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Learn what makes your pet tick – and what makes them happy – with the Animal Advice podcast from Purina. Listen in as veterinarians and pet lovers like you discuss topics such as animal training, pet surgery, behavioral theories and pet insurance. New shows published every other week.
Recent Episodes for Purina Animal Advice Show P...
DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 6.47 MB
Season 3, Show #5 – Diagnosing Chronic Intermittent Diarrhea

Co-hosts Dr. Caroline Gilje and Dr. Dennis Cloud discuss a difficult diagnosis for a cat with chronic intermittent diarrhea. After repeated tests and treatments for all the expected parasites and causes, the cat is finally cured by a probiotic from Purina, FortiFlora. Caller questions include: – How do you introduce a new Yorkie into a home with an older Yorkie? – Can an older Dachshund with extremely bad breath safely be put under for a dental cleaning? – If a dog being treated for an ear infection is upset by the prescribed ear wash, will the ointment alone help the ear infection? – Can you train an adult dog to bark to be let inside, and should you? – If a 16-year old dog sleeps all day and goes out 2-3 times at night, can the owner switch his sleep pattern? What could be causing this behavior? – Should you treat a cat's sinus infection with Nyquil? – What do you do if your kittens will not abandon kitten food for adult cat food? – Or if your dog will only drink your cat's water? – How do you stop a dog from barking at visitors even after you answer the door? Trivia question: According to the National Association of Zoos and Aquariums, 2008 is the year of what animal?

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 6.52 MB
Season 3, Show #4 – Older pets and cognitive dysfunction

Can dogs and cat's get Alzheimer's? Find out when Dr. Caroline Gilje joins host Joe Hipperson to talk about the warning signs of cognitive dysfunction in pets. Also in this show, Randy Grimm, the Executive Director of Stray Rescue, talks about the problems facing dogs living on the street as the weather turns colder. Caller questions include: – If bitten, can a dog pass on rabies even though the dog has been vaccinated? – A 13-year old dog is acting timid and is constantly underfoot lately, could it be cognitive dysfunction or might it be her eyesight? – What causes a dog's eyes to have a crusty film all the time and how do you treat it? – Why has a caller's two older dogs started going to the bathroom during the day even inside their crates? If it is cognitive dysfunction, what can the owner do? – When a caller's Rottweiler mix tries to sit on her lap or head, what's frightening the dog so badly? Could it be hyperthyroidism? – A cat has eye discharge that looks red at times, is it blood? – Is a mite causing a cat to constantly scratch his feet and lick himself? Trivia question: how did the ancient Egyptians mourn the death of their cats? Bonus question: How many inches apart are the eyes on a 7-foot alligator?

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 5.75 MB
Season 3, Show #3 – Food allergies

Winter is the perfect time to detect food allergies in your pet since so many other allergens are dormant, according to Dr. Dennis Cloud. With host Joe Hipperson, he explains that pets can develop allergies to their existing food, can have food allergies without gastric distress, and should be put on a hypoallergenic food such as Purina HA or LA if they do have allergies. Caller questions include: – Can you stop a Boxer from licking feces and drooling excessively in his crate? – How do you get two very territorial cats to accept a new baby in the house? – What causes such a wide range in size in Yorkies? – Can you stop an Australian shepherd from being the class clown during obedience training? – Is it okay for a 7-month old Great Dane to snack on its housemate's adult dog food? – How soon can you let a dog visit the house where he used to live without upsetting his adjustment? – Is it ever too cold to take a dog for a walk? – What can you do to treat hearing loss in an older dog, and how can you help the dog cope? Trivia question: In Alvin and the Chipmunks, what are the names of the other chipmunks?

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 7.16 MB
Season 3, Show #2 – Taking your pet to a pet parade

What do you need to consider when going to a pet parade? Host Joe Hipperson talks to Dr. Caroline Gilje and special guest Jim Allen about the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Beggin' Strips Barkus Pet Parade rkus-Pet-Parade.aspx and the 10th Annual Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Dr. Gilje recommends leaving your aggressive dog at home, making sure your pet has all current vaccinations, and not bringing a sick dog to the event. Tips for the parade itself include: bring your pet's vaccination history, make sure your dog is wearing identification and flea control, bring water for your pet and for its feet if the roads have been salted recently, and avoid shared water bowls. For more tips, check out Caller questions included: – What do you do with a dog that constantly licks people? – If an 11-year old Golden has had dermoid cysts in the past, how can the owner tell if a new spot is the same thing? – If a dog receives allergy shots on a regular schedule, what causes reactions between shots? – A caller's pit bull is shaking his head a lot, how can the caller treat the dog's inflamed ear? – A caller wants to know if his 10-year old Chihuahua is bonded to his wife, will a new dog bond to her as well? – Why has one of two cats begun defecating on the basement floor? Trivia question: how many years has the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge been happening?

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 6.71 MB
Season 3, Show #1 – Pet Selection, Part 2

What should you look for in a breeder when choosing a dog? Dr. Dennis Cloud shares his tips with host Joe Hipperson. His suggestions include avoiding breeders who want to meet you on somewhere on the highway, won't let you meet the mother, or have multiple listings for different breeds with the same phone number. Look for breeders with references and who have the puppies checked by a vet. Caller questions in this show include: – Why are two kittens that had been using the litter box suddenly using the sofa instead? – Is there any difference between adopting a male or female dog? – Why is a rescued dog becoming aggressive with other dogs? – Could barn cat parents be why this kitten hates coming inside, even though she was hand-raised? – Beyond weight-control food, how can this caller help her two Labs get to a healthy weight? – If you have multiple dogs, do you need to feed them separately to maintain healthy weight? – How can you keep a Lab puppy from becoming overweight? – How can a caller help a puppy with a cleft palate get enough nutrition? Trivia question: What was the name of the Clinton's cat when Bill was in office?

DATE: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
SIZE: 33.6 MB
Season 2, Show #12 – Animal safety during the summer months

Is it dangerous to let a dog stick his head out of the car window? See what Dr. Caroline Gilje has to say as she joins host Victoria Babu.

DATE: Mon, 27 Nov 2006
SIZE: 34.6 MB
Season 2, Show #11 – Pet selection

A caller's cat started using the toilet to do its business. What's up with that? Find out as Dr. Dennis Cloud joins host Victoria Babu in the studio.

DATE: Mon, 13 Nov 2006
SIZE: 33.7 MB
Season 2, Show #10 – Itching dogs and cats

Learn about food allergies and the canine equivalent of hay fever with Dr. Dennis Cloud of the Cloud Veterinary Center.

DATE: Mon, 30 Oct 2006
SIZE: 34.2 MB
Season 2, Show #9 – Communicable diseases

Leptospirosis, a canine disease communicable to people, is no joke. Learn how you can protect your pooch – and yourself – with Dr. Dennis Cloud and host Victoria Babu.

DATE: Mon, 02 Oct 2006
SIZE: 34.6 MB
Season 2, Show #7 – Irish breeds of dogs

Everyone knows the Irish Setter. But how about Irish Wolfhounds and Soft Coated Wheatons? Learn about these lucky dogs with Dr. Caroline Gilje and host Victoria Babu.

DATE: Mon, 18 Sep 2006
SIZE: 34.7 MB
Season 2, Show #6 – Pet eye care

Is the cloudiness in your pet's eyes a warning sign? Find out as Dr. Caroline Gilje of the Barrett Station Veterinary Clinic joins guest host Annie Wilson.

DATE: Mon, 07 Aug 2006
SIZE: 32.2 MB
Season 2, Show #3 - Pet wellness

It is possible to give your dog too much exercise? Find out as Dr. Caroline Gilje and Dr. Dennis Cloud discuss pet wellness and answer caller questions.

DATE: Mon, 24 Jul 2006
SIZE: 31.1 MB
Season 2, Show #2 - Boredom and separation anxiety

Is your cat bored out of her skull? Learn how to keep her entertained with veterinarian Dr. Tony Winkel and host Victoria Babu.

DATE: Mon, 24 Oct 2005
SIZE: 34.5 MB
Season 2, Show #5 – Heart disease in pets

Do dogs and cats suffer from heart attacks? Learn what makes your pet's ticker tick with Dr. Caroline Gilje and host Victoria Babu.

DATE: Mon, 24 Oct 2005
SIZE: 34.5 MB
Season 2, Show #8 – Springtime annoyances

Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – yikes! Dr. Dennis Cloud and host Victoria Babu discuss strategies for keeping your pet safe.

DATE: Mon, 24 Oct 2005
SIZE: 30.9 MB
Season 2, Show #1 - AKC Museum of the Dog

A museum devoted entirely to canine art? You betcha. Get the inside scoop on the AKC's museum with its director, Barbara McNabb, and Dr. Caroline Gilje.

DATE: Mon, 10 Oct 2005
SIZE: 8.06 MB
Urinary Tract Problems, Symptoms, Treatment

Dr. Caroline returns to the studio with host Meme Wolff to discuss purebred rescue groups, tick control, and healthcare tips that you won’t want to miss.

DATE: Mon, 26 Sep 2005
SIZE: 8.05 MB
Theories on Purring and Cats’ Whiskers

Why do cats purr? And just how sensitive are their whiskers? Plus, what do pet behavioral specialists really do? Learn this and more with Dr. Tony and Meme Wolff.

DATE: Mon, 12 Sep 2005
SIZE: 7.75 MB
Heart Problems and Gifts Ideas for Pets

What are the best gifts to give to pets? How can you keep your dog in top shape? Find out in this episode of Animal Advice featuring Dr. Tony Winkel and host Meme Wolff.

DATE: Mon, 29 Aug 2005
Animal Training Strategies

Join Dr. Caroline, Meme Wolff, and animal trainer Susan Schultz as they analyze Dr. Caroline’s dog Bodo who suffers from separation anxiety.

DATE: Sun, 21 Aug 2005
SIZE: 33.9 MB
Season 2, Show #4 - Pet dental health

Never use human toothpaste when brushing your pet's teeth! Learn why as Dr. Tony Winkel joins host Victoria Babu in the studio.

DATE: Fri, 08 Jul 2005
SIZE: 8.43 MB
Pet Insurance and Dog Litter

Is there really such a thing as doggy litter? Plus, what do dogs do all day while their owners are at work? Find out with host Meme Wolff and Dr. Tony Winkel.

DATE: Sat, 15 Jan 2005
SIZE: 8.04 MB
Animal Control and Health

Join Meme Wolff, Dr. Caroline, and guest Dr. Helen Kamp for an in depth look at microchip identification and how to prevent dogs from jumping backyard fences.

DATE: Sat, 08 Jan 2005
SIZE: 5.65 MB
Veterinary Specialty Services and Surgery

Tune in as Dr. Caroline, Meme Wolff, and special guest Dr. Mary Jean Gorse answer caller questions on animal surgery, reproduction, and pet health insurance.

DATE: Sat, 01 Jan 2005
SIZE: 7.95 MB
New Years Resolutions, Pet First Aid

Which breed is right for your family? What basic pet first aid should you know? Find out in this episode of Animal Advice with Dr. Caroline and host Meme Wolff.

DATE: Thu, 01 Jan 1970
SIZE: 12.3 MB
Season 4, Show #5 – Taking your pet into the wilderness

Dr. Dennis Cloud discusses the precautions to take before bringing your pet on a camping or canoeing trip. He advises getting your dog up to date on all of his shots, finding out where there’s a veterinarian close to your destination, and packing a pet first aid kit. Caller questions include: – A black lab was vomiting a week before he had a seizure. Could these be related? – Is there an ear solution to give a dog after he’s been swimming in a lake to prevent infection? – Is it harmful to put cat flea spray on a dog? – What medicine is available to give a dog to ease his pain after surgery? – Is there something wrong with a dog that compulsively drinks water? – What exactly is hookworm? Trivia question: Which snake in Missouri is venomous?

DATE: Thu, 01 Jan 1970
SIZE: 12.5 MB
Season 4, Show #4 – Coughing pets

Why is your pet coughing? Find out when Dr. Caroline Gilje joins host Joe Hipperson to talk about the reasons cats and dogs cough, and whether it’s contagious. Gilje says the most common causes are seasonal allergies and upper respiratory tract infections, which are highly contagious. Most bacteria can’t be vaccinated, but the infections are fairly treatable. Since they are so contagious, she says most vets will segregate your pet from other pet patients, so they can’t pass it on. More serious causes for coughs, which she calls productive coughs, include pneumonia and heart failure. Cats also cough because of hairballs, and sometimes from secondhand smoke. Caller questions include: – Is there a way to tell between a regular cough and a very serious cough? If a caller saw worms in her puppy’s feces, what does that mean? A 9-year-old Akita coughs violently after drinking water; is he ok? When do vets segregate animals at their clinic? Why does a black lab suddenly have a growth the size of a tennis ball hanging below his throat? Trivia question: What dog has the best eyesight?

DATE: Thu, 01 Jan 1970
SIZE: 12.3 MB
Season 4, Show #3 – Licking habits of pets Part 2

The licking discussion is continued, with a focus on cat habits. With host Joe Hipperson, Dr. Dennis Cloud details the effects of cat licking, including “fur mowing,” and “wool sucking.” Cloud also explains the reason for licking, with the #1 cause being a cat’s skin is itchy from flea-bite dermatitis. Caller questions include: – What should a caller do if he forgot to give his dogs their heartworm medicine last month? – Why does a 9-month-old kitten have black buildup around his nose and eyes? – Is there a household remedy for ear mites? – How can a dog’s separation anxiety be treated? – Why do a caller’s cats compulsively like to lick him? – How can strong cat urine odor be removed? – How can a dog be trained not to run away without keeping him on a leash? Trivia question: What is the #1 animal species searched for on YouTube?

DATE: Thu, 01 Jan 1970
SIZE: 12.3 MB
Season 4, Show #2 – Licking habits of pets Part 1

Why are some pets constantly licking something? Host Joe Hipperson talks to Dr. Dennis Cloud about the different reasons cats and dogs lick themselves, you, or inanimate objects. Cloud explains that dogs lick their paws for a few reasons. If they’re only focused on one paw, they may have something stuck in it. If they’re licking all four paws, it’s likely allergy-related and they have itchy paws. Caller questions included: – How can one get their puppy to stop biting all the time? – Is it common for a dog to lick everything around the house, from carpet to furniture? – How can one caller stop her Shi-Tzu from chewing on the baseboards in their new home? – Will a puppy pick up on older dog’s bad habits? Trivia question: Who was the first U.S. president to have a cat in the White House?

DATE: Thu, 01 Jan 1970
SIZE: 17.8 MB
Season 4, Show #1 – Exercise for your pet

Just how important is exercise for your cat or dog? Dr. Caroline Gilje discusses the need for exercise with host Joe Hipperson. As she explains, pets need exercise to maintain a healthy weight, as well as a healthy mentality. Under-exercised pets may develop bad behaviors, because they’re under stimulated. Caller questions in this show include: – What is the cause for a cat’s particularly bad breath, and how can it be cured? – An overweight cat loves to eat human foods, like bananas. Is this healthy? – Are there mental exercises to give to pets? – What are some tips for training a dog who seems unable to be house broken? – What size should your dog’s crate be, in relation to his own size? Trivia question: How long is the average giraffe’s tongue?

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