in part by Go Daddy where you can get a .com website domain for only $7.49 for the first year. Go Daddy is where I have all my domain names reserved and I have found their service to be outstanding. There are other ways to save at Go Daddy by using my other coupon codes located at my Go Daddy Mevio Coupons page. You can also see my other offers at my MPAD Mevio Coupons page. Click here to Download the Show!  

DATE: Tue, 07 Sep 2010
MPAD#238 "Fan Expo Massacre"

I spent my labor day laboring over this video episode of Most People Are DJs. Unlike most of my other videos that are documentaries, where you don't see or hear me in the video, I make an appearance in this video. In fact this video is all about me and the visual experience I had at fan expo. In addition to that, I am finally getting out the Birthday Massacre video I've been meaning to put together. I was fortunate enough to catch Rainbow and Michael from the band for a few minutes which I have included with some music from their upcoming CD, "Pin and Needles". If you have a minute check out their new video for "In the Dark". I also feature a couple of snippets from director Rob Stefaniuk of the Vampire movie "Suck" and Tim Doiron of "Gravy Train" which also features the very beautiful April Mullen. There's also come costume pics that I took at the con. I thought about nicking a bunch of photos from flicker, but I think that's cheating. You might notice a switch in the film as I've started using a Kodak Zi8 for my video which has replaced my flip. This episode is brought to you in part by my paid affiliate which has so much cool logo stuff you won't believe what you can find or create with a logo on it. My t-shirt is from Comic Geek Speak and could have very well been created at You can save some 10% off your pur purchase of $50 or more at when you use my coupon code MostPeople11. I have lots of other offers you can save on at my Mevio Coupons page. Click here to Download the Video!

DATE: Tue, 31 Aug 2010
MPAD#237 "Fighting the Crowd at Fan Expo"

It's getting late tonight and my goal is to get this show posted so here comes a bit of incoherent rambling...This episode has a ton of stuff I slapped together from my visit at FanExpo and a few other goodies that I think really make this a stand out episode of Most People Are DJs. I mentioned the big crowds at Fan Expo - here's some news on it. I made the best of my time at Fan Expo talking to people like Kirby Krackle and Embassy. I also talked to Ramon Perex of TX Comics which has a lot of cool web comics you should check out. I watched the movie Suck, which is a great little vampire rock band movie with tons of cameos by rocks stars. Even with the crowds, I had a great time and will definitely be back next year. I also talk a bit about the blog I did on bands from films I wish were real and play some music by my favorites. My affiliates for this episode include GoDaddy, which is the best place to get a website domain. My code DJ10 will get you a new .com website domain for only $7.95 and there are more deals here. When you need pet supplies the best place to go is where you can save 10% by using the code MOST10. And, lastly there's Zazzle where you get get so much cool stuff with your logo or your favorite brand. You can save 10% off your order of 50+ when you use the code MOSTPEOPLE11. All my coupon codes that can save you money can be found at my Mevio coupon page. music - Eat Sugar - Shadow Side (check the website to get the MP3) Kirby Krackle - Ring Capacity Embassy - Nerdcore 4 Life DJs From Mars - California Jump Click here to Doenload the Show!  

DATE: Tue, 24 Aug 2010
MPAD#236 "Brad Laner Interview, Michael Cera Profile"

On this week’s show I have an interview with Brad Laner, an artist who has a new album, Natural Selections, out August 24th, however, I know him from for all his great guitar work with bands like Lusk and Medicine. There's some Medicine vdieos on YouTube you should check out to hear some amazing shoegaze pop from the 90s. The conversation with Brad was actually almost a half hour, but I only used about 10minutes. Towards the end we were just talking about bands we like and I finally got around asking him if he heard any "Yes" in his music. Brad admitted he is a huge "Yes" which really made my day, alternative music fans that like Yes can be hard to come by. A weird coincidence I found out after I recorded the show is, the band Baths, which I play this show recently did a Brad Laner remix. One more stray fact about Michael Cera that I forgot to mention was he starred in an episode of Veronica Mars, one of the best teen shows ever made. The affiliates for this episode are emusic, where you can find tons of great music, including the new record from Arcade Fire. You can get 35 free tracks from them by going here. Also, if you have an anniversary coming up or maybe you just want to do something nice for somebody try sending flowers. You can save 20% on sending flowers by using the code PEOPLE20 at this website. You can find these offers and more at my mevio coupon site. music: Lusk - Backworlds Brad Laner - Lancaster Baths Maximalist (mp3) Buy at Amazon MP3 >Click here to Download the Show!  

DATE: Tue, 17 Aug 2010
MPAD#235 "Lacey Conner with Lords of Acid"

This is the long awaited interview documentary video episode with Lacey Conner of Lords of Acid. When my friend told me LoA were coming to town I remembered how much fun I had seeing them in the distant past. I also know LoA is a rotating line-up band with Praga Khan as the guiding force. The new lead singer for LoA is Lacey Conner, who you might have seen before on VH1’s Rock of Love. I decided to do a video with her because it was interesting to see an American with reality TV fame fronting LoA. Lacey was very down to earth and friendly to speak with, she was very accommodating throughout the interview even though she wasn’t feeling well. When Lacey takes the stage with LoA, as you can she in the video, her persona changes, she is fierce, aggressive and very sexy. Like my other video’s most of what you see was done using my ever-versatile flip camera. I am putting some extra work into my editing work so I hope you notice a more visually appealing video compared to some of my past shows. Lacy mentions on the video she is very involved with rescue dogs and I want to make sure I mention what an important and worthy cause supporting rescue dogs is. I have a rescue dog, Miley, a border collie/lab mix that is just the most awesome dog in the world. Not only do I have a great pet, I may have saved her from a painful life of dog shelters or worse. When I need pet supplies for Miley, she loves chew toys, I use my paid affiliate, and save 10% by using the coupon code MOST10 to save 10% off any order. You can see all my other paid affiliate offers at my mevio coupon page. Click here to Download the Video!

DATE: Tue, 10 Aug 2010
MPAD#234 "Focus On the Dopeness"

UFFIE - ADD SUV (feat . Pharrell Williams) HD from Uffie on Vimeo “Focus on the Dopeness” is taken from The Wackness, where woeful Luke’s object of attraction, Stephanie says to Luke he should “Stop focusing on the Wackness in his life and be like her, focus on the dopeness.” Did people really talk like that in 1994? I’m not even sure, but, I know what “wack” means. According to “the Wackness,” it means the confounded and inevitable negative things that are sure to occur in your life. Wack is actually a lot deeper than I would have ever thought. Maybe that’s what I’m looking for in this podcast. A show that seems like shallow escapism from your daily routine but actually poses something much deeper. So ponder that, as I talk about things that are going on with MPAD, play some “dope” music and review some things that have been swimming around my brain. While I’m on the subject of dope stuff, Most People Are DJs has some affiliates offering you crazy savings on great stuff. Zazzle is the place for you to personalize that t-shirt with your logo. Use the code mostpeople11 and you’ll save mad money, 10% on a purchase of more than $50. Or, reserve a web domain with GoDaddy, they are the king in web service biz. I gots all kinds of codes for them. There are other promo codes I have as well at my mevio coupons page. music - Fol Chen - the Holograms Uffie - MC's Can (Mike D remix) The Drums - I Feel Stupid The Canon Logic - Dead Man (see the video) mentions - All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Detroit 187 Sasha Gray Firewall Iceberg podcast Click here to Download the Show!

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
MPAD#233 "Liz From Lettercamp Video"

I'll talk about it on my podcast next week, but I'll let you know now that I spent a good part of this week working on making my basement a multimedia haven. I bought a HD TV, then updated my Sony Viao desktop to work with the TV and hooked it all up to a stereo surround system. It's pretty awesome. My next project is to create a little video recording space down there where I can do some video shows - and I may actually appear in them. For this this week's MPAD I've got a little video documentary with Liz afrom Lettercamp. Lettercamp's been playing for less than a year and they are quickly becoming a band to mark your calendar to see. The members come from some our our local scene's finest bands like Friendly Foes, Nice Device and Millions of Brazillians. Liz is the singer and Lettercamp started as her basement project. What's great about Liz is I don't think she realizes how talented she and Lettercamp are. The video was all done on my flip camera at the Crofoot on July 17, at the show where Robyn, who makes a cameo appearance in the video, played. At the end of the video, I mention the episode is sponsored by Zazzle which is a great place to get t-shirts and other logo paraphernalia from. If you're going to compare them to another company, I'd say Zazzle is like Cafe Press but much cooler. They have some DC 75th t-shirts at their sute that are just amazing. With my coupon code MostPeople10 you can save 10% at Zazzle when you buy $50 or more from their website, And, don't worry, you'll find plenty of stuff at their website to get you past $50 worth. Zazzle and all my promo codes can be found at my Mevio Coupon page. Click here to Download the Video!

DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
MPAD#232 "Mikel and Paul Team Up!"

I should have went back and checked because I just discovered I hit my podasting for 5 years mark a few weeks ago, but it's this week I'm taking notice. The biggest thing I have gained from podcasting is a long list of friends I've made, some a re local Detroit Podcasting buddies, and others live a country away, like my friend Paul from Canada. We became fast friends because we share a lot in common, particularly our passion for comics, music, film and TV. Paul's a great talker on these subjects and we can sit for a couple of hours just riffing back and forth over the latest pop culture has to offer. And, yes, I meant to mention it in the closing of the episode, I make a big mistake at the very begining of the episode by saying this is episode 252 of Most People Are DJs when it was only 232! I want to make sure and let all of you also know that Mevio has a new page for their coupon codes for all those great offers you can save money on the new website is Mevio Coupons and you can find my coupon codes at this link. All my offers are there for helping you save money ay eMusic, GoDaddy, Zazzle, and the latest offer with Fleurop FTD. music - School of Seven Bells - Bye, Bye, Bye Cut Copy - Where I'm Going Soars - Throw Yourself Apart The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Say No To Love (mp3) Buy at Amazon MP3 menions: The Legion of Substitute Podcasters Poptopia Podcast I also have a couple affiliates that I want to make note of because they can help you save money buying stuff I bet is on your things you need list. Most of the great music I play comes from emusic. They have a great selection of indie, alternative, dance, and whatever else you're looking for. You cat get 35 free trecks just by clicking on this link and signing up. I use GoDaddy to set up all my web domains because they are so easy to use, and I never have any issues. Also, using my GoDaddy coupon codes, it's hard to find a better deal for all your web services needs.   Click here to Download the Show!      

DATE: Tue, 20 Jul 2010
MPAD#231 "Electric Sunset, Blessed Out and Drowned In Reverb"

Like Snap said on that 90’s dance song “It’s getting, It’s getting, It’s getting kind of hectic!” My life got crazy busy this week – although that probably doesn’t justify me spouting off lyrics from a song we only hear a cheesy weeding receptions. Between a couple concerts, show interviews and family activities, I’ve barely had a moment's rest, but, I like to think that the more busy I get, the more productive I get. Here’s an episode of Most People Are DJs that features music, and interview and some skewed intellect. How’s that for packing in a show! And it’s almost 60 minutes long – that’s an extended show for me! Make sure you check out Electric Sunset, come September there’s going to be a lot of buzz him and you can say it’s old news to you. Most People Are DJs has a new sponsor this week that I think will provide you with a good coupon code to save money on something you have to buy at least once a year – flowers. Music - Desolation Wilderness – Come Over In Your Silver Car Electric Sunset - Here Comes Midnight Cale Parks – Running Family Frankie Rose and the Outs – Little Brown Haired Girls Mentions- Mentions - Nichlas Carr - "The Shallows What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains" Sponsor - emusic - get 35 tracks for free and join the best music service on the internet! Fleurop -Interflora (FTD) - Order flowers for any occasion around the world and save 20% by using the offer code PEOPLE20 Click here to Download the Show!

DATE: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
MPAD#230 "Wax Is Back"

Catching up with an old friend is always a good time - especially when they have good stoires to tell. On this episode, Robert Wax from Crashing Cairo is back on Most People Are DJs with news on the big gig coming up for the band and his latest acting escapades. The thing with Wax is he could brag and have a big ego about some of the great projects he's involved with but instead he retains his modesty and good humor. Be sure to watch closely all those big films being filmed in Michigan right now, because you just might catch Wax running around in the background or if his dreams come true - getting shot in a blaze of glory. Interview - Robert Wax of Crashing Cairo Music - Crashing Cairo - Drama Sponsors, here are my promo codes: Zazzle mostpeople10 - save 10% any order $50 or more GoDaddy!New Codes! DJ10 save on a new .COM domain! DJ9 $5 off $30 or more on any items not already discounted DJ810% off any order not already discounted eMusic 35 free tracks for signing up! Save 10% on any order! Click here to Download the Show!

DATE: Mon, 05 Jul 2010
MPAD#229 "Like A Chump"

When I'm putting together a podcast, there are times that I have a really good time talking to myself. That sounds a little strange, but I look at it almost like therapy or meditation. I take these things I come across over the past couple weeks, distill them to the few that I really think are interesting, then talk about why. The hope is always that, in the process, which I admit is completely selfish, there are people out there that enjoy listening to me do this thing as well. On this week's episode, I've got a sunburn, a little tired and maybe even slightly hungover. When I think back on the fun I had recording, maybe that's just the right mixture for recording a podcast. Or it could be my passion for the topics I'm discussing, music and movies. To be more specific, Devo and a little movie call the Education of Charlie Banks, plus some other things that have been bugging me lately like high concert ticket prices and rules for free MP3 downloads. music - Canasta - Mexico City Electric Sunset - Soda Devo - Fresh Wavves - Post Acid mentions - Fred Durst The Education of Charlie Banks Devo Time Interview Sponsors, here are my promo codes: Zazzle mostpeople10 - save 10% any order $50 or more GoDaddy!New Codes! DJ10 save on .COM domain! DJ9 $5 off $30 or more on any items not already discounted DJ810% off any order not already discounted eMusic 35 free tracks for signing up! Save 10% on any order! Click here to Download the Show!

DATE: Mon, 28 Jun 2010
MPAD#228 "Potty Mouth Sissys"

Welcome to a video episode of Most People Are DJs! It’s been a while since I put one of these together. Tonight I was selling some of my older music paraphernalia at Rock N Rummage 5th Anniversary show at the New Way Bar. I didn’t sell much, but I did get to hang out with some fun people and hear see bands I haven’t seen before. Don’t let the name fool you Potty Mouth Sissys are a couple of fine gentlemen that were generous enough to spend a few minutes with me to drop their best bits of intellect about the PMS movement. As you are warned upfront in the video, there is some explicit language and adult subject matter all spoken about in the best juvenile way.interview, performancePotty Mouth SissysCome visit my sponsors, here are my promo codes: Zazzlemostpeople10 - save 10% any order $50 or moremostpeople12 - save 12% any order $75 or moreGoDaddy!New Codes!DJ10 .COM domain for $7.49DJ9 $5 off $30 or more on any items not already discountedDJ810% off any order not already discountedeMusic 35 free tracks for signing up! Save 10% on any order! Click here to Download the Video!

DATE: Mon, 21 Jun 2010
MPAD#227 "Brothers In Vegas"

From this episode you’ll pick up that I’m in Las Vegas having a great time with my brother, Matt. Matt lives in Tampa, we don’t see each other as much as we would like to, so this trip gave us a chance to hang out, catch up and have some fun. It wasn’t close to what happened in “the Hangover”, but, we did meet comedian/actor, Mark Curry, and take in the show “Bite.” For this podcast I sit down with Matt and we talk about the appeal of Las Vegas and what’s currently great and not so great about TV and music. Music – Solvent – Loss for Words Theophilus London – No Answers Interpol – Lights (be sure to follow the link to download the track) Hoddie Allen – You Are Not A RobotSponsors, here are my promo codes: Zazzlemostpeople10 - save 10% any order $50 or moremostpeople12 - save 12% any order $75 or moreGoDaddy!New Codes!DJ10 .COM domain for $7.49DJ9 $5 off $30 or more on any items not already discountedDJ810% off any order not already discountedeMusic 35 free tracks for signing up! Save 10% on any order!Click here to Download the Show!

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