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Dread Central is your one-stop destination online for all the latest horror news, reviews, interviews, and more things that rhyme! Now you can take the DC crew with you wherever you go with the Dread Central podcast, featuring all our Dinner for Fiends episodes, audio interviews with horror celebrities and a lot more! Subscribe today!
Recent Episodes for Dread Central Podcasts
DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 106. MB
Dinner for Fiends: Fall Horrors Part 1: Wipeout!

Dinner for Fiends is back to serve up its latest fast-paced, jam-packed edition. The Last Exorcism. Piranha 3D. Resident Evil: Afterlife. Machete. Devil. ABC's "Wipeout". We'll touch on them all in this installment with the typical amount of excitement and disdain you've come to expect from a heaping helping of Dinner for Fiends. The usual suspects are back for this roundtable treat: Uncle "please ask me about Comic-Con" Creepy, Matt "mellowest voice in horror podcasts" Fini, Andrew "iPhones suck" Kasch, "Mexico's Favorite Son" The Buz, and a distracted Foywonder stuck at work trying to maintain his sanity. Eat up!

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
SIZE: 106. MB
Dinner for Fiends: One Ugly Motherfucker...of a Show

Prepare for the most suspenseful Dinner For Fiends of all time. In addition to a quite rambunctious discussion over several of this summer's high profile genre offerings, on this high energy installment one of our very own chimes in pulled over on the side of the road by order of police due to imminent threat of a tornado warning. But if one staff member is under threat of tornadic doom then why is it another staff member keeps mysteriously vanishing from the show? On this edition of Dinner For Fiends it would seem that nobody agreed on anything other than we all loved Inception and believe me to be a fool for having paid good money to watch the new Twilight movie. But if I hadn't I wouldn't be able to bring you a very special in-depth report covering the goings-on of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. And if vampire-werewolf emo love triangles aren't your thing then perhaps red hot mutant sex is. We'll spend a few minutes discussing Splice before moving on to a lengthy, spoiler-filled debate over the merits of Predators. There's more, including viewer mail from Mexico that causes us to pause to contemplate why is it Mexican horror fans have it in for Buz, and again, the looming possibility that a tornado will whisk one of our own away to the land of Oz. Follow the yellow brick road or just click on a link below to listen to one ugly motherfuckin' dinner for fiends. When you're done, take a second and VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY! We love you long time.

DATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010
SIZE: 83.1 MB
Foycast IX: Tar Balls to the Wall!

The greatest show about nothing since "Seinfeld" was canceled is back for its ninth installment. Tar balls may be the order of the day on the Gulf Coast where I roam, but this Foycast is more like a tar ball rolling down hill building up momentum more and more as it goes on. My co-host Uncle Creepy started out ultra surly and by the end he was all sunshine and rainbows after a giddy hour tripping down so-bad-its-good movie memory lane. "Let's do the hustle!" After opening up discussing the oil spill currently threatening my hometown (Tar balls, people!) talk moves on to contemplating why this summer movie season just plain sucks. Expect to hear more about the new Karate Kid movie than you ever thought you'd hear on a podcast on a website called Dread Central. I'll also tell you a bit about my obsession with Karate Kid knock-off films. After that is when the tar ball rolling downhill achieves breakneck speed and destroys everything in its path, as I tell Creepy and all of you about the unsung awesomeness of Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, an incredible motion picture that's like Die Hard on a jumbo jet but if Marilyn Manson was John McClane and the terrorist hijackers were satanists trying to bring about the end of the world. More? You want more? I Come in Peace! Split Second! No Retreat, No Surrender! Just a few of the other great slices of cinematic cheese we reminisce about. And just when you think you're safe - we talk Birdemic! Somebody call the doctor 'cause it's another hour of Foycast goodness. Some of you people actually listen to this crap. Some of you actually beg for more of this crap. Well, here you go. Now let's do the hustle, dammit! When you're done, vote for us on Podcast Alley.

DATE: Mon, 17 May 2010
SIZE: 110. MB
Dinner for Fiends: A Nightmare on Poop Street

After the very controversial Friday the 3rd Taint episode of Dinner for Fiends reared its head last year, we've all been bracing for one thing ... just how bad the announced remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street would be. Well. It certainly didn't disappoint. SURPRISE! We all hated it. Yet, you won't be finding as much venom in this edition as you did for Friday. It's more like bewildered yet foreseen disgust and sadness. You know the type ... like when you are called to the morgue to identify what is now left of one of your loved ones. Good thing we had a Human Centipede chaser to lighten our moods. Thanks, Platinum Dunes! You've savaged another childhood memory like only you know how to. Join myself, Matt, Foy, and a returning Buz (sorry, Mexico) and Andrew for the latest round of dick jokes, hostility, and other hijinx that amount to nearly an hour and a half's worth of spite and dismay. When you're done, take a second and VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY! We love you long time.

DATE: Thu, 01 Apr 2010
Dreadtime Stories: April Fool

April first brings out the prankster in all of us. While most of us know just how far to take a joke, we all have that friend. The one who just doesn't know when to stop. The one who thinks that April first means he can get away with murder. This episode of Dreadtime Stories is a salute to that friend, as well as an homage to Orson Wells. Special guest voice in this episode is none other than horror scribe Gary Braunbeck!

DATE: Fri, 26 Mar 2010
Dinner for Fiends: 2nd Helpings

d you miss us? We have returned after a lengthy hiatus brought on by scheduling conflicts and a technical meltdown that erased the last Dinner For Fiends and what a loaded program we have for you. Finally, the first DFF of 2010, and being that we're nearly three months into the new year that means there is a lot of ground to cover and still find time for the usual off-topic nonsense. Andrew and Buz could not make it for this edition so this edition should prove quite popular in Mexico. Instead you can smell what Ben Rock is cooking; the Alien Raiders filmmaker joins us for this edition. The always salty Uncle Creepy, Matt "Can we get this over with because "Lost" is on in an hour?" Fini, and yours truly, the Foywonder, round out the roundtable of fiends. Expect spoiler-filled discussions of Daybreakers, The Wolf Man, Legion, The Crazies, and especially, Shutter Island. There's also extreme wackiness, such as a shockingly lengthy opening discussion about the greatness of "Ultra Galaxy Monster Battle", nearly forgotten about 1980's genre flicks that deserve a DVD revival, more upcoming Asylum insanity, Uncle Creepy cockblocking me out of another potentially great Legion rant, Dead Snow despair, Sam Worthington's total lack of charisma, ribbing each other over questionable movies likes, and so much more. Eat up! Oh, yeah; be sure to VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY and add your reviews to iTunes. We'll love you long time!

DATE: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
Dreadtime Stories: The Carnival

There's music in the night, and the smell of funnel-cakes and popcorn fills the air. People line up for a game of chance to win teddy-bears and goldfish. It's a fun night when the carnival comes to town. But for one lucky couple, games on the midway aren't enough. They need to see the darker side most often called the freakshow. What they find, however, is more horrifying than they could imagine. Join us for our Dreadtime Story called "The Carnival." This week's Dreadtime players: Scott A. Johnson Tabatha Johnson Derek Smootz Rebecca Stokinger Hoshizora Aona Matt Taylor Clint McCrocklin Heather McCrocklin

DATE: Thu, 04 Feb 2010
Foycast IIX: The Ten Worst DTV Films of 2009

You wanted it! You demanded it! You waited for it! You got it! At long last, the Foycast is back, baby! It always seems to take a while, but the wait is worth it. Over an hour of audio for your ears to choke on. You'll hear about stomach viruses, computer viruses, my video collection, and how certain indie horror films are sucking my will to live. That will lead into the annual listing of the worst DVD horror movies of the past year. I'll even leave all of you as speechless Uncle Creepy was when I conclude the podcast with a dramatic reading from a schlocky book from my past. You ain't heard nothing yet! Things get off to a slow start as Uncle Creepy and I do the usual explanation as to what the heck took so long in getting a new Foycast recorded, a discussion during which you'll probably hear more about stomach viruses than you ever wanted to from either of us. Then I just randomly read off the titles of some of the videos in my VHS collection. This part admittedly is not as entertaining as it could have been because I spent most of that segment desperately trying to belch. If I sound a little short of breath during that portion, it's because I was drinking a Pepsi as we began the show and experienced that sensation when you really, really, really want to belch but you just can't. I hate that. You have no idea how close you all came to hearing a Godzilla-sized belch on the air. The soda-induced gas finally passes in time for what many of you have been bugging me about for weeks: the annual top ten of the worst direct-to-DVD horror movies of 2009. It's an eclectic mix of old and new, American and foreign, low budget and no budget; and in a shocking turn of events, not a single Asylum production makes the list this year. Wrapping it all up is something truly special, something never before done on a Dread Central podcast, something that will blow your minds. A dramatic literary reading by yours truly! Bad cinema gives way to schlocky literature as I read a passage from a very special book from my past. I've done some poetry in past podcasts but never anything quite like this. So sit back and enjoy the eighth installment of the Foycast. Opening the show is a musical salute to that most noble warrior of the poultry kingdom in the form of the majestic theme song to the 1983 cockfighting cinema classic Rooster: Spurs of Death. Truly the proudest bird I know. When you're done, vote for us on Podcast Alley.

DATE: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
Dreadtime Stories: Under the Bed

Every parent has to deal with nightmares. When a child screams in the night, it takes a special kind of patience to reassure the child that there's nothing in the darkness. But what if the child wasn't dreaming? What if the nightmares are real? What happens when the child's fears become the parents' nightmares? Join us for our Dreadtime Story called "Under the Bed." This week's players: Scott A. Johnson Tabatha Johnson Hoshizora Aona Matt Taylor Clint McCrocklin Heather McCrocklin

DATE: Thu, 21 Jan 2010
SIZE: 7.48 MB
Dreadtime Stories: The Caller

For the New Year the Dreadtime Players thought it might be cool to air our "Pilot Episode," the one that got us green-lit. Simple old-school terror reigns as a woman finds herself alone at night with a maniac loose in the neighborhood. We hope you enjoy our first effort, "The Caller."

DATE: Mon, 28 Dec 2009
SIZE: 124. MB
Dinner for Fiends: Christmas with the Devils

Ready to kickback and enjoy the holiday weekend with your favorite lovable loonies? Good because we're ready to engage in the act of giving you some good aural, yuletide style. Being that we've done the whole "Christmas Episode" thing like four times already we've decided to go about making the 2009 edition light on the holiday shenanigans. After all, how many times can we discuss our favorite X-mas flicks without being ridiculously redundant? Join myself, Foywonder, Andrew Kasch, Matt Fini, Buz Wallick, and holiday show regular A.J. Bowen as we wax on about the season, the year, the decade, and a little flick in the pipeline called Hatchet 2!

DATE: Tue, 22 Dec 2009
SIZE: 8.12 MB
Dreadtime Stories: Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Dreadtime Stories Players would like to thank everyone for listening and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to do so, we thought we'd share a bit of macabre holiday tradition. Gather the children, drink some nog, and enjoy our version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas." We'll see you all in 2010!

DATE: Sat, 05 Dec 2009
SIZE: 11.6 MB
Dreadtime Stories: The Sins of the Father

What toll does the loss of a child take on a family? Do those wounds heal? Or do they fester into madness? When a family is torn apart by a tragic accident, it leaves a burden that must be shouldered by both parents. But just how deep does the pain run? This week's episode is called "The Sins of the Father."

DATE: Thu, 26 Nov 2009
SIZE: 99.7 MB
Dinner for Fiends: Halloween Hits and Misses Part 2

Why am I writing an intro article for a new edition of Dinner For Fiends when I could be playing Left 4 Dead 2? For that matter, why did we waste an hour recording a new Dinner For Fiends when we should have been playing Left 4 Dead 2? Well, we did. So if you're not playing Left 4 Dead 2 and can fit this podcast into your schedule, then join Uncle Creepy, Foywonder, Andrew Kasch, and Matt Fini as we talk about the most recent horrifying offerings. In this edition: An opening tirade by yours truly Uncle Creepy briefly tells us about The Box since he was the only one of us to see it Uncle Creepy briefly tells us about The Fourth Kind since he was again the only one to see it Everyone actually saw Saw IV Continued amazement at the runaway blockbuster that is Paranormal Activity Creepy and I extol the virtues of the gloriously ludicrous 2012 Andrew Kasch talks movies he saw at AFM, including Rec 2 and a genuinely good Uwe Boll film The greatness of Left 4 Dead 2 and the pure joy of setting Uncle Creepy on fire ABSOLUTELY NO TWILIGHT/NEW MOON DISCUSSION WHATSOEVER!!! There's no Buz on this DFF, so expect downloads of the show in Mexico to increase dramatically. So put down your chainsaws and your grenade launchers and listen to Dinner For Fiends: Hits and Misses Part 2 - Countdown to Armageddon, before we send a Jockey to your house to hop on your head and force you to listen.

DATE: Fri, 13 Nov 2009
SIZE: 8.60 MB
Dreadtime Stories: The Dinner Party

Ever consider that person you're dating? Just what would they do without you? More importantly, what would they do if you left them? Some women say they can't live without their men. Others say they won't let their man live without them. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know you're hungry for some horror entertainment. So turn off the lights, turn on the radio, and prepare to eat your fill. From the mind of author Scott A. Johnson comes Dreadtime Stories, a new experience in old-school horror. Tonight's episode is entitled "The Dinner Party"

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Recent Comments for Dread Central Podcasts

This podcast is absolutely brilliant. If you give two fucks about horror, listen to this. These guys are insanely knowledgable about their genre as well as completely hilarious. Thanks to Uncle Creepy, The Foywonder and buitane for so many hours of entertainment as well as a true horror film education.

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