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Almost daily tech news updates from Leo Laporte
Recent Episodes for The Laporte Report Audio Ed...
DATE: Wed, 29 Jul 2020
SIZE: 2.21 MB
Leo on KFI Los Angeles with Bill Handel

Today I talked about high-tech exercise gear with Bill. Check out Gina Kolata’s excellent article on a variety of high-tech exercise equipment in yesterday’s New York Times. Of interest to runners is Garmin’s $325 Forerunner 301. This wristwatch GPS device will track your heartrate, mileage, elevations covered, and exercise time. You can then upload the data to sites like Motion Based which for $11.94 a month will keep track of your workouts, and even offers maps, and a chance to test yourself against other runners. I also talked about Defcon 13 - the hacker convention on now in Las Vegas. Listen to my show this weekend for coverage. Running Time: 5:26

DATE: Fri, 02 Sep 2005
SIZE: 4.49 MB
Leo on CFRB Toronto with John Donabie - Katrina and Tech News

I talked with John about the following stories: Call for Help is on G4 in the US now. 11a Eastern/8a Pacific. Channel 191 on DISH, 354 on DirecTV, or check your local cable listings. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina T-Mobile is offer free wirless Internet access for victims New Orleans Time-Picayune online Red Cross has received over $30 million in online donations iTunes has a link on its front page So does Amazon Online scammers are taking advantage of your goodwill - make sure you donate by entering web URLs by hand. Never click on links embedded in emails. Citizen journalism: people covering news they’re part of. Sites like Wikinews are offering excellent coverage. No pictures yet on Textamerica but once cell service is restored expect some dramatic images Apple’s big announcement on September 7 is rumored to be a Motorola phone that supports iTunes, but I’ll be at the event and I’ll let you know next week Bayou Farewell: The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana’s Cajun Coast may have been prophetic.

DATE: Fri, 02 Sep 2005
SIZE: 1.46 MB
Leo on KFI with John and Ken - Katrina on the Web

KFI fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims with John and Ken, 4:35p 9/1/05. Donate at: American Red Cross Storm Aid FEMA Blog for Relief For New Orleans news from the Times-Picayune visit Flickr has pictures from the affected areas. Cell phone coverage is non-existant, but once it comes back expect many pictures from people who were there at

DATE: Sun, 28 Aug 2005
SIZE: 3.20 MB
Leo on CFRB Toronto with John Donabie

John Donabie is on vacation - I talked with Jim Richards about this week’s tech news: Intel announces the new chip line: nothing too astounding, just more power and a new marketing campaign based around VIIV - it rhymes with “strive” - a platform for entertainment. VIIV will launch in the first quarter of 2006. Google has introduced its own chat client. Right now it’s pretty spare (and mostly advertising free) but the audio quality is excellent. Do we need another chat client? The Zotob worm that plagued Windows 2000 users last week could be turned against XP users, according to antivirus publisher Symantec. And Call for Help returns to the US airwaves on Monday, August 29. Tune in G4 weekdays at 11a Eastern/8a Pacific. That’s channel 191 on DISH, 354 on DirecTV, or check your local cable listings.

DATE: Fri, 26 Aug 2005
SIZE: 2.64 MB
Leo on KFI with Bill Handel - Digital Magazines

Today Bill and I talked about the future of magazine publishing: digital magazines.Playboy has announced that it will start publishing digitally using the Zinio digital magazine technology.Publishers like going digital because it saves them money on paper, ink, and postage, but will readers take to the new format? Playboy says its digital magazine will have one advantage over the paper version: built-in zoom.All Macintosh computers now come bundled with the free Zinio player. Zinio offers free previews if you want to get an idea of what a digital magazine is like.

DATE: Thu, 25 Aug 2005
SIZE: 15.7 MB
Leo on KGO with Ronn Owens

Here are some links from the topics I talked about with Ronn: Fight the Broadband Investment and Consumer Choice Act [PDF]- Senators McCain and Ensign want to prevent communities from offering free Wi-Fi Oddly, McCain has a competing bill in the house that protects community access. Wi-Fi phones are starting to appear. Any router is better than a software firewall. My favorite commerical anti-virus is NOD32 but AVG offers a free version. If you miss The Screen Savers we’re back together on PGP is recommended for encrypting files. For anti-spyware I recommend Microsoft’s anti-spyware - make sure to turn on the Real Time Protection. It’s far better not to get spyware in the first place. Stuttering in streaming audio or video is due to Internet congestion. Sometimes you can help by increasing the buffering time - check the streaming settings on your player. It’s not that your ISP doesn’t care. It’s that the cost of phone support is so high. We all want lower cost Internet access, but the trade-off is reduced support. You can’t have cheap service and good tech support. If you’re recording DVDs use either DVD-R or DVD+R - they’re pretty much the same. I do recommend trying a variety of blanks and see how they work with your DVD player. To download Linux visit and pick your favorite distribution - I’m fond of SuSE, Mandrake, Debian, and Red Hat. To buy Linux cheap, visit LED PowerPoint projectors? I don’t know of any, yet. Union St. has free Wi-Fi. To record Windows media stream try Replay Radio or the free SDP. RSS stands for Really simple syndication, and it’s a way for web sites (like this) to offer their content in a form that can be slupred by programs to assemble a single page with content from many sites. It’s also how podcasts work. Read the article at Wikipedia The best way to fight spam is to have a special address just for giving out - Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Google Mail all offer suitable free accounts. Google has the very cool plus feature - add + and a short phrase to your email and you can then filter on it. For instance: send me an email to for a Gmail invitation (while they last). Google will ignore anything after the plus sign, but you can use what follows to filter the messages into a mailbox. It’s a good way to see who is selling your email address. You should also check your ISP to see what kind of filtering they offer - it’s always better to stop spam before it gets into your inbox. EPIC is worried about what Google knows. Privacy is worth fighting for. Ask your local government to make public records harder to get. You need a router because it isolates your computer from the Internet. It’s the best kind of firewall, even if it doesn’t say “firewall” on the box. There’s no need to spend more for a router with firewall. Any router works. Recording audio tapes, LPs, and VHS tapes required an analog to digital converter. I like the Pinnacle Movie Box DV. San Francisco is lighting up with Wi-Fi - thanks to BAWUG for promoting this for a long time. A great book for Mom is Larry Magid’s

DATE: Sat, 30 Jul 2005
SIZE: 2.49 MB
Leo on CFRB Toronto with John Donabie

The John Donabie Show on 1010 CFRB 30 July 2005 No iPod tax in Canada! LCD prices are tumbling just in time for Christmas. Starting this week Microsoft is limiting non-security Windows Update patches to legitimate copies of Windows. The Windows Genuine Advantage program (as the piracy check is called) was hacked within 24 hours. The Pew Internet & American Life project has released more stats. These show that 9 out of 10 teens in the US are online, and that they prefer instant messaging to email. 19% have blogs. Defcon - the annual hacker conference starts today in Las Vegas accompanied by the usual hijinks. Every year someone hacks the Windows machines that run the big signs outside the casinos to display the blue screen of death or a shoutout to their friends. This year at the Black Hat conference immediately before Defcon, Cisco tried to stop a company from showing how to hack its routers. The presentation continued after the presenter quit his job. Australia has banned Grand Theft Auto. And now a brouhaha is shaping up over Sims2.

DATE: Fri, 22 Jul 2005
SIZE: 17.1 MB
Leo on The Linux Link Tech Show

This is an interview I did with Patrick Davila on The Linux Link Tech Show. We talk about the demise of TechTV, what's wrong with Windows, and the future of Linux on the desktop. Running time: 49:54

DATE: Fri, 03 Jun 2005
SIZE: 3.15 MB
TLR with Bill Handel on KFI, J

TLR with Bill Handel on KFI, J - TLR June 2005 - Leo Laporte

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