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Just two guys talkin' wood.
Recent Episodes for Wood Talk Online
DATE: Wed, 29 Sep 2010
SIZE: 35.9 MB
Wood Talk 74

Right Click to Download MP3 Watch the Video Version You can reach us by email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. Or you can find us on Twitter as @MBWPodcast, @WoodWhisperer, and @RenaissanceWW and also on Facebook too. Topics: - The WIA classes we are most looking forward to. - Low angle vs high angle planes. - Can you live without a tablesaw? What's on the Bench: Marc - The honduran mahogany trestle table/desk Matt - Still plugging away at the Ron Brese Small Smoother Plane Kit Shannon - Toolbox for WIA Events: Woodworking in America Fourth annual Mid-Hudson Woodworkers Show Saturday September 25 at the Hurley Reformed Church in Hurley New York $3 admission Email: Rob wants to know our thoughts on bevel up vs bevel down planes as well as the use of add-on fences to jointer planes. Adam Cherubini's post: Tools You Don't Need Forum Post: Why Bevel Up Why Bevel Down We also had an email from David Young concerning the design article we discussed last episode. From the Forum: Can You Live Without A Tablesaw? Marquetry Table by Jason Straw Girlfriends in the Shop Voicemails: Earl - Problems finishing exotic woods Roberto - Rust disaster Bobby Slack - Staining advice for built-in featuring plugged screw holes Guest Tips: Tom's Tip - A cheap T-square? Visit Tom's site, Toms Workbench

DATE: Wed, 08 Sep 2010
SIZE: 32.1 MB
Wood Talk 73

You can reach us by email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. Or you can find us on Twitter as @MBWPodcast, @WoodWhisperer, and @RenaissanceWW and also on Facebook too. Topics: - What's been keeping us busy all summer, - The woodworking styles you should probably get to know, - Our favorite recent woodworking articles, - Some cool crap going on in the forums. What's on the Bench: Marc - Wood Talk Online Radio and the Wood Talk Online Forum. The Chest of Drawers is done! Matt - Started Ron Brese Small Smoother Plane Kit and a Walnut side board for some friends. BUT I've spent most of my summer renovating a portion of an old Lazy Boy furniture warehouse space into my wife's new photo studio (roll that beautiful footage) Shannon - 2 Adirondack chairs, Hepplewhite Bookcase, Bevy of Boxes, Claw Feet, Designs for Christmas Card Table and Trestle or French Country Table, Jefferson Desk Events: Woodworking in America Fourth annual Mid-Hudson Woodworkers Show Saturday September 25 at the Hurley Reformed Church in Hurley New York $3 admission Email: From listener Jeremy Hopkins" "I know you have provided a great service, and have spent time "perfecting" the art of woodworking - at least as much as anything fluid is ever perfected - but I had a question concerning what you felt were the three styles of furniture that every woodworker should attempt, if not feel that they have achieved some level of "mastery" over. Yes, I realize this can open a can of worms as to what constitutes mastery, but that is not the field of this request. I'm more concerned with starting points than ending points at this particular moment. Should a woodworker attempt Stickley, or Federal, or perhaps some other style? Or does it remain in the best interest to rarely venture outside of the Shaker realm?" Articles/Blog Posts: Marc - Woodworker West Sept/Oct. 2010 Profile: The Maloof Legacy Matt - A visit to the Design Doctor Sept/Oct 2010 FWW Shannon: Gottschall Block, Bob Lang From the Forum: Avoidance Behavior: started by Bobby Slack Table Saws, Granite vs cast iron table top: Started by Aaron B Sweet Deals: Highland Woodworking Earlex HV 3500 HVLP Spray System $129.99 Triton 10" Sliding Miter Saw $199.99 Eagle America - Huge Cutting Tool Sale - Save up to an additional 20%! All router bits, shaper cutters and saw blades including sets and clearance items. Ends September 15, 2010. Sears Friends and Family Sale- Sat. Sept. 11th - Extra 10% off tools but 20% off other stuff. Voicemails: Erin Missouri - Difference between bevel chisels and bench chisels? Roberto - Working with Bamboo. Special precautions, blades, etc.? Mike NJ - Electrolytic rust removal. Guest Tips: Tom's Tip - Enough room for your projects? Visit Tom's site, Toms Workbench Kari's tip - Inspiration from old stuff. Visit Kari's site, The Village Carpenter.

DATE: Wed, 30 Jun 2010
SIZE: 50.8 MB
Wood Talk 72

Topics: Eye Safety: Shannon had a close call and learned a little about eye injuries and treatment Our "Just for Fun" Projects Popular Woodworking - its been a few months with the new format. Are they living up to promise? Fine Woodworking's Call for Bloggers Which woodworking styles you think everyone should master And drum sanders

DATE: Thu, 10 Jun 2010
SIZE: 66.4 MB
Wood Talk 71

You can reach us by email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. Or you can find us on Twitter as @MBWPodcast or @WoodWhisperer and also on Facebook too. Topics: Pore-Filling Glen Drake dovetail saw Project Bucket List Around the Web: The Woodshop Widget iPod/iPhone/iPad App Alison Heath's Workbench Marketing Voicemails: Bart - Wood vs metal planes. Opinions on Power planes. Diami- Tablesaw adjustment mechanism. Sweet Deals: Noden Inlay Razor Kit: Normally priced at $249.00, the Noden Inlay Razor is available for special introductory pricing of $199.00. Woodcraft - spend $75 or more, get a free knife code 62610 Highland Woodworking - 192900 Earlex HV2900 HVLP Sprayer w/ a free copy of Jeff Jewitt's Spray Finishing Made Simple Book & DVD $149.99 Tip Clips: Tom's Tip - Get a Wedgie! See more from Tom at Kari's tip - Carpet Tape Enjoy more of Kari's work at

DATE: Thu, 27 May 2010
SIZE: 47.0 MB
Wood Talk 70

You can reach us by email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. Or you can find us on Twitter as @MBWPodcast or @WoodWhisperer and also on Facebook too. Special Guest: Shannon Rogers, The Renaissance Woodworker! Topics: Workshop security? Specialty blades "thick kerf"- Should they be made? Twitter Woodworking Talk with AdamKing and FurnitureGirl right now. Festool at Walmart??? What's on the Bench? Shannon? Matt - Forgot to measure his bandsaw blade width correctly and suddenly discovered why it wasn't tensioning properly. Also dusted off his grinder and sharpened some rusty old blades that would've taken forever by hand. Marc - Cabinet project live streaming all week. Around the Web: Peter Galbert's "Chair Notes" blog Woodworking Custom Plans From the Forum: The Next Tablesaw Lawsuit - Sent in by Jeremy Kriewaldt. Woodwerks Windsor Chair Kits Voicemails: Renee- DC quick connect fittings coming loose. Runningwood- What fasteners do we keep in stock? How to make sliding dovetails with hand tools? Sweet Deals: Spring BlowOut Sale- use code cnw2010 for 30% off! Highland Woodworking deals - DeWalt DW411 1/4 Sheet Finishing Sander - $29.99 (was $39.99) DeWalt DW317 Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw - $59.99 (was $99.99) Rikon 10-305 10" Bandsaw - $199.99 (was $279.99) Eagle America - Free Shipping on any order through 5/31/2010 Promo code H2100522 Woodcraft - Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more Peachtree Woodworking - 25%-60% off select items enter keycode mday1 Tip Clips: Tom's Tip - Cheap Squares See more from Tom at Kari's tip - Spring is in the air! Enjoy more of Kari's work at

DATE: Thu, 13 May 2010
SIZE: 28.1 MB
Wood Talk 69

Questions or Comments? You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. Show Topics Safety Week 2010 Woodworking in America Schedules Something new in the world of blotch control from Charles Neil Your Voicemails! What's on the Bench: Marc is traveling a lot and working on the design of the Summer Guild Build project (a chest of drawers). Matt recently went to a Lie-Nielsen even and is finishing up a storage bench. Voicemail Questions: Bill - Advice on making knobs? Roberto - Cutting metal on bandsaw? Marc recommends a Lenox Bi-Metal Blade Adam - Why does the suction drop off dramatically when going from 4" pipe to 2 1/2" pipe. Mark - Should I resaw or plane 4/4 stock for drawer material. Roberto - triple hinges? Adam Nolen sent us a link for a 3-way hinge. Tip Clips: Tom's Tip - Safety glasses for every tool! See more from Tom at Kari's tip - Benefits to being safe in the shop. Enjoy more of Kari's work at Sweet Deals: Eagle America: For WTO listeners only, get FREE Super Saver Shipping on Any Size Web Order. Offer good now thru 5/31/2010. Must use Promo Code WOODTALK69 during checkout Highland Woodworking Free Ground Shipping on Festool Machines within lower 48 states. spend $25 get free shipping Voicemail Comment

DATE: Tue, 23 Mar 2010
SIZE: 62.5 MB
Wood Talk 68

Questions or Comments? You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. This week, we have a special guest host with us: Rick Waters from the The Splintered Board Podcast and The Sawdust Chronicles. Show Topics Using hand tools, even for the boring stuff. The differences/uses of rabbet vs shoulder vs plow vs router planes Can you learn ww'ing from books and videos alone? What's on the Bench: Take Popular Woodworking's Tablesaw Safety Survey. Check out the new SketchUp series for purchase in the Woodworker's Book Shop. Voicemails: Dave has snipe! - We recommend Episode 52 John wants to make raised panels and needs some advice. JohnnyNoName wants to know what non-woodworking tools we use in the shop. Tip Clips: Tom's Tip - Brown Paper Bag finish trick. See more from Tom at Kari's tip - Top 10 Tips for Wives (mention that is FOR WIVES or spouses) Enjoy more of Kari's work at

DATE: Thu, 25 Feb 2010
SIZE: 61.4 MB
Wood Talk 67

Questions or Comments? You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. This week, we have a special guest host with us: Rick Waters from the The Splintered Board Podcast and The Sawdust Chronicles. What's on the Bench: Rick is working on his workbench. Matt is busy caressing his new Steel City granite-topped tablesaw, and Marc is sharpening his tools and complaining about it the whole time. News: We have a great roundtable audio clip from the folks at Popular Woodworking magazine concerning the new format due out in March. We are VERY excited about this! New Veritas Detail Rabbet Planes Woodworkers Fighting Cancer The passing of two great woodworkers from our online community. We appreciate both of their contributions and send our condolences to their families. John Lucas from Wood Shop Demos. Niki Avrahami - Check out this write up from Tom at Around the Web: Logan Cabinet Shoppe - Bob Rozaieski does some great video podcasts with the primary focus on hand tool techniques. Todd Clippinger's American Craftsman Workshop TableSaw Injury Report (Sent in by Dean) Sweet Deals: Woodcraft - Spring 2 day sale Feb 26 & 27 items range from 10%-20% off Buy any 10" Freud Saw Blade and Get a Free 10" Blade Bag Buy any 10" Freud Saw Blade and Use coupon code: 14808 to get a Free 10" Blade Bag - A $9.99 Value! Buy any 4 Bessey DuoKlamps Get a Free Bessey Klamp Extender Use coupon code: 22010 to get a Bessey Extender - A $24.99 Value! Woodcraft coupon offers Highland woodworking - free ground shipping on Festool Lower 48 states only FREE 16-pc Guide Set when you buy a LEIGH SUPER FMT thru 2/28/2010 Eagle America: Place a $75 or more order and get $10 OFF Your Order plus pay just $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping!! Must use promo code WOODTALK67 at checkout. Offer valid now thru 3/14/2010 It Came From the Forum: How Flat Is Your Tablesaw? Email: Daniel (YucatanDan) gives us a great tip for erasing pencil marks. Voicemail: Roberto needs some advice on long clamps. Toms Tip: Creating radii using stuff around the shop. Kari's Tip: Kari leans to the left. And don't forget to check out the New England Home Show if you happen to be in the area!

DATE: Thu, 28 Jan 2010
SIZE: 70.6 MB
Wood Talk 66

Questions or Comments? You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. This week, we have a special guest host with us: Shannon Rogers from the Renaissance Woodworker. What's on the Bench: Shannon is putting the final touches on his workbench project and is enjoying his time with his new Lie Nielsen tongue and groove plane. Marc is back from his classes at the William Ng School. Matt is trying to figure out how the heck he is going to get that new granite-topped tablesaw down into his basement. News: Woodworking in America conference announced: take the survey and win a prize! Should there be power tool instruction at this conference? Tell us what you think in the comments. Last chance to win a Super FMT! Around the Web: Be sure to check out The Spoken Wood Podcast, Matt's new show! Subscribe in iTunes! Clark sent us this link: an amazing mini boat-builder. Brett sent us this link: furniture from wine staves The Unplugged Woodshop Highland Woodworking and Fine Wood Working magazine New Year's Sweepstakes ends January 31. LumberJock's Winter Awards Sweet Deals: Eagle America - FREE Super Saver Shipping on any size web order. Must use promo code WOODTALK66 at checkout. Offer valid now thru 2/14/2010 Highland Woodworking still offering free shipping (in the lower 48) on all Festool machine purchases. Woodcraft - Free shipping on orders $75 or more coupon code 12010 (lower 48 states only and expires Jan 31, 2010) -15% Off One Regular Priced Item Offer excludes All power tools, SawStop, Festool Products, Leigh Jigs and Gift Card purchases. Not valid with other coupon offers. Offer ends 1/31/2010. Use coupon code: 10110 It Came From the Forum: What to buy a starting woodworker? Email: Carla asks about dust collection in a basement shop. Marc recommended Bill Pentz's site for more information on dust collection. Voicemail: Lee- jigsaw not cutting straight BedrockBob - Recommendation for wide bench chisel. ShopMonger - How to tell whether a chessboard is veneer or solid wood. Toms Tip: Flattening the back of those used chisels. Kari's Tip: Take time to befuddle future generations.

DATE: Thu, 07 Jan 2010
SIZE: 47.0 MB
Wood Talk 65

What's on the Bench: Marc's finishing up his prep for the upcoming William Ng classes. Matt is building some bookcases is at the point of assembly. And now he's got a waiting list for his work! News: Merging of Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking Magazine! Around the Web: Great article sent in from David J. Ulschmid at WispWoods: Undervaluing Yourself and How to Stop New Yankee Online FWW and Highland Woodworking's "New Year's Sweepstakes" LumberJock's Winter Awards Sweet Deals: Get some sweet Toughguy workpants and donate your old ones. Check out WoodWerks on Jan 15th for more details. Highland Woodworking has Free ground shipping on Festool machines. Limited to within in the lower 48 states Woodcraft - Save 15% On All Rob Cosman DVDs Now Through January 30, 2010 Woodcraft online coupons It Came From the Forum: Win a Free Leigh Super FMT!!! Voicemail: Bo in Syracuse needs advice on a starter set of chisels. Chuck in Wisconsin wants to know what he should buy, a skewed block plane or a rabbet block plane. Johnny NoName asks about sandpaper grits across brands. A few helpful articles concerning sandpaper: Sandpaper 101, Sandpaper Grades Toms Tip: A nifty way to remove splinters Kari's Tip: Waterstone holders.

DATE: Fri, 18 Dec 2009
SIZE: 66.3 MB
Wood Talk 64

What's on the Bench: Marc - The new Green & Greene frame project. Designing and pushing the limits. Dealing with his mom "not getting" his design. Matt - Starting a small bookcase project. Starting to doubt my bandsaw riser block's worthiness. News: Fine Woodworking gets new forum, and the sky proceeds to fall!!! Lumberjocks Winter Awards Czeck Edge tools introducing a new ruler stop. Whats new at Pop. WW'ing: New thicker, bigger, and brighter magazine coming in April and a new website in 2010. Also, the Handplane Basics DVD is on sale until the end of the year. Use the code: PW3OFF they’ll get another $3 off. Around the Web: Tom's Lead Article Roy Underhill's School's new website and schedule has been posted. Sweet Deals: Adjustable guide system 50% off Regular Price: Now 67.50 Eagle America Special Offer: $15 OFF your $100 internet order! Use promo code WOODTALK64 at checkout. Offer valid now thru 12/31/2009 - $6.50 shipping Lost Art Press' "the art of moxon" digital version (revised and expanded) on sale. Highland Woodworking: Free ground shipping on Festool machines - limited to within the lower 48 states and also Free ground shipping on orders over $75 now thru Sunday Dec.20th. Use coupon code SHIPFREE1209 at checkout. Woodcraft: Holiday offers page on their website Get Free Ground Shipping on Any Order using coupon code: 12126 during checkout. Offer excludes excess weight fees, lift gate fees and is valid on in the contiguous United States. Not valid with other coupon offers. Offer ends December 26, 2009. It Came From the Forum: Lie-Nielsen pulls products from Woodcraft store. The real story: Ethan from Grey Stone Green Voicemail: Roberto - Replace or sharpen planer knives JJP-12? How to achieve a distressed painted look? EHow Article Repair Home article Pg. 159 Hand Applied Finishes (Jewitt) Johnny No Name - First Aid kit in shop? Luke- Blades for RAS?

DATE: Sat, 05 Dec 2009
SIZE: 65.5 MB
Episode 63

Questions or Comments?You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. What's on the Bench? Marc's gearing up for round 2 of shop upgrades, including new garage doors, blown-in cellulose, and an A/C unit. Matt finished up a child's dresser. Only 2 months late! News: David Marks live interview on Monday Dec. 7th. Join the Guild today! David's Bandsawn Veneers DVD Super FMT from Leigh Jigs Around the Web: Not your father's turntables! Our listener Angus Pitt sent us a link to a neat little website with some interesting articles. Forget hand carved Christmas ornaments, check these out! Sweet Deals: Old Fashioned Milk Paint deal, now through December 31st: * Order over $50.00 of any products and get a FREE sample of Daddy Van's Beeswax Polish. It's a beautiful finish over milk paint, and it is all natural and child safe, too! * Order over $100.00 of products and they'll include a FREE QUART of Old Fashioned MIlk Paint or their new SafePaint ! * Deck the Walls Special! "Buy 3 Gallons SafePaint- Get 1 Free" special was so popular they're bringing it back, just in time to spruce up your home for your holiday entertaining. This special may not be combined with any other offer. Woodcraft - free shipping on all orders Rockler - Jet parallel clamps on sale 31", 40", 50" sizes online only It Came From the Forum: Rob Lopez wants recommendations for a good combination tablesaw blade. Join the discussion! Voicemail: Jess- Rocking Chair plans? Charles Brock's Plan Hal Taylor's Plan Eric-Refinishing pricing? Mark-Durable Table Top Finish? Behlen's Table Top Varnish Email: Bud made a modern workbench utilizing the strength of the torsion box. NO hardwood. Danny wants to know how to properly finish oily exotic woods, like cocobolo. Tom's Tip: ( A great tip for consistent sanding. Village Carpenter's Tip:( Kari suggests you get your whittle on!

DATE: Tue, 24 Nov 2009
SIZE: 5.73 MB
Episode 62

The shortest WTO ever! Just a little Thanksgiving update from Marc and Matt.

DATE: Wed, 28 Oct 2009
SIZE: 53.1 MB
Episode 61

Questions or Comments?You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. What's on the Workbench? Marc - Just finished the Wall-Hanging Tool Chest for the Guild. Matt - installed his bandsaw riser that's tall! News: Norm is retiring!! Woodworking Magazine interview with Russ Morash, producer of the New Yankee Workshop. International Dress Like Norm Day In honor of Norm Abram, the folks at Woodworking Magazine and Popular Woodworking are asking all Norm fans to dress like the man, take a photo of yourself in costume and send it to me by midnight Monday, Nov. 2, at The person who sends in the best photo (as determined by our staff), will win a great prize. Magazine Roundup: Matt's Pick: A Woodworker's Journal article on green finishing by Micael Dresdner. Marc's Picks: Fine Woodworking's "How to Design Furniture" book/magazine thingie and The "Build or Buy" article in the latest issue of Popular Woodworking. Around the Web: A couple cool iPhone Apps to try out- ID Wood and Boardfeet Official website for Splinter "the car"- check out the veneer loom and more Skateboards from fallen limbs and axes Holiday Project Templates at Eagle America - Get 'em while they're hot! PBS's The Router Workshop Video Series ($4.00 for each month) You will receive one episode per week of the Router Workshop. There are 183 episodes in this video library. An Interesting Scenario to ponder: 17yr old kid wants to be a woodworker. Already has some shop experience and is showing great potential. Does he aim for a woodworking school or business school? Listen to the show to hear advice from your fellow woodworkers, as well as the staff of Popular Woodworking. Magazine Website Roundup (Pt. 2): WOOD- User-generated videos How to Videos from the Wood Magazine Editors Free tool demos Over 100 Pay-per Download titles Forums Free Weekly Newsletter (no sales pitches) More than 1000 woodworking plans for sale in the Wood Store A comprehensive index of every article that has appeared in WOOD magazine Woodworker's Journal Offerings (Rob Johnstone - Editor in Chief, and don't you forget it!) Homepage eZine (an online woodworking magazine emailed every two weeks) There's also two other sites of interest: WomeninWoodworking and In addition to these websites, they also offer a fully digital version of the print magazine with supplemental digital content. Of course there's also an online store selling back issues, downloadable digital plans, books, CDs. And they also have a blog page with Chris Marshall as it's main blogger. But all of the staff at one point or another use from time to time. Sweet Deals: FREE Super Saver Shipping on ANY SIZE ORDER at Eagle America! Use promo code WOODTALK61 at checkout and select Free Shipping as your shipping method. (Offer valid for two weeks only, now thru 11/9/2009). 20% off Sorby turning tools and free shipping on Jet Lathes now through Nov 1st at It Came from the Forum: Woodworking in the Cold Voicemail: Roberto has a great question concerning planer/jointer blades: to sharpen or to buy? Tom's Tip ( BBQ's make great mobile carts?!?! Village Carpenter's Tip: (Village Carpenter): Dental tools, for more than just torture!

DATE: Thu, 08 Oct 2009
SIZE: 31.6 MB
Episode 60

We had some serious trouble with Ustream and almost canned the show. But just as we were about to log off, Ustream started working again. So the result is an abbreviated show featuring voicemails, audio segments, and Sweet Deals. Enjoy! Sweet Deals: Earlex SprayStation 5000 - $269 at Highland Woodworking Digital Protractor at Lee Valley $13.99 Peachtree USA: 15% off any internet order with the code wood09. Expires 10/31 Woodworker’s source: use coupon code WOOD448 to get $10 off your first order. Sign up for Wood Magazine's Newsletter It Came from the Forum: Comfort Wipe: Why Didn't I Thing of That? Voicemail: We receive a ton of voicemail this week. Listen to hear them all! Tom's Tip ( Ask your lumber dealer to show you his shorts! Kari's Tip: (Village Carpenter): A use for those little magnifying glasses.

DATE: Sat, 26 Sep 2009
SIZE: 49.2 MB
Episode 59

What's on the Bench? Marc had more electrical work done in his shop and the new garage is starting to look like a shop. He's currently cannibalizing old cabinets and using them for storage under the extension wing. He's also teaching two classes in January at the William Ng School. Matt finally completed Samantha's bookcase and he's starting a child's dresser project. Around the Web: Megan's LVL workbench video. Charles Neil coming out with a new web series (subscription only) Magazine Website Roundup: Features - Home Page updated automatically: new blog posts, Twitter feed (, and new articles. - Three great blogs: Popular WW'ing Editors Blog, Woodworking Magazine Blog, Art & Mysteries Blog (Adam Cherubini). - A crap ton of free Sketchup models in Google's SketchUp Wharehouse. - Feeds Feeds everywhere! You can sign up for email notification or use the RSS feed in your own reader. No ads, no spam, just content. Exclusive video content. - The Woodworker's Bookshop- Matches Amazon's prices and they have free shipping on orders more than $25. They also have a rewards program if you buy a lot of books. - Contact Us: Direct phone numbers and email addresses for the entire staff. Let the stalking begin. - The article index: find back issues. Search by author, keyword or date. - A directory of all woodworking suppliers, whether they advertise or not. Get phone numbers, web pages etc. Searchable. Features Free Stuff: The free plan blog, The Tool Addicts Blog, SketchUp blog, huge user gallery, monthly gallery contests for cool prizes, a collection of free videos on our site,Free Weekly Newsletter, Getting Started in Woodworking. Two free video workshops: - Build a small cabinet - Build a wall cabinet Paid Member Stuff: $34.95/yr (14.95 for magazine subscribers) or $4.99/month Video Workshops: Build a project start to finish with step-by-step video. Technique videos for members on our site. Current Issue published online for members. The Archive! Use the search to find tons of old articles in pdf format. Sweet Deals: Sent in from Michael Dove of Kaytrim's Customs: Lee Valley Overhead Radiant Heater $55 Sent in from Kerry Drake on Facebook: $19.99 Router Base Plate with centering Pin At WoodWerks: Delta Right Tilt 10" 3HP Unisaws (no fence) for $699. Zdillenger from Twitter Woodcraft: At check out, on the left side it mentions Coupon Codes. Enter 812 there and you will get 20% off all LN stuff in your cart. It Came from the Forum: A brown paper bag for a fine finish?? HUH WHAT? A post by dtrust in the Wood Whisperer Forum: "I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this. A friend told me about it a couple years ago, and I've been doing it ever since. After all is said and done, polish the final surface with a brown paper lunch bag. It gets rid of any tiny dust nibs and leaves the surface feeling like you rubbed it with baby powder. Maybe the paper is equivilent to 10,000 grit sandpaper?" Voicemail: Shannon Rogers - Renaissance Woodworker - Shannon's world is rocked because Matt is using more power tools and Marc is using more hand tools! Roberto - Wondering if Norm was going crazy when he dipped his tenons in water. Tom's Tip ( Measure Twice Cut Once Kari's Tip: (Village Carpenter): Gunk on old blades. After Show Voicemails: Margaret from tells us exactly how to pronounce Jim Ipekjian's name.

DATE: Thu, 10 Sep 2009
SIZE: 48.0 MB
Episode 58

What’s on the Bench? Marc has been repairing chairs and just finished up a couple Guild projects (magazine rack and the knife block). Matt tells us about his trip to Woodworking in America and he finally finished his wife’s bookcase. Around the Web: Clark sent us some great Puzzle Box Links. Bruce Viney YouTube Puzzle Video 1 YouTube Puzzle Video 2 Twitter Facebook Tips: @treefrogfurnitu – Dull tools are dangerous tools @SplinteredBoard – Don’t route end grain and slice open your hand @RenaissanceWW – leave your checkbook at home when going to the marketplace at WIA @chwmag – The ratio of measuring to cutting should be 2:1 (This tip is a paraphrase. Some else said it better.) @WoodShepherd – Keep your fingers away from things that spin, have teeth, and make lots of noise. @practiklyboring – Used foam brushes: let them dry, tear the foam off. You get a flat piece of plastic on a stick. Makes a good glue spreader. @joshuasargent – Since I began woodworking, my dad relentlessly tells me that the #1 tip is to end up with as many fingers as I start with. @John Bratton – Blue masking tape is your friend and start your Christmas gift building now…or pretty soon anyway News: We heard a strong rumor that woodworking great, James Krenov, has passed away. From “The author of four crucial books for any serious woodworker, Krenov teaches a philosophy that has become a prerequisite for advanced cabinetry throughout the world. A recognized furniture maker in Sweden, he moved to Northern California in 1981, where he created and led the College of the Redwoods’ Fine Woodworking School. In his twenty years with the school he taught hundreds of eager students from around the world while continuing to build his own fine furniture. He retired from the college in 2002, but is still actively creating cabinets in his home woodshop. James Krenov is represented with works at museums in Sweden, Norway, Japan and the U.S.” Feb 2007 Robert Lang Toured the College of the Redwoods Are you attending Woodworking in America? Sweet Deals: The Wood Whisperer Giveaway Chris Schwarz’s new book on sale at Lee Valley – $26 vs $34.50 Free shipping at on orders $50 or more until 9/30/09. For those attending WIA PA workbench bundles of PA Ash are available…try getting that in your overhead if you’re flying! Email: From John: I wanted to let you know that I will be attending Palomar College Woodworking School this fall enrolled in the CFT 100 fundamentals of Woodworking and the follow-up 105 course in the spring of 2010. You have been a big proponent of education and always learning new and better ways to do things. You even went to school yourself to learn from a master. So thanks for all your efforts and congratulations on all the things you have accomplished since I first started visiting your web site. I will be doing a Blog of my 100 course at Palomar and it is listed below. I am very fortunate to be able to attend such a good school and learn things the correct way. I want to do this because other who want to attend may not be able to because of time, money and location. Please pass this link on to anyone who would be interested in following my course and learning with me. I will be posting my class notes and pictures and video’s each week. By the way Palomar College will enroll 180 students in the CFT 100 class. I guess that says Woodworking is making a big comeback. It is also the fastest growing division of the College. Going to Woodworking School Thanks again for all your help and advice. By the way pass this information on to your sponsors, I have bought several items based on your recommendations and ads. John Fleming Voicemail: Jeff has some advice about folding your bandsaw blade.

DATE: Sun, 19 Jul 2009
SIZE: 16.4 MB
Episode 57

I know we are on our “summer break”, but Matt and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a Wood Talk Online at AWFS 2009. It was the first time Matt and I met in person and we had an awesome time at the show. In this episode, we give you our initial impressions of the show and a quick rundown on the things we thought were most compelling.

DATE: Fri, 26 Jun 2009
SIZE: 50.8 MB
Episode 56

What’s on the Bench? Marc shares his shop moving experience and Matt tells us all about his time at a recent Woodcraft event. Around the Web: Tom Iovino’s Great Wood Movement Experiment Matt’s Krylon Review News: LumberJocks Summer Awards The passing of a great woodworker, Sam Maloof. Don’t miss your chance to SAVE $40 when you register for this year’s Hand Tools & Techniques Conference by August 3, 2009! WIA Hand Tool Olympics Sweet Deals: July 4th Eagle America Sales Event: Wood Talk Online listeners get a DOUBLE DEAL. Place an order of $75 or more and get $10 OFF their order PLUS pay only $4.99 flat rate shipping. **Offer excludes Festool and Fein merchandise. Offer valid now thru Sunday 7/5/09. Listeners must enter Promo Code “WOODTALK56” during checkout and select $4.99 Super Saver Shipping as their shipping method to take advantage of the offer. Save 15% on all Whiteside Router bits at until July 23rd. This is only on individual bits and not sets. Epifanes on sale at Jamestown Distributors. Highland Woodworking has FREE GROUND SHIPPING on orders over $100. Delivered within 48 contiguous U.S., excluding items shipped via truck or with flat rate shipping charges. 50% off Fractional Calipers- Down to $19.99 Email: We received an email from Chuck, and injured vet, who tells us his story and how Wood Magazine and Grizzly helped him set up shop. Voicemails: We had two questions from our buddy Roberto this week. One was about removing brad nails and the other was about table leaf extensions. I found this Rockler item as one option for Roberto. Audio Segments: Tom’s Tip - A tip to remember! Editor’s Review - Glen Huey tells us all about the new Delta Unisaw. What we can expect and what it means to be “Made in the USA”.

DATE: Fri, 22 May 2009
SIZE: 41.5 MB
Episode 55

What's on the Bench? Marc is prepping for the big move. Matt has is "banana plane" back (the no.4-1/2). Its back from it's rehab session and is performing like a champ. Around the Web: - Reminder about how cool it is. Benjamin Moore iPhone App. NYTimes Article News: Woodworking in America: Furniture Construction and Design Aug. 14-16, 2009, Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill. Woodworking in America: Hand Tools and Techniques Oct. 2-4, 2009, Valley Forge, Penn. Register Today! Sweet Deals: Eagle America special Wood Talk Online offer: Free super saver shipping when you use the code "WOODTALK55" at checkout and select Free Shipping as your shipping method. Offer good through 5/31/09. You have to check out their new site! Peachtree Buy 3 get 1 free clamp sale and also they are having a big Memorial Day Sale. Highland Woodworking Steel City 14" bandsaw kit now $499, down from $799. Woodcraft is offering 15% off a full line of finishing products and related items until May 25th. Save an extra 10% on your order at Popular Woodworking's Book Store, with offer code WWMEM09. Remember Every order over $25 gets free standard shipping! Email: We received a great email from David (runningwood) about traditional woodworking programming and how it reinforces the misconception that project should be done in a very short amount of time. Voicemails: Tim asked about washing filter bags. John is concerned about wearing gloves in the shop but doesn't want to deal with splinters. Jim is having difficulty keeping his engrain from staining darker than his face grain. Bob has a question about putting a burr on his scraper. Check out there helpful links on the subject of card scrapers: Wood Whisperer - Barely Scraping By Todd Clippinger's Scraper Sharpening Method Audio Segments: Random Person Tip - Matthew Groves gives us a great Ebay tip. Tom's Tip - A neat use for Teflon tape!

DATE: Thu, 30 Apr 2009
SIZE: 38.8 MB
Episode 54

Download the MP3 If you have any comments, or questions about something you hear today or something you haven't heard, you can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. What's on the Bench? Marc finally finish up the Hall Frame article and the Barbecue Cart for the Better Homes & Gardens 48-hr Blog Challenge. With an impending move and a new shop build on the horizon, its a busy time in the Spagnuolo house. Matt recently attended a class with "The Schwarz" and tells us all about it. Around the Web: The Saw Dust Chronicles 30 Day Challenge News: Woodworkers Safety Week 2009 starts Monday. Don't keep your chargers plugged in: Tool Crib article Registration for Woodworking in America starts tomorrow!!! Furniture Construction and Design Aug. 14-16 in St Charles, IL Hand Tools and Techniques Oct. 2-4 Valley Forge, PA Register NOW! Sweet Deals: 59" Parallel Pro Clamp 4 Pack Regular Catalog Price $149.99 (4 clamps) E-Direct Special Offer $104.99 (4 clamps) Email: Zach wrote in and asked: "I just recently began listening to your show, so if a similar question has already been asked, I apologize. Anyway, I'm very new to woodworking and I've become a bit discouraged as of late when I'm working on a project and things don't really come out as I had planned, or I just flat out destroy something. So, did either of you guys experience anything like that or do I just really need to slow down and think things through more?" Jimmy from Sweden wrote in and asked: "Please ask your European fans if there is an good online store for woodworkers in Europe. I am trying to get an hold of a combination blade from Freud for an 30mm arbor with no luck." Voicemails: No Name - Outdoor wood recommendations. Roberto - Refinishing a gun stock. Editor's Tip: Cheap chisel protectors.

DATE: Thu, 02 Apr 2009
SIZE: 39.1 MB
Episode 53

DATE: Thu, 19 Mar 2009
SIZE: 48.4 MB
Episode 52

Download the MP3 What's on the Bench? Marc recently had a class at the William Ng School with Darrell Peart and was able to visit the The Gamble House. He also had an opportunity to get some hands on time with the John Hall frame he plans to build soon. Matt is in a late winter slump and is waiting for motivation to get back in the shop. Around the Web: Woodworking School Directories: Fine Woodworking and Woodworking News Follow-up to panel saw discussion. Matt of Harrisville, RI built a nice panel saw of his own. Check out his post on Lumberjocks. "This to That" Website. A glue "calculator" to help determine which type of glue is the best choice for your project. Kari Hultman - The Village Carpenter - shared a link on her website from a reader by the name of Heinrich. This is a 1923 film featuring 3 craftsman building wooden shoes, wooden spoons and chairs all by hand and using only basic hand tools! Click Here! Mentioned before the Lowe's Creative Ideas page. Just received an email that they're starting a 4 part video series on March 19th for building an adirondack chair. News: David Cloutier was the winner of the Acanthus Workshop Class Giveaway!!! Visit Chuck Bender's site for details about his classes. Hot Deals: Marc's Madness Sale!! Everything in the Wood Whisperer Store is 20% off!! Lowe's 17% off Dewalt tools Grizzly tools expanded their list of tools eligible for free shipping. Voicemail: Shane asks about planer snipe. Tom's Tip: Cheap and easy sandpaper organization. Editor's Tip: Jajoba oil and rust prevention.

DATE: Fri, 27 Feb 2009
SIZE: 29.2 MB
Episode 51

Download the MP3 What's on the Bench? Marc had some trouble hammering small nails, and accidentally sprayed a bunch of finish without the organic filters on his respirator. Marc also shows off his new Leigh Hold Down Clamps. Matt gives us a brief review of his new Wood River hand planes. Matt also had his first experience with high quality plywood, and will never go back to the stuff from the home stores. Around the Web: Sawmill Creek Collaborative Project Lowe's Creative Ideas Website - online projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced woodworkers. Step by step plans for building projects, includes cut lists, hardware lists and instructions. iHandy iPhone App. $1.99 News: Roy Underhill open up a woodworking school. Read Woodworking Magazine's blog post here. Hot Deals: Woodcraft's one day only sale February 28th. Highland Woodworking Steel City Bandsaw $699.99, regularly $989.97 plus free shipping. Voicemail: James wants to know if a tracksaw is as useful as a panel saw? Tom's Tip: Old finish for cheap! Editor's Tip: Rust erasers. Giveaway: Acanthus Workshop Class Giveaway - Chuck Bender A trivia contest for which the winner will receive their choice of weekend Fundamentals class at the Acanthus Workshop in East Coventry, PA. Choose from any of the weekend Fundamentals classes offered by the Acanthus Workshop during the dates and times specified on the website (Fundamentals 1 July 18 & 19, Fundamentals 2 Mar. 15-15 or Aug. 29 & 30, Fundamentals 3 Apr. 17-19 or Sept. 25-27). All materials for the class are included. Fundamentals 1 is a Saturday and Sunday skill driven class based solely on hand tools. Fundamentals 2 is a Saturday and Sunday class based entirely on power tools where the students make a small footstool. Fundamentals 3 is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday class which blends the two and the students make a one drawer Shaker stand. Popular Woodworking magazine will up to $200.00 in food and travel expenses. Anything beyond the $200.00 that Popular Woodworking is willing to supply is on the winner of the contest. The contest will run until 5pm EDT on March 10th. The contest is open to anyone except employees and family members of the involved entities. Winner will be announced live on the next Wood Talk Online. Email answers to: Here are the trivia questions: 1. What city was Chris Schwarz in where he fainted during a woodworking demonstration? 2. In what city was Chris Schwarz when he had an expensive infill plane stolen right under his nose? 3. Where did Bob Lang go to High School? 4. Chris Schwarz has referred to Bob Lang’s taste in music as 60-70s rock and roll, but the only musical artist Bob has ever referred to in the blog is from a different genre and era. Name this musical artist. 5. Bob Lang has published 7 books, 5 of them about the Arts & Crafts period of the early 20th century. Name the other 2. 6. What industry did Marc Spagnuolo work in before becoming a professional woodworker? 7. What instrument does Marc Spagnuolo play? 8. What was the name of Marc Spagnuolo's furniture business? 9. What piece of furniture did Glen Huey build, with help from his Father, when he was 13 years old? 10. What piece of furniture was the first to put Glen Huey on the cover of Popular Woodworking Magazine. 11. What is Matt Vanderlist’s day job? 12. What is the name of the German shop teacher Chuck Bender had in high school? 13. What other business did Chuck Bender have in addition to furniture making? 14. What special event in Chuck Bender’s sons life did Chuck blog about? 15. After ten years in what town did Chuck Bender move his shop to its current location?

DATE: Wed, 11 Feb 2009
SIZE: 42.6 MB
Episode 50

Download the MP3 What's on the Bench? Marc's putting the final touches on the steamer trunk while waiting for hardware to come in. Matt recently used dye to match some existing stain in a project using a different species of wood altogether. He also signed up for a hand planing class at Marc Adams School being taught by Chris Schwarz & Thomas Lie-Nielsen. Around the Web: Malcom Tibbits - Tahoe Turner- Amazing segmented turnings. Check out his instructional DVD's. Sketchup for Woodworkers- Sketchup tutorials specifically for woodworkers. Check out this great old Delta Ad submitted by Collin. This came from an issue of Popular Science Magazine from 1936! Free download (PDF) of "An Axe to Grind: A Practical Ax Manual" from the U.S. Forest Service Dude Craft - just a lot of fun and he mentioned us a while ago! News: Of course the big news is that Popular Woodworking is now part of Wood Talk Online. Awesome! From Newsletter - Ryobi corded circular saws sold at Home Depot between October -November 08 being recalled for safety reasons. LumberJocks Winter award winners announced. Clarification on previous mention of Popular Woodworking's Digital Magazine - Available only to subscribers of the print version. Click here. Hot Deals: Eagle America - Free Super Saver Shipping on all orders over $49. Expires 2/28/09 Peachtree 50% Off 12" Digital Protractor Grizzly Tools is offering free shipping on select tools (and it's a lot of their big ones!!) They're waiving the freight charges. Voicemail: Shannon wants to know the difference between Seal-a-Cell and Arm-r-Seal. Pete wants to know whether he should sharpen his blades past 8000 on a leather strop. We get opinions from Chris Schwarz and Glen Huey. Tom's Tip: How to score a good deal on lumber! Editor's Tip: Sharpen on the pull stroke only. Topic: Interview with Chuck Bender from the Acanthus Workshop Congratulations to our giveaway winners as well!

DATE: Wed, 21 Jan 2009
SIZE: 36.5 MB
Episode 49

Status Report: Matt has been pushing piles of dust around his shop just for fun, and he has finally started playing with Google Sketchup. Aaron in the chat room recommends Marc also mentioned signing up for classes with Andy Chidwick and Darrell Peart at the William Ng School. Marc is also now making a steamer trunk for Duane. If you are interested in donating: American Cancer Society and the James Cancer Center. Around the Web: Popular Woodworking has gone digital - subscribers to the magazine can now thumb through the magazine online, clip and save articles for later reading and even share a page or two with non subscriber friends. News: Matt's new website. International Builders Show is this week (Jan. 20th-23rd) in Las Vegas. Woodworkers Journal is covering the event extensively. Check out their video blog. And you can subscribe to their Twitter Updates too. Hot Deals: Wood Talk Online $10 off orders over $75. WTO listeners ONLY! Click here for details! Painter's Pyramid 10 Pack Purchase 4 Sets For The Price Of 3! Now Through January 31, 2009 FREE Set Of Replacement Planer Blades – Up To $54.99 Value! With Purchase of ANY DeWALT Thickness Planer at Woodcraft (this is a mail in rebate offer) Topic: No major topic this week, but I show everyone my new toy, the Leg Up from the makers of the Gorilla Gripper. Congrats to BD for winning a Wood Whisperer Guild 6-month membership! We finish up with a very special Tom's Tip about using screws. What's that have to do with toilet bowls? You'll have to listen to find out. We finish the show with a number of chat room questions.

DATE: Fri, 09 Jan 2009
SIZE: 43.3 MB
Episode 48

Status Report: Marc and Matt start off by trading stories about their 2008 holiday adventures. Around the Web: The HandyGuysPodcast - A great DIY podcast! The Timber Kid - A new podcast from a very cool 15 year old in the UK. News: Latest Woodwright Shop shows available online at Hot Deals: Highland woodworking continuing free shipping on all orders over $100 within 48 contiguous states and excludes freight etc. Highland woodworking is also offering 25% off all books in stock. Topic: A quick review of tablesaw blade terminology. A Big Announcement: We are proud to announce that we will soon be working closely with Popular Woodworking to present you with an even better audio podcast experience. With Pop. WW'ing's help, we'll be able to bring you interviews, guests, and lots of special features. So this is a VERY cool thing! You can look forward to hearing some of this new content early in February. And speaking of Popular Woodworking, the Schwarz t-shirts are in!! Check them out. One of our voicemails was from Mack who asked how to create a live edge. Here's a great video from Charles Neil that describes his process: Charles Neil We finish up with a very special Tom's Tip about using glass jars in the shop.

DATE: Thu, 18 Dec 2008
SIZE: 17.9 MB
Episode 47

Download Episode Status Report: Marc's small entertainment center project was just published on and spent the day playing with his hand planes. Matt is rediscovering why he HATES stains. Around the Web: Help out a great international cause: Kari's from The Village Carpenter made up a great list, "You Know You're a Woodworker When..." News: The Lumberjocks Winter Woodworking Awards Hot Deals: Peachtree Stocking Stuffers under $25. The rest of the show was devoted to our Holiday Bash! We gave away great prizes from Charles Neil, Popular Woodworking, Lee Valley, Zem Hearing Protection, Hock and The Wood Whisperer. This part of the show went on for about an hour so I decided to cut it out of the audio recording. It was fun if you were there, but no so much if were not. We had about 90 people in the chat room for this event so apparently the lesson here is if you want people to show up, give some stuff away for free. haha!

DATE: Thu, 18 Dec 2008
SIZE: 54.8 MB
Episode 46

Download Episode Status Report: Marc isn't doing much woodworking right now, with his articles and preparation for his upcoming trip to the Atlanta Woodcraft store. Matt has been making a skateboard with his kids and is still reminiscing about the good times had at Woodworking in America. Around the Web: Owner of Sawstop demos the braking system with his own finger! Check out the video. News: Two big releases from Lee Valley - Dovetail saw for $65 and Block planes for $180-$300 and no we don't have those reversed. Hot Deals: PeachTree Woodworking Black Friday Sales Event Nov. 25th- Nov. 28th. Popular Woodworking Shop- 40% off entire order Using Coupon Code "THANKS" till Nov. 28 For WTO listeners only, Eagle America is extending their FREE SHIPPING offer an additional 10 days thru 12/11/08! To get the offer they should use coupon code # WDTALKEP46 during checkout or go to for details. MiniMax Holiday Sales Event will start Monday December 1st. But here’s a little bonus for you. Order and have shipped any Mini Max machine on Wednesday, November 26 and you’ll get an extra 5% off our already low Holiday sale prices! Woodcraft is offering free ground shipping on any online orders placed within the contiguous 48 states. Excess weight charges are excluded from this offer Highland WoodworkingGet FREE GROUND SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous United States on most orders over $100* Topics: Matt's experience at Woodworking in America. Tom's Tip: Protecting jigs from glue using clear packing tape. Visit Tom's Workbench. And don't miss the live chat room questions!

DATE: Thu, 06 Nov 2008
SIZE: 39.7 MB
Episode 45

Download Episode Status Report: Marc is finishing up the holiday projects, a magazine rack and small clock. Matt is trying an old rust removal technique that's all natural and even tasty! Around the Web: A New Tool Deal Everyday from Toolking! Some great content at the ToolCrib Blog News: New Giveaway- Some great Lee Valley schwag, including their sweet Small Router Plane. Just fill out the form at Rockler dream shop giveaway with Delta/Porter-cable Rockler now offering DeWalt Tracksaw- $499 vs Festool $475 Hot Deals: 7-Piece Forstner Bit Set Rockler for $11.49. 170-piece Drill Bit Set from Woodcraft for $29.99 10% off All New Dewalt tools & Accessories at Receive a coupon for $10 off a $50 Purchase at just for signing up for their email newsletter. Topics: Power Carving- Popular Woodworking Article December 2008 issue on newstands now! Tom's Tip: Save by buying in bulk. And don't miss the live chat room questions. Unfortunately, Nicole's microphone wasn't working so I apologize ahead of time for the audio. But you'll get the idea.

DATE: Sun, 26 Oct 2008
SIZE: 36.6 MB
Episode 44

Download Episode Status Report: Marc delivered the gadget station to Leo Laporte, and had a chance to visit David Marks while he was there. What at Leo's TWiT Cottage, Marc had a chance to meet Cali Lewis from GeekBrief.TV. Matt has been playing with his new Veritas Skew Plane and Plow Plane. He also finally got around to building a sharpening station. And Matt has made a promise to cut a set of dovetails everyday, until he can give Frank Klausz a run for his money. Around the Web: Western PA Table Project - article about NASA using a Rotozip to cut through permafrost on Mars...I wonder if its the one Matt sold in a garage sale last year? Popular Woodworking blog post on mitersaws with cameras. News: Lee Valley Giveaway winners: Richard Sylvestre and Mack McKinney. They will each receive one of Lee Valley’s new Skew Rabbet Planes! Hot Deals: PeachTree Woodworking- $100.00 OFF Freud SD600- WD Series 8" Dial-A-Width Dado Set Regular Catalog Price $269.99 E-Direct Special Offer $169.99 Just enter code 101708 in the discount code field (or give to our phone operator) on your next order of $50 or more of merchandise from Highland Woodworking before midnight on Friday, October 31, 2008 to receive FREE Ground Shipping within the 48 contiguous states. Free shipping and 10% off purchases of $99 or more on Dewalt tools at Popular Woodworking's All-Star Workshop Giveaway. Topics: Are you ready for your holiday projects? Here are some ideas: small clocks, a magazine rack, a long grain cutting board, or maybe a serving tray. Voicemail: Skee has some glue streaks on his veneered plywood. David is getting the fuzzies when cutting his pine boards. Tom's Tip: Transferring designs using a photocopy.

DATE: Tue, 07 Oct 2008
SIZE: 34.7 MB
Episode 43

Download Episode Status Report: Marc has FINALLY finished the gadget station and plans on delivering it next week. While in the area, he is also going to have a visit with the one and only David Marks. Matt decided to rearrange his shop tools recently and is apparently going to start writing a new book entitled, "The Feng Shui Workshop". Around the Web: Check out Keith Cruickshank's awesome videos at Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine have had a little facelift recently. also seems to have had a few tweaks. News: Don't miss your chance to enter The Wood Talk Online Giveaway. Lee Valley provided us with two of their new Skew Rabbet Planes and next week we will select two lucky winners. Enter Here! Hot Deals: DeWalt 18V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Sweepstakes ends October 13th thanks to Tool Snob Makita Orbital Finishing Sander only $39.99, Save 27% Highland woodworking while supplies last. Aluminum Assembly Clamps from Lee Valley set of 4 (2) 18" & (2) 24" $85 regularly $108 fast-acting sliding jaw with a locking handle mechanism (similar to locking pliers) Makita 14.4 V cordless impact driver at woodcraft $189.99 Select Norton Combination Waterstones Save 20%! Now Through October 31, 2008! Voicemail: David has a good question concerning bandsaw blade width. Tom's Tip: Tired of using guesswork every time you set up your dado stack? Tom has some advice.

DATE: Fri, 26 Sep 2008
SIZE: 50.1 MB
Epsiode 42

Download Episode Status Report: Marc talks about his recent router table injury and his experiences with both the Laguna Resaw King bandsaw blade and the Final Cut tablesaw blade. Matt just completed the chisel plane build and confessed that he purchase pre-made legs for an office desk. He is also continuing his experimentation with spokeshaves. Around the Web: The all-wood X-Wing Fighter! News: Rockler offers new cast iron router table. Sears offering Craftsman benchtop spindle sander that looks a lot like the Delta Boss unit. Lee Valley intros two new planes: Side Rabbet Plane and the Skew Rabbet Planes. Hot Deals: 25% Off Bessey F-Style bar clamps at Woodcraft 6" - 30" long versions thru Sept.30, 2008. Bessey K-body clamps at Woodcraft 24" & 40", buy 3 get 1 free. WoodRiver Carbide Anti-Kickback Router Bits 10 piece 1/2 shank bits Woodcraft $50 or $5 each bit. Bora Clamp-N-Cut Edge Guides (Mentioned in listener voicemail) And a very special offer from Highland Woodworking. FREE SHIPPING to listeners of Wood Talk Online on any order over $50 through 10/03/08. Listeners just need to put "wto" in the Discount Code field during checkout. Terms, conditions and details are here. Voicemail: Roberto had a question concerning tablesaws with built-in router tables. Ray wanted our opinions on Gorilla Glue. Chris wanted advice on clamping straightedges and cutting large sheets of ply. Tom's Tip: Uh oh, you dropped some screws!!

DATE: Sun, 07 Sep 2008
SIZE: 45.1 MB
Episode 41

Where have we been for nearly 2 months?!?!?! Marc gives a Gadget Station update and talks about the "project hump". Matt announces that his next project will be a bedside table for Madison. Around the Web: Working Wood by Tom Fidgen Luthiercast Upholstered Chair Project Video News: Final Cut sawblades. Amana's In-Tech router bits with replaceable cutterheads. Steel City introduces spiral head lunchbox planer. Auriou rasps back in business! Hot Deals: 50% OFF ROUTER TABLE STARTER PACKAGE Regular Catalog Price $239.97 E-Direct Special Offer $119.99 Bessey Tradesman Bar Clamps Buy 2 - Get the 3rd FREE! Topics: IWF Review spokeshaves - low-angle vs. standard - flat vs. round bottom Tom's Tip: Keeping the shop clean.

DATE: Sun, 10 Aug 2008
SIZE: 6.22 MB
Episode 40

The shortest episode ever! Announcement of our summer break and couple bonus voicemails.

DATE: Tue, 15 Jul 2008
SIZE: 37.4 MB
Episode 39

Download Episode Status Report: Marc goes into a bit more detail on his Gadget Station: grain direction and acclimation. Matt is making his new bench out of..........(drum roll)..........PLYWOOD! Around the Web: If you aren't on Twitter, you are missing out on the fun! We also review Charles Neils website, Charles has a great collection of incredible videos and DVDs on all kinds of topics. We can all learn something from Charles' years of experience. Safety reminder - Tablesaw injuries to remind us of what we learned during safety week. Review of Final Cut Saw Bladeand more info. News: Woodworking in America hands-on classes sell like hotcakes!! Fine Woodworking starting to sell ebook versions of popular titles. Currently you can buy individual chapters downloadable as PDFs for $2 or buy the whole book (ebook version) for $15. Hot Deals: Pop WW'ing 50% off back issues Bessey K-Body Clamps 25% Off Simple Green Cleaning towels (pop up container) almost 40% off. Topics: We discuss a recent article by Bob Flexner in the August issue of Popular Woodworking, titled "7 Myths of Polyurethane" if you have a question or comment, you can email us at or leave us a message at 623-242-2450.

DATE: Wed, 02 Jul 2008
SIZE: 35.6 MB
Episode 38

Download Episode Status Report: Marc mentions his Viewer Survey and the upcoming project: the Gadget Station. Matt is finishing the release of his awesome Child's Bookcase project. Around the Web: We review Wood Shop Demos. This is a great site for seeing demos of numerous woodworking products, from unpacking to usage. Its a must see! John Lucas has put a lot of work into this site and you can spend days there checking out all the demos. News: Release of the Festool Kapex. Delta Tools is moving production back to USA to keep costs down. Check out the Popular Woodworking Blog Post. Woodworking in America Registration Hot Deals: Eagle America Router Bits: 10% off two Bits, 15% off 3 bits 14-Day Free Trial at 10% Off Whiteside Router Bits (all July) at participating Woodcraft Stores. Between May 1, 2008 and July 31, 2008: Buy a DW735 Heavy-Duty 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer get a $50 Mail-in Rebate. or Buy a DW718 Heavy-Duty 12" Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw and get a DW723 Heavy-Duty Miter Saw Stand Instantly (at participating distributors only). Topics: We take some time to address a listener question concerning marketing his woodworking business. Nicole (Mrs. Wood Whisperer) makes a guest appearance as she shares some of her marketing expertise with us. was mentioned as a place to sell your hand-made items. for Voicemails: Shannon asked what Matt and Marc do to promote their blogs. if you have a question or comment, you can email us at or leave us a message at 623-242-2450.

DATE: Fri, 20 Jun 2008
SIZE: 22.8 MB
Episode 37

Download Episode We are trying a new format for this show, where we actually have a number of segments including News, Hot Deals, Around the Web, and more.... Status Report: Marc has a new column in Popular Woodworking Magazine and is currently working on an entertainment center. Matt is finishing up his series on a very cool bookcase. Around the Web: We review a great blog from Kari Hultman called The Village Carpenter. Matt discusses a great blog entry he found over at the Highland Woodworking blog about removing and preventing rust on tools. News: The Jointmaker Pro from Bridge City Tool Works is the latest tool to make waves in the woodworking community. Hot Deals: Irwin Quick Clamp deal from Rockler. You get four 6" clamps, plus two 12" and two 24" clamp/spreaders. Plus, they've added a FREE heavy-duty cloth bag. Epifanes Marine Varnish from Jamestown Distributors - $16.02/500ml Bessey K-Bodies Clamp Blowout at Woodcraft. 24" K-Body Clamp reg. $35.99 Sale $26.99, 40" K-Body Clamp reg. $44.99 Sale $33.74 True Value Coupon - $5 coupon off $25 purchase Ryobi buy one combo kit get a free Ryobi One Plus tool by mail in rebate from Home Depot. Topics: Humidity and its effect on finishes. For reference: ersion.html Tom's Tip (from Tom's Workbench): Waxing the sole of your plane. Voicemails: Denis is having problems centering a guide bushing on his DeWalt router. And Jack wanted to know what block plane Matt recommend for trimming tenons. Email: Tom wanted some details on when its appropriate to pre-raise the grain. if you have a question or comment, you can email us at or leave us a message at 623-242-2450.

DATE: Fri, 16 May 2008
SIZE: 36.2 MB
Episode 36

A Safety Week recap. Matt's upcoming steam bending class. A reminder about Woodworking in America- Hand Tool & Technique Conference: Nov. 14th-16th in Berea, KY. A voicemail about hickory and color change from Denis, the Teenage Woodworker, and a voicemail from Craig about jointing boards with a hand plane and possible glue up issues. We then went into our main feature for the day: a basic review of bench vises. We have a few recommended articles for reference: "Making Sense of Vises" by Garrett Hack - May/June 2007 Fine Woodworking and also "The Workbench" by Graham Blackburn - Tools & Shop 2002 also by Fine Woodworking. We also reference Chris Schwarz's Workbenches Book. If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Thu, 01 May 2008
SIZE: 49.7 MB
Episode 35

A special LIVE episode! Download Episode [audio: -wto35306.mp3] Topics: Marc's visit with Popular Woodworking and the Wood Werks Supply Inc., and Woodworker's Safety Week. Voicemails about bandsaw blade sparks, flattening waterstones, and vacuum veneer press systems. We also discussed a really cool woodworking event coming up: Woodworking in America- Hand Tool & Technique Conference: Nov. 14th-16th in Berea, KY. Appearances by Roy Underhill, Frank Klausz, Michael Dunbar, Adam Cherubini, James Blauvelt, Robin Lee, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Larry Williams and Don McConnell, John Economaki, Konrad Sauer, Wayne Anderson, Ron Hock, and Mike Wenzloff. If you are interested in attending, please visit the web site that is dedicated to this conference at and sign up for the conference's newsletter. You'll then be the first to be notified of when registration will open (it will be before July 1) and the pricing for this event. Then we took on tons of LIVE CHAT QUESTIONS. Because the show turned out to be so long, I didn't include our normal after-show comments. So expect a bunch of those next week including advice for setting up shop for $2500 (a question from last week). Related Links:,,, inspensive vacuum pump If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Fri, 18 Apr 2008
SIZE: 33.3 MB
Episode 34

Download Episode Topics: April is turning out to be a very busy month with lots of travel. Marc recently attended the Festool Grand Opening event. Matt went to a Lie-Nielsen tool seminar/demo last weekend. Improper safety techniques in a woodworking class. The announcement of the first annual Woodworker's Safety Week (May 5th - May 9th). We get Rick Rolled. Hollow chisel mortisers. Tom's Tip. And if you had $2500 to set up a shop, what would you buy? Leave us a voicemail and let us know! If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Tue, 01 Apr 2008
SIZE: 37.4 MB
Episode 33

Download Episode Topics: The one year anniversary of Wood Talk Online. Matt's class with The Schwarz. Selecting a conversion gun for your particular air compressor. Building a lightbox for photographing your work. Cambering a plane blade (see video below). Kaleo's "Tip from the Workshop". If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Sun, 16 Mar 2008
SIZE: 41.4 MB
Episode 32

Download Episode Topics: Marc's new finishing room, The Earlex Spray Station, self-cleaning blast gates, "lazy people food", taking photos of your work, accepting credit cards, and dyed through tenons. Relevant links: Steve Kaeser Lights If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Mon, 10 Mar 2008
SIZE: 35.0 MB
Episode 31

Download EpisodeeWoodWhisperer-wto31648.mp3] Topics: Kaleo Kala's visit to Marc's shop, "The Schwarz", woodworking classes, Lie Nielsen's backorder, new tools from Festool and Powermatic, Forsner bits without spurs, and milling lumber with only a planer and a router table. If you want to leave us a voicemail: 623-242-2450

DATE: Mon, 25 Feb 2008
SIZE: 45.3 MB
Episode 30

Download Episode [audio: -WTO30853.mp3] Topics: Lee Valley's Woodworking Catalog, Matt shaving with his chisels, Marc's table top, the concept of designing on the fly, can woodworking clubs survive, fitting drawers to a carcass, safety gear, filling termite holes, biographical woodworking books, and router bit diameters. Relevant Links: Workbenches Kaleo's Workshop The Impractical Cabinetmaker Woodworking Wit & Wisdom If you want to leave us a voicemail 623-242-2450

DATE: Sun, 17 Feb 2008
SIZE: 22.3 MB
Episode 29

Download Episode Marc and Matt discuss: Marc being a judge at a woodworking show, analyzing other people's work and how it affects your own work, Matt trying lacquer for the first time, the Earlex HVLP System, blade guards and splitters. Relevant links: Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers Charles Neil Earlex HVLP Sprayer Plumbing a Shop for Air Our Voicemail line: 623-242-2450

DATE: Wed, 06 Feb 2008
SIZE: 26.4 MB
Episode 28

Download Episode Marc and Matt start off discussing the latest season of New Yankee Workshop. Other points of discussion: new podcasts, Modernwoodshop and Teenage Woodworker, new European plunge cut saws, Chris Scwarz being the Oprah of the woodworking world, upgrading tools vs buying new. Skee called in with concerns about temperature fluctuations in his shop. Dan called in and asked about Leigh Isoloc templates, air bubbles in his polyurethane, powermatic 8" jointers. Bob called in with a question about tinted waxes.

DATE: Fri, 11 Jan 2008
SIZE: 40.1 MB
Episode 27

Download Episode We covered a bunch of topics in Episode 27, including The Wood Whisperer Network, Kaleo’s new baby Taz, Christmas gifts, Matt’s Stretchy Pants, Chris Schwarz’s new book Workbenches, the new Woodworking Magazine announcement, flattening workbenches, and new changes at The Woodworking Channel. We also answered a few great emails. David wanted our opinions concerning copying other woodworkers’ designs. Brian has a small shop and needs some pointers for using the space efficiently. And finally Tony asks about using a fence with his new #7 plane. And don’t forget to download your free issue of Woodworking Magazine.

DATE: Wed, 19 Dec 2007
SIZE: 41.6 MB
Episode 26

Download Episode [audio: -WTO26601.mp3] You asked for it, and you got it! A hot and fresh episode before the holiday! Topics covered include simple finishes, cheap pocket hole jigs, rough table saw cuts, and the introduction of Kaleo's new podcast on The show is a little rushed because I had a vet appointment for my dog, but there are quite a few tidbits worth listening to. Enjoy!

DATE: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
SIZE: 51.6 MB
Episode 25

Download Episode [audio: -WTO25252.mp3] This week, Matt and Marc are wingin' it! Part of the reason is because of Marc's technical recording difficulties. Marc is currently working on a sculpted end-table and for The Wood Whisperer and Matt brings up his concerns about The Woodworking Shows. Marc then reviews the new tools being offered by Festool. Our first email was from Austin who needed finishing advice for his new kitchen table. Our second voicemail came from Roberto who wanted to know why most folks opt for router tables, instead of shapers. Marc recommends this Fine Woodworking Article. Our emails include questions about patterns and templates, jointer chatter, finishing the inside of a box, and mortising machines. Don't forget if you have a woodworking question, you can leave us a message at 623-242-2450, or you can email us at

DATE: Thu, 29 Nov 2007
SIZE: 54.3 MB
Episode 24

Download Episode As we approach the holiday season, its time to think about the truly important things in life. Things like your gift list!

DATE: Wed, 21 Nov 2007
SIZE: 43.2 MB
Episode 23

Download Episode Welcome to Wood Talk Online Episode 23. As always, if you have a question or comment, you can email us at or leave us a message at 623-242-2450. We had a few audio issues in this episode so please bear with us. This week we are graced, once again, with the presence of Tom Iovino. Tom gives us the low down on his new dining room table he finished just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Marc tells us all about his recent 3-day seminar in Oklahoma. Our first email was from Steve who is looking for advice on selecting quality hand planes on a budget. Our second email is from Zac who brags about his new Lie Nielsen router plane. Our third email is from John who recommends a book called Architectural Graphic Standards, published by The American Institute of Architects. Our final email was from Rudy who recommends Tried and True finishes and provided us with this excellent spreadsheet for calculated wood movement. Our first voicemail was from Alan who is having trouble with his tablesaw binding during light cuts. Our second voicemail is from Roberto who is inquiring about the Laguna tablesaw. Our third voicemail is from Derryl who asks about Ohio Certified Stains. A very happy and safe Thanksgiving to everyone!

DATE: Mon, 12 Nov 2007
SIZE: 24.0 MB
Episode 22

Download Episode Got a question? Email us at or leave us a message at 623-242-2450. -WTO22397.mp3

DATE: Fri, 02 Nov 2007
SIZE: 26.7 MB
Episode 21

Download Episode It's the beginning of November and it's time to announce another winner of the Woodslicer Resaw Bandsaw Blade from the great folks over at Highland Woodworking. So congratulations to Dan Messina!! Today's episode is a lot different than most and you get a little trick or treat to round out October. Marc and Matt have decided not to do any prep for the show and you get to listen to them raw and uncut, a hilarious if not painful experience for all involved. We randomly select a few emails to answer for today's show, like John's question about using exotics like bubinga and purpleheart for the first time. Sam's feedback and question on the Mini Mite 3 spray gun system, and Zac's wondering about using molding head cutters on a table saw in lieu of a router system. Recommended books for wood identification and use include The Real Wood Bible by Nick Gibbs and Wood Identification & Use by Terry Porter. If you have comments, questions or feedback drop us a line at or call us on our voice mail line at 623 242-2450.

DATE: Wed, 24 Oct 2007
SIZE: 60.1 MB
Episode 20

Download Episode It's time for another episode of Wood Talk Online and our hosts are at the height of their tangent-ny goodness. Marc mentioned a new set of videos available at called Getting Started in Woodworking. Marc also mentioned that he decided it's time to start thinking about going green and introduced the subject of water-based finishes by providing these great links to help you learn more about the subject: WoodNet Forum Post Rockler Article Making a Collapsible Spray Booth It's obvious that woodworking season is upon us, given the large number of voicemails and emails that came in for this episode. Chris calls in asking about wood movement and Marc's suggestion is to check out "The Shrinkulator". Next is Fred who apparently has a problem with holes being drilled in the wrong place. Bob has some facial hair that might not work with a dust mask and the last voicemail for this episode is from Chet who asks about which is our favorite jig in the workshop. We have emails too, starting with Rex who wants to know if we have any ideas on a good choice of stock for making trekking poles used for hiking. Zac in Vegas is having trouble finding the motivation to head into the shop, every now and then, and is curious to see if we have any helpful ideas to rekindle the fire. Joey's making some coasters and is looking for a way to apply a finish without drips, sags or losing his mind. And last but not least is Tony, who's looking to get a mirror like shine to his hand plane and chisel blades. As always if you have any comment, questions or feedback drop us a line at or call us at 623-242-2450. And if you're interested in getting your name in for a chance to win a WoodSlicer Resaw Blade from Highland Woodworking send us an email at .

DATE: Wed, 10 Oct 2007
SIZE: 25.1 MB
Episode 19

Download Episode This week we have something a little different. We have a guest host, Tom Iovino. Here is the jig Tom mentioned in the show: -router-mortising-jig/

DATE: Tue, 02 Oct 2007
SIZE: 20.4 MB
Episode 18

Download Episode Welcome back to Wood Talk Online. The woodworking season is underway and your emails are rolling in as we speak. So if you have a question, comment or some feedback regarding something you've heard here at WTO send us an email at or call us at our voicemail (623) 242-2450. Marc starts us off with a inside look at his and Nicole's recent visit to the Podcast and New Media Expo where they had a chance to rub elbows with fellow podcasters and meet some new "friends". This leads us to our next subject where we talk about Marc's recent article for the Wood Talk Online website regarding shop setup, so as soon as you get a chance, head over there to check it out. Of course you've got questions and we try to answer them. Our first email comes from our longtime listener Skee who seems to be having a couple of different problems. First of all he's having a staining problem on a project he's refinishing. Apparently after letting the stain sit for 2 days it's still not completely dry and comes off easily on his rag, any ideas what could be wrong? Skee's second question is how to remove 1/16" of thickness over a 10" length on both faces of the same 8' board without the aide of a dado blade. Steve sends us an email curious about how and where people do woodworking when they don't have a dedicated shop, especially when you're tight on space and live in a small apartment? Oh yeah and throw into the mix the fact that your spouse isn't as convinced as you are that a shop works great in the living room. Both Jeff and Marc (different Marc, same spelling) have questions about building exterior projects. Jeff's looking for answers on which materials to build a deck or gazebo with that won't void his termite contract and Marc is concerned about the effect of cutting composite materials on his saw blades. Fred offers us some feedback on using his dovetail jig for making tight through dovetails and also shares his painful experience with making dovetails in plywood. And last but not least, it's time to giveaway another Woodslicer Resaw Bandsaw blade from the great folks over at Highland Woodworking. So a huge congratulations to Brent Conaway, this month's winner!! And here are some great links for setting up your shop, courtesy of Smart Shop in a One-Car Garage- Space-saving solutions for a small work area A Layout Kit for Small Shops- Modeling in two or three dimensions is a lot easier than moving around your heavy machinery to get a shop plan you like. By: John Yurko Workshop Tour: An Efficient Garage Workshop-With wheel-mounted tools and cabinets, a two-car garage transforms into a versatile workshop Rock-Solid Plywood Bench-Build this simple but versatile workbench in a weekend for less than $250. And you don't need a jointer or planer. By: Cecil Braeden An Island Workshop- A central island for power tools, work surfaces, and dust collection makes the most of this two-car garage shop. With Alan DeVilbiss All About Lumber Storage All about Tool Storage

DATE: Wed, 19 Sep 2007
SIZE: 26.1 MB
Episode 17

Download Episode The end of summer is not only traditionally the time of year when school starts back up, it's also when most woodworkers head back into their shops and start cranking out all those projects that were neglected because of too much summer fun and frolicking...or perhaps heat. So in this episode of Wood Talk Online, we have fun and frolicking of our own as we share with you some of the most recent articles posted on the website, including Joe Woodworkers veneer article, Tom talking about 'Old Ugly' and many others. As always, the listeners of Wood Talk Online share with us their experiences and have some great feedback for when we go off on a tangent or two and miss the mark on a previous question. Allen wrote in to share his hard learned lessen on a new use for Boeshield's T-9. MoparDude sets us straight on why there are multiple sizes of flush trim bits. And speaking of questions we have a few of those too! Roberto's question about half blind dovetails vs through dovetails sparks a near all out disagreement between our hosts (the first ever!!). Larry wonders how he can dry a huge haul of Mahogany that he's come across. Matt suggests checking out John Wilson's site at Evan in Japan ponders the question of "do I really need a cyclone dust collector?" And we have some voicemails too! For your comments, questions and feedback send them to or leave us a voicemail at (623) 242-2450. Also don't forget the giveaways too. To win a Highland Woodworking Woodslicer Bandsaw blade email us at and to enter the FesCool Giveaway at The Wood Whisperer, send your correct answer to

DATE: Sat, 01 Sep 2007
SIZE: 10.2 MB
Episode 16

Download Episode In this episode of Wood Talk Online we don't mess around, we get right into answering your questions. OK, we do go off on some tangents but it wouldn't be the same show without them! First things first, a huge Wood Talk Online congratulations to Barry Johnson from Ewing, New Jersey! Barry is our very first winner of the monthly 'WoodSlicer' Bandsaw Blade giveaway from Highland Woodworking. Don't lose heart if you're not Barry, there's always next month when we give another 'WoodSlicer' Blade away. Marc and Matt love to flex their thinking muscles, so of course we have questions to answer too. Sed left us a voicemail on our new landline number and asked about power carving tools. We also have a few emails to answer, beginning with Glen's inquiry into the use of a lubricant to keep his tablesaw gears working smoothly. Doug from Memphis is searching for really "cool" ideas to control the heat in his new 20'x30' outbuilding. Stephane is wondering about a finish for the interior of a blanket chest he's built, and we also have some feedback from Josh regarding he's choice of the SawStop Tablesaw after comparing comparable models from more established manufacturers. If you too have a question or comment you can reach us at either or you can leave us a voicemail at (623) 242-2450. Remember, if you haven't entered for the monthly Highland Woodworking 'WoodSlicer' giveaway get your name entered by dropping us a line at

DATE: Wed, 15 Aug 2007
SIZE: 30.7 MB
Episode 15

Download Episode You've got questions, we've got answers. We now have an actual phone number for leaving voicemail messages! The number is. Just dial 623-242-2450 and leave us a message - it's not a toll free call, unless you live near Marc - but it's worth every penny! Of course you can still email us at or leave a voicemail at the website too! In this episode we hear more about some of the great new contributers to the blogs at the Wood Talk Online website. And we also learn that Matt and Marc aren't the only woodworkers getting on the podcasting bandwagon. Some of our fellow podcasters include: Matt's Basement Workshop The Wood Whisperer Stu's Shed Rough Cut Show Woodworking Online Woodworkers Resource ToolTalk Novice Garage Woodworker The Folding Rule Of course we answer questions. Starting with Jeff's voice mail asking about recommendations for friction free surfaces. Jim's request for clues to tell when to resharpen jointer/planer knives. J's link recommendation for a possible answer to "what constitutes a good basic toolkit". Jim's concern about drawer clearance and finally Dan's questions about buying 20% extra wood for his projects. Don't forget to get your name in for the upcoming monthly drawing of a WoodSlicer Bandsaw Blade from Highland Woodworking. Send your name in to

DATE: Wed, 01 Aug 2007
SIZE: 68.8 MB
Episode 14

This week Matt and I discuss the new, AWFS highlights, casters, Festool Domino, Woodworking Together, and flush trim bits. Check it out: WTO Episode 14

DATE: Wed, 18 Jul 2007
SIZE: 74.0 MB
Episode 13

Download Episode The AWFS Las Vegas show is this week so if you’re in the area stop by and say hi to Marc and Nicole at the Festool booth. And last but not least, since Matt couldn’t remember the type of steel to use in hand plane blades as asked in a voicemail by Vic the answer is "O1 steel". You’ll have to probably do a search to find where to get it. Someone sent in a link for the "Win a Weekend with Norm Sweepstakes". Matt also mentioned the Podcast Awards. Check it out and VOTE FOR US when the voting opens! In this episode our two hosts attempt to answer a number of questions about finishes. So many woodworkers have questions and concerns about which finish to choose, what are the differences and why, why, why… To get the show started off we have a question from Mike in St. Paul, Minnesota asking all of the above. Luckily for us Marc’s taken the time to put together the following information which should be a good guide to help get everyone pointed in the right direction: 1. Evaporative finishes (lacquer, shellac) are usually less durable and scratch easier. They easily dissolve when exposed to the appropriate solvent, which make them easier to repair i.e. a lacquered table with a bunch of scratches can be repaired by simply coating the table with lacquer thinner. When applying these finishes each coat that is applied essentially melts into the previous layer, resulting in one single layer. 2. Reactive finishes (oil-based varnish, catalyzed lacquer) are more durable but they are harder to repair. Each layer of a reactive finish simply lies on top of the previous layer, thus rather than one single layer you have multiple layers making up the thickness. Oils - one of the first finishes woodworkers learn to love is plain old oil. Usually linseed oil or tung oil. Oils absorb into the wood and polymerize into a relatively soft rubbery material, not a film finish. Application- best applied by thinning with mineral spirits 50% and flooding the surface. Allow absorption for several minutes, then wipe off the excess. Check again in a few hours to see if oil has come back out of the pores, if so wipe again. Allow 16-24 hrs between coats. Advantages- dummy-proof application, non-offensive odor for most people and it gives the wood a sense of depth that is hard to replicate with other finishes. Disadvantages- very little protection, yellows the wood (linseed oil more so than tung oil), longer cure times. Re-application over time is often necessary to keep the wood looking new. 4. Varnishes - there are numerous types of varnishes and what generally makes them different is the type of resin they are made with. And they all may have different durability, working, and appearance characteristics. For instance, many people feel that a standard polyurethane has too much of a plastic look so they prefer a varnish made with a different resin (just for clarification, polyurethane is a type of varnish). Application- can be applied by brushing, wiping, or spraying (wiping and brushing being the most common). Advantage- very durable. Good heat, solvent, scratch resistance, and easy to apply. Disadvantage- can make wood look "unnatural" and plastic like, and can be difficult to repair. 5. Oil/Varnish Blends - really the best of both worlds. You get the easy application of an oil with the protection of a varnish. This is the finish would I recommend most woodworkers to focus on in the beginning. Advantage- easy to apply like oil, but we get the benefit of the varnish. Versatile finish because depending on the number of coats you add, you can go from a thin topcoat to a nice protective film. Disadvantage- May not be as protective as a straight varnish. Requires longer drying times than varnish. Requires more coats to build up the film.

DATE: Mon, 02 Jul 2007
SIZE: 72.8 MB
Episode 12

Download Episode Welcome back to another episode of Wood Talk Online ... a little late ... or early depending on your point of view. This week's episode starts out with Marc and Matt sharing their most recent experiences from the past week, some shop related and others not so woodworking related. We received some fantastic emails from many of you and just want to let you know, we may not get back with you right away but we'll do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. So for this week, let's start with a neat looking video of a recreation of Leonardo DiVinci's lathe design that was sent in by JY click here to check it out . The next big discussion was inspired by an article sent to us from Herman regarding "Ground PVC and other Dust Collection Myths". The reason for the article was as a follow up to our first voicemail for the epsiode sent to us by Herman asking about recommendations for ductwork (metal vs PVC), how to get the fittings to match up, and recommendations for cyclone collectors. The next voicemail was from Rob, who had a follow up suggestion for a spray finishing book. "Best of FineWoodworking Book Series- Spray Finishing and Other Techniques". Other voicemails for this episode include Alex who shares his finishing disaster with us, Mike who asks about any recommendations for finding hardwoods to practice on without breaking the bank and another international listener Joene from Belgium who asks about plywood cutting softwares. Marc's recommendation for Joene is to checkout and Matt turn's to a favorite standby for finding timesavers and possible software, . Our emails this week include a rather lengthy discussion of a 5 part question trying to uncover which tools do we favor the most, which are essential and which can we do without. Also which are ones we wish we had from day one to which ones do we wish we hadn't. Jason from New York asks about suggested methods to overcome wood rot on outdoor furniture, even though he's using Western Red Cedar he's concerned that this rot resistant wood may need a little more help. Marc found an article at to help shed some light on the question. Then Keith sends a little note about his inheritance of a couple of older Powermatic tools... was it just bragging or a legitimate question? Matt suggests that if anyone is interested in finding out more about their older tools to check out Old Woodworking at . And to round us out this week is a question and a story from Ron. Ron asks about what are the differences between the various veneer backings available and then a nail gun story, not a good one either. Remember if you have a question, comment or suggestion send it to or leave us a voicemail at

DATE: Thu, 21 Jun 2007
SIZE: 70.5 MB
Episode 11

Download Episode Matt mentioned a recent article in Woodcraft Magazine citing a statistic released by the CDC regarding the dramatic rise in nail gun injuries due to the increased use of pneumatic nailers. We had two great voicemails, first was a question from Hloakes about the advantages of using plywood vs. dimensional lumber. The second email melted the hearts of our hosts with a "YOU'RE THE BEST" by Vicki the daughter of listener Grant. Oh yeah and her dad had a question for us too. So we now move into the email portion of the show where first up was a question about how important it is to attend a school of woodworking. Is it important to our hosts? Our next email was a question about choosing a small shop dust collector and if we had any ideas for properly hooking one up to his DW 621 Plunge Router. There were a couple of questions about HVLP sprayers that our Marc was able to shed some light on, while Matt just drank water and fiddled with his mic. Listener Scott shared his views on the Festool Domino and the Sawstop. He also sent us a link to check out free design software at . Christian from the Netherlands asks about specialized hand planes for fine joinery and James asks about sanding a routed detailed edge. Last but not least, are you interested in Nominating Wood Talk Online for a Podcast Award? Nominations start July 1st, click here for more details

DATE: Wed, 13 Jun 2007
SIZE: 71.5 MB
Episode 10

Download Episode Marc and Matt opened up the show by discussing Marc's 3-day training session with Festool in Las Vegas. Marc thought it was one of the best training sessions he ever had and thought the instructor Steve was terrific.Matt made the announcement about the summer awards at There are 2 categories: garden projects and wood joinery. Check it out-great prizes and all judging is being done by your peers.Our first voicemail was from Patrick. His question was on blade maintenance. The second was from Larry with a feedback comment on protecting tool surfaces. He had really good success using Topcoat by Bostick.With our emails we received a follow up on wood toxicity and allergies. Another follow up was from Kendall on episode 9 on toxicity issues with certain woods. Kendall made note that the stronger aromatic woods means stronger oils. Gordon asked Marc and Matt if they will be attending the AWFS show in Las Vegas in July. Matt will not be attending. Marc and his wife, Nicole, will be attending and invited everyone to stop by the Festool booth and say Hi. Brent had a question on shop air compressors. He would like to know what would be sufficient to run a brad nailer, finish sprayer and to clean up saw dust around work area? The guys recommended stepping it up due to using a finish sprayer. Best bet is to find the spray gun you are going to use and check out the air requirements. Jorge had a question as to where do plywood joints get their strength from? Is it feasible to use a rabbit joint to join the bottom of a wall cabinet or necessary to use a dado joint so that the cabinet bottom gets supported in the lower shoulder. Does using brad nails or screws help the joint strength while the gluing sets up? James emails in with a suggestion on what planer to buy. The second part of the email dealt with matching wood color with wood grain pattern. What less expensive local woods would match with more expensive exotic types? For example, what wood grain resembles ebony, mahogany, wenge, or even cocobola? Keith had a question for Marc dealing with Powermatic. Keith had just purchased the PM2000 table saw a few months ago and loves it. He noticed that Marc has a PM66. There is a several hundred dollar price difference between the two, and he was wondering what the major differences are. Gordon has a question on sharpening his chisels and plane blades using the scary sharp method, using sandpaper for your sharpening. It's fairly cheap without having to buy one of those grinding stations. Someone told me to check out one of those new diamond stones. Are they quicker and how long do they last? And what is the grit size equivalent for each? He followed up with a note for Marc to not throw away your feeler gauges. I found a use for them. They're great for working glue into hairline cracks or splits in wood, caused by the inept use of a chisel on occasion. Craig writes in and needs help. He is making a corner china cabinet and has a finish problem. His problem is with one of the lower doors. While applying a gel varnish he was sanding lightly between coats with 400 grit and got a little to aggressive on the lower door. Matt thought that he may have burnished the wood and that the sawdust was pushed into pores. Marc mentioned that when sanding it is hard to get wood to look exactly the same. He possibly pushed varnish down into the grain. It may never stain the same. Marc recommends spraying. Alex's question was on using double sided sticky tape and which tape did the guys use? Marc likes to use Turners tape, that he gets at wood working stores. He gets his at Wood Craft or Rockler. Matt has also used carpet tape. It's a little thicker, and even the blue painters tape. We also had someone write in that says he was building cabinets this past weekend and started pondering the question of designing the cabinets to encourage them to be square on assembly. What other techniques can you suggest to help force the cabinet into square before applying a face frame or backing? Lastly, we have a question from Lip about spiral cutter heads on jointers and if its worth the extra cost. Both Marc and Matt agreed to go for the standard head, especially if you are on a budget. Marc and Matt closed out the show with a special thank you sent out to Bob-"You are the Man!"

DATE: Sat, 02 Jun 2007
SIZE: 70.0 MB
Episode 9

Download Episode 9 Our first voicemail was from Wilbur. His question involved power jointer vs. jointing with hand planes. Skee called in, he was curious about the use of different wood species within the same project and how you balance that. Are there rules or guidelines that you use? Matt thought it was a matter of matching up the grain pattern. Marc thought it was a personal choice and that exotics were very good for accents. Marc and Matt received a comment from J.T. concerning his new purchase of the Leigh FMT mortise and tenon jig. He has had outstanding results-makes for a perfect joint. A definite time saver. Marc and Matt welcome any comments on the FMT. They would love to see any projects from their viewers. First email from Mike who has a moisture issue on his cast iron tool tops. His question was how do I remove rust from cast iron and prevent it from happening again. What can I coat the cast iron with and where can I buy it? The guys suggested checking out the forums and Marc also explained his technique to remove rust. A novice in fine woodworking wrote in to ask if the guys had any suggestions or tips on how to deal with twisted or cupped stock. Matt suggested cutting into smaller pieces and working around the defect. If a board is going to twist it will. Marc also mentioned, don't be afraid to scrap a piece. Skee had a question of structure versus weight. How do you know how much weight the stucture you build can take? Are there common rules of thumb about size and span that they can cover? Matt suggested, the project design and furniture standard section. The second part to question was a concern on driveway. What can I do to clean up material? Marc recommends TSP and wire brush. Daryl wanted to know what they would recommend to use for dovetails? The guys agreed that everyone has a different opinion on this. Daryl's second part to his question involved needing help tuning a old Bailey jack plane and a Stanley smoothing plane? Matt directed him to check out the video podcast at The Basics of tuning up planes. Their next question was a request to provide a source or list of wood species and their toxicity. Matt recommended staying away from holly. Marc suggested that there is no good dust. You should always wear a respirator. Here are some helpful links: Health Hazards in Woodworking Botanical Database Ty's question was, how do you pay for downloads? Marc mentioned that there are a lot of free resources out there. The standard upkeep of the site is where the cost comes in. Roberto had a question that dealt with a Norm Abrams show where Norm dealt with loose mortise and tenon joints. Scott wrote in with a question for Marc. He wanted to know more details about working with David Marks, and if Marc would ever consider giving the same opportunity. Marc recommended checking out Also an email from a serious hobbyist asking for a suggestion for a planer. Matt suggests a Rigid lunchbox planer. But as always, it depends on a person's budget. Then we have Louis who is working on a bed for his baby daughter. He wanted to ask the guys on their experiences with shellac. Marc and Matt agreed that the shellac would work well in this application. Recommended spraying it on. Then finally, we have Kevin who wanted to know what the guys thought about a combo jointer planer. He purchased the 6” versus the 8” joiner and currently has a lunch box planer. Neither Marc or Matt are fans of the combo. An 8” jointer would save time and trouble.

DATE: Sat, 26 May 2007
SIZE: 66.0 MB
Episode 8

Download Episode In this episode Marc and Matt have lots to talk about. Such topics as posting the winners of the Video Shop Tour Challenge to the great marketing ideas from Rockler. Marc also gives valuable insight on his new Makita drill. Also a very interesting survey was reviewed by Marc and Matt from Cabinet Maker Magazine. It has very interesting statistics from the small shop readership point of view. From there Marc and Matt went to the voice mail questions. First question was from J.D., a novice woodworker that mainly works on furniture and tables. His question involved what his next most practical purchase be? He was considering between a band saw or a jointer. Marc and Matt both agree that he would get more uses and save money in the future milling his own stock if he chose the jointer. Ken wanted to know the different uses for french cleats? Marc noted that they are a very secure way to hang cabinets. It distributes the weight along multiple wall studs. Our last voice mail was from Allen, who wants to make a parquet floor. He asked if Marc and Matt had any suggestions or tips on patterns. Matt recommended Google search and and both recommended the library for some good books on design and instuctions. From there, Marc and Matt went to their emails. Mike writes in, "Do either of you use a marking knife or gage regularly? What tools, techniques do you use to keep cuts and joints accurate?" J.T. asks if they could share their techniques on how to work efficiently in the shop. Mike had a question about a show he had seen by David Marks, where he believed he used polyurethane glue, but noticed it had not foamed up. Marc suggests that David may have been using plastic resin glue, which doesn't foam up. But if they did use poly glue they simply left out the part where it foams. Then we had a question from Justin as to the pro and cons of a sliding compound saws versus the radial arm saw. Marc and Matt both agreed on the sliding compound saw for various features as being more dependable, versatile and portability. Then lastly we had a question from Scott: His question concerned the use of leather to line his vises. They both agreed that it shouldn't make too much of a difference but that he could check out tool forum at or Matt recommended Christopher Schwartz at Popular Woodworking.

DATE: Tue, 15 May 2007
SIZE: 48.8 MB
Episode 7

Download Episode Marc talks about the latest feature that has been added to Wood Talk On Line....Voicemail, you can now submit your questions either the standard e-mail way or by voice mail. Matt tells everyone about his recent review of the "Router Bit of the Month", sponsored by Woodcraft and made by Whiteside Machine Company--this month's bit is the Classic Pattern Profile which is a cove with a round over. Marc discusses the relative dimensioning technique, which basically is cutting pieces to fit rather than cutting them to a specific number. Favorite finishes is the next topic of conversation. Marc uses all types of finishes depending on the project, but says if he had to pick a favorite it would probably be a good ole' wiping varnish formulation or a oil vanish mixture, while Matt likes to stick with a simple polyurethane. Marc also talks about a video he watched on the Fine Woodworking website presented by Andy Ray. Its a special top coat method consisting of one part boiled linseed oil, one half part varnish and a half part pore filler. Our first question comes from Steve who is looking for a new drill press and would like some recommendations. Marc and Matt discuss the advantages of bench top vs. floor models, models that are laser equipped and the variable speeds available. Marc also tells us about the drill press on his drool tool wish list! Then Ron wants to know what Matt and Marc think about alternating growth rings when gluing up panels. Matt says it has not really been an issue for him and he has not paid much attention to it and so far his projects have been fine. Marc is not convinced that it really makes a difference. David writes in and asks what is the difference between the lever and the wheel for table adjustment on a jointer, and why would you want one over the other. The next question concerns how many clamps are required for glue ups, how much pressure is needed and where is the proper placement for clamps. Marc and Matt provide some good ideas and tips on clamping and glue squeeze-out. And lastly, Gordon from Australia would like to do some decorative inlay on a coffee table top and is concerned about movement. Marc says a thin inlay will move with the base and it should not be a problem.

DATE: Fri, 11 May 2007
SIZE: 56.7 MB
Episode 6

Download Episode Welcome to Episode 6. It's been a busy week for both Matt and Marc. Marc discusses the new upgrades to The Wood Whisperer's website. There is a new streaming video and an actual chat room! Lots of fun so be sure to check it out. Our first question is from Ty. He would like information about how to get that thick top layer on a bar top that he and friends are planning to build this summer. Marc says the finish is usually a 2-part, epoxy-style finish that is poured-on and refers listeners to for their finishing supplies. Next e-mail is from Craig who is looking for the optimal way to glue up some large panels. Marc suggests using biscuits to keep the joints level and aligned. Parallel style clamps are also helpful. Matt suggests using cauls or maybe using narrower panels to make it more manageable. Terry writes in and would like to follow up on a previous show's question and would like additional information on the "how to's" when one does not have dedicated equipment such as a jointer. Then Dan asks for an opinion and discussion on the strengths vs. weaknesses for the various types of joinery such as mortise and tenons, biscuits, pocket holes, etc. for an upcoming coffee table project. The fifth e-mail is from Brian who would like to know how to get a clean edge so that the mortise and tenon looks good when assembled. Marc and Matt discuss the various possible causes for the tear out and then offer some suggestions and tips. The next question is from Pete who would like to know which key skills are required for one to become proficient in using hand tools. Correct sharpening skills is most important followed by the proper use of chisels. The next skill should be the use of a block plane, as well as card scrapers and then the various hand saws. In their discussion, Matt and Marc also talk about various chisel sets and hand saws. Jeff writes in and would like some suggestions on inlay techniques when cutting out letters that require tight angles. Marc suggests using a very fine blade on the scroll saw and then be sure to orient the letter properly with respect to the grain. Also the use of double sided tape helps. Take a very thin piece of material as a backer board and double stick tape it to the piece that you are working on. The extra support will allow really fine work without the risk of it splitting. And lastly, a BIG thank you to Bob for the generous, huge box of assorted candy. Bob is an avid listener and wanted to show his appreciation for all we do. So if there is anyone else out there listening that would like to send Marc a new wireless microphone he will be very happy to accept your donation to the cause!

DATE: Wed, 02 May 2007
SIZE: 63.6 MB
Episode 5

Download Episode This episode starts with a discussion on woodworking products based on Matt's and Marc's experiences. Matt is loving his new jointer and his ability to square things off in one pass! Marc discusses a new find, Magswitch magnets. They are awesome switchable magnets which provide a more efficient way to clamp and hold your work. The website is Does the height of your wood shop's ceiling affect your creativity??? Well listen up and you too will be enlightened with the little pearls of wisdom from Matt. First e-mail asks for an opinion on a motorized sharpening device that can be found at Neither Marc or Matt have seen this particular tool in action but based on a quick review it looks to be a pretty cool system at a reasonable price. Next question is about ear protection. Marc talks about his headphones which are Work Tunes. Matt uses ear protection which can be found at The third e-mailer wants to know if there are any secrets to be shared when it comes to changing and adjusting jointer knives. Marc suggests using a jig called a Jointer Pal. The fourth question concerns using wax on a new saw top. Marc discusses the various products he has used over the years and suggests checking out Woodnet for further information. The next question is about a saw called a Saw Stop and if its worth the hefty price tag. Matt expresses concern about the possibility of falling into a false sense of security when using this saw. Marc thinks its a quality saw but probably not worth the extra bucks. The last question comes from a rookie woodworker who wants to know which woodworking projects have provided the best learning experience. Marc says for him its the ones he ventures off on with no plan in mind and seeing where it winds up. But more important to Marc are the various people who have influenced him and his approach to woodworking. Matt says for him it was making a dresser for his son.

DATE: Wed, 25 Apr 2007
SIZE: 76.2 MB
Episode 4

Download Episode Matt discusses his new purchase, a 6" jointer and how it will affect his work in his shop since he is a hand tool type of woodrworker. Marc discusses his current shop project, a big assembly table which is a collaborative effort with Marc and Matt talk about the current woodworking shows/programs that are available on television and how they are filling a void. 1st e-mail question how to pick lumber in the rough and would it be OK to take a block plane to check the grain? Marc suggests buying more than you need to be able to match up at home in your shop. Matt suggests to ask the workers first before swiping at any lumber with a plane. 2nd question about having "one of those days" in the shop where nothing works right. Blade on his band saw keeps drifting and then at one point the blade came of the wheel and started throwing sparks. Marc suggests making sure the band saw is properly tuned and refers him to TWW podcast, Bandsaw Setup/Tune-up. Matt agrees that more than likely he did ruin the blade. 3rd question concerns how to square up stock w/o a jointer when you have a lot of rough sawn hardward in lengths of 12 to 20 feet. Matt says to use a jig of some sorts to get a nice square edge or the hand plane method. Marc suggests to do crosscuts first to make the board size more manageable and again refers him to TWW episode, The Jointer's Jumpin'. 4th question has 3 parts: first part asks how to retain the color of a checkerboard table top of red oak and mahogany. After sanding and gluing up the project to even up the ridges, the mahogany is now much lighter how can I get back that darker color. Marc says to not really worry about it since over time it will darken up to again be the original color. Second part concerns the significant ridges that were created by flipping the wood to achieve the checker board look. He want to know the best way to even up the surface. Marc says to stop sanding and suggests using a cabinet scraper first then move to a sander. Then in the third part Matt and Marc provide a number suggestions for a first time work bench or work surface. 5th e-mail question asks what is Marc and Matt's favorite bandaids. Matt likes to let the blood flow all over whereas Marc proudly admits that he uses Bandaid brand Spongebob bandaids! The real question asks for suggestions for a good reference book for wood finishing. Matt refers him to a new book called The Wood Finisher's Handbook by Sam Allen. Marc suggests some of the classics such as books by Jeff Jewitt, by Bob Flexner, Michael Dresdner or George Frank. And Lastly Marc mentions "Finishing: Methods of Work" 6th question is what to do when family purchases woodworking tools as gifts that are duplicates or step-downs or items you will never use. Both guys say to pull the tool out when the person is around but in reality the best thing is to circumvent the problems by talking to family and letting them know you are particular about tools in your shop. Last question is about spraying and size requirements for a compressor. Marc says to use a turbine sprayer since it is a self contained, portable unit rather than using a compressor that has to turn on every minute. Matt and Marc also discuss how far is far enough from one's neighbors when using a sprayer. Final discussion is about goggles, respirators and other safety issues and also why Matt references e-bay or garage sales for purchasing old hand tools.

DATE: Tue, 17 Apr 2007
SIZE: 66.7 MB
Episode 3

Download Episode 3 Marc mentioned that today is his birthday and tomorrow is Matt's. 1st email was about HVLP overspray and spray booths. Marc discussed the mess he makes in shop whenever he sprays and gave suggestions for proper ventilation techniques and cautioned against using standard fans with flammable finishes. 2nd email was for Matt about soundproofing his basement shop? Matt suggested placing the shop in a location that would be least likely to transfer sound upstairs. He also mentioned putting soundproof insulation, drywall and accoustic barriers in the floor joists. He also mentioned the use of rubber pads placed under the tools to raise them and eliminate vibrations. Marc then suggests insulation, air spaces and using materials with different densities in order to suppress sound transfer. 2nd part of the email asked for recommendations on CAD programs for design. Marc uses Sketchup. Learning curve is minimal and can be downloaded free at Marc mentioned a basic SketchUp tutorial he did in The Wood Whisperer Episode 11. He also suggested an instructional DVD from Matt said there is a free CAD program at 3rd question was how to get a good finish when routing soft wood edges and what filler to use for repairs? Matt suggested setting the bit for shallow cuts and climb cutting. Matt uses Minwax wood filler for gouges. Marc uses Famowood. Bondo is also a good product which is the same product as Minwax Wood Filler in a different package. 4th question was how to straighten an expensive piece of wood? Marc says he is convinced that when wood wants to curve, that's the way it wants to go but if you place the board on a morning lawn with the cup facing up, the moisture will soak into the wood and straighten the board out. Once the board is close to flat, bring it in to the shop and sticker and stack it with weights. And if you don't have a lawn, you can use a spray bottle of water. Marc also says to cut the board down to smaller sizes instead of forcing it into a position it doesn't want to be in. 5th question was what do you think of the new Sears Carvewright One product? Can be viewed at: Neither Marc nor Matt see themselves having it in their shop. Looks cool and fun but only if one is into carving. There is a review of it in the Tool review section of Woodcraft magazine this month. Matt discusses his new feature column in Woodcraft magazine where he reviews new websites for woodworkers. Part 2 of 5th question: What are the key power tools both hand and stationary for woodshops. Marc refers folks to The Wood Whisperer Episode 2 "The King and his Castle". Matt refers them to his podcast episode 3. Marc refers listeners to the Post on The Wood Whisperer "Zero Tools and $1000". 6th question: How to upgrade a block plane? Matt talks about replacing the irons with new blades. Hock blades vs. blue Japanese steel. 7th question: What options are there to flatten a board when one does not have a jointer or planer? Matt suggests finding a friend with tools! Marc suggests joining local wood working clubs where there is always someone willing to help a friend. Marc refers listeners to TWW The Jointer's Jumpin episode. Marc describes his Router sled technique. Also be more selective in choosing lumber or having it done at the point of purchase.

DATE: Mon, 09 Apr 2007
SIZE: 59.7 MB
Episode 2

Download Episode 2 Matt's still cleaning up his shop and getting ready for a new slant-front desk project for his daughter. Marc finally got his new garage doors installed and mentioned working on 32 plywood rings for a customer. Email topics included wood storage, narrowing down design options for customers, antique hand-tool restoration, and when to use nails and screws. Marc and Matt then discussed shop lighting options including the differences between T12 and T8 fluorescent lights. And since Matt is in the market for a new jointer, he asked Marc his opinion on 6" vs 8" jointers. Marc also mentioned a great website for helping create estimates for customers. Here's the link: And special thanks to David for sending in the link.

DATE: Thu, 29 Mar 2007
SIZE: 38.2 MB
Episode 1

Download Episode Marc and Matt discuss what's going on in their own shops as well as answer listener emails. Matt just finished up a big project so he's in cleaning mode. Marc discussed his ongoing shop air conditioning preparations and an adhesion issue he had with a table he's refinishing. Email topics included dealing with glue squeeze out, cleaning pitch and resin from saw blades, and how to charge for your work. We recommended two different products for cleaning blades. Matt like the T9 Boeshield Products and Marc uses Rockler's Pitch and Resin Remover

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