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You've heard her talk about sex on Whispered Pearls. Now listen for Michelle Belaskie's take on the seamy side of Hollywood. She's been an entertainment journalist and theatre critic for most of her life. She takes no prisoners in this Hollywood-themed podcast. Regular segments will cover film, TV, Second Life, radio (terrestrial and otherwise), music and other arts. Special coverage will be given to in-depth Emmy and Oscar predictions, using the most state-of-the-art prognostication techniques.
Recent Episodes for MicheBelz Hollywood
DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 67.4 MB
MBH104-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's hot in LA. Part 2 of the Ode to LobsterFest, Sunday night. Happy Birthday to Soccergirl! Goodbye to Cranky Geeks. Yes, we have no Devon Eisenbarger. Tijuana Panthers with "Prayer Needs." Paley Fest, fall edition, showcasing all the new TV. Running into Adrienne Palicki, thinking she was a supermodel. How the Hollywood system churns you into a Thing. Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Grey, Jonah Hill, Jeremy Piven. Staying YOU. We miss you, Tyra. Walking Sleep with "In a Dream." Some great shows from Paley Fest: Miche loved "Raising Hope" and "Mike and Molly." Miss Derringer with "Better Run Away." Hot in Cleveland is such a better show than some of these. How can one root for a bigamist con man? Or rich folks in general? I see a short future for "Lone Star." The Section Quartet with "No One Knows." The shows from Paley Fest that Miche hated, big time: Chase, Outsourced, Undercovers, The Event. But, sadly, the most cringe-worthy is "Running Wilde." John Doe with "Let's Get Lost." Michael Moore honored by the John Steinbeck family with the Steinbeck Award. The Section Quartet with "Such Great Heights."

DATE: Sun, 26 Sep 2010
SIZE: 61.8 MB
MBH103-MicheBelz Hollywood

A nearly all-music show. Saying what I couldn't say on Moheak. Paying respect to my radio gurus: Mike Halloran, Johnny Mars, Mark Sovel. Tracing the path of radio in Miche's life. Recreating the Lobster Fest music from Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010. Judson and Mary with "In the Hands of the Sun." Leslie Stevens and the Badgers with "My Tears Are Wasted On You." Gram Rabbit (since Miche couldn't find any of The Country's music online anywhere) with "Horses Can't Throw Up." AWOLNation with "Burn It Down." Growlers with "Conquered Sun." Gram Rabbit with "Time of Our Lives." Fitz and the Tantrums with "Winds of Change." Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." (We Barbarians will be in a future episode.)

DATE: Mon, 30 Aug 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH102-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche has a sore throat. Catching up on the Emmys. Mariachi El Bronx with "Cell Mates."  Miche was on the radio. Well, Internet radio. A station called How radio people still don't get the whole podcasting thing. Glamourous Pukes with "Horror Business." FYFest bands. Lobster Fest bands. Brobdignagian Bards with "Lily the Pink," available on Music Alley ( Emmy recap: the best Emmys ever. Miche was pretty thrilled by Aaron Paul winning. Eric Stonestreet the clown who gets his Emmy for being a clown. This year, the tapes ruled. Watch Breaking Bad. Edie Falco is still a head-scratcher (Miche doesn't like Nurse Jackie.) Smitt E. Smitty with "Motor City Yankee."  Finding the WLBS page on Facebook puts Miche in a Detroit state of mind. Best Drama. Why did Mad Men beat Breaking Bad? Shows that make us feel better about ourselves vs. shows that explore our dark sides. Breaking Bad and Damages will be out of the next Emmy cycle. Sam Sparro with "Black and Gold." The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on Music Alley (  Check out Houndstooth Radio. Miche really digs "All Up in the Interwebs," on Indie 103.1 dot com.

DATE: Tue, 17 Aug 2010
SIZE: 71.4 MB
MBH101-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche predicts the Comedy Emmys, starting with Best Comedy Series. Danko Jones with "Baby Hates Me," available on Music Alley ( Best Supporting Actor, Comedy. Tiny Masters of Today with "Radio Riot,"  available on Music Alley ( Radio news: Rogue Radio is no more. We have back. And we still have Houndstooth Radio. A mini concert calendar. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists with "Sons of Cain,"  available on Music Alley ( Best Actress, Comedy. Best Supporting Actress, Comedy. Miche makes a bold prediction. Kierstin Gray with "Blood from a Stone,"  available on Music Alley ( The Raveonettes with "Dead Sound,"  available on Music Alley ( Best Actor, Comedy. Guest Actress and Actor, Comedy. Best Writing, Comedy. Best Direction, Comedy.

DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
SIZE: 70.6 MB
MBH100-MicheBelz Hollywood

This is MicheBelz Hollywood's 100th episode! Comic Con weekend, morphing into SIGGRAPH week. All about Bryce, then and now.  Check out the textures in Bryce. The Black Angels with "Bad Vibrations." Motion capture artistry at SIGGRAPH. Also I Like to Rock wraps up July with Chuck P spinning, and Chasing Kings and Voxhaul Broadcast playing. AWOLNation with "Burn It Down (The Stairmaster Remix)." The Lobster Fest lineup (Sept. 17-19). What happened to Rogue Radio? Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Anarchist Girl," available on Music Alley, The DTLA Pow Wow. Restavrant with "Track 11." Dengue Fever with "Oceans of Venus." "Hot in Cleveland" is Miche's new fav show. On Blast with "Wanna Lose Control," available on Music Alley,

DATE: Thu, 15 Jul 2010
SIZE: 72.0 MB
MBH099-MicheBelz Hollywood

World Cup highlights. Loving Germany and the USA. Netherlands? Not so much. We love the psychic squid. Henry Clay People with "Your Famous Friends." Check out our new advertiser, A bit of Indie 103.1 history: the Stoner Guy. Also, I Like to Rock with KCRW. The Happy Hollows with "Lieutenant." Get the Streamly app so you can listen to: Rogue Radio, Houndstooth Radio, Indie 103.1 dot com and soon, Moheak Radio on your iPhone. Prince becomes a Luddite. Afternoons/ShadowShadowShade with "Line 'Em Up." Bangkok Five with "We Love What Kills Us," available on Music Alley, Emmy recap: what Miche got right. Some Emmy surprises. Bettye LaVette with "The High Road,"  available on Music Alley, Admiral Radley with "I Left U Cuz I Luft U." How much Miche digs that band. Buy their album, "I Heart California." Let Congress pass the unemployment benefits bill. Keep it in your prayers, please.

DATE: Wed, 30 Jun 2010
SIZE: 61.7 MB
MBH098-MicheBelz Hollywood

We veer right around 100 episodes! Wow. Zydecosis with "Fat Bottomed Girls," available on Music Alley ( Catch World Cup fever! Miche's predictions for winning teams. Ziggy Marley with "AfricaLand." The travesty of the Tony Awards, now that journalists are no longer voting. Look at the Drama Desk Awards instead. Jenny & Johnny with "Scissor Runner." Miche's choices for the Best Drama Series Emmy. Look for some new blood. Miche predicts some random Drama nominees for Writing, Supporting Actor and Lead Actress. Fritz & the Tantrums with "Winds of Change," a free download from KCRW. Don't forget the Hammer Series. Flying cars become a reality, thanks to Terrafugia. Tom Smith with "I Want a Flying Car," available on Music Alley ( Miche's picks for the Best Comedy Series Emmy. AWOLNation with "Burn It Down." Be careful with those fireworks on this Fourth of July holiday.

DATE: Wed, 23 Jun 2010
SIZE: 61.9 MB
MBH097-MicheBelz Hollywood

World Cup mania. Miche roots for Germany. Admiral Radley with "I Heart California."  What is a supergroup? Take part Earlimart, part Grandaddy. Benefit for the Gulf of Mexico, Red Cortez plays. Art is sold. The Henry Clay People record release for "Somewhere on the Golden Coast." HCP rocks the Supertramp and Springsteen covers. Meeting the mother of the boys. Star gazing at the concert. Visit, show your support for freedom. Henry Clay People with "Slow Burn." Saint Motel with "Dear Dictator" (Sam Sparro remix). How I miss Indie 103.1. July is still Hammer time! KCRW style. Chuck P will be there spinning on July 22. Come early, check out the DJs at 7 pm. Concert starts at 8 pm. The Hammer schedule. Watch "Parenthood" 's third episode and see the Happy Hollows perform. Happy Hollows with "My Wet Tongue." Hot Hot Heat with "Goddess on the Prairie." Chinatown Summer Nights, every Saturday. Aquarium has two album projects from local LA artists: RAM (McCartney) and L'Aventure (Television). Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and his robot, Geoff Petersen. Salvador Dali vs. beer pong. Unleashing our creativity. Find our love within. Congrats to the Lakers! Congrats to the Blackhawks! Here's hoping that the Detroit Tigers win the Series to cap it all off. Slau with "Act Upon My Love," available on Music Alley, Enjoy the World Cup! Look for Emmy predix next time.

DATE: Mon, 31 May 2010
SIZE: 61.6 MB
MBH096-MicheBelz Hollywood

A beautiful day in Los Angeles today. One must see the ocean if one lives in LA. Fol Chen with "In Ruins." Recapping the Lost finale. (Minor spoiler ahead) 24's final season wraps up too. The fakeness of some writing. Nicole and Derek are the well-deserved champions of Dancing with the Stars. Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." A fun June concert calendar. All about the Bootleg Theatre. Hot Hot Heat with "Zero Results" (thanks to More concert stuff. The disastrous Drive-By Truckers show. The wondrous Los Campesinos show. Not digging the Signals so much. Black and White Years with "Hysterical Sickness." Amazing Baby with "Headdress." Also I Like to Rock at the Hammer continues, with KCRW this time. HSX-Cantor Exchange news. Where is Macgruber Radio? Taking a friend to chicken and waffles at Roscoe's. The Little Ones with "Boracay."

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 62.1 MB
MBH095-MicheBelz Hollywood

Big Miche hugs all around. Miche's almost Mother's Day. Do visit Miche's blog ( Sierra Swan with "Mother." Big TV finales this week or upcoming: Survivor, Dancing with the Stars (go Nicole!), Lost, 24 and Glee. Searching for the magic in the arts. AWOLNATION with "Burn It Down," available as a free download at The upfronts roll on. Miche loves Nellie Andreeva, now at Deadline Hollywood Daily. No to L&O, but yes to LOLA. How "Shit My Dad Says" became "Bleep My Dad Says." I'm not kidding. Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry on the same network again (she with "Cougar Town"; he with "Mister Sunshine"). CBS kills a bunch of shows. The Henry Clay People with "Andy Sings!" Changes in media. Online radio choices: Rogue Radio,, Houndstooth Radio. The Growlers with "No Trees in the Desert." The Silverlake Jubilee coming up this weekend. Chuck P. has a show on KCRW on Tuesdays. Kevin Bronson has "Buzz Bands" on Indie, also on Tuesday. Walking Sleep with "Don't Be Fooled." You may've heard that last song previously.

DATE: Fri, 30 Apr 2010
SIZE: 68.0 MB
MBH094-MicheBelz Hollywood

Coachella recap. How much we miss Halloran and Anya Marina. And Shovel and TK around Coachella time. Houndstooth Radio was doing an all-Coachella weekend. Check out Moheak dot com for video from Coachella. Three cameras on this year's Coachella video stream. Walking Sleep with "In a Dream," though you may recognize it as a Flying Tourbillon Orchestra song. The highlight of Coachella for Miche was Faith No More. Mike Patton's voice was incredible. Also check out his band Lovage. The Specials also reunited, after 30 years. DEVO's Metropolis set from back in the day. Hot Chip, especially One Life Stand, rocked Miche's world. Moheak has video. Dead Weather's video stream came out in black and white. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros brought the full hippie vibe to Coachella. Henry Clay People with "Fine Print." The bands the stream didn't play, like She & Him. Um, Jay Z? Coachella's promoter decides to cut back by having volunteers take tickets at the door. The paying customers were less than pleased when many got in free. By far the worst act at Coachella this year was Sly Stone, who wanted to tell us more about his legal problems than actually playing. Complete meltdown. Obi Best with "Green and White Stripes." Miche had a few issues with Alex Lilly, the lead singer of Obi Best. Purchase merch from local bands! Miche's advice to aspiring bands. Live by the Hollywood rule, even if you're a band. Give to Saban Free Clinic by signing up with your Ralphs Rewards card. Enter the number 90674 on The homeless who get free showers from this will thank you. The furor of a secret Henry Clay People show. They do have such amazing guitars. And we do love Neil Young covers. Henry Clay People with "Working Part Time." Walking Sleep with "Final Chapter." The Hollywood Stock Exchange ( goes live with real money. Find me at either michebel or michebella there.

DATE: Sun, 18 Apr 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH093-MicheBelz Hollywood

Coachella weekend. Dazzler with "Dreadlock Holiday" (10cc cover). Radio options during Coachella: Houndstooth Radio (, which is playing all Coachella artists all weekend and Growlers with "Red Tide." Meeting with the LA Podcasters: Tim Street (French Maid TV), Tim Coyne (The Hollywood Podcast) and Cush (Cush: Things I Say). Changes in podcasting since the beginning. Check out Miche's website/blog: The money machine: Keith & the Girl. Miche's theories about advertising on her pages. The Alice Project with "Nobody Makes It Overnight," available on Music Alley ( The fiasco called the Streamy Awards and why David Faustino should not approach Felicia Day when he's naked. How the Webbys are too corporate to represent podcasts like these. Cary Brothers with "Over and Out." Turner Classic Movies presenting a Classic Hollywood Film Fest with movies including Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, The Sweet Smell of Success, Cleopatra. The restored Metropolis. Imitation of Life with Lana Turner. The original Breathless with Belmondo. Chris Morris presented Yuna ( Also, you can still listen to Watusi Rodeo on Also check out Garth Trinidad's show. Let's Go Sailing with "Sideways." Dazzler with "Your Love." Help out your struggling friends, if you can. LOVE

DATE: Tue, 30 Mar 2010
SIZE: 58.0 MB
MBH092-MicheBelz Hollywood

An addendum about Rob and Amber. Miche doesn't have health insurance, and is really glad that health care reform passed. Miche likes both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. Olbermann's Special Commentary: "we are moving toward the light." The Suicide Denial with "Fat America," available on Music Alley ( Dancing with the Stars new season. Josh Belville with "Fat Tuesday's Over," available on Music Alley ( Happy Easter! Pam Anderson has sexy hair. Shannen Doughtery dances for dad. Jake Pavelka we are kind of over. Figure skating and dancing have similarities. Ben Twisted with "Fat One," available on Music Alley ( The Hurting Machine attacks. "LA's gonna break your spirit." The affable one with the viper spirit. The LA technique described. Rotonoto Band with "Crazy Infatuation," available on Music Alley ( Mr. Superficial strikes again. The two sides of this story. Finding that Bodysnatchers mask. Pink Steel with "More to Love, Boys," available on Music Alley ( The Black and White Years with "Power to Change," available on Music Alley ( Zydecosis with "Fat-Bottomed Girls," available on Music Alley ( Nice to hear some zydeco on MBH.

DATE: Wed, 24 Mar 2010
SIZE: 70.3 MB
MBH091-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche's Oscar rundown. She hated the hosts and the jokes. The John Hughes tribute. Horror fils with no Roger Corman. No Best Song performance. But we do have interpretive dance. No Best Picture readoff. Roger Allen with "Can't Buy Me Love," available on Music Alley ( Returning shows: 24, Breaking Bad and Lost. An analysis of all six seasons, sorta of Lost. The three faces of Locke. "The flash sideways." Amplifico with "Come Down," available on Music Alley ( The scripted stars vs. the reality stars. Jake Pavelka. Boston Rob on Survivor. Boston Rob vs. Russell. Russell, the divining rod for immunity idols. Maria Daines with "Call It Love," available on Music Alley ( Jim's Big Ego with "Prince Charming," available on Music Alley ( Miche believes in fairy tales. SXSW. Sean Percival ( has a film about "One Word to Describe SXSW." Pete Cashmore's word? "Location." Gowalla vs. FourSquare vs. BrightKite vs. Twitter. Facebook sits it all out. Yelp is there too. Privacy vs. interactivity and being social. FourSquare's 100K new users. Woodfish with "Thinking of You," available on Music Alley ( Laura Clapp with "Back to Us," available on Music Alley ( Breaking down the paranoia and getting some trust. Conan O'Brien and the one person he's following on Twitter.

DATE: Sun, 28 Feb 2010
SIZE: 60.3 MB
MBH090-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is sad. It's raining in LA. Celebrity suicides. Manny with "On With the Show," available on Music Alley ( All of Miche's Oscar predix. Original Screenplay. Adapted Screenplay. Visual Effects. Sound Mixing. Sound Editing. Original Song. Original Score. Best Makeup. Best Foreign Language Film. Editing. Manny with "Behind the Veil," available on Music Alley ( Costumes. Cinematography. Art Direction. Animated. Manny with "Stroll On," available on Music Alley ( Supporting Actor and Actress. Actor. Actress. Director. Film. Undercover Boss.

DATE: Fri, 19 Feb 2010
SIZE: 65.3 MB
MBH089-MicheBelz Hollywood

Gray and overcast in Los Angeles. Miche is moving. Bad Religion with "Struck a Nerve," available on Music Alley ( Miche bitches about life and bands changing their names. On the nature of criticism in podcasting. Old media vs. new media. Dios Malos with "You Make Me Feel," available on Music Alley ( Henry Clay People with "Working Part Time." Miche needs a job. The new TV season has begun. Johnny Weir should've won the Gold, at least according to Twitter. Lost, 24, the new Survivor (Heroes vs. Villains). The evilness of Russell. The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on Music Alley ( Dios Malos with "Everyday," available on Music Alley ( Predicting Oscars with historical data. The Best Actress race. INDIE AIRSTREAM. Specialty Show O Rama. Gurus and Buzz Bands and no Chuck P, oh my! Indie Segue of the Week. Tiny Masters of Today with "Radio Riot," available on Music Alley ( The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with "In a Dream."

DATE: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
SIZE: 62.8 MB
MBH088-MicheBelz Hollywood

The 88 is a great LA band. Riding the El in Chicago. Mike Errico with "On This Train," available on Music Alley, ( Grammy fever. Recapping the SAG Awards. Miche was 10-5. Better than Dalton Trumbo (from Entertainment Weekly). Will Sandra Bullock win an Oscar finally? The new season of 24. Can Kyra Sedgwick not win an award somewhere? Dahlia Wakefield with "Are You Listening?," available on Music Alley, ( Onto the Oscar nominations predictions. Best Picture, all ten choices. Brene Wilson with "Anytime, Anyway," available on Music Alley, ( Best Actor and Best Actress choices. Geoff Smith with "So I'm Writing," available on Music Alley, ( Best Supporting Actor and Actress. Best Director. David Ippolito with "Don't Let It Hold You Back," available on Music Alley, ( Best Original and Adapted Screenplay. Best Editing and Cinematography. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Let in the Light," available on Music Alley, ( Best Costumes. Best Art Direction. Best Animated Feature. Miche's favorite Pixar movie.

DATE: Fri, 22 Jan 2010
SIZE: 65.3 MB
MBH087-MicheBelz Hollywood

It rains and rains and rains in Southern California. Laura Clapp with "Hey Hey Sister," available on Music Alley ( The Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien NBC debacle. Some backstory and history to the whole fiasco. Conan going to Revision 3?  We can dream. My Little Radio with "Leave the Light On," available on Music Alley ( Catching up with the awards shows. Predictions of SAG Awards, film segment. How cool is Sandra Bullock? In Need of Sympathy with "Night Air," available on Music Alley ( SAG Awards, television division. The Tones with "Almost a Love Song," available on Music Alley ( SAG Award predix, TV continued. Peter Bjorn & John with "Collect Select Reflect," available on Music Alley ( The nerve of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship for stopping at the troubled port of Haiti.

DATE: Mon, 28 Dec 2009
SIZE: 66.6 MB
MBH086-MicheBelz Hollywood

Happy Holidays to everyone. Castledoor with "Leave It on the Sleigh." On being a groupie. The third annual SweaterFest. Castledoor's O Holy Night. Dancing in a wheelchair. Letters Burning with "I'm Here, You're There," available on Music Alley ( The Best Picture of 2009: Avatar. Matthew Ebel with "Wasting My Time," available on Music Alley ( Tiger Woods and his magazine cover deal with American Media. Beatrice Ericsson with "Starting All Over," available on Music Alley ( Miche predicts who is going to win the four acting Oscars. The Up and Down meter on Oscar predicting. The Brian Setzer Orchestra with "One More Night with You," available on Music Alley ( Top Ten Entertainment Stories of 2009. Castledoor with "Skipping Stepping Stones." Check them out on iTunes. Some interesting Golden Globes tidbits: Go Sandy! Go Meryl! Californication vs. Entourage. SAG Ensemble? Inglorious Basterds, baby. Houndstooth Radio's wonderful Christmas music.

DATE: Thu, 10 Dec 2009
SIZE: 62.1 MB
MBH085-MicheBelz Hollywood

Sunny and wonderful in Los Angeles. Happy Hollows with "Big Bad Wolf." Happy Hollows wraps up its Spaceland residency. The poster contest, winner gets a guitar. Sweater Fest is actually Saturday, Dec. 19 at the El Rey. Castledoor with "Burn the Maps." Castledoor and The Shys at the Echo. Red Cortez with "Poete Maudite." Oscar movies. Abuse vs. abuse: Precious vs. The Stoning of Soraya M. Helping the black woman vs. helping the black man: Precious vs. The Blind Side. Hand 'Em the Oscar Now! selections for Actor, Actress, Supp. Actor and Supp. Actress. The Happy Hollows with "We Will Find You." Miche doesn't think "It's Complicated" is complicated at all. Miche doesn't find Steve Martin sexy. Deadly Syndrome with "Animals Wearing Clothes," available on Music Alley ( Don't forget the Sweater Fest on DECEMBER 19. Miche really digs The Men Who Stare at Goats. Miche's top ten movies of the year for Oscar choices. This week, at least.

DATE: Tue, 24 Nov 2009
SIZE: 69.1 MB
MBH084-MicheBelz Hollywood

Happy soon to be Thanksgiving everyone! Miche is moving. The crush of Oscar movies. Miche gets orgasmic over "500 Days of Summer." Then over She and Him. Stefanie Seskin with "I Just Keep On," available on Music Alley ( Flying high with Up In the Air. Stefanie Harger with "Ripped Pages in an Open Book,"  available on Music Alley ( Miche's Best Actress assessment. Beatrice Ericsson with "Starting All Over,"  available on Music Alley ( Next up: Best Actor candidates. Jen Elliott and Bluestruck with "Love Crazy,"  available on Music Alley ( Best Picture anyone? Elena Vandek with "All Night," available on Music Alley ( Invictus laid bare. Miche is not digging the rugby. Let's Go Sailing with "Come Home Safely." The American Music Awards. Can we say dreadful? But we love the Lady Gaga. Her piano was on fire. Saint Whitney Houston performs.

DATE: Thu, 12 Nov 2009
SIZE: 66.8 MB
MBH083-MicheBelz Hollywood

More Oscar movies, some good, some really sucky. Tom Ford's opus. Why Public Enemies is no Michael Mann movie. District 9 rocks the house. Black and White Years with "Hysterical Sickness." The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and some others are sold to Who's Who. The failed Jay Leno experiment. The unhappy affiliates. Jim Carrey's significant building. Henry Clay People with "Living in Debt." The bring a kid program. Some TV show cancellations, some good, some bad. The Black and White party at the Roxy. Duke is open late! Xu Xu Fang with "Good Times Have Gone Away." The Happy Hollows residency at Spaceland kicks off with a surprise Julian Casablancas show.  The hip LA scene is there. Casxio starts out the second week. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with "Is This Love?," available on Music Alley (  INDIE AIRSTREAM. Yes, we do have Halloween music! The rumors of a renewed terrestrial version of Indie 103.1. Miche's views on the matter. Isn't the Internet the future? The Happy Hollows with "Tambourine." Some notable segues. Jonesy starts a show on BBC6. Dan Anibal with "Love," available on Music Alley ( Have a great November!

DATE: Sat, 31 Oct 2009
SIZE: 66.9 MB
MBH082-MicheBelz Hollywood

Have a happy Halloween. Enough "Spooky" already. The Little Ones with "Like a Spoke on a Wheel." Dissecting the Oscar hopefuls. The ones Miche thinks are going to make the top ten at this point. Red Cortez with "Fell on the Floor." And the ones that won't. Some upcoming choices. The Tones with "Almost a Love Song," available on Music Alley, The dueling Iraq movies: The Hurt Locker vs. The Messenger. Miche's Screenplay 101. The emotional complexity and intimacy of The Messenger. Does the splashiest Oscar campaign really equal Oscar noms? Everest with "Into Your Soft Heart." Wal-Mart is now selling caskets. A mini concert calendar. The Happy Hollows with "We Will Find You." Former Indie 103.1 DJ Joe Sib (Complete Control) and his one-man show, "California's Calling." INDIE AIRSTREAM. Segue-o-rama. Random Fact of the Day. Debbie Cassell with "Want U So Bad,"  available on Music Alley, Have a safe Halloween.

DATE: Wed, 14 Oct 2009
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH081-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's raining in Los Angeles. Miche's smoke detector is going off. Happy Hollows with "Tambourine." Concert number 1: Oh Darling, Quasar and the Bamboozled, the 88. Diggnation 141. The Eagle Rock Festival. Nico Stai with "Dead Pony." The upcoming Sweater Fest. Oh Darling with "Only Beginnings." The New Noise conference in Santa Barbara. Miche dug the keynote from Pandora founder, Tim Westergren. The sad day when Pandora went US-only. Some of the insights from the conference. We still love Indie 103.1. The new progression for a band. The Internet is the new radio. Nico Stai with "Maybe Maybe." Miche wants to thank (and Sean and Laurie Percival) for the tickets to New Noise. All the bands that played. Nico Stai and Har Mar Superstar on the same bill. The madness that is the Edward Sharpe (and the Magnetic Zeros) show. Happy Hollows with "We Will Find You." INDIE AIRSTREAM: The wondrous Tedd Roman. Yes, please tell us about free downloads. Thank you. Miche loves Rodrigo y Gabriela and My Delirium. Some segues of the week.

DATE: Wed, 23 Sep 2009
SIZE: 69.0 MB
MBH080-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche recaps the Emmy. She beat everyone on Gold Derby (bows). And picked Cherry Jones when no one else did. And um... Jon Cryer? Miche missed Pushing Daisies completely. How to do Emmy judging properly. Thomas Dolby with "The Key to Her Ferrari," available on Music Alley, The Emmy ceremony. Enough with the CBS stuff, already. Joss Whedon gets his first Emmy FINALLY! Follow Willow on Twitter, @alydenisof. Jeff Probst, such an inspiration. (The woman in white Miche was talking about was Julie Benz, now on Dexter, previously on Angel.) Terry Garland with "Without You," available on Music Alley,'s sucky search engine. Capitalism: A Love Story. "Cleveland: It's Not Detroit." We, the dead peasants. The Sweethearts of the Revolution with "Sign," available on Music Alley, Nada Surf with "Here Goes Something," available on Music Alley, The found tape that is the centerpiece of the film. The Indie Movie Show. Killola with "I Don't Know Who," available on Music Alley,

DATE: Thu, 17 Sep 2009
SIZE: 68.8 MB
MBH079-MicheBelz Hollywood

Jane Campion's new movie, Bright Star. Miche congratulates Shayla. Some People Who Died, including Jim Carroll. Black and White Years with "Hysterical Sickness." Miche is a tourist at Universal City Walk for a day. The Simpsons ride. Shrek 4D. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with "In a Dream." SAG takes sides: Membership First vs. Unite for Strength. Miche has friends on both sides. Let's Go Sailing with "Sideways." Miche predicts the Emmy winners before Sunday. (Note: 24 got more than one nomination, and Miche knows that.) The Black and White Years with "Steady As It Goes." Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls with "Nowhere Place." The year of change. The Black and White Years with "Power to Change." Black and White Years/Dazzler double bill? Miche can dream.

DATE: Mon, 31 Aug 2009
SIZE: 72.9 MB
MBH078-MicheBelz Hollywood

Fires rage in Los Angeles. And it's hot. All the communications towers are on the fire lines. People who refuse to leave during Mandatory Evacuations. Advice from Hurricane Katrina survivors. Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls with "Thunderstruck." Miche doesn't like heat. Burning Man happening this week. David Lawrence on Heroes. Fun stuff. The wonder of Meryl Streep. Julie & Julia. Mary Lynn Rajskub and Janeane Garafolo doing improv together. Sarah Borges with "Stop and Think It Over," available on Music Alley ( Miche is actually a snobby theatre critic. Everything by the rules. And she hates that audience participation stuff. And then, there's Point Break Live. Just like it sounds. Miche's experience. Bill Grogan's Goat with "Horn Pipeline." Robin Tymm with "Hope,"  available on Music Alley ( Lots o deaths lately: Dominick Dunne, DJ AM and Teddy Kennedy. Calvin Owens with "Please Love Me." Sarah Aubrey and the Audio Visuals with "Not Going to Say Please,"  both available on Music Alley ( Afternoons touring with Sea Wolf and Sara Lov. See them in LA at the Troubadour on Sept. 17. Miche is bummed about not getting tickets for the Airborne Toxic Event at the Disney Concert Hall. INDIE AIRSTREAM: Miche favorite song right now is LADYHAWKE's My Delirium. Chuck played some Heavy Vegetable. Miche, not surprisingly, liked Radio. Jimmy Golding with "Not a Day Goes By,"  available on Music Alley ( Miche met Jimmy Golding. Miche is rooting for Shayla to win "Dance Your Ass Off."

DATE: Mon, 17 Aug 2009
SIZE: 59.1 MB
MBH077-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is a bit sick. The Henry Clay People have a Circus at the Echoplex. Henry Clay People with "Rock and Roll Has Lost Its Teeth." Miche examines Worlds of Warcraft and Second Life. A game versus life. Go Betty Go with "The Pirate Song." The evolution of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in Miche's mind. The Little Ones with "Morning Tide." Miche details a few weekends of cool concerts: Sunset Junction, San Diego's Street Scene, Save Our Parks aka F Yeah Fest, Sunset Strip Festival. Go Betty Go with "I'm From LA." INDIE AIRSTREAM: Chuck P does a tribute to Les Paul. Dave Navarro loves the Pink Floyd. Army Navy with "Get Right Back (Where We Started From)." Gore Gore Girls with "All Grown Up." Some great Indie 103.1 dot com segues.

DATE: Mon, 27 Jul 2009
SIZE: 72.2 MB
MBH076-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche talks about lovely Los Angeles, Comic-Con and the depressing Depression. Where do you shop? Bad Religion with "Sorrow," available on Music Alley ( The end of the free Hammer shows, presented by Indie 103 dot com. Food was a nice addition to the Hammer shows. Modern Caveman with "Johnnywise," available on Music Alley ( Steve Dahl is doing a podcast, starting Sept. 8 ( The new radio. The crazy Airborne Toxic Event's worldwide tour (in Australia in Sept.). Second LIfe and Worlds of Warcraft. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with "Bring It On," available on Music Alley ( INDIE AIRSTREAM: Miche loves Native Wayne, and Matisyahu. A gaggle of Assholes, courtesy of Tedd Roman. The Gratuitous F Bomb of the Day Song on Chuck P's Dead Air Weekly show. Why does one need a playlist on an Internet radio station? Segues of the Month! LA favs Killola with "Get Around," available on Music Alley ( Chuck replicates the Flaming Lips "parking lot experiment" on air. Houndstooth Radio is now on iTunes! Matthew Ebel with "All I Need Is You," available on Music Alley ( Miche finally gets to the Emmy nominations. What she got right, and what she got wrong. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! Beatrice Ericsson with "As Long as the World Is Turning," available on Music Alley (

DATE: Sat, 11 Jul 2009
SIZE: 69.6 MB
MBH075-MicheBelz Hollywood

The 75th episode!  Miche enjoys the moon. What risks would you take if called to action? The Hammer Museum series, before and after. The change in Indie's logo. Everest with "Rebels in the Roses." Dazzler dazzles Miche into dancing. Band of Skulls rocks the Hammer. Amazing Baby? Eh, not so amazing. Red Cortez with "All the Difference." Dance Your Ass Off on Oxygen. Peter Bjorn and John with "Fortune Favors Only the Brave," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche takes a risk and predicts the Emmy nominees. Drama Series, Comedy Series. Fireking with "Rebel Rouser." Emmys: Best Actor, Drama. Best Actress, Drama. Foreign Born with "Union Hall," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( (Go to and search on Starbucks.) Best Supporting Actor, Drama. Best Supporting Actress, Drama. Nada Surf with "From Now On," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Luck.

DATE: Sun, 28 Jun 2009
SIZE: 71.7 MB
MBH074-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is dripping from the Jacuzzi. Some celebrity deaths: Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon. Bill Grogan's Goat with "Whisky in the Jar." A sad January, but we still have Hammer Time! The schedule! The Castledoor residency at Spaceland. Castledoor with "Magnetic Forces." Ray Richmond goes to The Wrap. Nikki Finke sells Deadline Hollywood Daily. Kevin Pollack's Chat Show is awesome. Vitamin water gets 3 new shows on Pandora, they call it "energy radio." Henry Clay People on tour with Airborne Toxic Event and Red Cortez. Red Cortez with "In the Fall." Rooting for local bands to make it. I O Echo's Sprint commercial. Ten choices for Best Picture at the Oscars this year. Viewing Up. Foreign Born with "In the Shape," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche is blown away by Dazzler. Dazzler with "Dancing on a Comet's Tail."  Amazing Baby sometimes isn't so amazing. Miche saw them at the LA Artwalk. INDIE AIRSTREAM: Tedd Roman is back. Trina is gone. Dave Navarro, Dark Matter and the Twitterverse. Chuck P's mind-blowing 140 song extravaganza! Watch Dance Your Ass Off, premiering Monday! Lemon Sun with "Wanna Have You," available at Miche will be dancing her ass off at the Hammer.

DATE: Tue, 09 Jun 2009
SIZE: 72.9 MB
MBH073B-MicheBelz Hollywood

How a week is really two weeks. More layoffs at the Hollywood Reporter. No more Radio & Records either. Showtime only buying ads at the LA Times, not either of the trades. The Envelope's splashy ads. Awards Daily and Awards Heaven. Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily. The Wrap and Movie City News. Art Linton with Enemy Lines, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Mancow's waterboarding. Conan has arrived in LA. And he's got Andy Richter. He's got a nice desk, but Jimmy Fallon has a computer in his. Jay Leno is destined to fail, especially when advertisers start walking out. Does Leno at 10 pm mean the end of scripted TV? The SAG contract being decided. Nice Peter with "Tru Gangster," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's whitewashed reality. The in-fronts, upfronts and On Fronts. Medium's move to CBS. Hearts of Palm UK with "People and Logistics," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Emmy ballots are out. Miche picks her top five choices for Best Supporting Actor. A SAG Conversation with Michael C. Hall. Betty Donelly with "In the Begin," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( All the E3 fun. Miche explores her gamer side. James Cameron and Avatar. Chris Hardwick is now on G4 with a new show, Web Soup. International Sexy Ladies. David Ippolito with "Internet Angel," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Vegan Vixens on Native Wayne's Smoke-In on Indie 103.1 dot com. Some concert items. All Airborne Toxic Event all the time, including a whole Carson Daly show. Rilo Kiley with "Science vs. Romance," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Wed, 27 May 2009
SIZE: 70.8 MB
MBH072-MicheBelz Hollywood

Happy Memorial Day! How nice it is to have friends with pools. The 24 finale compared to the Lost finale. Some 24 spoilers. Amazing Baby with "Head Dress." Cherry Jones, goes from winning Tony Awards to hunkering down with every season of 24. The secrets of acting. How Kiefer will sit in the back seat for ya. A memorable 24 moment. Exploring the upfronts. How they were scaled back this year. Change partners and dance: Scrubs, My Name Is Earl? God bless Chuck Lorre. NBC banks all its money on Jay Leno. Miche has her doubts. My Little Radio with "All You Wanted," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Some changes in the podcast landscape: Daily Source Code, Rocketboom's various hosts, Diggnation, Soccergirl, Dawn & Drew. Why do we watch podcasts? Miche likes watching the changes. Find the truth here. Peter Bjorn and John with "Young Folks--Disco Mix," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Some cool LA podcasts. Listen to the Kindle Chronicles with Roxanne and Shane (Beach Walks with Rox). Watch Four-Eyed Monsters. Afternoons with "Love is a Western Word." Did you catch them at the Troubadour? Digital Hollywood conference highlights. Miche Twittered it. Geoff Smith with "Foot in Your Door," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The changes at Indie 103.1 dot com and Houndstooth Radio. Miche digs Brene Wilson with "Time for Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche hates the mendacity of media.

DATE: Mon, 18 May 2009
SIZE: 65.8 MB

Miche wishes Craig Ferguson a Happy Birthday. A retraction. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Kerosene Dreams." LA Weekly's LA Weekend. The Heart Is a Drum Machine. Camp Freddy and their guests: Perry Ferrell, Macy Gray and Juliette Lewis. Reds' innovative techniques. Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. The Henry Clay People with "Something in the Water." The final night of the residency. Mr. Shovel spinning. Flying Tourbillon Orchestra playing. The Henry Clay People goes glam and plays covers. They Might Be Giants with "Am I Awake?," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The dramatic 24 season finale, which Miche has already seen. Miche discusses some of it. Examining the themes of torture of this season of 24. David Cloyd with "Weird Fishes," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche stands up and makes a couple of Emmy predictions. How fun it is to watch 24 with 1600 people. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "On Our Way Home." Miche picks her seven for Best Drama and a few deserved supporting noms. On how great Last Call with Carson Daly is, and why you should be watching it.

DATE: Mon, 27 Apr 2009
SIZE: 71.4 MB
MBH070-MicheBelz Hollywood

An almost all-Coachella episode. Why not to attend Coachella this year. How to stay current with Coachella online. Bob Mould with "Stupid Now," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Roxanne Darling's No. 2 concept ( This year compared to last year (no Indie 103.1!). :-(  Michael Franti & Spearhead with "Say Hey (I Love You)," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Michael Franti tries to convince Halloran to get on Twitter. The highlights of Coachella. ATT's web stream and how Miche watched multiple versions of the Airborne Toxic Event's set. Calexico with "Two Silver Trees," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( New discoveries. Lot of Swedes at Coachella this year. The disappointments. PB&J a bit too Swedish for Miche. Miche misses the MIA mystique. The Killers? The ultimate in artifice. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with Brian Eno's "Needles in the Camel's Eye." Miche's dream Coachella. Where was Rosanna Arquette this year? ScottyBrownTV on You Tube. The mystery of the shoes on the Check One Two CDs. New York City in the 70s and 80s exhibit provides the answer. Rilo Kiley plays "With Outstretched Arms," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( doublePark with "C'mon and Let Me Love You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Congrats to the Submarines for being on the iPod ads. Ca-ching, baby!

DATE: Fri, 10 Apr 2009
SIZE: 66.5 MB
MBH069-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is adjusting to her new desk. A brief concert calendar: Leerone, Fireking, the Henry Clay People extravaganza, Coachella. Miche's lyrical appreciation. Fireking with "A Sentimental Education," courtesy of the band. Boston bounces Jay Leno. Golden Globes is going to air live. Billy Bob Thornton has a meltdown in Toronto. Your fifteen minutes is over, please sit down. Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card," courtesy of the band. Associated Press versus Arianna Huffington on the Charlie Rose show. Huffington Post wins. Another AP meltdown. What exactly does that "Embed" code mean anyway? Peter Bart moves "up and out" of the newsroom at Variety. (Thank you, Nikki Finke. Mike Errico with "When She Walks By," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Making money in Second Life. Visualizing your dreams in Second Life. Miche loves Felicia Day and Dollhouse. I O Echo with "I'm On Fire," courtesy of the band. A special bit of audio for ya (since everyone's been asking about it.) And if anyone out there still has audio from Mike Halloran's last show on WLBS (circa 1985), I would really love that.

DATE: Mon, 30 Mar 2009
SIZE: 67.4 MB
MBH068-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche gets nostalgic about Detroit. The Detroit app on Facebook. "Bound in Detroit (Without You)" by Smitt E. Smitty. Catch Fireking at Paychecks, April 11 for the International Pop Overthrow. John Rich with "Shutting Detroit Down," on Jimmy Fallon's show. Common Ground with "Alive," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( U2's week with David Letterman. Tough to decide between Ferguson and Fallon. Venturing into Jay Leno's show cause Prince is on. Attending a Leno taping. Prince as a sex machine. Prince commandeers three venues. Prince played "Crimson and Clover." Crush with "Memories," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Listen to Houndstooth Letter from an Indie fan. Surfing the Indie 103 apps. Cassavetes with "My Heart, Your Beat," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Sunday blues still. Miche's concert calendar. Monterey International Pop Festival, Jefferson Airplane with "Somebody to Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Fun things to listen to on Indie 103.1 dot com. More concert calendar. The Tones with "Swim," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Mon, 16 Mar 2009
SIZE: 75.7 MB
MBH067-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche waves and shouts out to everyone at SXSW. Secret The Mae Shi with "R U Professional?" How yelling, in the rest of the world, is not considered professional. How losing Indie 103 has affected Miche. God bless Chuck P. Back to where it all began. Alice Cooper with "I'm Eighteen--Live at Montreux," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Mark Ebner's book signing. Scott Sigler's book signing. Podcasting from the beginning, a reminiscence. It's not about the money. The amazing podcasting fans. Old media just doesn't get it. The rise of audiobooks. Kevin and Alex (from Diggnation) on Jimmy Fallon's late night show. The other late night shows miss the Internet aspect. Barbara Walters brings down Twitter. Miche is digging the Blellow. The Facebook debacle this week. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Anarchist Girl," featuring Wayne Kramer of the MC5 on background vocals. Hanging with some Indie peeps, talking about Internet radio. More on how they don't get it. Arbitron is a joke. Brett Dennen with "Darlin Do Not Fear," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( THE INDIE AIRSTREAM. Chuck P! Listen Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 4 pm. Which is more intimate? Terrestrial radio or Internet radio? Indie iPhone app is back! There's also FStream. It all boils down to honesty. Is repetition necessary? Miche compares the state of media to the horse and buggy industry when the car arrived. David Ippolito with "Don't Lose Sight of the Dream," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sat, 21 Feb 2009
SIZE: 72.4 MB
MBH066-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche hates the number 666. Or 66. The awards preparation that grips the city. The Independent Spirit Awards, and who Miche is rooting for. Miche mourns the loss of Indie 103. The influence of MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. How does one get friends on a social network? How Facebook really holds the secrets for close friends. The magic eight ball questions. "How do you feel today?" "The Bandage on the Bloodclot," by Henry Clay People. "What is your Hobby/Interest?" "Colors," by Happy Hollows. Miche's Oscar predictions. Can we say Slumdog landslide? The cool site ( that predicts, as Miche does, Taraji Henson to win Best Supporting Actress. Miche is still rooting for Robert Downey Jr., despite the precursors solidly in the dead guy's camp. "What will they play at your funeral?" "Big Wednesday" by The Growlers. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Better Off" by Let's Go Sailing. What's your dream for Indie 103? Miche wants to see it thrive online. The transience of LA. Can it return to the broadcast airwaves? Do you want it to? Max Tolkoff's article on Huff Post. Check out Miche's "We Love Indie 103.1" group on Facebook. Clear Channel's involvement in the early days of Indie. Did Indie only succeed because of Dawn Girocco? God bless Chuck P and what he's doing online. Henry Rollins moves to KCRW, sadly. Take a clue from President Obama, please. Listen to Kurt St. Thomas on Houndstooth Radio Live, also on Live 365. "What is your biggest secret?" "Shakedown," by Sierra Swan. "What do your friends think of you?" "Track 12" by Restaurant. "Only humans can really get lost," says James Taylor. Make sure to get the Indie iPhone app, which means you can listen to Indie in your car! Segue of the Week (online version): MIA and AR RAHMAN's Oh Saya into MATISYAHU's King Without a Crown  Enjoy the Oscars and Independent Spirit Awards this weekend! 

DATE: Thu, 05 Feb 2009
SIZE: 75.0 MB
MBH065-MicheBelz Hollywood

Change, change, change. The Fump with "Sarah Palin vs. The Flobots by Robert Lund," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Elvis Costello's Spectacle with James Taylor. Money versus leading. Kelly Richey with "Time for a Change." Follow Miche on Twitter (MicheBel and/or MicheBella). Miche's Twitter suggestions. The nature of celebrity is changing. The end of Check One Twosdays? Check One Wednesdays, anyone? Adam Balbo with "You Are Gone," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Creative Screenwriting Oscar panel. The screenplay racket. Miche revisits the Afternoons concerts in January. Xu Xu Fang with "These Days." Flying Tourbillon and Afternoons both do a cover of Brian Eno's "Needle in a Camel's Eye." Who is the designated driver for The Henry Clay People? Carlina with "How Long Will You Be Gone?," available on the Podsafe Music Network (  The Indie iPhone app and We Love Indie 103.1 group on Facebook. A kinda-sorta Indie Airwave: Miche's Top Ten Moments of Indie 103. A. Rex with "Still Can't Accept That You're Gone," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Tue, 27 Jan 2009
SIZE: 73.2 MB
MBH064-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche talks about her process on this episode. The end of Indie 103.1 FM. The trip to Sundance. We have a new president. Miche's vantage point. We are in the In-Between. Paying back our karmic debt. Greed and arrogance has to go. Changing our mindset. Miche at Sundance. Howard Jones with "Revolution of the Heart," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( What terrestrial radio has meant to Miche. Henry Clay People with "This Ain't a Scene." More on Miche's radio saga. The birth of Indie 103. Miche listens to Henry's show. The music box of Indie. There are no goodbyes. Wendy and Lisa with "Balloon." Miche's career path. On Macintoshes and front-end typesetting. Looking at the present and the future we are in. Talking about the online experience at Sundance. Spending time online. The transformative digital panel. What's next at Indie? Indie 2.0 or another radio station? What is your dream for Indie? Foreign Born with "We Had Pleasure." We'll miss you.

DATE: Sat, 10 Jan 2009
SIZE: 73.9 MB
MBH063-MicheBelz Hollywood

Welcome to the Year of Change: 2009. A Miche video is coming! First Fridays (actually on the Second Friday). The Little Ones with "Morning Tide." Miche gives her predix for this year's Oscars. The controversy over Best Supporting Actor. The incredible pantheon of bands supporting Afternoons over the next couple days at Spaceland. Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with "Audry (Love Keeps Moving)." Miche is going to Sundance. The ordeal of ordering tickets. Miche digs Sam Rockwell and Zooey Deschanel. Seek out She and Him. Miche's fav iPhone apps of the moment. Seeing Amazing Baby and how amazing it was. Seeing the Movies at Spaceland, and not seeing Everest. The joy that is Check One Twosdays. Seeing the band Dawes for the first time. Upcoming Check One Twosdays: Castledoor and I O Echo. The Little Red Radio faux pas. Afternoons with "Graffiti Artist." INDIE AIRWAVE: The 2009 report card. TK in the morning. Shovel on middays. Jonesy. Eh. Kurt St. Thomas and his wondrous voice. How does one correctly pronounce Franz Ferdinand? Henry Clay People with "You Can Be Timeless." Some segues of the Week. Felicia Day's inspirational Tweet. The difference between old and new media. The Digg meetup in LA, and how Miche wishes she could meet Kevin and Alex. Harmony in My Head promises to teach us all about jazz. Oh boy.

DATE: Mon, 29 Dec 2008
SIZE: 70.6 MB
MBH062-MicheBelz Hollywood

Merry Christmas and happy five years to Indie 103.1. How Indie gets the worldwide exclusive for four new Prince tracks. Let's go crazy with the Prince tracks now, eh, Indie? Howard Jones with "Just Look at You Now," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Some early Oscar predictions: Miche's choices for Best Picture (go Australia!), and why. Noms you can go to the bank with right now. Why Milk is very likely to take the Oscar. Which SAG nominees can pencil themselves in now to being an Oscar nominee. Heath Ledger vs. Robert Downey Jr. Yael Naim with "Too Long," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( All about the Sweater Fest. The Substitutes with "Taken a Lifetime," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Saying the right thing in Los Angeles, and Shovel is actually human (and a dancer). Miche hates the High Spirits (and GOTT Game). Miche chastizes sexual harasser Jonesy for shaming Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. Big Head Todd and the Monsters with "All the Love You Need," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Segue of the Week. Concert Calendar. Miche loves TK in the mornings. Some Kurt St. Thomas nuggets of wisdom. Ayla Brown with "Thanks to You," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
SIZE: 72.5 MB
MBH061-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's been a shitty week. Black Thursday's layoffs. Big media's near bankruptcies. Christie Hefner steps down. Stuckey & Murray's "Favorite Things," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( All about explicit tags. Barack Obama does a weekly address on YouTube. How big media still doesn't get it, all these years later. Weddings in Second Life. Happy Hollows with "Colors." Golden Globe nominations and Nikki Finke's take on it. An Oscar roundup: Revolutionary Road, Che, Frost/Nixon, Australia. Check One Twosdays: Karin Tatoyan, Love Grenades, The Gray Kid and LIght. Also: the Polyamorous Affair and Light. The Submarines and Patrick Park. Indie 103's Christmas party: Wreck the Halls. Miche is bummed she didn't get to sit on Santa's lap. But there were cool bands: Black Kids, Bloc Party, The Pretenders and CSS. Chrissie Hynde still rocks hard. Lemon Sun with "Wanna Have You," available at INDIE AIRWAVE: Big muddy shovel to the loss of Watusi Rodeo. We'll miss ya, Chris Morris. An old DJ moves, a new DJ moves in. Golden Shovels given. Andy Stone with "In the Coffee Shop When," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Castledoor with "Magnetic Forces."  Let us not forget that Mr. Shovel discovered the Knux.

DATE: Fri, 28 Nov 2008
SIZE: 67.7 MB
MBH060-MicheBelz Hollywood

Happy Thanksgiving! Amazing Baby with "Head Dress." Check One Twosdays, week two. Miche thinks the second week was almost better than the first. Nico Stai, Henry Clay People. Everest plays a song with the Watson Twins. Dazzler dazzles Miche. Lemon Sun with "Same Old Ground." Miche talks about her seminal theatre experiences, Annette Martin and tableaux. Sunday in the Park with George at the Goodman. Miche hated the "comedian" at Check One Twosdays. How low the Viper Room has sunk. Miche didn't like The Rosebuds from North Carolina either. Luckily, Dazzler saves the night. Concert calendar: Indie's Wreck the Halls and the Sweater Fest. Love = Action with "Warm Hands," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Miche hates "New Music. Now." Some format changes that Miche doesn't like. The most offensive song on Indie ever. Miche rates the new part-time DJs. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with "Needle in a Camel's Eye" (Brian Eno cover). Miche gives Tedd Roman props for his interview skills. Jonesy's show has greatly improved of late: Oasis and Cheech and Chong this week. Dave Navarro's new show: Dark Matter rocks the house. The difference between podcasts and terrestrial radio. Thanksgiving Segue of the Week. More Segues of the Week. Sheri Miller with "All He Has to Do," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Mon, 17 Nov 2008
SIZE: 68.1 MB
MBH059-MicheBelz Hollywood

What's ahead. Afternoons with "Intervention of Daniel Fields," available at Buy other Afternoons music at their MySpace page. Media convergence explored. Miche loves Digg. What Miche does online, and how it's connected to Proust. Sierra Swan with "Don't Say." Online storage is efficient. Miche digs "W." Hearts of Palm UK with "Portugal 1," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The history of the Check One Two event night. First, all about the Viper Room. Then, the Echoplex, and Check One Twosdays. Comin at ya in audio and video. Miche wasn't digging the Earlimart attacks on West Siders. Henry Clay People with "Something In the Water." Miche gives the upcoming month or so of artists playing Check One Twosdays. The Little Ones have a record release. INDIE AIRWAVE: Yes, there is no Escalante. Unless you count Barely Legal. Entravision's layoffs.  Evaluating the other DJs now flooding the airwaves. TK rocks the morning show now. Tedd Roman does some great interviews. Miche still loves Retrograde and Watusi Rodeo. Miche bows deeply and gives great respect to Native Wayne and his spiritual base. We are all one world. LOVE each other.

DATE: Mon, 10 Nov 2008
SIZE: 73.7 MB
MBH058-MicheBelz Hollywood

As Beck opens the new Club Nokia, Miche bitches about the high cost of tickets to the Indie Christmas party. Miche is sad that Jesse and Deanna have broken up. The movie Che is pretty long. Radio Nowhere with "Cortez and Pisarro," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche had a miserable Halloween, even though she dressed as Mae West. My kingdom for a wristband. The difference between a screening and a big Hollywood premiere. The program ordeal. What Miche thought of Che, soon to be named Guerilla. Miche didn't think much of Matt Damon in Che. Casxio with "Seventeen." The Che after party. How to work a room in LA. Miche talks to Joaquim de Almeida and tells him how good he was on 24. Miche saw West Indian Girl, Casxio and Hearts of Palm UK. The upcoming Check One Twosday lineup for the next month or so. The difference between the Echo and the Echoplex. Afternoons with "Line 'Em Up." Earlimart with "Answers and Questions." Miche attended the opera and raves about Valerie Perri. INDIE AIRWAVE: Dave Navarro is back with a new show and a new time. Miche comments about the schedule changes and new DJs. Miche met Jackie from Chaos. LIsten to her show! Indie's amazing Halloween coverage. Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials with "Tired of Crying," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Tue, 28 Oct 2008
SIZE: 70.9 MB
MBH057-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is annoyed because she already recorded this yesterday, and lost it all. Prayer to Jennifer Hudson, and to everyone laid off at Revision 3 today. The upcoming election. Miche digs Indie's VOTE stickers. The Henry Clay People with "This Ain't a Scene," courtesy of the band. Jon Hamm on SNL. The Women and Appaloosa. Cool apps for the iPhone: Constitution, Shakespeare, Camerabag, the Obama Sonic Lighter. Craig Ferguson's show and how annoying is Julie Chen? Army Navy with "Golden Pony," courtesy of the band. Jean Paul Yamamoto and Love Grenades at the Echo. The Halloween extravaganzas going on around town. INDIE AIRWAVE Indie's Halloween at the Natural History Museum. Indie's Christmas party with the Pretenders at Club Nokia. Many many segues of the week. And now: the Golden Shovels. And the Muddy Shovels. Afternoons with "Graffiti Artist," courtesy of the band. Check One Twosdays, baby! More great segues. Doug Ferony with "I Ain't Got You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Spaghetti Cake with "Follow the Light,"  available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Happy Halloween!

DATE: Sun, 12 Oct 2008
SIZE: 67.8 MB
MBH056-MicheBelz Hollywood

LA is very cold. Bliss Station with "Flowers and Balloons," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche chats a bit about Podshow/Mevio and some of its recent changes. Playboy may be going bankrupt. The Palladium and Club Nokia open soon. Spaghetti Cake with "Best Friend," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Detour Fest rocks LA. Afternoons are mind-blowing. The punk rocking Mae Shi and its amazing crowd response. The Mae Shi with "The Melody," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Indie surpasses their incredible misting tent with a tent of fun. How cool is Bitter:Sweet? The difference between a journalist, a reviewer, a commentator and a podcaster?  Zwish with "Toy Boy," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Dawn Girocco and where she landed. The shows that are missing from Indie's airwaves. Miche's political rant. Byther Smith with "Love Me Like I Love You," available on the Podsafe Music Network (, from the album: Throw Away the Book. It's "dancer," not "denser," it's official.

DATE: Thu, 02 Oct 2008
SIZE: 66.5 MB
MBH055-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's hot in LA. Carlos Bertonatti with "Summer Daze," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche recaps her Emmy predix in the big categories. Miche finally got an iPhone. David William with "When It All Comes Together," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Obamarama at Spaceland. The Bird and the Bee are a highlight. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. Don't ask for autographs. Coral Sea disappoints. Flying Tourbillon Orchestra with "In a Dream," courtesy of the band. More on the iPhone. Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip at the Echo. Miche hates the Echo. Music and social media and Internet radio. Pandora and Flycast and Playlist and iLike. Lance Larson (and Jon Bon Jovi) with "Listen to Your Heartbeat," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Jonesy is back and in fine form: Tom Morello, Chrissie Hynde, Jesse and Deanna from The Bachelorette on a Jonesy's Jukebox Jury that actually VOTED! We love Watusi Rodeo. Native Wayne attends the Stoney Awards and talks to someone about a book they wrote about Bob Marley and the Wailers: "Wailing Blues." Miche loves Dead Air. Especially when there's an in-studio with Dengue Fever AND an in-studio with Billy Bragg!!! Shovel recommends the Henry Clay People. Detour Fest on the horizon. See it for three bands: The Submarines, Afternoons and the Mae Shi. The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Examining the format. On songs that One Never Needs to Hear Again. Bad changes and good changes. And some special magic.

DATE: Sun, 21 Sep 2008
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH054-MicheBelz Hollywood

Motorcycle Cop redux. Good luck to all Emmy nominees. How Miche predicts Emmys. Drama. Comedy. Smallfish with "Lemonade," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche covers even the writing and directing nominations. Jonesy's back. Are there no more rebroadcasts? The Fratellis chat with Tedd Roman. The Fabrications with "Fuck the FCC," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( David Ippolito with "Another Fifteen Years," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sat, 13 Sep 2008
SIZE: 73.4 MB
MBH053-MicheBelz Hollywood

Beach music and The Beach Boys on Check One Two soothe us. Roadside Zoo with "Chance It," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Sarah Palin action figure (see for pics). Creative Arts Emmys this weekend. Miche explores them in depth. And we do mean in depth. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "On Our Way Home," courtesy of the band. A mini course in cinematography.  It's out. Miche likes Lost and Mad Men. And Entourage. David William with "Satellites," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Who's really got the beat? The corporate radio station that will not be named? Or the Cock of Rock? You have to ask? Playing music. It's what radios do. Get with the now, Corporate Radio. People write to Miche: Is Indie changing formats now that Dawn is gone? All about Entravision.  Kevin Reeves with "Afraid and Alone," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The mega Emmy prediction table: 4  

DATE: Mon, 01 Sep 2008
SIZE: 69.7 MB
MBH052-MicheBelz Hollywood

Happy Labor Day weekend! A correction. Some confusion and chaos start it off. Happy Hollows makes it all better. Castledoor with "Magnetic Forces," courtesy of the band. Day Two: Voxhaul Broadcast, Oliver Future, Gram Rabbit, !!! , Kinky, Black Keys. More punk than you, and the Germs. Janka with "Punkt," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Kein "Hallo! Wie gehts?" mehr. INDIE AIRWAVE: Quote of the Week from Jose. Buy Honeysuckle Weeks. The Submarines' iPhone ad. One lucky Indie Activist had an amazing BBQ. Chasing Jonah with "Near Your Heart" and Minus Vince with "Far Away from Near," both available on the Podsafe Music Network ( New songs on Indie, some broken by Indie. Top Ten Shovel Pronounciations. Gene Loves Jezebel with "Drive," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Hosannas to Harmony in My Head. Two Songs You Never Hear Together. Three Segues of the Week. Random cool Indie shit. Indie's movie series which features Casablanca. Blank Canvas free concerts in September, first up: Nico Stai. News on the Shovel-Melissa Check One Two nights. Feel My Heat remix segment. Jon Hamm on Jonesy's show. Emmy predix coming up. Which artist was it that Judd Apatow lost his virginity to? Tune in to Jonesy's Jukebox for the answers to questions like these. Fake Native Wayne and his Respect-o-Meter. The possible world premiere of Motorcycle Cop. You heard it here first. Boots request.

DATE: Thu, 14 Aug 2008
SIZE: 64.4 MB
MBH051-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is no music historian. She just knows what she likes. Indie 103's benefit concert for Johnny Ramone at Hollywood Forever. Joe Escalante's revelatory Ramones story. Radio vs. podcasting. Scotty Brown's movie, "You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk, 1977-1984." Riot Ritual with "More Punk Than You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( What Miche was like in high school. Dr. Chaotica with "Generic Punk Song," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( What was the worst year of your life? Oh yeah, 1979. The glory of albums. Seeing Patti Smith for the first time. The core ethos of punk rock to Miche. What is punk rock now? Restaurant (Track 05). How things have changed. Has Miche grown up? The banging breasts. Miche's disappointment with two punk stars. Doing the Blizkreig Bop all over Michigan. The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The 80s version of Indie. Halloran's last show. What punk rock means to Miche. Does It Offend You? Yeah with "Let's Make Out," available on the Podsafe Music Network (  Truly Lover Trio with Dream Come True. Sunset Junction this weekend! Don't miss the misting tent!

DATE: Wed, 06 Aug 2008
SIZE: 70.7 MB
MBH050-MicheBelz Hollywood

We missed Mr. Shovel. Bunches and bunches. What we learned on Craig Ferguson's show. He's the 19th Funniest Person in America. Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "American Jesus." A critique of Dr. Horrible and playing hetero. Miche wants the Hammer. Concert-o-rama. The final Hammer show with Afternoons and Tokyo Police Club. The crowd surfing, the tree climbing, the fun! The traveling Check One Two extravaganza. First up: The Scene in Glendale! With the Flying Tourbillon Orchestra and Castledoor. Afternoons and Dengue Fever at the El Rey, with Frequency also playing. Second Check One Two Traveling Show Extravaganza: Silverlake Lounge, with Love Grenades. And yes, Sam Sparro was there. The bad bands at the Viper Room now. Miche's crystal ball about where Check One Two will end up. The Deadly Vibes, with "When You're Young, You're Dumb," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE. Shovel's retrospective of great bands whose songs he taped first. The Bourgeoisie brouhaha. Broken CD players. Chuck sings! Bad bumper stickers. Albums that aren't really blue. Miche digs the foreign music though. Geoff Smith with "Be My Friend," available on the Podsafe Music Network (  Are you an Indie Activist yet? Miche salivates over the Radiohead tickets. Do you listen to the music or the lyrics? Luckily Indie's got both covered. No Lollapalooza coverage? but a Mini Cooper convention is covered? Ayla Brown, with "Forward," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Wed, 23 Jul 2008
SIZE: 67.0 MB
MBH049-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche gives a warning to sensitive ears. Blame Knack if you don't like this next song. The Hold Steady with "Chips Ahoy," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche gives a concert calendar. The plight of Check One Two's traveling show. Tommy B. Goode with "Zap Pow Right in the Kisser," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Many media changes this week: Arthur magazine moves to New York, Roger Ebert gives thumbs down to Disney, more on the LA Times layoffs. A fond farewell to Kevin Bronson, may he (and his Buzz Bands) land somewhere else cooler soon. Will SAG strike, or won't they? Afternoons with "Love Is a Western Word." Plan for the madhouse at the Hammer this week. Miche recaps last week's Hammer situation. Miche loves I O Echo. INDIE AIRWAVE, part 1. A new award: The Truth in Radio Award goes to TK this week. Segue of the Week Three-fer. Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." INDIE AIRWAVE, part 2, the raunchy version. Chrissie Hynde's rock and roll blessing to the Cock of Rock. Dreaming of Cynthia Plastercaster doing "The Men of Indie 103." Or a calendar. Da Vinci's Notebook with "Enormous Penis," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Hellogoodbye with "Baby, It's a Fact," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sun, 13 Jul 2008
SIZE: 67.5 MB
MBH048-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's Hammer Time! The Growlers and Nico Vega kick off the free concert series that Indie does every July. The Growlers with "Her Command." Check One Twosdays seemed to have disappeared, so Miche went to Bordellos instead. The lineup: Evan Way of the Parson Redheads, Sarah Negahdari of the Happy Hollows, Timothy James of The Movies, Andrew Spitser of Radars to the Sky, Mikel Follett of Airborne Toxic Event perform acoustic numbers. A very special night, indeed. More about the Hammer. I O Echo with "Addicted." Miss Derringer and the Deadly Syndrome. Miche's two concert pet peeves. How the Deadly Syndrome take her right out of her discomfort zone. Don't miss the Sweater Fest. The July birthday shout-out. Geoff Smith with "So I'm Writing," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( An update on AFTRA and SAG. Miche anticipates the Emmy noms. The new Joss Whedon project online. Mossi with "Make Love, Not War," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE. Where is Craig Ferguson? Cringe-worthy misprononciation. Timothy Olyphant participates in Wino Wednesday. Put him on Swingtown! Segue of the Week: a Deadly Syndrome two-fer. Afternoons with "Say Yes."   SPECIAL DRINKING GAME FOR THIS EPISODE:  Take a drink every time Miche says: wondrous, amazing or incredible. Happy Bastille Day!   

DATE: Thu, 03 Jul 2008
SIZE: 71.2 MB
MBH047-MicheBelz Hollywood

Prayers go out to those formerly at the LA Times. George Carlin and Clay Felker have died, prayers to them. Check One Two Mondays at the Viper Room has also died. But will Check One Twosdays at the Roxy rise in its stead? Gran Ronde was the last band at the Viper. Restaurant with some song Miche doesn't know. The saga of SAG and AFTRA, and the surprise Miche foresees. Miche predicts some of the top categories for Emmy nominations, including Drama Series (including the winner) and Comedy Series. Just remember you heard it here first. Mike Errico with "Packing My Bags." The crazy librarian/rocker weekend. The American Library Association annual conference by day, and the Sunset Strip Music Festival by night. Hanging poolside at the Standard, rubbing shoulders with Dominic Purcell and Bob Guiney. The sushi story. The phone story. Hot Hot Heat doesn't have quite as much heat as Juliette Lewis and the Licks. The Deadly Syndrome and the 88 kick it hard. Afternoons with "Graffiti Artist." The Hammer concert series. (Thank you, Indie 103.1) Camp Freddy kick out the Cheap Trick on Saturday night at the SSMF. Miche won't talk about the 88 show. INDIE AIRWAVE: Henry does New Orleans, Native Wayne alerts us to the crisis in Zimbabwe. Segue of the Week. Miche finds a fantastic LA artist before Shovel does. Ladies and gentlemen: Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Kerosene Dreams." See you at the Hammer!

DATE: Sun, 22 Jun 2008
SIZE: 65.2 MB
MBH046-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's a heat wave. The Los Angeles Film Festival begins. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with "Last Chance for Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network (  Miche is catching up with this season's "Lost," and just watched "The Constant." Miche loves Desmond. Watching Craig Ferguson again. The Sunset Strip Music Festival coming up. The Viper Room: Rob Dickinson begins the week of Love. Miche loves "Oceans" especially. Xu Xu Fang and their rowdy fans. The Human Value then heads to Vegas. Miche ventures to the East Side to explore the Echo for the first time. Seeing Castledoor and The Submarines make it worth it. Castledoor with "Burn the Maps." It's Prom Night at the Echo. It's hot in LA. Miche is embarrassed to admit that she had never previously been to the Echo or the Echoplex. There are actually places to sit down at the Echoplex. Miche loves Sea Wolf. Nine Inch Nails with "Echoplex." Swear Along with Scarface. Down with conspicuous consumption. Down with fur-lined boots in LA. TV on the Radio with "Staring at the Sun," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE: Long live Henry Rollins and Rosanna Arquette as Jonesy's substitutes. Rollins has Miche in tears of laughter. Miche doesn't like Jonesy's commercials and attempts at accents. She totally digs TK's Mini Cooper ads and Dave Navarro's New Balance ads, however.

DATE: Thu, 05 Jun 2008
SIZE: 69.5 MB
MBH045-MicheBelz Hollywood

What inspires you? Miche offers up some choices. Restaurant with track 02 from their EP. Check One Two Mondays' fourth anniversary (In Waves, I O Echo, Idyllists). The phenomenon that is Check One Two. We love I O Echo, yes, we do. The Hammer Museum series in July. I O Echo with "I'm On Fire." Miche's Check One Two bands page on MySpace. Willoughby, Restaurant, Foreign Born. Foreign Born with "We Had Pleasure," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( "The Bachelor: London Calling" finale. Why falling in love shouldn't be public. "The Bachelorette" starts up. The different dynamics. Some interesting LA events upcoming. A brief Emmy prediction for nominations. Restaurant with track 01 from their EP. What a trip Restaurant is in concert. INDIE AIRWAVE: Spotlight on Harmony in My Head and the wonder that is Henry Rollins (and Engineer X). The great announcement. Was Beck inspired by Jonesy's Jukebox? Leerone with "All I Want," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Mon, 19 May 2008
SIZE: 60.1 MB
MBH044-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche congratulates Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson on their wedding. The LACMA Art Walk, its ups and downs. Miche compares the Chicago art scene with the LA art scene. Miche bemoans the lack of a shuttle. Miche's critique. The Henry Clay People with "Children of Chin." The LACMA After Party with C.R.A.F.T. Club. Miche is sunburnt. Happy Birthday Craig Ferguson. Rademacher with "Last Letter Writer." Spray-in beach salt. Everest and Film School and Casteneda. Everest signed at Sundance with Neil Young. INDIE AIRWAVE: Two Segues of the Week. Funniest Moment of the Week. Best Song of the Week. Miche's must-listen shows. Being an Indie Activist. The Psychic does Astrology in the am. Nada Surf with "The Fillm Did Not Go Round," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Tammie Webb with "Fear of Losing You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( TK's amazing sexy smooth DJ voice. The TK and Marvin Show is way funnier than the Escalante and Jose show. Look forward to the Hammer shows coming up and the Check One Two fourth-year anniversary. Some TV shows have their finales. Tom Waits with "How's It Gonna End?," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( "Black is the new wolf."

DATE: Sun, 04 May 2008
SIZE: 72.5 MB
MBH043-MicheBelz Hollywood

Tim Robbins controversial speech at the NAB (check my Facebook profile for link). "What's Coachella?" More layoffs. AMPTP and SAG. The Futureheads with "The Beginning of the Twist," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Iron Man opened, Miche loves Robert Downey Jr. The Bachelor: London Calling. Podshow changes its name to Mevio. Audio vs. video. The pig has been found. Good interviewers and bad interviewers. In one corner: Sat Bisla's Passport Approved and the MusExpo interviews. In the other, Mike Halloran and the acts of Coachella. What Miche looks for in radio coverage of an event. Miche thinks Halloran is a radio god, and the best radio interviewer anywhere. All of the amazing Halloran Coachella interviews recapped. All about sampling. LA becomes like Blade Runner. Let's Go Sailing with "All I Want from You Is Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Autolux want Halloran to do their DVD commentary. Miche loves Rosanna Arquette. Go see Desperately Seeking Susan. Duffy is the Scarlett Johansson of this year's Coachella. Sean Penn's Caravan to New Orleans. Dios (Malos) with "You Make Me Feel," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( INDIE AIRWAVE. The yin/yang of Indie. Sobriety discussed heavily this week. Camp Freddy in residency in May at the Roxy. Phil Donahue's anti-war stuff.  The Segue of the Week. What Would Jesus Drive?'s T-shirts that say: "We Don't Give a Fuck About Your Band." Rademacher with "If You Got Some Magic," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Check One Two night at the Viper Room coming up. The Indie Activist. In Need of Sympathy with "Run and Catch Your Heart," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sun, 20 Apr 2008
SIZE: 56.1 MB
MBH042-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is still in a funk. Check One Two night livens her up. British Sea Power with "Down on the Sound," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( TV season sucks. Miche is so behind. She peruses the new Entertainment Weekly, with the summer movie special, and is bored by all of them (100). Congratulations to Indie 103.1 for winning the Best Radio Station in the Country by Rolling Stone magazine. THE INDIE AIRWAVE. It's Addiction Week down at Indie. Sex, drugs, rock n roll. Beer, wine, you name it. The Shovel and TK show. Damn funny. Miche doesn't like the designated comedian. Rademacher with "Playing for Fun," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Trying to find the schedule at the Revolution Room. More layoffs at the Mirage too. SAG is at the bargaining table with the AMPTP. O Sweet Static with "Summer Fun," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche tries to win Coachella tickets (day 2). A summer concert calendar. Strut Mcfearson with "Double Wide," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( RIP to Danny Federici, from Bruce Springsteen's band. Al Phlipp and the Woo Team with "A Love Song to a Door Knob," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Fri, 11 Apr 2008
SIZE: 67.4 MB
MBH041-MicheBelz Hollywood

A prayer for those who have ever suffered from a layoff. Sierra Swan with "Dr. Love Boy."  Catching up with Check One Two nights at the Viper Room: Malbec, Nico Stai, Summer Darling; Imad Wasip, Golden Animals, The Growlers. Coming up: I O Echo, Moon Rats, Sky Parade, The Randies, Oliver Future. And, this Monday, this band: The Happy Casualties with "Declaration of Independence." All the love at First Fridays. Isn't Castledoor amazing? The Watson Twins, too. And new decor! Danko Jones with "First Date," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( THE INDIE AIRWAVE. We have now lost the music in the stream, and gained a crapload of commercials on the radio. Cool inserts. Say no to "Elegance." Indie is only "elegant" the way a Macintosh is elegant. Miche shines a spotlight on the excellent work TK was doing this week in the morning. Miche misses TK's commercials and does not approve of the new packaged Jonesy as Sex Pistol commercials. However, Shovel does a sublime interview with John Doe and Exene of X. Miche's Dream Team of Radio. Ingrid Michaelson with "Breakable," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( German punk is the best. Prince is headlining Coachella on Saturday night!!!! Jonesy outs poor Begley. Miche threw out the Love chapter. Temple of Soul with "Sunshine of Your Smile," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Wed, 02 Apr 2008
SIZE: 72.1 MB
MBH040-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche previews the show. Loveshy with "Mr. Gorgeous," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche examines the WGA, SAG and AFTRA and recent developments. Check One Two night branches out from the Sunset Strip to Las Vegas at the Revolution Room (Boom Bip and Pop Noir tonight). Miche adores the new Check One Two Volume IV CD. Indie is very symmetrical. Malbec with "Stranded in the Spotlight," courtesy of the band. Miche discovers Vol. III playing on Indie's Internet stream. Concert calendar. Rock Cycle explored. Kierstin Gray with "Blood from a Stone," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( More Indie Airwave. The dreaded "C" word hits Indie. The way Indie mixes its music Miche is very grateful for. Miche likes Retrograde and Henry Rollins. Brigitte Fontain does "Comme a la Radio." Favorite lines of the week. Da Vinci's Notebook with "Enormous Penis," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Jonesy discusses the Internet and the state of music with his Jury. What Drew Barrymore likes the most about Indie. Miche mourns the loss of Eric McCormack from the Mercedes ads. Glenda Neace with "You the Man," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche totally digs She & Him!!! Love the Zooey Deschanel, not to mention M. Ward. Imperfection is the new perfection.  Diablo Cody's EW column. Newsweek fires 100 longtime staffers. 50 Cent starts his own social network. Internet celebrities, and how people decide that. Malbec with "Summer."

DATE: Fri, 21 Mar 2008
SIZE: 67.3 MB
MBH039-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche revisits the Indie Segue of the Week, with two contenders. The Transpersonals with "Hello, Hello." The great things about Indie's SXSW coverage: Mark Sovel's sublime interview with Billy Bragg. The bad: more Jonesy bashing. Miche waxes a bit about Billy Bragg. Miche wanted to hear the Indie Showcase, and there they are on Check One Two this week! The Mae Shi with "Run To Your Grave," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( More Jonesy bashing. He's the Joan Rivers of radio. How Jonesy tries to embarrass Gram Rabbit, but ends up embarrassing himself more. "Only the strong survive." The Sex Pistols at Caesar's? Chow Nasty explains the origin of "Ungawa." The Deadly Syndrome with "Winter in You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Why are we in SXSW? The music business is dying anyway. Miche explains the glory of radio and the music on Indie. The radio versus the Internet stream. CBS trying to get Internet ratings to count in total ratings. Miche gets pissed at Joe Escalante.  Plastilina Mosh with "La Cama Es Muy Grande Sin Ti". Indie has the world premiere of Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart." Miche talks about Neon Neon at the Viper Room, also check out her blog ( Miche was really digging sitting in the Delorean. Comeg with "My Love Is Blind," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Jonesy thinks 95% of the bands playing SXSW "are lame." Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova with "Falling Slowly" from the movie, "Once," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Fri, 14 Mar 2008
SIZE: 70.9 MB
MBH038-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche uses all her social media skills to stay on top of SXSW. The difference between SXSW Film, SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music. British Sea Power with "Waving Flags," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche is waving the Indie flag. Forensics at Nationals, compared to the Indie Warriors descending on Austin. How excited Miche is about the Indie Showcase on Saturday. Engineer X smuggles some audio for us. And as if all that isn't exciting enough, today the Check One Two Volume IV CD drops on Austin. Miche examines the various artwork on them. Miche goes off on a Dead Air tangent, raving about Zooey Deschanel's voice. Don Tipton with "When Love Arrives,"  available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche has a bone to pick about Jonesy's show. Miche tries to rally Jonesy to the Indie Team. Los Angeles magazine compares KCRW and Indie 103. Trains and rains livened up the Box this week. Tom Waits with "Hold On,"  available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Adding fans and movie clips. The podcasting fiasco at Indie. Miche hopes that Max will buy the staff new CD players. How cool it was that Tilda Swinton didn't wear makeup to the Oscars. Pippa Rogers with "Can't Believe,"  available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche still loves Camp Freddy. Tedd Roman does the Cock of Rock proud. Miche is really happy that Engineer X is attending SXSW this year. I O Echo with "I'm On Fire," courtesy of the band. Listen to Indie this weekend!

DATE: Wed, 05 Mar 2008
SIZE: 68.9 MB
MBH037-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche recaps the Oscars: her predix, and how they fared. INDIE AIRWAVE, part 1: Jonesy's Jukebox Jury has an Oscar panel with some jamokes from The Envelope, and Jeff Goldsmith from Creative Screenwriting magazine. Jeff defends Michael Moore, and Miche applauds him for it. Matthew Ebel with "Lost My Way," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Vacation in residency at the Viper Room. The women of LA. The woman who danced at the Vacation show. Also that night: Heavy Mojo, Run Run Run and Casper spins! Miche dances. Dengue Fever with "Sober Driver." The Independent Spirit Awards, and how fun was Rainn Wilson? Loving the Javier Bardem and the Jason Bateman. Sandie Shaw with "Puppet Got a Brand New String," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( A Place to Bury Strangers plays at Spaceland. In Waves and Holy Fuck also played. Miche struggles with the lyrics, then comes up with a solution. The audience is a lot of hot guys. The Happy Casualties with "Bury the Hatchet." Britain is the most spied-upon nation. INDIE AIRWAVE, part 2: the SXSW plans as we know them. Yes, it does involve Airborne Toxic Event and I O Echo. New Bauhaus, and David J spins on Big Sonic Heaven with Darren Ravell. A new Duffy song that Miche loves. The IFC Spirit Awards special, with music from "Juno" and Dylan. Low vs. Diamond with "Life After Love." Business Week dissects social media and its impact. Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." Why we should participate in social media. All band music courtesy of the bands. Thanks to Focus Features for the images from the Oscar-winning movie, "Once."

DATE: Wed, 20 Feb 2008
SIZE: 70.1 MB
MBH036-MicheBelz Hollywood

JTX with "I'm Gonna Party Like a Rock Star", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche examines her red pill reality. Say no to hoopla. "Are we more racist or more misogynist?" Miche has now added Keith Olbermann to her TiVo. Henheart with "Cost of Freedom." Miche sneaks into the Viper Room to see Colorforms, the Flying Tourbillion Orchestra and the amazing, mind-blowing Dengue Fever. Indie Airwave, part 1: Spotlight on Chuck P. His show, Dead Air, is on from 8 pm to 10 pm on Sunday nights. The comeback of vinyl. Laura Clapp with "I've Been Thinking About You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The frenzy of Oscar week in LA. Miche's Oscar predix: Go to the bank with Ruby Dee to win. Getting away from meanness and back to true love. "Falling Slowly" from the movie Once, one of this year's Oscar-nominated songs, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Indie Airwave, part 2: Memorable quotes and phrases. Featuring Skip Ventura, Jonesy, Liz Warner, Timothy Olyphant, Joe Escalante, Shovel as "bar back." Adam's descriptive rant (DSC 716, 717) about the life of a DJ. Harry Chapin's "WOLD." The interactivity of social media. How ingestion of media has changed. Hillary's Hallmark adventure, compared to Obama's "Yes, We Can" video. Miche saw Sicko, where Michael Moore was speaking. Love is the answer. Black Lab with "Lonely Boy," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sat, 09 Feb 2008
SIZE: 68.3 MB
MBH035-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche attends her first Club NME, with Castaneda. I O Echo coming up there on Feb. 27. Afternoons with "Say Yes." Check out their schedule at:  What Miche used to think radio was like. INDIE AIRWAVE, part 1: Shovel gets punked. The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Check out their schedule at:  The tsunami of the Airborne Toxic Event residency (Check their MySpace at: The craziness around the final night of residency. Celebs, radio people, all sorts of others bask in the excitement of Airborne Toxic Event. Kiefer Sutherland has a chat with Miche. "Let's Not Die." Afternoons with "Change In Season." Miche thanks The Deadly Syndrome. A February concert calendar, selected items. Miche is so grateful to live in LA. INDIE AIRWAVE, part 2: Elvis at 11 is back! Miche gives hosannas to Harmony In My Head (Henry Rollins and Engineer X). This week: African music and Ginger Baker, which Miche shares with her sister in Germany. TK's diamond moment of honesty up on Big Bear. Afternoons with "Summer Now." INDIE AIRWAVE, part 3: The new young DJs on Indie. Miche shakes her head at Ted Roman. Castledoor with "Remember When." INDIE AIRWAVE, part 4: Oh yeah, the election. Indie gets political. Miche is grateful.

DATE: Wed, 30 Jan 2008
SIZE: 59.4 MB
MBH034-MicheBelz Hollywood

How Miche listened to music back in the day. The music one plays over and over and over again. I O Echo with "Addicted" ( The Screen Actors Guild awards recap. The final Sopranos awards stockpile. Fade to black now. We love Tina Fey. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Airborne Toxic Event with "Papillion" ( Radars to the Sky and Venus Infers at Spaceland last week. Earlimart with "Answers & Questions" ( The yin yang of music this week. From the sublime of Airborne Toxic Event at Spaceland, to the opposite out in the Valley. Miche's Downriver past. How certain parts of LA fit people more than others. Miche is a West LA girl. There ain't no kinda hell like a rock club in the Valley. I O Echo with "I'm on Fire". The Indie Airwave: No Sundance coverage, podcasts are back. What Miche looks for in a live concert. The Airborne Toxic Event with "Sometime Around Midnight," sure to be a big hit for them.

DATE: Mon, 21 Jan 2008
SIZE: 51.1 MB
MBH033-MicheBelz Hollywood

AntiqCool with "Digging for Gold," available at the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's Oscar predix: Atonement gets the most, Lust Caution comes in second. Pirates of the Caribbean 3, 300 and Transformers fill out the effects slots. And don't forget Into the Wild and Juno. My Morning Jacket with "O Is the One That Is Real," available at the Podsafe Music Network ( How "The Negotiator" got Miche to want to move to Los Angeles. What a black carpet premiere for a big splashy movie is really like. High school, but bigger. Hearts of Palm UK with "I Flow," available at the Podsafe Music Network ( The Indie 103 Airwave, where Miche examines changes and highlights of the week at Indie 103. The first is bowing down to TK. Jake Lear with "Love and Charm," available at the Podsafe Music Network ( The Miche manifesto about celebrity and coverage.

DATE: Fri, 11 Jan 2008
SIZE: 67.0 MB
MBH032-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is jazzed from seeing Airborne Toxic Event, and decides to record a show!  Miche has a couple of outstanding corrections. The two mixes of "Sometime Around Midnight". Which do you prefer? More strike coverage, and how it's rippling through Hollywood. Sean Penn may just get that directing Oscar for "Into the Wild." Miche still has hope. Miche wasn't all that jazzed on "Lust, Caution." Miche likes the music from "Once," but the movie? Not so much. Five Hole with "Let Go," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's Top Ten Best Musical Experiences of 2007. Jake Lear with "Early in the Morning," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche does a concert recap. First Fridays has started at the Natural History Museum. Sea Wolf packs the place. Leanne Bugat with "I Wish You Happiness," and Sophia Ramos with "Love Me Tonite," both available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Some video podcasts Miche doesn't like anymore. And a new one that she does. Miche thanks her listeners. Mean Gene Kelton and the Die-Hards with "Tears on My Guitar," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Thu, 03 Jan 2008
SIZE: 6.15 MB
MBHEX001-MicheBelz Hollywood

BREAKING NEWS! Mike Huckabee taints a gate at NBC. Now the WGA can picket at Telemundo, too. Hear the scoop from MicheBelz Hollywood special correspondent, Mike Heister, who was on the front lines of the WGA strike today.

DATE: Mon, 17 Dec 2007
SIZE: 72.3 MB
MBH031-MicheBelz Hollywood

Using some found audio, Miche plays the Happy Hollows, singing "Carol of the Bells." How do we know it's Christmas? Miche has an LA moment with some carolers. Many things wondrous and amazing about Indie 103 this week. Among them: a Dead Air CD!!! Watusi Rodeo smacks us down about dissing Ike Turner. We learn what a mansard roof really is. Miche gives us a Top Five best songs from LA bands for 2007, and plays her number one: Let's Go Sailing with "Sideways," the Asa Taccone remix. Google Zeitgeist 2007's top searches for: How To, Who Is, and What is... What is integrity? Miche spells it Snoop Dogg and Brett Dennen. Miche's dream of terrestrial radio. Black Kites with "Paper Heart." And EskimoHunter rounded out that Check One Two night at the Viper. The Sweater Festival is a blast. At the Crash Mansion, a benefit for Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). In fifteen-minute intervals: The Deadly Syndrome, The Happy Hollows, The Pity Party, The Mae Shi and EskimoHunter. Miche is blown away by the Mae Shi. The Golden Globes nominations announced this week. Miche plays two of the nominated songs, "Guaranteed" (from "Into the Wild") and "Walk Hard" (from "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"). Miche does mini reviews of: American Gangster, The Great Debaters, The Savages, and I'm Not There. Miche gives props to Judd Apatow. American Heartbreak with "The Greatest Xmas Song Ever Written," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Deadly Sydrome in the Check One Two studio, sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Thanks to Mr. Shovel and Indie 103 for this and all the great music on Indie 103 all year. Thank you to Focus Features for the "Atonement" artwork, too.

DATE: Fri, 07 Dec 2007
SIZE: 57.6 MB
MBH030-MicheBelz Hollywood Another Check One Two extravaganza. The story of Jeremy and John.

Miche missed the Indie 103.1 Christmas party for the first time. :-(   Sierra Swan with "Don't Say." The main reason to go to the Indie Christmas event, and no, it doesn't involve sitting on TK's lap. Miche recaps the online experience of it. Miche didn't like the Helio woman. Check One Two night at the Viper Room. Le Switch plays to an empty room. Miche dances to cheer them up. Voxhaul Broadcast with "The Echo." Miche still loves dancing to Saint Motel. The organ player from Last American Buffalo convinces Miche to stay and listen. "Fon (Pronounced Phone)" from Last American Buffalo. Why some don't think we need entertainment critics anymore. Miche just thinks they've migrated to the Web. The difference between a Brit and a Scot. Five Hole with "Bring Your Love to Me," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The story of John and Jeremy: John Cusack and Jeremy Piven, and why John stands a good chance of an Oscar nomination this year for "Grace Is Gone." Sierra Swan with "Just Tell Me."

DATE: Mon, 26 Nov 2007
SIZE: 56.7 MB
MBH029-MicheBelz Hollywood

A musical cornucopia from this week in LA: Ari Shine with "Crank It Out," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Other music used by permission of the artists themselves. How was your Thanksgiving? Gram Rabbit's record release party: the good, the bad, the drunken louts. After one crappy band, Miche is riveted to the musical stylings of Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians (with "Heroes, part 1"). Not so much with Bloodcat Love, though Miche liked the Iggy-style nakedness of the lead singer. The drunken stupor he was in? Not so much. Props to Josh, the guitarist, though. Miche couldn't stick around for Gram Rabbit, who went on after midnight. Sadly, Indie 103 has discontinued its podcasts, quietly and without fanfare. The three Indie podcasts Miche really wanted: Check One Two, Dead Air and Passport Approved. And here's why. However, John Fogarty was on Watusi Rodeo this weekend (not in person). The wondrous Check One Two event at the Viper Room every week. Pop Noir with "Don't Fool Yourself." Idyllists with "Obvious." Upcoming bands on Check One Two night at the Viper. Sophia Ramos with "The One," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( A prayer for those meeting at the (WGA) bargaining table tomorrow.

DATE: Mon, 19 Nov 2007
SIZE: 66.1 MB
MBH028-MicheBelz Hollywood

Props again to my friend Stevan Romano, whose flamenco music you can now purchase on the Podsafe Music Network. Big Bang Radio with "Radio Single," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( MIche raises her fist and curses the FCC. Miche missed Check One Two night with Gliss. But caught up with Gliss' lead singer at another event. Also the amazing Sara Lov, whose songs are incredible, and Oliver Future, who has a large devoted following. This week's Check One Two night includes Ari Shine, Pop Noir and Sam Sparro. And On Blast, with "Lose Control." The substitute hosts for Jonesy this week. A few hobbits and a guy from the Office. Oh, and Kate Walsh. We love Iggy. Can a movie really compete with Spinal Tap? Dewey Cox shall try. Walk Hard. Miche is also really looking forward to the Dylan movie, "I'm Not There." Richard Gere in Hoax. Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, directed by Ridley Scott, in American Gangster. Across the Universe, which is the picture in the podcast window, may get some VFX nods. Miche isn't sure about Charlie Wilson's War, especially because Julia Roberts isn't convincing as a matron. Miche will see anything Jason Bateman is in, including Juno. A Keri Russell double feature with Waitress and August Rush. Miche is psyched about Dylan, and is reading "Chronicles: Volume One" by Dylan. An incongruous moment and an inspirational moment from Dylan. Sophia Ramos with "Shining Still," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's perfect media world. What the WGA is fighting for. How wrong can Joe Escalante (of Indie 103's "Barely Legal") be? And why won't he listen? Jaya the Cat with "Harder They Come," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Leanne Bugat with "Feel My Heart," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Feel the love!

DATE: Wed, 07 Nov 2007
SIZE: 67.9 MB
MBH027-MicheBelz Hollywood

The Fighting Cocks with "Love Somebody? Yes, I Do", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( How Miche knows Twitter is relevant. Check One Two night at the Viper Room: Totally Rad, Hazelden and Porterville. Indie's Halloween party at the Natural History Museum. Miche's favorite and least favorite costumes. How one's costume reflects their personality. A couple of them scared Miche big time. Gram Rabbit and Satan. The rocking Horrorpops. The Brian Setzer Orchestra with "One More Night with You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Buffy's annual Halloween episodes and Indie's Halloween extravaganza. Fox nixes the Buffy musical karaoke experience. Anthony Stewart Head's new job. And yes, I said Paris Hilton. Valley Lodge with "If It Takes All Night," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Violence as part of our Zeitgeist? The Westside Pavilion is gone, but The Landmark is there. The chi-chi movie theaters in LA. "Lions for Lambs," thumbs down. "Control," thumbs up. Carl Cubbedge with "Be Mine Tonight," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Checking out art at Hollywood & Highland. Midnight Movies without movies. Last night's Check One Two at the Viper Room: Bedtime for Toys, The Pity Party, I O Echo and The Knux. Miche was a dancing fool. Jimmy Golding with "Be Mine", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Get tix now for Indie's Christmas party.

DATE: Sun, 28 Oct 2007
SIZE: 63.8 MB
MBH026-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche struggles with audio problems. She does not fear change, though. Halloween! Indie 103 does Halloween right. Miche thanks Chris Morris, and apologizes to Steve Jones. The Coffinshakers with "Halloween," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Sex Pistols hit the Roxy. Miche thinks Steve is hot for a truckdriver. Look for the Sex Pistols on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on Halloween. Miche visits the Troubadour for the first time to see Earlimart. Cantrip with "Halloween Mistake," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Second Life invades TV: CSI:NY and The Office have forays into virtual worlds. Miche still loves Forever Knight. How the fires have affected everyone. Edie Carey with "Another Kind of Fire," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( All about Twitter, and why you should be on it too. Miche's rules for how to Twitter well. How chatting has evolved. The Hypertonics with "Don't Marry the One You Love, Marry the One Who Loves You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The winners and losers of the TV season thus far. RIP Viva Laughlin. :-(  Amazingly, Cavemen and Carpoolers are still hanging on. Please watch Friday Night Lights. Eva with "Marry Me," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( A quote from 30 Rock to close.

DATE: Wed, 17 Oct 2007
SIZE: 56.5 MB
MBH025-MicheBelz Hollywood

Go see "Bella" ( Radio is alive, thanks to Indie. Miche examines Sex Pistols mania, and the gruff enigma that is Steve Jones. The glory days of Jonesy's Jukebox. Then there is Big Head. Jonesy in Hawaii is a bust. The unlistenability of Jonesy's Jukebox Jury. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with "Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Craig Ferguson is going to be subbing for Jonesy when he tours. Hooray for us! The communal experience of listening to Radiohead last week. Feel My Heat plays the whole album ("In Rainbows"). Miche also loves Harmony in My Head, with Henry Rollins and Engineer X. The surrealism of the Last of the International Morning Shows: David Lynch on weather, Timothy Olyphant on sports. "Cela, mes amis, c'est le sports." The ever-lovely Liz Warner does news. Oh yeah, and Joe Escalante hosts. Pinback with "From Nothing to Nowhere," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Oslo at the Roxy. Love Like Fire and The Oohlas. Check One Two nights at the Viper Room on Mondays, always awesome. where celebrities look like "real people." The discovery of an extra dimension of time. Twitter etiquette. The Dreams with "Lost in the Music", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Indie's upcoming Halloween party at the Natural History Museum with Gram Rabbit. RSVP now!

DATE: Mon, 08 Oct 2007
SIZE: 67.5 MB
MBH024-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche hopes that if "Secret Cameraman" on Beach Walks with Rox can be revealed, that maybe someday we'll know who Engineer X is (on Henry Rollins' Harmony in My Head on Indie 103.1). More memories of the Podcast Expo. The people Miche has a heart connection with (TK at Indie 103, for example). Matthew Ebel with "Lost My Way," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Thank you, Chris Morris of WATUSI RODEO on Indie, for playing John Fogarty and Nick Lowe this weekend. The importance of following one's dreams. What podcasting is to Miche. The Detour Festival and the Eagle Rock Festival this weekend. The wondrous and handsome Jimmy Golding, with "Can't Stop the Rain," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche does not like the new "Bachelor" this season. The Radiohead album sales experiment. The RIAA court case. Miche responds to Adam's DSC 665. Take a red pill, or skip ahead. Tricky with "Evolution Revolution Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Descendents with "Nothing With You," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's Hollywood Moment: Peter Krause. Whitney Steele with "Storm Warning," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Three things to do this week.

DATE: Mon, 01 Oct 2007
SIZE: 64.2 MB
MBH023-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche dissects the Podcast Expo. Miche gives the music props where they are deserved: Indie 103 (especially Chuck P, Sat Bisla and Mark Sovel). The Deadly Syndrome with "Eucalyptus," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche mentions this weekend's Detour Festival. Miche coveted C.C. Chapman's Second Life seminar. The grizzled podcast veterans. Miche loves Anji Bee. Matthew Ebel performing. The good and bad points of the Expo. The Hot Rods with "Shake It All Night," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Castledoor in residency at The Echo for the month of October. Miche is still dumping her TiVo, and found some amazing Rosie O'Donnell View episodes. Robert Kennedy's daughter's documentary. Why we should vote for Kucinich. Art Linton with "Little Red Telephone," available on the Podsafe Music Network (http://music, What are your fall favorite TV shows? Miche throws around some possibilities. Always bet on the vampire. Miche can't wait for the new Friday Night Lights season. Truly Lover Trio with "Find a Fool". Miche congratulates the wondrous and amazing Chuck P on his wedding.

DATE: Sun, 23 Sep 2007
SIZE: 62.1 MB
MBH022-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is happy about just recording two Golden Path episodes. "Only Women Bleed" by Wensday, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche sometimes forgets the people actually read and listen to her stuff. She apologizes to those who look forward to her Emmy coverage. Miche anticipates the Podcast and Portable Media Expo next weekend. Come talk to her there. Harmony in My Head (on Indie 103.1) had a Hendrix show this week, and Miche was in Hendrix heaven. Miche is digging her Facebook Bob Dylan application. Get your Second Life avatar as a real doll ( Recapping the Emmys. Miche gets freaked by Rachel Griffiths' real voice. What she got right, and what she didn't. What she liked and what she didn't. Katrina Carlson with "No One Is To Blame," available on the Podsafe Music Network (, a duet with Howard Jones. The revolution is upon us, and Miche gives us the the keys to it. Miche's media life a long time ago, and now. Miche is on Dan Rather's side.

DATE: Thu, 13 Sep 2007
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH021-MicheBelz Holllywood

This show is dedicated to one of LA's best bands: Go Betty Go. First up, "Ticking Bombs". Available at Miche thanks SideOne Dummy Records for the music. Once more, it's Watusi RODEO that you must listen to on Indie 103 on Sunday mornings (9 am to 11 am). We love you, Chris Morris. Miche is ecstatic that "Dick in a Box" won! As predicted! The fall Oscar season kicks off with films in the Venice Film Fest and the Toronto International Film Fest. Miche digs the Dylan (of course): "I'm Not There." Cate Blanchett won Best Actress at Venice for playing Dylan. And yes, you heard that right. But four other people play him too. Another cool movie to check out: Across the Universe, directed by Julie Taymor (thank you to Sony Pictures for the attached artwork). Miche prefers stage acting over any other. Are you as addicted to social networking as I am? (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Second Life) Join the group MicheBelz Hollywood Fans on Facebook. GBG: "The PIrate Song." Is Yuwie a good thing or not? A TV rundown: The Riches, Californication, Mad Men. Miche's Emmy picks this year are unconventional, to say the least. See them, and other major critics, here. GBG: "Unreal." Check out the Emmy predictors: .html    

DATE: Fri, 07 Sep 2007
SIZE: 41.5 MB
MBHV004-MicheBelz Hollywood

We introduce a new feature, called Susi's Philosophies. Susi sings karaoke to Brad Pitt. And, OK, it does take her a couple of tries to get it right. Well, maybe more than a couple tries. Bear with her. Oh, and her shirt says: "Child of Schwabia."

DATE: Thu, 30 Aug 2007
SIZE: 64.8 MB
MBH020-MicheBelz Hollywood

Indie 103 is the best terrestrial radio on the planet. Detroit rocks harder than any other city. Gore Gore Girls with All Grown Up, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( TK talks to an "LA band" with disastrous results. In the other corner: LA bands who actually support each other--Happy Hollows, Castledoor and Earlimart. Miche missed Sunset Junction, and missed the misting booth. TK does a remote from there, and interviewed Caspar from the Viper Room who was running the Green Room. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASPAR. Indie has the new She Wants Revenge single, True Romance. Miche watches baseball highlights and hears Rilo Kiley's new song. And then there's this amazing moon. "August Moon" by After Touch, available on the Podsafe Music Network (  A prayer for Owen Wilson. Emmy Roundup: Miche predicts some of the Emmy races at this point. 30 Rock vs. Ugly Betty. The Sopranos vs. Heroes. Rainn Wilson vs. Jeremy Piven vs. Neil Patrick Harris. Miche's solid gold prediction: Best Drama Writing is going to go to "Occupation: Precipice" from Battlestar: Galactica. People in the service cannot watch YouTube. Miche's hot Podcast Picks: Art of Sex and Bitchiness, Beach Walks with Rox, Ask a Ninja, Hope Is Emo, Daily Source Code, Diggnation, Goodnight Burbank, In the Attic. And yes, Miche does compare Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past to Beach Walks. Miche does love Regina Spektor. "August Moon" by Dylan in the Movies. Props also to Chris Morris and Watusi Rodeo, and Danny Masterson and Brent Bolthouse and Feel My Heat.

DATE: Wed, 22 Aug 2007
SIZE: 25.9 MB
MBHV003-MicheBelz Hollywood

We borrow Susi from "Whispered Pearls" for a short video on heartbreak. She sings, with her ukelele, Rod Stewart's (and Sheryl Crow's) "First Cut is the Deepest." Enjoy!

DATE: Tue, 14 Aug 2007
SIZE: 67.6 MB
MBH019-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche thanks Adam Curry for the airplay. Miche talks about the cool Thursday concerts Indie 103.1 is doing at Hollywood & Highland. Miche raves about Sunset Junction and this year's lineup. Miche isn't really sure what kind of music plays on the third stage. Miche's Golden Path promo. Jeriko with "Happy," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Are we inherently good? or inherently evil?--the discussion question of the week. How that mindset perpetuates the war mentallity we are in. How Miche was affected a long time ago by reading Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables." She recounts a passage of special significance. "Forgiveness is everything," Eleanor Roosevelt. How we are all in this together, and we all need to wake up to the great spiritual truths. Ann Wilson (and Elton John) with "Where To St. Peter?", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( These are the times that shape our character. Say no to the Fear Monster. Do the right thing today.

DATE: Wed, 08 Aug 2007
SIZE: 23.5 MB
MBHV002-MicheBelz Hollywood

Learn some tai-chi moves from Susi in Germany (on loan from Whispered Pearls). Find the song, "Xtreme Sportz 1" from Andrew Pfaff on the Podsafe Music Network ( RELAX.

DATE: Fri, 03 Aug 2007
SIZE: 64.8 MB
MBH018-MicheBelz Hollywood

R.I.P. to Ingmar Bergmann and Michaelangelo Antonioni, two of cinema's greatest directors, who died on the same day. And Tom Snyder and Beverly Sills, who didn't. The Seventh Seal. Blow-Up. Herzog and pushing boats up mountains. Finding God on GodTube. Did we say BASEBALL? Miche loves the Detroit Tigers in a big way, and watches them on Big Bang Friday. Miche marvels both at all the cute guys who were also rooting for the Tigers, and all the people who were using their iPhones during the game. Miche was really digging the fireworks. Miche saw four incredible bands at her last Check One Two night at the Viper Room: Nightfur, Sons and Lovers, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Lo-Fi Sugar. Miche thinks Midnight Movies needs more, well, movies. Miche says goodbye to all the great people who put on Check One Two night at the Viper Room, especially Caspar and Melissa. Curious with "Goodbye," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche details the exciting bands coming up in the next couple weeks, especially Run Run Run and Mighty Six Ninety, this week; and Gliss, Black Kites and I O Echo the following week. You remember I O Echo? They do "Addicted." Thursday free shows at Hollywood & Highland. First up: Bedouin Soundclash on Aug. 9. Truth in media. How we can change the world. Listen to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code (#637) for more on this issue. Let's grab some truth this week. Beatrice Ericsson with "Put a Little Love," available on the Podsafe Music Network (

DATE: Sat, 28 Jul 2007
SIZE: 12.8 MB
MBHV001-MicheBelz Hollywood

The virtual doll that calls herself Susi explains how her program runs. And explains the illusion of love.  And tells us about another great podcast, Whispered Pearls (

DATE: Wed, 25 Jul 2007
SIZE: 48.3 MB
MBH017-MicheBelz Hollywood

Some Emmy moments rehashed. Miche is rooting for Heroes at this point. Visiting Tom O'Neill's Hollywood Museum with Boomer (from The Envelope). Marilyn Monroe's dresses! Tons of amazing stuff. You must visit. Emmy slights: No Friday Night Lights? No Lost or 24? No Craig Ferguson? Well, at least we do have "Dick in a Box" to look forward to. Pippa Rogers with "Anyway," available on the Podsafe Music Network. A bit about Twitter and Second Life. Then, on to the music! Second Hammer show: The Pity Party and The Little Ones. Everyone's birthdays. Everyone's dancing. Check One Two night: Hearts of Palm UK (Miche so digs the lyrics of their music), Thailand, the crowd favorite Happy Hollows and Good on Paper.  Third Hammer show: Low vs. Diamond and Castledoor. Amazing rocking night. Check One Two night: Moving to France (can that singer be any cuter?), Saint Motel (who may've been called Turkish Rocket in a former life), the dark Division Day and forget the last band.

DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2007
SIZE: 69.9 MB
MBH016-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche gives a shout-out to the folks at the Indie forum on The first Hammer show was a smashing success. Make sure to get there early. Foreign Born and Great Northern kick the series off well. Miche meets the owner of, he tells her about his site. Miche has iPhone lust. Saving the planet with Live Earth day. "If I Had a Hope," by Alex Brumel, available at the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche goes to the second Check One Two night at Universal and dances to Overnight Lows. The real Check One Two night at the Viper Room. Miche really missed Skates. Broad Daylight had such an amazing vibe. Both they and In Waves have uniintelligible lyrics, though. Miche loves to dance at the Viper. The Emmy nominations come out tomorrow. Miche's bold prediction? Friday Night Lights to win. Miche's track record with Drama Series at the Emmys. Miche saw the latest Harry Potter, and enjoyed it, mostly. Miche was digging Halloran's interview (94.9) with Tom Delonge from Angels & Airwaves. Miche wishes there was a Dead Air podcast too. See you at the Hammer!

DATE: Mon, 02 Jul 2007
SIZE: 62.9 MB
MBH015-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche hips a soldier in Iraq to Indie 103. (Listen anywhere in the world:  Miche can't tear herself away from Dead Air long enough to record this show. Chuck P. is awesome! Why Indie 103 is different from other terrestrial radio. Summer belongs to Indie 103 and Check One Two. Magic awaits at the Hammer Museum, or at least Check One Two Volume III CDs. Miche gives a less than positive review of the first Check One Two night at Universal City Walk. However, she loves the heck out of Go Betty Go. And so does the Hispanic crowd, who loved the English-Spanish songs. The Willowz (who are on the Check One Two CD) with "Jubilee", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche's favorite Indie shows. Miche won tickets to hear Buck Henry speak at the L.A. Film Festival. He speaks about "The Graduate" and "Get Smart", and his experiences. Poor Charles Grodin. The dying film critics. Boston's Fireking with "Come & Go." ( Exciting Emmy news, hot off the presses, thanks to Tom O'Neil, Chris Beachum (aka Boomer) of The Envelope. The actual ten finalists for Drama Series are: Friday Night Lights, the Sopranos, Lost, 24, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Boston Legal, House and Rome. The ten finalists for Comedy Series are: 30 Rock, The Office, Ugly Betty, Weeds, Entourage, Two and a Half Men, My Name Is Earl, Extras, Scrubs and Desperate Housewives. More data soon!

DATE: Thu, 28 Jun 2007
SIZE: 55.5 MB
MBH014-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche's bad day, and how The Shys saved it. Miche's life changed that day. The Viper Room is far from Miche's, but walking is fun! The Automatic Automatic UK goes where no other Check One Two band has gone. And yes, we do mean the lighting fixtures. Miche is a dancing fool. The Adored seems to be missing a singer, but were fun anyway. The Red Hearts sets Miche to dancing also. Beatrice Ericson with "In My Heart," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Miche details this moment in the Emmy process. Emmy Moment: Comedy Series. 1. Ugly Betty 2. Weeds 3. The Office 4. 30 Rock 5. Entourage 6. Two and a Half Men 7. How I Met Your Mother 8. My Name Is Earl 9. Extras 10. Men in Trees  Likely shut-outs: Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, Monk, Till Death Breaking news on Drama Series (thanks to The Envelope): Dexter

DATE: Mon, 18 Jun 2007
SIZE: 37.0 MB
MBH013-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche apologizes for the Scarlett Johansson story last week. Peter Bjorn and John with "Far Away By My Side", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The Sopranos finale. The Lost finale. The Friday Night Lights finale. Kevin Spacey giving up acting in movies? Last week's Check One Two night took the place of the big Cinematics show in Miche's schedule. Miche loves being on Podshow. Miche loved all 30 people on stage for Parson Redheads. Miche likes to dance. Make this the new Summer of Love. Indie's Hammer Museum shows are coming up in July! Miche is psyched about Foreign Born and Great Northern, the first ones up. Monterey Pop Festival presents Buffalo Springfield with "For What It's Worth", available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Emmy Moment: Lead Actor in a Comedy. 1. Steve Carrell, The Office 2. Tony Shalhoub, Monk 3. Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock 4. Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl 5. Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men After that, who cares? Some mixture of these: Kevin Connolly and Adrien Grenier, Entourage; Zach Braff, Scrubs; Brad Garrett, Till Death; Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty; Kevin James, The King of Queens; David Arquette, In Case of Emergency; Jim Belushi, According to Jim; possibly Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock  Miche raves just for good measure about Friday Night Lights again. Miche wants a relationship like Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

DATE: Mon, 11 Jun 2007
SIZE: 78.0 MB
MBH012-MicheBelz Hollywood

Saying hello to the world. The wondrous Check One Two 3-year anniversary. How bringing flowers to the doorman when there are two lines around the block is a really good thing. Big props to the gentleman named Caspar who rules the door. Shapes of Race Cars is already playing. Bumping into Scarlett Johannsson. Adam 12 from She Wants Revenge is spinning tunes. Check One Two the show on Indie 103. Miche digs Low vs. Diamond in a big way.  Something for Rockets put on a great show. Miche only liked the LA bands. Then the drunks start stumbling in. What not to say to a woman you want to pick up. The rooftop jacuzzi proposition. What Miche is doing this Monday night. And how to really pronounce Montmartre Lounge. Ziggy Marley with "Into the Groove," available on the Podsafe Music Network ( The two movies Miche watched: Ocean's 13 and Knocked Up. While looking at George Clooney is always a good thing, Miche didn't think much of the third time around. Ellen Barkin rules. Miche LOVED Knocked Up, much to her surprise. Mostly because she loves Katherine Heigl so much. The baffling Isiah Washington quote of the week. Emmy Moment: Best Lead Actress in a Comedy 1. Julia Louis Dreyfus 2. America Ferrara 3. Mary Louise Parker 4. Tina Fey 5. Felicity Huffman 6. Anne Heche 7. Laura Kightlinger 8. Marcia Cross 9. Teri Hatcher/Eva Longoria 10. Sarah Silverman

DATE: Sun, 03 Jun 2007
SIZE: 53.2 MB
MBH011-MicheBelz Hollywood

We start off with some California Dreamin, courtesy of the Monterey International Pop Festival (and the Mamas and Papas), available on the Podsafe Music Network ( To the Angels vs. the Baltimore Orioles baseball game. Collect all your Indie 103 baseball cards now! Miche loves fireworks, too. Miche has always rooted for the Detroit Tigers. Miche is math-phobic because of her dad, but at least he taught her to love baseball. Miche viewed two World Series. People sure do like to drink, though. One must have a hot dog at the ballfield. Pinks is LA's hot dog place. Check One Two night was testosterone city. Nico Vega. The Ringers. The Gray Kid. Nico Vega's female fan base. The lead singer of The Ringers is great at simulating sex. Do we see panties? It's hard not to like a guy who grabs his cock onstage. How Lonely Love doesn't have to be. So many TV people in the audience. (We won't name names, but NBC prime time...) "There's no smile like the smile on your face." Salala by Angelique Kidjo, featuring Peter Gabriel, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Some rule changes at the Emmys, which will benefit The Sopranos. Emmy  Moment: Supporting Actress in a Comedy 1. Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock 2. Jaime Pressley, My Name Is Earl 3. Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds 4. Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty 5. Becki Newton, Ugly Betty 6. Ashley Jensen, Extras 7. Jenna Fischer, The Office 8. Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother 9. Melora Hardin, The Office 10. Nicolette Sheridan, Desperate Housewives

DATE: Mon, 28 May 2007
SIZE: 57.2 MB
MBH010-MicheBelz Hollywood

"Is This Love?" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, available on the Podsafe Music Network ( Yes, she says. John C. Dvorak is now at Podshow. Congrats to him (and us!). Check One Two night at the Viper Room has such great music! Last week: Divisadero, Berko, Twilight Sleep and Lo-Fi Sugar. Miche liked Berko the most. Lotsa TV actors in the crowd. The performance piece cabaret that was Lo-Fi Sugar. On Blast on Miche's MySpace page. "Wanna Lose Control?" by On Blast (podsafe for me). A couple more Indie 103 events you should seek out: Autolux on June's First Friday event at the Natural History Museum; Art Walk in Culver City with a concert after by Giant Drag ( Why does Miche support a terrestrial radio station? Cause Indie 103 is cool, that's why. (Oh, and Mr. Shovel did play Berko, my bad...) Upcoming: the Cinematics at Montmartre in Hollywood. Emmy Moment: Supporting Actor in a Comedy. 1. Jeremy Piven, Entourage 2. Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother 3. Rainn Wilson, The Office 4. Justin Kirk, Weeds 5. Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men 6. Kevin Nealon, Weeds 7. Ethan Suplee, My Name Is Earl 8. Michael Urie, Ugly Betty 9. John Krasinski, The Office 10. Ed Helms, The Office or Kevin Dillon, Entourage The last day of Cannes. Do you have favorites? Michael Moore's Sicko and the two Red Balloon movies are the ones Miche wants to see. R.I.P. to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Miche hated this week's episode. Studio 60 lasted less time than Sports Night. I hate you, NBC. Best of luck to you, Aaron Sorkin.

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