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WWW.HORRORETC.COM The Horroretc Podcast is intended to engage listeners in honest discussion of horror themes and films. Please join in with your thoughts and comments to allow the show to become a community. The Etc part of the show is where we delve into the much loved corners of pop culture and cult films. Visit us at or send us a comment at This Podcast was created using
Recent Episodes for Horroretc Podcast
DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 69.2 MB
EPISODE 156 - What We've Been Watcing 2

Time to clear some of our recent watching off the table. Recently our film viewing has been diverse, opening the door to multiple From The Hip format shows but we have a plan to deliver a multiple episode subject beginning next week and we need to get our thoughts out on these titles right now: Machete (great grindhouse fun) Devil (Night's chronicle) The Ward (John Carpenter's world premier) The Last Exorcism (what happened there at the end?) Frozen (reprise) Peacock (x-dressing Cilian Murphy) Seed (Uwe Boll strike's again) Who Can Kill A Child? (the title says it all) Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Edgar Wright is back) The Town (Ben Afleck is legit?) So we have the recent theatrical releases, a great 70's exploitation piece that challenges the boundaries of the genre, a few revisits, a dash of random and Ben Affleck to lend some credibility to the proceedings (?!). Along the way we hit on Final Destination 5, the return of Wes Craven, once more the Poughkeepsie Tapes, Uwe Boll and a lot more. So things will get focused on a subject we've been dying to cover beginning next week (and yes, we actually do cough it up during the show). A quick schlock corner before we go: Night Chronciles Escalation. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 22 Sep 2010
SIZE: 63.8 MB
EPISODE 155 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The podcast which you are about to hear is an account of the tragedy which befell a group of five youths, in particular Sally Hardesty and her invalid brother Franklin. It is all the more tragic in that they were young. But, had they lived very, very long lives, they could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see that day. For them an idyllic summer afternoon drive became a nightmare. The events of that day were to lead to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a film often requested by listeners to be given it's due attention. Rather than present an episode breaking down the TCM series, we offer a commentary to the '74 original where the salient points of the franchise could be discussed along the way. The original TCM has been pointed to as Tobe Hooper's crowning achievement as a director and as one of the most iconic and influential films in the horror genre. All this with a shoestring budget of $140K. TCM has surely been one of the most analyzed horror films in history with themes of anti-authority (misleading 'true story' opening narrative), sexual oppression and the destabilizing of the family ideal. However, as the critics have recognized TCM may also be the most purely horrifying horror movie ever made. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 15 Sep 2010
SIZE: 82.0 MB
EPISODE 154 - Give Lance A Chance

At long last Horroretc gives Lance a chance. A Lance Henriksen retrospective has been on our short list of topics we most wanted to do and has become one of our most requested subjects over the years. Following on the heels of our interview with the man last week we present an overview of the career of one of the genre's most iconic actors. With a credit list approaching 200 spanning four decades, how can we do justice to the filmography in a single episode? Well we break down the filmography into some identifiable phases stopping along the way to discuss the well recognized roles as well as some titles we sought out for first time viewings to give a relatively balanced cross section. Interspersed throughout the show we offer commentary from Lance himself who happens to be a great storyteller. For only the third time we dedicate an episode of the show to an individual performer, one who has had a significant impact on us as genre fans. We hope you enjoy. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 06 Sep 2010
SIZE: 59.3 MB
EPISODE 153 - Festival of Fear '10 (part 2)

In the second installment of our coverage of Festival of Fear and Fan Expo 2010, we offer up a star studded roster. Well maybe not studded but we do deliver highlights of William Shatner's appearance and proudly present an interview with the man himself - Lance Henriksen. It was all around another great outing to the Expo and we hope you enjoy some of the highlights we have to share. Lloyd Kaufman makes a return appearance on the show and was definitely on his game. We catch up with Doug to discuss a few film screenings (including Adam 'Hatchet' Green's new movie Frozen). The highlight of the weekend was sitting down (quite literally on the floor) with Lance. He turned out to be a warm and genuine dude. Makes us want to talk about some of his filmography (hint, hint). 0:00 - 4:06 Intro from the floor 4:07 - 23:41 Highlights of William Shatner 23:42 - 26:53 Lloyd Kaufman 26:54 - 30:07 Fort Fright 30:08 - 52:08 Interview with Lance Henriksen 52:09 - 1:10:00 Catching up with Doug 1:10:01 - 1:26:22 End of the Expo recap We always welcome your comments: Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 01 Sep 2010
SIZE: 61.0 MB
EPISODE 152 - Festival of Fear '10 (part 1)

Welcome to our third annual trip to the Toronto Fan Expo and Festival of Fear. As we have done in the past Horroretc takes you on a tour of the sights and sounds of Canada's largest convention of horror, sci-fi, comics, anime and gaming. This year proved to be the best outing we've had and there is a lot to share over the course of two episodes. This week we deliver a travelogue of Day 1 including: Intro on the train 0:00 - 18:43 Voicemails 18:44 - 25:01 Interview from the show floor highlighting obscure horror titles 25:02 - 32:34 Mid-day recap 32:35 - 41:33 Horroretc meetup 41:34 - 1:02:31 End of Day 1 recap 1:02:32 - 1:10:00 David Cronenberg 1:10:01 - 1:27:54 We hope you enjoy the discussions and share in our appreciation of David Cronenberg who was the headliner for the Festival of Fear. Having the opportunity to hear from this iconic director first hand confirms our respect is well placed. And yes...your hosts did in fact get some bitchin' tats to celebrate the outing. More coverage to come in part 2 with a very special guest to look forward to. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 25 Aug 2010
SIZE: 72.2 MB
EPISODE 151 - From The Hip - Summer Fiesta

What is this, another From the Hip episode? The summer schedule contines to wreak havoc on your hosts ability to coordinate a more focused show so we're going random one more time. The truth behind why the long threatened Argento show hasn't happened yet is revealed though, and it isn't a matter of scheduling. This week we fired up the BBQ, sat out on the deck and discussed the summer fluff piece Piranha 3D. Boobs and blood were promised so did it deliver? Does a fish crap in the lake (hmmm, not really sure about how all that works). We also finally get around to talking about American Psycho (2000), the fratboy cult fave Boondock Saints (1999), the compelling downfall of Troy Duffy documented in Overnight (2003), a sword/gun and scorcery film Soloman Kane (2009), and a new documentary for the horror fan Nightmares in Red, White and Blue (2009). Bullitt, Deathproof, Dexter and some more random BS round things out. We had a bit of a technical glitch and our 15 minute schlock corner was lost so we have just cut in Christian Bale's tantrum from a year ago for your listening pleasure (3:45). Finally, an apology. As we sat by an outdoor pool while recording we didn't notice the hum of the motor which did end up picking up. Hopefully the feedback isn't too distracting. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 17 Aug 2010
SIZE: 76.6 MB
EPISODE 150 - From The Hip - voicemail edition

Welcome to another milestone celebration as we once again invite the listeners to interact with us and share the floor. We received a tremendous response to our request for voicemail feedback which comprises half of the episode this week. We also have a variety of subjects to kick around in this somewhat From The Hip installment - Some random movie watches, video games, The Expendables (!), and the need for having a horror fan litmus test. Microsoft's new ad featuring Zombie 2's Zombie v Shark scene has now been brought to the masses. How now do we test our fellow genre fan's knowledge base? What test do you employ? Many thanks again to all who contributed feedback (Domingo, Jason, and Sean for going above and beyond), and for helping us reach this milestone. Our recording session during a work day is the explanation if things sound a little rushed at times. More horror coming, this time we mean it. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 11 Aug 2010
SIZE: 86.2 MB
EPISODE 149 - Christopher Nolan

It's a directors spotlight for...Christopher Nolan? Hmmmm, and here I thought we promised some horror talk this week. Well, at least we do get to talk about some pretty awesome titles and pay some tribute to a filmmaker who has truly proven his ability to deliver on so many levels. The output covered is encapsulated in a single decade (sorry 1998's Following) and demonstrates the bright outlook we should all have as movie buffs for what yet may lie ahead. Memento (2000) is simply a must see! Thoroughly engaging and best of all - passes the test of rewatchability with flying colours. Insomnia (2002), Batman Begins (2005), The Prestige (2006), The Dark Knight (2008) and this years stunning Inception...quite an impressive list. We hope you enjoy our thoughts on these films and hopefully get inspired to hunt down those you may have missed (watch Memento!). Now with Nolan, we must be aware of spoilers. We're test running our new spoiler strategy by listing the timeframes to skip here: Memento - 21:21 to 24:31 The Prestige - 1:10:14 to 1:15:00 Inception - 1:42:14 to 1:51:14 Following up on our labeling of the Inception dream suitcase as a classic McGuffin, we look to Alfred Hitchcock to explain the meaning of the word in Schlock Corner. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Thu, 05 Aug 2010
SIZE: 64.2 MB
EPISODE 148 - State of the Podcast(ing)

A state of the podcast show? Doesn't that usually involve an extended bitch session complaining about various things and the potential announcement of a show's retirement? Don't be alarmed friends, this week we are talking about...podcasting in general. Our experience doing it, the motivations that lead some to take on the hobby, the potential pitfalls to avoid and something of a brief tutorial for those who might be interested in trying it out themselves. We know this will not be a subject of specific interest to a number of listeners but there has always been a flow of correspondence asking about our take on this whole thing and requesting suggestions and recommendations to get started. So we are pulling the curtain wide open and chatting about what has motivated us to keep this up for 3 years now. Now this is not to say we don't have at least a few additional things to cover. Splice is finally covered and is a good example of how a well worn idea can be made fresh again, Don't Look Up (2009)...not so much. We also make amends for overlooking several unrealized horror movies that succumbed to development hell and revisit Seinfeld in Schlock Corner (link). Thanks to all for your patience and understanding this week, we've got some horror goodness coming your way next! Podcasting equipment guide and tips The 'Fair Use' definition in Title 17 of the US Code We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 25 Jul 2010
SIZE: 16.4 MB
EPISODE 147 - Summer Break

Hi and hello all. We have decided in light of the various coordination difficulties and loaded schedules that a brief summer break episode was long overdue. So this weeks "show" is a short greeting, a brief summary of some forthcoming subjects and a revisit with Predators thanks to a special guest who dropped by for another night of debauchery. ...and for record, the trailer switcheroo with the multiple target sights was great! So please tune in for more Horroretc next week but for now...get some sun, raise a glass of spirits and turn up the music - it's summertime. We always welcome your comments: Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 19 Jul 2010
SIZE: 77.6 MB
EPISODE 146 - The Exorcist Audio Commentary

The scariest movie ever made? It's a subjective statement but one that echoes throughout horror genre fandom. It's truly so much more though and an impressive example of what heights our genre can attain. We offer up a long requested installment of the Horroretc feature film audio commentary series tackling the iconic classic. One catch's the version you've never seen. Clearly there has been much debate over the changes made in this unique director's cut but it also happens to be the most readily available version on the market. Trivia, alternate casting, curses, production stories, horrified audiences, traumatized actors, ridiculous financial success and finally remarkable critical accolades...few films have this much to say about them. We hope you enjoy our thoughts on The Exorcist in this longform format and take the opportunity to revisit it yourself. The power of Christ compels you! We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 13 Jul 2010
SIZE: 80.5 MB
EPISODE 145 - Skeletons in the Closet

Where are they now? Well we know that part, the question is where did they come from. This week we take a look at the horror genre roots of many of the industry's biggest mainstream stars and question the reluctance of many to acknowledge their past. For so many stars (and directors), horror has served as the stepping stone to cut their teeth and get noticed so we felt it was time to reflect on the "forgettable" fare to figure out if the animosity is deserved. Along the way we also have a little fun with some memorable role recasts like OJ Simpson as the Terminator (yes, it almost happened). It's a list heavy show which isn't our favorite format but hey - it's part of our 'summer series' of shows. Schlock Corner returns to it's intended purpose in highlighting true schlock with Incubus - the only film comprised entirely of dialogue spoken in the fake language of Esperanto. We close things out by recapping some recent watches including Summer Moon, Lisa and the Devil, The Last Airbender and Predators. Some new trailers and course, M Night get mentioned too. Link to the 16 Oscar Worthy Performances in Horror mentioned. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 04 Jul 2010
SIZE: 71.9 MB
EPISODE 144 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? Anthony celebrates his love of the venerable BBC series "Doctor Who" this week, in a special one-off edition of the Horror Etc Podcast. Taking control of the TARDIS, we‚??ll travel through the near 50-year history of the program, exploring what has allowed this unique series - in all of its incarnations - to enjoy such an extended life...for instance, did you know that the Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged Doctor Who as the longest-running and most successful science fiction series of all time? Special guests include TV writer (and friend of the podcast) Ken Cuperus, Simon Lloyd (a UK-based educator, actor and Whovian), as well as some very insightful audio commentary from several of our listeners. This episode is not so much a lesson in the history of Doctor Who, but rather a series of audio essays which speak to our appreciation of a television institution.¬† Tony‚??s flying solo on this adventure as Ted enjoys a well-deserved week off lounging under the summer sun with a cold case of beer by his side. But in his place we‚??ve secured an appearance by the second most fearful entities in the universe... yes, it turns-out that even the Daleks listen to the Horror Etc Podcast! Whovians of the world unite... it‚??s about time (and space ;-) We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 27 Jun 2010
SIZE: 70.6 MB
EPISODE 143 - Canucksploitation

How's it hangin hosers? It's all about the homeland this week as we celebrate our birthday by finally talking about Canadian Horror films. We've got a pretty underspoken history of genre filmmaking here in Canada and hopefully we can provide a few titles to check out. A couple of major disclaimers right up front - a number of titles have lengthier discussions in past episodes but we wanted to do a compilation, David Cronenberg. We know, we know, but he certainly deserves a full on director's spotlight right? We also take a frank look at the state of moviemaking in this country as we stand on the verge of 50 years of horror films on the frozen tundra. We were lucky enough to have Rodrigo Gudino appear on the podcast for a third consecutive year! Founder and editor of Rue Morgue magazine, host of the Festival of Fear and Canadian filmmaker himself, he shares his thoughts on the discussion of horror filmmaking in Canada. To share our knowledge of Canada's rich heritage and to alleviate some misconceptions we live read a pop quiz. We did...ok. An impromptu Schlock Corner brings things to a close as our own national pride William Shatner performs I Am Canadian. The Poutine video Ted was talking about We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 22 Jun 2010
SIZE: 75.7 MB
EPISODE 142 - Mario Bava ... and more

The Italian horror film festival gets a kick in the ass this week as we explore a range of Mario Bava works from the time period of 1959 - 1966, not to mention a few curveballs along the way. Bava is lauded as having a true cinematic eye and credited as a master of mood accomplished through the use of lighting, colour, music and camera movement ...turns out that praise is pretty well earned. Things kick off with Kill Baby Kill (1966) followed by Caltiki, The Immortal Monster (1959), Blood and Black Lace (1964), Torso (1973), Planet of the Vampires (1965) and Whip and the Body / What? (1963). To bring it all home we dispense some differing opinions of Wes Craven's Cursed (2005) before admitting how much fun the A-Team was. Schlock corner features a terrific trailer for a new videogame The Force Unleashed 2 which led the way to some general comments on the state of the Star Wars franchise. Before opening up the floor to voicemails we debate the use of...voicemails. With respect to the varying opinions on the use of audio feedback we propose a balanced approach and then get into some great comments sent in to the show this week, demonstrating the strength of having listener contributions. Oh, and we talk about the new Predators and Inception trailers too. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 15 Jun 2010
SIZE: 73.2 MB
EPISODE 141 - The Paranormal: A Skeptical View

Lets do some debunking. Since the early days of Horroretc we have debated the idea of dedicating an episode to debating the relative merit of belief in the supernatural and tackling specific cases from a skeptical viewpoint...can you guess which of your hosts is which? Some ground rules are laid down in the course of the show that are important considerations whenever entering into the discussion with a person whose views may be in opposition to your own. The basics of analytical thinking are covered as well as many of the logical fallacies used by proponents of the paranormal. With all that out of the way we get down to business diving into some well known legends: The Amityville Horror, Borley Rectory, the Bell Witch haunting, mystery at Dyatlov Pass, and others. So please sit back and listen in on some respectful debating over the contentious issue of belief in the supernatural. A double bill of schlock this week. First up is a call back to the mirror ghost girl video we covered way back in episode #21, but this time the magic trick is revealed (Link). Second, we pay tribute to the late Gary Coleman with Disturbing Strokes (Link) which demonstrates the impact a slight change can make - in this case, some nice foreboding score music. To wrap up the show, contest winners are announced (5 prizes in total - congratulations to all), several listeners say hello on the voicemail line, and still more Shatner talk. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 68.0 MB
EPISODE 140 - From The Hip X (on the road again)

Fire up the GPS, load up the cooler and kick off your shoes - we're hitting the road for our illustrious 10th From the Hip episode. It was a sunny summer day, far too nice to be sitting indoors around the mic so we took ourselves a trip and chatted about some pretty random topics. Subjects include the Blair Witch Project (yes, again...but there's a reason), Ridley Scott's new take on Robin Hood, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, HBO's The Pacific, Festival of Fear 2010, The Last Exorcism and lots more. We get some more input from the listeners through the voicemail line who bring up great thoughts on the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, the disparity between online friends and flesh and blood friends when it comes to horror interests, the ineffectiveness of The Exorcist (!?) and more incite into Italian Horror. Speaking of Italian horror, this week's film pick is The Church (1989) by Michele Saovi. An eclectic and somber take on the demon possession tale aided by some truly jolting images. We are very aware that this week's episode is relatively light on horror content and heavy on the voicemails but the fact is this was the content we watched this week and the commentary sent in from misterd, Bill, Matt and Alan was too good to not share. Many thanks for listening to our unfocused From the Hip episodes, they are a lot of fun for us to do and we hope you have some fun with them too. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 01 Jun 2010
SIZE: 72.9 MB
EPISODE 139 - Mad Doctors

Dr. Heiter is a mad scientist. He was once a respected surgeon, but has now retreated to his luxurious home in the German forest, which contains an operating room in the basement. His skin has a sickly pallor, his hair is dyed black, his speech reminds us of a standard Nazi, and he gnashes his teeth. He is filled with hatred and vile perversion. Heiter has plans to surgically join his victims by sewing together their mouths and anuses, all in a row. They will move on their hands and knees like an insect. You don't want to be part of the Human Centipede at all, but you most certainly don't want to be in the middle. Why does he want to commit this atrocity? He is insane. - Roger Ebert Decided to let Mr. Ebert introduce the topic this week as it can't really be summed up better. A full half hour discussion of The Human Centipede leads the way to a broader topic of mad doctors in film. It's been a long standing trope of the horror genre and we ponder the psychological implications of handing over our complete trust to an absolute stranger wielding all the tools of modern medical science to hope we don't end up the result of some ghastly perverted experiment. The fun carries over to schlock corner as Anthony tries his hand at the recent videogame adaptation of Centipede 'with a twist'. Try it yourself at the Link. We close out the show with some thank yous, random thoughts and some follow up voicemails to close the door on the Lost talk. Two new contests are announced: win one of 3 copies of The Changling or one of 2 copies of Dark: A Horror Anthology. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 22 May 2010
SIZE: 90.1 MB
EPISODE 138 - LOST (It Only Ends Once)

It's over. As the final LOST stamp faded into blackness a huge chapter of a personal journey through some of the most engaging and challenging storytelling I've ever been part of came to a close. To be perfectly honest this is a time of great melancholy. The wrap up episode of LOST from Horroretc is something that has been long promised and I have looked forward to this moment with great anticipation but now that the book has closed emotions that were most unexpected have set in. We hope you join us this week in a casual discussion of the general impressions the series has left with its dedicated fans and a very immediate reaction to the finale presented. The first half of the show is spent revisiting some of the key elements that made this a landmark in network television. In terms of overall scope it may be unsurpassed. Beautiful cinematography, powerful musical scores, complex characters, excellent performances, thought provoking writing, and some of the most dense mythology ever created. Standing back from the minor quibbles over concrete resolutions and unfulfilled concepts introduced along its six year run, the series provided a finale that challenged the viewer to think and arrive at conclusions not necessarily spelled out. What else should we have expected from writers who incorporated so many elements of world theologies into storytelling thematics and named characters after philosphers whose various conceptual understandings of our existance demanded consideration. The initial reaction session was a contentious one and may be representative of the general audience reaction to LOST as a whole. Looking forward to a rewatch but in the meantime regard this episode as a celebration of a cultural phenomenon. For the uninitiated check out the season 1-5 recap in 8 minutes (Link) And as a fitting tribute check out Lost: All the People Who Died (Link) We always welcome your comments: / Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 19 May 2010
SIZE: 92.7 MB
EPISODE 137 - Italian Horror Feedback

It's a feedback show. With one host in absentia and one host sleep deprived we once again test the axiom of 'better than nothing'. Truth is, there's a lot to enjoy this week as the content has been provided by you the listeners. Ted sits down well into the morning hours to share a lengthy list of emails we received on the subject of Italian Horror. It's true the once promised stand alone episode dedicated to the genre did not materialize but that is with good reason - it was foolhardy to think it could be done. Fans of Italian Horror are a dedicated bunch and through the course of the show a lot of that passion comes across. Loads of recommendations and some discussions of the key elements that lend such a distinctive taste to the output of so many great filmmakers are here. It's a lot of material for just one voice so to break up the drone there's a whole roster of voicemails from the listeners on a nice variety of subjects as well (special thanks to Christopher Walken for calling in). And just to round things out and bring it all home the Italian Horror filmfest rages on with Joe D'Amato's Beyond The Darkness (1979). Thanks to everyone for writing / calling in to make this weeks episode possible. We always welcome your comments: / voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 11 May 2010
SIZE: 78.1 MB
EPISODE 136 - Nightmare '10 & The Beyond

One two, JEH is coming for you. Well, you have all had a reasonable amount of time to either see the new Nightmare flick or decide you don't care enough about it to sit through an extended spoiler filled discussion about it. After emerging from the first screening in town, your hosts sat down to record their initial reactions and a segment only meant to last a few minutes stretched to nearly an hour. So we have another in a line of Platinum Dunes remakes that is receiving the critical drubbing we all knew it would but the question lingers - did they really go so wrong as to deserve the Freddy style skewering it's gotten? Time for a fair (emphasis on fair, as in keep the nitpicking in the basement), analysis of Nightmare 2010. Despite disparate locations of your hosts this week, we still managed to get in a schlock corner and it's a winner. Orson Welles Drunk Outtakes while attempting to shoot a wine commercial. You may have heard about it before but its a must see. The Italian Horror film selection of 1981's The Beyond earned a share of the episode title as it was truly an....experience. In the process of breaking down the general outline of the "story", numerous elements are discussed openly (don't worry, not the crazy ending). The reason for loose control on spoilers is really due to the near impossibility of ruining The Beyond through mere description. This is a film that must be seen to be appreciated. A discourse is held on the 'Absolute Film' theory and how it appears to apply to specific Italian filmmakers. Stay tuned, the Italian Horror film festival is getting interesting. Thanks to Nick and Brian for supporting the show. We always welcome your comments: Voicemail (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 03 May 2010
SIZE: 78.0 MB
EPISODE 135 - Romero's Dead (part 2)

More of the Master. The second trio of zombie films from Romero are discussed this week and as could be expected opinions are divided. After a 20 year (!) hiatus from the genre, Romero returned to the living dead in 2005 with Land of the Dead. Those who grew up with a love of the classic films were beside themselves in anticipation and the result was something that allows for great discussion. Since then we have been given two more instalments with Diary of the Dead (2007) and now Survival of the Dead (2009) which have earned for perhaps the first time outright criticism from even the most devout fans. We offer up our take on these films and consider what the future may hold for George and again we prepared mini-commentaries in 16x speed. It should not be understated that regardless of personal opinion of what the films have offered, having three zombie movies from Romero in the span of four years is pretty remarkable for those of us who lived through that two decade drought. This week's Italian Horror instalment is 1981's The House By The Cemetary from Lucio Fulci. The third chapter of Fulci's death trilogy is an eye opener for Ted and we begin to draw the delineations between the varied film styles of the directors examined. Some Romero remakes and voicemails round out the show. WWW.HORRORETC.COM Voicemail Line (206) 337 -5324

DATE: Sun, 25 Apr 2010
SIZE: 80.1 MB
EPISODE 134 - Romero is Dead (pt 1)

George A. Romero. A name held in reverence amongst fans of the undead. The strength and lasting impact of his original zombie 'trilogy' is hard to deny but...he made another three. In a two part episode dedicated to the "...of the dead" series we'll take an in-depth look at the filmmaker's love affair with the zombie. Of course the opposite of in-depth would be the 16x speed commentaries we did for each film installment. First up is Night of the Living Dead. Since we've already done an audio commentary to the film we just spend some time giving it the respect it deserves. The well known strengths and perhaps underspoken weaknesses of Dawn of the Dead are visited, and the pros and cons of Capt. Rhodes' arguments are debated along with the rest of Savini's effects achievement Day of the Dead. These are nihilistic films which is a big part of why we love them so much. If you're looking for happy endings, there are parlors for that. This week's Italian Horror pick is yet another Bava film - The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963). Considered the first true giallo film and while we don't get into an examination of what giallo is comprised of this certainly fits the mold. A controversial drunk call to the voicemail line and a bunch of plugs round out the show: We always welcome your comments: Call us at the Voicemail Line: (206) 337-5324 WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 19 Apr 2010
SIZE: 76.2 MB
EPISODE 133 - Listener Questions and Black Sabbath

You've got questions, we've got answers. We finally return to one of our favorite subjects, the Q & A. It doesn't get much more casual than this as we have a relaxed session of general genre talk. Questions from most desired remake to our stance on off-shore oil drilling are fielded all thanks to listeners of the show. So nothing too heavy this week but it was nice to chat about favorite films, scenes, kills and horror memories for an hour. Things stay loose as we chat about overused horror cliches (link to the article we're referring to), recent watches including Clash of the Titans and The White Ribbon, as well as other random bits. The Italian film festival (which seems to be evolving into the Mario Bava festival) continues with Black Sabbath (1963). So this must be what people are talking about when they praise Bava! Highly recommended. Schlock corner brings us home focusing on the single most burdensome modern cliche: the cell phone. We have a voicemail line! Drop us a line at (206) 337-5324, we'd love to hear from you. Being a part of the show has never been easier. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM voicemail line: (206) 337 - 5324

DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 2010
SIZE: 81.5 MB
EPISODE 132 - Peter Jackson...and drinking

Well, we tried. Our intentions were good. A Director's Spotlight dedicated to one of the great visionaries of our time. A man capable of delivering one of the (if not the) greatest sweeping epics ever put to film in the mind boggling Lord of the Rings trilogy while also giving us one of the most ludicrously entertaining pieces of genre insanity ever made with Braindead (or Dead/Alive). An eclectic roster of films along the way from Bad Taste (1987) to Lovely Bones (2009). Thing is...we met up with our good friend Kristianne and proceeded to have an awesome night out before sitting down to do some recording. So the main segment is a little discombobulated but the first step is admitting you have a problem so we're okay with it. Join in at 53:00 for the silliness to settle down but then you'll miss out on the most fun we've had recording a show yet. So what else have we got? Two pretty awesome schlock corner shorts this week: PIXELS - 2 and a half minutes of awesome. Although some may need to google the video game characters portrayed if they were born after 1985. THE GIFT - Warner Bros and Fox are reportedly battling for rights to produce a feature of this. A special effects demo reel? Maybe, but count mine as 1 ticket sold. Some more random discussion topics round things out but not before we finally get started on the Italian Horror road of discovery. The film festival has begun with Bay of Blood aka Twitch of the Death Nerve, Mario Bava's classic 1971 proto-slasher film. Big thanks to Patrick and Rebecca for contributing to the show and huge high five to Kristianne for being so cool. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 04 Apr 2010
SIZE: 78.0 MB
EPISODE 131 - Comin' At Ya in 3-D

Height and width are the dimensions we know when images are projected onto that big flat screen in front of us but what happens when you throw depth into the mix? 3-D baby. This week we take a look at the (long) history of 3-D in cinema and where things may be heading. Admittedly, it's an episode burdened with tech talk but the processes to achieve that "cool factor" are far more complicated than we first thought. The four main methods to convey 3-D are reviewed, each of the eras of 3-D films are visited (of which we are in the third?), the new ability to convert standard to 3-D is questioned and the modern saturation of 3-D content raises questions about it's sustainability. And where does Imax fit into all this? More general subject talk than film discussions this week, hope you enjoy. The contest giveaways come to an end. Thanks again to Rebellion Press and 2000 AD for the great giveaway packages. Things wrap up with some quick hits on Zombieland (again) andTranssiberian (2008), does evil truly exist?, industry suing downloaders (again), LOST and more. Oh, and Evil Dead in 60 seconds in Claymation. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 28 Mar 2010
SIZE: 83.8 MB
EPISODE 130 - Silent Horror Film

Dim the lights, cue the title card and strike up the orchestra...lets talk about silent film. This week we discuss the birth of cinema and the subsequent development of a new medium of entertainment from the first (still existing) two second film from 1888 through to 1927 and the end of the silent era. We try to strike a balance between offering a rough primer on this early time period reviewing the technological challenges and evolutionary steps achieved by some true pioneers, as well as calling up a fair list of the titles recommended to begin exploring the surviving catalogue. The famous works are addressed as well as some lesser known gems including Der Golem (1920), Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923), Nosferatu (1922), Phantom of the Opera (1925), Metropolis (1927), London After Midnight (1927), Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde (1920), The Unknown (1927)...and a dozen more. We spend time on and explain what the term 'German Expressionism' actually means, recognize the enormous contributions of George Melies and Lon Chaney, explain why projection speed was dictated by the fire hazard of nitrocellulose film and much more. Thoughts on a couple random movies round things out (Eyes Wide Shut - Anthony, and Defendor - Ted). Thanks to Brian Kaufman, Travis & Ernie for their various contributions and to misterD for a great audio review of Spiral (2007). We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 22 Mar 2010
SIZE: 96.8 MB
EPISODE 129 - What We've Been Watchng many movies. The whole crew gathered this week to chat about the various films we have all been watching and there were a lot of them. The problem was there was really no cohesive theme or motif upon which we could build a show topic (there were a lot of UK titles? Most were fairly recent? Leprechaun movies for St. Patrick's Day?), so instead we'll just list the movies covered in the episode: Alice in Wonderand (2010) The House of the Devil (2009) Leprechaun 1-4 (1993, 1994, 1995, 1997) Lake Mungo (2008) The Fourth Kind (2009) El Orphanato / The Orphanage (2007) Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (2009) Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, Beyond Re-Animator (1985, 1990, 2003) The Machinist (2004) Repo Men (2010) Harry Brown (2009) Unforgiven (1992) Hush (2009) Tony (2009) The Orphan (2009) The Beacon (2009) The Descent 2 (2009) there it is, 22 movies in all. Some were quick hits while others were dug into a little more. Our themed episodes will return but for the time being our eclectic viewing behaviour rules the day. Schlock corner has very little schlock content at all - the new trailer for Predators! Big thanks go out to all who participated in the original artwork and logo contests. Many submissions were received and we were incredibly impressed at the creative efforts put forth. We announce the winners of the first 2 prizes and keep open the requestion for questions for 1 more week. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 16 Mar 2010
SIZE: 87.3 MB
EPISODE 128 - Horror Comics vol.2

Horror comics...the saga continues. With some of the history and evolution of the medium covered off in the first installment we proceed with getting into a little more detail on many titles available to explore. Our second volume features another great interview with friend of the show Ken calling in to share a wealth of information on the subject. A number of titles are bandied about including further discussion of the great zombie series The Walking Dead. Many renowned writers and artists in the industry are discussed as well as references to their well known works for those seeking to explore the subject further. Our intention at the outset of tackling horror comics was to educate ourselves and bring in the experts to help shed some light on the path to follow and share their recommendations. Special thanks to both Ilke and Ken for stepping up to the plate! Correspondence solicited from the listeners a few months back are finally shared as well in a 40(ish) minute feedback segment where a comprehensive list of further recommendations can be found. Thanks to all who wrote in and shared their favorites. We wrap things up with a quick schlock corner Shatner sings wresting themes (yeah, we know...but how much Shatnre is too much really?), and remind everyone this will be the final week for submissions to win one of several great prize packages: 2 volume graphic novel sets of Judge Death and Caballistics Inc, a single graphic novel Storming Heaven as well as a brand new DVD release of Dr. Who: The Brain of Morbius. Thanks again to our good friends at Rebellion Press and 2000 AD for providing great prizes. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 08 Mar 2010
SIZE: 73.7 MB
EPISODE 127 - From The Hip 9

Welcome to an unscheduled From The Hip episode. We decided to interupt our look at horror comics to bring everyone up to speed on recent events that may be of importance to the horroretc community. Not to worry, the drama is minimal and this impromptu get together served to give us the chance to get caught up on some recent watches. In some treks to the theatre we have caught the remake of The Crazies (and cover off the '73 original as well), the latest collaboration of Scorsese/Dicaprio Shutter Island (spoiler talk is from 37:50 to 44:44), The 87' original and '09 remake of The Stepfather, an intriguing entry from a Horroretc favorite Christopher Smith called Triangle (2009), The Asylum's take on Sherlock Holmes and more. The story of Ted's complete computer failure, our take on Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland, the subtle alterations to the Nightmare on Elm Street trailer and much more round things out (plus some fun intermission music). Please don't hesitate to send in your entries to our ongoing contests (special thanks to our friends at Rebellion Press and 2000AD). Three graphic novel packages and a special Doctor Who DVD release are up for grabs. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 01 Mar 2010
SIZE: 78.2 MB
EPISODE 126 - Horror Comics

The art of comics. It's been a long time in the making but your fiends at Horroretc have finally delivered on our long promised look at horror in comics. When we venture into territory that expands beyond our knowledge base we are certainly not above bringing in the experts to help educate us and this episode is no exception. A friend of the show sits in to discuss the long history of the medium and the tales of the macabre that have graced the newsprint for so many years. We also share a varied selection of titles we have personally enjoyed and get to some finds that have left us surprised at the entertainment waiting out there to be found. The comic book world has evolved significantly in the past few decades and it has been a revelation to your hosts. So much so that we promise a second horror comics episode next week! So please stay tuned for more comic goodness and if there is one small nugget to extract from our blathering it's this: read The Walking Dead. No zombie fan should be deprived of this excellent experience. We also announce 3, yes 3 new contests with terrific prizes offered up from our friends at Rebellion Press and 2000 AD (Storming Heaven, Judge Death and Caballistics Inc. totalling 5 graphic novels in all). Get your creative juices flowing. Finally, we wrap up with random talk and a literary schlock corner: How to make your own Necronomicon. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 21 Feb 2010
SIZE: 87.7 MB
EPISODE 125 - The Horroretc Book Club 2

As a reconvening of the Horroretc Book Club is long overdue we present to you a second episode dedicated to the world of horror literature. Horror works very well on film as the medium allows for manipulation of the viewer's senses by visual means. The foreboding sense of a darkened alley can be conveyed by controlling the contrast of shadow, movement of a camera, the creeping dread delivered by a subtle musical underscore and many other elements. On the printed page however our minds are free to shape a scene and add all the ingredients necessary to truly frighten, all led by the workings of a singular author. When the words and imagery offered marry perfectly to the internal fears of the reader who is able to visualize and tailor the horror to their own subjective minds....terror is achieved. In an effort to again celebrate horror on the page, we delve into a whole list of titles be they favorites or recommendations to share some of the vast amount of content out there. Along with our choices, we hear from listeners who have their own suggestions to explore. The book club is joined by Peter Straub who sits in to reflect on a successful career, the process of horror writing and the story of his latest novel A Dark Matter. And we have giveaways. With six books handed out and a new contest announced (plus still more to come), there's no better time to participate than right now. We wrap things up with some casual banter including initial reaction to The Wolfman and the 10 Oscar best picture entries for 2010. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 14 Feb 2010
SIZE: 74.5 MB
EPISODE 124 - Sam Raimi Director Spotlight (part 3)

Once more unto Raimi for the third and concluding episode of our director retrospective. When last we met the floodgates had been thrown open for us to gush about our love of all things Evil Dead but this chapter has a few more lows to mix in with the successes. No stone is left unturned as we cover horror and non-horror output alike beginning with an eclectic list of films including The Quick and the Dead (1995), A Simple Plan (1998), For Love of the Game (1999) and The Gift (2000). And then came Spiderman. It was a rare convergence of studio blockbuster mega-project and just the right filmmaker to bring a beloved character to life with the all important (and often missing),! Three films, $ 2.5 Billion worldwide box-office revenue and a decade of Raimi's career. Was it worth it? We talk about about it. An excellent capper to the whole affair came in 2009's Drag Me To Hell where the gushing recommences. A fun schlock corner (Link), some more words from MisterD and a reminder that this week is the deadline to enter a great contest to win one of several books up for grabs by sending in your book review for our upcoming reconvening of the Horroretc Book Club. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 07 Feb 2010
SIZE: 80.4 MB
EPISODE 123 - Sam Raimi Director Spotlight (part 2)

The Sam Raimi director spotlight gets going in full swing as we take a look back at his 1978 - 1993 works. As many know, the inspiration for The Evil Dead was born from a 1978 short film titled Within The Woods and it's interesting to find that many distinct Raimi trademarks are present from the very beginning. Between the Evil Dead trilogy chapters there were a couple films that may be classified as 'forgotten' and 'underappreciated' respectively, Crimewave (1985) and Darkman (1990). We should give out a warning ahead of time - when attempting to discuss the Evil Dead films we failed utterly at covering the plotlines, story structure, key scenes, etc. Instead, we fell into fanboy gushing at just how well these films work for us and why we all have a responsibility to initiate those who have not yet shared the experience. It's difficult to imagine a fan of horror films who would have no appreciation for The Evil Dead. That said, the gushing comes to an abrupt end when the topic of Legion (2010) is raised. We put out the call again for Book Club submissions and we hope to hear from many members of the community in our forthcoming episode. Finally, we hear from listener misterD who calls in to add to the Tarantino discussion. Thank you to Rhys, Robb and Laura for their generous contributions to the show. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 31 Jan 2010
SIZE: 80.2 MB
EPISODE 122 - Evil Dead 2 Audio Commentary

Welcome to another Horroretc audio commentary. As a kickoff to our extended Sam Raimi director's spotlight we sit down to revisit one of the all time great films of the genre. It's a pretty one-sided argument to say Evil Dead 2 is one of the most beloved horror flicks out there with a truly iconic performance by one Bruce Campbell so it's only fitting that an episode is devoted to discussing what makes this such a fun watch. Despite our best efforts, things did end up coming down to reactions to the frenetic craziness happening on screen but we hope you take from the show some of our enjoyment of watching Ash and company continue the never-ending battle with those pesky Candarian demons - the deadites. In an extra bit of campy fun we join William Shatner (once again) giving his thoughts on Star Trek 2009 and lament the passing of a pioneer podcast. Finally, your participation in an upcoming reconvening of the Horroretc Book Club is solicited with some tantalizing prizes teased. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 24 Jan 2010
SIZE: 74.8 MB
EPISODE 121 - Ozploitation (part 2)

Ozploitation - Round 2 Another great roster of Aussie film picks this week complete with all new content. Exploring the list of titles from week to week was a great way to discover the many genre films the land down under has to offer and served as a reminder of how much we have enjoyed many classics along the way (Road Warrior ended up being a segment unto itself). Schlock corner covers a short video that made the rounds a few months ago but deserves our attention and Panic Attack is definitely worth checking out if you haven't yet seen it. This is a road to being discovered brought on by the wonders of modern technology. We wrap up the show with an examination of the criminally underseen ghost story The Lady In Black (1989). It's a throwback to days gone by when getting your hands on a rare gem took some effort. Thanks to everyone for bearing with the repetition of clips in this Aussie retrospective, it was a lot of fun to put together. Please consider our invitation to send in your reviews of Italian horror selections to be part of a future Pasta Splatter exploration. The Ferryman (8:36) The Road Warrior (14:46) Long Weekend '08 (4:24) Mad Dog Morgan (10:38) - thanks to Stephen at JAFMP Storm Warning (7:19) Patrick (5:15) The Return of Captain Invincible (10:27) Dead-End Drive In (8:47) Razorback (8:02) Fortress (5:18) We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Thu, 21 Jan 2010
SIZE: 81.4 MB
EPISODE 120 - Ozploitation (Part 1)

It's a clip show? Well, not really. Some time ago we enjoyed a rollicking documentary called Not Quite Hollywood where we were introduced to a huge roster of little known Australian genre films while simultaneously reminded about the classics we know and love. Thus began a pseudo filmfest where an individual film was chosen at random to discuss each week on the podcast. Over the course of a couple of months many titles were covered that ended up being almost unanimous recommendations with friends of the show pitching in along the way. Several of those segments have been compiled with additional titles added to the bill in the form of new recordings to deliver a true Ozploitation film festival. So while the show this week includes several clips from previous episodes, we hope the process of collecting these commentaries combined with new content will help to inspire digging up some of these titles to enjoy as well. We indulge in some extended general movie chat for the opening 38 minutes of the show followed by discussions about a great list of Aussie picks. Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild Untold Story of Ozploitation / Turkey Shoot (15 min) Black Sheep (6 min) Long Weekend (1978) (11 min) Road Games (8 min) The Cars That Ate Paris (10 min) Mad Max (10 min) We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 12 Jan 2010
SIZE: 88.1 MB
EPISODE 119 - Quentin Tarantino

"Tarantino is an aesthete, a Fitzgeraldian observer of the delicate dance of social interaction" - Ron Rosenbaum (critic) "Tarantino doesn‚??t communicate anything to the audience except 'look how fucking cool I am' ‚?? - (anonymous blogger) A special directors spotlight this week as we scrutinize the works of the man himself, Quentin Tarantino. Obviously there are differing opinions of the value and quality of the films he has made over in 15 years, as sparse as they may be, but for the genre fan there is so much to appreciate. In honour of the extensive character rosters Tarantino likes to incorporate, its a full Horroretc crew discussing our highlights and complaints about his filmography thus far including writing and acting contributions. Rather than regurgitate the factoids and anecdotes of the productions (see wikipedia etc), we focus on our general take on the films and discuss how Tarantino has crafted unique and powerful works from the history of cinema that came before. So please sit back and enjoy a feature length conversation about QT with our most produced episode to date. And yes...there's some other stuff at the end too. Check out the site for the links referenced in the episode for more info: Tarantino trademarks - excellent summary of all the recurring Tarantino trademarks Reservoir Dogs - how the mexican standoff went down - Nuff said Wikipedia - check out the collaborators chart - all the information we chose not to convey The Films of Quentin Tarantino - nice 4 minute homage to the man's movies We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 04 Jan 2010
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EPISODE 118 - A Decade in Review

Time to bury the past in a shallow grave as we take a look back to the past decade. Okay, so maybe its a bit cliche to throw out a 'best of' summary just because the year changed but its also a great opportunity to recap the big titles that hit the mark for horror fans. The past decade also represented a rebirth of the horror genre following the polished indulgences of the '90's. In an effort to get to as many quality recommendations as possible we mined the best of lists posted by a cross section of horror blogs and websites. With 10 years of output there are many selections that need to be given their due (Slither anyone?). Following some lists of movies we drill things down to figure out the year to credit for horror's ressurection. In addition to an extended casual chat where Night of the Demon, Sherlock Holmes and much more are discussed we offer a special segment dedicated entirely to The Road after the whole Horroretc crew was lucky(?) enough to see the film in a small arthouse theatre. The episode closes out with this half hour portion and while the discussion was satisfyingly on point we do cover a lot of spoilers so please be warned. Special thanks to Stacey for the awesome original music this episode. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 26 Dec 2009
SIZE: 83.0 MB
EPISODE 117 - Dexter (Season 4)

Hello Dexter Morgan! Welcome to the Horroretc recap of Dexter season 4 (the penultimate season?). A couple disclaimers first - as before we discuss the 12 episodes in their entirety and as such we only recommend listening once you have finished watching the season or to get our impressions of why this show is so worth your time to head back to the beginning and start catching up. Second, we understand this may exclude many listeners who have not completed the season or watch the show in general - to you we apologize and promise a return to more Horroretc goodness next week. It was quite a season which featured the best adversary yet in John Lithgow's trinity killer and culminated in a shocker ending that sent us spinning into speculations of what turns season 5 may hold. We have our theories and welcome thoughts on the show as a whole or how things will in fact wrap up. No supplemental segments this week as we consider the Dexter episodes to be defacto Horroretc specials devoted entirely to the main subject. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 23 Dec 2009
SIZE: 50.2 MB
EPISODE 116 - X-mas Spectacular '09 (Avatar)

Welcome to the third annual Horroretc X-mas Spectacular. In keeping with tradition we offer up a feature length film discussion followed by some random topics and a gift exchange. Of course the main subject has to be...Avatar. Yes we know there is no shortage of discussion about this event film but we take the opportunity to throw in our two cents on the subject. It is something to behold but the real question is how rewatchable it can be and how much the home viewing experience will differ from the big screen 3D presentation. Random films we've seen are covered as well including It! (1967), Lake Mungo (2008) - a very tenuous X-mas connection here, American Movie (1999), Christine (1983) again, some Italian Horror stuff and this year's X-mas horror feature...Treevenge! Yes Treevenge. For those unfamiliar, check out the link here to enjoy this 17 minute gem. If you only watch one horror X-mas film this year...make it Treevenge. And yes, things wouldn't be complete without the traditional gift exchange. This year, some listeners got in on the fun too. Special thanks to Scott, Nick and Stovern! We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 14 Dec 2009
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EPISODE 115 - Night of the Living Dead Commentary and more...

Welcome all to another Horroretc audio commentary, this time for the 1968 George A. Romero classic Night of the Living Dead. So here's the situation. As a result of unexpected scheduling conflicts we found ourselves without an episode this week. Thus we present a previously recorded audio commentary track that was prepared for a Horroretc print of the film on DVD. This disc was created as a special thank you to many of those who have contributed to the podcast these last two years. So we have those folks to thank for this weeks show (its all explained in the opening 5 minutes). We do have an extended segment as well where a trio of David Cronenberg films are briefly discussed - this might be the start of something good. We go on about the industry, discuss the forthcoming Avatar, catch up with Ken and generally go on about forthcoming show topics. So we hope you can enjoy this commentary for what it is. Full disclaimers are thrown out for audio quality but its always fun to revisit the classic. To sinc up with a DVD to watch and listen, we suggest hitting play as the segment opens as the original track did not lead in. Thanks again to all of you who have helped make the podcast a success. We always welcome your comments:

DATE: Tue, 08 Dec 2009
SIZE: 84.2 MB
EPISODE 114 - End of the World

Its the end of the world as we know it...and we feel fine. Apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, distopian future, annihilation, destruction and despair - we've got it all for you this week. Inspired by recent experiences with The Road and 2012 (two products that could not be further apart), we discuss the destruction of the world but more importantly...humanity. The erosion of civilization and subsequent regression of humanity to its primal roots are where the true horror lies in such tales. Whether we undertake the gut-wrenching nihilism of Cormac McCarthy's The Road or the colourful cheeriness of Roland Emmerich's 2012, the examination of the depths to which humanity is capable of plunging while at the same time finding that flickering ember still burning inside that makes the species worthy, apocalyptic stories have enthralled us since biblical times. We hope you enjoy our recollection of several personal faves when it comes to the subject. A pretty random collection of subjects in our casual segment this week but we do throw out our upcoming slate of show topics and again welcome all feedback from listeners. We are not immune to the viral videos making their way across the internet but this one takes us back a few years: Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 29 Nov 2009
SIZE: 78.7 MB
EPISODE 113 - Anthologies

The Anthology Film. A construct of narrative, a storytelling device, a collage of short stories that inform an over-arcing motif. Ahhh, toss all that aside - we horror fans know anthologies as short but sweet fixes of excitement that run the whole spectrum of pace, mayhem and success. This form has been in use since the beginning of cinema but it seems best suited to the genre of horror in the ability to deliver lean and intense thrills without the burden of constructing motivations and developing incidental relationships, etc. The horror anthology, much like the literary short story can hit fast and hard leaving the viewer reeling as it dives into the next tale. This week we discuss the concept of compiling short films into feature presentations, debate the relative strength and weakness of the form and of course revel in many of our personal favorites from years past. The 90's and early 00's saw a decline in the horror anthology but with several recent installments making their way to shelves we may have hope for a resurgence. In an offbeat Schlock Corner we dip our toes into the timeless debate - Nicholas Cage, while discussing his forthcoming film Season of the Witch (watch the trailer along with us). Finally, we wrap things up with some chatter about forthcoming show topics, Stephen King and more. Thanks for listening. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 22 Nov 2009
SIZE: 80.7 MB
EPISODE 112 - Back To The 80's: 1987

Time to climb back into the wayback machine and spend the evening wallowing in nostalgia as we tackle the 1980's. Now, any attempt to recap a full decade of films in a single sitting is foolishness so we came up with a system to randomly select an individual year to look back at the films produced and revisit a time since past. The year in question? 1987. Ahhh the 80's. The decade marked by excess was reflected in horror films as well where the bleak outlook and uncompromising violence of the 70's was converted to over the top antagonists and campy concepts. This is the era of the sequel where franchises were born and flourished despite diminishing quality, however without this conceit we would not have received Raimi's Evil Dead 2. Finally, this was also the period when some of our favorite filmmakers were delivering great material: Stuart Gordon, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, James Cameron, John Landis, Joe Dante, the list goes on. Please sit back and revisit the shadowy memories of yore with us as we travel back to...1987! Schlock Corner is a fun one also capturing the 80's: Total Recall - All The Deaths! We wrap up the show with thoughts on A Perfect Getaway (2009), the Sam Rockwell one man show Moon (2009), and several more pieces of audio feedback. Thanks for listening and participating (special thanks to Sandra and Chris for your generous contributions). We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 16 Nov 2009
SIZE: 82.6 MB
EPISODE 111 - From The Hip 8 (what we've been watching)

Time once again for a patented From The Hip edition of the podcast. This week we focus on what we've watching lately on the big screen and some films coming soon that we are looking forward to. Full disclosure time...the content this week is pretty light on true horror but hey, that's why the Etc part is in the name. Films discussed include the brand spankin' new 3D version of A Christmas Carol (thank Anthony for that one), The Box, Capitalism A Love Story (thank Ted for that one), The Fourth Kind, The Wolfman, The Crazies, Daybreakers and Book of Eli. Spoiler Warning: A major element of The Fourth Kind is disclosed between 32:54 and 34:54 - exactly 2 minutes. It's not all non-horror though, initial thoughts on Suspiria leads the way to an invitation to all of you to be part of our forthcoming Italian Horror episode. We welcome feedback from all who have a devotion to the movement and filmmakers that made the subgenre so important. Favorites films or elements, why specific works are important to you or even complaints about the styles and characteristics of Italian Horror are welcome. Before things close out with a "rant", we enjoy some schlock corner goodness with The Dark Knight Meets Superman. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 09 Nov 2009
SIZE: 83.9 MB
EPISODE 110 - Found Footage Films

In November of 2009 two podcasters disappeared in a Starbucks near Kingston, Ontario ...A day later their audio was found. The found footage fright flick is examined this week on the show with special attention paid to the recent installment Paranormal Activity. Our lengthy discussion of this film includes some substantial spoilers (warnings are thrown out) so please be prepared. While covering about a dozen more notable entries we breakdown the strengths and weaknesses of the verite format and try to identify what really can make the found footage concept immersive and effective. Films discussed include Blair Witch Project, Man Bites Dog, Cannibal Holocaust (again), Cloverfield, Diary of the Dead, Rec/Quarantine, The Last Broadcast, The Poughkeepsie Tapes and more. Schlock Corner features a humorous clip covering the very topical Paranormal Saw. Rounding out the show are brief recaps of The Stepfather remake and Where The Wild Things Are as well as an update regarding the Forum. Thanks for listening. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 02 Nov 2009
SIZE: 89.0 MB
EPISODE 109 - Dracula, The Undead

‚??Friends‚?¶ welcome to the Carpathians ‚?? we are anxiously expecting you. In just a few moments time, the coach will leave for Bukovina ‚?? a place on it is reserved for you. At the Borgo Pass, our carriage will wait for you, and will bring you to us‚?¶ may you enjoy your stay, in our frightful company. Your friends‚?¶ T.‚?? After a considerable absence from literature and the screen in his true form, Dracula now returns to the pages of literature in an official sequel to Bram Stoker‚??s classic novel, co-written by a descendent of the Irish author himself. Join us on this week‚??s program, as we welcome Dacre Stoker and Dracula expert Ian Holt, co-authors of the top-selling ‚??Dracula: The Un-Dead‚??, as we discuss all things Dracula and vampire. Tony indulges in his appreciation for the Dracula character, and Ted shares with us his sentiments regarding the current state of affairs of vampires on the screen and in literature‚?¶ and our two learned guests remind us of how it all began ‚?? in the pages of the second most successful book of all time (the first being the Holy Bible). Finally, courtesy of Penguin Books, we have a signed copy of the book to give away to a lucky listener. (Link to find out more about Dracula The Un-Dead) So‚?¶ sink your teeth into this very special episode of The Horror Etc Podcast‚?¶ but be warned ‚?? it may very well drive you batty! We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 25 Oct 2009
SIZE: 88.4 MB
EPISODE 108 - Halloween Retrospective (part 3)

HE comes home one more time... As with all good things, the Horroretc Halloween retrospective comes to an end with our third installment. In a franchise rife with questionable directions some of the most head scratching decisions lie ahead. We kick things off with a confused recollection of Halloween 666: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) including a theatrical vs. (infamous) producer's cut version comparison. The franchise returns to form with Jamie Lee Curtis' reprisal of Laurie Strode in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998), followed by a star turn from Busta Rhymes in Halloween: Resurrection (2002). No discussion of the Halloween series would be complete without a discourse on the Rob Zombie contributions, Halloween (2007) and H2 (2009). It may not be a bash session but we do point out the failings of these films in comparison to the original source material and as modern horror movies. We pay homage to Donald Pleasence's contributions by sharing the Producer's Cut shock ending to Halloween 6 in Schlock Corner. The Halloween series may have its ups and downs but there is one fact that cannot be disputed: the original vision of the The Shape as concocted by John Carpenter in 1978 remains one of the most effective horror icons to stalk the screen. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 20 Oct 2009
SIZE: 80.2 MB
EPISODE 107 - Halloween Retrospective (part 2)

More of the night Horror Etc came home (sorry, can't help it). Continuing our retrospective of the Halloween franchise we cover the immediate sequel Halloween 2 (1981), the failed anthology experiment of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982), the Return of Michael Myers in Halloween 4 (1988) and the jumbled mess of Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989). Through the course of these films we discuss the evolution of the Loomis character from a stalwart defender against the evil of The Shape to the brink of utter madness. Musical scores, shifting cinematography, character motivations and many more elements play into a truly eclectic film franchise where the central figure of Michael Myers was arguably lost in translation. The presentation of our retrospective purposefully avoided trivia bits and production anecdotes in favour of general interpretations and impressions of the films themselves and as such... Spoiler Warning: throughout our conversation the assumption is that the listener has seen the films in question. No attempts are made to suppress story elements and major plot points are discussed freely. Please be warned in advance. A brief Schlock Corner caps of this week's Halloween talk (thank you Natalie), and we catch up with Anthony to hear about his UK odyssey. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 14 Oct 2009
SIZE: 77.1 MB
EPISODE 106 - The Bonus Episode

Welcome to a bonus edition of the podcast. This episode was an unplanned and fairly off the cuff number of segments chatting about horror with fellow fans of the genre. Frequent co-host Doug sits in to discuss the success of Zombieland both in box office returns and as a modern zombie comedy. We also end up reminiscing about some classic films, notably Ghostbusters 1 and 2 which Ted recently rewatched. Finally, we give a pretty strong endorsement for the long delayed Trick 'r Treat (2009). Calling in with a feature length Aussie film review is Stephen from JAFMP Podcast. He covers the tantalizing unseen Dennis Hopper film called Mad Dog Morgan (1976). Thanks for the segment Stephen. The feature segment is a fantastic conversation with Rachel of the Zombie Grrlz Podcast. We get into the phenomona that is Twilight and attempt to uncover the source of its power. Keeping a theme, Buffy and True Blood are discussed as well as further Zombieland and Trick 'r Treat love. Rachel was very fun to talk with and we heartily recommend checking out her podcast for more. Stay tuned for a musical tribute to close out the show. Enjoy. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 12 Oct 2009
SIZE: 74.8 MB
EPISODE 105 - Halloween Audio Commentary

Halloween 1978, the night HE (Horror Etc) came home! Kicking off our Halloween retrospective we have another in our now ongoing series of feature length audio commentaries with the original John Carpenter classic. What more can be said that hasn't been covered ad naseum in documentaries, interviews, trivia and other commentaries so our approach to Halloween is to spend a relaxed evening rewatching a favorite of many horror fans. The Shape, Samuel Loomis and Laurie Strode all have become iconic characters upon which an entire franchise of films were based however it's important to remember they all sprung from this unassuming mini-budget indie film from a relatively unknown filmmaker. In the spirit in which it was intended, we request you join us as we revisit Halloween as fans of the film and the genre to reminisce about what makes it so special and ultimately influential to generations of filmmakers and horror fans to follow. Consider this to be the first instalment of our Halloween retrospective as we will move beyond 1978 and explore the franchise that was to come. Buckle your seatbelts, it might be a bumpy ride. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 05 Oct 2009
SIZE: 61.2 MB
EPISODE 104 - Time Travel Films

Let's take a trip through the murky mists of time as the Horroretc Podcast explores time travel this week. Another installment of the Etc component of the show finds your hosts grappling with the complexities of theoretical physics and a few fun movies along the way. We try to break down the main theorums currently held regarding the possibilities of time travel becoming a reality, cover the major paradoxes that seem to throw a wrench into things and finally run through a short list of some of our favorite stories that rely on the concept of time travel. Things start out a little heavy but stick with us as we get to talking Terminator, Timecrimes, Primer, Back to the Future, 12 Monkeys, Planet of the Apes, Groundhog Day...ah hell, a couple dozen more too. We have a fairly unusual Shlock Corner this week but it does pave the way for an extended breakdown of the new Nightmare on Elm Street trailer. In the same vein as the main topic of this week's show we give a brief breakdown of the Highlander franchise as Ted keeps a close watch on the forthcoming remake. Special thanks to Jamie and Nick for their generous contributions to the podcast! We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 26 Sep 2009
SIZE: 64.9 MB
EPISODE 103 - Horror: A Scientific Approach

Time to put our thinking caps on and do some number crunching as we apply real world science to the horror genre. We're happy to present a unique episode this week talking about the notion of looking at horror scenarios through an impartial scientific lens to determine the fate of humanity. Our first guest is professor Robert Smith? (yes, the question mark is supposed to be there) who has made headlines recently with his mathematical analysis of a zombie apocalypse. The conversation was fun and informative, giving us a projected outcome of the zombie plague based on the scientific models used today. Follow the link to read the paper: When Zombies Attack. We are also joined this week by a listener of the show Mark who has constructed a working population model calculating the progression of an infiltration of Ridley Scott's Alien into the human populace. This paper was also a fascinating study incorporating all the life cycle phases of the Alien. In an extended final segment, we revisit Ghostwatch (1991) and touch on Whiteout (2009) but the focus is on the always contentious issue of language. We open up the floor once again to swearing on the podcast and ask for your input. Oh and what the heck, why not another Aussie film pick? This week we take a look at Fortress from 1986. Special thanks to our guests for getting the hamsters in our skulls back on the wheel. We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 21 Sep 2009
SIZE: 80.0 MB
EPISODE 102 - From The Hip 7

Welcome to another edition of our patented From The Hip shows. This week is truly as random as things get as we recap some of our recent watches including: Alone in the Dark from 1982 - an underseen gem with Donald Pleasence playing the anti-Loomis. Donnie Darko (2001) - yes you've seen it but have you really seen it? This one is to be continued. We checked out The Final Destination in 3D - nothing new but it delivers what you're looking for from an FD film. Below (2002) - U571 meets Poltergeist. Ghostwatch (1992) - BBC fake-out "live" ghost hunt. Pontypool (2008) - calling this one a different take on zombies could not be more true, Canadian horror gets some love....and still more movie talk. We banter about topics such as Paranormal Activity (after 2 years, might we actually see this thing?), Disney eats up Marvel, Youtube movie rentals, Mike Judge, the ongoing censorship debate and so on. Special thanks to those who sent in feedback clips, we have some great listener interaction again. Hope you enjoy this sickness-laden installment, we'll be back with focused content soon (if Ted survives that is). We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 14 Sep 2009
SIZE: 76.6 MB
EPISODE 101 - Festival of Fear '09

Another year, another trip to the Festival of Fear horror convention. As we have done before, we dedicate this week's episode to the sights and sounds of a major genre convention from the perspective of your brave hosts. We were lucky to run into a number of fellow listeners during the weekend and have thoughts on some of the happenings we didn't get to last year. We cover Q&A panels with Bruce Campbell, Roger Corman and Max Brooks as well as a few screenings (notable recommendation was I Sell The Dead). The format of the show is a series of segments spanning the entire weekend which we hope delivers a small idea of what we experienced as well as what the uninitiated may expect if considering attending a mega-event such as this. We spend time once again doing celebrity-talk, discuss the frustrations of media climbing over one another to get to the celebs, cover some new features on the market floor and share dinner in a round table discussion at our impromptu podcast meet-up. We had a lot of fun and hope that in lieu of a regular episode this week you have some fun too sharing in the exploits. Oh, and movie talk includes Anthony finally catching Drag Me To Hell, H2, Inglorious Basterds and Ted talks about season 1 of True Blood! We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 07 Sep 2009
SIZE: 94.8 MB
EPISODE 100 - Raise a Glass

We made it. 100 episodes of the Horroretc Podcast. As there are far too many to thank for reaching out and lending us support along the way, we dedicate this weeks show to all of you the listeners. We hope you enjoy the collection of feedback clips and assorted commentary on a wide variety of horror topics in this epic length installment. We've covered a lot of ground so far and can promise there are many more topics to go. We hope you all continue to come along for the ride and thank you for making this such a rewarding experience. We raise a glass to you... We always welcome your comments: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 31 Aug 2009
SIZE: 86.6 MB
EPISODE 99 - Censorship

Welcome friends to a discussion about a very serious subject: Censorship. So the concept this week was to give an overview of how censorship has impacted the horror genre in the past and how it continues to loom over the film industry today. To frame our topic we conduct the podcast with the recently banned in the UK title Grotesque playing along in the background. The show swings between our personal stances on censorship to on point remarks about the film as it plays to demonstrate the issues at hand while attempting to validate an art form for it's potential merits and the perceived threat it may hold. It's not a simple issue but we think the format allowed for some good insights to get across. Whether you consider yourself a proponent of regulating content or stand in vehement opposition, on thing is certain - censorship remains a contentious and troublesome issue. Some upcoming event films are discussed being Avatar (2009) and The Wolfman (2010), and oh yes...the Aussie film pick of the week is the 1984 opus Razorback. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 23 Aug 2009
SIZE: 61.6 MB
EPISODE 98 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers

It all starts with small suspicious behaviours, a cold distant disoposition, and before you know it...garbage trucks are everywhere and the neighbours are carrying pods. This week it's a look back at the various incarnations of the classic tale of paranoia, mass conformity and smothering conspiracy. A hybrid sci-fi / horror story that may often get overlooked as a result of the sheer volume of imitations and rip offs it has spawned. The original 1956 film may carry a heavy handed message but the 1978 remake / sequel is a deserving icon of genre memorable for not only the surprising cast but for some quality shock moments (man-dog anyone?). We hope you enjoy this mini-retrospective and are motivated to check out one of the classic entries that may have been missed thus far. And as an added touch, we recorded the show at the public hanging square here in town. The Aussie film festival rages on with the psychological thriller Patrick from 1978. We spend Schlock Corner enjoying (!?) the cut-slide movie montage celebrating those moments of evisceration in film. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 16 Aug 2009
SIZE: 89.1 MB
EPISODE 97 - We Like Short Shorts

Welcome all to a bit of a different episode this week as we discuss the processes of independent short filmmaking. We welcome guest host Jay Cheel, director of the short horror/comedy film Colore Non Vedenti to discuss the challenges and motivations that lie behind producing indie shorts. From the equipment and software considerations through script development, casting, location scouting, shot composition, editing and of course budget - we try to cover off the elements of short films that the next Raimi of Scorsese listening to the podcast will need to consider as they hammer out those early projects. The difficulty in tackling indie shorts is the magnitude of catalogue available to discuss. As an exercise in scratching the surface, we cobbled together a brief film festival of recommendations including Raimi's original Evil Dead incarnation Within The Woods, the original James Wan short film Saw in which all the elements of the franchise can be found as well as some more obscure picks: The Life and Death of a Pumpkin , and Zombie Movie from New Zealand. The Aussie film festival rages on with this week's pick: Dead End Drive In (1986), and a new marathon of viewing may be getting started as Ted has begun to explore True Blood! We also drop a line to friend of the show Rodrigo Gudino, grand chief of Rue Morgue magazine and coordinator of the Festival of Fear horror convention to get a heads up on what to expect at the 2009 outing. Special thanks to our guests this week and please check out more of Jay Cheel's work via and the great podcast Don't forget we have a contest underway: send in your feedback for episode 100 to enter. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 09 Aug 2009
SIZE: 69.1 MB
EPISODE 96 - Val Lewton: Death is Good

Val Lewton: Master of the Shadows. Well you asked for it and now it's arrived, by popular demand we present our Val Lewton retrospective. Tasked with heading up a B-movie production unit for cash strapped RKO Pictures, he turned out a number of films that demonstrated not only how prolific and efficient his catalogue could be but more importantly were comprised of considered essays on psychological terror with sound editing and lit cinematography far ahead of its time. 11 films (9 of which are considered in the horror genre) between 1942 and 1946, with a multitude of examples of mastery over developing suspense and terror through the element of the unseen. Specific installments discussed in depth include Cat People, I Walked With A Zombie, The Leopard Man, The Seventh Victim, Curse of the Cat People, Ghost Ship and The Body Snatcher. Some random topics round out the proceedings including another Aussie Film Festival selection: Storm Warning (2007). Check out the fun indie horror/comedy short Colore Non Vedenti (HERE). Watch along with us in Schlock Corner as we indulge in some straight up homage to all things great in the horror genre (LINK). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 02 Aug 2009
SIZE: 93.7 MB
EPISODE 95 - Urban Legends

Did you ever hear the one about... Welcome to a relaxed mix of topics this week as we deliver an unofficial From the Hip show. What started out as a discussion of horrific Urban Legends and the effect felt on screen of these time worn tales evolved into an eclectic array of subjects. It's summertime here at Horroretc and as such we welcome you to join us on the porch and enjoy the warm air and bright sunshine as we meander through subjects such as the aforementioned Urban Legend film from 1998, the failure of 90's horror, Zombie's H2 (thanks to JP for the audio contribution), The Long Weekend remake (Nature's Grave), Coraline, Hancock (again!?), The Big Lebowsky, Romero, Predator.......the list truly does go on. This weeks Aussie Film Festival pick is a doozy: The Road Warrior (1981). An absolute must see featuring the most epic multi-vehicle road chase ever captured in genre (I know there's debate but allow me this), clocking in at a stunning 20 minutes. Some miscellaneous links to share include: The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends (that turned out to be true) Shatner recites Palin's speech (plus the follow up performance) Slugcast (our old friend's new podcast) Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 26 Jul 2009
SIZE: 59.7 MB
EPISODE 94 - The Most Dangerous Game

Man...the most dangerous game. So here's the deal - what began as a need to talk about the cult favorite Japanese film Battle Royale from 2000 (and it's 2003 sequel), evolved into a discussion of the history of humans hunting humans for sport movies. Beginning with the original Most Dangerous Game (1932) and continuing through the years we cover several memorable (and not so memorable) hunted human films. The centrepiece however is Battle Royale which is an absolute must watch for the variety of characters, the perfect setting for the hunt, the variety and originality of weapons and attacks, the ice cold commentary on societal ills, and so much more. This film is a video game adaptation without the original video game. So after some extended banter to open the show and some reminiscing about hunting people down like animals we manage to kick around some more random topics (crazy Gary Busey link) until landing on this week's Aussie Film Festival pick: Mad Max (1979)! If there is a film out there that's overdue for a revisit, this is it. There is a reason that an entire generation of genre fans who were raised in the era of late 70's, early 80's remember Max as one of the all time great characters. The call is out. Please send in your feedback (audio or otherwise) as we race toward episode #100 where we hope to involve as much of the Horroretc community as possible. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 20 Jul 2009
SIZE: 60.7 MB
EPISODE 93 - British Horror

God bless the Queen....or whomever needs to be credited for the long, rich history of genre films produced out of the UK. This week we celebrate British horror. In order to overcome the obvious challenge of attempting to condense the entire history of British horror fare into one discussion, we have each selected specific titles to offer a flavour of what makes this nation's output so interesting. Anthony offers up some classic picks such as Night of the Demon (1957), The Devil Rides Out (1968) and Wicker Man (1973), while Ted shares some recent entries Eden Lake, Donkey Punch and Mum and Dad all from 2008. Although we have devoted an episode previously to a selection of Hammer films, we reserve our comments on Amicus for another installment down the road. In order to try some non-North American content but still in the English language we recommend trying out some of the titles thrown out, and raise an Ale in salute to UK horror. Spoiler Warning: schlock corner features the shocking conclusion to the original Wicker Man (LINK). Haunting and gut-twisting, it was truly one of the most horrific moments of the genre. Things close out with a cameo appearance by Doug to give some impromptu thoughts on Drag Me To Hell, and this weeks installment of the Aussie Film Festival is Road Games (1981). Check out Slug's new podcast here. Special thanks to Chris for the generous contirbution. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 14 Jul 2009
SIZE: 65.5 MB
EPISODE 92 - Vincent Price

Vincent Price - Master of the Macabre Manic with homicidal rage one moment, then sporting a devilish grin the next, many of Price's characters were tortured souls haunted by a lost love or ghastly beings from experiments gone awry. Audiences were convinced to offer empathy through his performances all while suspecting he may be a madman bent on bringing hell to Earth. A horror mainstay for decades and a recognized iconic pillar of the genre, this week we offer a retrospective of the man and his career. With a filmography in excess of 8 movies in addition to such a wide variety of additional pusuits we can only offer our memories, thoughts and recommendations to pay tribute to one of the absolute greats. A high recommendation of ours to appreciate some vintage Price (and doing a bit of cross over to last weeks subject), can be found at this link: House on Haunted Hill (1959) in it's entirety and absolutely free for viewing. Rounding out the episode we revisit some schlocky product ads that Vincet Price was always happy to do, Ted squeezes a bit more blood out of Stir of Echoes 2, some trailer talk and a discussion about our stance on Blu-Ray DVD's. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 07 Jul 2009
SIZE: 55.7 MB
EPISODE 91 - Public Domain Horror Films

Ahhhh, the Public Domain. Final resting place for the unwanted, unwatchable films of yesteryear to gather and be forgotten. Not so. This week we spend some time defining the public domain and giving a brief recap of the process through which a property can fall into public ownership, before exploring some of the catalogue that exists and are worth your time. The beauty of this category of film is that with unrestricted access, most are easily obtainable to view for free and many are worthy of attention. The list goes far beyond Night of the Living Dead although admittedly the gems are exceedingly rare. We offer up our thoughts on why public domain is an important and worthwhile resource particularly for those with an interest in the classics. Check out this site for a free guide to public domain legalities. With Anthony back in the fray, we must revisit a favorite subject of ours - Michael Jackson. This time we remember back to the MJ and Lisa Marie Presley appearance at the 1994 MTV music awards (LINK). Special thanks to Michael McCormack for the fantastic original theme music, check out more of his work at Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 27 Jun 2009
SIZE: 61.3 MB
EPISODE 90 - An Evening With Doug

Thanks for joining us for another informal episode where Ted has recruited special guest host Doug to deliver this week's show. Due to severe scheduling conflicts we were faced with missing our first week but as a test of the theory that something is better than nothing we cover: 1. Not Quite Hollywood: The true untold story of Hollywood - a truly fantastic documentary exploring the Aussie film industry and specifically the excellent genre films that spawned from the land down under. 2. Turkey Shoot (1882) - the first installment in an ongoing series dubbed the 'Aussie Film Festival'. Each week, expect a discussion of one particular film the documentary gave exposure to (the list is long). 3. A debate over the value of filmmaker audio commentaries provided via iTunes download for films currently in theatre. Fan gesture vs. smart business practice. Maybe this time it can be both. 4. More industry suggestions - concurrent PG and R rated cuts of films. 5. Michael Jackson. 6. Shutter Island trailer - a compelling Scorsese 'horror' themed film? 7. Ted's to-do list of movies in the queue and the problems they present. ...and many more topics such as Timecrimes (2007), Reign of Fire (2002), My Name is Bruce (2008), etc. Before enjoying a Schlock Corner trailer for Megashark vs. Giant Octopus (LINK), we deliver our thoughts on Stir of Echoes 2: The Homecoming. Hope you enjoy this impromptu edition of the show, tune in next week for a focused horror theme. Thanks to Eric for contributing to the show. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 22 Jun 2009
SIZE: 72.2 MB
EPISODE 89 - From The Hip 6 (general genre talk)

Welcome all to another From The Hip episode of Horroretc. This weeks subjects are quite varied but we think some good discussion was had. The show opens with a few emails of interest (Ted gets back up on his Escape From LA soapbox) before bringing in a surprise guest by phone. Some recent watches are discussed including a 'partial' Drag Me To Hell talk - finger pointed in Anthony's direction. Bottom line....see it! Then meat and potatoes of this weeks show surrounds some good banter generated by a couple of recent articles: 6 Reasons Why Horror Fans Make The Best Film Fans 7 Reasons Why The Horror Genre Is Dying The first was a fun salute to the horror fan while the second required some rebuttal. The crew breaks down the points raised and provide some defences to the accusations levied. We may not agree with what we read but the content made for some good discussion. Finally, an overdue tribute to the late David Carradine: Superman Dialogue Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 15 Jun 2009
SIZE: 87.0 MB
EPISODE - Dexter Season 3

After a lengthy delay Dexter Season 3 has arrived. We promised (warned) you we would devote an episode to the third season of this fantastic show and the time has arrived. Okay, so here's the disclaimer: maybe not everyone has watched Dexter, let alone season 3 which is due to hit DVD very soon, but our suggestions are as follows: 1.) listen to our synopsis of season 3 and maybe catch our enthusiasm for the series; 2.) get caught up and listen when the time is right or; 3.) forgive us this week and tune in again same time same place next week. In season 3 we meet Miguel Prado who will come to draw out and expose a side of Dexter we never thought we would see. Each season seems to have it's central storyline and that is the strength of season 3. In the interests of maintaining a spoiler-free synopsis we will leave it at this - the writers have been brilliant at maintaining our interest and addiction to this show despite what may appear on the surface to be cliche television pitfalls. This weeks episode is entirely self-contained for those who have no interest in the subject or who are catching up on the show but we wish to give a huge thanks to Stephen at JAFMP for sending in his synopsis and comparison between the books and the 3 seasons of Dexter thus far to cap things off. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 07 Jun 2009
SIZE: 74.7 MB
EPISODE 87 - The Thing Audio Commentary

Welcome to our second Horroretc Feature Commentary. As a wrap up to our recent series of episodes revisiting the film career of John Carpenter we sat down to record an audio commentary to his seminal work: 1982's The Thing. This episode was something of an impromptu decision so rather than focus on the myriad of facts and trivia surrounding the film we approached it more as a casual viewing experience that listeners could join in on. So whether you take the show on the road with you and listen to our banter or sit down with the DVD and sync up to listen along with us we hope you enjoy one more week of Carpenter talk. Please consider this subject our thanks to all of you who wrote in during the retrospective episodes and shared your comments and memories, we really had a lot of fun with the subject. All hail J.C. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 01 Jun 2009
SIZE: 91.4 MB
EPISODE 86 - John Carpenter Retrospective (1994 - )

The Man and His Movies: Part 3 of our John Carpenter retrospective. In this chapter we discuss the recent ouput from the genre maestro and debate the merits of the 'second phase' theory of Carpenter's career. Certainly the past decade or so has not really produced the timeless classics of the past like The Thing or Halloween but there are strong entries to be found just the same. This week we cover the Lovecraft-ian In the Mouth of Madness (1994), another attempt to remake a classic film Village of the Damned (1995), the divisive remake/sequel Escape From L.A. (1997), a true western-horror Vampires (1998) and of course the last theatrical output to date Ghosts of Mars (2001). Our work would not be complete before addressing the two Masters of Horror installments Cigarette Burns (2005) and Pro-Life (2006). The merits of Carpenter's later filmography is often debated amongst fans but stay tuned for the first Horroretc argument to bring things to a close. It's only fitting that opinions would be strong on a film centered around an abortion clinic. It was fun to stroll through the decades revisiting so many iconic films produced by a man who we all hold in very high regard. We close out sharing a short article about the '78-'88 era (arguably unsurpassed by any other genre director), and have skill testing questions. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 24 May 2009
SIZE: 82.7 MB
EPISODE 85 - John Carpenter Retrospective (1983 - 1993)

The John Carpenter retrospective rolls on. This week we take a look at the continuing quality of Carpenter's output. With some of the greatest genre films we have behind us and some unsteady films to come, the period of 1983 through 1993 bridges the gap. Picking up from the masterwork of the Thing we take on the Stephen King adaptation Christine (1983), JC's answer to ET - the multiple Oscar nominated Starman (1984), the craziness of Big Trouble in Little China (1986), the creeping atmosphere of Prince of Darkness (1987), the all-time 80's time capsule that still manages to remain timely They Live (1988), a Chevy Chase misstep Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1991) and the precursor to Masters of Horror Body Bags (1993). Going over the roll call of titles proves yet again that Carpenter's work has so often simply been ahead of its time resulting in appreciation of his films years after their release. What began as a two part spotlight on the career of JC turned into a trilogy of episodes so please join us again next week as we wrap up our Carpenter retrospective (controversy is on the menu). They Live gets the schlock corner treatment again as we have a plot for world domination revealed to us through the eyes of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 18 May 2009
SIZE: 84.5 MB
EPISODE 84 - John Carpenter Retrospective (1974-1982)

A director's spotlight that is long overdue...John Carpenter. A career spanning over 35 years with a list of titles as varied as they are impressive. Long regarded as an icon of genre filmmaking, Carpenter's work defines range: from the extreme imagery of In the Mouth of Madness and The Thing to the family friendly entertainment of Starman. We present this week the first chapter of a three episode arc revisiting a film catalogue of 22 titles. This week we tackle Darkstar, Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, Somone's Watching Me, Elvis, The Fog, Escape From New York and The Thing. A very impressive start for a visionary director. In this first chapter we also spend time defining the trademarks of a Carpenter film, the techniques and style that define an auteur. While it may be true that several areas of Carpenter's filmmaking are of the blemishes and all variety, there's little argument that a his work is always...enjoyable. Check out the Thing in 7 minutes with us in Schlock Corner. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 11 May 2009
SIZE: 92.4 MB
EPISODE 83 - The Trouble With Trekkies

Trek. The final frontier. These are the ramblings of podcast hosts who's purpose is to seek out new levels of geekdom, to boldly go where no horror podcast has gone before....... Well, we gave you fair warning and the time has finally arrived to dedicate an episode of the show to Star Trek. Don't worry it's not that bad - we cover the new JJ Abrams films which well deserves the praise we heap on it (spoiler free), and run through the previous ten feature films in a very casual manner. If you have been a fan of the franchise we hope you enjoy the quick spin we give each of the installments and if you are a casual viewer or perhaps are comlpetely uninitiated hopefully you will get a sense of what makes these films what they are. Worrying about canon and continuity is out the window because as we say when nitpicking over irrelevant details that do not influence a plot, concern over canon has gone too far. So whatever your familiarity with the series may be, please take a walk with us through the highs and lows of what is unquestionably one of the most influencial and beloved sci-fi franchises of all time. In keeping with the theme of the opening piece from The Onion ( Link), we take a look back at that infamous saturday night live skit featuring the Shat finally tearing into those stinking trekkies for all they're worth ( Link). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 05 May 2009
SIZE: 87.0 MB
EPISODE 82 - The Listener Appreciation Show

This week we attempt to accomplish to things: complete an unofficial 3-part arc of kid themed episodes and show our appreciation for the continued support and participation of you the listeners. Following our call out for childhood horror experiences we received so many well written reminiscences, we decided we had to create an episode of first horror memories entirely comprised of listener feedback. This is our first time focusing entirely on feedback so we hope you enjoy the variety of anecdotes and titles thrown out. At the same time we'd like to take the opportunity to send out a big thank you for the continued support and interaction. We may be light on content this week but rest assured there are plans in the works for a subject we're sure everyone will enjoy so please stay tuned. Continuing with the listener appreciation theme, we have comments on 3 parcels received at Horroretc HQ this week. Special thanks to the following: David Doub - creator of Dusk the graphic novel (LINK) Ken at Heroictimes for awarding Horroretc the 2008 Welles Award for podcasting (LINK) Jon at Old Time Radio Catalogue for the terrific CD collection ( Yes you read that correctly, Horroretc is now an official award winning podcast! One last thing, we tossed out a reference to a review of Return To Oz along the way...check it out (LINK). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 26 Apr 2009
SIZE: 71.5 MB
EPISODE 81 - Those Evil Little Kids

On the day I was born....the nurses all gathered 'round. To gaze at the wild the the joy they had found. The one nurse spoke up....said leave this one alone. I can tell by the way....he's Bad To The Bone. Evil kids. The kneejerk reaction may be to dismiss this subgenre of horror as played out but your hosts are committed to overcome this stereotype by discussing examples where the theme of true darkness hiding behind the eyes of innocence worked perfectly. Of the many titles covered, there are specific recommendations for The Bad Seed (1956), The Children (2008) and Joshua (2007). We take time to debate the issue of environment vs heredity and whether there is in fact a profound effectiveness of the subject on those viewers who are raising children of their own. We hope you enjoy our sister episode to last week's topic kid-friendly horror by delving into the nightmare of evil kids. Schlock Corner continues the theme as we remember back to one of the highlight's of (the oft maligned) Robocop 2 - Hob! (Link to Hob Goes Wild). A random assortment of topics to close out the show including H2 (buckle up), contest winners, Tales of the Black Frieghter and more. Thank you Bill for the very generous contribution to the show. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 21 Apr 2009
SIZE: 73.2 MB
EPISODE 80 - Kid Friendly Horror

Ahhhh, the films that serve to twist us into the deviant horror nerds we are today. Those early gateway horror films that opened our eyes to the genre and all the fun that could be had. It would be later before we encountered that first blood curdling shot of terror or be faced with visceral gore that our young brains would be forced to contend with...for now let's look at the the films of yesteryear that we remember fondly and consider the impact the content may or may not have had on us since. Rather than focus entirely on the mid-eighties films of our youth, we touch on a variety of the material out there now and consider what age appropriate means today. So whether it be pure nostalgia or interest in the questions that horror and young minds thrown together raise. please join us in a look at Kid Friendly Horror Films. The podcast continues with some (new) listener emails, thoughts on recent watches (watch out, they are eclectic), Ong Bak 2, Crank 2, Observe & Report, Fear(s) of the Dark (2007) and Frightmare (1974). Some links thrown out: Dave's zombie play featuring 2 geeks riding out the zombie apocalypse playing video games Shana's extended Drag Me To Hell scene Schlock Corner - Uncle Buck Horror Trailer (this one's a must see) Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 14 Apr 2009
SIZE: 78.9 MB
EPISODE 79 - Nosferatu

NOSFERATU: A Symphony of Terror. Time again to step into the way-back machine and travel through the mists of time to revisit a timeless piece of cinema history, Nosferatu from 1922. A film of unsettling and sinister mood, it captured a true representation of the oft-used term German expressionism and terrified audiences for generations to come. The history of the film is covered including a brief recap of the legal entanglements but what is really focused on are the various successes accomplished with such rudimentary technology and the lasting impact the product has held in the genre. Continuing the theme, we cover in great detail the 1979 Werner Herzog retelling starring the one and only Klaus Kinski. A masterpiece of dread inducing atmosphere and a show stopping performance by Kinski elevated this project to the status it enjoys. Rounding things out we also discuss Vampyr (1932), another classic German (surrealism this time) vampire piece, Nosferatu in Venice (1988), an absolutely dreadful sequel of sorts which at least serves to demonstrate the madness of Kinski. Finally, and naturally, we end things with Shadow of the Vampire (2000), the psuedo retelling of Murnau's creation of the '22 film with a scenery chewing performance by Willem Dafoe as 'real-life' vampire Max Schreck. A double shot of schlock this week. First, to demonstrate why we refer to Kinski as mad, check out: Klaus Kinski - Fitzcarraldo fight (with subtitles). Then join us as we watch an excellent fan-made Nightmare on Elm Street remake trailer: Remake Trailer. Random topics closing out the show include thoughts on Nightmare casting, recent watches (including a short take on The Tribe), Monsters vs Aliens, and a lot more Star Trek talk than we ever intended. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 07 Apr 2009
SIZE: 82.5 MB
EPISODE 78 - Indie Horror

This week we take a step off the beaten path to discuss independent film. The corporate conglomerate in North America represents over 83% of the total film industry, so what gems are out there on the fringe and what challenges do indie filmmakers face to get noticed? In what may be our most thought provoking discussion to date many elements which define a movie as indie are discussed including defining the difference between an indie and an amateur filmmaker. The topic would not be complete without at least a few titles to kick around so to name a few we cover: May, Hard Candy, The Signal, Scarce, Kill Theory, Blair Witch, Splinter and many more. Benny Hill, Dr. Who and Eminem. Must be Schlock Corner LINK. Random topics: We have purchased a combined total of over 500 movies this week (?), Ted's thoughts on BSG, and some lingering Let The Right One In comments. Thanks Chris for your kind donation. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 29 Mar 2009
SIZE: 50.6 MB
EPISODE 77 - From The Hip 5 (Watchmen Edition)

We are comin' atcha from the hip once again friends. It was a fun Nightmare retrospective capped off with a visit from Robert Englund and this week we are just relaxing in an informal format. Of course we had to kick around Watchmen (as always, a few weeks late), but we also spend some time with Last House on the Left and a Top 10 best remakes list: Bloody Disgusting's Top 10 Horror Remakes The new Drag me to Hell trailer has us thinking about Raimi's return to horror, and we take care of a bit of housekeeping - the question is posed: how long is to long. The podcast running time has varied from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours and we use this shorter show to ask for feedback on listener preference. Finally, this weeks schlock corner vid is the youtube hit Watchmen Saturday Morning Cartoon. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 23 Mar 2009
SIZE: 65.0 MB
EPISODE 76 - An evening with Robert Englund

Yes it's true, this weeks episode is dedicated to an extended interview with Mr. Robert Englund....well its more like a conversation than an interview really. Robert was so generous with his time that we may have been able to keep things rolling along for a full two hours. In pulling the curtain closed on our Nightmare retrospective we figured there could be no better cap than to deliver a one on one (on one) with the man himself. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did having it. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 16 Mar 2009
SIZE: 81.2 MB
EPISODE 75 - A Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective (pt.3)

The third chapter of our Nightmare on Elm Street retrospective.... Continuing on with our in-depth discussion of each installment of the series, this week we cover the highs and lows that came with Part 5: The Dream Child, Part 6: Freddy's Dead and Part 7: New Nightmare...not to worry, the ultimate franchise sequel Freddy vs Jason is covered (again). And of course what over-exposed horror franchise conversation would be complete without reflecting on its short lived television adaptation. And so our very enjoyable series of episodes dedicated to the Nightmare films comes to a close....sort of. Yes, we have a special treat lined up for episode 76 which may of interest to fans of the series. Please stay tuned. We close out this weeks episode with a cool little flash animated clip in schlock corner called Kill Fill, check out the link. Special thanks to Dave Bryant for the excellent Freddy artwork, check out more of his work at Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 09 Mar 2009
SIZE: 86.1 MB
EPISODE 74 - A Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective (Pt.2)

Part 2 of our Nightmare on Elm Street retrospective series... It was a great experience to revisit this classic franchise again with a fresh perspective. The argument may be made that the series of sequels which followed the 1984 original failed to reach the same heights in terms of quality and effectiveness. With that in mind however we give fair consideration to Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, Part 3: Dream Warriors and Part 4: The Dream Master. It may have been a void few wanted filled but we spend a solid 30 minutes dissecting Part 2 and theorizing over the potential subtexts to be found. So this week we offer an in-depth look at the first 3 sequels. We approached this retrospective from the viewpoint that all listeners have seen this series of films but....please be aware the films are discussed in their entirety and as such the plots are thoroughly spoiled. Stay tuned through to the end to harken back to yesteryear in a special themed instalment of Schlock Corner featuring the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Fri, 06 Mar 2009
SIZE: 84.6 MB
EPISODE 73 - A Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective (Pt.1)

You are ALL our children now... At long last, we have arrived at our Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective. The plan is to deliver a 3 episode arc revisiting the classic series through all its highs and lows. The Nightmare films represent a a significant phase in our development as horror fans and there is no doubt the original film played a huge role in getting us hooked into the genre. And so with that we begin the retrospective by dedicating this episode to our first feature length commentary track to 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street. Sync up your copy and watch along with us or listen and reminisce about this modern day classic. Stay tuned for our next installment coming soon. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 02 Mar 2009
SIZE: 46.7 MB
EPISODE 72.5 - Odds & Ends

An episode of odds and ends. A couple big thanks to giveout, a contest winner to announce, some Friday follow up talk, some great email submissions...this, that and the other. We're sending out this mini-sode to tide you over until the arrival of Episode 73 later this week. Please send us your comments to: Take a moment to vote for the show on podcast alley, toss us a review on iTunes...we appreciate all the support you can give. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 23 Feb 2009
SIZE: 96.4 MB
EPISODE 72 - The Horror Oscars

Another year, another snub by the Academy of Arts and Science to the genre of horror. In response to the 'grand dame' of awards shows, we devoted this weeks episode to an overview of the history of horror cinema. The oversights that occurred, the relation of each category to the genre of horror (perhaps none more reliant upon costume design or makeup), and some of our own selections which could comprise historic nominees. Perhaps the Academy will never be willing to bestow the honor of Best Actor upon Anthony Perkins for portraying Norman Bates but we certainly are. So if the bloated self congratulatory over-indulgence that is the Oscars is not doing it for you then spend some time with us honouring the best of the genre throughout history. Of course we discuss Friday the 13th '09 but try to stick to the main points, some exciting Nightmare on Elm Street news (concerning Horroretc, not casting rumours), Coraline and more. The show caps off with a trip down memory lane: the They Live Fight Scene between Roddy Piper and Keith David. Don't forget to enter the Abaddon Books zombie book collection contest! Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 17 Feb 2009
SIZE: 82.6 MB
EPISODE 71 - Nature vs Man 2: 8 Legged Crocs

It's Nature vs Man Round 2...on the card are Deadly Spider and Killer Croc films. Compromise is the order of the day as we had trouble picking the topic so we'll throw 'em both out this week. Anthony pushes through his arachnophobia to discuss the film of the same name, Kingdom of the Spiders, Tarantula and 8 Legged Freaks while Ted gets to toss out some picks from a favorite sub-genre: Lake Placid, Black Water and Rogue. It's long overdue so we spend some time going through the 'ol mailbag again. A thank you again to all for corresponding and sending in great comments and suggestions. Last but not least we take a moment to reflect on just what the hell is going on with Joaquin Phoenix (Link to the Joaquin Rap). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 09 Feb 2009
SIZE: 85.3 MB
EPISODE 70 - Dexter (Season 2)

"No matter what you try, no matter how hard you work, I'll always be one step ahead of you for one simple reason..............I own you." -- Dexter to Sgt Doakes Another week, another season of Dexter. Season 1 was so much fun to revisit that your hosts felt compelled to tackle Season 2 without delay. For those who have watched the second season of this fantastic show please join us on a trip back to revisit the plot threads and character evolutions including a stunning final four episode run. For those who may not yet have experienced Dexter, we recommend returning to the main segment after watching as the entire discussion is one big spoiler. However, we do have another installment of the Horroretc Theatre for all to enjoy in the second half of the show this week... The True Story of Dracula. This is the third in a series of live to tape radio plays presented on the program. The Dexter talk ends at 1 hour 22 minutes, so please give it a listen. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 03 Feb 2009
SIZE: 94.7 MB
EPISODE 69 - Dexter (Season 1)

DEXTER. A serialized cable series concerning a serial killer working within the Miami Metro Police Department and all of the complexities and motivations that drive him. Sounds simple enough but the fact is this series has been an addiction of your hosts and is one of the most engaging and well written shows we've seen. In this weeks episode we split our main discussion into non-spoiler and spoiler sections as we first explain why the show is a must see and our thoughts on the characters and story structure, then get into our comments on the season 1 story and how it played out. NOTE - The spoiler timeframe where key elements of season 1 are discussed is: 29:20 to 53:20 We highly recommend exploring this acclaimed series as for once we agree with the critics. Stay tuned for further installments devoted to season 2 and 3. Movie talk includes comments on My Bloody Valentine 3D, Repo: The Genetic Opera, The Wrestler and The Poughkeepsie Tapes, as well as thoughts on a few new trailers. Finally, we have an exciting new contest to announce. Thanks to Abaddon Books for providing a great prize pack for giveaway. Please send us your comments to:

DATE: Sun, 25 Jan 2009
SIZE: 92.1 MB
EPISODE 68 - Guilty Pleasures

"DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEEEEE" Guilty Pleasures. Those film choices which you love in spite of yourself and in opposition to your established appreciation of quality filmmaking. We discuss the concept of the guilty pleasure film and offer up some of our dirty little secrets. A huge thank you to all the listeners who participated by sending in their picks making this an interactive episode. We received in advance of this show many comments arguing the validity of the guilty pleasure film by expressing a lack of 'guilt' in the movie choices of a genre fan. We happen to agree with those comments but used this scenario to describe the concept: A friend randomly shows up at your door while this film is you turn it off or leave it playing? Lots of fun was had despite the imminent death by flu of one of your hosts. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 20 Jan 2009
SIZE: 78.1 MB
EPISODE 67 - Q & A (Part 2)

It's Question and Answer time. This week your hosts tackle some of the burning questions keeping horror fans up at night. Topics discussed include: the importance of nudity in horror, the criteria to make a film rewatchable, the current lack of quality Hollywood is offering, our greatest fears and most frightening real life experience, our movie picks for introducing the uninitiated to horror, films to strike from existance, and many more. The format may appear unfocused but we needed an excuse to address some of the issues weighing on our minds as fans of the genre. We welcome your input on the topics raised and invite any additional questions you would like to have posed on the show. We close out the show with a tribute to the late Ricardo (Khan Noonien Soong) Montalban. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 12 Jan 2009
SIZE: 83.0 MB
EPISODE 66 - Subway Horror

Please prepare to present your token and board the Horroretc Podcast as we take you on a trip underground to cover horror films set in the subway. A selection of four titles were chosen including a couple of potentially underlooked gems. We cover the 1972 'classic' Deathline (or Raw Meat depending on which continent you reside in) starring Donald Pleasance, move on to a recent Canadian indie film End of the Line from 2006, get to 2004's Creep (to see how a horror director cuts his teeth) and round things out with a recent entry 2008's Midnight Meat Train. It's definately a niche category but fun nonetheless. We would like to acknowledge in advance that the excellent opening scene from Suicide Club (2002) was not mentioned in the episode although in hindsight it absolutely should have been! We round things out with come thoughts on a few non-horror films Valkyrie and Curious Case of Benjamin Button, as well we have some audio feedback and spend some time responding to a great discussion point raised in an email. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 06 Jan 2009
SIZE: 93.0 MB
EPISODE 65 - Terror in Monochrome

It's another trip back to yesteryear as the Horroretc Podcast pays tribute to the films of the Black and White era. There is still something special about the photography and atmosphere of a black and white film, a depth to the shadows and tension generated through strategic placment of lighting. This show is not a list of all time great titles (no mention of Psycho or any Universal monster), but rather a sampling of recommendations from your hosts to seek out and experience. We hope to speak to why some of the key titles earn their reputation as greats, as well as mention a few that you may not yet have heard about. The topic did provide an opportunity to discuss The Innocents (1961) which somehow had not yet come up in a previous podcast (?) as well as personal favorites such as Night of the Demon (1957) and Repulsion (1965) to name only a few (it's a pretty long list). So sit back, kill the lights and get immersed into a visit to the classic terror of black and white. We round out the show with some relaxed banter catching up on news, boxing day finds, recent watches, audio feedback and the death of a beloved podcast. Special thanks to Niki, Nick and Travis for your support! Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 27 Dec 2008
SIZE: 86.8 MB
EPISODE 64 - 2008 The Year in Review

2008. Ah what a year it was. So many highs, so many lows...well, mostly lows. For the end of the year episode your hosts decided to take a look back to the year that was and recap a selection of horror films. The output from Hollywood was subpar by most standards but several indie and foreign entries helped to keep us entertained and properly 'horrorfied'. Without films such as Let the Right One In and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, the landscape would have been bleak indeed. That's not to say we weren't treated to the occassional winner (The Ruins and Quarantine come to mind). The retrospective theme also allowed us to cover off some of the films we didn't get to during the year such as Teeth, Stuck, Funny Games, Blindness, Shrooms and many more. We wrap the show up with a look ahead to some of the scheduled releases for 2009, stopping along the way to check out a few trailers. Other than entries like the Friday remake, Raimi's return to horror Drag Me to Hell and The Wolfman remake it looks to be another slate of disappointment coming our way. We continue to look to the filmmakers outside of North America and the talented indie directors struggling to be seen for original and uncomprising work. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 23 Dec 2008
SIZE: 73.2 MB
EPISODE 63 - X-mas '08 (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that. It's the second annual Horroretc Christmas 'Spectacular'. As was the case last year, the show is a little unstructured but highlights include the praising of Black Santa's Revenge (2007) starring Ken Foree and the trashing of The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) starring Keanu Reeves...slightly different films. Some forum questions are thrown around, a contest winner is announced, a gift exchange is thrown in somewhere along the way...all we can say is we hope you just sit back, relax and visit with us for a time this week. Finally, in an effort to give Christmas horror films some attention, we revisit some trailers for some lowlights of yesteryear. Glass Eye Production's Creepy Christmas Short Film Festival Black Santa's Revenge Official Site Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 14 Dec 2008
SIZE: 85.9 MB
EPISODE 62 - The Mummy, The Invisible Man & Creature From the Black Lagoon

Another trip into yesteryear this week as some previously overlooked Universal horror classics are given their due. The Mummy (1932), The Invisible Man (1933) and Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954) round out Horroretc's Universal era retrospectives. Exaggerated acting styles, stagebound settings, crude editing....and some of the most memorable moments in screen history. If you appreciate the beauty of black and white cinematography, the campy fun of movie monsters and everything in between, we hope you enjoy looking back on a truly groundbreaking time of not only horror film but filmmaking in general. After a long absence, the random scenes game returns in Schlock Corner with some jumping around in Peter Jackson's Brain Dead. We round out the show with thoughts on spoilers in movie discussion (it's tricky business), more Watchmen excitement and a quick take on Ravenous (1999). Please don't forget to send in your choices for guilty pleasure films to participate in an upcoming episode and submit your entries for the X-mas contest. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 08 Dec 2008
SIZE: 91.2 MB
EPISODE 61 - British Horror Comedy

This weeks topic of British Horror Comedy represents the common thread joining the films we wanted to talk about. Recently, horror fans have been offered a new brand of horror comedy coming out of the UK which carries its own unique flavour that we have to say has really worked for us. Tonight we specifically talk about Shaun of the Dead, Botched, Severance and The Cottage as examples of this horror film niche. Reflecting on the discussion we had, the question was raised of how many spoilers were given. It's our contention that the main plot elements of all the films were not spoiled and regardless of the many quotable lines each film offers, the whole is so much more than the sum of their parts. The show was recorded on location at a local pub so be prepared for the sound quality to be a little different this week, we wanted to capture a feel to bring all of you into the conversation. We also announce an exciting new contest just in time for the holiday season so we hope many of you participate. Finally, to round things out there are thoughts on Hellboy 2, Jack Ketchum's The Lost, and some audio feedback. Thanks to everyone for listening. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 02 Dec 2008
SIZE: 86.1 MB
EPISODE 60 - Zombies 2 Return to the Living Dead

The Horroretc Podcast returns to a favorite subject for discussion: The Living Dead. It took 56 episodes to tackle zombies again but the topic is given the attention it deserves covering a number of titles including Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Brain Dead, I Walked With a Zombie, Zombie Diaries and the highly recommended UK program Dead Set. The highlight of the program though is a serious examination of the shambling versus running zombie debate. The issues include the metaphoric meaning as well as the visceral impact and budgetary considerations of each. Will the matter be resolved at long last? Tune in to find out. We round out the show with a top 25 all-time zombie film list and take on a 15 question zombie trivia challenge to test our zombie knowledge. We encourage all to try the game out at the link below (and also give the choose your own adventure zombie film Survive The Outbreak a try). Zombie Challenge Trivia Game Survive The Outbreak - Choose Your Own Adventure Zombie Film Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 23 Nov 2008
SIZE: 88.2 MB
EPISODE 59 - Horror Documentaries

Do you know that feeling of wanting to know more about a certain film of filmmaker right after watching something? How about the desire to hear about genre topics or issues discussed intelligently with insight from industry greats? What about when you want to revisit an era of horror or genre of films you've been reminiscing about and just want to have some great clips to enjoy all over again? Nothing satisfies these wishes better than the documentary film. As we discuss, there is a huge variety of categories and focus when it comes to the horror documentary but there is no arguing that they can be as entertaining as any horror film. Your hosts cover the major groupings of categories with a multitude of suggestions thrown out for exploration. We all know about the Star or E! produced fluff pieces, but there are just as many in-depth examinations of horror filmmaking available. As this weeks discussion was a long one, we close out in short order with a tribute the musical stylings of Kevin Costner (Link). Enjoy, and thanks again go out to Chris! Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 18 Nov 2008
SIZE: 74.8 MB
EPISODE 58 - The James Bond Show

Genital torture... a beloved hero being torn to pieces by flesh-eating sharks... a scarred madman hatches his revenge on an unsuspecting world... a villain who cries tears of blood... Voodoo rites and summoned spirits... Christopher Lee. And you don't think the Bond franchise is perfect fodder for horror fans? Well, the answer is maybe not. That's fair but this week we deviate from horror proper to chat in detail about Quantum of Solace and the Bond films in general. We hope this weeks episode leaves you shaken...and stirred as we celebrate the James Bond series. A word of warning for those who have not yet had the chance to see Quantum: we don't spoil every detail of the film but there may be spoilers. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 10 Nov 2008
SIZE: 89.6 MB
EPISODE 57 - Not The James Bond Show

Our apologies everyone. Despite our best intentions the original show planned when we sat down fell apart in a matter of minutes. Why, you ask? Numerous events transpired to send this weeks show into a tailspin of what we watched topics and general housekeeping. To be fair to all, be prepared for our planned James Bond episode next week (hopefully) to coincide with Quantum of Solace (consider it the Etc part of Horror Etc). In the meantime we hope you enjoy our takes on season 1 of Lost, Dexter, Saw 5, Let the Right One In, and a few others. We also announce the logo contest winners, put out a request for help in identifying a very vague story description, share some listener feedback and......unleash our first tirade against a fellow podcast! It takes a lot for your hosts to go off as we did but you be the judge on whether it was deserved. We managed to slip in a fun Shlock Corner featuring Lance Henrickson to make it clear we do in fact respect the man. We will return to our usual themed episodes next week. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 03 Nov 2008
SIZE: 96.2 MB
EPISODE 56 - The Horroretc Book Club

Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Horroretc Book Club. We'll call it the first because it came off so well thanks to all our contributors that we will most certainly return to the subject. Special thanks to everyone who wrote in with book suggestions, recorded audio clips and wrote reviews. Due to the huge response the show is running at an epic length so find that comfortable easy chair, dim the light and pour that mug of liqueur coffee as your hosts, listeners and fellow podcasters throw some great horror book suggestions your way. The program just would not be complete without a special Schlock Corner appearance from our old friend Christopher Walken as he recites the classic Poe work The Raven. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 25 Oct 2008
SIZE: 50.6 MB
EPISODE 55 - The 1 Year Show

Well we made it. A full year of the Horroretc Podcast and this week we take some time to reflect on the year that was, where the show is now and talk about some future plans. Sounds self-indulgent? Sure, but we do take time to really get into the recent remake of the last years Spanish 'zombie' film Rec, Qurantine. Thanks to everyone who has been listening and contributing along the way, you are the reason we have enjoyed doing this so much. In honour or the premiere episode we return to William Shatner's illustrious musical career with a little ditty called Taxi (Link Here). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 21 Oct 2008
SIZE: 53.4 MB
EPISODE 54 - Board Game Night

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and belly up to the table for board game night with Horroretc. In our ongoing effort to try new things, your hosts (all 4?) attempted to present a show dedicated to horror gaming in its various forms. As you will hear, thnings didn't go exactly as planned but we do hope you enjoy the festivities nonetheless. If nothing else, follow the Dawn of the Dead Board Game link to print your own version for free. As discussed, check out The Angry Video Game Nerd Nerd site for some truly entertaining takes on the games of yesteryear (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, TCM are recommends). In Schlock Corner, we revisit that bizarre concept of the video board game while getting shouted at by "The Gatekeeper". Finally, be sure to get your hands on our much touted recommendation Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 13 Oct 2008
SIZE: 87.8 MB
EPISODE 53 - 6 Degrees of Kevin's Bacon

And now for something a little different - an actor spotlight dedicated to Kevin Bacon? Well, it just so happens that Mr. Bacon has appeared in a number of films which your hosts happen to enjoy (be they nostalgic favorites or legitimate upper tier horror flicks), despite his apparent reluctance to dwell upon his horror roots. So, yes Bacon is the common thread to allow us to revisit 6 genre entries and reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of each. Per listener request (here it comes Mark), the 6 degrees are as follows: Friday the 13th, Tremors, Flatliners, Stir of Echoes, Hollow Man and Death Sentence (plus some honourable mentions). Remember to play the 6 degrees of separation game too at The Oracle of Bacon (HERE). The site will generate the connection to any given name - have fun. A carryover from the gremlins edition of From The Hip is laid to rest when we deliver our Top 5 film endings list. The gremlins attempted to invade yet again but were beaten into a bloody pulp by Ted with their lifeless heads spiked to the outside of the door as a warning to the rest. Sincere special thanks to Chris R. - you know who you are and what you did! Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 07 Oct 2008
SIZE: 81.1 MB
EPISODE 52 - From The Hip 4 (the gremlins edition)

Welcome all to our 4th From The Hip episode where we sit back, relax and shoot the breeze casual style. This time out we share a few really fantastic emails from our listeners and have two great audio submissions as well - our friend Slug recorded a clip covering pre and post Cannibal Holocaust viewing, funny! We apologize in advance for the patchwork-like condition of the show as this was truly the gremlins versions of the Horroretc Podcast (two separate recording malfunctions really messed with us), but hope you still enjoy a variety of topics including thoughts on Pathology (2008), logos, '08 films yet to come, Ted's Dr. Who wrap up and much more. Special thanks to Doug for submitting one of the best Shlock Corner clips we've had: GI Joe The Thing remake video. Don't forget to follow along and vote for your favorite podcasts in the 2008 Podcast Awards (link here). Let's get some genre representation out there. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 28 Sep 2008
SIZE: 70.0 MB
EPISODE 51 - The Twilight Zone (Part 2)

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the "Twilight Zone". Take our hand and come with us as we make a return visit to the Twilight Zone to discuss the fourth and fifth seasons of the classic series. As an epilogue to the retrospective, attention is paid to some of Serling's post-series work, the 1983 feature film and the '85 relaunch. Yes we acknowledge there is loads more out there (including a sleep inducing TV film 1994's 'Rod Serling's Lost Classics) but we're dealing with almost three hours as it is. Once again, we wish to give a warning: certain episodes are discussed in their entirety including the twist ending. There are only a few but as we say, the show's strength is the fact that surprise endings were usually an added bonus to an already compellng episode of anthology television. An impromtu Schlock Corner is thrown in for good measure as we close out our Twilight Zone odyssey to the dulcet tones of Golden Earing (LINK). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 22 Sep 2008
SIZE: 87.5 MB
EPISODE 50 - The Twilight Zone (Part 1)

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle-ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the "Twilight Zone". Welcome to an episode of the Horroretc Podcast which is special not only for being our landmark 50th instalment, but also for featuring as a topic what could be considered the most influencial and timeless television series of all time. This week, we take a bit of an unusual approach in discussing the subject (let's just say there was only one way we could figure to give all 156 episodes consideration). So whether you very familiar with the subject matter or you have never tried out the old series so many talk about, we hope you can come along for the ride to revist many of those memorable Twilight Zone moments. Please be warned, while we do not go on a spoiler rampage there are certain episodes discussed in their entirety. Although this show is well know for its twist endings, the strength of the episodes were that they did not rely on the twist to make them so enjoyable. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 16 Sep 2008
SIZE: 91.9 MB
EPISODE 49 - Hammer Horror

Hammer Horror! Let's take another look back to the films of yesteryear as we explore the era when Hammer Productions ruled the world of horror film and the influence it's been credited with on the horror landscape. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were pillars of the horror output from this studio for a span of almost 30 years, so fittingly we devote some time to recognize what made their performances so compelling. The critical 3 films helmed by Terrence Fischer which paved the way for the success of Hammer horror are discussed at length (Curse of Frankenstein 1957, Horror of Dracula 1958 and The Mummy 1959), along with several notables and a documentary recommendation for those who wish to further explore the period (Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror 1994). Keeping with the theme of the show we devote Shlock Corner to Christopher Lee's unique brand of singing (watch along here). The episode closes out with some great audio feedback and an extended response to a particular piece of corresopndence. Thanks again to all for tuning in and please send along those audio book reviews for an upcoming listener edition of the podcast. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 09 Sep 2008
SIZE: 92.6 MB
EPISODE 48 - Shocksploitation

CRUEL: mean, nasty, brutal, malicious, spiteful, vindictive, merciless, vicious, heartless, ruthless, callous, vile, loathsome, depraved...Evil! This week we dive into the depths of human horror by examining the phenomona of 70's Shocksploitation. The decade that witnessed an outburst of human misery with blood and gore taking front and centre stage daring audiences to persevere through. The cause and subsequent effect of shocksploitation are discussed along with a selection of titles which are recognized as the representatives of the era. A few lesser known films are thrown in to demonstrate just how vile filmmaking could get. Considering the outrage critics and mainstream audiences had at what Hostel threw at us a few years ago, it should be remembered what excesses were being put to film almost three decades prior. You may want to take a long shower after the show to wash away the filth but trust us, it won't come off. Later, things are reeled back in with a nice friendly chat featuring some audio feedback and a follow up to some thoughts tossed out previously about the horror podcasting community. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 01 Sep 2008
SIZE: 59.3 MB
EPISODE 47 - Festival of Fear '08 (Part 2)

On the road again... In Part 2 of our Fan Expo retrospective we recap our experiences during the trip and offer several audio highlights. Some special interviews are offered up including a disturbing run in with Troma's Lloyd Kaufman and a listener meetup (thanks again Ken). Anthony becomes a Sid Haig fan for life, Ted expresses disgust over 4:00 AM vomiting, some random thoughts on meeting celebrities, the effect free T-shirts have on otherwise normal people and the experience of seeing Evil Dead: The Musical. So buckle up and get comfortable as we spend the final stretch of Fan Expo '08 together. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 23 Aug 2008
SIZE: 56.4 MB
EPISODE 46 - Festival of Fear '08 (Part 1)

Hello all, the podcast is on location once again - we're taking you on the road with us as we travel to the 2008 Toronto Fan Expo featuring the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. Being Ted's first exposure to a fan convention we discuss our expectations for the event, talk about some of the names in attendance and lay out our shopping strategy. Now it's a long drive to get there so some films are discussed along the way including the classic Spider Baby from 1964 / 1968 (it took four years from production to release), Aja's latest big screen offering Mirrors and a special presentation of Man-Eater from 1980 (aka Anthropophagus). A true 70's grindhouse sleazefest which was seen on a Super 8mm projector! Please join us for what proved to be a really great experience (thanks again to host Rodrigo Gudino), and watch for our follow up show to recap the weekend. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 19 Aug 2008
SIZE: 84.9 MB
EPISODE 45 - The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera! A 97 year old story which has been presented on stage and on film in a variety of permutations. It also happens to be a fascinating tale of the power of music, the suffering of a mad genius (both psychologically and physically), as well as a love story for the ages. Horroretc presents a retrospective of Phantom covering several of the most important film adaptations as well as the hugely successful Andrew Lloyd Weber stage play. A strength of the topic is the opportunity to revisit so many distinct eras of Hollywood and the influences of the times on final product. We are unabashed fans of the material and hope to inspire you to check out some of the versions available that may have gone unseen thus far. The theme of the show continues in schlock corner with a return to Night Gallery and Leslie Neilson's take on the character (watch along here). Finally, Horroretc Theatre is again proud to present another Anthony Mann original radio play of Phantom of the Opera to close out the show. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 12 Aug 2008
SIZE: 52.0 MB
EPISODE 44 - TV Horror

There is nothing wrong with your mp3 player. Do not attempt to adjust the frequency. We are controlling transmission. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you hear and ... hear. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Horror Etc Podcast. Welcome to our take on the subject of horror on television. A long rich history of programming has been offered to us over the decades, but the question is how successful has the genre been in the TV medium. We must acknowledge the value of nostalgia when remembering shows from our youth, the first exposure to horror themes for many of us, but which ones truly succeeded at delivering chills. We discuss several of the series we have followed as well as the noteworthy entries but with literally hundreds to choose from we find ourselves yet again offering up Part 1 of an excellent topic. The topic of LOST comes up yet again (thanks to an impromptu commentary recording session) and some random thoughts round out the show. Thanks to all who have been listening and writing in, we appreciate it more than you know. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 05 Aug 2008
SIZE: 59.3 MB
EPISODE 43 - From The Hip 3

Welcome everyone to another instalment of our From the Hip episodes. This week we randomly discuss topics ranging from Dr. Who (Ted provides a more informed opinion), current theatrical films (Dark Knight, Mummy 3, X-Files 2), Friday the 13th remake update and other anecdotes (not the least of which is the telltale sign of HD-DVD's death).Listener feedback and some shoutouts are included as well in show. Horroretc presents a special interview with Rodrigo Gudino, founder of Rue Morgue Magazine and host of the upcoming Festival of Fear (Canada's answer to Comicon). Please check out the following LINK to the official website for more information. We look forward to attending. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sun, 27 Jul 2008
SIZE: 86.4 MB
EPISODE 42 - Sci Fi Horror

Horror in space - the final frontier? What happens when two of our favorite genres of film meld together well? A discussion of the strengths (and potential weaknesses) of science fiction horror. A general overview of the delineation of what makes good sci-fi horror work led your hosts to talking about a selection of titles including Event Horizon, Sunshine, Cube, The Thing and many others. Some true landmark films are set aside to make room for less discussed films (see our Alien Franchise episode and wait for The Fly retrospective). How do you cover off a subject which ranges from classic literature (Frankenstein) to laser guns in space (Starship Troopers)? Well, consider this show to be another Part 1 episode of a great topic. Keeping with the theme of the episode, we revisit the 1978 disco musical version of War of the Worlds in Schlock Corner. Plenty of listener shout outs and a bit of Guillermo follow up rounds out the show. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 22 Jul 2008
SIZE: 74.0 MB
EPISODE 41 - Jaws

Da Dum..............Da Dum.............Da Dum...Da Dum Live from the water, your hosts engage in a discussion of Jaws (subtitled ...or the shark films that matter). The Horroretc podcast goes on location for the first time to bring home the terror of Jaws - arguably one the greatest audience films of all time. The first Blockbuster, the breakout project for Steven Spielberg, an acting tour de force, and on top of it all, a damn scary story of terror at sea. A word of warning to those few who may not have seen the original Jaws the film is discussed in it's entirety but as we say, that will not detract from the experience. Some attention is given to the progressively worse sequels as well as notable entries such as Deep Blue Sea, 12 Days of terror, Blue Water White Death and Open Water. It`s a special summer edition of the show so pull up a chair, open an umbrella, grab a cold one and take a look back with us at an all time great film. Remember: ``smile you son of a bitch`` Anthony has seen Dark Knight but more importantly has watched the pilot for LOST. Special thanks go out to listener Dave Bryant (link to his blog here). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 15 Jul 2008
SIZE: 66.5 MB
EPISODE 40 - Constructing a Horror Film

This week your hosts break out their toolboxes and get to work constructing a horror film. Using the concept of tackling a Frankenstein adaptation as a basis, the various considerations and elements of the horror film genre are explored to get a taste of the development process involved. So often we see storylines and visuals presented within a specific formula, it's interesting to consider the challenges of trying to shape a film treatment from the ground up. We hope you enjoy this weeks open discussion of horror and filmmaking. Witness the birth of a Horroretc presents project. Schlock corner is dedicated to a guilty pleasure of Ted's: The Two Coreys. Some interesting announcements this week lead to talk about upcoming Sherlock Holmes adaptations and a newly discovered complete print of Metropolis. 1998's The Last Broadcast is discussed and Ted gives us a Dr. Who update. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 08 Jul 2008
SIZE: 87.4 MB
EPISODE 39 - Guillermo Del Toro

Welcome to our third in a series of Director Spotlight episodes - this time we take a look over the filmography of Guillermo Del Toro. There is very little criticism to be found in our thoughts and comments about this truly visionary filmmaker. From the fantastical worlds his films create to please the eye to the bone chilling horror which so often hides beneath - a Del Toro film leaves an impression. The real genius at work here may be the capacity to avoid becoming swept up into the system of Hollywood. Just when you may have thought he had dove into the mainstream with Hellboy, he heads back his independant production roots to deliver Pan's Labyrinth (perhaps the ultimate demonstration of his storytelling potential). A filmmaker who is an auteur with feet planted on either side of the Hollywood studio borders, lets enjoy a look back at a career path heading straight upward (ahem...M Night). Listener Sebastian O'Brian sends us a link to an animated action figure short film called Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Toy Box (Link Here). The site features fan made shorts to accompany many films we all know and love. In our extended final segment we discuss the summer films to date (unexpectedly), watch for Hancock to be spoiled between 1.26:50 - 1.29 minutes. Emails, voicemail and Dr Who bashing round things out. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 02 Jul 2008
SIZE: 44.6 MB
EPISODE 38 - Freddy's Dead / The Happening

Well what have we here? For those who are interested in listening to an unabashed, unplanned bull session while watching a movie - this would be your episode. What began as an attempt to record a trademark Horroretc film commentary to Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy's Dead devolved into a general hour and a half of movie talk with an extended rant about M Night's The Happening. The presentation is that of a very casual movie night with your hosts - we invite you into the TV room with us while Freddy's Dead plays in the background. We will return to our typical format next show (maybe). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 24 Jun 2008
SIZE: 89.3 MB
EPISODE 37 - Nature vs Man

Now It's Their Turn! The tagline from 1977's Day of the Animals says it all. Join us for a look back at the fascinating and grossly misused sub-genre of horror: Nature vs Man. Films with the theme of nature and/or animals turning on the human species have existed nearly as long as cinema but the true gems have been rare. On this week's episode we take a look back at some classics of the genre, discuss the wide range of quality audiences have been subjected to and make a few recommendations. The 70's were rife with low budget, unimaginative exploitation fare pulling an animal du jour out of a hat to be the subject of a movie, but there is a little know classic to give a try: the 1978 Australian eco-horror film Long Weekend. The modern era is represented with thoughts on The Happening and The Ruins. Schlock Corner finds us looking back to the 1991 television special: Horror Hall of Fame hosted by Robert Englund. Pure schlock this time out culminating in a horrible performance of Monster Mash. The show rounds out with some audio feedback, a few pieces of mail of note and some thanks to spread around (oh, yes and Ted saw The Hulk). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 17 Jun 2008
SIZE: 42.7 MB
EPISODE 36 - Horroretc Theatre

This week on the Horroretc Podcast we present something a little different: A Radio Play. An emergency trip to the dentist on top of an avalanche of schedule conflicts and deadlines have forced your hosts to put together their most half-assed episode to date. After a bit of banter and a couple quick thoughts on recent watches Dark Remains and Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, we spin a song for the first time then present something special: A radio play of Frankenstein! This may be of great interest or of no interest at all but we guarantee one thing, what you get will be completely original to Horroretc. We hope you enjoy and bear with us, a structured show will return before you know it. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 10 Jun 2008
SIZE: 99.3 MB
EPISODE 35 - The Alien Franchise

On the internet, no one can hear you scream. For Episode 35, the Horroretc Podcast presents an Alien retrospective. Ridley Scott's 1979 horror / sci-fi masterpiece is widely regarded as an iconic landmark in film history and it's high time we give it due attention. Witness your hosts bend over backward in praise of this classic film on the way to revisiting all four instalments. A debate erupts over James Cameron's action / sci-fi masterpiece Aliens and we are curious to hear listener reaction to the points raised. The third chapter, David Fincher's Alien 3 is defended honourably in the face of obvious flaws, while Jean-Pierre Jeunet's (who?) Alien Resurrection is...discussed. Did anyone mention Alien vs Predator? Didn't think so. The Alien franchise has experienced multiple incarnations and survived many controversial decisions and directions, demonstrating the strength of the vision delivered in 1979 - truly an all time classic. Continuing the theme of the show, Schlock Corner is dedicated to one of the best fan films out there: Batman Dead End (LINK). Aliens and Predators and Batman oh my. This super-sized episode is closed out with thoughts on a Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes, I Spit On Your Grave remake and the Friday contest. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 04 Jun 2008
SIZE: 81.6 MB
EPISODE 34 - From The Hip 2

Let's take it casual. In our most unprepared episode to date we tackle some random subjects (some horror, some not). From giving the Friday megacast a final epilogue to speculating about the future of film watching we are truly all over the place in a very impromptu From The Hip show. We do manage to throw our opinions out about The Strangers, Diary of the Dead, the current state of zombie films, LOST, Dr. Who, 80's horror films and more. Some listener submitted questions are tackled and our attention is severely diverted when the subject of Robocop is raised. Schlock Corner is a natural progression of our ADD when it came to Robocop so it's Robocop in 8 minutes (LINK). The episode is rounded out with some thanks handed out, discussion of Indiana Jones and a lengthy piece of audio feedback from James Strite of the Dried Blood Podcast. Thanks to everyone for listening to our unfocused ramblings this week. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Thu, 29 May 2008
SIZE: 59.0 MB
EPISODE 33 - Friday The 13th Megacast (Part 4)

The Friday the 13th Megasode concludes......Part 4. The odyssey continues. We invite the few hardy souls who remain to once again join us as we conclude our marathon discussion about all things Friday. Part 4 of the Megasode focuses on the post-Paramount era of Friday The 13th. For better or for worse New Line Cinema bought the rights but did not carry on the tradition as we learn from Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Some groundwork was being laid here for the film that was eventually to come. A slight change of pace as we send Voorhees to space in Jason X, and finally.....the one we had all been waiting for Freddy vs Jason. The tectonic plates of horrordom had been shifting toward this perfect alignment for 16 years and what we finally got delivered! We offer our fourth and final psuedo commentary track for one of these installments which we again hope you enjoy. These films conclude our recap of the Friday phenomenon but we aren't done yet. 2009 will see the latest chapter in what has been described as a reinvigoration of the franchise. Paramount and (former) New Line have pooled their legal rights for Michael Bay's production company Platinum Dunes to give us a remake. The group shares their thoughts on this project. Again remember as we proceed that the show benefits from having the perspectives both of long time fans Ted and Doug but also a newbie to the franchise in Anthony. In Schlock corner we have a special clip called:All The Deaths From Friday The 13th which delivers exactly what it says. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Sat, 24 May 2008
SIZE: 55.8 MB
EPISODE 32 - Friday The 13th Megacast (Part 3)

The Friday the 13th Megasode marches on......Part 3. The odyssey continues. We invite you to once again join us as we carry on with our in-depth and exhaustive discussion about all things Friday. Part 3 of the Megasode features discussions of what became arguably the pinnacle of zombie Jason (as far as practical make-up effects go) In Part 7 The New Blood to the absolutely abysmal downfall of a franchise in Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan. Some thoughts on the short lived Friday The 13th television series are also squeezed in along the way. These films represent the end of the Paramount era for Friday films and the writing had been clearly on the wall. We offer a third in our ongoing psuedo commentary tracks for one of these installments which we again hope you enjoy. Remember as we proceed that the show benefits from having the perspectives both of long time fans Ted and Doug but also a newbie to the franchise in Anthony. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to the Friday the 13th Megasode coming soon. In Schlock corner we have a clip called The Many Faces of Jason Voorhees which nicely demonstrate the evolution of the character for better or for worse. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Fri, 23 May 2008
SIZE: 56.8 MB
EPISODE 31 - Friday The 13th Megacast (Part 2)

The Friday the 13th Megasode continues......Part 2. The odyssey continues. We invite you to again join us as we carry on with our in-depth and exhaustive discussion about all things Friday. Part 2 of the Megasode features discussions of the supposed end of the franchise in Part 4 The Final Friday, the abomination of Part 5 The New Beginning, and the triumpant return of Jason (in zombie form) in Part 6 Jason Lives. These films represent the Tommy Jarvis story arc and certainly are a roller coaster in terms of quality. We offer a second in our ongoing psuedo commentary tracks for one of these installments which we hope you enjoy. Remember as we proceed that the show benefits from having the perspectives both of long time fans Ted and Doug but also a newbie to the franchise in Anthony. Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Friday the 13th Megasode coming soon. In Schlock corner we stick to the theme of the show and enjoy another fan made skit takeoff of VH1`s Where Are They Now. For this clip we strongly recommend checking out the video as it has great one liners and visual gags. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 19 May 2008
SIZE: 74.6 MB
EPISODE 30 - Friday The 13th Megacast (Part 1)

Well, the time has finally come - welcome to Part 1 of the Friday The 13th Megasode. It's been a long time in the making but we are delivering the long promised, oft delayed retrospective of what is arguably the most successful horror film franchise of all time. Friday the 13th and the character of Jason have become so iconic in the minds of horror fans that it may now be hard to imagine a time before the stereotype the series would eventually become. We invite you all to join us in what will be a very in-depth and exhaustive discussion about all things Friday. Part 1 of the Megasode will feature some personal memories and impact of the series on your hosts followed by a discussion of the original film, Part 2 and Part 3. This era can be argued as the most grounded in reality and witnesses the shocking twist of Part 1, the birth of a new killer in Part 2, and the gimmicky but ultimately successful definition of the Jason character in Part 3. As a special feature, we have also included a psuedo commentary track for one of the installments which we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed revisiting these classics. Remember as we proceed that the show benefits from having the perspectives both of long time fans Ted and Doug but also a newbie to the franchise in Anthony. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Friday the 13th Megasode coming soon. In Schlock corner we stick to the theme of the show and enjoy a fan made skit called Horror Friends. We highly recommend following the link to watch the full 10 minute clip. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 14 May 2008
SIZE: 95.1 MB
EPISODE 29 - Comic Book Films

It's a bird...It's a's the Horroretc Podcast. Join us for a comic book film spectaular as we delve into the world of superheros. Iron Man - Hollywood's latest offering kicks off an examination of the genre from 1978 onward. What elements make for a successful comic book adaptation? How faithful should a film be to the source material? Who's idea was it to cast Val Kilmer as Batman? All these questions and many more are tackled in our longest episode yet. Schlock corner finds your intrepid hosts wading through the mire of yesteryear's attempts to bring superheroes to life on the screen. We may have relaxed and enjoyed a non-horror topic this week but stay tuned for a special event coming for episode 30 to get the blood flowing again. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 07 May 2008
SIZE: 86.8 MB
EPISODE 28 - Music in Film

The Horroretc Podcast is alive with the sound of music. Anthony and Ted are joined by a special guest to discuss music in film through the ages. Discussion topics include the importance of music to a horror film, The overuse of jump scare stingers, scores vs soundtracks, music vs no music, notable composers, the effect of a bad score on a good movie and many more. Aside from an outburst of Wrath of Khan quotes, the conversation was a little heavy at times so watch for a lighter topic next week. Our musical theme continues in Schlock Corner when we revisit William Shatner's ode to George Lucas of 'My Way' at the AFI lifetime acheivement awards. The show closes out with an extended mailbag to catch up and respond to the e-mails we have received. Thanks to all who have written and keep the comments coming. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 30 Apr 2008
SIZE: 85.5 MB
EPISODE 27 - French Horror

Salut, Bienvenue a L'Horror Etc Podcast. This week we take a close look at a selection of the new wave of French Horror films which are making noise in horrordom. The much discussed A' Linterieur (Inside) is first and foremost but we cover no less than 10 titles from the recent crop before all is said and done. A couple of notes 1) almost all of our picks are from within the past 10 years, we felt there were more than enough selections to warrant revisiting the topic at a later date; 2) In hindsight, and after much debate Ted conceded there may be possible spoilers when discussing Irreversible. If you wish to go into the 2002 film completely unspoiled (even though the info is on the DVD box) the conversation runs from 22:25 to 28:09. After spending some time with these Euro-horror flicks we have to wonder what our friends across the pond think of Hollywood crap like Prom Night '08. Also, to find out more about Grand Guignon here's a good link to fill you in. To wash our eyes out after the French horror films, we enjoy a fun Schlock corner where Crispin Glover drops by to visit Letterman after dropping acid circa 1987. The show closes out with a bit of housekeeping (the fallout from the M Night episode) and thoughts on Romero. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 22 Apr 2008
SIZE: 91.5 MB
EPISODE 26 - Blockbuster Horror

Down in front and pass the popcorn, let's hit the cinema to take in some box office shattering horror films as we discuss Blockbuster Horror. We are using an unoffical list of the top 25 grossing (domestic) horror films of all time adjusted to 2008 dollars as a crutch to drive a conversation about the impact of revenue on the industry. It becomes evident that box office returns do not necessarily reflect quality of product, however the standing of many widely respected titles gives us some reassurance that even mainstream 'non-horror' audiences can buy in from time to time. You can find the list we are referring to (HERE) but we suggest listening to the show first to play along. Thanks again to Doug for pitching in to what became a very fun discussion. Yet again the show runs long so Schlock Corner makes way for a quick dip into the mailbag and some brief thoughts about The Ruins. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 15 Apr 2008
SIZE: 86.8 MB
EPISODE 25 - M Night Shyamalan

He's scared you...he's surprised you...he's frustrated you...M Night Shyamalan. The Horroretc Podcast gives you a director's spotlight special for our silver 25th episode. Disclaimer: we are unabashed fans of M Night and his work so be warned 'thar be slurping up here'. All the titles are covered with attention paid to recurring themes and style in what has proven to be a tumultuous yet still very short career. From the meteoric rise to Hollywood A-list with The Sixth Sense to the critically and commercially reviled The Lady In The Water, there is a lot to praise (and also a lot to criticise). Join us in a conversation about one of the industry's elite, we hope you will enjoy the talk whether you drink the M Night kool-aid or have venomous disdain for his work. Disclaimer #2: all the films are thoroughly spoiled to allow open and honest discussion about the successes and failures of the ideas presented. If there is a title you have yet to see, please be sure to hit fast-forward when appropriate and watch the film before listening. Schlock Corner brings us back to the horror genre proper with a listener submitted clip that is sure to entertain - Arsenio Hall meets Jason Voorhees! A short discussion of an independant film sent to us rounds out the show. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 08 Apr 2008
SIZE: 99.2 MB
EPISODE 24 - Based on True Events

Truth is stranger than fiction. Based on true events or based on a true story or inspired by true events are all pretty vague statements which films like to employ to broaden interest in their audiences. The real question always seems to be how faithful the fictional narrative is being to the source. There are examples of extreme sensationalism posing as factual information while others attempt to present the story in an honest way. We are joined by a special guest to discuss the genre of horror films which throw that enticing claim out as a tagline. The best known examples are touched on as well as some duds, but stick around for a thought provoking discussion of a recent entry that is a powerful film on any level. It's an extra long episode this week but in closing we respond to some audio feedback received which opens the floor for fast and furious round table talk (Ted especially becomes furious when things somehow turn to Oliver Stone's Alexander). We want to thank friend of the show James Strite for his input and recommend checking out his show The Dried Blood Podcast (link). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 01 Apr 2008
SIZE: 88.6 MB
EPISODE 23 - Frankenstein

The Horroretc Podcast takes another trip through time to yesteryear to revisit what is possibly the most famour horror icon of all time....Frankenstein's monster. From Mary Shelley's landmark 1818 novel through the Universal era of Frankenstein films to present day adaptations, there may be no other image as instantly recognizable in the genre than "the creature". We walk through the classic Universal franchise and attempt to identify what it is about the tale that makes it so beloved and timeless. One of the most well known contemporary adaptations (Branagh's 1994 Robert Deniro version) is also discussed (and criticised) posing the question: will we ever get another big screen Hollywood production or have Frankenstein films become obsolete? In Schlock Corner, we continue our theme with a commentary over the 1910 Edison silent version of Frankenstein. A history lesson of the 12 minute "lost" film is ordered up and we encourage everyone to watch along (link here). Finally, closing out this feature length episode a few comments about listenership and thoughts on the recent Shutter remake. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 25 Mar 2008
SIZE: 52.9 MB
EPISODE 22 - The Q & A Episode

Time to kick back with another casual from the hip episode, it's the Q&A show. Questions, answers, we throw 'em out, toss 'em around and just generally have fun with another 'from the hip' show. A wide range of banter about best/worst theatre experiences, worst mis-castings, guilty pleasure selections, Buffy, cannibalism and everything in between (well maybe not everything). We hope you enjoy a non-themed show this week and please let us know your thoughts on periodic 'from the hip' shows - do you have some questions to throw into the hat? And, ok a bit of fessing up to do here: the topic of worst (as in best) birthing scenes in a horror flick comes up. We will just come out and admit we dropped the ball and did not mention Cronenberg's The Fly! Oops. Trust me, that one is an all-timer. So with an extended STS segment in the books we squeeze in a Star Trek themed Schlock corner video called "Kirk kisses hot chicks in bikinis - shocking". The name says it all and if you were ever unsure about the level of misogyny rampant in that old show, watch along (link here). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 18 Mar 2008
SIZE: 75.7 MB
EPISODE 21 - Ghost Movies

"Well there's something your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call...Anthony & Ted" Time to talk about Ghosts! Tales of hauntings and spirits from beyond seem to have been prominent throughout cinematic history. What is it about the power of the subject which captivates audiences and stirs the imagination? We give our thoughts from the perspective of a believer and a skeptic (can you guess who's who?), as well as discuss several titles in the genre. Now with a category that has literally thousands of films to choose from, there is no effort made to create a 'best of' or 'top ten' list, simply personal favorites and some suggestions of lesser known titles to check out. Whether you are a wannabe ghost hunter or you think the whole idea is pure hokum, we think you will enjoy the conversation. Continuing with our otherworldly theme, Schlock corner finds your hosts studying several 'ghosts caught on film' clips to get to the bottom of the whole affair. Follow the links on the site to follow along and let know your thoughts. Finally, the show wraps up with a lot of ranting about disappointing movies, studio intervention and everybody's favorite pet-peeve double-dipping. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 11 Mar 2008
SIZE: 70.9 MB
EPISODE 20 - The Ventriloquist Dummy

The Horroretc Podcast for Dummies. Ahhh, the ventriloquist dummy. Who has not conjured up nightmarish visions of these freakish inanimate objects coming alive to end you life? We certainly have and thus this episode of the show is dedicated to ventriloquist doll horror in films and television (with a few cheats here and there to include other favorite dolls). While it may certainly be a relatively niche sub-genre of horror, there is a long history of the concept on film. The moral of the story may be to never keep such abominations in your home (or at least steer clear of ventriloquists). True schlock this week in Schlock Corner as we revisit a famous dream sequence of Gilligan's Island where Gilligan is Count Dracula and the Professor is Sherlock Holmes?). Watch along with us (link here). A pretty random closing discussion which includes thoughts on 11:14, Spooked, Michael Bay, Survivorman and more. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 04 Mar 2008
SIZE: 72.9 MB
EPISODE 19 - Dracula: The Universal Era

"I am Dracula.........I bid you....welcome" In a very special edition of the Horroretc Podcast the dawn of Hollywood horror is explored as we discuss the classic Universal era of Dracula, beginning with the pillar of horror classics 1931 Dracula. The work of the great Bela Lugosi is detailed with anecdotes aplenty. For those with an appreciation of classic horror, the great character of Dracula, Hollywood history, or the Universal actor stable we hope to provide some informative entertainment. The concurrent Spanish version of Dracula (1931), Dracula's Daughter (1936), Son of Dracula (1943), House of Dracula (1945) and many other screen versions round out the classic era conversation. Francis Ford Coppola's epic Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) is also discussed at length pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of that ambitious project. Ted pulls no punches with his thoughts on Coppola's directorial style which was front and centre in the film. Schlock Corner continues the Dracula theme as Anthony reminisces about a classic Hasbro game 'I Vant To Bite Your Finger'. Finally, we return to the podcast mailbag to do some catching up. Many email comments are responded to and we thank everyone for taking the time to write in. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC

DATE: Tue, 26 Feb 2008
SIZE: 49.6 MB
EPISODE 18 - Oscar / Non-Horror Special

Welcome to our first 'non-horror' episode. We take a step back from the pools of blood and check the soles of our shoes before stepping into a discussion of the 'prestigious' Acadamy Awards. In honour of the recent Oscar show we discuss some non-horror films we have seen and enjoyed recently and try to shoehorn them into a general talk about the Acadamy Awards (and awards shows in general). No Country For Old Men, 3:10 To Yuma, The Assassination of Jesse James..., Sweeney Todd, King of Kong and many others are discussed (including Enchanted?). If you have an opinion for or against the Oscars or self-congratulating Hollywood in general we think you will enjoy the talk. Don't worry, we get back to the roots of horror with an extra-special episode next week. In Schlock Corner, the rehashing of classic monster and horror toys continues with a selection of vintage commercial clips. Check out a great blog link here to join in on the fun. We close out with a somewhat rambling chat about current affairs. Don't forget to visit and join in on the Forum discussions (thanks again Mudoogal). Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 19 Feb 2008
SIZE: 61.9 MB
EPISODE 17 - The Omen

WWW.HORRORETC.COM "Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani" The Omen series with cursory remake are examined in depth for Episode 17. Familiar with the Gregory Peck original? Maybe it's release date gimick remake we were served in 2006? Has anyone even seen Omen IV? Regardless of your exposure to The Omen movies, we hope you get some level of entertainment out of our discussion of the franchise highs and lows but please take note...Thar Be Spoilers Here! The Omen talk ran long so the remainder of the episode is dedicated to dropping the big announcement - the horroretc podcast now has a Forum! We encourage everyone to come on over and join in the discussion to help get the board off the ground. Special thanks to listener Mudoogal Mudslinger for all his help. Please send us your comments to:

DATE: Mon, 11 Feb 2008
SIZE: 48.0 MB
EPISODE 16 - Road Motels & Horror Movie Montage Videos

You can check in but you may not check out of our Motel Horror discussion where the theme of road motel settings in horror films is visited. The elements of isolation, surrender of security and unfamiliar surroundings combine to create an unsettling sense in the audience when horror occurs in the road motel. A continuation of our previous road horror episode was warranted due to a glaring oversight Ted just could not let go. The popularity of horror movie montage videos warranted commentary as we select a particularily good example named 'Horror Movie Montage - Ultimate Video' in Schlock Corner. Find the link here. We also shoot the shit about The Eye remake, Rambo and comic book movies. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 05 Feb 2008
SIZE: 47.7 MB
EPISODE 15 - Road Horror & Freddy v Jason

Time to pack up and hit the road as we explore the road horror theme. What is it about the idea of removal from the safety of home surroundings when traveling that stirs that inner unease? There are many horror films built upon the road trip concept with many more relying on the car breakdown or loss of direction providing the catalyst for the horror that follows. A selection of films are discussed which fall into this sub-category of horror with special attention paid to the enigmatic hitchhiker figure. Anthony's Friday the 13th odyssey has begun and we kick things off with a revist to the climactic battle between two horror icons Freddy vs Jason in Schlock Corner. Let's set aside the comments and opinions of the movie for a moment and enjoy the vicious one-on-one action horror fans waited a decade to see. Finally, Ted discusses a listener recommended title Session 9 while Anthony talks about the importance of lesbians in horror...errr, no wait, In A Dark Place. Please send us your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 29 Jan 2008
SIZE: 48.8 MB
EPISODE 14 - Winter Horror

Settle in under a warm blanket with a steaming hot cup of toddy to enjoy our discussion of horror films with a winter theme. The elements as a story element provide a distinct danger in addition to whatever life theatening crisis is presented be it otherworldly or human. There are many examples of films where the elements of ice, snow, wind and freezing temperatures are integrated successfully into the narrative (not the least being the all time classic film The Thing). Join us as we talk about some favorite selections from this sub(zero) genre as well as provide warning to avoid a particular misstep. In Shlock Corner we catch up with Arnold Schwarzenegger attending Carnival in Rio in the (in)famous promotion video from 1983. This video is an absolute must see for those who have not had the pleasure. Finally, we toss our two cents in on Cloverfield. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Wed, 23 Jan 2008
SIZE: 51.2 MB
EPISODE 13 - From The Hip Episode

And now for something a little's the From The Hip episode. Anthony and Ted throw random topics at each other in addition to giving some thoughts on some recent watches - Going To Pieces: the rise and fall of the slasher film as well as Deadwood Park are discussed. Topics include 1931 Dracula, period horror films, the forthcoming Romero zombie film Diary of the Dead, Friday The 13th (specifically Anthony's procrastination in getting caught up), the evil ladies of horror we love, the arrival of virtual home cinema and more. We catch up with Rockwell to re-visit the 1984 music video for Somebody's Watching Me in schlock corner. A surprising amount of horror imagery in a video for 80's pop music. Finally, Anthony tells us about his nearly complete short film Canucula - Midnight over Kingston. Stay tuned for more information on how you can experience it for yourself. Anthony needs Friday the 13th film recommendations.Let us know what you consider the essential viewing selections for the series and send your comments to: WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 15 Jan 2008
SIZE: 73.4 MB
EPISODE 12 - Tim Burton

The horroretc podcast takes an up close and in depth look at the career and filmography of Tim Burton. Described by critics as everything from a visionary artist to a self-indulgent glorified set designed. There is little question Burton possesses a singular artistic eye, a true auteur with his strong personal style. Join us as we revisit the films of Tim Burton and discuss the trademark styles and techniques he has employed including the well known collaborations with Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman. The conversation culminates with our thoughts on the latest Burton release Sweeney Todd. We also briefly give our thoughts on some media distractions occupying our time this week...Ted talks about a missed opportunity with the Christmas horror/thriller P2, and Anthony describes a fun little time waster Touch The Dead, a Nintendo DS game. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 07 Jan 2008
SIZE: 66.2 MB
EPISODE 11 - Asian Horror

Hey folks, we're back again with a mega-sized episode to delve into the far reaches of the orient to explore Asian horror. With a strong bias towards Japanese horror cinema we discuss many of the films that have served to shape a new era of terror not only in the home countries of the filmmakers but across the globe. A distinct crossover took place in the late 90's with the films Ringu and Audition that paved the way for the material that followed. The influence of these films were strongly felt in North America as a wave of remakes have swept across theatres this decade (the successes and failures are debated). With several new remakes on tap (One Missed Call, The Eye and Shutter) it`s time to look back to the original films to discover just what kind of material has motivated this sudden flood of adaptations. A shortened schlock corner featuring our distinguished friend Morgan Freeman enjoying a coffin bath to allow time for us to share some of the listener feedback we have recieved. Thanks so much to all who have taken the time to write in and we hope to continue hearing from you. Your thoughts and suggestions are the milk upon which we suckle. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 01 Jan 2008
SIZE: 36.2 MB
EPISODE 10 - I Am Legend adaptations and Conan

Episode 10 explores the film adaptations of Richard Matheson's seminal 1954 science fiction / horror masterpiece I Am Legend. Since the original release of the novel, elements of the story have influenced a multitude of films and the story has been formally adapted several times. Matheson has been credited with being an influence on the post-apocalypse genre and we discuss Hollywood's strengths and weaknesses in presenting apocalyptic stories. Oh yes, and we may have mentioned this new little film you may have heard of starring Will Smith. Schlock corner finds us reminiscing about the sword and sorcery fantasy epics of yore while playing 'Random Scenes' with 1982's Conan the Barbarian. Maybe the Ahnold impressions could use some work but there's no denying the wisdom of Conan of Cimmeria. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Mon, 24 Dec 2007
SIZE: 35.9 MB
EPISODE 9 - Christmas Spectacular

Ghoultide greetings one and all. The horroretc podcast brings you our first annual Christmas spectacular. Join us as we reminisce about some classic Christmas horror fare (and tear apart the 2006 Black Christmas remake). The discussion includes the hidden potential for horror in Dickins` A Christmas Carol. Ted lets off a rant about the yuletide season and the madness it brings. Pour yourself a glass of rum and nog, sit back for a podcast getaway from the trappings of the holiday season and most of all...have a merry Christmas (if you can)! WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 18 Dec 2007
SIZE: 45.9 MB
EPISODE 8 - Stephen King Adaptations

So did everyone see The Mist? Judging by the box office tally, we have to assume the answer in no. Nevertheless, we have all seen Stephen King adapted films at some point so join us in a discussion of a selection of them. As we did not want the episode the break the 10 hour mark we will return to the subject again in the future to touch on more. In Schlock corner we visit our old friend Christopher Walken as he dazzles us with his fancy footwork in the 2001 Fatboy Slim video Weapon of Choice. Finally, Ted dishes on some of his horror themed podcasts of choice (plug, plug, plug). The world of podcasting continues to grow and there is a world of options out there now - just make sure to stay tuned to those upstarts over at Horroretc for your weekly horror film discussion fix. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
SIZE: 41.7 MB
EPISODE 7 - Battles with the Devil

The power of Christ compels check out our discussion of battles with the devil in film through the ages. The battle between good and evil on a spiritual and supernatural level has been a tried and true Hollywood narrative device and because of that, we may need future chapters on the subject to really make a dent in it. We spend time addressing the Exorcist series of films before exploring some recognized classics in the field as well as some personal faves. In schlock corner this week we bring you another video commentary for Alice Cooper's He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) - link to it here. A video tribute to Ted's all time movie monster Jason f**k'n Voorhees. We close out the show spending some time responding to a listener email addressing the subjects of North American vs International approaches to horror and we are called out for sitting on the fence about 'torture porn'. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 04 Dec 2007
SIZE: 43.2 MB
EPISODE 6 - Werewolves and Thriller

Join us as we take a snarling, teeth-baring look back at werewolf films through the years. There are classics and there are duds but there's no denying the enduring fascination of the werewolf in movie history. There are recommendations along the way that may surprise you. Travel back to yesteryear with us as we revisit Michael Jackson's Thriller for a video commentary during our extended schlock corner. We also discuss (belatedly) the first annual Danse Macabre International Film Festival hosted by our very own Anthony Mann. Indie films from all over the world were showcased and we encourage you to click the link to the festival site to check out the works for yourself. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 27 Nov 2007
SIZE: 38.0 MB
EPISODE 5 - Remakes, Star Wars Holday Special & more

WWW.HORROR.COM In this episode of the horroretc podcast, we delve into the sometimes fun, sometimes offensive world of horror film remakes. While it goes without saying that the vast majority of remakes are cash grabs with little to no originality injected into the stories there are always exceptions to the rule. Speaking of which, we spell out several rules to be followed before considering a film for 're-imagining' (Hollywood, please take note). In Schlock corner we visit the epitomy of the word schlock with a look back to the Star Wars Holiday haven't lived until you have seen Carrie Fisher belting out a musical number in her Leia cinnamon bun 'do. Finally, several mutant cannibal films are discussed before delivering a strong recommendation to check out a new foreign horror film.

DATE: Wed, 21 Nov 2007
SIZE: 40.1 MB
EPISODE 4 - Zombies!

Episode 4 of the Horroretc Podcast delivers a lengthy review of zombie films through the ages with tangents galore. We reflect on personal favorites and recognized landmarks along the way. Schlock corner includes a new Horroretc game called 'random scene' where we try our luck at jumping around Cannibal Holocaust. Finally, we share some suggestions for horror in the written word format. WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Tue, 13 Nov 2007
SIZE: 34.5 MB
EPISODE 3 - The Future of Horror

In the show we discuss our thoughts on what lies ahead for the horror genre in film. Pretty broad subject with a few tangents but what do you think the future holds for horror? Are we experiencing a backslide of box office success, how much blame (credit) applies to PG13 ratings, are you as anxious to see 'torture porn' fade out as we are? In schlock corner we throw in Lucio Fulci's Zombie 2 and walk you through the infamous eye gouge and underwater zombie vs. shark scenes...unforgettable. Finally, we discuss recent watches Hatchet and Manitou (very different films indeed). NOTE: this was recorded prior to the release of Saw 4 so clearly I (Ted) am an idiot as it has made $50M plus...who knew? WWW.HORRORETC.COM

DATE: Fri, 09 Nov 2007
SIZE: 34.2 MB
EPISODE 2 - Essential Horror Elements

A discussion of what themes and elements create the best horror experience. Are you a fan of jump scares, slashers, or creepy atmosphere? We also take a look at the king of burnt out rock and roll stars with Elvis' final performance...and some thoughts on the Masters of Horror a href="" My Podcast Alley feed!/a {pca-b491b10e3d54de73375906be04876639}

DATE: Thu, 08 Nov 2007
SIZE: 36.4 MB
EPISODE1 - Horroretc Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Horroretc podcast. Please join us in a comparison of Rob Zombie vs Rob Zombie in a look at the unneccesary Halloween 're-imagining', a look back to William Shatners 're-imagining' of Rocket Man and a general hey how are you chat.

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