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The Official Radio Show of Hogwarts
Recent Episodes for Hogwarts Radio
DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2010
SIZE: 52.3 MB
Hogwarts Radio #64: The One Where HE WAS THEIR FRIEND!

We present to you Hogwarts Radio episode 64 in audio format. For this edition, we were live on ustream to discuss the newly released trailer. Join Greyson, Eric, Mary, and I for a†thorough†breakdown of the trailer. We go frame by frame and discuss each scene. How do we feel on the design of Dumbledore’s tomb? [...]

DATE: Wed, 22 Sep 2010
SIZE: 43.0 MB
Hogwarts Radio #63: The One Thatís Bringiní it Back

We’re back, and ready to discuss some Harry Potter! Trailer to be released soon! WB’s aggressive marketing†campaign†doesn’t seem that aggressive at all. Some new Deathly Hallows images are released and we talk about them Into the Pensieve: Chapters 13 and 14 of Deathly Hallows What have we seen so far in the trailers and TV [...]

DATE: Thu, 16 Sep 2010
SIZE: 38.3 MB
Hogwarts Radio #62: The One with Lucky Charms

Welcome back for another fantastic episode of HPANA’s Official Harry Potter podcast! First Deathly Hallows TV spot airs, and we break it down frame by frame to discuss what we see! Dumbledore’s dust-bunny provides a few shrieks as well as a few laughs. Overall, we are satisfied with this, and are excited for part 1. [...]

DATE: Sun, 12 Sep 2010
SIZE: 46.3 MB
Hogwarts Radio #61: The One With Grindledore

We are LIVE on ustream for this episode! New Deathly Hallows images are released. What do we think? Are we due a trailer soon? The MPAA has rated one, recently! The trio take a break and spend the night in an RV park. Vote for us on Podcast Alley! Our listeners do during break! Into [...]

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 36.2 MB
Hogwarts Radio #60: The One With the Titanic Ending

Presenting Episode 60 of Hogwarts Radio! The holidays are sneaking up on us. Becca tells us she made it, and is podcasting from the Great Hall. New news, stills, and many pictures of Deathly Hallows. We are still accepting preorders of the Hogwarts Radio T-shirt! Greyson tells us to go vote for us on podcast [...]

DATE: Wed, 25 Aug 2010
SIZE: 35.5 MB
Hogwarts Radio #59: The One With Ronís Chicken Wings

Another edition of Hogwarts Radio is now available! WOOOO-HOOOO! We have a guest in studio with Terrance! Ivonne Schlebach joins us this episode! Forbidden Journey hits one million riders! Jeremy enlightens the rest of us on the math. New high-res photo of the trio entering Grimmauld place. We talk about this picture versus the first [...]

DATE: Sun, 22 Aug 2010
SIZE: 23.3 MB
Hogwarts Radio #58: The One With the Side Boob

Please note this episode does contain several spoilers! Earlier in the day, our good friend, and Hogwarts Radio host Eric Scull had the opportunity to go to a †screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One! Join Eric, Jeremy, Mary, and I for this special episode as questions are answered regarding the final [...]

DATE: Thu, 19 Aug 2010
SIZE: 2.01 MB
Deathly Hallows footage audio from Comic-Con!

Earlier last month a four minute preview of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released at Comic Con in San Diego. The clip featured shots of a dead Dumbledore, Nagini, Bellatrix holding Harry, the 7 Potters, Harry and Hagrid driving through Hogwarts, Snape meeting with Voldemort, Death Eaters congregating, Ron talking about listening to [...]

DATE: Wed, 18 Aug 2010
SIZE: 45.8 MB
Hogwarts Radio #57: The One Where They Eloped, and Eloped, and Eloped, and TWINS, and Eloped, and Eloped!

We introduce the hosts this episode, but it’s not all it’s “cracked” up to be. Do muggles have Felix or something similar? Deathly Hallows split is announced! What do we think? Did we want to be spoiled, and is it a big deal? Did Entertainment Weekly just make it up? What was their source? The [...]

DATE: Tue, 10 Aug 2010
SIZE: 48.5 MB
Hogwarts Radio #56: The One With Two Minutes

It’s an Emma news week! She gets her hair cut and gets dropped from Burberry Is this her way of saying good bye to Hermione? Emma phased out of Burberry’s autumn and winter collection, we talk about her replacement. Is this a risky move for the company? Emma is the reserved quiet girl, and Rosie [...]

DATE: Tue, 03 Aug 2010
SIZE: 38.5 MB
Hogwarts Radio #55: The One with Arielís Sea Shells

It’s another EXCITING episode of Hogwarts Radio! Come and join us as we celebrate our 2nd birthday! Terrance and Greyson start out the show by confusing the heck out of our listeners WE HAVE A NEW HOST! Mary Terzian makes her debut on Hogwarts Radio We also catch up on the past few week’s news [...]

DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
SIZE: 35.7 MB
Hogwarts Radio #54: The One with the Solid Black Line

A person riding the forbidden Journey ride calls 911 New Deathly Hallows look for the Official Harry Potter website Greyson tells us about Emma Watson’s twitter and facebook updates AVPS makes its internet debut, and AVPM soundtrack beats Lady Gaga, and Glee on iTunes! MC Kreacher makes a stop during this week’s commercial break Our [...]

DATE: Thu, 22 Jul 2010
SIZE: 28.4 MB
Hogwarts Radio #53: The One thatís LIVE at Infinitus

Hogwarts Radio is both LIVE at Infinitus and USTREAM for this special event! Join us as we sit down in front of a live audience and discuss the Harry Potter series’s impact on the world. Where has Harry been, where is he going, and what will happen in the future! Your plot’s untied starts out [...]

DATE: Wed, 07 Jul 2010
SIZE: 49.2 MB
Hogwarts Radio #52: The One Where Gringotts has Gots of Grins

We start out the episode in a more traditional manner WB sends us the first official one sheet, and we analyze it Are there similarities between the Sorcerers Stone Poster, and this one? What does the poster say about the tone of the movie? Excitement and depression takes us over! We will be hosting a [...]

DATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010
SIZE: 43.9 MB
Hogwarts Radio #51: The One With Baubles

The Deathly Hallows official trailer is now out! Join Greyson, Jeremy, Travis, and I as we discuss everything from the cinematography to the acting of this epic trailer! Are we seeing too much of the film already? What were our initial thoughts? How do we feel knowing we at least have a trailer at this [...]

DATE: Wed, 23 Jun 2010
SIZE: 64.9 MB
Hogwarts Radio #50: The One With Swag!

The 50th edition of Hogwarts Radio with a full panel! We discuss the latest news stories The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opens and HPANA is there to cover it! Jeff and Jeremy talk about their experiences at the Grand Opening celebration Jeremy can’t get over the fact he met the man that [...]

DATE: Tue, 15 Jun 2010
SIZE: 15.4 MB
Jeff Guillaume on Radio New Zealand

Earlier this evening, HPANA webmaster (and frequent Hogwarts Radio guest) Jeff Guillaume was on Radio New Zealand for an interview on their ‘Afternoon’s’ program, to talk about the latest developments in the Harry Potter films. Jeff did a wonderful job with the interview and we recorded it so you can listen below! You can also [...]

DATE: Mon, 07 Jun 2010
Hogwarts Radio #49: The One With Voldemortís Superman Pose

Just HOURS after the MTV Movie Awards, Greyson, Jeremy, Eric, Becca and I sat down and recorded this special episode of Hogwarts Radio! Join us for some great discussion as we talk about the clip and give our thoughts about what we saw. From the intense acting to whether this clip was for part one [...]

DATE: Tue, 01 Jun 2010
SIZE: 32.4 MB
Hogwarts Radio #48: The One Thatís Over the Wizarding Limit

Who is Anubis? Epilogue filming wraps Do we feel spoiled with all the pictures and videos we’ve seen? Only 2 weeks left for Deathly Hallows filming, we give our thoughts With such a short time left, they are still casting! We announce the winner of one of our twitter contests A listener sends in a [...]

DATE: Sun, 16 May 2010
SIZE: 29.3 MB
Hogwarts Radio #47: The One-That-Has-No-Name

Another edition of Hogwarts Radio is released! We try a first for the show, using LIVE effects, sounds, etc… News covers Epilogue filming, Emma’s first college experiences, and more! Don’t forget to put HPANA in the “who sent you field” when registering for Infinitus 2010 Wizards Gone Wild! chronicles the highlights of the past few [...]

DATE: Sun, 02 May 2010
SIZE: 37.4 MB
Hogwarts Radio #46: The One With The Hogwarts Professor

We welcome special guest, and author John Granger this week. Check out his site: The Hogwarts Professor Daniel Radcliffe already gettting ready for post Potter. Our Tweet to Win contest is in full swing! How do the books engage us? Why do we love these stories so much? 12 stages in the writing process of [...]

DATE: Sat, 24 Apr 2010
Hogwarts Radio #45: The Fabulous One

We’re fabulous and we know it! It’s an all guys show this week. How many similarities are there between 2Pac and Dumbledore? A trailer is in the works, and we dish about the score being done by Magic Music Box Warner Bros to turn Leavesden Studios into a Harry Potter attraction Is 5,000 guests a [...]

DATE: Thu, 15 Apr 2010
Hogwarts Radio #44: The One With A HOR-crux

It’s another episode of Hogwarts Radio! We’re on a roll! Travis Prinzi from The Hogs Head joins us this week. Also, Helping Haiti Heal guest host winner Samuel Shaver. Harry Potter the Exhibition opens at The Ontario Science Center. The Phelps twins are on hand to help open the exhibit. Some favourites from James and [...]

DATE: Thu, 08 Apr 2010
SIZE: 45.9 MB
Hogwarts Radio #43: The One With The Half Pint Flitwick

Fire on the HP set! Was it as bad as what was reported? Bloomsbury republishes the series complete with new artwork, is it too soon? What would happen if Fawkes caught on fire, mid flight? Can we expect a revamp coming from Scholastic? Wizard Rock features “Wands Up” a Tik Tok parody by Laurel P. [...]

DATE: Fri, 02 Apr 2010
SIZE: 18.2 MB
Hogwarts Radio #42: The One With The UGSP

Harry Potter author JK ROWLING JOINS US!!!! Just kidding Howdy ya’ll! Here’s an exciting (non-traditional) †Episode 42 with your three favourite people, Terrance, Greyson, and Eric! It’s a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! What IS IT?! What does it mean?! We discuss the actual announcement, and how it will affect the show. Who will be cast in the [...]

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