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You've heard her talk about sex on Whispered Pearls. Now listen for Michelle Belaskie's take on the seamy side of Hollywood. She's been an entertainment journalist and theatre critic for most of her life. She takes no prisoners in this Hollywood-themed podcast. Regular segments will cover film, TV, Second Life, radio (terrestrial and otherwise), music and other arts. Special coverage will be given to in-depth Emmy and Oscar predictions, using the most state-of-the-art prognostication techniques.
Recent Episodes for MicheBelz Hollywood
DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 67.4 MB
MBH104-MicheBelz Hollywood

It's hot in LA. Part 2 of the Ode to LobsterFest, Sunday night. Happy Birthday to Soccergirl! Goodbye to Cranky Geeks. Yes, we have no Devon Eisenbarger. Tijuana Panthers with "Prayer Needs." Paley Fest, fall edition, showcasing all the new TV. Running into Adrienne Palicki, thinking she was a supermodel. How the Hollywood system churns you into a Thing. Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Grey, Jonah Hill, Jeremy Piven. Staying YOU. We miss you, Tyra. Walking Sleep with "In a Dream." Some great shows from Paley Fest: Miche loved "Raising Hope" and "Mike and Molly." Miss Derringer with "Better Run Away." Hot in Cleveland is such a better show than some of these. How can one root for a bigamist con man? Or rich folks in general? I see a short future for "Lone Star." The Section Quartet with "No One Knows." The shows from Paley Fest that Miche hated, big time: Chase, Outsourced, Undercovers, The Event. But, sadly, the most cringe-worthy is "Running Wilde." John Doe with "Let's Get Lost." Michael Moore honored by the John Steinbeck family with the Steinbeck Award. The Section Quartet with "Such Great Heights."

DATE: Sun, 26 Sep 2010
SIZE: 61.8 MB
MBH103-MicheBelz Hollywood

A nearly all-music show. Saying what I couldn't say on Moheak. Paying respect to my radio gurus: Mike Halloran, Johnny Mars, Mark Sovel. Tracing the path of radio in Miche's life. Recreating the Lobster Fest music from Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010. Judson and Mary with "In the Hands of the Sun." Leslie Stevens and the Badgers with "My Tears Are Wasted On You." Gram Rabbit (since Miche couldn't find any of The Country's music online anywhere) with "Horses Can't Throw Up." AWOLNation with "Burn It Down." Growlers with "Conquered Sun." Gram Rabbit with "Time of Our Lives." Fitz and the Tantrums with "Winds of Change." Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." (We Barbarians will be in a future episode.)

DATE: Mon, 30 Aug 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH102-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche has a sore throat. Catching up on the Emmys. Mariachi El Bronx with "Cell Mates."  Miche was on the radio. Well, Internet radio. A station called How radio people still don't get the whole podcasting thing. Glamourous Pukes with "Horror Business." FYFest bands. Lobster Fest bands. Brobdignagian Bards with "Lily the Pink," available on Music Alley ( Emmy recap: the best Emmys ever. Miche was pretty thrilled by Aaron Paul winning. Eric Stonestreet the clown who gets his Emmy for being a clown. This year, the tapes ruled. Watch Breaking Bad. Edie Falco is still a head-scratcher (Miche doesn't like Nurse Jackie.) Smitt E. Smitty with "Motor City Yankee."  Finding the WLBS page on Facebook puts Miche in a Detroit state of mind. Best Drama. Why did Mad Men beat Breaking Bad? Shows that make us feel better about ourselves vs. shows that explore our dark sides. Breaking Bad and Damages will be out of the next Emmy cycle. Sam Sparro with "Black and Gold." The Mae Shi with "Run to Your Grave," available on Music Alley (  Check out Houndstooth Radio. Miche really digs "All Up in the Interwebs," on Indie 103.1 dot com.

DATE: Tue, 17 Aug 2010
SIZE: 71.4 MB
MBH101-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche predicts the Comedy Emmys, starting with Best Comedy Series. Danko Jones with "Baby Hates Me," available on Music Alley ( Best Supporting Actor, Comedy. Tiny Masters of Today with "Radio Riot,"  available on Music Alley ( Radio news: Rogue Radio is no more. We have back. And we still have Houndstooth Radio. A mini concert calendar. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists with "Sons of Cain,"  available on Music Alley ( Best Actress, Comedy. Best Supporting Actress, Comedy. Miche makes a bold prediction. Kierstin Gray with "Blood from a Stone,"  available on Music Alley ( The Raveonettes with "Dead Sound,"  available on Music Alley ( Best Actor, Comedy. Guest Actress and Actor, Comedy. Best Writing, Comedy. Best Direction, Comedy.

DATE: Wed, 28 Jul 2010
SIZE: 70.6 MB
MBH100-MicheBelz Hollywood

This is MicheBelz Hollywood's 100th episode! Comic Con weekend, morphing into SIGGRAPH week. All about Bryce, then and now.  Check out the textures in Bryce. The Black Angels with "Bad Vibrations." Motion capture artistry at SIGGRAPH. Also I Like to Rock wraps up July with Chuck P spinning, and Chasing Kings and Voxhaul Broadcast playing. AWOLNation with "Burn It Down (The Stairmaster Remix)." The Lobster Fest lineup (Sept. 17-19). What happened to Rogue Radio? Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls with "Anarchist Girl," available on Music Alley, The DTLA Pow Wow. Restavrant with "Track 11." Dengue Fever with "Oceans of Venus." "Hot in Cleveland" is Miche's new fav show. On Blast with "Wanna Lose Control," available on Music Alley,

DATE: Thu, 15 Jul 2010
SIZE: 72.0 MB
MBH099-MicheBelz Hollywood

World Cup highlights. Loving Germany and the USA. Netherlands? Not so much. We love the psychic squid. Henry Clay People with "Your Famous Friends." Check out our new advertiser, A bit of Indie 103.1 history: the Stoner Guy. Also, I Like to Rock with KCRW. The Happy Hollows with "Lieutenant." Get the Streamly app so you can listen to: Rogue Radio, Houndstooth Radio, Indie 103.1 dot com and soon, Moheak Radio on your iPhone. Prince becomes a Luddite. Afternoons/ShadowShadowShade with "Line 'Em Up." Bangkok Five with "We Love What Kills Us," available on Music Alley, Emmy recap: what Miche got right. Some Emmy surprises. Bettye LaVette with "The High Road,"  available on Music Alley, Admiral Radley with "I Left U Cuz I Luft U." How much Miche digs that band. Buy their album, "I Heart California." Let Congress pass the unemployment benefits bill. Keep it in your prayers, please.

DATE: Wed, 30 Jun 2010
SIZE: 61.7 MB
MBH098-MicheBelz Hollywood

We veer right around 100 episodes! Wow. Zydecosis with "Fat Bottomed Girls," available on Music Alley ( Catch World Cup fever! Miche's predictions for winning teams. Ziggy Marley with "AfricaLand." The travesty of the Tony Awards, now that journalists are no longer voting. Look at the Drama Desk Awards instead. Jenny & Johnny with "Scissor Runner." Miche's choices for the Best Drama Series Emmy. Look for some new blood. Miche predicts some random Drama nominees for Writing, Supporting Actor and Lead Actress. Fritz & the Tantrums with "Winds of Change," a free download from KCRW. Don't forget the Hammer Series. Flying cars become a reality, thanks to Terrafugia. Tom Smith with "I Want a Flying Car," available on Music Alley ( Miche's picks for the Best Comedy Series Emmy. AWOLNation with "Burn It Down." Be careful with those fireworks on this Fourth of July holiday.

DATE: Wed, 23 Jun 2010
SIZE: 61.9 MB
MBH097-MicheBelz Hollywood

World Cup mania. Miche roots for Germany. Admiral Radley with "I Heart California."  What is a supergroup? Take part Earlimart, part Grandaddy. Benefit for the Gulf of Mexico, Red Cortez plays. Art is sold. The Henry Clay People record release for "Somewhere on the Golden Coast." HCP rocks the Supertramp and Springsteen covers. Meeting the mother of the boys. Star gazing at the concert. Visit, show your support for freedom. Henry Clay People with "Slow Burn." Saint Motel with "Dear Dictator" (Sam Sparro remix). How I miss Indie 103.1. July is still Hammer time! KCRW style. Chuck P will be there spinning on July 22. Come early, check out the DJs at 7 pm. Concert starts at 8 pm. The Hammer schedule. Watch "Parenthood" 's third episode and see the Happy Hollows perform. Happy Hollows with "My Wet Tongue." Hot Hot Heat with "Goddess on the Prairie." Chinatown Summer Nights, every Saturday. Aquarium has two album projects from local LA artists: RAM (McCartney) and L'Aventure (Television). Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and his robot, Geoff Petersen. Salvador Dali vs. beer pong. Unleashing our creativity. Find our love within. Congrats to the Lakers! Congrats to the Blackhawks! Here's hoping that the Detroit Tigers win the Series to cap it all off. Slau with "Act Upon My Love," available on Music Alley, Enjoy the World Cup! Look for Emmy predix next time.

DATE: Mon, 31 May 2010
SIZE: 61.6 MB
MBH096-MicheBelz Hollywood

A beautiful day in Los Angeles today. One must see the ocean if one lives in LA. Fol Chen with "In Ruins." Recapping the Lost finale. (Minor spoiler ahead) 24's final season wraps up too. The fakeness of some writing. Nicole and Derek are the well-deserved champions of Dancing with the Stars. Dengue Fever with "Tiger Phone Card." A fun June concert calendar. All about the Bootleg Theatre. Hot Hot Heat with "Zero Results" (thanks to More concert stuff. The disastrous Drive-By Truckers show. The wondrous Los Campesinos show. Not digging the Signals so much. Black and White Years with "Hysterical Sickness." Amazing Baby with "Headdress." Also I Like to Rock at the Hammer continues, with KCRW this time. HSX-Cantor Exchange news. Where is Macgruber Radio? Taking a friend to chicken and waffles at Roscoe's. The Little Ones with "Boracay."

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 62.1 MB
MBH095-MicheBelz Hollywood

Big Miche hugs all around. Miche's almost Mother's Day. Do visit Miche's blog ( Sierra Swan with "Mother." Big TV finales this week or upcoming: Survivor, Dancing with the Stars (go Nicole!), Lost, 24 and Glee. Searching for the magic in the arts. AWOLNATION with "Burn It Down," available as a free download at The upfronts roll on. Miche loves Nellie Andreeva, now at Deadline Hollywood Daily. No to L&O, but yes to LOLA. How "Shit My Dad Says" became "Bleep My Dad Says." I'm not kidding. Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry on the same network again (she with "Cougar Town"; he with "Mister Sunshine"). CBS kills a bunch of shows. The Henry Clay People with "Andy Sings!" Changes in media. Online radio choices: Rogue Radio,, Houndstooth Radio. The Growlers with "No Trees in the Desert." The Silverlake Jubilee coming up this weekend. Chuck P. has a show on KCRW on Tuesdays. Kevin Bronson has "Buzz Bands" on Indie, also on Tuesday. Walking Sleep with "Don't Be Fooled." You may've heard that last song previously.

DATE: Fri, 30 Apr 2010
SIZE: 68.0 MB
MBH094-MicheBelz Hollywood

Coachella recap. How much we miss Halloran and Anya Marina. And Shovel and TK around Coachella time. Houndstooth Radio was doing an all-Coachella weekend. Check out Moheak dot com for video from Coachella. Three cameras on this year's Coachella video stream. Walking Sleep with "In a Dream," though you may recognize it as a Flying Tourbillon Orchestra song. The highlight of Coachella for Miche was Faith No More. Mike Patton's voice was incredible. Also check out his band Lovage. The Specials also reunited, after 30 years. DEVO's Metropolis set from back in the day. Hot Chip, especially One Life Stand, rocked Miche's world. Moheak has video. Dead Weather's video stream came out in black and white. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros brought the full hippie vibe to Coachella. Henry Clay People with "Fine Print." The bands the stream didn't play, like She & Him. Um, Jay Z? Coachella's promoter decides to cut back by having volunteers take tickets at the door. The paying customers were less than pleased when many got in free. By far the worst act at Coachella this year was Sly Stone, who wanted to tell us more about his legal problems than actually playing. Complete meltdown. Obi Best with "Green and White Stripes." Miche had a few issues with Alex Lilly, the lead singer of Obi Best. Purchase merch from local bands! Miche's advice to aspiring bands. Live by the Hollywood rule, even if you're a band. Give to Saban Free Clinic by signing up with your Ralphs Rewards card. Enter the number 90674 on The homeless who get free showers from this will thank you. The furor of a secret Henry Clay People show. They do have such amazing guitars. And we do love Neil Young covers. Henry Clay People with "Working Part Time." Walking Sleep with "Final Chapter." The Hollywood Stock Exchange ( goes live with real money. Find me at either michebel or michebella there.

DATE: Sun, 18 Apr 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
MBH093-MicheBelz Hollywood

Coachella weekend. Dazzler with "Dreadlock Holiday" (10cc cover). Radio options during Coachella: Houndstooth Radio (, which is playing all Coachella artists all weekend and Growlers with "Red Tide." Meeting with the LA Podcasters: Tim Street (French Maid TV), Tim Coyne (The Hollywood Podcast) and Cush (Cush: Things I Say). Changes in podcasting since the beginning. Check out Miche's website/blog: The money machine: Keith & the Girl. Miche's theories about advertising on her pages. The Alice Project with "Nobody Makes It Overnight," available on Music Alley ( The fiasco called the Streamy Awards and why David Faustino should not approach Felicia Day when he's naked. How the Webbys are too corporate to represent podcasts like these. Cary Brothers with "Over and Out." Turner Classic Movies presenting a Classic Hollywood Film Fest with movies including Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, The Sweet Smell of Success, Cleopatra. The restored Metropolis. Imitation of Life with Lana Turner. The original Breathless with Belmondo. Chris Morris presented Yuna ( Also, you can still listen to Watusi Rodeo on Also check out Garth Trinidad's show. Let's Go Sailing with "Sideways." Dazzler with "Your Love." Help out your struggling friends, if you can. LOVE

DATE: Tue, 30 Mar 2010
SIZE: 58.0 MB
MBH092-MicheBelz Hollywood

An addendum about Rob and Amber. Miche doesn't have health insurance, and is really glad that health care reform passed. Miche likes both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. Olbermann's Special Commentary: "we are moving toward the light." The Suicide Denial with "Fat America," available on Music Alley ( Dancing with the Stars new season. Josh Belville with "Fat Tuesday's Over," available on Music Alley ( Happy Easter! Pam Anderson has sexy hair. Shannen Doughtery dances for dad. Jake Pavelka we are kind of over. Figure skating and dancing have similarities. Ben Twisted with "Fat One," available on Music Alley ( The Hurting Machine attacks. "LA's gonna break your spirit." The affable one with the viper spirit. The LA technique described. Rotonoto Band with "Crazy Infatuation," available on Music Alley ( Mr. Superficial strikes again. The two sides of this story. Finding that Bodysnatchers mask. Pink Steel with "More to Love, Boys," available on Music Alley ( The Black and White Years with "Power to Change," available on Music Alley ( Zydecosis with "Fat-Bottomed Girls," available on Music Alley ( Nice to hear some zydeco on MBH.

DATE: Wed, 24 Mar 2010
SIZE: 70.3 MB
MBH091-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche's Oscar rundown. She hated the hosts and the jokes. The John Hughes tribute. Horror fils with no Roger Corman. No Best Song performance. But we do have interpretive dance. No Best Picture readoff. Roger Allen with "Can't Buy Me Love," available on Music Alley ( Returning shows: 24, Breaking Bad and Lost. An analysis of all six seasons, sorta of Lost. The three faces of Locke. "The flash sideways." Amplifico with "Come Down," available on Music Alley ( The scripted stars vs. the reality stars. Jake Pavelka. Boston Rob on Survivor. Boston Rob vs. Russell. Russell, the divining rod for immunity idols. Maria Daines with "Call It Love," available on Music Alley ( Jim's Big Ego with "Prince Charming," available on Music Alley ( Miche believes in fairy tales. SXSW. Sean Percival ( has a film about "One Word to Describe SXSW." Pete Cashmore's word? "Location." Gowalla vs. FourSquare vs. BrightKite vs. Twitter. Facebook sits it all out. Yelp is there too. Privacy vs. interactivity and being social. FourSquare's 100K new users. Woodfish with "Thinking of You," available on Music Alley ( Laura Clapp with "Back to Us," available on Music Alley ( Breaking down the paranoia and getting some trust. Conan O'Brien and the one person he's following on Twitter.

DATE: Sun, 28 Feb 2010
SIZE: 60.3 MB
MBH090-MicheBelz Hollywood

Miche is sad. It's raining in LA. Celebrity suicides. Manny with "On With the Show," available on Music Alley ( All of Miche's Oscar predix. Original Screenplay. Adapted Screenplay. Visual Effects. Sound Mixing. Sound Editing. Original Song. Original Score. Best Makeup. Best Foreign Language Film. Editing. Manny with "Behind the Veil," available on Music Alley ( Costumes. Cinematography. Art Direction. Animated. Manny with "Stroll On," available on Music Alley ( Supporting Actor and Actress. Actor. Actress. Director. Film. Undercover Boss.

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