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TeXtra is technology news with a lot eXtra! It is technology meets culture, analysis, and - we hope you'll agree - humor. Host Natali Del Conte follows the what's what, who's who, and WHY of technology news that goes beyond the Silicon Valley. She is an established technology journalist, having written for PC Magazine , TechCrunch, MarketWatch, and more. For more about her credentials, visit Natali's producer page at
Recent Episodes for TeXtra
DATE: Wed, 19 Dec 2007
SIZE: 42.3 MB
TeXtra110: Happy Trails

Story 1: The National Football League signs a deal with Ticketmaster to be the official ticket reseller. Story 2: Yahoo Maps gets drag-and-drop re-routing and a few new upgrades to local listings. Story 3: The upgrade to the PlayStation 3 will make your PS3 DivX certified. Story 4: Google and the One Laptop Per Child program launched Our Stories for children around the world to tell their tales. Story 5: Google now can give you flight status directly from the main search bar.

DATE: Tue, 18 Dec 2007
SIZE: 31.4 MB
TeXtra109: The Final Frontier…Only Not Just Yet

Story 1: The National Basketball Association has a new channel on Joost. Story 2: CBS Interactive fires the production staff at, meaning the site may have had its Final Frontier. Story 3: Pownce goes mobile. Story 4: Best Buy has buy-one-get-one-free promos for BluRay and HD-DVD titles.

DATE: Mon, 17 Dec 2007
SIZE: 38.0 MB
TeXtra108: Rain Checks and Steroids

Story 1: Google adds profile cards, chat in Google Reader, and a Wikipedia-clone called Knoll. Story 2: Major League Baseball gets over 2 million downloads of the Mitchell Report. Download for yourself here. Story 3: The BBC gets a new makeover with a new home page, currently in beta. Check it out here. Story 4: Nintendo and GameStop promise Wiis by January. Story 5: Yahoo launches a Political Dashboard for the 2008 elections.

DATE: Thu, 13 Dec 2007
SIZE: 46.0 MB
TeXtra107: No Left Turns

Story 1: Bebo opens their platform, piggybacking Facebook’s API. Story 2: Zoho releases a new version of Zoho Show. For details, click here. Story 3: the IBM pushes hard to innovate airport kiosk systems with the company’s announcement of support for Aloha Airlines. Story 4: UPS eliminates left hand turns for the company’s drivers, saving time and money, according to the New York Times. Story 5: The new Jackass movie will launch free online on December 19. For some jackass-style kung fu, visit Urban Beat Down to watch Natali kick some trash.

DATE: Wed, 12 Dec 2007
SIZE: 40.5 MB
TeXtra106: How To Steal CDs From Yourself

Story 1: Google Earth adds photos and stats from social awareness photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, whose work can also be seen here. Story 2: NBC Universal strikes a deal with SanDisk to create a one-off version of the Apple TV. Story 3: the RIAA believes that making digital copies of your CDs is stealing. So be careful! Story 4: Natali heads to the Bebo breakfast to learn about the company’s new open platform. For Natali's PC Magazine coverage, click here.

DATE: Tue, 11 Dec 2007
SIZE: 40.0 MB
TeXtra105: Happy Birthday to the Commodore 64

Story 1: LinkedIn delivers on the promise that we learned about on Episode 88. Story 2: YouTube expands its Partner Program, although my research shows that this may not be a very big cash cow. Story 3: Nasa did not launch the Atlantis but the shuttle’s Web site is still an interesting site to visit. Story 4: Apple will now let you buy 5 iPhones at a time. Story 5: Natali has a rocking Monday night at the Computer History museum, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Commodore 64. Read the PC Magazine coverage here.

DATE: Thu, 06 Dec 2007
SIZE: 27.8 MB
TeXtra104: Text “1” For The Pope

Story 1: Nielsen wants to be an online piracy company with its new Digital Media Manager. Weird, but okay. Story 2: Facebook comes out with a mea culpa for Beacon. Story 3: Continental Airlines is testing a pilot program where you can carry your boarding pass as an image on your mobile phone. Read more about it here. Story 4: An Italian Web site called Santi Protettori is under fire for letting users download Catholic images to their mobile phones, according to Reuters.

DATE: Wed, 05 Dec 2007
SIZE: 36.6 MB
TeXtra103: Atlantis Is Ready For Liftoff!

Story 1: Nokia will have free Universal Music on the N Series phones soon. Story 2: Hulu now has some HD content based on the newest version of Adobe Flash. Story 3: Nasa wants you to follow this week’s Atlantis launch on its shuttle Web site. Story 4: ESPN gets ready to launch ScoreCenter for scores from every professional stadium in the world. Story 5: Flickr now lets you edit your photos directly on the site, courtesy of Picnik.

DATE: Tue, 04 Dec 2007
SIZE: 44.0 MB
TeXtra102: Kung Fu, Pay Phones, And Britney Spears

Story 1: Digg launches an image page to Digg and vote on photos. Story 2: Ms. Spears is the top searched entity on Yahoo. Read the full ranking for 2007’s top searches here. Story 3: AT&T announces a decision to get out of the pay phone business. Story 4: Wikipedia will start hiring illustrators for select articles, according to The New York Times. Story 5: A TeXtra alumni launches Urban Beat Down in order to help you learn Kung Fu.

DATE: Thu, 29 Nov 2007
SIZE: 39.8 MB
TeXtra101: Emoticons and YouTube “Debates”

Story 1: Natali’s take on the Republican presidential debates sponsored by YouTube and CNN. For her coverage, click here. Story 2: The Nokia is testinga mobile phone payment system in London called Near Field Communication. Read details here. Story 3: Lots of noise out of Google! The new Google Mobile Blog announces My Location. Gmail gets group chat and cooler emoticons. Story 4: Yahoo will start selling advertising in PDF documents in conjuction with Adobe. Yahoo also upgraded Yahoo Widgets to accomadte Flash. Update: The sunglasses we discussed on Tuesday’s show are the Oakley Split Thump, not the Thump 2. The Thump 2 is actually no longer available. Also, click here to learn more about the Nokia N 810.

DATE: Wed, 28 Nov 2007
SIZE: 27.4 MB
TeXtra100: TeXtra Is 100!

Story 1: The BBC, Channel 4, and ITV are going to make a Hulu of their own in the UK, reportedly called Kangaroo. Story 2: TAG Heuer contracted ModeLabs to make high-end cell phones. Hopefully they’ll look like Inspector Gadget phones! Story 3: Verizon Wireless decides to open up to any phone or applications. Story 4: Samsung is working on RFID chip readers in your mobile phone, according to IDG. Compare this to the HP Memory Spot. This is a better technology but I fear we’ll never see it. Oh well.

DATE: Tue, 27 Nov 2007
SIZE: 52.1 MB
TeXtra99: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Story 1: The One Laptop Per Child program extends the Give One Get One program until the end of the year. Story 2: Facebook and ABC partner up to cover the 2008 elections and debates. Story 3: Google Checkout offers some cool perks for shopping with them online this season. Story 4: Amazon launches Subscribe and Save, which is like an online version of Costco without a membership fee. Gadgets! Natali and Lukasz talk about the Oakley Thump 2 and the Nokia N810. For Natali’s ELLE Girl Gadget Guide, click here.

DATE: Wed, 21 Nov 2007
SIZE: 18.8 MB
TeXtra Outtakes - Take Two

 Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a  few bloopers for you while Natali is deep frying her turkey.

DATE: Tue, 20 Nov 2007
SIZE: 40.3 MB
TeXtra98: Kindle, Credit Cards, And Turkey Talk

Story 1: Amazon releases the Amazon Kindle, a digital book reader for books, blogs, newspapers, and Wikipedia. TechCrunch calls it “ugly but impressive.” Story 2: The PayPal launches PayPal Secure Card, which lets you use PayPal to shop online even when a vendor doesn’t accept PayPal. Story 3: Pioneer Electronics is privately testing SyncTV, a service that would let users pay for TV that they want a la carte. Story 4: Newsfactor reports that some electronics that Americans think they are recycling ends up overseas in toxic environments. Happy Thanksgiving! Want more TeXtra Outtakes? You shall have them this Thursday! Meanwhile, document your Thanksgiving recipes at Open Source Food, and photos on Flickr.

DATE: Thu, 15 Nov 2007
SIZE: 42.7 MB
TeXtra97: Live Free or Die Hard

Story 1: MTV announces a mobile social network based on Tr3s, an MTV Spanish channel. Story 2: The House of Representatives passes the Broadband Census of America Act of 2007. Story 3: 20th Century Fox plans to release the latest Die Hard movie as a Digital Copy, according to TechCrunch. Story 4: A California man sues Comcast for not delivering promised download speeds when he is on peer-to-peer sites. Read the lawsuit for yourself here.

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