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Craft Beer Radio


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Hosts Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss discuss craft beer and the craft brewing industry along with beer reviews, homebrewing, beer history, and current events.
Recent Episodes for Craft Beer Radio
DATE: Sat, 25 Sep 2010
SIZE: 19.0 MB
CBR 167: After the Equinox

Like a fine beer this show got better with age. Recorded in July posted in September. We drink 5 witbiers, compare, contrast, and have a peachy, er orange peely, time. Beers: Michelob - Shock Top Michelob - Ginger Wheat Great Lakes - Holy Moses Michigan Brewing - Celis White Coronado - Orange Avenue Wit Rankings: Jeff: 1. Preshow - Postshow

DATE: Thu, 16 Sep 2010
SIZE: 15.1 MB
CBR 166: Without a Net

Live to tape, without a net. We wanted to see if we could do a show that was clean enough to post without editing. It keeps is on our game and well saves Jeff the editing work. We drink English style pale ales. And computers win again. I did up our notes and the computer ate the submission. I'm going to bed. Links to the beers, and rankings later... Preshow - Postshow

DATE: Wed, 01 Sep 2010
SIZE: 15.1 MB
CBR 165: We're not dead yet.

Late or never, which is better? We hope the former. Check out this episode that was recorded 2 full months ago. It was pretty good when we recorded it but it has conditioned nicely in the cellar for 2 months to mellow out the palate. Beers: New Belgium - Ranger IPA Port Brewing 4th Anniversary Odonata Saison The Bruery - Melange #3 Rankings: Greg - 1. Melange, 2. Odonata, 3. Port, 4. Ranger Jeff - 1. Melange, 2. Port, 3. Odonata, 4. Ranger Preshow - Postshow

DATE: Wed, 18 Aug 2010
CBR Video 13: Blue Moon Grand Cru

Recorded a long time ago but newly posted. Blue Moon Grand Cru in front of your steaming naked eyes.

DATE: Thu, 29 Jul 2010
SIZE: 7.26 MB
CBR Quickie: Sun King Brewery

In this CBR Quickie we taste two beers from Sun King Brewery. From Indianapolis, Indiana. Sunlight Cream Ale Osiris Pale Ale

DATE: Fri, 02 Jul 2010
SIZE: 13.6 MB
CBR 164: Party like it's our 5th Anniversary

To make up for almost forgetting our anniversary last time we break out a quartet of tasty beers. one of which is older than the show. Beers: Karl Strauss 21st Anniversary JW Lees Harvest aged in Calcados Barrels Williamsburg Ale Works Wolfe's Trap Ale Allagash Odyssey Rankings: Greg - JWLees, Odessy, Karl Strauss, Williamsburg Jeff - JWLees, Karl Strauss, Odessy, Williamsburg Preshow - Postshow

DATE: Fri, 18 Jun 2010
SIZE: 18.2 MB
CBR 163: Fifth Anniversary?

We realize with just a few minutes left in the show that this is our 5th anniversary. It continues like it started, with a wimper ;) Thanks to super listener Mike for supplying the beers. To Greg for making the drive to my place 160 times over the past 5 years. To Heather for letting me do this silly thing. And finally to all of you for listening. I appreciate it. Jeff. Beers: Alesmith Anvil ESB The Bruery - Rugbrød El Camino (Un)Real Black Ale - Stone / 21st Amendment / Firestone Walker Black Lightning Porter Rankings: Greg - Black Lightening, RugBrod, El Camino, Ale Smith Jeff - RugBrod, El Camino, Black Lightening, Ale Smith Preshow - St. Arnold's Root Beer Postshow

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 16.0 MB
SAVOR 2010: Porters and Stouts and Cheeses, Oh My! with Rogue Ales and Great Divide

Kick back for an enjoyable time with Brian Dunn, Owner of Great Divide Brewing Co and Brett Joyce, President of Rogue Ales as they pour some favorite specialty releases and pair them with artisan cheeses. Expect to be wowed by these balanced yet assertive beers that are revolutionizing the craft beer world.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 19.5 MB
SAVOR 2010:Rare Barrel Aged Beers with Odells and The Bruery

Join Doug Odell, Founder of Odell Brewing Company and Patrick Rue, CEO/Founder of The Bruery for a tasting of some of their rare barrel aged beers. Patrick will share Oude Tart, a Flemish Red aged in red wine barrels and Black Tuesday, a 100% bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout – 19.5% ABV. The Bruery is quickly gaining a loyal following and is already considered an influential force in the craft brewing community. Odell Brewing Company is renowned for pioneering innovative brewing techniques and beer styles, including a growing variety of Barrel Aged beers. Join Doug Odell, as he pours Saboteur, Brett Barrel Brown Ale and a surprise beer TBD. You won’t want to miss this!

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 19.5 MB
SAVOR 2010:Belgian Style Beers and Food with Ommegang

Mike McManus of Brewery Ommegang teams up with Bobby Flay-conquering chef Teddy Folkman for Savor 2010. Teddy is the well-known executive chef and co-owner of Granville Moore’s Belgian Beers and Gastropub. Chef Teddy will prepare his special fare with one Ommegang ale and pair it with yet another. Sit back and enjoy as Mike and Chef Teddy infect the crowd with the tasty art of pairing of Belgian-style food and ales. Finally, Ommegang will cap the beer and food pairing with a special comparison tasting of a brand-new Ommegang exclusive beer; a beer unavailable anywhere except the brewery.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 21.6 MB
SAVOR 2010: IPAs from Coast to Coast-The Evolution of Hoppy Beers with Harpoon and Lagunitias

Ron Lindenbusch of Lagunitas Brewing Co in Petaluma CA shows the contrast between Lagunitas IPA and their current version of the ‘evolved’ IPA…the super sought after Hop Stoopid. Head Brewer Todd Charbonneau, of Harpoon Brewery Boston pours Harpoon IPA and Harpoon’s Leviathan IPA to show how Harpoon is pushing the IPA limits on the east coast. Cheeses from each coast will be paired with each beer. Learn about the differences in the recipes, coastal drinking and brewing trends, and brewing styles. Hopheads won’t want to miss this one.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 19.7 MB
SAVOR 2010: Tasting Menu: A Food and Beer Experience with Greg Engert

Join Greg Engert, Beer Director of Neighborhood Restaurant Group, as he discusses the exciting craft of pairing real food and real beer. Engert will draw upon his experience presiding over the tasting menus of Rustico Restaurant & Bar, and—more recently—Birch & Barley/ChurchKey, (where he is also a Managing Partner) to pair four rare American Artisanal brews with a four course-tasting menu designed by Birch & Barley’s Executive Chef, Kyle Bailey. This is your opportunity to see how the appreciation of craft beer has been elevated to the next level in our nation’s capital, and has found itself perfectly placed at the tables of this white-hot restaurant.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 17.7 MB
SAVOR 2010: A Very Rare Beer Tasting with Anchor Brewing

John Dannerbeck of Anchor Brewing will taste and de-construct O.B.A. (Our Barrel Ale). Plan to taste the OBA, the rye whiskey that had aged in the barrel previous and the various beers that made up the final blend. This will be a real treat.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 16.0 MB
SAVOR 2010: Pairing Beer and Foods

Gary Fish, Founder of Deschutes Brewery partners with a local renowned DC chef from the Think Food Group to present a fun and educational salon focused on food pairings with several of the Deschutes line up of craft beers.

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 16.4 MB
SAVOR 2010: Beer and Charcuterie with Left Hand and Terrapin

Ro Guenzel, of Left Hand Brewing Company and Brian Buckowski, of at Terrapin Brewing team up with Red Apron Butchery, part of The Neighborhood Restaurant Group in D.C., to present a selection of local cured meats paired with their beers. Chef Nathan Anda of Red Apron, gave Ro the idea for the smoker used for making the malt that goes into Left Hand’s famous Smokejumper and other beers. Two beers from each brewery will be paired with or used to make four different cured meats from Red Apron. Sure to be a hot ticket!

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 9.25 MB
SAVOR 2010: From Bourbon Barrels to Bock with Full Sail

Joining us from Beervana (also known as Oregon) is Full Sail’s Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson and CEO & Founder Irene Firmat who will offer a rare chance to sample two of their favorite beers: the dark and robust 2006 Black Gold Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout (from the brewmaster’s private cellar) and the golden and delicate LTD#2 (a Pale Bock). Taste the broad spectrum between these two exemplary Oregon craft beers paired with chocolate covered cherries and some Oregon artisan cheese from Pholia Farm’s. One lucky Salon attendee will take home a selection of 3 vintage bourbon aged beers hand selected and signed by the brewmaster himself.

DATE: Sat, 05 Jun 2010
SIZE: 5.47 MB
CBR 162: Clown Shoes and Blind Folds

We received a package from Clown Shoes Beer out of Ipswitch Massachusetts. Jeff didn't want the funny names and lables to effect Greg's reviews so we did the blind to him. Turns out, Greg likes their labels. As for the beer? Tune and and find out. Beers: Clown Shoes Clementine Clown Shoes Brown Angel Clown Shoes Black IPA Rankings: Greg - Clementine, Brown Angel, Black IPA Jeff - Clementine, Brown Angel, Black IPA

DATE: Tue, 01 Jun 2010
SIZE: 16.9 MB
CBR 161: Strong, Black, and Beery

Coriander, Cardamom, Caraway, Grains of Paradise; Brewers have added many seeds to their beers over the years. But perhaps none are as distinctive as the seeds (or "beans") of the Coffea family of trees. Hulled and roasted, these beans form the foundation for one of other most widely drunk beverages in the world. Today we taste five coffee beers and see, once again, what the humble coffee bean has to offer. Beers: Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale Ballast Point Victory at Sea Williamsburg Alewerks Coffeehouse Stout Troegs JavaHead Stout Rankings: jeff - lagunitias, peak, ballast, coffehouse, javahead greg - coffeehouse, ballast, peak, lagunitias, javahead Preshow - homebrew pale ale Postshow

DATE: Tue, 18 May 2010
SIZE: 13.1 MB
CBR 160: Limited Edition Stouts

Four Limited Edition Imperial Stouts will they live up to our expectations? Film at 11. Beers: Boulevard Dark Truth Stout Sierra Nevada XXX Anniversary: Fritz and Ken's Ale Brooklyn Black Ops Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Rankings: Greg: Black Ops. Sierra Nevada, Dark Truth, Hoppin Frog. Jeff: Hoppin Frog, Black Ops, Dark Truth, Sierra Nevada Preshow Postshow

DATE: Wed, 05 May 2010
SIZE: 14.4 MB
CBR 159: One Too Many

When you think spring you think Barley Wine right? So do we, join us while we try to stay sober and professional. The post show ohh ohh the post show. Beers: Dock Street Barley Wine Williamsburg Grand Illumination Santa Fe Chicken Killer Barley Wine Nøgne Ø #100 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2007 Rankings: Jeff: Illumination, Dock Street, Chicken Killer, Big Foot, Nøgne Ø Greg: Illumination, Dock Street. Big Foot, Chicken Killer, Nøgne Ø Preshow Postshow

DATE: Mon, 26 Apr 2010
SIZE: 7.75 MB
CBR Interview: Allentown Brewworks

The last of the PA beer tour interviews, I spent Saturday morning at Allentown Brew Works with Beau Baden. They have a lot brewing and Beau takes me on a tour of their barrel room and a flight of their single, double, and triple IPA.

DATE: Wed, 21 Apr 2010
SIZE: 29.1 MB
CBR Interview: Weyerbacher Brewing Company

Last month Jeff toured Weyerbacher Brewing Company. Dan, Chris, and Chris were great hosts. It's a long show, we start off with an audio tour, followed by an interview and wrap up with a beer tasting. buckle up.

DATE: Sat, 17 Apr 2010
SIZE: 15.4 MB
CBR 158: Springtime in Belgium

Ok, so we weren't really in Belgium. Hell, most of the beers weren't even from Belgium. But it is spring time so we are 1 for 2. Cheers. Beers: La Chouffe Troegs Scratch #22 Unibroue Quatre-centième Flying Dog Raging Bitch Trippel de Ripple Rankings: Jeff: 1. Troegs, 2. Unibroue, 3. Trippel, 4. La Chouffe, 5. Flying Dog Greg: 1. Unibroue, 2. La Chouffe, 3. Flying Dog, 4. Troegs, 5. Trippel Preshow Postshow

DATE: Wed, 14 Apr 2010
SIZE: 4.67 MB
CBR Interview: Heather McNabb - Selinsgrove Brewing

Next stop on the PA brewery tour was Selinsgrove Brewing Company where I met with Heather McNabb. We chat about running a small brewery in an even smaller place. we also talk about local cheese and food.

DATE: Thu, 08 Apr 2010
SIZE: 13.4 MB
CBR Interview: Tim Yarrington - Elk Creek Cafe and Aleworks

I stopped into check out a newer place called the Elk Creek Cafe and Ale Works in Millheim PA. The Brewer Tim Yarrington and I had a great talk about. I think Tim might be one of the most accomplished brewers that you have never heard of. I'm sad that I couldn't stay till the kitchen opened to try the local food. This place is tops on places I need to get back to.

DATE: Thu, 08 Apr 2010
SIZE: 4.67 MB
CBR Interview: Charlie Schnabel - Otto's Pub and Brewery

I stopped in State College to check out Otto's Pub and brewery. While there I cornered Charlie Schnabel the owner and brewer as we talk beer and cider too.

DATE: Thu, 01 Apr 2010
SIZE: 9.70 MB
CBR Interview: Bill Kroft, Marzoni's Brick Oven and Brewing

Bill from Marzoni's Brick Oven and Brewery took the time out of his day to meet with me. While he was difficult to interview , he's not the talkative type, we had a good talk especially after the recorder was off.

DATE: Thu, 01 Apr 2010
SIZE: 8.39 MB
Beer Product Revue Episode 32

In our amazing 32nd episode of Beer Product Revue we find the best beer products that the internet has to offer. Amazing Beer Products Chilly Twist

DATE: Fri, 26 Mar 2010
SIZE: 24.9 MB
CBR Interview: Jeff Guidos, Redstar Brewery

Interview with Jeff Guidos from the now former Red Star Agave Grill

DATE: Mon, 22 Mar 2010
SIZE: 26.2 MB
CBR 157: Best Show Ever.

The second law of CBR rears it's ugly head, The quality of the beers directly effects the hosts perceived quality of the show, and show and show. 76 minutes of pure gold. Oh yeah, we drink hoppy beers. Beers: Karl Strauss To the 9's Three Floyds - Apocalypse Cow Weyerbacher India Troegs Scratch #18 Triple IPA Rankings: Jeff: 1. Weyerbacher, 2. Karl Strauss, 3. Troegs, 4. Three Floyds Greg: 1. Weyerbacher, 2. Karl Strauss, 3. Troegs, 4. Three Floyds Preshow - Church Brewworks Millennium Trippel Postshow

Recent Comments for Craft Beer Radio
The main show is Religion and Politics Free

Sorry King that you don't like our personal thoughts. Hate is a strong word, but you are entitled to your opinion. This very reason is why we break our content into the Craft Beer Radio show with is tightly focused on beer talk. And our post shows which contains our opinion on all things. If you can't listen to the beer only show because you know that we talk about other things on another show that you don't have to listen to. Then I don't think you are being fair in your review of the show that is dedicated to beer.

Submitted By: jeff@... (on 5-2010)

dont listen

these guys should name their podcast bash the republicans/bash the christians instead of what they are doing now. EVERY single show that they do is nothing but bash what they dont believe. I am a christian and i like beer but come on, not everyone wants to here your hatred for god

Submitted By: kingofkings54@... (on 11-2009)

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