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We believe in the power of the Invisible Hand, the parable of the Broken Window, and more... Our goal is to spread Liberty and Freedom ideas widely around the world.
Recent Episodes for Liberty Conspiracy
DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 57.7 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-28-10 Furb, Ron Helwig, Mike Ruff on Money, Liberty, Arbitration and the Free State Project

Join Gard as he sits down with these great Free State Project members to chat about money freed of government influence, libertarian books, free market arbitration systems and the Free State Project! It's a great way to see how liberated individuals can work with one another, sans government coercion! Visit us at! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 29.5 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-27-10 News: US Mil Kills for Sport, O Admin Fights to Assassinate US Citizens

In this breaking news pod, GG places the Conspiracy microscope over two important stories. First, he explores the Constitutional and broader questions posed by the Administration's move to try to block a lawsuit challenging its attempt to ASSASSINATE US citizens without trial. As the cliche goes, "Where's the outrage?!" Then, Gard explains the details and larger issues involving a case of five US soldiers accused of killing Afghanis for 'sport'. Sick. And not exactly what the "land of the free" wants to do to stop blow-back against innocent US civilians, is it? Visit for more! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Sat, 25 Sep 2010
SIZE: 54.1 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-25-10 GG and Stephen Smith on Statist Fraud Joe Barton and New "Pledge" Gimmick

Thanks for being part of the growing conspiracy pushing for a freer society, independent of arbitrary government force. In this production, Gardner Goldsmith joins forces with Stephen Smith, the creator of, to discuss first-hand knowledge Stephen has about a political figure Gard exposed in a recent program. The man is Texas Rep. Joe Barton, who portrays himself as pro-freedom, and is far from it. Listen to Stephen and you'll see what we mean! Then, GG and Stephen dive into the new gimmick the GOP has created, the so-called "Pledge to America", which is supposed to show how in-line they are with the US Constitution, and how much they want to reduce the size and scope of the federal gubment. HA!!!! Check out what Stephen and Gard have to say about some of the facts. Then go with us as we move beyond merely the Constitutional parameters that are supposed to expand freedom, and see how a free market society, sans all gubment, would be better. Good stuff! Visit us at to chat in our forum! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
SIZE: 45.6 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-22-10 US Health Fascism Arrives This Week!

Yes! How exciting! In this news update, El G Grande explains why one shouldn't count on the Republicans to steer the Ship O' Socialism-Fascism away from the rocks. Eventually, the proposals supported by the so-called "saviors" in the GOP will put the US citizens right back to the point where the insurance companies are demonized as "gougers" and the populace will clamor for federal intervention. Gard explains how the current medical fascism proposal is utterly unconstitutional, and why it will simply lead to higher prices for health care and private insurance policies (the latter will eventually be dropped by most citizens as the prices rise). Timely and angering, this production will give you the latest information on what the two statist parties in DC are doing to destroy your privacy and freedom of choice. Visit to comment, or call our hotline at 206-984-1069 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              206-984-10 69      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Be Seeing You!

DATE: Thu, 16 Sep 2010
SIZE: 48.5 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-16-10 Eleanor Norton's Political Prostitution Meets Our Music!

Yeah, cats. We've taken audio of this Congresswoman's blatant call for payoffs and combined it with great rock and roll! Can't go wrong! In this pod: DMZ, The Horrors, The Stooges, Government Issue, Clutch, The Psychedelic furs, Girls Against Boys, The Golden Palominos, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Wolfmen + Daler Mehndi, and McLusky! Be Seeing You! -- Oh, and we open with Danko Jones "Word is Bond".

DATE: Sun, 12 Sep 2010
SIZE: 66.3 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-11-10 American Indian Genocide pt 1 - The Indian Relocation Act of 1830

In this first of a special series of non-sequential shows, we look at what the US and Colonial governments did to the American Indians. The history of what supposed American 'heroes' did to steal their lands, relocate them, and outright murder them is shocking, and serves as a glaring example of the kinds of mindsets we can see in the US government today during its supposed "war on terror". Ask an Afghani, and see what he says. We hope you find great value in this production and spread the word. Lots of history, lots of sadness, but all valuable, indeed. Be Seeing You!

DATE: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
SIZE: 35.5 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-9-10 Special Guests David J Howe and Sam Stone on Creative Fiction and Non-fiction!

Greetings, old and new Conspirators alike! In this new production, we take advantage of the opportunity to chat with David J. Howe, the man behind the publisher of great genre fiction and non fiction, the fantastic TELOS Publishing company (find them at!) and Sam Stone, the woman behind such fantastic dark fantasy/horror novels as "Killing Kiss", the British Fantasy Award nominee "Futile Flame" and the upcoming release "Demon Dance". Both David and Sam are brilliantly talented, and truly engaging conversationalists, and we hope you'll consider grabbing some of their wonderful work! You won't go wrong!!! Fans of horror fiction, science fiction and just great writing in general will enjoy hearing these two sincerely nice people discuss their work!! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Tue, 07 Sep 2010
SIZE: 56.7 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-7-10 Glenn Jacobs and GG on New "Stimulus" and Labor Theory of Value

In a free-wheeling conversation, Conspirator Glenn Jacobs joins Gard to discuss many of the myths that underlie new plans by the O Administration to "bolster" the economy with "stimulus" money. Where does the money originate? What will be the effect of more bogus cash thrown into the marketplace? Where do these dumb ideas start? Why do people in the pop media depict only the employees as "laborers" on Labor Day? All these questions will be explored, so join Gard and Glenn, the great "Kane" of the WWE, as they push back against the statists! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Mon, 06 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.11 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-5-10 Gardner Goldsmith's Foreign Influences!

The political campaign is off to a GREAT start! GG for Prez! Be Seeing You! This message paid for by People Who Oppose GG for Prez, LLC.

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 70.5 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 9-2-10 The Conspiracy + School Sucks! Gard and Brett on Public Education

In this show, Gardner Goldsmith teams up with Brett Veinotte, of the excellent School Sucks Project and the School Sucks podcast. Brett started this audio series over a year ago, and has made it one of the most popular podcasts in the world. In this conversation, Gard and Brett discuss the impetus of the series and project, and why public education must be stopped. Good stuff, all! Make sure you visit the School Sucks website at! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Wed, 01 Sep 2010
SIZE: 31.0 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 8-31-10 The "Royal WE", Nationalism, Patriotism, and Daleks

Just take a listen. Be Seeing You.

DATE: Sat, 28 Aug 2010
SIZE: 51.2 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 8-27-10 Food labeling, Obesity and "Structural Violence" - Leftism Runs Wild

In this production, join El G Grande as he exposes a growing trend in leftist propaganda: the drive to blame problems of self-control on free markets and what is being called "structural violence". It's a dangerous trend, and we'll see how it runs counter to all that is empirical and logical in economics and human interaction. Good stuff! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Mon, 23 Aug 2010
SIZE: 22.2 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 8-23-10 Gubment n' Marriage: The Tragic Story of Stieg Larsson's Partner

In this stand-alone program, we look at a new story that exemplifies how mixing government and marriage has all kinds of bad results. In this case, we read about the story of Stieg Larrson and his 32 year romantic partner, Eva, who did not get married in accordance with Swedish law, and stumbled into a legal miasma that has left his girlfriend without any "legal" claim to his inheritance. Check it out. It's a real example of how lives are hurt due to government. Be Seeing You!

DATE: Mon, 23 Aug 2010
SIZE: 32.6 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 8-22-10 Fundamentals: Further Exploring "Exploitation"

In this "fundamentals" show, El G Grande explains in more detail why Marx was incorrect when he claimed that the so-called "owners of the means of production" exploit laborers. Gard asks, "what does EXPLOIT even mean?" And he asks, who is exploiting whom? This is a good program to hear if you're a college or high school student preparing to combat leftist professors and teachers who will try to destroy your understanding of individual liberty!! Spread the word! Be Seeing You!

DATE: Thu, 19 Aug 2010
SIZE: 40.4 MB
Liberty Conspiracy - 8-18-10 Economics: Exploitation Mythology, Capital and Interest

In this special Fundamentals program, Gardner Goldsmith explains major aspects of the Austrian School of Economics approach to understanding the so-called "means of production", time valuation, and interest. Subjective marginal utility theory is also explored, so that the members of the Conspiracy can refute the claims by their statist pals that the "owners of the means of production exploit the workers." We'll discuss this more in the next pod, and check out some contemporary issues as well in the shows to come! Join us at! Be Seeing You!

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Submitted By: kkauzla@... (on 8-2009)

Love the Show! Gard is brilliant!

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