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<![CDATA[In this ten minute video show Josephine Laurence takes a weekly look at the best podcasts out there.]]>
Recent Episodes for Podfinder UK
DATE: Wed, 13 Aug 2008
SIZE: 47.4 MB
Episode 48

This episode reviews Tibet Truth , a show highlighting the plight of Tibet and its treatment by China. Technology Gazette serves up group discussions on tech, gadgets and geekiness in general. From the BBC comes Pods and Blogs , a weekly insight into the podosphere and the blogosphere; intelligent, current and roots out some surprises and gems. With episodes drawing content from all Maritime accidents around the world Maritime Accident Casebok is quite an insightful show. CERN Podcast takes the biggest experiment in the Universe and mashes it together with guest stars and a former pop group Keyboardist...

DATE: Thu, 19 Jun 2008
SIZE: 97.0 MB
Episode 47

This episode reviews  Murphy’s Saloon serving up the best of Independent and Podsafe Blues, Blues Rock and Rhythm’n'Blues. Podchick She’s a former United States Naval Officer, a Harley rider, a sky diver, a corporate executive and a spreader of the positive vibe. Karen Blanchette  gives  an insightful and positive outlook to life. Inspirational! Marketing over Coffee Every Wednesday John Wall and Christopher Penn meet at a coffee shop in Massachusetts to create Marketing Over Coffee. Covering traditional marketing as well as new media.The Blueprint podcast Funny chat in this audio podcast with Chris Wright and Greg Hildreth, from Hartlepool in the UK. Current affairs, news, politics, all from an almost humourous angle.

DATE: Tue, 03 Jun 2008
SIZE: 44.3 MB
Podfinder 46

Jo reviews music show Made in the UK, Stephen Fry's Podgrams, an outpouring of his woes and life, Jersey Boys Podcast, all about the actors from the West End Hit,Theatre of the Mind with words from visionaries and scientists, Things I Learned This week, satirist Mark Necomff on five things he learned this week

DATE: Tue, 06 May 2008
SIZE: 42.2 MB
PodfinderUK Episode 45

This episode sees joe review Mr Ron’s Basement Mr Ron manages to unearth stories form as far back as the Victorians and Edwardian, and present them in a new, bright format. Star Trek Defiant. Fan fiction at its best. This show continues where the Star Trek television series left off, following the continuing adventures of the crew of the Defiant. Make Work Better helps you through your working days with tips and advice to ease the stress and smooth the lumps and bumps of working life. Sunday Best Twice-monthly podcast of Rob da Bank, Radio 1 DJ and man behind the Bestival. The Dub -  Music from some of the best dubsters in the world, carefully selected by Pete Cogle – a man who has a serious passion for dub!

DATE: Wed, 02 Apr 2008
SIZE: 50.0 MB
PodfinderUK Episode 44

A film and TV special,  Jo stays in and gets buffed up on movie news with this weeks reviews. Firstly we revisit Make It So Star Trek Podcast. The ultimate in Star Trek talk. Every Monday for some of the most brutal discussion that Star Trek has ever had to endure. Three die hard fans and the Trek they love. It’s just for Star Trek geeks, but it’s just what Doctor Crusher ordered. Mark Kermode Film Review - Mark Kermode discusses the latest film releases with Simon Mayo. Lively, controversial and unmissable movie discussion. Broadcast live on Fridays at 3pm on BBC Radio 5 Live. Filmspotting - Movie reviews, interviews and top 5 lists with Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinso. Filmforum  - New York’s leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming. Recordings of introductions and discussions about movies playing in this very select movie theatre.  Directors Notes - From the UK, Director’s Notes covers the independent filmmaking scene, alternating between showing complete short movies and then interviewing their creators and discussing the movies and filmmakers.  

DATE: Thu, 20 Mar 2008
SIZE: 56.3 MB
PodfinderUK Ep43

In this episode Jo Reviews  Transisitor Rodeo Prolific writer Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff ditches the blood and gore for a more family friendly yarn in an all-ages audio adventure novel. Running From The Reaper an on the move running/keep fit blogcast. The Podcast Doctor , David Stutz a doctor with more than 30 years experience answers your health questions.Musicians Cooler A podcast where professional musicians trade advice, experience, and talk about the music business. And 808Talk.Find out what’s happening out in Hawaii each episode with news, music and current events and a great deal of encouragement to holiday in Hawaii.

DATE: Wed, 05 Mar 2008
SIZE: 58.6 MB
PodfinderUK Episode 42

To kick off this weeks show we dive into a video podcast called Keith and the Girl TV. This show is a great bunch of laughs as Keith his girlfriend and their mates film themselves doing the most random activities imaginable. This is followed by a great audio show called Dan Carlin's hardcore History. This man knows his stuff. If you up for a challenge or just a few interesting facts, look out for Dan's review. Now from History to Horror and facts to Fiction we look at Neil Dixon's audio book podcast, Persistent Spirit. The story is set in the early 20th century, Edwardian times. This pathological cynic of all things paranormal is catapulted into a collision course with an undeniable supernatural force. So be prepared to have chills sent down your spine. After listening to a episode of Neil Dixon's audio book, you might need to watch our next show called Relaxation & Chronic Pain relief. Jason will help you relax and forget about problems you maybe having. Our last show Digital Flotsam is a mixture of music, well told stories and discussions. With three podcast pier awards under his belt I'm sure this show will keep you entertained for hours.   

DATE: Mon, 18 Feb 2008
SIZE: 50.2 MB
PodfinderUK Episode 41

In this edition of PodfinderUK Jo reviews The Truth by DJ Mr Jay and Sherri G, bringing you the latest news and music on the R & B and soul scene. BUMP which is a must for all Apple Mac fans and users with its mixture of news, features and interviews A History of Electronic Music , a unique show for the music geek into electronic music history. Imagine Animation Vodcast , a showcase of The University of the West of England up coming stars in animation and The Bitterest Pill an audio blog from stay at home dad Dan Klass

DATE: Wed, 06 Feb 2008
SIZE: 47.1 MB
PodfinderUK Ep40

PodfinderUK is 40! And just as you have become accustomed to Jo Laurence bringing you the latest and greatest podcast finds, here are five more delicious podcast treats. Discover top vegetarian cooking tips with Delicious TV, learn to play the guitar with Guitar Steps Pod, and give yourself the shivers with the stories from the Hall of Mirrors. There's great music with no interruptions from Atlantic Wave Radio, and superb classic performances from Alex Routledge.

DATE: Wed, 23 Jan 2008
SIZE: 46.5 MB
PodfinderUK Ep39

Jo Laurence is back with another great selection of shows just for you. It may be winter, but the surf's up on The Panic Button, learn from the fascinating real world experiments of Doctor Krampf, and save those £s with Wallet Watcher. Let Marcus Couch guide you through the best in independent heavy metal on The Scene Zine, and finally understand your life and relationships with the psychology of InsytWorks.

DATE: Tue, 15 Jan 2008
SIZE: 43.8 MB
PodfinderUK Ep38

Let's hear it for the girls! Jo Laurence has assembled a great female only lineup in this week's show. See the truth laid bare on the music business with Gill Mills and Flyposter , discover it only takes a minute to improve your health and fitness with Amy Mac's FitnessAttack , and relax to the sultry tones of Anji Bee and The Chillcast . Grab the latest gadget and tech news from Cali Lewis' GeeBrief TV , then catch up with the latest in the lives of the Rumor Girls . Theme tune Brand New Lover Hikarate mix by Quinn available at

DATE: Thu, 03 Jan 2008
SIZE: 44.5 MB
PodfinderUK Ep37

Josephine Laurence and PodfinderUK are back for 2008 with a whole new lineup of great shows from across the globe. Get your business head on and understand the web2.0 world with CC Chapman's Managing the Gray , Scare yourself silly ith the latest audio novel from Scott Sigler, Nocturnal , and sample a slice of rural South East Englnd with Forest Row Radio . There's a taste of faraway, almost deserted beaches with Beackwalks , and finally learn to question everything with the help of Skepitcality .

DATE: Fri, 21 Dec 2007
SIZE: 43.2 MB
PodfinderUK Ep36

It's the last PodfinderUK of 2007 and Josephine Laurence has a fantastic lineup of laughs for you in this comedy special. Get the latest, up to the minute news from The Onion, smell the angst in Abigail's X-Rated Teen Diary, and join the adventures of Ossett Flushdyke and the Traces of Nuts gang. Watch Oj Borg getting beaten up in 11th Commandment and discover just what it's like to be God in Mr. Deity.

DATE: Fri, 14 Dec 2007
SIZE: 47.6 MB
PodfinderUK Ep35

Josephine Laurence scoops up a handful of the best of the podcasts just for you. Taste the dedicated citizen journalism of Documentally , follow the exploits of TV show Lost with Jay and Jack , and prepare to be scared out in space with Crescent . There's the quirky daily life essays from Short Cummings Audio , and learn a little moagic with iTricks . Theme tune: Brand New Lover Hikarate mix by Quinn available at the  

DATE: Mon, 10 Dec 2007
SIZE: 47.8 MB
PodfinderUK Ep 34

Let Jo Laurence whisk you away to places far and near in this week's PodfinderUK Travel special. See the world on a limited budget with the Indie Travel Podcast, be well prepared for a visit to London with This Week in London, and travel all around the world with the Amateur Traveler. Discover more about Britain's historical sites in Off the Beaten Track, and follow a couple who have dropped everything to spend A Year in Europe.

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