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The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast

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Recent Episodes for The Wigglian Way Pagan Podc...
DATE: Fri, 20 Aug 2010
SIZE: 89.5 MB
Episode 73

Hot fun in the fun in the summertime....... Eh, Wigglians, how you doin'? Well, we hope that you are doing fine! How fine? Super Fine! Thank you so much for downloading the show! Tonight's show features and interview with Wiccan priest ad pagan author, Jimahl Di Fiosa. Jimahl has three books currently available, including ALL THE KING'S CHILDREN, The Human Legacy of Alex Sanders, with his fourth book, A Coin for the Ferryman due out in Oct., we hope you enjoy the interview. Tonight's feature album is from dear friend to Wigglians everywhere, SJ Tucker and her new album Mischief. Tonight we hear Love Lies, Neptune and we finish the show with Witchka. Speaking of Mischief, we have discovered who left their copy at The Wigglian Way studio, maybe it was you! Also tonight, we hear from Sharon Knight, off of her Incantation album, please dig on Black Jack Davy and 13 Knots. We also have some updates to SJ's upcoming Strowler Nights! Listen to find out how you can get 10% off of registration to Strowler Nights, just by being a listener to The Wigglian Way! Podkin Love! Again, thanks for downloading and listening to the show. We know how busy summer gets and we love that you take time for us.  After all, it's all about the Love! Not to mention the fact , you fcnukig ROCK!  

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
SIZE: 83.1 MB
Episode 72

Greetings listeners! Thanks so much for downloading the show, we so glad that you have decided to spend a little time with us. Tonight makes a couple of returns to The Wigglian Way, first off, Sparrow's hiatus is over and she's back! We'll be doing a couple PSA's and we'll hear alittle about Sparrow's trip to Ireland. Also making a return to the show, Pagan BookWorm is back! Tonight we hear about "The Other Side of Viture" by Dr. B Myers. Also featured on Episode 72 is an interview with the talented and wonderful Kellianna! We'll be talking about tonight's feature album, Elemental and we play for you Pele, Brighid's Fire and we end the show with Full Height of Our Power. We also play a couple of tracks from the new SJ Tucker album, Mischief; which we'll be featuring next show; Ravens in the Library and Cheshire Kitten. New podkin: Pagan Hooligans. Welcome to the Family! PSA's mentioned during the show: Danielle Neal's eBay store. Please help if you can. Misanthrope Press. Etched Offerings: Voices from the Cauldron of Story. Get your write on! Podkin Love! Thank you so much for spending some of your time with us and taking us with you in your cars and trucks.  

DATE: Thu, 15 Jul 2010
SIZE: 28.8 MB
Episode 71

Well hello there, dearest listeners. It is will great joy that we present to you, The Wigglian Way Episode 71. Recorded in stereo! Hey thanks everyone for dropping by and downloading the show, we're so glad that you are here! Things are a little strange in The Wigglian Way studio tonight as we present to you the second installment of A Wigglian Alone! On tonight's show we bring back a couple of old features that we haven't done in a little while, so be prepared for some old school Wigglian! Chant O' The Show returns with Silver Shining Wheel aka. Goddess Aspects. (might have a different name where you are!) Mythic Voices makes a return to The Wigglian Way, ever wonder how Dionysus became associated with the grape, here's one possible way! Tonight's feature album is the 2004 release from Castalia, Hidden. From Hidden we hear The Soul That I Am and The Thorn Tree. We end the show off with Signs and Songs. Podkin Kisses!!! Thanks again for everything that you do for us, every minute you listen to the show is a minute that you could be doing something else, but you are sharing your time with us, THANKS!  

DATE: Mon, 28 Jun 2010
SIZE: 74.2 MB
Episode 70

Hey Hey Hey, Episode 70 is on the way! Thanks so much for downloading the show, we're so glad that you did. Thanks for waiting for us, sometimes......well, you know.On tonight's show, we have an interview that I did last month with author Judy Harrow. Judy has written three books, Wicca Covens, Spiritual Mentoring and Devoted to You and she is also HPS of the Proteus Coven. We talk about coven leadership and Judy takes a moment to remember her good friend, Alexei Kondratiev.No feature album this show, but in honour of SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney's visit and show here, we're gonna feature them tonight. From SJ's Blessing album, please enjoy In the Name of the Dance. From Gaia Consort's Vitus Dance, we play Oracle. From SJ's Haphazard, we roll out Follow Me Down. From Chalice and Blade's Wild Hunt, we spin Cunning and Art and last but not least, from Tricky Pixie's Live album, we finish the show with Hymn to Herne.As always, thank you for spending part of your time with us. Your time is the greatest gift that you can give to us, thank you.It's all about the Love!

DATE: Sat, 22 May 2010
SIZE: 66.9 MB
Episode 69

Hail Wigglians! Welcome to Episode 69, thank you so much for listening to the show, we're so glad that you are here. What a busy time for Wigglians, Beltaine used to be one day, now it seems that Beltaine lasts all month! Lucky us..... Today, Sparrow answers some listener email and Mojo talks about the second male archytype, The Magician. Mojo's research comes from King Warrior Magician Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. Today's feature album is the 1998 release by Shawna Carol, Goddess Chant. From Goddes Chant we hear Be Still, Blessed Be and we end the show with Mother's Gift. Also an extra special feature on Episode 69, the beautiful and talented Kellianna has sent us two preview tracks from her upcoming album Elemental!!! Please enjoy Elemental and Gaia Loves. PodKin Love! New podcast out there: Twitchy Tidbits hosted by Taryn Thanks again everybody for everything that you do for us! We hope that you had a happy and lustful Beltaine, let's get ready for Summer!!!! It's all about the Love!  

DATE: Mon, 26 Apr 2010
SIZE: 84.3 MB
Episode 68

Hail Wigglians, What a crazy month here at Wigglian Headquarters, Sparrow is moving and Mojo is back in the studio! Thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy lives to download our show. Tonight we feature an interview with the lovely and talented Kellianna! We hope that you enjoy it. We also read a listener email, thank you so much for the emails and comments everyone, they really make our day and keep us glowing.... No feature album tonight, it's all Kellianna....From I Walk With the Goddess, we hear Shares Her Love and Freya. From Lady Moon, we listen to Aphrodite and Pan and Maiden, Mother, Crone and we end the show with Blessed Are We from I Walk With the Goddess. Pokin Love! Thanks again everyone, for all the things that you do for us! Without you, there is no Wigglian Nation!!!!! It's all about the Love!

DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 2010
SIZE: 92.8 MB
Episode 67

  Greetings Wigglians! Guess who's back?! You got that right, Sparrow is back! Only tears of joy this time from Mojo... Thank you so much for downloading the show and your continued support through our absence. The love of the Wigglian Nation never ceases to amaze.... Podkin Love! On tonight's show, we have a couple of guest join us in the studio, Eco-Priestess and Manly Mann Mannerson and we talk about conflict, specifically, conflict in covens. It does happen and it can sound a death knell for your coven if not handled properly! We also feature an interview that Sparrow did with SM Stirling, author of many books including The Emberverse Series, which begins with Dies the Fire. Tonight's feature album is the 2004 release from Gaia Consort, Evolve. From Evolve we hear Drawing Down the Moon and Change the Way We Are. We end the show with Peace Now. During SM's interview he requested songs about wolves and we always aim to please so please enjoy Wolves by Kan'Nal and Wolven One from Heather Alexander. New shows that we mention, give them a listen: Pennies in the Well with Saturn Darkhope Pagan Flavoured Popsicle with Amber Pheonix Thank you again for downloading the show, the votes at podcast alley, the emails and comments at Facebook. You, dear listeners, are filled with Awesome Sauce! It's all about the Love!  

DATE: Sun, 14 Mar 2010
SIZE: 57.5 MB
Episode 66 - A Wigglian Alone

  Hail Wigglians! At long last, Episode 66 is here! Thank you so much for downloading the show, thank you for your patience! On tonight's show we have a very special guest, solo artist and member of Emerald Rose, Arthur Hinds is here! Thank you for coming on the show Arthur, it was an honour to have you on The Wigglian Way! No feature album tonight as we play a bunch of tunes from Emerald Rose and a couple of tracks from Poetry of Wonder, Arthurs solo album. Songs on the show: Fire in the Head from Bending Tradition. Take Me Down from Archives of Ages to Come. Four Jacks from That Night in the Garden. Pantheon and Sing from Poetry of Wonder. Podkin Love! SOOJ NEWS!! Here is an email the we recieved from Sooj and K: Greetings from K Wiley, partner and assistant to SJ Tucker.  We are now pleased to announce several very big projects in the works for 2010.  These include releasing her next album, finding our next touring vehicle, transcribing and printing sheet music for her songs, and manifesting the next SoojKon-style events, in answer to repeated demands for another rendition of the "Trains of Heaven" adventure. First, you must know that SJ and I have recently discovered a wonderful old word for an amazing concept:  Strowlers.  The original definition is from 18th century thieves cant: "n. Vagabonds, Itinerants, Men of no settled Abode, of a precarious Life, Wanderers of Fortune, such as Gypsies, Beggars, Pedlars, Hawkers, Mountebanks, Fidlers, Country-Players, Rope-dancers, Jugglers, Tumblers, Shewers of Tricks, and Raree-show-men." (From the Dictionary of Thieving Slang, 1737) I saw this definition and immediately realized:  this is us.  This is what we are and what we do.  It means even more in the modern sense.  To us, it is a word for people who make their own way because the status quo is insufficient. In this vein, we are manifesting three really ambitious events this fall - one in Seattle, one in St. Louis, and we're now setting one up in the Boston area.  The core idea is to pull together our fans as a community and to showcase the best musicians, performers, and bands that SJ has had the privilege of befriending in her travels; all of them Strowlers in their own way.  Right now, we need your help to determine how many people we can expect at each of these events.  We are also seeking vendors, volunteers, investors, and sponsors for each event.   Please fill out the online poll for the events you are interested in attending, so that we can adjust to better suit your needs.  Please tell your friends about these events, too.   We know that there are a lot of Sooj fans out there that might not see this e-mail. Seattle Strowler event (September 24-25)   Online poll:  Event details: St Louis Strowler event (October 8-10)   Online poll:  Event details: Boston-area Strowler event (either September 10-12 or October 1-3)   Online poll:  Event details: In other news, we are getting closer to the next SJ Tucker studio album: Mischief.  We are very excited.  While we're not yet ready to offer album presales, we are now offering album sponsorship packages.   You can be a part of the album that includes Salad of Doom, Cheshire Kitten, Ravens in the Library, The Truth about Ninjas, and more of SJ's best new songs.  All album sponsors will receive a special Mischief gift pack, plus high level sponsors can get their names in the liner notes and even advance pre-release downloads (Album sponsorship details are here: On logistical matters, we are now officially in the market for our next touring vehicle. Specifically, we are looking for a 2005 or 2006 Dodge Sprinter passenger van.   Help us find the perfect van by keeping your eyes and ears perked for something that meets our specs, detailed here: -- We are also offering van sponsorship packages. Last but not least, we are continuing work on the transcription of SJ's songs into sheet music.  We are working with several very talented professionals, going song by song, and making sure each one is right.  The process is proving more complicated and expensive than we originally expected, and we want to see what you think about how the project should proceed.  To that end, we have set up an online poll to get your opinion on several key aspects, and we have set up a page detailing several donation/sponsorship options, in case you're particularly interested in getting some or all of this process completed faster.   Online poll:  Songbook details: We hope that this last year has been at least as wonderful and positive for you as it has been for us.  SJ and I are grateful to you for listening and for being a part of our ever-growing success story. Thank you, very much. Sincerely, K Wiley SJ Tucker's assistant __________________________________________ Please let your voice be heard and help out Sooj and K! Thank you for supporting our friends, YOU ROCK! Again, thank you so much for downloading and listening to our show!   WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE!  

DATE: Thu, 11 Feb 2010
SIZE: 91.5 MB
Episode 65

  Howdy Wigglians! Here it is, hot of the presses, episode 65! Thank you so much for downloading the show, we're so glad that you have taken the time to share some of your day with us. You thought we were through with books?! Well ya thought wrong, Sisters and Brothers, we're not done yet. Today we have a special guest with us, returning to the Wigglian Way is none other than Louise Bunn!! YAY! Also a voice that you might recognize, Uncle Fritz is in the house! We talk briefly about pagan 'How to' books before diving right in to some of Louise's favorite pagan 202 books. A reminder that you can find all the books that we've talked about in the last three episodes on the discussion page at our facebook site. Tonight's feature album is the 2000 release by Emerald Rose, Bending Tradition, a pagan classic! From Bending Tradition we hear Red-Haired Mary and Pagan Girl. We end the show with Freya, Shakti, so make sure you listen right to the end. Our second set of music comes from Louise's recent purchases of pagan music. (thanks Louise for supporting pagan music) From SJ Tucker's Blessing we hear For the Love of All Who Gather (extened version) and from Tricky Pixie's Mythcreants we hear Carousel. We mention on the show some friends and loved ones who are dealing with some health issues, please take this time to hug the people that are closest to you, let them know how much you care! PodKin Love! Thanks again for everything that you do for us, It's All About the Love!  

DATE: Mon, 25 Jan 2010
SIZE: 77.6 MB
Episode 64

Ta Dah! Here is Episode 64, hot off the presses. We're so glad that you have taken the time to download our show, thank you so much!! I have about 5 minutes this morning to do show notes, damn mundane job, don't they kow that I have Wigglian Work to do. In tonight's show, we finish off our book interview with everybody's favorite witchy uncle, Fritz Muntean. Feature album, the 2003 release by Parnassus, First Degree. From First Degree we hear, Destiny and Late at Night and we end the show with Nothing Remains (The Initiation Song) Also tonight we hear from Kellianna with Warrior Queen and Akashik with Firedance. New Podcasts out there, Welcome to the Family! Gaia the Witch Crimson Tapestries with Symbian New World Witchery with Cory and Laine Hedgefolk Tales featuring The Lovely Sarah! That's right, TLS now has her own show, good job Baby! PodKin Love! Thank you so much for making The Wigglian Way such a fantasic journey!    

DATE: Mon, 11 Jan 2010
SIZE: 80.2 MB
Episode 63

  Hail and well met, Wigglians! Welcome to season 4 of The Wigglian Way, we're so glad that you've decided to join us today. Today, we sit down with our good friend Fritz Muntean and talk books, books and still more books. Ever feel a little down because Fraser and Graves and Murray have all been disproven as actual fact? We're here to tell you not to worry about the facts, read the inspiration! Most of these books can be found on the Pagan BookWorm's website. Tonight's feature album is the 2003 release by Chalice and Blade, Wild Hunt. From Wild Hunt we hear Pay the Piper, followed by Solstice Day and we end the show with I Hear You Calling. We also fill a listener request to crank up the decible's with Mama's Babies by Kan'nal and Releasing the Demons by Godsmack (Sully is one of us!)  There is going to be something different this year, starting with today's show, listen to find out what it is. PodKin Love! New show's in the podiosphere, welcome to the family! Standing Stone and Garden Gate cohosted by Juniper and Dr. Brendan Myers. (Another Canadian pagan podcast!) Bex's Hexes hosted by Bex. 2010 is already shaping up to be a great year, we're so honoured that you have chosen to spend some of it with us, thank you! It's all about the Love!  

DATE: Wed, 30 Dec 2009
SIZE: 78.0 MB
Episode 62

  It's the end of the decade as we know it and we feel fine!!! OK OK, so maybe the end of the decade for you isn't till next year, in that case, we'll celebrate it again next year, just for you! Thank you so much for downloading the show, spending a little time with us during this busy season is truly a blessing to us, thank you. On this, our 18th show of the year, we go over some listener and spend just a few minutes reflecting on the year. Tonight's feature album is the 2005 release, Tangles, by SJ Tucker! SOOJ! (This is actually the only SJ album that we have featured this year, by the way.) From Tangles, we hear Pixie Can't Sleep and Baba Yaga and we end the show with Mary Mary. SOOJ NEWS! There is a new Sooj track available and we've got it and we're gonna play it for you tonight! The new track is called Were-Owl, and you can buy it now. Since we're already playing 4 of Sooj's songs, we might as well make it a whole show of Sooj, from Tales From the Road, we hear Rain Falls Hard, which is also on Tangles, by the way... Old shows coming back!!!! Welcome home!!!! PodKin Love!!!! Eat My Pagan Ass Lance and Graal We've had another great year doing The Wigglian Way, thanks to you! Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us this year, every comment, every vote, every listen, every goosebump, every shiver, every tingle, thank you. We'll see you next year!  xoxoxoxox It's all about the Love!  

DATE: Wed, 09 Dec 2009
SIZE: 68.4 MB
Episode 61

>Well well well, look who's back! That's right, H1N1, hard drive crash be damned, it's us and we're back for Episode 61, thank you so much for downloading the show. Tonight, Mojo begins his look at the four basic male Archetypes starting with The Warrior. Warriors, come out to play-ee-yay. Sparrow has a Yuletide tale from the Witchy Godmother to share with everyone. Tonight's feature album is the self titled album from The Devil Makes Three. From The Devil Makes Three, we're going to hear Shades and Old Number Seven and we end the show with The Plank. Great stuff. We also hear Christmas in the Southland by the Bone Poets Orchestra and from Songs for the Waning Year by Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle, we hear Solstice Prayer. Yule is just around the corner, we can't promise another show before Yule, so everyone here at The Wigglian Way would like to wish you a happy holiday season, whichever holiday that you are celebrating. We're a little spoiled around here at The Wigglian Way because you, dear listener, make it seem like Yule all year round. Every download, vote, comment, and email is a gift to us - thank you!  

DATE: Tue, 10 Nov 2009
SIZE: 19.7 MB
Episode 60

What? Another show so soon? You got that right Brothers and Sisters, we're back! What a quick turnaround! We got news, great news!Thanks to you, dear listeners, thanks to you, dear PodKin, we have been nominated for the 2009 Podcast Awards, The People's Choice! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What an honour this is! We've been nominated in the Religion Inspiration category.But wait, it's isn't just an honour for us, this year we are joined by our good friend Jason Pitzl-Waters, his show; A Darker Shade of Pagan; was nominated in the Podsafe Music catergory. Great work, Jason!Voting opens Nov. 13 and runs till Nov 30. You can vote once a day per IP address, which means you can vote from Home, Work, the Library, your Blackberry. Please spare a Wigglian a vote!Thank you once again for this honour.Podkin Love!It's all about the Love!To learn more about the In Flanders Fields song, please click here.

DATE: Sat, 07 Nov 2009
SIZE: 75.2 MB
Episode 59

Twas a dark and stormy night in Wigglian Town and all the little Wigglians were tucked under the covers to wait out the storm. Then someone broke out some massage oil.....Thank you so much for downloading the show, we hope that you enjoy it. Tonight, we talk about spells and the Witches Alphabet, Theban.Our feature album is a new 18 song collection from Emerald Rose, That Night In The Garden. (Thank you, Arthur!). A great new live album, check out the harmonies! Please give a listen to Twilight Falls and Castle of Arianrhod. We end the show with Take Me Down.Also on tonight's show, Barrow Song by Telling the Bees and Falling Star by Qntal.Podkin Love!New podcasts mentioned on the show, welcome to the family!Inciting a RiotThe Scrying BowlBook of ShadowsValley WitchesWe love Moonlit Creations!!!!!Thanks again for spending a part of your day with us, we are truly Blessed, by you. 

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Recent Comments for The Wigglian Way Pagan Podc...
LOVE this show!

Ive loved the Wigglian Way for as long as its been on the interwebz :) Awesome job guys!

Submitted By: birch@... (on 3-2014)

Great podcast. Have been following the Wigglian way for years.

Submitted By: Jttac@... (on 11-2013)

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