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RunRunLive ??? PodCast Run-Run-Live Podcast! - The podcast for runners, wannabe runners and mid-packers of all shapes and sizes who just want to strap on their favorite pair of shoes and get out there! This is Chris your host and wherever and whenever this episode finds you I hope you???re doing great and I hope you???re getting your run in today! This PodCast is approx 40 Min long - has interview with Running experts and regular Joes. Equipment reviews - Race reviews and
Recent Episodes for RunRunLive
DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 39.6 MB
Episode 139 – Tristan Miller running the world for a year

The RunRunLive Podcast Episode 139 – Tristan Miller running the world for a year Show intro by: Norm Intro: Hello and welcome to CFSP, the Cardio Freaks Support Podcast, where we counsel our members on how to survive with freakishly low heart rates.  We give group discounts on pacemakers an expound useful day-to-day advice, like; - How to stand up from your office chair and not pass out - How to keep the emergency room nurses from putting the shock paddles on you - How to keep your partner from not leaving you over dangerously cold hands and feet at night - And – how to convince the Red Cross to let you give blood… Yeah – that’s my world and I’m Chris your host and this is the RunRunLive Podcast. Welcome to episode 139.  Today we have a great interview with Tristan Miller this chappy from Melbourne who pitched everything to travel around the world and run marathons in 2010.   I’ll squirrel in some audio from my adventures, squeeze in a story by Matt the Crazy Runner from my book and generally attempt to, in the words of Bob Marley, “satisfy your soul”.  I ran a threshold test for Coach PRS this week and it left him scratching his head a little because my average HR for a 20 minute test run at 5k pace was only in the 140’s.   But, congenital defects aside, I’m feeling pretty strong and looking forward to the cool weather.  Have you folks signed up for the World Wide Festival of Races?  It’s a free virtual race that supports our running community – go do it at world wide festival of races dot com.  Buddy and I are signed up.  Didn’t travel this week so I was catching up on some stuff.  I started recording a complete Audio version of my book “the Mid-Packer’s Lament”.  I pushed out the results of the RunRunLive Survey – and you can see those at  Go there – sign up for my mailing list and get a free audio of one of my popular pieces about running marathons and transforming your life.  I’ve also started working on sponsorship for our Groton Road Race.  Yup, believe it or not if you want sponsorship for a race in the spring of 2011, you have to start soliciting now to get into the budget cycle for the companies that you are appealing to.   This weekend I’m off to San Diego for a couple days into next week, then next weekend I’m driving up to run the WineGlass marathon with Michael from the Real Rookie Running podcast.  It’s his first marathon and I’ll be like a first marathon vampire and suck all the fun out it for him…no just kidding – I’m just running for fun.  We’re coming up to October and up here in New England the frost will soon be on the pumpkin… and we have an old saying up here that when the frost is on the punkin, that’s the time to get out and go running… so on with the Show! Audio clips in this episode: Friday Night Track Workout – and First Ice Bath of the season.  Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Text here Story time: Site =, Email = Equipment Check: Featured Interview: Triston Miller - Quick Tip: Should I wear my racing flats in my marathon?  One of our friends asked this week if they could wear their racing flats in their target marathon.  He’s been doing serious training for his target race and plenty of speed work.  He has been using his ‘fast’ shoes for the speed work.  He hasn’t run long in them and wonders if it would be ok to wear for the race.  It’s interesting because as you do more speedwork your mechanics get better and you naturally move more towards a forefoot strike and transition that a flatter, lighter and faster shoe is desgned for.  I have worn my “Speedwork” shoes in a marathon attempt, not successfully.  I could feel hot spots forming that would have turned into blisters had I not DNF’ed at the 15 mile mark.  I pulled out of the race not because of the shoes, but because I was running for a specific time and felt like I wasn’t going to make that time and didn’t want to spend myself in the effort, but that’s another story.   There are advantages to racing in lighter shoes.  4 or 5 ounces can make a difference over the course of a marathon and if you are running at a faster race pace the racing flats may be ok.  On the other hand I would caution about doing anything different for your target race.  If you’ve never run more than 6 or 8 miles in those shoes you are taking a bit of a risk in betting your 26 miler on them.   You can develop blisters like I did or even mechanical problems.  This will become especially apparent if you hit the wall and have to do some slow running.  As you fatigue and start to fall back on your heels the lack of substance in your shoes might be difficult and cause problems.  One solution might be to test those shoes on a longer run.   There really is no clear answer.  My personal order of preference would be first the trainers I’ve done my long runs in, second an older pair of trainer with a couple marathons in them, third the racing flats.  But, as always, it’s up to you.  Outro: All right, that’s it you have waddled like an over-fed under-sexed penguin to the top of the ice-flow that is the RunRunLive Podcast – Episode 139 in the can.  I have a couple cool interviews coming up.  I have our friend Anne who is going to talk about how running helped her realize a life-long dream of becoming a writer, I spoke with Kat our friend from GoHeadbands who has a very intersting personal story and she also wants to run a contest to give away a few headbands when we put the show up – so watch my blog at the RunRunLive website.  And I got Coach Jeff on the phone this morning to trade some intellectual ping pong balls on this training plan he has me in now that I’ve tasted it for a couple weeks…very useful for you.  Like I said I started working on the sponsorship for the Groton Road Race next April this week.  It’s our 20th anniversary.  I did all my regular stuff like polishing off my marketing copy etc. but we want to do something special this year so we’re looking for sponsors to fund either a special tech shirt or medallion or something like that.   There is an industrialist family in the next town over that has a large plastics operation, probably a few billion in sales with customers like Walmart and such.  The scion of this family and chairman of the company is big supporter of the school where my kids go – there are buildings named after him.   So I figured I’d see if I couldn’t get his help and get him engaged in a sponsorship discussion.  I got his direct phone number, crafted a nice message and left a compelling voice mail.  Later that afternoon, sure enough my cell phone rings and it’s this guy, the chairman of this huge company.  I start chatting ith him convivially and say are you familiar with the race?  He says yes I am, but that’s not something we have any interest in supporting. Just like that.  He says – just wanted to return your call, thank you and good bye.   At first I was a bit crushed.  In my head I was not only procuring tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship for my event but I suppose I was being invited the country club and offered a job as well!  But, the more I thought about it the more I realized that I hadn’t lost anything.  I didn’t have the sponsorship or the relationship before and I still didn’t have it.    You could even say in the end I had a positive balance because I was able to get the chairman of a billion dollar company to call me back personally.  He knows who I am now.  But all the same it’s interesting.  We contruct these expectations for ourselves out of nothing and then feel bad when we don’t achieve something that was entirely fictional to begin with.  So – what should I do? Should I stop calling people?  Should I hide under my desk to make sure don’t have to suffer anymore rejection? Or should I look at what I have gained from the experience.  Maybe I’ll even send him a nice hand written thank you note for calling me back.   If you are afraid of rejection you will never actualize your given potential.  Get out there.  Make mistakes. Offend people if you have to! For it is along the road of life that you will find those things you are looking for, or they will find you.  I can almost guarantee you won’t; find them hiding under your desk and they certainly won’t find you.  So – If any of you folks are looking to access an excellent demographic with an established event give me a call.  I can put your product and/or message in front of 5 to 10 thousand healthy, affluent family members who have been trusting our brand for 20 years.  And that’s no BS!  We Will See you out there.  Someone answered my call for music this week.  Ginny offered up this cut from one of her local bands called the Mofo Party Band, the song is called Oh Baby and you can find them at  Sounds like old J Geils, good stuff.  Music: The MoFo Party Band?s high-energy show will keep blues fans Groovin? all night long! "These guys are crowd pleasers and they always go the extra mile to deliver, whether it?s a big festival or small club audience!" ? Mark Hummel, Promoter of "Harmonica Blowout Tour". The MoFo Party Band is a real blues band playing the Music influenced by their surroundings and life experiences growing up in California?s Central Valley. The band came into being when former well drilling brothers John and Bill Clifton decided to hang up their shovels and leave the hard labor behind to pursue their mutual love of music. "Drilling wells is a cold, thankless and dangerous job" says John Clifton (singer and harmonica player). The experience, however, helped to shape the blue collar style they play. True Americana Blues that can only come from living life real and playing for keeps. The MoFo Party Band has come a long way from their Central California beginnings. Thrilling audiences worldwide in venues of all sizes! They play small clubs and large festivals with several tours of Europe and regular regional and national touring. Performing shows such as the Belgian R&B festival in Peer Belgium, Luxemburg Jazz & Blues Rally in Luxemburg, Blues Express Festival in Poland, and The San Francisco Blues Festival in California. "People tell us they like us because it always looks like we are having fun," says lead guitarist Bill Clifton, "that?s because we are and we love what we do." The MoFo Party Band has recorded five highly acclaimed albums which have received national and international airplay. The 2006 release "The Sound of the MoFo Party Band" ranked #2 on the CD Baby "Top West Coast Blues Album" list and was awarded a 5 Star Rating by Big City Blues Magazine. "Invigorating, straight forward, honest stuff!" says Ken Smith of Red Lick Records, Wales UK. Former backup musicians for late Chicago blues legend Luther Tucker and west Coast Harp Master Johnny Dyre, they have also shared the stage with blues legends Bo Diddley, Robert Cray, Charlie Musselwhite, Los Lobos, Otis Rush, Huey Lewis, Tommy Castro and many others. The MoFo Party Band is a well respected and hard working band on the West Coast blues scene. Sporting a retro look and exciting sound The Band pays great attention to detail. Their live show is filled with energy and the music is raw and real. The shows are a musical Journey through the lives and experiences of life?s pain and triumphs, heartbreak and happiness. It?s the Blues, no holds barred and no apology. A unique breathtaking show performed by a dynamic band, The MoFo Party Band!   Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook and youtube Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Mid-Packer’s Lament E-book Mid-Packer’s Guide to the Galaxy E-Book Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804 Chris Russell lives and trains in suburban Massachusetts with his family and Border collie Buddy.  Chris is the author of “The Mid-Packer’s Lament”, and “The Mid-Packer’s Guide to the Galaxy”, short stories on running, racing, and the human comedy of the mid-pack.  Chris writes the Runnerati Blog at  Chris’ Podcast, RunRunLive is available on iTunes and at Chris also writes for ( and is a member of the Squannacook River Runners and the Goon Squad.   Email me at cyktrussell at Gmail dot com Running  Podcast, podcasts for running, podcast for runners, free podcast for runners, Running Blog, marathon, triathlon, mileage, sprinting, run, track, training, running clubs, running groups, running shoes, exercise, health, 5k, running, swimming, sports, injuries, stretching, eating, jogging, biking, trail race, 5K, 10K, Ultramarathon, jogging a good exercise, road runner, jogging tips, benefits of jogging, free running, running shoes, marathon training, running, jogging, health and fitness, runners, runner, Boston qualification, Marathon BQ, Boston marathon    

DATE: Sat, 18 Sep 2010
SIZE: 42.8 MB
Episode 138 - Julie Anderson Chubby Mommy

Episode 138 – Julie Anderson Chubby Mommy Running Show intro by: Iain - @devoniain Intro: Hello and welcome to the practical philosophy podcast where we discuss the practical application of classical philosophy on your life.  What is the relationship between Machiavelli and your marriage? Sun Tsu and your job? Von Clausweitcz and your home pet care?  These are things you need to know! But what is immensely interesting is the impact of the Socratic Dialogs on your garden.  Unfortunately the impact on my garden this year was a bit of a loss.  I had some happy creature take up residence inside the fence of my garden and the primary accomplishment of my vegetables was to keep some woodchuck well-fed and happy.   You know Thoreau talks of woodchucks a lot in Walden?  Walden pond is less than 10 miles as the crow flies from my house and this is the RunrunLive Podcast and this is Chris your host and we have a lot to talk about today my friends.  Where to start?  Let’s start with the meat.  Today’s interview is with Julie Anderson who runs (pun intended) the “Chubby Mommy” running club.  Her phone threw a couple static bombs into the interview but they are fairly overwhelmed by the fantastic content of our conversation and her radiant optimism.  I’ve been traveling like a manic lemming but my training is going well.  I’ll include some audio from the 5k I ran last weekend plus a few other snippets from the hand-held.  I did something interesting this week.  This was one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to.  I set up a survey to ask people their likes and dislikes about the RunRunLive podcast.  If you want to have your say you can go fill it out too – I put it on the lower right sidebar of my new website   I also sent the survey  to my mailing list, that, by the way, you can join by entering your name and email into the box with the big red arrow on the top right of the sidebar. If you sign up I give you access to an audio recording of one of my pieces called ‘how running a marathon can transform your life’ that you will find no-where else.  If you’re worried about spam you’ll be glad to know that the only I’ve sent to that mailing list so far is the survey!  So, Survey says! What did I get out of it?  Well one thing is that I realize from the responses that it really isn’t MY podcast.  From my end of the telescope it’s just a hobby that I do every week to motivate myself, learn new things and meet people.  But you, YOU actually care what goes into it!  So my learning is that I have to be careful and sensitive that I’m messing around each week with your podcast and I need to not let my whims step on your trust.  I appreciate the feedback.  Thank you.  I’ll try to honor that trust.  Some specific things now:  Generally… - People like the interviews  - People like the quick tips - People like inspiration and positivity - Mixed on the music, mixed on the parodies - Some folks objected to the chiropractor interview - Some want to hear more about my races and results - Some want more Buddy (me too) Well – I’ll try to make it worthwhile for you!  I’ll pull together the runrunlive staff this week at the runrunlive world HQ and we’ll see what we can execute on to make this a consistent experience for you, my friends.  I will take this opportunity to remind you of a couple things that I assumed you already knew: First, I am not a doctor and any advice I or even my guests give you may not even be good for you. You need to make your own decisions about your life and your health.  Second Just because something works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Indeed! I may be the only person in the world that it works for, lucky me.  And third and finally remember that just because I do something doesn’t mean you can or should. I’m blessed with a sturdy body and a strong engine and I’ve been running for almost 40 years.  I’m not recommending that you follow a 101 mile ultra mountain bike race with a hard 18 mile mountain race.   I’ve got the gift of perspective and longevity but I don’t know all the answers.  This is a journey.  It’s a journey for me and hopefully it’s a journey you can join me on.  Please feel free to send me email or reach me on Twitter.  I’ll answer. Because I love interacting with people.  That number again is CYKTRussell.  At Gmail, at Yahoo on twitter and facebook.  Stop by and say ‘Hi’ sometime.  On with the show!  Audio clips in this episode: Lots of Buddy.  Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Story time: Race Report – Lex’s Run 5k. So – you wanted more race reports… This will teach you… Part of my problem with race reports is I want them to be good stories too.  I want them to stand alone as pieces that are interesting and many times I just can’t find a way to tell the story that interests me and I don’t want to make you listen, or read something that isn’t interesting.  I don’t run a lot of 5K’s, but when I do…wait no that’s a beer commercial.  What is it with those beer commercial copy writers?  They must all have hypnotism degrees.  So, I’m supposed to start at the exciting point with a hook that will draw you in, right?  At the ½ mile mark I was still in the lead on the narrow dirt path.  There were 4 of us.  I was thundering forward at a 6ish pace, I had Luau on my right shoulder and ‘the guy we all knew was going to win’ on my left shoulder.  With the other guy trailing right behind.  This isn’t how it is supposed to be.  I’m not ever supposed to lead a race, especially a 5k.  This isn’t right.  It’s a perilous thing to upset the order in the universe this way.  It can cause the end of the world if you’re not careful.   I turn to “the guy we all knew would win” and said, “This is a sad state of affairs! A 48 year-old midpacker still in the lead at this point in the race? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves”  I let my foot off the throttle as we went into the turn because I knew that hill was coming and I had no intent of holding that pace.  I kept slowing to see when, like commuters following that car with the blue-hairs going 5 miles per hour under the speed limit – they would be forced out of pure frustration to pass.  And pass they did.  The “guy we all knew would win”, sure now that there was no threat, put the hammer down and the 3 of them pulled away as I slowed to a crawl, not willing to break myself on this hill in the first mile.   I’m so soft these days.  No killer instinct.  In fact I slowed so much that to other runners from the chase pack passed me going up the hill.  I retook one of them on the long downhill.  I could see Luau in 4th place a couple hundred yards ahead as he made the two mile turn, nice compact stride with a solid cadence in those blue Bikila’s like he was running down the beach.  From that point on there was not much hope of catching the 4th place guy and no chance of the 6th place guy catching me.  I settled into a not-uncomfortable 80% effort pace and cruised home.  Not much of a performance – but hey every day alive and vertical is a new PR in this world, yeah?  I finished 5th overall and 4th in my age group.  That’s just how it is in Massachusetts.  You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a 40-something 6-minute-miler.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m midpacker and that keeps the universe on an even keel.  No sense upsetting the karma. Yes indeedy, I suited up and ran a 5k last weekend.  You remember me talking to Doug – ReallyNotARunner – Doug – you have to change your handle – a few episodes back.  This race is a labor of love that Doug and his wife Lex created so I went to meet some of the local Twitterati and show my support for some nice people.   We had absolutely awesome racing weather – overcast in the low 70’s.  I threw Buddy the Wonder Dog in the car and we got lost trying to follow Google maps.  He is a enthusiastic but innefective navigator.  I didn’t get a good warm up in or any stretching or oiling.  I got a couple strides and then it was gun time.  Typical for me.  I once ran through registration into the start of a ten-miler in Maine – having to pin the number on as I raced.  The problem with these short races is they always leave me feeling like I could do better.  They are the cocaine of our sport.  You feel compelled to come back and try again, to do better.  But I digress…The course was interesting. The people were nice. I got about $50 worth of stuff for my $30 entry fee. Knowing Doug I’m sure it’s going to get better exponentially and grow every year.  Why do you care? What’s your take away?  Find a small first year race that you can go support – they can be fun and different! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Equipment Check: Featured Interview: Julie Anderson, Chubby Mommy Running Club Chubby Mommy Running Club: The Brand, the Blog, the Book the Business By: Julie Anderson – (541) 977-8282 Summary: I’m turning the Chubby Mommy Running Club blog into a full scale portal catering to the middle-aged mom niche market, similar to the Savvy Auntie website. I am developing a line of branded merchandise to sell into online and offline retailers who cater to the same market, and empower women to start real life Chubby Mommy Running (and social) Clubs worldwide. The Blog:  Chubby Mommy Running Club is a humorous blog about my journey through middle-aged angst. In telling funny little “Erma Bombeck” type stories about fitness, marriage, kids and work, I dive into the deeper things women my age care about. The Book:  I’ve been contacted by The Agency Group, a top talent agency in NYC, about building my brand into a book and possibly more. They like the brand and my writing, and have suggested a “Diary of a Chubby Mommy” format to begin with. They need my stats and exposure to rise before they sign me, but have offered to mentor me along the way.  The Business: My first goal is to spread awareness and monetize my brand by selling branded merchandise to increase readership and build the community • Develop a line of high quality branded t-shirts to sell into the retail outlets where my niche market gathers like Whole Foods, or other local or regional upscale markets or coffee shops (Starbucks? Sure!)  • Create real clubs at these places for women to gather weekly to exercise, and monthly for social events (book clubs, cooking classes, lectures from local community members.) • Create a PR and social media template for local retailers and volunteers to help spread the word and get people to come to their stores for the club meet-ups, and to buy shirts and other merchandise. • Partner with Connie Austin, a running coach who’s developing a hard copy and ebook “Learn to Run” journal which I can market along with the shirts, so beginners can have a good starting point. We can sell both items into specialty running shops as well. • Partner with Connie for a series of women’s Fitness and Leisure retreats by region to bring people together in real life a few times a year. • Continue to create good content for the blog with relevant videos, guest posts, newsletters, and shopping, to bring people back to the site again and again     More about Julie Anderson:   Personal: Married for 17 years, mother of three kids, aged 11, 13, and 16. I met my husband while working at a computer game company and we’ve worked in and around the software industry ever since.  Professional:   • Owner of Twist Pop Media, a small creative content and video production company • Worked on a financial analytics start-up company, 401K Buddy, with my husband, learned about VC and angel investors, product development, the patent process and IP.  • Business development Manager for IT consulting and tech marketing companies,  • Tech recruiting, sales, analytics and corporate event strategy,  • Designed a small run of handbags several years ago I had made in India and sold in boutiques and galleries. • Managed art galleries and help start up artist’s workshops and group sales • Volunteer to set up and facilitate interesting groups of tech people. Original board member of Tech Alliance of Central Oregon, and co-founder of WoTech (Women in Tech) to help build the tech infrastructure in Oregon. • Freelance writer for local newspapers in Oregon, The Bend Bulletin and The Eugene Register Guard  • Working on a radio show about women’s work/life balance with local business woman in Eugene, OR, who’s been doing a professional radio show for 15 years. Our goal is to syndicate to help build our brands nationally.       Quick Tip: I had an email from one of our friends this week about injuries.  She had a friend who was injured and wouldn’t go to the doctor because the doctor was going to tell them to stop running.  Her question was how to help her friend to come to grips with the injury?  Before I share my answer, it’s important to note that if you have the right doctor they won’t automatically tell you to stop running.  I’ve had the doctor say to me, “I know you’re not going to stop running, but here’s how you can keep running and treat this injury.” I’ve also had the doctor tell me, “You can keep running, but it will delay your recovery and you may do permanent damage.”  I go to a sports doctor so I know when he says you need to take 4 weeks off, I need to take 4 weeks off.  So – My brief answer was… Running is such a large part of your life, a personal part, losing it is like losing a friend.  You will go through the normal cycle of grieving.  Denial (your friend), anger, sadness, acceptance and learning.  Once you know this your big brain can cope.   Once you set your immediate goals aside and take the long view you can move ahead in a positive manner.  I like to think of time off as a "great gathering of strength".  Time off allows not only physical healing but allows you to put this thing, this running, this gift in perspective.  Hope this helps.  I’ve got a corollary or codicil to this advice, since I know many people are close to their target races, and this is the worst time to get injured.  I’ve been there.  Something pops or pulls on that last 20 mile long run 3 weeks before you race.   Don’t panic!  The good news is that you’ve got your training done, for the most part and you will carry the conditioning, even if you have to drastically reduce your mileage and effort for at least a month.   You’re not going to lose that much in those last weeks.  Just start your taper early and back off. You can’t cram or catch up – just take what you have and bring it to the race.   I have run some of my best races this way, because I go into the race afraid.  When I’m afraid I hold back in the first half of the race to make sure everything is going to hold.  In the process I end up naturally running negative splits, which is where you have your best performances.  So remember – don’t panic! Got your towel?  Outro: Ok folks that’s it you have floated aimlessly like an amorphic jelly fish through the ebbing tides of the runrunlive podcast – episode 138 in the can.   We have a couple excellent interviews coming up.  We talk to this crazy Australian guy Tristan Miller who got laid off so he decided to pitch it all and go run marathons around the world for a year.  He’s the kind of guy that I could have a blast hanging out and running with.   And after that we our interviewing our good friend Annie who’s going to share with us how running got her creative juices flowing and sparked her to take up writing again.  These are excellent examples of the awesome people we get to talk to on the runrunlive podcast.  Going forward I’ve got the WineGlass Marathon on October 3rd with Michael up in New York.  And of course Buddy and I are signed up for the World Wide Festival of races and you should too.  And you may have heard of the Mojo Loco spontaneous relay race in Florida in December that I’m running with a bunch of my social media friends.  That should be a hoot.  This time of year, every year, I try to caution my kids and all the other people in my world that I care about that it gets crazy for awhile.  Everyone is back from vacation, kids are back in school, people get busy at work and everything seems to just go crazy! Everything is urgent.  Everything is due now and people start getting stressed by the volume and strident nature of things that are falling out of the sky on them.   It’s ok.  It’s just that time of year.  You’ll be fine.  We’ll be fine.  The secret is to put your head down and keep moving forward.  Life sometimes is like an ultra…you just have to forget about the pressures and keep moving forward.  Remember what the Ultra-runners say: “CFM” continuous forward motion.  As long as you can keep moving forward you’ll get through ok.  So, wake up every day, decide to do your best to make a positive impact, smile and keep moving forward.  And I’ll see you out there.  Music tonight is a song called Michael and Anna by King Aparatus from the Podsafe music network and remember if you don’t like my music, you can go choose some and send them to me – I put a video up on my youtube feed that shows you how.  This song is two minutes and 30 seconds long, the perfect length for you, if you’re out running to pick it up into zone 3 or 4! Come on, work it! Enjoy your week!  Ciao!   Music: Podsafe Music Network: king_apparatus-michael_and_anne.mp3 the_jukes-little_cannonballs.mp3 the_robert_john_jenkins_set-bonesy_big_balls.mp3 Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

DATE: Sat, 11 Sep 2010
SIZE: 44.6 MB
Episode 137 – Dr Pietro Baio Chiropractor

Episode 137 – Dr Pietro Baio Chiropractor Show intro by: twitter account @frankkcrunner.  I will be running the Kansas City Marathon on Oct 16th - and the link Intro: Hello and welcome to the Red Rock and Creosote podcast – where we cover hiking tips and tricks for Sonoran Desert backpackers…Wait, no, what time zone am I in? Eastern?  Then this must be the RunRunLive Podcast your weekly dose of running inspiration, entertainment and information from me, Chris, your host.  And this would be episode 137.  Today we talk with Dr. Pietro Baio who treats al kinds of athletes, including runners, Mixed Martial Artistes and professional boxers.  I was out walking the Buddy the wonder dog when I was on the phone with him so there is a wind noise – but I did my best to personally edit it up as cleanly as possible and we hope you enjoy it and get some food for thought.  We have some other stuff sandwiched in there as well.  Interesting week for me so far.  I went ahead and raced the Wapack Trail Race last Sunday.  And I did well.  It was a comedy of errors that turned out ok and you can get a complete report on my newly re-designed website at  I’ll give you the short version.  I carefully packed all my racing stuff into my gear bag, including my shoes, the night before and then left it in the house.  I had my Dad drive up an old pair of my road shoes and raced anyhow.  Like I said, I did well.  This is a very tough, technical mountain race that goes out and back across 4 mountains.  Really pretty.  I started 3-5 minutes late because I had to wait for my shoes to arrive but managed to move up to 23rd or 24th place before the end and felt surprisingly strong.   Considering a month ago I wasn’t running more than 5 – 10 miles a week I’d have to call it outstanding.  I could barely walk on Monday and wasn’t much better on Tuesday! I think the strength work that Jeff has had me doing over the last couple of weeks allowed me to basically out-run my legs.  My core was stronger and I managed to over-do it without knowing it while I was doing it.  I fell down a lot too!  Net result was I was so sore for 2 days.  I tried to do a speed workout Tuesday and it was very evident that I wasn’t recovered enough – so I bailed.   Then I went into a cross country trip from Boston out to Orange County and manage to miss a couple days of working out due to 18 hours in airplanes.   It’s ok to miss a couple workouts, just don’t make it a precedent.  I’m going to race Doug (really not a runner’s) 5K in Worcester this weekend and see what that feels like.  I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a lot of speed back, but you never know until the gun goes off.  We call it the “race day miracle”.   According to my Garmin I did see a 5:39 pace briefly down at the track last week.  What the heck – it’s fun for me to be putting in some hard road work – I’m enjoying it.  It is a pleasant distraction amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy autumn.  I bought a new pair of ASICS Gel Nimbus. I’ve been wearing them around with my new orthotics to break both in.   That’s it for now – Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing.  On with the show! Audio clips in this episode: How to write a crappy Race Report… Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Story time: How to write a crappy race report.  Equipment Check: Featured Interview: Dr. Baio  Quick Tip: How to deal with mental rough spots in a work out.  - Two places o Long run o Speed session - Take a break o Stretch, drink - Smile - Visualize - Isolate  - Focus on form not speed. o Breathing, posture, cadence, relax , calm - Exponential – not linear - Learn to deal with discomfort.  - Breaking form.  - Scream – get mad.   Outro: Ok that’s it you’ve tripped and tumbled down the mountain that in the RunRunLive Podcast, Episode 137 in the can.   So what’s next on this little adventure of ours?  Like I said I’m going to test out a 5K this weekend.  Then the next thing is maybe another 5K but the biggest thing is the WineGlass marathon on October 3rd. I’m going to go up and run for fun with Michael form the Real Rookie running podcast.  Oh yeah and I’m running the Mojo-Loco with some of the other crazies in December.   And let’s not forget the World Wide Festival of Races.  If you want to run that with Buddy and I somewhere drop me a line – I’m signed up, but I don’t think I have any concrete plans I’d be glad to host a party somewhere.   I know I get some discomfort with the WWFOR when it comes off as some sort of cultish runner protests or something, but I Sign up and run the WWFOR. I do it because it makes a statement about our online running community and how strong it is.   I’m also going to attempt to get better than a 1:30 ½ Marathon sometime before January.  That’s probably my biggest goal.   I think my biggest hurdle to speed right now is losing 10-20 pounds.  I don’t know how you folks manage this calorie counting.  I mean I’ll go to the salad bar for lunch and load up all kinds of mixed leafy stuff and beans and antipasto – how do I sort out the calories on all that?  I’m just going to try to be smarter and see if I can make some progress.  I have my new website set up and I am posting at least once a week to my blog – which is separate content from the podcast.  But the podcast and show notes are posted there as well – so you can log in a leave comments.  I’m trying to get a newsletter started where I feature a member of the running community so that we get more people more connected.  That is part of the value I can provide as a nexus here is to connect people.   I was on the plane last night and I got upgraded to first class.  I don’t mind first class but I don’t drink and don’t eat airline food so all I really get is more space to work!  I was coming out of Salt Lake City.  There was this big Midwestern type dude sitting next to me, nice guy, probably a couple years my junior.   At one point he asked me if I was writing a book, because I was pounding out a race article for CoolRunning on my laptop.   At one point, this woman comes up from coach and brings him some chips and a sandwich and they chat.  But they are all over each other with lingering touches and kissy kisses.  Like cute horny teenagers.  Later I joked that he got upgraded and made his wife fly coach and bring him sandwiches.  He rejoined that she was joining him in Boston for the weekend and they were taking some a short holiday.  He went on to tell me that they had been married 29 years and had 7 kids so they really enjoyed when they could get out together.   What an interesting story.  I don’t know why, but that vignette gave me pause to think.   Interesting.  God bless ‘em… I’ll see you out there.  For out musinc tonight we were lucky enough to find a soneg by the_dandy_warhols on the podsafe music network called beast_of_all_saints.mp3 Race well this weekend – Ciao. Music: Podsafe Music Network: beast_with_a_gun-midni te_joint.mp3 3 the_dandy_warhols-the_dandy_warhols_-_beast_of_all_sa ints.mp3 Standard Links: http://www.runeratti.c om Http:// htt p:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 136 – Marshall Ulrich Ultra-Runner

Episode 136 – Marshall Ulrich Ultra-Runner Show intro by: Frank Salerno? Nope – D2 – Intro: Hello and welcome to the 136th episode of the world famous, nay…galactic and universally famous RunRunLive podcast – that’s right, the three-footed tripod race on alpha centuri has turned their antennae exclusively in our direction – or so I’ve been told by credible sources over at the Shock of the News podcast.   This is Chris, your host and I’ll keep it brief because we have a great show for you today with a lot of content to squeeze in.  Rich, chewy content.  I’m ok – I’ve been training under coach PRS for the last few weeks and he is kicking my tired old butt.  It was in the 90’s this week and I had some brutal workouts.  I’m not good in the heat.  My people are designed to dig ditches in the rain, in peat bogs, not run in the sun.   I ran today, it was close to 100 degrees and it darn near killed me to jog 8 miles.  I’m hoping for a break through in the next couple weeks. Waiting for the training effect to kick in.  Today we will speak with Marshal Ulrich who is a legend in the ultr-running world.  I think you’ll enjoy that.  We’ll also discuss a couple things that I was requested to discourse on.  How to mentally get through the BQ training and what’s up with orthodics? Time is going to be tight – so I’ll keep things moving along. On with the show! Audio clips in this episode: What the hell is 5k pace? Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: “Run a Marathon”  by resurrected Runner. St ory time: Text here Equipment Check: Orthotics!   I have a confession to make.  You want the truth?!?  You can’t handle the truth!  Yeah – my name is Chris and I’m a heel striker.  And I supponate mildly when I transition.  And – I know I shouldn’t, but I like shoes.  There, I’ve said it. Don’t hate me.  By the way 80% of the population is the same as me so you can come out of the closet now.  So – anyhow… I’ve been wearing orthotics in my shoes since I tore both achilles tendons in the 2002-3003 season.   I know my body.  I stretch I watch my form, but when I get up over 40 miles a week on the road, especially with hard long efforts, like the coach has me doing now, my achilles flair up.  So in other words my achilles are a-killin-me. The one was for Charlie.  So this week I went and got new orthotics.  My old ones wore out and I haven’t really been wearing them since the early spring.  I was seeing what would happen.  Now I know! So – if you are having chronic foot or leg pain you can move to Chihuahua to run with caballo blanco and the tiramisu Indians or you could consider seeing an orthopedist and get some orthotics.  Here are some things to consider: 1. Find an orthopedist with the word “Sports” in his title.  Don’t go to the Dr. who treats little old ladies.  My guy treats the Boston Celtics.  2. Bring a couple old pair of running shoes with you so the Dr. can see the wear patterns.  3. Have him or her write you a prescription of orthotics. It may be covered by your health insurance, but even if it isn’t, it’s worth the $200.  4. They take a couple weeks to break in and don’t hesitate to bring them back for adjustment if they don’t feel right.  5. Remember that your feet and your mechanics change over time so you can periodically go in and get checked by the orthopedist to make sure everything is still good.  The tech will heat up some foam, have you stand in it – that makes an impression of your foot and then sculpt it to the specifications in the Dr’s prescription.   That’s what orthotics are.  Might be worth considering, after you get back from Mexico.    Featured Interview: Description here Links Quick Tip: I had a friend ambush me on Google chat today asking about how to mentally get through his Boston qualifying campaign.  He said he knows he can do it but struggles to keep the negative thoughts out when the training gets tough.  He said don’t just tell me not to think about it.  Give me some strategies to get through it.  When I ran my first marathon, it kicked my …well it crushed me.  I was demoralized for a couple days, but then I got mad.  Because I knew I could do it and I was mad I didn’t give it my best shot.  My failure did not fit into my self-image as a runner.  It caused mental pressure.  And that mental pressure, whether you want to call it negative or positive pressure made me take action towards going back and qualifying.   My question to you is how do you get that mental pressure?  How do you get that leverage on yourself?  If you can’t find it, perhaps you can manufacture it.  You can perform a little classic neuro-lingustic programming on yourself.  Basically make a list of all the good stuff your will get when you accomplish the goal and a list of all the bad stuff that you will feel if you give up on the goal.  Put yourself emotionally in these lists to create the positive and negative pressure that will force you to move away from the pain and towards the pleasure.  There are plenty of books on how to do this. But it wears off so you have to reinforce it over time.  But before you jump into a qualifying campaign I think it is worthwhile to address any self doubt or self esteem issues you may have.  Your big brain can make you do something but if subconsciusly you don’t believe you can do it you may sabotage your own efforts.   You want to make sure you’re bringing you’re a game.  You know that if you force yourslef to do something you won’t get the best results.  You know this.  When I force my kids to do something, like clean their room, when I invoke the “because I said so” clause…they may do it but they’ll do it slowly and not do it well.  But, when it’s something they want to do, they are entirely different, and whatever it is gets done quickly and well.  It’s the same with you.  When you force yourself to do something that you aren’t 100% commmitted to you will invoke physical and mental resistance – some might call this the evolutionary prey response – you won’t bring you’re a game because you’ll be subconsciously holding back or sabotaging. But if you can voluntarily commit to a goal you recruit a whole other set of positive and creative resources.  You manifest success in that belief, in that goal.   So before you launch into that training program, that goal pursuit, make sure you’ve gotten out of your own way.  You have to commit.  You have to believe.  You have to generate that passion that will allow you to set your fears aside and bring those positive resources to bear when it gets hard.  There is an interesting mental trick some people use called the 100% rule.  It works like this; when you make your decision you commit 100%.  Like a marriage.  You put all other possibilities aside.  There is only one reality.  This is a way to keep your subconscious from trying to renegotiate the deal.  Hope that helps.  And I’m neither a psychiatrist or a philosopher poet – so do your own research hopefully you can use some of these leads to find your specific solution for you.  Outro: Ok – that’s it you’ve stumbled through the heat and battled the darkening sun of another RunRunLive podcast – episode 136 in the can.  I know we’ve ranged far afield today – and I’m not done yet – but hopefully there is some pearl of value that you can pry from this audio mud.  Next week we have an interview with a chiropractor from Brooklyn who works with professional boxers.  I haven’t edited the audio yet – but it should be interesting.  As I was driving around today I got to thinking about the relationship between order and chaos in our lives.   I tweeted a Taoist maxim that a fulfilling life may only be lived on the border between order and chaos.  I think this is relevant to our running lives, because for many of us running brings order.  The rhythm and discipline of training sorts our minds and bodies and sets things right.  Some of our community have come to running as a valid replacement for drugs, alcohol, depression and eating disorders.  It brings order to their chaos.  I have been known to say that my running turns my daemons into muses.  If you look closely at the symbol of the ying and the yang and how it balances chaos and order, you can see the white paisley has a black dot in it and the black paisley has a white dot because the philosophers knew that within order there is the seed of chaos and vice versa.  One of the truly thrilling things about our humanity is our ability to manifest patterns into apparent chaos and, as well to manifest chaos into previously inert, ordered systems and structures.  It’s cool.  The mistake people make is to strive for a life that has no chaos.  A life without any chaos is boring.  It leads to no growth and no personal innovation.   This is why some of us move beyond the order of running and training and move into the adventurous chaos of ultras and ironman events.  Each race has the seeds of the unknown in it.  We set it into orderly motion with our training and then release it into chaos with our events and it is thrilling! It brings that growth, that unknown, that seed of chaos.  So, A life well lived is on the border of chaos and order. Once you inderstand this, and stop fearing chaos you can use it and embrace it as part of your plans. You can order the chaos to your advantage and growth.  You can cage the dragon.  A life well lived is cognizant of chaos, astride the border, one foot in the known and one in the unknown. And the cool part is that you, my friends get to draw that line.  And when you do go hunting dragons, you’ll see me out there!   Music: Podsafe Music Network: muna_zul-abismo.mp3&nb sp; muna_zul-los_secretos_del_agua.mp3 muna_zul-little_ italy.mp3 erick-teste.mp3 Standard Links: http://www.runeratti.c om Http:// htt p:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 135 – Rob Walch from Libsyn

  Episode 135 – Rob Walch from Libsyn Show intro by: Sheila King Twitter - @sheswimbikerun Intro: Hello, and welcome to the coniferous study podcast, the podcast where we celebrate the mighty evergreens of North America…The Pine, the Spruce and the regal Fir… No wait that’s my arboretum club podcast – this is the RunRunLive podcast where we strive to entertain, inform and inspire the running community.  This is Chris your host and we have a good show for you today.  Holla, que paso mi amigos y amigas?  Bon jour mon amis, como se va?  We’re chatting with Rob Walch who is in charge of podcasting over at Libsyn.  Libsyn is the podcast hosting service owned by Wizard Media that many of us host our shows on.  Of all the technology companies in the food chain of podcasting that I have had to deal with Libsyn has been one of the best in terms of giving me what I need and not wasting my time.  And they are not paying me to say that.  But there is something wrong with this interview.  I want you to listen closely and tell me what you think it is.  I’ll tell you at the end of the show.  We also will put in a funny song by Collin and a parody skit with Joe Bears if we have room.  I’m back to work and travel.  It’s ok I don’t vacation well.  When I’m on vacation I feel like I’m unemployed.   Makes me crazy.   I’ve been following a plan by CoachPRS the last week or so and I am sore.  He’s got me doing core workouts and pretty big miles for just having started again.  Do you remember that first week of practice in high school sports?  Remember you were supposed to get in shape over the summer but didn’t?  And they threw you into these conditioning workouts?  Remember how sore you were?  That’s how sore I am.  And it feels good.  I think it’s great timing for me to build some strength and get out of my comfort zone so I’m all in.   To offend the metaphor by prtracting it unnecessarily.  I also like the start to a training campaign the visceral way I liked the beginning of a new sports season.  The smell of the hockey rink and the choes of the pucks off the boards in that cavernous cold place.  The closed in sweat of adolescent exertion on the mats in the wrestling room.  The place where teenage boys would be ground into a new form – that of terrible wiry things that could not be knocked down. These things have a physical and mental season to them that you miss once freed from the rigors of school.  My spring, summer and fall campaigns have that nostalgia to them. And then it starts to hurt, and I wonder at the meaning and usefulness of a life partly spent dashing about, running away or towards something. I don’t know.  Like the Jesuits I find the work itself to maybe glorify a solitary life.  I got my HR monitor today.  Someone was giving one away so I took it.  I was over at the Mall this morning getting new batteries.  I got a new battery for my honeymoon Seiko watch.  This is a watch I bought on my honeymoon in 1985.  It is an analog watch and it’s funny how not too many people can read an analog watch anymore.   I got a new battery for the HR monitor – so now I have to see if it works.  I ran a 14 miler with Devo and the other Brian, code name “Silent Assassin” from the Goon squad.  We knocked out a bunch of sub-8 miles no problem.   But I tried to do a 10 mile progression run on rolling hills this morning and that quad fatigue came back and bit me.   So that’s what CoachPRS and I are working on.  And I’ve taken up far too much of your valuable time with my mindless prattle so on with the show! Audio clips in this episode: Audio from Atlanta Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Swamp-A$$ fever – by the resurrected Runner Hello this is kim Sheady the eounder and captain of Team Stink – dedicated to ending the unfair labor practices of the modern road race.  Today I’m going to make a call to a Mr. Russell.  He’s the Race Director of a certain raod race and we’ve uncovered some amazing labor violations.  We’re going to confront him and see if we can shame him into taking action.    Phone ringing C: “Yeh Hello, this is Chris” K: Mr. Russell? C: Yeah? K: Mr. Russell this is Sheady from Team Stink and we’d like to ask you a few questions about your road.  C: Umm Sure…what can I do for you?  K: Is it true that you have workers there that spend an entire weekend working on your race and don’t get paid anything? C: Well, yeah, they’re volunteers… K: Have you ever tried to live in Groton Massachusetts on nothing?   I tried once and I starved… C: But they’re volunteers…? K: is it true that some of these workers bring their families with them to the job site?  Even toddlers and babies? C-: Well, Yeah, lots of people bring their kids, it’s a family friendly event… K: isn’t it also true that you recruit underage high school students for manual labor and pay them nothing?  C: Well, yeah we have school kids come and work for community service credits, we get the scouts too and the high school track team.  K: So, you admit to taking children out of school, away from their academics, denying them a future for your schemes? K: When are you going to remedy these labor injustices and start providing a living wage?  C: We can’t pay our volunteers…Nobody gets paid, I don’t get’s all volunteer. K: Clearly you have no concept of the scope of the injustices you’re perpetrating, but maybe some small steps to start…Can you commit to any compensation for these workers?  C: Sure – we have coffee and donuts in the morning, then sandwiches at lunch and everybody gets a T-shirt.  K: We here at Team Stink applaud your baby steps, but we won’t rest until fair compensation, a living wage – is paid to these workers and all the oppressed race workers in the world.  C: OK man, you do that, It was nice chatting with you.      Story time: Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Rob Walch Wizard Media   http://fa   Also, we have started a new blog on -   Quick Tip: Coach Jeff has me doing a lot of core work outs.  His theory as an exercise physiologist is that your overall strength has a great impact on your running performance.   If you break down the total body workouts he has me doing they are focused on the core but also touch the legs, chest, shoulders and arms.  If you look at any traditional weightlifting routine you’ll find the same thing except it won’t emphasize the core as much.    The other thing Jeff is doing is he creates the strength workouts as aerobic workouts.  Low weight, hi reps and no resting – continuous movement throughout the set so your heart rate stays elevated and you work up a sweat.  Like a traditional aerobics class.   So it is something like legs, core, chest, core, shoulders, core, arms, and core with 3 exercise in each chunk no stopping.  Great exercise.  But here is where my tips come in.  Whenever you start a program like this it is going to take 3-4 weeks for your body to adapt to what is going on.  Because you don’t’ have the strength and balance yet you will be tempted to use bad form to get the reps done.  You should not do this.  Have patience.  Your body will come around.  Keep your back straight and your core strong.  Don’t twist or bend to complete a rep.  Use less weight, move more slowly and do fewer reps until you get used to it.   Like everything else, form is very important.  Don’t swing the weights. If they require that momentum then your using too much.  Try not to tense your neck.   Weights and aerobics are great but don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily out of the gate.  Learn the movements and do them cleanly.  Your body will eventually catch up and you can do them cleanly with balance and strength and get that great work out you need to take you to the next level.  Outro: Well that is it! You have swung your axe and cut a swath through the gnarled thicket, the copse of infotainment that is the runrunlive podcast, episode 135 in the can.  So – did you figure out what was wrong with the audio?  I actually am running a little experiment and hired a virtual assistant in India.  And that was Narthan’s first attempt to edit an interview for me.  Not too bad but the editing was a little tight and he or could be she, I’ve never talked to them in the flesh, took out every single breath in the interview.  So you may have had the uncomfortable feeling that Rob and I were not breathing at all…  Yes I’m not joking I hired a virtual assistant in India as an experiment to do some of my admin work.   If you’re willing to work for $5 an hour and have excellent English skills, I’ll try you out! I’m not kidding.  The thinking is that there are certain things I do that have no real added value and couls be done by anyone but there are other things that I am capable of, like creating compelling content that add tremendous value and I should only do those things.  Interesting, huh?  So how are you all doing now?  Getting to close to your target races in the fall?  Getting nervous?  Good for you!  I got great feedback on the race report episode last week so from now on I’m only going to talk about me.  Me Me me me me! Heh heh … Hey I got interviewed by one of our twitter running friends for an article in USA today.  That’s kinda cool… ok… Enough about me… next week we talk to Marshall Ulrich who is a famous ultra-runner.  Big things, big thoughts and big ideas… I tried to remember some closing thoughts for you, but it’s late and all those grand schemes and latticework philosophies that were constructed in my head during my runs this week have fled.  So I’ll leave you with an anonymous quote. “Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” Enjoy your week.  Drop me a line and share your thoughts with me.  And I’ll see you out there.  Music tonight is some blues for you-hollywood_blue_flames-my_national_enquirer_baby.mp3 Music: hollywood_blue_flames-my_national_enquirer_baby .mp3 Clash – Radio Clash Bubble - Hollywood Standard Links: Podsafe music samples - ht tp:// Http:// http://Gr Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804 Tags Running  Podcast, Running Blog, marathon, triathlon, mileage, sprinting, run, track, training, running clubs, running groups, running shoes, exercise, health, 5k, running, swimming, sports, injuries, stretching, eating, jogging, biking, trail race, 5K, 10K, Ultramarathon, jogging a good exercise, road runner, jogging tips, benefits of jogging, free running, running shoes, marathon training, running, jogging, health and fitness, runners, runner, boston qualification, Marathon BQ, boston marathon  

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Episode 135a – Wilderness 101 Race Report

Episode 135a  – Wilderness 101 Race Report Show intro by: @GutToCut Geeks in Running Shoes Podcast Intro: Hello and welcome to episode 135a of the parasitic brain control device known as the RunRunLive Podcast.  I am back from vacation with a special report.  It’s a special race report episode. Now, this is a bit out of character for me I usually don’t do race reports because after reading a few hundred of them I realized that they are all mostly the same and in general exercises in vanity – which I struggle mightily to eschew on the RunRunLive Podcast – because it’s should be something you learn and gain value from not just an exercise in mental self-stimulation by yours truly.  (Hey! That was a 65 word sentence, cool, Nabokov and Tolkein would be proud) But I digress...  So I’m making an exception because a) it was an interesting experience, b) I had the time to write it up well and c) it made a pretty compelling audio and d) I think you can learn form it and hopefully take some value away.   Before we get started – a little house keeping.  Ashley from MS runthe US who has been on the show a couple times and is a superhero; she is currently in Illinois, I think on her run from CA to NYC.  She will be in Boston for the day to present at: Here are the details for the Speaker Series event next Wednesday 8/25. Location: City Sports, 480 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116. Please arrive by 5:30 pm -6pm talk begins, intro on yourself, training, hydration -6:30pm Q&A, refreshments We will provide refreshments, goody bags, and a one night only shopping discount for all who attend your event.  So if you’re around go see Ashley! Second house keeping item…If you, your parents or anyone in your family is allergic to bee stings please throw a couple of Benadryl in your pocket while your out running.  I don’t like my friends to die for stupid reasons and the bees are mental this time of year.  Both the guys I was running with this weekend got stung. So – be safe out there, especially on the trails.  Trainiing, Training, Training – I checked off my bike race so it’s back to running…Yay!  I eased back into it over the last couple vacation weeks.  I followed the 10% rule. I ran around 3 miles the week of the race and the next week I ran 30 miles, one decimal place…that’s 10%, right?  Got some nice beach and trail running in and have been trying to get reacquainted with the track.  I hooked up with Jeff Kline CoachPRS – to go through a HR training plan, meaning training for speed based on heart rate.  So I’ll tell you two funny stories about, well actually, about the first two days.   The first day he sends me a Abs Core work out video by Diane.  And I’m watching this thing and it all seems pretty reasonable, so I scribble some notes and head off to the corporate fitness center in the complex.  I get myself a little yoga mat and a big ball and try to do this series of Ab exercises.  It is hilarious.  I am so uncoordinated and non-flexible that I can’t so any of them really. If you came upon me unknowing during that attempt your would think I was suffering from a Taser attack or an epileptic fit.  It felt good but I’ve got a long learning curve to go.  Now the second day Jeff tells me he needs me to do a MAX HR test.  He says warm up well and run a mile all-out than take your heart rate right then – that’s your max heart rate.  So being the over achiever that I am, I figure I’ll do a 5 mile track work out and have it peak with an all-out 1600 to get Jeff his Max-HR data.   I went down to the track with D2 who is trying to get in shape for Field Hockey season. Here’s the data: In the morning before my coffee my resting pulse is 36 BPM.  In the car on the way to the track resting pulse is 42 BPM – (understand that I’m letting D2 drive on her learners permit and that may affect my pulse)  Ran a warm up 1600 at a 7:30 pace pulse is 132 ok now we’re getting somewhere Ran a tempo 1600 at 6:44 pace, pulse is 156 – yeah progress.  Ran a fast tempo 1600 at 6:22, butpulse drops back down to 132, huh?  Now keep in mind that I’m checking my pulse by looking at my watch and holding my fingers against my throat and counting.  So now the dreaded all-out max heart rate 1600.  I light off at a 6:00 flat pace but by the first 400 my legs are giving out.  I should not have warmed up so much.  I briefly consider bailing out, but I committed so I gut it out,  losing my mechanics and my speed but keeping the effort up. I come into the last lap wheezing and flailing and generally looking like I’m going to expire.  I push the last 200 all the way into and through the red, cross the line, hold my fingers to the big vein and realize that the sun has set and I can no longer read my watch.  And I can’t turn the light on without my other hand and I’m close to death.  So I’m cursing out loud that I just put every thing I had into that 1600 and can’t read my damn watch for the Max HR.  So I call D2 over and tell her, I’m going to do another 400 and when I cross the line and say “one” you time off 10 second with my watch.   Back on the track. Legs shattered. I push another all-out effort around cross the line, hold my finger to my neck and yell ‘one’…….then time goes by and she doesn’t say anything and eventually I’m like “what happened?” and she says “Didn’t you hear me?” No – I didn’t hear her I had the ear-buds in and all I could hear was my heart beating. So some more cursing and I tell her to scream it out this time and I’m off on ANOTHER all-out max HR 400.  My form is in total shambles at this point and I fear for my connective tissue but I do manage to get a reading and it’s 180 BPM Max.  Man what a crazy work out.  I’m really curious to see what the data says about me.  That’s it – on with the show!       Audio clips in this episode: Various clips from the race weekend. Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Parody from the Resurrected Runner Colin Story time: Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Wilderness 101 race report.    Quick Tip: Ok folks my tip for you today is when things get very tough in a race you can mentally leave.  You can disassociate your brain from your body.  You can create a fictional mental world and go hang out in it for awhile while your body continues to slave away in the race.   Go to a happy place.  One of the things I’ll do is to picture that I’m riding on a magic carpet.  My body is just flying down the road.  I’m not actually running at all.  Another thing I’ll do is think about a time when I was running and I was strong and fresh and filled with joy.  I’ll visualize that and put myself in that run.  Go ahead and practice this.  It will come in handy in long races.    Outro: Ok folks that is it – you have ridden, dragged, pedaled, pushed and suffered through another episode of the runrunlive podcast.  Episode 135a in the can. I’ve got some great interviews coming up.  I interview the Rob Walch who is an executive over at Wizard Media, the company that owns Libsyn where I host my podcast and many others do.  We talk about podcasting and I think you’ll find it quite interesting where the podcasting social media vehicle is heading.  I also have Marshall Ulrich a very famous ultra-runner who has won Badwater 4 times among a host of other amazing things.  I’ve got Dr. Pietro Baio who is a chiropractor for boxers in NYC and I’ve got Julie who runs the ‘Chubby Mommy’ running club.  And much much more.   Dancing bears, trained llamas, you name it – we’re on a roll.  So I’m working on my new website and if you want to see a Beta version go to I’ve got the race report up on the blog with some pictures.   I’m working on loading all the back episodes of the podcast in with show notes and it has been quite an archeological expedition.  It’s fun to listen to me learning how to do things, training for an ultra and all sorts of stuff that brings the memories flooding back.  Feel free to click around, but don’t expect everything to work.  If you find a broken link or have a suggestion let me know.    I’m going to attempt an actual written blog to capture some of the other things rattling around in my head that just don’t fit into the podcast.  We’ll see how it goes!  I’m going to start a newsletter I’m tentatively called ‘the RunRunLive Mercury’ and I want to take the connections in our community to the next level.  I want to profile a member of the community, a charity and maybe a race in each one so people can start to connect and build their networks – I think this matches my mission of spreading the word and getting people out there.  I came across a couple good quotes this week – First one is “Success is often measured by comparison to others. Excellence, on the other hand, is all about being the best we can be and maximizing our gifts, talents and abilities to perform at our highest potential.”  I think that’s cool and it explains how folks like me and you who are passionate about something can exert so much energy into it without any expectation of actually winning anything.  The real success, for me, is not standing on the podium, but knowing that I competed to the best of my ability within my resources.  That’s maximizing my potential.  It doesn’t matter what the other 26,000 people in the race do, it’s how I respect my abilities by doing the best I can.  I’m a little uncomfortable with today’s race report because I didn’t perform to the best of my abilities per se, I just suffered.  And while I believe the ability to suffer is important, I do not see suffering as a noble or worthwhile goal in itself.  That topic will make an excellent blog post, no? The next quote I got was: "Do not wait; the time will never be "just right." Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."-- Napoleon Hill  This is so important to us.  We have to rush in, to jump in before we are ready.  Time will never be right.  You will learn more by jumping in than planning it all out.  Is there risk of failure? Yeah, of course, but no more than the risk of sitting where you are.  And failure is not absolute.  You can fail a little and end up in a much better place through the learning, growth and experience that it forces on you.  But do not go into it with an expectation of failure, have an “Expectation of success”.   If you have a committed expectation of success and are comfortable with your own self esteem failure will manifest as success for you.    So, jump in! Don’t sit on the shore waiting for rescue, start swimming out to meet your personal manifestation of success.   And those won’t be Great White Sharks that will be me out there with you.  Music tonight is Voodoo Woman by Koko Taylor – A little Blues for you to lighten up the mood a little.    Music: Let the bodies hit the floor by Drowning Pool Rancid – Dead Bodies koko_taylor-voodoo_woman.mp3 Standard Links: http://www.runeratti.c om Http:// htt p:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 134 – Mike Wardian – USA Ultra-Runner

  Episode 134 – Mike Wardian – USA Ultra-Runner Show intro by: Kassy who is our vacation guest host. Intro: Hello and welcome to the second week of the RunRunLive vacation edition.  This is Chris not your host again.  Today we have some great new voices for you.  Thank you Kassy for the intro and the cool peppy interview intro.  And thank you to Elma who is a friendly voice with an intriguing outro.  I’ll be back in the saddle next week with a special Wilderness 101 race report show that I think you are going to really love.  I had the time to wrap my head around it and write it up so I think it will hang together.  So I’ve re-designed my website, I’ve built and framed a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle (took me 16 hours), had some lobsters and steamers, spent some time with family, read a novel “The White Tiger” by Aravind Ardiga while lying in the hammock, I’ve run every day on beaches and in parks and I’m ready to get back to the real world.  I miss the battle. Oh and the final item on my todo list was to get a nice sunburn which I accomplished today.  Audio clips in this episode: Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: “Ask a Runner” Skit – Written by Chris, Performed by Collin… Story time: Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Mike Wardian /wiki/Michael_Wardian Michael Wardian (born April 12, 1974) is known primarily as an American marathoner andultra-marathoner. He won the 2008, 2009 and 2010 US 50 km championships.[1] In 2008, he won the U.S. National 100 km championship.[2] Wardian also is the 2007 JFK 50 Mile winner, and won the National Marathon in Washington D.C. three consecutive years (2006-2008), and in 2010.[3][4][5] Wardian is known for the vast number of marathons he participates in. During a 45 day span in 2006, Wardian won four out of five marathons he raced.[6] In 2007, he ran 13 marathons (not including ultra-marathons), and seven marathons in a span of nine weeks (winning three).[7]March 2008 saw Wardian win the National Marathon in Washington D.C. on a Saturday, and then finish third at a marathon in Knoxville, Tennessee the very next day.[8] In 2008, Wardian ran a total of 53 races.[9] In addition to the national and global races he participates in, Wardian can frequently be seen running in local races around the Washington D.C. area.[10] Wardian held the world record for fastest marathon while pushing a jogging stroller from May 2007 to November 2009.[3][11] He set the record at the 2007 Frederick Marathon with a time of 2:42:21. The record was broken at a duel at the 2009 Route 66 marathon by Zac Freudenburg, whose 2:32:10 time beat Wardian's 2:34:37 time.[11] Wardian also was a former record holder of the fastest Marathon on a treadmill.[3] He qualified and participated in the 2004 and 2008 Men's Olympic Marathon trials.[6] Some of the notable ultra-marathons Wardian has completed include the Marathon des Sables, the Western States Endurance Run, the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race and the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run.[9][12][13] The United States Track and Field Association named Wardian the 2008 and 2009 Ultra Runner of the year.[9][14] In November 2009, Wardian finished third in the IAU World 50K championships held on the island of Gibraltar.[15] In 2010, Wardian finished third at the Marathon des Sables in 23 hours 1 minute 3 seconds, which was the best time ever by an American.[16] On July 1 2010, Wardian set the record for fastest indoor 200-meter track marathon record, with a time of 2:27:21.[17] When asked in April 2009 why he competes in so many races, Wardian said: A lot of people say, "Oh, you could be a 2:12 guy or a 2:14 guy if you just focused on one race a year, or two races a year and really built up." And I think the counter argument is that you could get hurt and you wouldn't have any races a year. There are so many opportunities out there and, I love to toe the line. I love to see what I can do and just push the limits and try and experiment with myself. I like that people can look at me, and say, "Wow, if that guy can do 13 marathons a year and do pretty well maybe I can do one." I think a lot of people can relate to that. Like, that guy works a real job. He's not a professional runner.[18] He is a graduate of Oakton High School and Michigan State University, where he played for the lacrosse team.[10] Wardian did not run competitively until after college.[19] He lives in Arlington, Virginia, is a vegeterian[16], and works as an International Shipbroker. Wardian charted the cargo that was on the Maersk Alabama when it was hijacked in April 2009.[18]   Quick Tip: Well – I’ve got a vacation tip for you.  Running on the beach.  It’s a great work out.  If you’ve been curious how to experience barefoot running – running on the beach may be your best bet.  The soft sand is low impact and forces you up onto your forefoot.   I find the best place to run is the wet, firm sand just in the surf line where the water laps, but not in the water itself.  You will occasionally come across a patch of soft sand or chased by the surf into a softer bit of beach and your feet sink in.  You just have to work harder.  Try not to fight it.  Try to land on your forefoot, run tall and flick your feet up behind your, keep your back straight and run upright – don’t slouch.  Take it easy, you’re going to go slow.  Don worry about the time or the pace just smile and enjoy.    Outro: Hey so I’ll be back in the saddle next week with the Wilderness Race report.  Music tonight is an opportunity for you to pick up the pace a little and leg out some tempo.  Ready?  2 and half minutes.  Push your Heart Rate into high zone 4.  Ready.  Let’s punk it out to made_in_china by figment.  Go!    Music: bift-criminal.mp3 chris_b estwick-chinatown.mp3 figment-made_in_china.mp3 Standar d Links: http://www.runeratti.c om Http:// htt p:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804  

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Episode 133 – Beth Moore –

Episode 133 – Beth Moore – Show intro by: Charlie white as the guest host for the vacation show.  CEWTWO Intro: Charlie is running the show today – and I’m on vacation! Audio clips in this episode: Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Story time: Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Beth Moore – – Women’s running site.  Quick Tip: Outro: Music: Little Boy Blue by Hollie Cole Standard Links: http://www.runeratti.c om Http:// htt p:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 132 – Lex’s Run with Doug (ReallyNotARunner)

Episode 132 – Lex’s Run Show intro by: JBad  Twitter = RunJBadRun Intro: Hello And welcome to the RunRunLive Podcast – This is Chris your host and I’m getting ready to take off for another whirlwind adventure of sorts.  Welcome to Episode 132.  We’ve got a great show for you today.  I talk to a friend of the community; Doug about his 5k road race that he started with his wife and how he has become a runner through their challenges.  It’s a great story of how you can take a challenge and turn it around to create a good thing.   Which is an  interesting side note…it’s an old aphorism to look for the silver lining, but the folks we talk to week after week have either taken to the road to combat external challenges or created their own internal challenges to get them out the door.  Either way they are taking using that sometimes negative pressure as positive pressure to move in a positive direction to literally take a positive step and in many cases a positive leap.  And that’s what I like about our community.  You don’t sit around and complain you get off the couch, face adversity squarely and rage against the dying of the light.  Woah…sorry to start you off with that deep session.   I’m finishing up some things this morning and I’m off on a quick business trip to California tomorrow, then as soon as I get back I’m turning it around and heading down to PA with Dan and Tom for the Wilderness 101 mountain bike race – should be fun.   After the wilderness I want to get my running legs back under me.  Here’s my race schedule for the fall so far… I’ll put links in the show notes.  First on September 5th I’m going to run the Wapack Trail race.  This is a great race and I would challenge you to run it with me.  It starts at the Windblown Ski area in New Ipswich New Hampshire and follows the Wapack trail, which is part of the Midstate trail and connects the Appalachian Trail.  It’s an out and back race of about 16.5 to 17 miles that crosses 4 medium size mountains.  If you’re in marathon shape for the fall or need a good challenging long run, this is an awesome race.   On Sept 12th I’m going to try to get out to Worcester to run Lex’s run that we talk about here.  On Sept 25th I’m going to join my club in our traditional run around Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire at the Winnipesauke Relay.  This is an 8-person relay, fairly challenging and very pretty.  If anyone wants to run it, reach out to me because we usually are looking for people.  It’s an all-day Saturday race.  The next day, Sept 26th is the Littleton 5K in my town that I’m sort of obligated to run.  Big news here, I’ve signed up for the WineGlass marathon in upstate NY to run with Michael from Real Rookie running on October 3rd.  Should be interesting.  The weekend of October 10th is still open for me and that’s the World Wide Festival of races weekend so we’ll see what’s up then.  The following weekend I may run BayState or Baltimore, the full or the half, I don’t know yet.  Then October 24th is the Groton Town Forest Race.  This is a trail race in West Groton that runs through the Town Forest and is one of my favorites.  They’ve got a 3ish and a 9ish mile race.   That’s what I have on the calendar so far…we’ll see how that works out.  Of course this is all subject to cancellation by family or work obligations, but I feel pretty good about getting back into running shape and hope to capitalize on some of the speed I got back in the spring.  I’m off to race and then vacation.  I hope you are doing well and fighting the good fight.   On with the Show! Wapack Trail Race Sunday, September 5, 2010, 9:00 a.m. Course Description: The new Wapack race route is 18.0 miles.  The course is an out-and-back that follows the Wapack Trail between New Ipswich, NH and Ashburnham, MA. There are four major mountains in between: Barrett, New Ipswich, Pratt, and Watatic, from north to south.  Total climb and total descent are each about 7,500 feet.  On a clear day, you can see for miles, including stunning views of Mt. Monadnock to the northwest, if you have the presence of mind.   This is a very tough trail race.  Don’t attempt it unless you are in excellent shape.  The Wapack is generally well marked by yellow triangles that you will need to follow using your own powers of observation. Lex’s Run Everyone is invited to come out and participate in the 2010 Lex’s Run 5K for the MDA. This event is open to anyone and everyone of all ages and fitness levels, there will be a ¼ mile "fun" run for the kids beforehand. Although, the event is a race, we encourage participation by everyone and walker's are welcomed! This year we are debuting our USATF Certified Course! It's a moderately challenging course with a good mix of flats and hills, roads and trails. We are also rolling-out our on-line registration through to make things easier for all of our runners and walkers. And as this is a charity event, in order to increase fundraising this year... Our top fundraiser will receive a nice prize package! And we're making it easy by providing everyone with their own individual fundraising web-page that will assist our runner's and walker's in leveraging social media and their network of friends and family to meet fundraising goals!    Winnepesauke Relay tm You don’t want to miss one of the most scenic relays in New England!! The Fred Brown Lake Winnipesaukee relay is a 65.1-mile counter clockwise loop. The relay goes around the largest lake in New England. You will not want to miss the beginning of the fall foliage season. There are beautiful views of mountains and the lake along this course. Littleton 5k - • Sunday, September 26, 2010 • This event will be held rain or shine! • 2:00 pm - One Mile Fun Run (all ages welcome) 2:30 pm - 5K Race (walkers welcome) Both races will start and finish at Fay Park, 20 Foster Street, Littleton, MA. Directions and Parking: Take I-495 to exit 30. Travel east on Route 110/2A for 0.5 miles. Parking will be available in four marked lots on Route 110/2A. Number pickup is on race day at Fay Park, from 12 noon to 15 minutes before start of each race.   13th Annual Groton Town Forest Trail Races est-trail-.shtml The courses are well marked, tour the scenic Groton Town Forest, and have no road crossings. They are a combination of narrow dirt roads and winding single lane trails, with lots of roots, rocks, leaves, uphills, and downhills. The hills are not large (though some are steep) but they offer a distinct challenge. Audio clips in this episode: Chris last ride Exerpt from Shock of the News Podcast.  Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: WSCRC – Well Shod Carnivorous Running Club Marathon song by Colin Story time: Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Doug – “ReallyNotARunner”  Lex’s Run Everyone is invited to come out and participate in the 2010 Lex’s Run 5K for the MDA. This event is open to anyone and everyone of all ages and fitness levels, there will be a ¼ mile "fun" run for the kids beforehand. Although, the event is a race, we encourage participation by everyone and walker's are welcomed! This year we are debuting our USATF Certified Course! It's a moderately challenging course with a good mix of flats and hills, roads and trails. We are also rolling-out our on-line registration through to make things easier for all of our runners and walkers. And as this is a charity event, in order to increase fundraising this year... Our top fundraiser will receive a nice prize package! And we're making it easy by providing everyone with their own individual fundraising web-page that will assist our runner's and walker's in leveraging social media and their network of friends and family to meet fundraising goals!  Quick Tip: • Boston Qualification tips episode #9 – handling the Peak weeks.  Outro: Ok Folks that’s it you have Ridden YOUR Motobecane 29er to the end of another 101 mile episode of the RunRunLive Podcast.  Episode 132 in the can.  Upcoming shows include interviews with Mike Wardian team USA ultra runner, Beth Moore from the women’s running site Traxee, Marshall Ulrich a really famous ultra-endurance athlete who has run the Ultra-marathon grand slam plus 2  a bunch of times, has won Badwater 4 times and a whole bunch of other amazing stuff and finally I also interviewed the dude who runs the podcasting department at Wizard Media (Libsyn) and we chat all about podcasts, advertising and marketing.  I’m going on vacation for two weeks and there will be some guest hosts on the next couple of shows. Should be fun.  While I’m on vacation I’m going to get my website re-done at and I’m putting together some other cool new things.   One of the interesting things about podcasts is the time shifting.  You could be in Singapore right now listening to this 2 weeks from now or in Sydney a year from now and you may already know how I did in my race this week end.  If you do, don’t tell me and spoil it for me, I want to find out for myself.  I had an interesting experience this week.  I was out picking up some dog food for Buddy at Petco.  I managed to drop my new phone in the parking lot hoisting the 50 – lb bag into the trunk of the race-Camry.  I realized this a ¼ mile away so I turned around and went back to the store.  Since I was stressed about losing my phone I parked right in front of the store.  It was a spot where there were no marked parking spaces bit there were no signs saying that you couldn’t park there.   I know you’re thinking, ‘where are you going with this Chris?’  Well, let me finish… I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know they had my phone and it was ok.  No problems there, but I think we could have a long talk about why I got so anxious about losing the phone, that’s another psychosis for another day.  This story is about what happened next.  Which is when I came out of the store, some lady was parking next to me in the not-quite-legal parking spaces.  The thing is, no one would park there normally, but since I had broken the ice, it was ok.  That’s how we are.  We won’t break a simple cultural norm unless someone else does it first.   On the one hand this set of societal, cultural and civic rules whether real or implied are what keep us from falling into social anarchy.  I mean what if everyone just decided the lines on the highways didn’t apply to them?  Crash-bang – no one can drive. So there’s value in a shared set of norms.  But I think there is also a stricture in those norms.  And I think we as endurance athletes are duty bound to break the rules because in breaking these rules we rage against the entropy that binds us to an unfulfilled life.  This is an interesting social experiment that you can do as well.  I often will park in places that while technically are not marked for parking; they also aren’t marked to ban parking.  In this way I create space for myself by adding a space on the end of a row, or parking sideways, or parking on the grass.  I don’t mean parking to block everyone else or in a handicapped space, or in a fire lane, I mean alternate parking configurations that are harmless but out of the box.  And every time I do this.  When I come out someone will have joined me in that odd outside the lines configuration.  So – what is my point?  What can we learn from this?  In your life are you being a sheep?  Are you waiting to see what the rest of the herd does before making a decision?  Don’t do it.  Create your own parking space, be a leader.  Practice this one thing this week.  Make decisions.  Instead of being in a meeting and saying, “what should we do?”  Say “I propose we…” Don’t defer this week.  Set the direction and tone.  And think out of the box while you’re doing itm because that’s what leaders do.   And while you’re leading I will follow and I’ll see you out there.  Music toady is by 2AM and it’s called “Save me” Ciao,  Music: 2morrow_evr_after-provocative.mp3 2morrow_evr_after-karma_cream.mp3 2am-save_me.mp3 Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 131 – BQ series – Amanda 19 year old B

Episode 131 – BQ series – Amanda 19 year old BQ Show intro by: Lost Trail Runner Intro: Hello, and welcome to the fly around the world and eat too much RunRunLive Podcast.  This week we’ve got a great show for you.  By the way this IS Chris your host.  Today, we speak with Amanda who grew up in Massachusetts, ran the Boston Marathon but now lives in Texas.  She tells us how she trained with a famous Boston coach, qualified and ran the race when she was 19.  She’s got some great insights; I think you’ll enjoy it.  I’m presenting these folks to you so you can learn from their, and our collective tribal knowledge and wisdom.  Isn’t that what all the self-help experts tell you to do?  If you want to become a lumberjack, for example, find ask the world’s best lumberjack how it’s done.  If you want to lead a well balanced life that includes endurance sports, or qualify for Boston someday ask the people who have done it.  That’s how you learn, leverage the learning of others.  Our community is an open text book.  I’ve also got some great stories, scenes, vignettes and flip-book sketches from the strange, vagabond, endurance and sleep deprived reality that is my universe.  And the universe is having a laugh at me I’m sure.  But, hey this isn’t the Mad Dog Vanity Cast – this is the RunRunLive podcast.  So how is your training going? If you’re training for a fall race it’s probably starting to get hard, yeh?  It’s ok just stick to your plan.  You’ll be glad you did.  Busy wweek for me.  I’m down in Atlanta again.  Saturday I rode 110 miles on the road bike with my bike-buddy Dan.  And I have to tell you it was easy.  We rode down by his house just before you get onto Cape Cod and it’s flat.  So we were able to just spin 17-18 miles an hour for 6 hours and it’s so different than all the hills around my house.  It was great.  I borrowed Tom’s bike Italian bike, pretty sweet.  Then Sunday I volunteered for the local triathlon with my wife.  We work the last corner into T2. Which is where they come off the bike and go into the run.  I took a movie and it’s up on my youtube feed (cyktrussell on You tube) with the Show.  I did not run, a couple of my running club friends did and they did well.  So I flew down to Atlanta Monday night.  I wanted to ride so I asked my friend Shawn, who you may remember from Trilogy running to ride with me.  He said he was too busy but I could borrow his bike.   This is going to be a long story – so get comfortable.  Seriously, you want to stop and get a drink?  I’ll wait.   An Atlanta Running Story…sort of… The borrowed bike I flew down to Atlanta Monday night on a business trip.  I’m training for a 100 mile mountain bike race in less than two weeks.  I wanted to ride so I asked my friend Shawn to loan me a bike and ride with me.  He said he was too busy but I could borrow his bike.  So – cool – I pack my shoes and pedals.   It turns out he’s working a job really close to Buckhead – so I go over and pick it up Tuesday morning.  Shawn is one of my vast network of virtual running friends.  He used to host the Trilogy Running Podcast with his brother Jason and I paced him into the med tent at the Atlanta ING Marathon in the spring of ’09.   I worked all day Tuesday and got back to the hotel around 6:30.  I’m going to get my ride in Dammit! Daylight was fading so I changed into my bike stuff. I didn’t have a helmet so I just went with the hippie helmet – the bandana – so I looked like an awkward old pirate on a borrowed bike.  The hotel valets were fascinated as I spun my pedals on and pumped up the tires to go.   With no helmet I was a bit terrified by the Atlanta traffic and decide to head across the back roads from Buckhead towards Vinings to see if I could make it to the Silver Comet rail trail.  After 45 minutes with the sun going down I managed to get out to Cobb parkway in Vinings by the Chattahoochee State Park and the old IBM complex.  This is cool because I used to have an office over there.  But was running out of daylight and I was probably 10 or 11 miles out with all the stop lights and wrong turns and hills.  It was time to turn around.  I turned around and started down this long hill on Cobb parkway.  I was feeling more comfortable on the bike and going a bazillion miles an hour and, yup, I nail a pot-hole at the bottom of the hill and hear that noise we all hate to hear.  Flat back tire.  I’m a reasonably competent adult, so I fished around in the seat pack and Shawn didn’t have a patch kit, but he did have the tire levers, an extra tube and one of those emergency CO2 compressed air tire filler upper thingys.  Cool, I can do this.  I got the wheel off; swapped out the tube, no muss no fuss.  Now it’s Atlanta and 95+ degrees out so I was at this point covered in sweat and grease.  I put the Co2 thingy on and uh oh…spent cartridge!  So, here I am 10 miles from the hotel, flat tire, no phone, all I’ve got is my room key, $2 and an American Express card.   What to do?  Can’t go to a gas station because bike tube valves have the other kind of stem on them and the gas station pumps won’t fit, that plus they typically only get up to 45 pounds where your bike tire needs 100 or so.  Looks like I’m walking.  Do the math – if you walk fast you can go 3 miles an hour.  Time for a long walk. Next problem – can’t walk in road bike shoes, they have cleats on them and you just can’t walk on the road with them.  So I take my shoes off and start pushing Shawn’s broken bike.  After a little bit a biker comes don the road.  I serious looking biker with the race shirt etc. and I yell “Got a pump?”, “No, Sorry!” he yells back without even slowing down.  Jerk.   What is the probability that a serious Roadie doesn’t have a pump or a C02 rescue with them?  This is where the story turns into the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I’m sure he had something really important to do, much more important than a four-hour walk in stocking feet.  I kept trudging.  Near the top of the next hill a runner passes me from behind and I don’t hear him coming and he scares me out of my tight little padded shorts by saying “Hey, how are you doing?” I jump, but I rejoin “I’d be better if I had a pump”.  He stops, takes the ear-buds out and inquires as to my situation.  I fill him in and he says, “Well I just live around the corner, let me run home and I’ll give you a ride.”  No kidding – that’s how we runners are.  I meet this total stranger out on the road and he takes me back to his house, loads up the bike and drives me back to Buckhead.  So, thank you Michael, my new Atlanta running friend.  Think about whether you’d help a greasy pirate pushing a broken bike down the road in his socks! You’d better, because it might be me! The Pirate’s revenge… The next day I call Shawn with the bad news.  He’s a good sport and we have a good laugh.  While I have him on the phone I say, “Hey, let’s go for a run when I bring the bike back in the morning.”  He resists saying he has to start at 5:30 and he hasn’t run in six weeks…blah, blah, blah.  I convince him that we’ll do an easy 4 miles and I’ll meet him at 4:15 AM.  Yeah, that’s how I roll.  He agrees.   The last time I ran with Shawn was his first marathon.  I paced him into the med tent.  He probably should have known better than to run with me again.  I met him at 4:15 AM.  Gave him his busted bike back. We went out on a conversational pace in the Atlanta pre-dawn.  We ran through the affluent, wooded neighborhoods of Buckhead.  It is very hilly, but quite nice before the heat of the sun and before the cars come out.   At 40 minutes out we turn around and start jogging back.  We are chatting away.  Eventually we realize we don’t know where we are anymore.  Shawn is stressed that he’s not going to make it back for work.  40 minutes pass and we are running up and down, reading road signs in the dark, and retracing our steps.  By the time we find the wrong turn we took it’s been well over an hour.  I ran Shawn over a mile in the wrong direction! By the time we got back to the school, Shawn’s Garmin read 7+ miles and it was 5:30.  I bet he won’t ever run with me again.  Maybe he’ll forget in another 12 months.  I left Shawn all sweaty and dehydrated to suffer through his long day with dead legs.  I left him his busted bike.  I went to Starbucks to fuel up for my day! So just remember you really can’t be so wrapped up in your on head that you can’t help a person in justifiable need.  If you see a greasy pirate in stocking feet by the side of the road, stop and help, it’s probably me! On with the show! Audio clips in this episode: Audio from Atlanta Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Swamp-A$$ fever – by the ressurected Runner Story time: Barb – Kelownagurl – read Busy as a beaver from the “Mid-Packer’s Lament”  Listener Comments: Featured Interview: Amanda Lanza   Quick Tip: • Ran out of time! Outro: Ok Folks that’s it you have traveled to the end of another runrunlive podcast episode 131 in the can.  Got some great shows coming up.  We have a number of interviews already done and in the advanced editing process at RunRunLive HQ in Singapore.  I had fun talking to Doug (really not a runner) about his 5k Lex’s Run that’s coming up.  I spoke with Mike Wardian, an elite ultra racer, a spoke with Beth from a women’s running site and much much more.   I also had a creative burst and have three pretty darn funny running related parody skits that I have in the editing process.  Next Friday, a week from today I drive down to Pennsylvania for the Wilderness 101 on Saturday.  And then I’m doing something abnormal and out-of-character for me.  I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks.  And since I’ll be on vacation I’ve recruited two members of our community to cover for me on the podcast.  Who will it be?  What will they do?  Frankly, I have no idea and you’re just going to have to wait and see! I told you earlier that I worked at the local sprint triathlon last weekend.  It is really interesting.  I don’t know how to put this without sounding like a jerk, so I’ll just say it. There are a lot of un-fit people who do sprint triathlons.  There were some hugely overweight people competing and completing in this race.  But, good for them.  The moral for you is that a sprint triathlon is not that difficult to accomplish.  I would recommend it for runners as a nice change of pace.  Especially for runners because you get to pass everyone at the end.   It seems like a bit of a racket to me charging $100 for a glorified 5k, but, like I said, if that’s what gets people off the couch and out into our world then God love ‘em.  I talked about the universe having a laugh at me earlier, mostly in jest but there is an interesting cultural thread here.   Napoleon Hill in his seminal book from the early 20th century spent a bunch of time talking about tapping into the “Universal Mastermind”.  This as a time when they were just discovering radiation and radio waves and he saw the universal mastermind as this karmic pool of mental energy that surrounds all of us like ether or dark energy in today’s parlance and that anyone can tap into if they have the right attitude.   You’ll see echoes of this sentiment in a lot of the contemporary self help gurus.  The ‘secret’ and the ‘attractor factor’ it manifests in the theory that if you can open yourself up to it you can create good things simply by thinking about and doing good things.   You can also see this type of thought is classical religion with the Greek muse or the Hindu Karma.  In our pop culture people always think of karma in a historic sense – what you did in a past life is why you get XYZ now, but you can think of it in a future sense in that what you think and do now builds and contributes to the universal good and for that you are in turn enriched.  If you strip off the shamanism and magic veneer, I think all of this is cause and effect.  It probably has less to do with a magic and mysterious universal energy and more to do with the fact that when you focus your own personal energies in one direction they necessarily move you in that direction.   So get out your long sipping straw and stick in into the universal energy pool today.  I’ll be swimming in the pool as well, and I’ll see you out there.  Music tonight is east_of_ealing-are_we_there_yet_.mp3  Music: east_of_ealing-are_we_there_yet_.mp3 dan_elson-terrifying_lee.mp3 checkerboard_jive-how_many_more.mp3 Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 130a – Michelle Kanavos – Medical Triage at the Boston Finish Line

Episode 130a – Michelle Kanavos – Medical Triage at the Boston Finish Line Show intro by: Norman Rosenberg Intro: Insert witty and compelling introductory comments here…oh wait…Hello and welcome to Episode 130 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  We’ve got a great show for you today.  Very entertaining, informative and inspiring.  You’ll probably have to quit your job and join the foreign service after listening to this excellent content.   I was, as you heard, don in Hot-lanta early this week.  I actually had to catch a 6:00 AM flight out of Boston Monday morning – which means I have to get up before 4:00 AM and that’s just no way to start the week.  Over the weekend I got a nice 40 mile ride in on the new motobecane – in the woods – around 4 and a half hours and did not fall once!  That’s right not once!  But I was going pretty easy because Friday night I poned myself right proper.  I was going really slow and made a bad decision on a big rock, my foot got trapped and I couldn’t get it out of the pedal. I gouged out my shin and got speared by the bike handle badly.  I probably broke a rib.  But that’s ok, what do you need ribs for anyhow?  Got a nice set of 15 ski-hills in last night before it got dark. So I’m feeling ok about my chances in the Wilderness 101 in a couple weeks.   Since I haven’t been running as much I’ve put on about 10 pounds and I can really feel it when I’m out running and riding.  I feel slow.   Today we talk to Michelle Kanavos who is in charge of the medical team at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Great interview and I found it quite interesting.  Thank you to my buddy Gary for putting me in contact with her.  And thanks to Norm for doing the intro.   I managed to crest over 4,000 followers on Twitter this week – that’s kinda cool. If you’re looking for me dial @cyktrussell – Chris, Yellow, King, Tom, Russell – with two esses and two elles.  I’m going to take a couple weeks off in August.  Maybe go down to my Cape Cod house with the fam.  Anyone want to take over the podcast while I’m on vacation?  I already have all the interviews done…just slap in some music, a little random dialog and …voila! Podcast.  Hope you are all progressing well towards your race goals.  I’m putting together my schedule for the Fall and am getting excited about running again.   I’m still working on my new site. Any wordpress experts out there want to lend a hand?  Ah well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  We also have our friend Collin with a parody song today.  So strap yourselves in, we are expecting some turbulence and I’m going to ask the flight attendants to remain seated for the duration of the flight.   On with the Show.  Audio clips in this episode: Audio from Atlanta Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Text here Story time: Text here Listener Comments: Ok – so I was asked this week on how to deal with the emotional stresses of training and racing.  What do you do when you hit those high miles in a race and you can feel the wheels coming off and all hope is lost?  Or your much anticipated long run turns into a gi-normous sufferfest for no good reason?  How do you keep yourself out of the ditch?  How do you keep moving and stay focused on the finish line or the goal?   Hey, No one is immune to these little bouts of ennui during a long run.  And there are some simple strategies to deal with them.  Typically it happens to me when I’ve gone out too fast hoping to cheat the reaper and somewhere late in the race I realize I have to pay the price.  Well first of all you need to be prepared.  You have to think ahead, based on your experience or your expectations and see if you can anticipate where the emotional and physical let down is going to occur.  If you know you’re going to struggl late in the race, it’s easier if you know it’s coming and you have a pre-set strategy for it.  People get freaked out if it catches them by surprise.   So what’s an example strategy?  Well you could say if I start feeling awful I’ll take walk breaks and force some nutrition.  Having a simple mantra or a reason to keep going helps as well.  Some of the mantras I’ve used are “run Lightly” or “relax” or “The warrior is within you” anything that you can focus on to take your mind off the race-demons chewing on your brain.   Another strategy is to shorten your focus.  Start counting mailboxes or telephone poles.  Start counting to 5 over and over again in your head.  Count your steps.  Even a simple “left Right” has gotten me through some tough spots.   Because in a long race there is better than a 50/50 chance that if you manage the power loss and emotional lows you’ll come out of it and finish ok.   Take a walk break.  Mentally reset yourself.  Relax your mind and your body.  Focus on your form and calming the chaos in your mind and your body and these storms will pass more often than not.  Featured Interview: Everyone always wants to know what goes on at the finish line (basically it is crazy-busy and lots of fun punctuated with interesting medical moments).  My staff oversees the streets from just beyond the finish line for approximately 1 1/2 miles to the family meeting area.  We are outside all day, regardless of the weather. My staff is composed of all volunteers, and I got involved 3 years ago through the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), of which I am the Chair of my town's MRC and I was the Deputy Coordinator of Region 4A (in the Middlesex County) when I took over the position of Sweep Medical Team Captain.  The Boston Marathon is the largest Mass Casualty Training Exercise in the state of Massachusetts each year.  The MRC is a partner in Emergency Management, and we joined forces with the BAA to provide volunteer medical care.  (This is a whole topic in and of itself!!)\ We start planning for the Mararthon in the late fall, and by Patriot's Day, the Medical Command staff has been hard at work for almost 6 months.  I average 200+ emails a day in the months leading up to the Marathon, in addition to all my regular emails, as well as student emails from teaching. Some people like to hear about how we organize such a large team, how the team is trained, etc. Our biggest comment from our volunteers each year is how much the runners appreciate and thank our volunteers as they progress through the finish line chute system. I am a Nurse Practitioner in an Adult Primary Care office in Framingham, MA, and I teach part time in the Nursing Program at Framingham State College.  I also do occasional guest columns for my local paper on health-related topics, and I occasionally appear on our Cable TV station doing spots on emergency-management/MRC topics.  I am on LinkedIn, and that's about it for me.    Quick Tip: Boston Marathon qualifying tips – chapter 8.  • The mind body connection Outro: OK folks you have booked your ticket and taken the slow steamer to the louth of the lazy river of the RunRunLive podcast…Episode 130 in the can.  Next week we continue with our BQ series of interviews talking with Amanda who qualified for Boston and ran it when she was 19.  It’s a good story.   I’m working on getting some volunteers to be replacement hosts for the podcast while I’m on Vacation.  So if you’re interested all you need is a passion for the running community and an excellent speaking voice.  Shoot me a tweet or an email and we’ll talk.  I had a fair bit of travel hell coming back from Atlanta on Tuesday and I’ll share a couple road vignettes with you.  First, while we were at the gate boarding the plane there were a bunch of people wearing the same shirts, so I asked them what was up.  They were missionaries, a teen group, returning from Panama where they had been working with kids in orphanages.  The lady said it was a wonderful experience but also couldn’t wait to tell me how badly she missed the States.   I hope the teenagers got something out of the trip and working with the orphans.  I’m always a little uneasy when they describe these things, it’s almost like they’re coming back from a visit to a theme park or the zoo.  I hope are exporting what’s good about our culture and people and not just reinforcing the bad American stereotype.    This lady I was talking to didn’t appear to be thrilled with the living conditions.  I’ve done a fair amount of international travel and to some very interesting places.  And I think you have to travel with the eyes of a child and the soul of the Buddha.  You have to let the experience in and not try to transfer your mores onto other people and places.  Eat the food, drink the local wine, smile and indulge the happiness that is inherent in humanity around the globe.  You have to be comfortable with a little deprivation and have a sense of humor.  The smile is an international talisman of good will.  When we finally got on the plane it was packed.  And we got stranded on the runway for 3 hours before we could take off.  I shared my row with a mom and two kids.  She was traveling with three kids all very young.  They were very good kids.  They didn’t cause any trouble for me even with the dire circumstances.   The only one that was really antsy was the lap child toddler and she kept him busy by breastfeeding almost continuously for the 7 hours we were on the plane.  Personally I’d rather have the youngin satisfied than kicking and screaming so no problems here.  But I found the loud smacking and yummy noises that the kid was making fairly amusing!   So do I have a point?  Why, thank you for asking, yes I do.  You know in any situation you have a choice how you’re going to act.  You can get upset at things you can’t control, like being stuck on a plane, but you’re really wasting your energy because it doesn’t change anything.  It won’t make the thunderstorms go away.  And at the end of the day we’re all trapped in this bog plane together so let’s just relax and we’ll all get where we are going.   And I’ll see you out there.  Music tonight is last_shadow_puppets-the_age_of_the_understatement.mp3 Music: candyland_riots-your_contemporary_art.mp3 (inserted) last_shadow_puppets-the_age_of_the_understatement.mp3&n bsp; dave_arcari-red_letter_blues.mp3 da_vincis_notebook-enormous_penis.mp3 (removed)  Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 129 – BQ Series – Jake from Run Like Health

Episode 129 – BQ Series – Jake from Run Like Health   Show intro by: Paula - @bigGreenPen Intro: Hello and welcome to “Yakkable” the Yak enthusiast podcast where we discuss essential Yak care as well as grooming and feeding tips for the yak herding community. Wait, no, that’s the podcast I do with my Mongolian affiliate.  This is the Runrunlive podcast and I am Chris your host. And these are exciting times! It’s summer time and the living is easy.  The catfish are jumping and the cotton is high.  And it’s Hot, Hot, Hot. You folks that are in the early stages of your training plans for fall races should be getting out early! Even though it’s only the first month of your plan when it’s still fun, like the first year of a marriage! We have a good show for you today.  We talk with Jake from the “Run like health” podcast about his Boston marathon qualification plans. I like his chances.  Primarily because he has a great attitude.  He’s already decided that he can do it and he has a plan.  His is a great story because of where he started.  A couple years ago consigned by his doctors a to the trash heap of early death by obesity he started from scratch and now, just a few short years later has Boston in his sites.  It really highlights that we can do anything once we decide to.  These training volumes and levels that we talk about off-handedly on this show shouldn’t scare you.  They are within anyone’s reach – it just takes time and effort, a positive attitude and decision to do it.    I got a great 5 hour epic ride in with Anthony this weekend on the new 29er. I’ll put in some audio from that.  As usual we’ll work in some tips and other stuff.  Thanks to Paula for stepping up and reading the intro for me.  You can too. If you have something to share the script is on my website runrunlive and it’s all very straight forward.  Speaking of my website I am totally re-designing it and adding a bunch of stuff so get ready to be thrilled by that. I’ve got some cool stuff up my sleeve.  I heard from Andrew of ice bath fame who ran a test self-supported marathon last week down under and did great. He made sure to let me know that he did not bleed from his eyeballs like I had predicted. Good on ya mate.   I was on Twitter today and noticed that I’m only 40 followers away from 4,000, so follow cyktrussell and you’ll put me over the edge.  And if you are following me and I didn’t follow you back – send me a message and I’ll make it right.  Do you know we’ve been doing this for over 2 years now?  I did my first show the week after running Mount Washington in 2008.  Time flies.  Too cool.  I’m still super energized and excited about the future.  There’s nothing we can’t do! On with the show.    Audio clips in this episode: Lot’s of audio from my bike ride Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode: Text here Story time: Text here Listener Comments: Someone asked me to speak about running down hill.   So I’m going to talk about that and you’ll soon learn not to ask questions if you know what’s good for you! For this discussion we are going to assume we are talking about running down hill in a regular road race, not trails or mountains or ultras.  It’s interesting because running down hill doesn’t get much attention.  Which is too bad because you can tactically use down hill sections in races to your advantage in a number of ways.   Most beginner runners don’t realize that there is a different set of mechanics for running down hill.   So, First, a couple tactical reasons to learn and practice running down hill well.  First – you can run 1-2 minutes per mile faster with not much additional effort if you do it right. And second – you can use the downhills to recover actively without losing time.  What are the mechanics? Well, what you don’t want to do is to fight the downhill.  Resistance is futile! Beginners will lean back and dig their heels in.  That’s a big mistake.  This slows you down and wastes energy Don’t fight the hill.  Work with it.  What you want to do is relax.  Let go.  Focus on letting the gravity of the hill pull you.  You are just falling and adjusting your leg turnover and mechanics to keep up.  So you’ll naturally adopt a sort of sprinting motion where your forefoot lightly brushes the ground and kicks up behind you with rapid turnover and very little toe-off. Don’t lean back. Stay off your heels.  You will naturally pick up speed but gravity is doing all the work so it shouldn’t be that much more work.  You have to practice letting the brake off and freewheeling.  If you do it right it’s like flying.  This is something you can practice in training.  Just like you would do your up-hill training sessions. Find a nice 800 meter downhill – not too shallow, not too steep and practice running fast down it.  Repeat the sets. .  Or you can just race all the down hills in your normal runs.   In a race, like Boston with a lot of downhill sections this will be a big benefit.  It will save your quads and shave minutes off your time.   My caveat is that, as with anything new, you want to ease into this type of training because it can produce new stresses to your legs and you can get injured.  Featured Interview: Jake Jake is a husband, father, runner, aspiring triathlete, and a lover of the endurance sport lifestyle.  This site is dedicated to helping everyone to start engaging in sports instead of watching them. Many topics will be discussed via the blog and podcast including all aspects of endurance sports.  Technique, gear, nutrition, as well as listener submitted race reports and photos will all be topics of the blog and podcast.   Run like health = Quick Tip: Boston Marathon qualifying tips – chapter 7.  • Micro and Macro cycles in your plan. Outro: Ok folks that’s it, you’ve ridden your Yak out of the valley to the summit of the misty mountain that is the runrunlive podcast – episode 129 in the can.  I’m going to continue chatting up these Boston hopefuls because they are part of our community and I think we can learn a lot from them.  But next week I’ve got an interview with the lady who runs the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  That should be a good show.  I’m working on a lot of stuff for you folks.  Livin large and lovin life.   I’ve got a couple vignettes from my world this week.  The first is from Wednesday night.  It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit here on Wednesday.  I went out for a ride around my house in my little town.  I went into this trail section that has a very steep short downhill, maybe 25 meters with a little muddy patch at the bottom followed by a steep uphill section.  I was feeling omnipotent on my new bike and flew down the hill so I could get a run on the other side.  I let I t fly on the downhill.  Since the last time I was down there the boy scouts had built a bridge over the muddy patch in the trough between the hills so I hit that at speed, rather solidly bringing my bulk down on the back wheel and it pinch-flatted my tire.  Inconvenient, but no big deal… I didn’t have a patch kit or my rescue tool or even my phone so I figured I’d just push the bike the mile or so home and that would be part of my work out.    Now the section of my little town that I go through to get to this particular trail is down by the pond and there are many converted camps, small, lower cost of ownership type places.   This one house on the corner is a classic hoarder.  The yard is filled with messy piles of miscellaneous stuff , it’s overgrown etc.  Well, I happened to glance in the window as I was pushing my bike by and it was basically the same chaos in the inside except they has somehow carved out enough room to set up a 50 inch flat screen TV.  Something about the juxtaposition struck me as ironic.  I don’t know why but it struck me on that hot summer eve.  My second story is from the Akron/Canton Airport where I was today.  When we were returning the rental car I noticed an enormous Boeing 747 parked on the side runway.  Those are the big ones with the bulbous noses from the ‘70’s.  Great plane!  But out of context in this small regional airport.   The attendant said that it belonged to the local evangelical preacher who had his church based near the airport.  That, somehow also struck me as ironic.  Now I could get all cynical and preachy about these vignettes, but I’m just a traveler in this world, an observer and a student.  Good for them. I’m personally glad to live in a world where such ironies are prevalent.  We’re free to pile up stuff and free to take money from people for words.  But – we are also free to make other choices, to direct our manias and energies in other ways.  So make those good choices one at a time today my friends and I’ll see you out there.  The music tonight is a nice punky number called Arctic Parrot by Fortune for Tune.  Music: duskant_ombliksem-tortolduifie.mp3 kraaipromosies-plat_anna_salvokop_blues_distortion.mp3 fortune_for_tune-arctic_parrot.mp3 Standard Links: Http:// Cyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook  Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1 Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 128 – BQ-Series Jay “Brewski” Newton

Episode 128 – BQ-Series Jay “Brewski” NewtonShow intro by:Ben Berry - Boston, Mass, United States - A fat guy training to do a Half Ironman triathlon and welcome to the fractal endurance entropy that is the RunRunLive Podcast.  This is Chris your host and this is episode 128 – the technology superhighway episode of running podcasts. That’s something you’ll notice about me is that when I don’t have anything valuable to say I just wax poetically about nothing at all.  I croon random homespun metaphors like a dog howling at the July full moon…I use large vocab words with scatological frequency and I quote classical literature; A wretched soul, bruised with adversity,We bid be quiet when we hear it cry; But were we burdened with like weight of pain,As much or more we should ourselves complain.That’s our old friend Bill by the way. All because I fear the silence of a missed deadline, so pile these ruses and misdirections into a untidy stack, sprinkle on some tribal running knowledge, brow beat a fellow distempered soul to enunciate their plight and bring it all to you my dear friends once a week without fail!Thank you to Ben for the intro – he’s a Twitter regular known as Techknowgn.  Today we have a good show for you.  We are going to kick off a series of interviews with average Jills and Joes to who are training and aspiring to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Why am I fixated on this?  Well Nabokov said you should write about what you know and I’ve got airspace to fill!  But seriously folks…The way I learned my tribal knowledge was by comparing notes with people and seeing hat worked and what didn’t for them.  So I bring this series of interviews to you as a student of the sport.  Just like I brought a bunch of ultra-runners on when I was training for the ultra.  It interests me and I hope you can get some value from it too. Our first victim is Jay Newton who is a fellow Goon Squad Runner with the code name “Brewski” Jay’s wife Gina code name “OCG” was the young lady I paced with at Boston this year.   We also have another chapter in our Boston tips.  And Our friend Colin sent another song along for your listening pleasure.  What’s going on in my little corner of the universe?  I ran with the a couple guys from the club on Sunday morning, we did 2 hours on the trails and went up and down every hill in Groton.   Devo is running Loon Mt this weekend and wanted to get some experience.  Since I have actually run Loon mt, it was my pleasure to regale him with my tall tales from the Mountain racing series.  I got the new wheels on my Fuji and took that for a ride later on Sunday but there’s something making noise in the front end – eaither the bearing or the skewer – I don’t know – it’s always something with the bikes. I got my new bike “I got a new bike, oh ay oh!”  <Lena Lovich Clip here> Anthony helped me put it together and it rides really sweet.  I love it.  I’m going to post a video to my Youtube feed for you to see it – that is of course cyktrussell at Youtube.  Cleaned out my petty cash account but I think it’s worth it! I’m trying to get the dude from to come on the show.  He’s changing the business model in the bike world – classic disintermediation model. Well I’ve used up my quota of sylables for this evening so on with the show!Audio clips in this episode:Text HereSkits, commercials and parodies in this episode:Text hereStory time:Text hereEquipment Check:Text hereFeatured Interview:Jay Newton - Official Goon Name: BrewskiHome: North Chelmsford, MA  I spent my childhood and adolescence playing ice hockey and never did much running until 2003 where my wife (OCG) and I decided to take up running and get competitive. It wasn't until finding and training under "The Professor" Fernando Braz that I was able to achieve the level of ability I have today.  In fact, I shaved 53 minutes off my marathon time under his training. PR's and Performance Achievements:  4 marathons - Marine Corp Marathon (2006), San Diego Rock and Roll (2008) & Boston (2009), Chicago, 2009 5K: 18:48 (6:04 pace) - Hollis Fast 5K, June 10, 2010*19:00 (6:07 pace) - Significant Other 5K, November 2009 (4th overall) *Downhill course4.2 Mile: 27:28 (6:32 pace) - Reggae Ramble, June 2008 7 Mile: 48:35 (6:56 pace) - Falmouth Road Race, August 2009  ½ Marathon: 1:35:56 (7:17 pace) - Baystate Half Marathon, October 2008 (Actual 1/2 PR was the halfway point at San Diego 2008 at a 1:34:30 - On target for a 3:09 - But I hit the wall AND a porta-pottie) Marathons:4:13:25 (9:40 pace) - Marine Corp Marathon, 20063:27:27 (7:55 pace) - San Diego Marathon, 20083:47:44 (8:41 pace) - Boston Marathon, 20093:20:11 (7:38 pace) - Chicago Marathon, 2009 LinksQuick Tip:Boston Chapter 5Outro:That’s it you have canoed upstream to the sweet head waters of the RunRunLive Podcast, sampled the clear crisp freshet burbling from the font of tribal endurance knowledge, forded the rushing torrent of the big two-hearted river and are teasing frolicking trout from its placid pools – episode 128 in the can. So – Here’s my prediction on Jay.  Based on his training plan, his history and his ability I think that if he stays un-injured and doesn’t run into any mitigating circumstances, like a hurricane on race day, he’ll qualify easily.  That plan will give him more than enough fitness for the speed and distance. My only caution would be that I think his volume and intensity is a little heavy for someone with his history of injury and I’d be worried about him surviving the professor’s work load unscathed. As far as execution on race day I think he’s already made all the big mistakes and gotten them out of his system.  And one huge success factor he has going for him is he knows, he believes he can do it.  And running with a serious, no-bullshit squad of athletes like the goon squad is also a great idea for him – you can’t underestimate the value of hanging out with motivated, experienced people.  If I was him I think I might add 2-4 weeks of contingency time into my plan as an injury mitigation strategy.  So – good luck Jay and we’re all rooting for you.I have some other Jacks and Jills lined up for us to talk to going forward… I got my motorcycle registered today. Yeah, if you didn’t know already I have been riding a motorcycle since I was 10 or so.  What else don’t you know about me?  How about this, I’m a PADI certified Scuba Diver, but I don’t ride or dive much anymore.  I was at the registry of motor vehicles – which is the ultimate in bureaucratic nightmares here in the states – and the place was packed.  I was quoted a one hour wait  - I ended up being in there for close to an hour and a half.  It doesn’t bother me because I tend to be able to work anywhere because of my extensive road experience.  So I fired up my laptop and was working away. The first thing that happened was this little kid started stalking me.  He saw the laptop and thought that I might spontaneously burst into some sort of fun video game I guess.  He was sorely mistaken, and I kept assuring him that I was just checking my email – nothing exciting.  I’m not even sure he spoke English, ‘cause he never said anything.  He just kept circling my bench, sitting next to me ect.  His mother was mortified and was making ineffectual pleadings.  But I didn’t care – he was cute and it’s ok to be curious. At what age do we lose that curiosity?  Why do you and I and all the other adults sit and stew? It’s food for thought.   Since we were all squeezed into uncomfortable wooden benches I also made friends with the guys sitting next to me.  It’s funny how shared adversity creates bonds between people.  You see it whenever there is a disaster or societal turbulence.  People band together in the face of adversity.  They are more open, more willing to form temporary alliances.  You could have some fun doing cultural norm experiments in the RMV.  One popular Machiavellian leadership techniques is when someone promotes or creates an enemy to bring a group together.  Like Reagan with the ‘evil empire’.  That’s why politicians love wars.  Get a good scary war going and you can pass any laws you want, right?You can use this in a good way when you lead people or even to motivate yourself.  Create a perceived enemy.  It can be the sales goal, the competition or even just your qualifying goal.  That focal point can help you rally your team and yourself to get all the energy pointing towards a common goal.  And a well focused small team of people can move mountains. Maybe your homework for this week can be figuring out how to use adversity or challenge to focus your team or your own energies?So tomorrow I take my motorcycle to work – and I’ll see you out there!Music tonight is sidekick_lupchen_and_the_bad_generation-oh_yeah.mp3Ulys ses Music:Sampled – “New Toy” by Lena Lovich and “Oh Yeah” by YelloStandard Links:http://www.runrunlive.com Http://coolrunning.comhttp://Grotonroadrace.comhttp://S QRR.orgCyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 127 – CoachPRS and heart rate

Episode 127 – CoachPRS and heart rateShow intro by: Mary MacManus -> McManusFormer award winning VA social worker discovered new path in life as poet/entrepreneur/fund raiser after diagnosis of Post Polio Syndrome. Boston Marathon finisher raising $10,535 for Spaulding Rehab Hospital. Passionate about creating a polio free world and helping polio and post polio survivors world wideMs Wheelchair Massachusetts FoundationA Program of Achievement, Advocacy and Opportunity for  Women with disAbilities in Massachusetts and welcome to the episode 127 of the RunRunLive Podcast.  And I do believe that 127 is a prime number. I’m talking at you remotely from a hotel room in Hot-lanta.  I’m trying out a new omni-directional remote microphone on my hand held reorder so you’ll have to let me know if the audio is acceptable.  It’s been another long week of travel.  I did manage to get all my work outs in by getting up at the crack-o-dawn every day and bypassing my full sleep requirements.  Did a nice hill set on the Kona Monday morning over at the ski area.  I dug out my training plan from last year and I’m a little behind on volume, but I do feel I’m better off with quality.  I should be ok if I can knuckle down and get some 4-5 hour rides in. This should be easier because I bit the bullet and ordered a new bike from  I ordered a Motobecane 29er Phantom Pro.  It’s a hard tail.  What does all that mean? Well it means it has 29 inch diameter wheels instead of the normal 26 that I have on the Kona and it has front suspension but not rear suspension.  And it was a bargain at just under $1,000 US.  But once Anthony and the Chief help me put it together and tune it I should be able to hit the trails hard and ride faster and with more confidence.  And the other MTB’ers will stop laughing at me. I’m a bit road weary from all this travel.  I’m no stranger to hard work, and I’m not afraid of it, but I don’t believe exclusively in the purity or efficacy of burning the candle at both ends.  You have to be careful not to start seeing the solution to every problem as more hours and more effort.  One good trick is to imagine you could only work 5 hours a day, what would you do differently?  How would you get the job done?  Try to focus on the quality and the added value, not the volume…just like in training.  Make each work session have a purpose that is aligned with your end goals.  Don’t have end goals…? Well that’s a topic for another day.Today we have a fabulous show for you today.  We speak with Coach PRS, Jeff, about some of his training methods and coaching experience. I’ll do another Boston Qualification chapter and Disney Runner reads an awesome story for us.  He reads very well…but he is a professor. Enough prattling on about me and my twisted little universe! On with your show!Audio clips in this episode:MinnesotaSkits, commercials and parodies in this episode:Text hereStory time:Gordon @DisneyRunner from the “Running to Disney” Podcast reading “The Fat Economy” from “The Mid-packer’s guide to the galaxy”Equipment Check:Text hereFeatured Interview:Description (web site) Wed 8PM EST (podcast)Quick Tip:Text hereOutro:Ok my friends, that’s it, your zone has been called, you’ve boarded the flight, buckled your seat belt low and tight across your waist, the cabin doors have been closed and it’s time to turn off all electronic devices because you have been cleared for takeoff at the end of the runway that is the RunRunLive Podcast. Hope you had fun.  Episode 127 in the can.  Let me share with you a couple vignettes from the road this week.  It’s hard not to be a spectator of life when you’re on the road floating disconnected amongst the throng, the what Henre de Balzac would call the Comedie Humaine – the human comedy.  My first story is from the hotel in Minnesota.  I was going back to my room after my workout in the morning.  I had stopped by the little continental breakfast area for a cup of coffee and I happened to be joined by this other gentleman who had retrieved a tray of food and was taking it back to his room.  He got on the elevator with me and I was observing him.  I noticed that he was a very well fed gentleman, probably carrying an extra 120 pounds or so and that he was out of breath.  He was breathing hard and his heart was working at the effort it took to take the elevator to fetch breakfast.  And a number of things went through my head.  First that this guy might drop dead from a heart attack in the elevator with me and that would be sadly inconvenient for both of us, but more importantly that he was probably about my age, and that, I’m speculating, my quality of life was probably better. And if I asked him why he didn’t exercise and take care of his body, this incredible gift we all get and most of us squander, he would probably tell me that he didn’t have time to exercise, yet he has time to lever his bulk out of bed at 6:00 AM to hunt down some scrambled eggs.Later that same day I was at the client, walking down the hall on a break and a young woman comes bounding out of the stairwell and she was a little embarrassed and flushed and breathing heavy.  She had apparently run up the stairs to the 5th floor.  I thought of the contrast.  I thought of the contrast in the choices made by these two individuals.  And we all have the ability to make these choices. I read an interesting article about uncertainty this week.  It talked about how all of our significant gains and meaningful progress and personal growth in life typically come when we leave our comfort zone, our “certainty” and move into an area of uncertainty.  And how we need to consciously put ourselves in positions where we are uncertain, we are unsure of our footing, we are afraid of failure.  These are the times when we are consciously knocking our little worlds out of balance and taking a leap of faith because win or lose we break a our patterns and grow.  So I ask you what choices are you going to makes today?  What are you going to do to put yourself in a position to grow? And as you are growing, whether it be in Massachusetts or Minnesota, I’ll see you out there.The music tonight is almost surf music.  It’s called  attendere_prego.mp3 By 1_shot_1_kill. And it’s only 2 ½ minutes long so I want you to drop your pace for a tempo and bring that heart rate into zone 5 for the duration of this song – ready?  Let’s go!Music:_the_graverobbers-now_that_youre_gone.mp3the_m alloys-fathers_4_justice_2007.mp3Standard Links:http://www.runrunlive.com Http://coolrunning.comhttp://Grotonroadrace.comhttp://S QRR.orgCyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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Episode 126 – Jessi Stensland MovementU

Episode 126 – Jessi Stensland MovementUShow intro by:Me! Buy one of my books so I can get a new mountain Bike!Welcome to the Run-Run-Live Podcast!  - The podcast for runners, wannabe runners and mid-packers of all shapes and sizes who just want to strap on their favorite pair of shoes and get out there! This is Not Chris your host, Wait, yeah this is Chris, and because none of you lazy Jackals sent me an intro this week, I’m doing it!  But that’s ok because I’ve got something to promote! So…yeah… I’m the guest announcer this week.  When you’re done listening to the RunRunLive Podcast Go to my Website and buy one of my books.  I’ve got two books of running stories, many of which you’ve heard read here.  “The Mid-Packer’s Lament”, available in dead tree form from Amazon or as an ebook and the “Mid-Packer’s Guide to the Galaxy” also available as an ebook.  Do it now so I can but a new mountain bike for the ultra I have coming up at the end of July! …So - and wherever and whenever this episode finds you I hope you’re doing great and I hope you’re getting your run in today!  I know I’m getting my run in!You ready to have some fun?  Come on then, let’s go for a run!My Books!  The Mid-Packer's Lament (Amazon) ($16.99)The Mid-Packer's Lament (E-Book) ($10)The Mid-Packer's Guide to the Galaxy (E-Book) ($10)    Intro:Hello Folks and Welcome to episode 126, we’ve got a good show for you today, we interview Jessi Stensland about her new approach to endurance sports called MovementU.  It’s Saturday morning and I did something out of character and slept in ‘til 7:30 or so.  It is amazing what a full ration of sleep will do for the old body, mind and soul. I know I missed my publishing deadline last night but I didn’t get back from the airport until 11:30 or so and didn’t have the mental fortitude to push on.  I had recorded in the hotel room this week, but the audio was bad so I’m doing it again this morning as part of a long list of chores. It’s been a weird and long week.  I flew out to Utah to run the Utah Valley Marathon last weekend.  The race was on Saturday.  My youngest came with me and we had a blast pal-ing around Salt Lake City and eating junk food in Provo.  And the race was interesting too.  The Valley that it runs through is breath-taking, really.  I kept looking up and saying “Wow!” Near vertical mountains shooting up on both sides of the road with snow still clinging to the notches, like something out of a movie.  I ran ok, The last few miles were a struggle because I just didn’t have much training and the downhills ate me up. The course drops a couple thousand feet from start to finish.  I could feel the jet-lag, the altitude and the weird cold I’ve been fighting.  But I got to spend a bunch of time running with Sam Fesenfeld from Operation Jack who is hilarious to run with.  We had the 3:40 pace group well entertained for a few miles.  He ended up pacing exactly to 3:40:00… All-in-All well worth the effort and a great weekend.  But I’ve been on the road all week and I’m getting a little burnt out.  Tried to run Wednesday night and my right calf locked up.  I ran through it but it feels bruised.  So I think I’m trying to do too much and I’m going to focus on the mountain bike and the Wilderness 101 for the rest of the summer and stop jacking around so much with my training. Also in today’s show Jorge gives us the Futbol Mexicano cheer in honor of the world cup.  And Joe Bears and I act out a little skit called “Border Collie Dreams”.  Collin chips in another song and guess what? You will be able to purchase the Resurrected Runner parody songs as early as next week! Yay! So – I don’t know how, but the community has come through again and we’ve pulled off a show!  Don’t forget about my new Mountain bike…I need a Motobecane 29er hard tail… yeah. On with the show!Audio clips in this episode:Audio from UtahJorge Jorge Romero You have no idea how we get excited. Today people celebrated as if we had won the world cup. We go loco when it comes to futbol. One cheer we sing very often for you:Chiquitibun a la bimbomba, Chiquitibun a la bimbomba,A la bio a la bao a la bimbombaMexico Mexico ra ra ra.Skits, commercials and parodies in this episode:Border Collie DreamsStory time:Text hereEquipment Check:Text hereFeatured Interview:Jessi Stensland m/@jessiStensland on TwitterQuick Tip:Boston Chapter 3 – Choosing a race.Outro:Ok folks that’s it.  You have dog-paddled to the end of the treacherous waters in the deep end of the pool known as the RunRunLive Podcast – episode 126 in the can.  I’ve got to get on with my chores for today.  Sending off a signed copy of my book to our friend Dave and I need to make the post office before noon.  If you want a personally signed book for someone I’ve got 4-5 copies of the mid-packer’s Lament left here in the studio I could inscribe and send – just send me an e-mail at  - remember the Mountain bike!Next week we’ll talk with CoachPRS who takes all the mystery out of heart rate training for us. I’ll be back on the road in Minneapolis and Atlanta all week.   Often people ask me “Chris, what do you do that you travel so much?” Well, the truth be told I’m a hit man for the Mafia …and business is good.  Lot’s a evil people needing to be recycled these days.  More work than I can handle, really. I also have a company called Toe Juice that makes some sort of foot care product that is sending me some juice to review and then we’ll talk to their president and run a contest to give a bunch of stuff away.  Free stuff for you! That’s my mantra. I got new wheels for my Fuji road bike this week and I’m going to get Anthony to help me put them on.  I don’t think I have the tools or the knowledge for it.  I tried taking the cassette off (that’s the thing with all the gears on the back wheel) and all I got was a hand full of greasy little bike pieces.  I broke the cheap little plastic tire shoe horns that I got from the Cycle Loft trying to get the old tires off.  But it will be sweet riding without those bent wheels.  I want to do some long road stuff this summer. As always if you have a blog, podcast or cause you want to promote – read the intro for the show – it’s on my web site that’s run run liberty, indigo, victor, eggplant… all one word.  And if you need any help or have someone you want me to interview drop me a line at cyktrussell at Gmail dot com that’s Chris yellow king tom Russell two esses two ells. I get from people that they are shy and reserved and don’t want to talk about themselves or promote themselves.  But, you can’t be afraid to promote yourself.   As long as you’re doing it with good intentions and not because you’re greedy, or needy - people will sense that.  If you are coming from the right place, people will be ok with that.  Being out in Salt Lake last week we walked around the seat of the Mormon faith. One of the things that they do is to have new members go out and prostelize.  Basically they make folks do door to door cold calling.  What a great training.  If you can survive the slings and arrows of door-to-door selling you can overcome any fear! So Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  I see people frustrated at work that they didn’t get the promotion or raise or whatever but they never asked for it.  As long as you come from a position of abundance, meaning you don’t care whether you get the thing or not.  Meaning that your self image will survive having a few doors slammed and a few phones hung up in your face, as long as you’re comfortable that this reflects not on you, not on your intent, not on your honesty and values.  There is no risk.  You truly have nothing to lose.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  When you ask someone for help you are giving them an opportunity to do something useful, to add value.  When you ask for help you are giving a gift.  It all comes down to courage and self confidence.  Keep trying.  I know you.  You have a good heart and things will work out.  Believe in the abundance of the universe and ask it to manifest for you.  Lean in my friends, lean in...and I will see you out there. Music tonight is from the Podsafe music network, as all the music is that is used here so go out and give those nice people 99 cents and keep art alive so we can all rejoice in the democracy of joyful noise. This band is the_provocative_whites-and the song is koschka.mp3the_provocative_whites-koschka.mp3Music:chri stian_mckee-2_mormons.mp3slow_gun_shogun-even_outlaws_g row_old_in_utah.mp3Standard Links:http://www.runrunlive.com Http://coolrunning.comhttp://Grotonroadrace.comhttp://S QRR.orgCyktrussell At gmail and twitter and facebook Chris’ book on Amazon – > ning-stories/dp/141961584X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=boo ks&qid=1228687012&sr=8-1Dial in number for RunRunLive is - 206-339-7804

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