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Going Linux is a podcast for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. Whether you are new to Linux, if you are moving from Windows to Linux, or if you are thinking about moving to Linux, this podcast and website will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and Linux applications.
Recent Episodes for Going Linux
DATE: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30

Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30 "Cloud-based Linux distributions" is the topic for today. We discuss operating systems that are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently getting you on the Internet, and provides you with as many applications as possible to work FROM the Internet. Examples of cloud-based applications are Google's "Docs and Spreadsheets" office suite, and the on-line iTunes clone, "The Cloud Player." Peppermint OS is a fast, lightweight Linux distribution, based on Linux Mint and Ubuntu, using very few hard-drive based applications. This distribution uses a concept called "Site Specific Browsers" to present web applications in a single-purpose browser window, that makes it look and work much like a traditional, installed application. To put web apps on your desktop, Peppermint OS uses Mozilla's Firefox and Mozilla's Prism technology. Peppermint Ice uses Google's Chromium browser. As always, we answer plenty of listener e-mail as well. Episode 115 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30 00:16 Introduction 02:56 Cloud-based Linux distributions 14:31 Peppermint One and Peppermint Ice 18:11 Site Specific Browsers 25:30 "Wacky orange flavor" Linux 26:00 Getting started with Peppermint Linux 35:13 Other "cloud" operating systems 38:32 Alexander: Which operating system is best? Windows, Mac, or Linux? 50:32 Jon: Portable Apps for the library user 54:52 Scott: Problem affects both wired and wireless network on Ubuntu 67:48 Jeff: Google offers "Talk" with chat 69:42 Mike: Which routers are compatible with Linux? 70:54,, +1-904-4-OUR-TUX, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 74:46 End

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 42.9 MB
Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop

Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop Tom and I walk through the setup for Remote Desktop. We also connect to each other's computers over the network. We discuss how to use port forwarding to enable the ability to use Remote Desktop to connect computers through a firewall or router. We also discuss alternative methods of connecting computers remotely over the Internet. Episode 114 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop 00:17 Introduction 00:44 Don't use FAT32 on multi-GB USB backup drives because of file size limit 04:47 Google voice number +1-904-4-OUR-TUX 1-904-468-7889 07:03 Remote desktop setup to allow connection to your computer 18:15 Making the connection 20:20 A complete meltdown on the Internet 22:06 Port forwarding to allow bypassing of a router or firewall (port 5900) 25:30 Finding your local IP address 27:44 Connecting through your corporate network 30:26 SSH option vs. VNC? 32:13 JPEG helps with viewing video remotely 33:09 Do not run Compiz (desktop effects) 34:57 Alternative methods of connecting remotely to computers NX Free, NeatX, SSH 37:46 Software Pick: Audible player for Android 44:40,, +1-904-4-OUR-TUX, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 46:54 End

DATE: Sun, 05 Sep 2010
SIZE: 58.2 MB
Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback We have lots of audio feedback. Thanks everyone. More "Gone Linux" success stories, and questions - as always. Episode 113 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback 00:16 Introduction 01:12 04:00 Steve McLaughlin - The Door To Door Geek: scipe text editor 06:05 Bill: Fedora 13 review (sort of) 09:22 Skwiggs: How do I boot physical W7 partition in Virtual Box on Ubuntu host? 13:40 Jim: Moving Outlook to Thunderbird, not so easy 26:32 Troy: HP OfficeJet 8500 install, on W7 took 4 hours; on Linux, just plug it in 30:37 Jason: Don't claim OOo is 100% compatible with MS Office 34:33 Mike: Use Portable Apps to run Firefox in Library instead of IE 37:22 Mike: Commercial apps for Linux 39:26 Trevor: Highlight text in a browser and run in a terminal - TerminalRun 40:07 Angelo: How do I install Ubuntu on a system with no CD or DVD drive? 44:18 Keld: Would like to see "You dare us" like on TuxRadar 47:52 Mike: With Mint there really isn't a reason for Windows users not to switch 50:34 Dakota: Linux has made my life easier and more fun 54:58 George: Using Rhythmbox since losing iPod, now is catching up on our podcast 56:24 Zeb: Why does "complete removal" not mean "complete removal?" 62:29 OLF Promo 63:37 End

DATE: Fri, 20 Aug 2010
SIZE: 62.2 MB
Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business

Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business This episode focuses on Linux for small business, but we also discuss a bootable rescue CD on a flash drive. We discuss hardware requirements, operating systems and software applications for specific purposes as well. Episode 112 Time Stamps 00:00 00:00 Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business 00:16 Introduction 01:06 Vinux as a bootable talking rescue thumb drive 05:58 08:05 Thanks to Frazer and Kevin and Martin 08:29 Articles on Linux for small business 11:57 Frazer: Needs online backup and hardware requirements a new computer 16:41 Kevin: A Linux distribution for business? 22:15 Martin: Suggestions for an episode (This one) 25:09 Which hardware to choose for Linux compatibility 32:05 Software for scanning 34:27 Content Management System (CMS) 37:04 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 40:46 Mobile phone sync with Linux 43:54 Connecting from ouside 46:39 Digitally signed documents 48:56 Enterprise Content Managment (ECM) 50:05 Software suggestions from Martin 58:38 Compatibility of files 60:12 Software pick: man2html create manuals at http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html 64:33,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 66:56 OLF Promo 67:57 End

DATE: Thu, 19 Aug 2010
SIZE: 47.8 MB
Going Linux #111 - Computer America #29

Going Linux #111 - Computer America #29 Topic of the month: Office for Linux. KOffice: KWord (word processor, desktop publishing) | KSpread (spreadsheets, formulas, charts) | KPresenter (presentations) | Kexi (database) | KPlato (project planning) | Kivio (diagramming and flowcharting) - not yet released | Karbon (drawing, vector graphics) | Krita (painting and image editing)., formerly from Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle): Writer (word processor, desktop publishing, WYSIWYG html editor) | Calc (spreadsheet, formulas, charts) | Impress (presentations) | Draw (drawing, vector graphics) | Base (database) | Math (scientific formulas and equations) | Plugins from OpenOffice and third parties.Go-oo: Distributed as, with openSUSE, Mandriva and Ubuntu Linux. Episode 111 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #111 - Computer America#29 00:17 Introduction 02:10 Office for Linux 03:39 04:53 KOffice 05:50 Are office suites for Linux compatible with Microsoft Office? 07:50 Go-oo is distributed, and branded as, with many Linux distributions 10:47 How do I open a Microsoft Office document in OpenOffice? 13:01 Why not use a cloud-based office suite instead of OpenOffice? 17:52 Components and derivatives of office suites for Linux 21:08 Will Oracle kill OpenOffice? 24:18 Go-oo can open and save files with those new docx, xlsx and pptx files. 30:59,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 35:08 Ohio Linux Fest 2010 Promo 35:35 Göran: Correcting Larry's mistake 40:35 Jim: OpenOffice documentation 43:25 Henry: Will I be able to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu? 54:35 Reese: Copy and paste is different on Linux than on Windows 59:32 Where do I find Going Linux? 62:48 John: Trouble opening .mht files in Firefox (use the unMHT plug-in) 64:42 End

DATE: Thu, 05 Aug 2010
SIZE: 54.5 MB
GGoing Linux #110 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #110 - Listener Feedback It's only been a month, but it seems like a long time since we recorded a Listener Feedback episode. This time we discuss why we have taken on Audible as a sponsor. Audible provides DRM-restricted audio books and requires a prprietary player that doesn't work on Linux. Listen in to find out what we're doing and how you can help. Len and David provide us with audio feedback, and we discuss everything from Vinux and Mythbuntu, to hardware drivers and Linux pottery. Episode 110 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #110 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:48 What's up with the Audible advertisement? 03:00 Let's work together to encourage Audible to help develop a player for Linux 05:10 Audible responds... and says they are working with the Linux community 06:16 Write to customer service, especially if you are a Linux developer 09:52 Len: Corrects Larry's mistake on the show notes page 12:30 David: Rythmbox issue 16:08 Lester: Graphical version of wget... gwget 18:22 Podcast Alley thanks 19:01 k9joshua: Found us on Miro and catchin up 22:28 lightacannon: Looking for accounting software for Linux 23:40 Angelo: Wants a talking rescue disk 27:41 Ray: Disagrees with Larry and Carey that IE9 support dropped on XP will boost Linux sales 30:42 David: Additional information on Prism... no plugins 35:49 John: Tries Mythbuntu, then wishes he hadn't when it removes ubuntu-desktop 43:15 Yo! Pandabear: Nod32 antivirus for Linux 44:56 Martin: Sound volume problems when recording videos 49:03 Charles: Painting pottery 50:11 Tony: Audio streaming skips. Is it the sound card? 53:23 Richard: Needs DVD codec 54:55 David: Gone Linux on Netbook and ameture radio 57:28,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 59:29 End

DATE: Thu, 22 Jul 2010
SIZE: 68.7 MB
Going Linux #109 - Computer America #28

Going Linux #109 - Computer America #28 Topic of the month: "Supporting Linux Computers." One of the weaknesses of supporting Linux computers is that there are not as many good screen sharing and collaborative tools. Having said that, the situation is changing. Once again, Carey defends the fact that he does like Linux. As a Windows support tech, he just doesn't see value for him to use it. Yes, of course he uses embedded Linux in his NAS devices, etc. Episode 109 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #109 - Computer America 00:17 Introduction 01:51 The Comupter America hosts chit-chat about this and that 06:24 The Linux stuff starts here 08:33 Supporting Linux computers 10:10 Larry admits the "negative side" 15:54 Some software that Linux support techs might use 20:23 Other ways to get support for Linux 26:00 Distractions from the chat room 29:09 If there is no value for the individual, they will not switch to Linux 32:54 How to get the Going Linux podcast 35:17 Carey loves Linux 37:52 Barry: Have faith, Linux figures out the drivers for printers without help 48:10 Martin: Creates another Linux convert 55:08 Selecting e-mail for the show 56:56 Frazer: He uploads files using Linux on unsecure FTP connection because they don't trust Linux 69:59 Paul: Copying files over a NAS is so slow compared with using Windows? 71:26,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 75:03 End

DATE: Tue, 20 Jul 2010
SIZE: 48.2 MB
Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced

Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced We conclude our episode to show old bash shell junkies, how to to do in the GUI, many of the things they do today from the command prompt. Of course users of the graphical user interface can learn a thing or two about the command line as well. Episode 108 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced 00:120 Introduction 00:67 03:22 Our inspiration 04:32 Delete and "move to trash": gparted 09:11 Users, groups, permissions and owners 12:21 Browsing and managing files 14:16 Text editors and advanced features for programmers 21:21 Starting and stopping services (processes) 23:51 System monitor 27:03 Programming and IDEs 30:09 Remote control, FTP and stuff we aren't going to cover here 31:02 mySQL administration 32:41 File downloads - FileZilla and using the browser with Nautilus 37:56 Installing applications 41:32 Thanks Jeff 42:07 Software Picks: Peppermint One Linux, Prism web application launcher 50:43,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 52:37 End

DATE: Mon, 05 Jul 2010
SIZE: 29.1 MB
Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback The idea for the episode came from listener, Jeff. He suggested we produce an episode to show old bash shell junkies like him, how to to do in the UI many of the things he's been doing for years from the command prompt. It will take us more than one episode to cover all of this, so this is the "introductory" episode. Episode 107 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 00:47 What's missing? 02:04 Haresh: browsers and tabs 05:15 Christos: Going Linux - an acquired taste, dreams of being a "minion" 11:21 Things that run Linux (tip of the hat to the Linux Action Show) 12:38 Doug: Running a physical Windows intall as a virtual box image 16:56 Frazer: Gets better help from the Linux community than from that old Microsoft OS 18:09 Mike: You can run scripts and links to executables from your home folder 20:07 Jonathan: Frostbite Systems now has Frostbite Media 21:44 Roy: Correction - CENTOS is not sponsored by Red Hat 24:09 Cross: Gone Linux! 26:35 Keld: Gone Linux with 50 old PCs 27:53 Free Linux Box donations 28:51,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 31:18 31:50 End

DATE: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
SIZE: 36.7 MB
Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction

Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction The idea for the episode came from listener, Jeff. He suggested we produce an episode to show old bash shell junkies like him, how to to do in the UI many of the things he's been doing for years from the command prompt. It will take us more than one episode to cover all of this, so this is the "introductory" episode. Episode 106 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction 00:22 Introduction 01:27 A Linux virus?! NOT! 04:24 Linux on point-of-sale terminals 07:26 Tribute to Linux Action Show (well, sort of) 07:56 Jeff suggest the topic for this episode 13:02 Command-line tip for script writers 14:39 GUI alternative to back-ups instead of using dar and dar_manager 19:39 Disk Usage analayzer is the graphical alterative to the du command. 21:26 We discover some differences between Ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10 22:47 Find files using Search for Files (gnome-search-tool) instead of find, sed, locate and awk 28:15 Advanced search options in the gnome-search-tool 37:47,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 40:04 End

DATE: Fri, 18 Jun 2010
SIZE: 70.5 MB
Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27

Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27 The topic, "Linux on the Small Business Desktop," starts a conversation about point-of-sale terminals. We discuss the need for Office Suites on Linux to be compatible with Microsoft Office, 7 reasons to move to Linux, and how Internet Explorer 9 could lead to success for Firefox and the Linux OS. Why are Linux users concerned with Windows terms of use? We answer listener questions. Episode 105 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27 00:17 Introduction 03:08 Movie talk 09:45 Kevin wrote an e-mail that inspired today's topic 12:05 Small business software needs: Microsoft-compatible Office Suite 15:29 PDF creation for free 18:38 Point-of-sale terminals 20:08 What about support? 21:29 A POS system is a computer 27:07 Get a professional to support your Linux server 36:28 7 Reasons for small business to switch to Linux 40:37 Michael: Podcast Alley feedback Windows licenses for Linux users 47:52 Microsoft's lack of IE9 support in Windows 7 could be good for Linux 52:51 Podcast Bunker (now listing the Going Linux podcast) 54:19 Why Linux users worry about Windows licenses 56:27 Dannyboy: What makes the android phone a better device than the iPhone? 58:52 Glen: Sensors-applet and hardware-monitor are in the "universe" repository. 60:52 Deniz: What about the Going Linux CDs. 66:36 John: Learning about Unix rather than Linux in school 69:49 CitizenX: Latin support in Linux. 71:45,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 77:00 End

DATE: Sat, 05 Jun 2010
SIZE: 57.5 MB
Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback Lots of links from our listenters with help for Tom's Chrome woes, Larry's black-on-black menu issues and more. More links to cloud apps and late breaking news from Klaatu. Episode 104 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:14 Ubuntu Lucid allows simultaneous recording and Skype 04:52 Mattias: Using Dropbox to share settings on multiple computers 09:15 Michael: AdTwart for Chrome 14:43 Daniel: Blocking ads and opening all tabs easily in Chrome 16:45 Scott: Choose from "cleanlooks" in Skype to fix the black-on-black menu problem 19:06 Gord: Subscribe links fail. (Right-click and copy to podcatcher.) 21:05 Brian: Multiple links to interesting articles 23:00 Richard: Video card and printer problems may both be driver issues 27:10 Martin: Apps for blind users 29:35 Martin: Symbolic links to a command 30:45 Dharmin: Used iTunes and iPod; went mad on Vista, has now switched to ubuntu and HTC Magic 32:37 John: Expert advice and links for on-line services 37:48 Terry: Not all flash drives are created equal; choose carefully 44:28 Matt: Thumb drive advice while riding a mower (Listen. You'll figure it out.) 47:44 Chris: Gone Linux for programming 48:28 Josh: Gone Linux - the novel 53:06 Ken: How The Small Box Admin has Gone Linux 56:37 xPenguins 58:05 GNU Linux Media Sprint results 61:05,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 62:50 End

DATE: Mon, 24 May 2010
SIZE: 69.6 MB
Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26

Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26 Linux "OS-10" The latest Ubuntu is more like Mac OS-X than ever. - Designed to be easy to use. - Online music store and integrated music player. - Pre-packaged with all the basic applications an average user will need. - Advanced applications are also available that expand the basic capabilities. - And now the close, minimize and maximize buttons are on the left of each window. Episode 103 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26 00:17 Introduction 02:19 Hello and welcome 04:01 Chat room troubles 05:15 Linux OS-10: Ubuntu 10.04 has a lot in common with the Mac OSX 09:05 Stability 11:41 Reliability 12:55 Why, oh why can't Larry get into the chat room? 14:12 On-line music store and integrated music player 18:13 Why has Apple not created a version of iTunes for Linux? 19:55 Looking at the Ubuntu 10.04 desktop 22:45 Computer up-time with Linux-based NAS devices 27:40 NAS: Build or buy? 32:50 Two versions of Java are NOT better than one 36:59 Hour two 38:18 John: Wants to installing 10.04 on machine with Ubuntu already installed using Wubi 46:02 Jeff: Looking forward to multi-touch on Linux 50:38 Dharmin: Looking for Linux alternative to iTunes 56:02 David: Uses Thunderbird. Wants mail left on the Hotmail server 60:52 Lightning and Sunbird for calendaring 62:42 Daniel: Lexmark is now officially supporting Linux 65:38 Ken: Takes issue of my characterization of non-LTS releases of Ubuntu 70:57 Ubuntu: An excellent user experience out of the box 73:08,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 76:02 End

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 55.7 MB
Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced

Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced We explain David Falcone's 100th episode audio congratulation. Larry waits to install Ubuntu 10.04 -- he waits for a day after its release! We provide lots of links, here in the show notes, for all of the topics we discuss. The Knightcast KC0035 plays a big part in this episode of Going Linux. Thanks to Knightwise for his excellent review of cloud computing -- and for saving us a lot of work! :) Episode 102 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced 00:17 Introduction 01:20 Thanks to "the guys" at the Bar B Ranch 03:27 Tom tries Chrome again. Stays with Firefox 05:34 Larry waited to install Ubuntu 10.04 (Sure he did!) 08:04 Tom really will wait 12:13 Cloud Computing Applications - more than we thought 13:42 Google is in the healthcare business 16:40 Cloud-based office suites: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, flow diagrams and more 21:16 Cloud-based storage 29:53 Browser bookmark synchronization 34:10 Knightwise and The Knightcast podcast 36:30 Google docs and other stuff 39:20 Microsoft virtually in the cloud and delivering pizza 42:19 The Kightcast KC0035 51:38 Edward: eyeOS - cloud-base operating system 53:26: Kevin: Links courtesy of Linux Back to Basics 58:47,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 60:54 End

DATE: Tue, 11 May 2010
SIZE: 45.6 MB
Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback After we recorded Episode 101, we received an e-mail from David Falcone, who recorded a 100th episode audio congratulation on Audacity, running under openSuse 11.2, on an old laptop and using a webcam for a mic. Nicely done David! Explanations, suggestions, solutions and ideas -- all from our listeners. Thanks once again everyone! Tom and I both have software picks this time. Episode 101 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:12 David Falcone: Congratulations on your 100th episode 02:43 Ubuntu 10.04 03:08 Question: WAV or no WAV? 05:02 Tom wants to get back at spammers 07:18 Your computer IS infected. Download this program to fix it. 08:30 Russ Woodman: Xaster explained, DSL modem help 13:50 Danny: Using Orca and Debian 16:46 Dharmin: An alternative for iTunes? 19:15 John: Print screen and backups 21:48 Roger: Skype webcam solution 25:54 Alexey: More Skype webcam and printscreen ideas 35:24 Doug: Booting your physical Windows partition from within a Linux VM 36:29 Svrivani: How do I write a command-line program for Linux? 38:44 Grigory: Suggests we do an episode on light-weight distros. 41:44 Software pick: Real Player 42:55 Software pick: Any LiveCD Linux distribution 47:58,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 49:51 End

DATE: Thu, 22 Apr 2010
SIZE: 57.1 MB
Going Linux #099 - Computer America #25

Going Linux #099 - Computer America #25 Recorded on April 20, this month's radio appearance topic is "Hardware manufacturers and support for Linux." Episode 99 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #099 - Computer America #25 00:17 Introduction 61:54 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 62:21 End

DATE: Wed, 21 Apr 2010
SIZE: 46.1 MB
Going Linux #100 - Synaptics-Advanced MultiTouch for Linux

Going Linux #100 - Synaptics-Advanced MultiTouch for Linux This special episode recognizes a hardware manufacturer who has gone out of their way to support Linux. Synaptics, maker of user interface touch devices for computer, mobile phones, remote controls and other devices companies, have just announced that they are bringing mult-touch capability to the Linux desktop with their Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS) for Linux. Tom and I discuss. Oh, and we make the special announcement we teased on episode 98. Episode 100 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #100 - Synaptics 00:15 Introduction 01:20 Adopting Ubuntu 10.04 02:45 Is Larry switching to Mint? 04:20 Announcing our DVD archives (coming soon) 08:42 Synatpics (not the package manager) introduces advance MultiTouch capabilities for Linux 13:44 The press release 17:36 Is it downloadable? 18:05 Current TouchPad capabilitieson Linux laptops 22:48 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 25:29 End

DATE: Sat, 10 Apr 2010
SIZE: 46.1 MB
Going Linux #098 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #098 - Listener Feedback This time we have no audio feedback, but we have lots of e-mail for our "Gone Linux" segment. People seem to love sharing their stories of moving to Linux with us, and we sure enjoy reading them. Episode 98 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #098 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:13 An announcement about an announcement 02:20 OggCamp 03:44 Pete: Dead computer + Linux = new PC. Vista + infection = time for Linux 07:49 Larry and Tom: Skype issues, Windows won't allow a screen shot 12:40 Bob: Left XP on over night, got infection, now using Linux 17:18 David: From Unix to Caldera to Slackware and Arch 18:31 David: Puts Ubuntu on netbook and converts Dad to Linux 20:24 Ohio: Was slipped a copy of Linux while taking the Microsoft certification 23:18 Scott: Why Linux is safer? 26:02 Jeff: Finding where a Linux program is located 29:32 Tim: Suggests that we refresh some older episodes for modern distributions 31:04 Greg: Suggests rdiff-backup and shares a link 33:10 Darshana: Is the Prolink Hurricane H8600 Linux-compatible? 36:16 Jeff: Suggestions regarding the SCaLE presentation 38:05 Michael: Using the Ctrl+Alt+F7 tip 38:50 Andrew: Keryx for downloading applications on one computer and installing on another 41:52 Steve: Why you should NOT run Windows in a VirtualBox 44:18 David: Using TrueCrypt and Dropbox to store data in the cloud securely 47:06 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 49:26 Southeast Linux Fest 50:22 End

DATE: Mon, 22 Mar 2010
SIZE: 24.6 MB
Going Linux #097 - Linux and Cloud Computing-Introduction

Going Linux #097 - Linux and Cloud Computing-Introduction What is "cloud computing" anyway? We give examples of some applications that are considered to be "in the cloud." Episode 97 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #097 - Linux and Cloud Computing-Introduction 00:17 Introduction 02:07 Definition: Cloud Computing 03:16 Examples of Cloud Computing 04:08 The trade-offs of computing in the cloud 05:02 Some security issues 06:40 The convenience of cloud computing 07:34 Drop Box: Do they have my whole hard drive? 10:46 Free vs. paid features of cloud-based office suites 12:51 Free vs. paid: DropBox and UbuntuOne 14:01 Google Docs: now with file sharing 14:34 Updates and updates are automatic on the cloud without downloading 15:15 Cloud computing in the corporate enterprise 16:45 More details in the advanced episodes 17:30 Tom's picks: Terminal Run for Firefox, zooming in Firefox 20:51 Larry's pick: Google Chrom for Linux 25:05 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 26:53 End

DATE: Thu, 18 Mar 2010
SIZE: 66.1 MB
Going Linux #096 - Computer America #24

Going Linux #096 - Computer America #24 Topic: Googling for Linux help. Episode 96 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #096 - Computer America #24 00:17 Introduction01:51 Is that sunset a screensaver or is it live? 05:20 Linux at Disney 06:06 What about Fedora? 07:26 Linux: Not just for geeks any more 09:32 Charlie: Problems getting on the Internet resolved 14:29 Linux Mint has many of the "extras" installed by default 16:31 Charlie has room to install Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 9.10, Linux Mint and Windows 7 at the same time 18:35 What is Puppy Linux? 21:21 How do I find help for myself about Linux? 23:32 The special Google search page for Linux topics 25:04 Using the right terms when you search 26:06 Google's search help topics 29:23 Choosing the right words for a search 32:06 Using "+" and "-" to refine your search 34:20 Promo: Southeast Linux Fest 37:19 Dave: Recommends PlayOnLinux to run iTunes under Linux 42:56 Calder: Locked-down Linpus version of Linux on Acer Aspire One 48:52 Paul: Trouble booting LiveCD on dual-monitor setup 54:45 Zonric: Recommends PlayOnLinux for games 63:00 Vaughn: Scanning for Windows viruses using antivirus software running on Linux works! 65:32 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 72:12 End

DATE: Mon, 15 Mar 2010
SIZE: 40.7 MB
Going Linux #095 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #095 - Listener Feedback Scott's question about a Mac-like dock for Linux generated a lot of feedback. We read and answer other questions as well. Episode 95 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #095 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:14 Jim: Installed Ubuntu on a custom computer, now has multiple Linux computers 04:50 Bob: Has used many operating systems. Because of the MS "you are a criminal" attitude, moved to Linux. 08:24 Zonrick: Now running Ubuntu, even though he is a gamer. 09:21 Scott's question generates lots of recommendations 10:22 RoadSurfer: recommends AWN, docbarx 15:30 Chuck: AWN 15:52 Klaatu: Wbar, AWN, Daisy 17:43 Door To Door Geek: Enlightenment 17 19:07 Zonrick: Simdock 20:02 JFL: Mac4Lin 20:36 Steve: Dreamlinux 22:14 Daniel: AWN, Cairo-Dock, Docky, wbar 25:29 Matt: Cairo-Dock 26:57 Terry: Cairo-Dock 30:41 Ohio: Acer, Power PC recommendations 31:27 Dejan: Installing and using Linux without a fast Internet connection 36:49 JFL: Views Linux as a modular operating system 38:35 Klaatu: Sawtooth G4 installation suggestions. Low spec computing considerations. 42:28 Mikolaj: Defenestrate 43:20 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 44:25 End

DATE: Sat, 27 Feb 2010
SIZE: 61.7 MB
Going Linux #094 - SCaLE 8x

Going Linux #094 - SCaLE 8x In this episode, we present the audio from Larry's talk, "Penguins Don't Feel Pain" at the 8th Southern California Linux Expo. Episode 94 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #094 - SCaLE 8x 00:17 Introduction 01:08 Penguins Don't Feel Pain 66:15 Ogg Camp promo 67:23 End

DATE: Sun, 21 Feb 2010
SIZE: 61.8 MB
Going Linux #093 - Computer America #23

Going Linux #093 - Computer America #23 Topic for the month: "Anti-virus software for Linux" Episode 93 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #093 - Computer America #23 00:15 Introduction 01:52 Anti-virus software for Linux 06:00 Are virus writers writing for Linux, or is it like the Mac? 07:49 Use anti-virus software under Linux to prevent passing on Windows viruses. 08:35 What about platform-independent vulnerabilities, like Java security holes? 10:23 Do you get security updates automatically with Linux? 11:20 If Linux is open source, how do you know you can trust the security updates? 13:56 I get all the updates if I purchase support, but what about if I am using a free distribution of Linux? 16:09 Are the updates only for the kernel, or for applications, too? 18:15 Is the kernel the same from distribution to distribution? 20:26 It would be difficult to get infected with a Linux virus, if they existed. 22:30 Don't be part of the problem 23:15 How much choice do I have when it comes to Linux anti-virus software? 24:27 Which Linux anti-virus is the best? 30:55 Review by Tux Radar's review of anti-virus 31:40 Charlie: Problems that he can not connect to the Internet on his dual boot, system -- when using Linux! 44:43 John: Trouble-shooting a DVD drives that read files on a DVD, but won't allow copying. DRM? 52:49 John: Can I scan a Windows partition from Linux, to remove infections. 57:39 John: Do drivers get installed automatically when you install Linux? 58:48 Tony: Problems getting onto the Computer America's Add-on Chat. 61:52 Carey's understanding of (and appreciation for) Linux 62:52 Jonathan: Audio problems with gtk-recordmydesktop to create screencasts 64:17 Next-up on Going Linux 66:57 promo 67:30 End

DATE: Fri, 05 Feb 2010
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Going Linux #092 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #092 - Listener Feedback A new Linux computer vendor, help for our listeners, and a new segment for the podcast. Gone Linux! Episode 92 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #092 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:15 SCaLE 8x Southern California Linux Expo 02:19 Jonathan: Frostbite systems - computers with Linux installed, specializing in computers for blind users 05:02 Yiorgi: Suggestions for making Going Linux an even better podcast 10:34 Lester: Cell phone connects quickly in Linux, difficult in Windows 12:51 Rafael: Switched to Ubuntu after Windows virus infestation 14:19 Scott: Wiped out Windows and went 100% to Linux 16:54 Luke: Needs older version of Skype because of pulse audio problems 18:34 Rex: Has a podcast and a revolutionary Open Source business idea 20:44 James: Adding missing application icons to the Linux menu 22:36 Definition: The command line pipe 24:24 James: Linux is just a command-line operating system with a GUI pasted on top 30:18 Scott: Seems to be installing Ubuntu on every computer in sight! 34:03 Pete: De-Microsofting his life 35:51 Jim: What does it mean to "install" software? 40:29 Amarok issues 41:41 Max: Mint Cast provides info on re-installing settings after a fresh install. 42:34 Tony: Failed install of Firefox 3.6 disables plugins 45:53 John: Software pick is the fusion-icon package 50:07 Phil: Google IS evil. Acer Aspire One problems with Ubuntu installed 53:14 Linux could be (but isn't) like Mac, and support only specific hardware; or like Windows, and require hardware upgrades 57:15 John: Lost his NTFS "C:" drive on his dual-boot system 59:43 Tim: Trying to install Linux on a G4 Sawtooth Mac 62:28 John: FOSSCasts screencasts are available 63:30 Software pick: UCK Ubuntu Customisation Kit 65:31 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 67:20 End

DATE: Wed, 20 Jan 2010
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Going Linux #091 - Linux Games-Advanced

Going Linux #091 - Linux Games-Advanced The long-awaited Advanced Linux Gaming episode is finally here! From native Linux games to Play on Linux, we discuss the things you need to know to get advanced games to run on your Linux machine. Episode 91 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #091 - Linux Games-Advanced 00:18 Introduction 01:30 Larry's talk at SCaLE 8x is on "Linux for Windows Users" 02:37 Get your drivers "in a row" to get ready for gaming 03:22 Proper video drivers are critical for gaming on Linux 04:45 Turn off Compiz before you start 05:06 Where do I go to install hardware drivers for Ubuntu? 07:00 There are some great native Linux games... like Penumbra 09:38 Saurbraten, Open Arena and Alien Arena are like Quake 12:17 Microsoft games are designed to run on Windows. Don't expect miracles! 13:27 Finding instructions for getting games to run under WINE on Linux 13:56 Considerations for differences in computer harware 15:18 James: An e-mail with suggestions for setting up Windows games on Linux 21:56 Play On Linux: Not just for gaming 23:20 Play On Linux works like Add/Remove Programs for installing many Windows apps like iTunes and others. 25:19 The Play On Linux website has an extensive "scripts" list 27:42 Thanks, Tom for your personal sacrifice, testing all these games 28:28 Caution: Be careful of 3rd party applications. Wine can get Windows viruses! 29:34 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 31:22 SCaLE 8x promo 32:21 End

DATE: Tue, 19 Jan 2010
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Going Linux #090 - Computer America #22

Going Linux #090 - Computer America #22 Larry is back on the Computer America radio show for the beginning of yet another new year. The topic is "Linux for Windows users" but we talk about Linux for Windows, Mac and any kind of user. Listener e-mails in hour 2 as always. Larry provides a promo code for Computer America listeners to get a discount off of their SCaLE 8x registration. Episode 90 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #090 - Computer America #22 00:17 Introduction 01:12 Hello and welcome 03:22 Craig's new computer 07:13 Craig's new iMac would run Linux blazingly fast 10:30 Carey's new NAS does run Linux 12:36 Why make a NAS yourself when you can buy one, already setup? 13:13 Craig's son wants to build his own computer 13:35 Carey recommends his 10-part series of videos on building your own computer 14:00 Larry recommends his 1-part video on installing Linux on that newly-built computer 16:00 Keyboard cat... without the cat 18:15 "Linux for Windows Users" is the title of Larry's talk at SCaLE 8x 20:34 Why use Linux if you are already using Windows? 22:26 The Windows 7 Ultimate DVD is pretty... nice and shiny 22:53 That gives you the OS and Notepad 23:14 Next you can get OpenOffice and other cross-platform application for free 23:55 Learn to use common Linux applications (OpenOffice, Firefox Thunderbird, GIMP etc.) while using Windows) 25:24 Other Open Source applications used on Linux that have versions that work on Windows 29:38 Google runs Linux 30:02 Corel had their own Linux distribution at one point 31:20 Why should I choose Linux or a Mac instead of Windows? 32:58 You have a choice of operating systems at various price points 33:37 For a business, switching to Linux can save you a lot of money on license fees paid to Microsoft 35:29 Is Linux right for Windows users? It's an important choice 39:39 Southern California Linux Expo promo 40:37 Hello and welcome to hour 2 and listener e-mail 42:45 Linux Journal's Shawn Powers loses home and pets to fire 46:15 Ian: Comments on upgrading Ubuntu Linux vs. a fresh installation 51:55 Proprietary software vs. Open Source vs. Public Domain software 56:24 Carl: Kubuntu took 5 days to install because wireless card was not supported natively under Linux 59:23 Carl wants to use his iPod and iTunes in Linux, Going Linux episode 91 will describe how 62:48 "Upgrading and repairing Window" book (Larry recommends Linux to do this) 66:04 David: Wants software to allows assigning the right-click action to the lower right corner of the trackpad 70:42 Mr. Happy Face: Used Linux since 1999, recommends the PartedMagic Linux distribution 74:17 Jim: Google Chrome borrows plugins like Flash from your Firefox installation 76:07 Larry takes issue with Jim's comment that Linux is a command line OS with a GUI pasted on top 77:10 Podcast listeners can get 40% off your SCaLE 8x registration by using the code "CAST" 77:54 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 81:14 End

DATE: Sun, 10 Jan 2010
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Going Linux #089 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #089 - Listener Feedback As always we have lots of listener feedback. This time we say we're sorry, we get corrected on a few things and receive some excellent links to videos, articles and websites that will be of interest to all. Larry makes an announcement about SCaLE 8x. Episode 89 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #089 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:12 Advanced Gaming episode will be a little delayed 01:58 Google Chrome browser for Linux is snappy, X-marks software lives up to its "alph" designation 08:27 Tom's tinkering causes issues, but his computer is running again 12:06 Greg: What is XML? 14:46 Greg: Packages under Gnome and KDE 17:55 Kevin: Printer incompatibility raises ire 21:58 Johnathan: Provides liks to great FOSS Events sites 24:32 Clinton: Kiwi LTSP and networking issues with Realtek r8169 Gigabit card 33:47 David: What was that command, again, for backing up? Episode 36, 61, and 73. 39:26 Shawn: Loves the command line. What firewall ports are used for streaming? 42:54 Ken: Provides a blog post for checkinstall 44:04 Bill: Hooked on Ubuntu. Thanks the Going Linux Podcast 45:20 Henk: How do I setup a COM (serial) port for use with an HP nc8430 PLC? 51:14 Scott: Takes issue with comments on Linux gaming 54:38 Greg: Problems with our feed on gpodder fixed by deleting corrupted config file 59:13 Mitchel: The Computer Doctor does video 67:20 Knightwise: Wise words of caution for our listeners about wireless security 70:57 Alan: Popey corrects our sudo apt-get dist-upgrade mistake 79:32 Kevin: We made him out to be an angry gamer. He isn't. 83:15 Larry will be speaking at the Southern California Linux Expo 2010 in February 84:17 iTunes,,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 85:57 SCaLE 8x Promo 86:57 End

DATE: Sun, 20 Dec 2009
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Going Linux #088 - Fresh Ubuntu #1

Going Linux #088 - Fresh Ubuntu #1 Larry appears on the Fresh Ubuntu podcast. Harlem Quijano and Peter Nikolaidis welcome Larry as their guest host for this episode. Episode 88 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #088 - Fresh Ubuntu (#1) 00:17 Introduction 01:51 02:27 Fresh Ubuntu 03:50 Why a podcast? 05:04 Your favorite distribution is Ubuntu? 06:22 Do Harlem and Tom even have last names? 08:18 Oregon weather and Karmic-related stuff 15:12 Karmic and the Software Center 18:40 Peter does Python and 200 squats 20:25 Fresh Ubuntu -m 21:00 Google DNS... what about privacy? 28:10 Google, Gooogle, and more Goooogle! 46:22 Facebook... what about privacy? 53:14 Lucid Lynx Alpha 1 56:23 Ubuntu looking for artwork 59:57 Goodbye Gimp 67:38 Dell Optiplex Ubuntu-ready Desktops 71:54 Linux Mint Helena 74:40 Linux on 100% of netbooks, Windows has the other 100% 77:38 Fedora moves to Git 78:45 Malware for Linux available on Gnome-Look! Really? 80:28 Thunderbird 3 84:56 French Army Chooses Open Source for Email 88:28 Use axel to improve apt-get update and apt-get upgrade: apt-fast 93:12 Things KDE 95:33 Feedback 100:17 End

DATE: Thu, 17 Dec 2009
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Going Linux #087 - Computer America #21

Going Linux #087 - Computer America #21 Topic for the month: "Linux and Open Source for the Holidays" On a budget? Got a geek on the gift list? Give the gift of Linux and Linux-compatible products for the holidays! Episode 87 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #087 - Computer America #21 00:16 Introduction 01:52 Linux and Open Source for the holidays 13:43 Linc from the Linux Link Tech Show 15:28 27:12 Who is the right person for a Linux-related gift? 32:05 Give Linux phone for the holidays 34:41 Give a computer that is pre-installed with Linux 37:36 promo from Linc 38:07 Robert: A question about Windows licensing in a virtual machine 51:43 Jim: I need a compelling reason to continue using Linux 63:33 Chris: My Ubuntu machine doesn't see my NAS (Synology DS109j). Win 7 does. 70:42, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote. 72:27 End

DATE: Sat, 05 Dec 2009
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Going Linux #086 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #086 - Listener FeedbackLots of audio feedback from listeners. Thanks. We love it! Karmic troubles. Errata. Installing Linux Apps. Linux for the visually impaired. Amarok: not so good any more. How to ensure that external devices are mounted the same (with the same name) each time. Serious gamer is disappointed. Episode 86 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #086 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:15 Karmic troubles for Tom 04:18 Fresh install, fresh install, fresh install 05:06 podcast 06:12 Recording a podcast using Linux running from a LiveCD 06:52 Paul, from Finland: corrected Larry's pronunciation 09:53 Greg: Running Xp in a VM in Xandros. Has  a limited machine but building a better one. 13:43 Greg: Tried apt-get update and apt-get upgrade but he still seems to be on 8.10. What changed? 18:26 Brendan: Thanks for picking up where Chess Griffin left off. 19:45 Jos: Tells us about Camp KDE, January 2010. 21:47 Brian: forward info on AllMyApps, GetDeb, AptLinex 23:53 James: Information on why screen reader has problems with OpenOffice. 26:52 John: Another Linux distro for blind and visually impared users: Adriane Knoppix. 30:01 Graham: How to get external devices to use the same name each time. 34:40 Kevin: A semi-serious gamer says Linux games still aren't the best quality. Thanks for DLJ. 41:17 Ron: Recommends Play On Linux. 44:03 Carlos: Advice for John and information about Amarok with portable media players. 47:24 Richard of Linux in the Ham Shack: When Bill gets his own podcast... 48:43, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote. 50:42 End

DATE: Sun, 22 Nov 2009
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Going Linux #85 - Computer America #20

Going Linux #85 - Computer America #20Why Linux is better -- inspired by an e-mail from listener TJ. Episode 85 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #85 - Computer America #20 00:15 Introduction 01:49 Hello and welcome 03:37 Linux 05:00 Why Linux is better 06:41 Pixar uses Linux 08:28 Non-controversial topic tonight, "Why Linux is better" 12:00 Jim: Simple Backup has stopped working 22:42 What about drivers for Linux? 30:06 Richard: Does Linux recognize FAT32 formatted drives? 36:54 Richard: Wants to install Ubuntu, but wants to know how to start the screen reader at boot 41:25 Yiorgi: Sniggering? Craig and Carey? Never! Adjusting fonts in Thunderbird signature files. 50:33 Why copy software when you can get it for free? Like a Photoshop alternative, GIMP. 52:49 Update all of your software with a single click. 54:05 Filing and tracking bugs is easy with Linux 56:16 Gaming with Linux (revisited) 58:19 When Linux is not better 59:25 Isn't all Linux software free? 63:26 Linux at CES 66:30 Goog411, 1800-bing-411, and other free services 69:28 iTunes,,, @goinglinux 74:33 End

DATE: Sat, 21 Nov 2009
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Going Linux #084 - Gaming with Linux-Introduction

Going Linux #084 - Gaming with Linux-IntroductionIn this introduction to gaming with Linux, Tom and Larry discover that there are many more games available for Linux than either of them had realized. These games range from children's games to first person shooters, and massively multiplayer role playing games. Tom has discovered an excellent game manager that simplifies the installation of advanced games as well. Episode 84 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #084 - Gaming with Linux-Introdution 00:15 Introduction 01:13 Do you really have to keep Windows to play games? 02:05 Dazzling array of games are available for Linux in the repositories 04:19 Disclaimer: request for corrections 04:43 Kmahjongg 06:03 pouetChess 06:30 PokerTH (Texas Hold'em) 07:00 Planet Penguin Racer 07:23 Tux Typing 09:23 Ksirk (Risk-like game) 10:03 Torcs (Car racing game) 10:39 Frozen Bubble 12:18 Frets on Fire (think Guitar Hero) 14:29 Sauerbraten, Alien Arena and other First Person Shooter games 15:01 More advanced options Making it easy with DJL 15:44 What is DJL? Why should I use a game manager? 17:22 What you get: GUI for finding and easily installing games (free ware, share ware, GPL games) 19:48 Select from different genres of games 20:18 Assault Cube 21:48 Plane Shift 24:52 Installing DJL 26:27 iTunes,,, @goinglinux 28:13 End

DATE: Thu, 05 Nov 2009
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Going Linux #083 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #083 - Listener FeedbackLooking forward to Karmic karma. Other topics include: removing junk, Nautilus-actions plug-in, Linux Experiment, Virtual Box, installing Windows 7, and KMyMoney. Episode 83 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #083 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:13 Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala 02:24 Install Ubuntu software at the website 06:11 Reese: Removing RAR and TAR junk 08:43 Martin: Fun with Nautilus - context menus 13:42 Tyler: The Linux Experiment website and podcast 16:04 James: Ubuntu 9.10 review 20:10 Seth: Use Virtual Box (non-open source) to get USB support 22:54 Bill: Is he upset with us? 27:23 John: If PC came with Windows, can I install XP or 7 on a virtual machine? 38:21 Ray: All of KDE installed along with KMyMoney! 42:44 Software pick: Use "mount" to open an ISO image without burning to disk 46:16 Software pick: xsane scanning, printing, fax application 47:41, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote 49:34 Linux-compatible software promo 51:00 End

DATE: Thu, 22 Oct 2009
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Going Linux #082 - Computer America #19

Going Linux #082 - Computer America #19Have you heard? There's a new version of our favorite OS being released this month! Episode 82 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #082 - Computer America #19 00:16 Introduction 01:51 Hello and welcome! 03:27 Battlestar Gallactica 06:08 Have you heard about the new OS (not Windows 7) 07:47 Does the Linux kernel get upgraded with a distribution upgrade? 10:05 Definition: Linux distribution 13:44 Intentional or conicidence? New releases Windows and Linux in same month 14:34 Microsoft considers Linux a serious competitor, contributes to Linux code base 16:49 Isn't software from a single source better? How do I know Linux software will work? 20:52 Lester: Switched to Linux. Should I upgrade right away? 27:18 Will things disappear after the upgrade? What about my preferences? 36:57 Scott: 32-bit or 64-bit Linux. Which is better? 45:41 John: Fresh install or upgrade. Which should I do? 50:23 Tim: Logitech keyboard and mouse work great! What will I do with PC Tools? 52:56 Mark: Epson Workforce 600 Printer. Drivers? 60:54 Media/podcatching software to sync with my media player 65:05 James: Reviews Ubuntu Linux version 9.10, Karmic Koala 66:39 Open Source development let's you follow the fixing of bugs -- and contribute! 68:04 Mark: Comments on the cost of  converting to Linux. It has saved him time and money! 70:54 iTunes,, @goinglinux 75:58 End

DATE: Mon, 19 Oct 2009
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Going Linux #081 - Changing Linux Default Applications

Going Linux #081 - Changing Linux Default ApplicationsStep-by-step instructions for changing default applications in Linux. Changing your browser, e-mail client, terminal, screen reader, media player, word processor, spreadsheet application, and more. Promos for OggCamp, Yugma, and Linux. Episode 81 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #081 - Changing Linux Default Applications 00:16 Introduction 01:16 Thanks to listener "alistair.graham" for the topic idea 02:16 Changing default applications is accomplished in several locations 03:04 Install the alternate applications before making the changes to the defaults. 03:24 Changing the default browser and e-mail client in Linux 05:01 Changing the default media player in Linux 05:28 Changing the default terminal (command line) application in Linux 05:52 Changing the default screen reader and other accessibility applications in Linux 06:05 Using Nautilus to change default applications that open file types 06:32 Change applications that open files temporarily 07:11 Changing the default application that opens a file 07:54 Three ways to open a file using file associations at the Linux command line 09:00 Changing the default application for e-mailing OpenOffice documents as attachments 11:05 Promo: OggCamp 13:10 Promo: Yugma 15:25 Promo: Linux 17:27 iTunes,, @goinglinux 19:10 End

DATE: Wed, 07 Oct 2009
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Going Linux #080 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #080 - Listener FeedbackAudio feedback, a Linux podcast promo, and an advertisement for Linux are all included in this episode along with the regular lister feedback and questions. Our version of the Linux Advert is available from our website (Creative Commons License) using Ken Starks' words, and music (Ashrilyn's "Jungle") from Episode 80 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #080 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:15 Karmic talk 04:16 Talk Geek To Me 05:14 Linux User Podcast 07:16 James: Suggests IEs4Linux to browse Microsoft-only compatible sites 12:47 Linux Advert 14:06 Rick: Tired of Microsoft stealing the wheels off of his pc 14:39 Eric: Problems with wireless under Fedora 20:18 Peter: How to add folders as bookmarks in Nautilus 22:19 Alex: Shares a script to install "restricted" software when you upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10 25:28 Rich: Solution for defragging Windows machines -- install a better OS 26:19 Akshay: Ham radio on a Linux pc 27:34 Marc: Marc gets lucky, gets Ubuntu One, and gets spell checking suggestions 35:31 Kross: Starts a big project, converting a school to Linux 40:15 Brian: Also starts a big project, converting a bridal shop business to Linux 42:49 Jeff: provides suggestions for setting up a streaming media server 46:19 Shane: First Linux podcast he likes 47:47 iTunes,, @goinglinux 49:36 End

DATE: Fri, 25 Sep 2009
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Going Linux #079 - Computer America #18

Going Linux #079 - Computer America #18Is Linux really more secure than Windows? We help a caller with a printer issue. Larry and Carey square off without getting into an argument. Larry shows his drumming talent. Episode 79 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #079 - Computer America #18 00:16 Introduction 01:46 Movies - Not! 03:03 Fourth Tuesday this month 04:30 Is Linux really more secure than Windows? 06:40 Caller John: Looking for driver for a Lexmark X75 all-in-one printer 12:57 Determine your printer's Linux compatibility 16:57 Larry plays the drums 18:48 Who is responsible for developing printer drivers for Linux? 19:50 Multi-function printer drivers are complex under Windows, Mac and Linux 22:45 Larry calls for hardware manufacturers to publicize, rather than hide, their Linux compatibility 26:44 Which printer manufacturers are most Linux-friendly 29:53 Larry gets a little fancy with the drums 31:41 A company with the initials HP is most Linux compatible 34:46 Daniel: Doesn't agree that Linux will get attacked when it gets more popular 38:43 Windows leaves fighting viruses to antimalware 41:11 Is computer security just a matter for computer users to implement? 44:44 Using Linux does not prevent all users from getting infected 47:40 More fancy drumming 48:47 60,000 new Windows threats per day 51:08 Attachments in e-mail: Linux users have to explicitly give files permission to run 53:24 Windows users must use antivus and anti spyware, and practice "safe computing" 55:33 Linux is designed to prevent infection, and to minimize damage if it happens. 58:15 Drumming one-handed 59:24 Does the better security in Linux make it more difficult to use? 61:01 The security vs. ease-of-use trade-off with ANY operating system 62:54 Linux repositores all but eliminate the need to download software from third party sites 66:35 John: Why does Ubuntu Linux warn me about viruses in JPEG files if it is more secure? 68:18 Now the drumming technique is just getting ridiculous 69:40 iTunes,, @goinglinux 73:23 End

DATE: Tue, 22 Sep 2009
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Going Linux #078 - Linux File System-Advanced

Going Linux #078 - Linux File System-AdvancedWe discuss some of the more advanced things you can do with the Linux file system. The file manager provided with your distribution has many features for manipulating files and folders. We discuss some of them. We also talk about tools that can be used to examine the file system... and to alter it. Episode 78 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #078 - Linux File Systems-Advanced 00:15 Introduction 01:16 Skype revisited, for Pete's sake! 03:20 The file manager 04:46 The Nautilus file manager - local, remote and plug-ins 07:20 Dragging and dropping - controling the copy, move and link actions 08:36 Changing permissions graphically 09:06 Which files are taking up the most space on my hard drive? Two tools 11:00 Modify the file system using GParted 12:48 Manage disk partitions - partitioning utilities 14:30 How we use GParted with flash drives to ensure compatibility with Windows and Linux 19:18 Command line utilities 20:30, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote 22:20 End

DATE: Sat, 05 Sep 2009
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Going Linux #077 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #077 - Listener FeedbackIn this episode: Skype rant! Adopting Linux rant! Oh, and we answer listener questions as well. Episode 77 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #077 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:16 Tom rants: Skype beta breaks audio and video on Ubuntu 9.04 05:14 Gil: Windows is less expensive to run than Linux 09:35 Larry rants: Windows is less expensive only if you already use it, don't buy software, and upgrade by buying a new PC. 13:24 Screenlets is an alternative for Conky 15:26 Maintenance is less with Linux 16:43 Reese: Hannah Montana Linux and Linux file systems feedback 17:17 Victor: Windows free since 2005... Carey can install Linux! 18:43 Richard: Gets the word out about malicious commands 19:52 Norman: Likes Sabayon, likes Mint better for new users 22:09 Replacing the Linux Mint slab menu with the traditional Gnome menu 24:54 Jason: MS terminal services for the listener wanting to connect to MS servers 28:33 Judy: Creative Soundblaster not working under Ubuntu 9.04! 31:52 Scott: WattOS - small and "power" full... add icons to desktop... iTunes? 37:00 Qlix alternative for Zune 37:35 Mike: Wants to setup a music library website 39:22 Adam: Using a Linux-formatted drive for Windows iTunes media storage 44:49 Jacob: Correction - IDE and SATA drives all show as /dev/sdx these days 46:21 Who we missed this time 47:10 Software pick: compiz-switch, compiz-check 50:27, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote 51:49 Extra stuff 52:51 End

DATE: Thu, 20 Aug 2009
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Going Linux #076 - Linux File Systems-Introduction

Going Linux #076 - Linux File Systems-IntroductionInspired by a request from listener, Reese, and armed with an outline modeled after Chess Griffin's Linux Reality #11, we provide an explanation of the Linux file system. Our discussion begins with a comparison of the Windows and Linux file structure, then we dig into the directories (folders) that are common on most Linux systems. Episode 76 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #076 - Linux File Systems-Introduction 00:15 Introduction 01:17 Update on Larry's evaluation of Linux for use in the corporate world. 01:58 Evaluation of Linux used to get a better deal from Microsoft. 02:48 Tom reviews Hannah Montana Linux, finds it "evil" 06:47 Thanks to Reese and Chess 07:21 Differences and Similarities XP and Ubuntu 07:49 Windows paths use "\" while Linux uses "/" 08:26 Linux drives are labeled sda, sdb, fda, fdb, cda, cdb, etc.  09:24 Windows uses letters A: B: C: D:  10:34 Windows has "magical" "Desktop" and "My Documents" folders for each user that are not where they appear to be. 11:40 Linux file system has a top-level root directory ("/") and every directory is under it. 12:26 The backup of saved data and application settings and preferences is easy under Linux 13:55 The 12 common basic Linux directories 15:00 /bin - binaries 16:00 /lib - libraries 16:44 /dev - devices 17:14 /etc - etcetera 17:40 /home - home 18:02 /mnt - mount 19:48 /proc - processes 20:52 /root - root directory for the root user 21:47 /sbin - secure binaries 22:06 /tmp - temporary  22:39 /usr - unix system resources 23:09 /var - variable 23:21 /boot, /media, and /opt 24:30 The Free Standards Group: standard file hierarchy for Linux 25:13 Additional resources 25:53 Binary Signal's screencast of Linux Reality #11 26:24 File system fragmentation and a grocery list... 27:50, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote 29:54 End

DATE: Wed, 19 Aug 2009
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Going Linux #075 - Computer America #17

Going Linux #075 - Computer America #17Linux success stories. Going Linux Podcast publishes screencasts on burning a Linux LiveCD, and installing Linux from a LiveCD! Episode 75 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #075 - Computer America #17 00:17 Introduction 01:51 Movie talk 03:03 Welcome Larry! 05:08 Linux success stories 08:22 Kross: What to do when your OS just works? 10:53 Screencasting software on the Internet 14:50 Larry introduces Carey and Craig to the two screencasts he made for Carey 15:50 Video tutorial: Burning a Linux CD 21:39 Posting screencasts: Carey suggests Facebook 25:45 We run out of time in hour 1 27:04 Video tutorial: Installing Linux from the LiveCD 33:01 Addison: How would I get Google Earth running in Ubuntu? 34:41 Definitions: "package manager" and "repository" 36:52 Laura: How do I install Linux alongside Vista on my new computer? 40:33 Ray: If I can install Mint, so can Carey! 43:08 Installing Linux using Wubi 45:47 Jonathan: Blind Linux user builds accessible Linux computers, includes our episodes 48:13 Trihexiphenidyl: Microsoft shut off XP. I'm switching to Linux! 52:22 Linux: no viruses, you can copy it as much as you want, and you can give it away 53:49 Browser and OS security 58:07 ZenDead: Has installed Ubuntu on Desktop and Netbook, interested in Ubuntu Studio 62:43 End

DATE: Tue, 04 Aug 2009
SIZE: 40.8 MB
Going Linux #074 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #074 - Listener FeedbackNo Windows bashing here! From screencasting tips to Windows add-ons that make the MS OS work more like Linux, our listeners come through with suggestions and tips. Wondering how to actually install Linux using a LiveCD? Check out our latest screencast! Episode 74 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #074 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:16 Discombobulation 02:09 Bill: audio file conversions - oggconvert utility 04:44 John: Likes pokes and jabs at Microsoft, but not the hate; runs 5 distros 12:06 Tom holds back... 12:49 Larry reviews the SATA drive issue; is John in "dependency hell" with SuSE? 15:33 The need to use the terminal 17:16 Vic: List of TuxRadar review on screencasting apps 18:37 Jason: Linux has been almost life-changing 20:29 Göran: Troubleshooting hard drive issue on an NTFS hard drive with Linux 26:50 Larry suggest a "better way" 27:56 Andy: 20 desktops and 360 desktop for Windows 29:30 Ray: Really likes Linux Mint 31:29 Jenny: IT major just discovered open source software! 32:50 Tim: The new intro is better, additional suggestions 34:32 Tim: How can I connect to a site that requires IE from Linux without paying a license? 38:35 Mitchel: Blogs about his move to Linux 41:02, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe, vote 43:42 Extra stuff 44:36 End

DATE: Sat, 18 Jul 2009
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Going Linux #073 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #073 - Listener FeedbackWe express our opinion on netbooks, Google Chrome and the "commoditization" of operating systems. We revamp the intro, help with desktop freezes and slow browsers, and relay listener tips. Andrew writes a song mixed with clips of Larry's voice from the podcast. Episode 73 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #073 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:14 Tom prepares to go wireless 01:45 Kyle: Asks for our opinion on the netbook market 04:50 Google's Chrome Operating System is based on Linux 06:35 Tom rants about netbook operating systems 08:07 Larry thinks computer operating systems are becoming a commodity 10:37 James: Your intro is too long and slow! (We changed it for him.) 12:46 Stan: Don't you have to backup the hidden Linux folders, too? 16:56 Zeb: Life cycle is another difference between free and commercial versions of Linux. 17:34 Martin: Suggests additional desktop sharing apps that work with Linux 21:24 Developers, we want apps named T0m and Larieeee. ;-) 22:21 Martin: Intel video driver on Dell Latitude 5500 gives desktop freezes. 26:14 Mark from Lanzarote: Tip - drag a file from Nautilus to a terminal to get the path right 30:00 Tom suggests: Drag from Firefox to a folder to download a file. 31:47 Mark: What is that mini-window thing in KDE called? Is it in Gnome? It's a task switcher. 32:36 Use Alt+Tab to switch tasks. Use simple-ccsm to assign the Shift Switcher (Cover) setting. 35:43 Emily: Firefox is slow. Even slower since upgrading to 3.5. 36:44 It's your Stumble Upon add-on that is causing your browser to be sluggish! 40:00 Reminiscence of the old days of 300 baud modems and all night downloads. 40:43 Brian: I have failed to be able to install Kubuntu. Bad technology is at fault. 43:26 Andrew mixes our podcast into a song about Linux - "I Love Penguins" 45:43 Tom is loaded for bear! 46:20, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 47:45 I Love Penguins 53:14 End

DATE: Thu, 09 Jul 2009
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Going Linux #072 - Computer America #16

Going Linux #072 - Computer America #16Lost bus lane fines due to Conficker Worm infestation at city hall: $70,000... Consulting fees paid to Microsoft to fix the problem: $975,000... Listening to arguments about the high cost of ownership of Linux: Priceless! Larry is on Computer America early this month. Episode 72 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #072 - Computer America #16 00:15 Introduction 01:50 The "How was your weekend" segment 03:04 Why the schedule change? 08:00 866-606-TALK 09:24 Linux is a free operating system. You can also pay for support, or purchase CDs. 10:50 Microsoft pushes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) argument against Linux, but you have similar costs with ANY operating system 13:50 When you pay for Linux you get someone to call for support and perhaps some additional utilities 15:30 Definition: "Linux distribution" 17:32 Use a LiveCD to try a distribution before you install it on you computer 18:40 Where to find a Linux distribution to try for home or business 22:13 Purchasing Linux support for the Corporate environment 24:00 Does it make sense for a business to pay for Linux? 26:30 Does it make sense to pay for Linux at home? 28:40 Wade: Are there terminal services for Linux? Can I run proprietary software under Linux? 32:50 Listeners request new segments on Computer America 36:04 James: The advice you gave a caller in the last show, about reinstalling, was wrong! 40:28 John: I am that guy who called! No harm done. 42:32 Restoring Windows boot loader after uninstalling Linux 43:30 What to do before attempting to install software that requires you to compile it from sourcecode. 46:20 Computer America contest winners 48:00 Chat room participant downloaded a Linux ISO, burned the LiveCD and was running Fedora in 45 minutes. 49:00 Troy: Wireless on an inherited T41 doesn't work! 53:20 John: Tablet PC works perfectly with SuSE. Has display resolution trouble after deciding to try Ubuntu. 60:10 Sometimes people make their own trouble... especially the geeks who like to experiment! 63:18 For the "normal" user who doesn't want to experiment, Linux just works. 65:40 ComputerWorldUK article highlights the *real* TCO advantage of Linux... no lost productivity or expense involved in fighting malware! 67:30 Check out our screencast on how to burn a Linux CD 70:49 End

DATE: Sat, 04 Jul 2009
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Going Linux #071 - Linux Desktops-Advanced

Going Linux #071 - Linux Desktops-AdvancedHow to eliminate the most annoying sound in the world. Bandwidth caps. Stick with 32-bit -- for now. Compiz Configuration Managers. Multiple desktops, not just for Linux anymore. Using multiple monitors under Linux. Mirror screens vs. extended desktop. Episode 71 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #071 - Linux Desktops-Advanced 00:15 Introduction 01:41 Schedule change with Computer America for July 02:43 Larry switches back to 32-bit Ubuntu 9.04. That fixed the printer and Synergy issues 03:45 Larry discovers the most annoying sound in the world... and a fix for it. 06:32 Tom rants about bandwidth caps and metering. 09:44 The Mint Cast did a better job than we could in describing Compiz and customizing Gnome. (Episode 16) 10:43 How to get the control panel for Compiz (hint: package manager) 12:24 Conflicting effects with Compiz 13:21 Not all graphics cards and drivers can handle the 3-D effects of Compiz 14:47 Using and switching between multiple desktops 16:42 Using multiple monitors (dual head) - mirrored vs extended 19:20 Additional resource  20:56 Tom's software pick Dropbox  22:34 Larry shares an alternative to Dropbox from Canonical 23:50 Larry's pick Yugma a better (and less expensive) alternative to GoToMeeting that works with Linux! 28:56, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 30:55 End

DATE: Thu, 18 Jun 2009
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Going Linux #070 - Computer America #15

Going Linux #070 - Computer America #15"The good, the bad and the ugly" (No, not the movie.) This time we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Linux, as described in our listener e-mail. Episode 70 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #070 - Computer America #15 00:15 Introduction 01:50 Movie reviews - NOT! 03:20 Off-topic banter - not so much! 04:23 Welcome Larry 05:30 What is a screencast? 06:52 Computer America, the video - talking heads 11:02 The good, the bad, and the ugly 13:50 What is the "ugly" of Linux 15:18 Unplugging and external USB device Linux, Windows and Mac 18:36 Unplugging drives, when Windows won't let you 21:29 The hazards of unplugging storage devices 24:33 John in San Diego: Needs to resize the Ubuntu partition 27:14 How to repartition and reinstall from LiveCD 30:02 What's this? I thought Linux doesn't need security updates. 31:35 Am I protected if I simply run from a Linux LiveCD? 35:53 Richard (Stallman?): It's "GNU-Linux", not "Linux!" 44:06 Joe: What do I need to setup my own Linux server at home? 45:51 Richard in Escondido: Does Ubuntu have the Orca screen reader in the LiveCD 46:45 Orca is in the Ubuntu LiveCD and can even be enabled during installation 47:28 Where do I go to find a Linux User Group (LUG) in my area? 49:30 Marc in Germany: Recommends PenDriveLinux - and wins some Windows software from CA! 52:12 You can partition a flash drive to hold PenDriveLinux and also use it as a regular flash drive 53:31 UNetBootIn is an alternative to PenDriveLinux for creating a "LiveCD" flash drive 56:28 Jon in the UK: Provides some helpful suggestions on creating screencasts 59:31 Sherry: Should I upgrade Ubuntu to 9.04? 61:17 Jason, contest winner 63:50 What is a long-term support releases of Linux software 66:11 Tony in New Jersey: Despises Linux, going back to XP 71:20 Zeb: My Ubuntu theme changes on it's own! 72:23 Larry recommends an "ugly" solution 73:13, feedback, listen, subscribe 76:26 End

DATE: Thu, 04 Jun 2009
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Going Linux #069 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #069 - Listener FeedbackLarry and Tom have both switched to the latest Ubunutu. Tom gets a new laptop. Audio feedback from Bill S. who donated the laptop to Tom. Thanks Bill! Ray reviews his experiences installing the Windows 7 and Linux Mint 7 release candidates on the same computer. For most working features, out-of-the-box, guess which one wins! Episode 69 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #069 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:34 We have switched to Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackelope 02:35 Turn off special effects when playing games 04:30 Compiz effects may not work on all video hardware 05:51 64-Bit advantages and issues (slow printing, Synergy does not work) 10:00 Tom thanks Bill S. for his donation of an HP Pavillion TX laptop! 11:15 Bill S.: Audio contribution - "alien" for converting from rpm, tar.gz or others to deb 18:18 Richard: Use GTK-recordmydesktop for screen cast videos 19:38 Fred: Says thanks and makes a donation 21:09 T.J.: Shares a Gentoo success story 23:19 Bob: Ubuntu 9.04 wants to have running apps continue after reboot 24:32 Try changing the Startup Applications Preferences settings 25:49 David: Wants a file manager that allows sorting by specific audio/video file properties 28:19 Nautilus accepts extensions and scripts that might help 32:51 Ray: Windows 7 RC vs. Linux Mint 7 RC side-by-side 35:58 Tony: Media players stop playing after a few minutes (pulse audio problems?) 38:53 Tony: Wants kaffeine as his default player 40:30,, feedback, listen, subscribe 42:53 End

DATE: Fri, 22 May 2009
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Going Linux #068 - Linux Media Special

Going Linux #068 - Linux Media SpecialJ. Daniel Sawyer's Down From Ten Preview Episode. Episode 68 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #068 - Linux Media Special 00:16 Introduction 01:24 Screen cast update 03:31 Revisiting a guest from 2007 Dan Sawyer 04:47 Promoting Antithesis Book 1 in 2008 05:37 Antithesis was an all-Linux production 07:44 Preview of Dan's next podio book, Down From Ten 17:35 End

DATE: Thu, 21 May 2009
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Going Linux #067 - Computer America #14

Going Linux #067 - Computer America #14Craig convinces Larry to do a screen cast, lots of button pushing, lots of free stuff, 5 contest winners and much, much more. Episode 67 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #067 - Computer America #14 00:16 Introduction 01:52 Carey pushes the right button 03:53 Free show, free operating system, free prizes 05:44 Windows-free episode 06:37 New software Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackelope 08:00 Carey's screencasts 10:15 Larry pushes the right button 11:15 Linux in video production 13:07 Carey asks Larry to produce a screencast to help walk him through installing Linux 16:37 Carey explains the challenge 20:04 Larry accepts the challenge 22:25 Carey talks about how he produces his screencasts 24:18 Carey wants to use Linux to produce screencasts! 27:15 Mike wins the contest! (5th place) 30:30 Doug has troubles with a Logitech webcam on Xubuntu on an old computer 32:49 Linux driver issue, camera hardware issue, computer hardware issue? 35:53 Carey suggest it may be a USB issue 37:10 Kyle wins the contest! (4th place) 39:02 New contest do-over 40:00 Buddy list winner 42:45 All the right buttons are pushed for hour two 43:50 Kevin: Where is the "control panel" in Linux? Equivalent functions? 45:30 Where to adjust display settings using openSUSE's YaST and using Gnome's System menu 49:35 Support for the Linux community can help you discover how to do things 51:29 Mike: is an excellent resource for software equivalents 52:09 How to find Linux equivalents to Windows applications 54:05 Definition: Software Repositories and Package Manager 55:32 Jonathan wins the contest! (3rd place) 58:30 Gary wins the contest! (6th caller) 59:20 Gary and Carey discuss using the prize to make backups 61:17 Brad wins the contest! (2nd place) 62:37 Nancy: Disagrees that everything will be moving to the cloud. Note everyone can even get the cloud. 65:05 The future of computing is applications for the "cloud" especially with browser-based portable devices 67:37 The "average" computer user just wants the computer to work 70:06 Cloud computing "just works" for users who want the computer to work like an appliance 82:02 Cloud computing allows users to switch computers 83:04 Disadvantage of using Windows to access the cloud is viruses, Linux has the advantage for accessing the cloud 85:09 Joshua wins the contest! (1st place - grand prize) 90:13 End

DATE: Thu, 07 May 2009
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Going Linux #066 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #066 - Listener FeedbackTom discusses his "appearance" on Computer America. We made a mistake. We help listeners, and they help each other, with their Linux issues. We define "PEBKAC." Vista and Mac have nothing on Linux desktop effects! Episode 66 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #066 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 04:27 Len: Show topic suggestion - Knoppix as rescue CD 05:42 Ryan: htop is a better top 08:34 John: Creative Zen software doesn't play Going Linux podcast 11:35 Charles: Is KDE the "lead weights package" of auto interiors? 12:16 Tony: How do I find URLs for streams? 14:11 The Gourd Captain (Gourdie?): Don't log out using Ctrl-Alt-Bksp!System Monitor/NVIDIA problems 19:50 Tim: Choosing a distro - in less than 10 years! Upgrade or reinstall? 31:47 James: Sometimes you just CAN'T undelete from a NAS 34:50 Wes: Compaq won't boot LiveCDs or install from CD. Blacklisting agp fixes the problem. 39:48 Eduardo: Fix screen resolution - Debian on PowerMac G4 44:35,, feedback, listen, subscribe 46:18 End

DATE: Tue, 28 Apr 2009
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Going Linux #065 - Linux Desktops-Introduction

Going Linux #065 - Linux Desktops-IntroductionHave you ever wondered how to switch between different Linux desktop environments? Tom and Larry discuss Linux desktop environments how to install them, and how to switch between them. Episode 65 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #065 - Linux Desktops-Introduction 00:15 Introduction 01:36 Screencasts redux 03:15 Tom's rant: bandwidth caps and metering 10:13 Rant #2: temporary taxes 11:54 Definition: What is a desktop? 13:00 Default applications with desktop applications 14:40 A Linux desktop is like an automobile dashboard 17:06 Comparing desktop managers 19:02 Comparing Konqueror with Dolphin, Firefox and Midnight Commander 22:13 Considerations for selecting a window manager or desktop environment 23:03 Installing multiple desktop environments on Ubuntu 27:18 Installing desktop packages sometimes brings all of the applications with them 30:30 Switching between desktops 32:59 Changing login managers (gdm vs. kdm) 35:15 Software Pick: System Monitor 39:54 Software pick: rtorrent 43:31 ?,, feedback, listen, subscribe 45:10 End

DATE: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
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Going Linux #064 - Computer America #13

Going Linux #064 - Computer America #13Tom joins Larry for the first time, on the Computer America show. Well, he's in the chat room... but that counts! ?Free Rescue and Utility CDs based on Linux. Episode 64 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #064 - Computer America #13 00:15 Introduction 03:15 Movie reviews (NOT!) 03:50 Free Rescue and Utility Tools CDs based on Linux 06:00 Carey's client needs to recover files from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) 09:30 Larry recommends Knoppix  11:00 Knoppix has both CD and DVD versions 14:37 Using the Knoppix Linux distribution CD to connect to a network drive 17:00 Welcome co-host Tom! 18:15 Undeleting files on the NAS - Backup to avoid this 21:37 Rescue CDs and other Distribution Live CDs for system rescue 23:00 Dedicated CDs: Gparted, Parted Magic, etc.  24:00 Now utility CDs are better documented than ever. 26:30 Many full distro install CDs can be used for rescue 27:27 RIP Recovery Is Possible 28:00 Linux tools: dd, fdisk (not the Windows fdisk) 29:51 use --help and man pages for help 31:43 Tom suggests dd_rescue for Carey's customer has a computer with a hard drive that died 36:30 Hour 2 begins 39:36 Bill H: Trinity Rescue Kit  42:30 Booting from a network server using PXE 44:08 Alexandro: Gentoo was misrepresented (Not Miss Represented!) 46:30 Gentoo lets you optimize the installation for your hardware 47:42 Can we coax Tom to call into the show? 49:25 The Great Gazoo: Thanks to Craig and Carey. They should try a live CD again 52:09 John: Linux dual-boot success story. How do I get more space when I re-install Ubuntu? 56:25 Backup "home" directory; reinstall Linux, replacing existing install; copy home to new install 60:29 Or install to free space, then delete the old partition using Gparted 61:16 Tony: How to install Firefox under WINE, it runs faster  64:00 Carey compares with early days of raid drives 66:00 Why install a browser under WINE? 67:04 70:00 Why Linux Mint over Ubuntu? 71:20 What's next on the Going Linux podcast? 76:24 End

DATE: Wed, 08 Apr 2009
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Going Linux #063 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #063 - Listener FeedbackTom finds that running the Windows versions of Firefox under WINE performs faster than running the native Linux Firefox. Larry is now running Ubuntu at work, and is part of a project to evaluate Open Source software for the business computing environment.Our first photographic feedback. Typing special characters and symbols in Linux. Much more... Episode 63 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #063 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:37 Lots and lots of e-mail 02:27 Ending abruptly 03:23 Tom finds Windows version of Firefox under Wine runs faster 06:33 Larry now runs Linux on the desktop AT WORK! 09:49 Microsoft asks the US government for a bail out 10:47 Reed: CPU usage is too high, lost graphical Firefox buttons, looking for Linux video podcast 13:39 Use the top command or the System Monitor, disable themes and plug-ins and enable one at a time 16:18:13 Suggestions for Linux video podcasts 19:07 Kent: Suggestion for changing screen resolution on a virtual machine 21:59 Nick: Where is the screen cast? 23:11 Brian: Ubuntu Pocket Guide 24:30 Tom recommends Linux Mint over Ubuntu for newbies 25:39 Brad: Alternative browser security and media plug-ins for Opera 29:35 John: Ubuntu wireless problems with WICD 33:30 How to move back to the Gnome Network Manager (using CD-ROM as repository) 35:45 WICD support team solves John's problem 37:43 Jim: How do I insert special characters and symbols using the keyboard? 38:40 °: Alt+248 (ASCII 248) in Windows translates to Ctrl+Shift+u+00B0 (Unicode 00B0) in Linux. 41:47 Jay: Upgrade or fresh install? If a fresh install retain all my installed software? 46:49 Eduardo: Cheese does not detect web cam 48:48 Pictorial feedback: 49:40,, feedback, listen, subscribe 51:26 Linux Outlaws promo 53:00 End

DATE: Thu, 26 Mar 2009
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Episode 62 Podcasting With Linux-Advanced

Episode 62 Podcasting With Linux-AdvancedLarry and Tom talk about how to use Audacity to record an audio podcast. We discuss microphone placement, reducing noise and tips for editing. Episode 62 Podcasting With Linux-Advanced 00:00 Going Linux #062 - Podcasting With Linux-Advanced 00:15 Introduction 01:48 Overview of the introductory episode 03:00 Our screen cast 03:32 Google Docs for sharing the show outline 05:30 Installing Audacity 06:00 The LAME encoder 08:03 Using Ogg file format only may limit your audience 10:07 Adjusting the levels (volume) to prevent clipping 11:43 Use the mixer to adjust the recording settings and volume 14:15 Use mic boost to amplify the volume if it is too low 15:20 Selecting the right device in the mixer 17:16 Getting connected and making the recording 19:08 Reducing and eliminating noise in the recording 21:00 Microphone placement and pop filters 24:34 Exporting vs. saving 29:06 Transfer the file to the person who will do the editing 30:04 Import the second audio file into the first audio project 31:01 Editing out noises and extraneous sounds 32:08 Finding a theme and music for your podcast 34:39 Importing your podcast theme and bumpers 35:08 Massage the voice tracks: Normallize and Levelling 40:20 Podcast feeds and websites 41:25 ?, feedback, listen, subscribe 43:15 End

DATE: Wed, 18 Mar 2009
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Going Linux #061 - Computer America #12

Going Linux #061 - Computer America #12Craig and Carey, hosts of the Computer America radio show welcome Larry for the 12th time to their show to discuss all things Linux. This time we discuss Linux software alternatives, answer listener questions, and make plans for next month's episode. We also have more than our fair share of technical difficulties in hour 1. Episode 61 Computer America #12 00:00 Going Linux #061 - Computer America #12 00:16 Introduction 01:52 Welcome to the Computer America Show 03:28 Blue Icicle USB microphone adapter 07:31 Geek cruise vacation 12:50 Internet connection on a cruise 15:12 T.J.: Asks Larry's opinion on Gentoo Linux 18:30 Are some distributions better than others for the "computer geek?" 20:35 Having many distributions of Linux gives you more choices 22:10 Linux equivalents to Windows software 26:02 More technical difficulties 27:21 Carey learns a lesson re-installing Windows: It takes a long time! 28:40 Carey suspects Linux doesn't have this problem -- he's right! 30:53 Some Linux distributions are pre-configured for specific purposes: multimedia, business, etc. 33:26 All distributions have the same capability, the differences are mostly centered around the applications that are packaged with it 34:51 The "roll your own" Linux distribution 36:06 Is that Will Smith? -- more technical difficulties 36:43 Finding equivalents for Windows applications for use with Linux 38:10 Larry talks about F-Spot, but means Google's Picassa 39:47 Oscar: Have you tried the Itroliu Linux distribution 41:48 Jay C: Upgrading vs. fresh install will it automatically re-install applications? 43:49 Using dpkg to save your installed applications to a text file for easy re-install 46:01 David: Linux can be used for more than just light-weight jobs 47:27 Carey agrees and Larry elaborates 51:25 Carey is not anti-Linux 52:57 Computer America contest 55:04 Tony: problems with Kubuntu panel icons 56:34 Linux is embedded into many devices, such as routers, GPS systems and Windows Computers 58:47 Are Windows experts anti-Linux by definition? 63:39 Linux-powered LiveCDs can be invaluable for file recovery and resolving Windows problems 68:12 Partition imaging and backup CDs run Linux 69:12 Dell, Lenovo, etc. use a version of Linux to help make computers boot faster 71:14 Linux-based tools will be the topic of the next Computer America Linux show 72:05 Carey needs to find a job for his eeePC 73:43 What's coming up on Going Linux 78:48 End

DATE: Wed, 04 Mar 2009
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Going Linux #060 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #060 - Listener Feedback We asked for it, we got it! Listener topic suggestions include Knoppix and Linux-compatible hardware, especially OGG players. Also, problems with laptop display resolution, suggestions for virtualization, and a new article from Paul Hardy. Episode 60 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #060 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:37 Episode 299 of Hacker Public Radio was a painful example of how not to demonstrate Linux 08:13 Ryan was looking for me at SCaLE. I didn't make it this year. 09:16 Podcast Alley comments. 11:00 Michael: Would like hardware episodes. Play lists problem with Sansa Fuze.Listener help? 16:46 Garejnc: Would like an episode on audio players that work with OGG files. 18:59 Martin: Would like a show on Knoppix and recovery tools. 22:28 Glen: Uses VM Ware rather than dual-booting Windows and Linux. Recommends CrunchBang Linux. 24:57 Chris: Can only get 800x600 resolution on his Acer Aspire 5735Z. 27:00 Paul Hardy has contributed a new article: "Give that old Hardware a new lease on life" 28:21 Per: Why Windows requires reboots and why Linux does not. 29:28 More detail on Windows paging file vs. Linux swap space/partitin. 36:07, feedback, listen, subscribe 37:33 End

DATE: Tue, 24 Feb 2009
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Going Linux #059 - Podcasting with Linux-Introduction

Going Linux #059 - Podcasting with Linux-Introduction In this introduction to using Linux and Linux applications to record a podcast, we focus on doing it on the cheap. We reveal the hardware and software we use. We discuss that you don't have to have a fast, new computer and expensive recording equipment to make a good quality podcast recording. From recording to editing and from creating a feed to creating a supporting website, we talk about the free and open source software we use. We also give some tips on the logistics of the recording process and hosting your audio files for free. Episode 59 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #059 - Podcasting with Linux-Introduction 00:17 Introduction 01:28 How to record a podcast using Linux 01:44 Installing Windows XP takes 5 hours because of SATA drive 06:51 Larry has switched to Gnome from KDE! 08:26 Tom has switched from from Gnome to XFCE and LXDE! 11:16 How to use Linux software to record a podcast 12:07 Overview: You can record a podcast for free - or close to it 14:06 Requirements 15:35 Larry's hardware for podcast recording 16:24 The monitoring headset 17:04 The podcasting microphone 18:00 The sound mixer for multiple inputs and to remove noise 20:10 Tom's podcasting computer 20:51 The headset microphone 21:27 You don't need expensive equipment 22:15 The role of Botox in podcasting 23:18 Using Ubuntu and Xubuntu for recording a podcast 23:13 Audacity with LAME for recording, editing and exporting files 27:01 Considerations for using Skype to record a podcast 29:25 Recording a "double-ender" 30:00 Adding ID3 tags to your podcast files 33:31 Editing your RSS feed (an XML file)  37:20 Don't get your RSS feed upside down! 39:14 Get your podcast listed in iTunes 40:47 Distributing your podcast - use a Creative Commons license 43:29 Support your podcast with a blog or a website 44:37 Kompozer for editing your podcast website 46:15 Storing your podcast files to eliminate download and bandwidth costs 48:56 Next user experience episode: Using Audacity 49:43, feedback, listen, subscribe 51:07 End

DATE: Thu, 19 Feb 2009
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Going Linux #058 - Computer America #11

Going Linux #058 - Computer America #11 Live and on the air, Craig, Carey and Larry discuss Linux on the Computer America Radio show! Don't fear the penguin! Carey likes Linux, REALLY he does. We discuss why Linux is not for everyone, including Carey. There are various newbie guides available for free on the Internet. Is it "Folder" or "Directory?" Episode 58 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #058 - Computer America #11 00:17 Introduction 02:21 Movie talk 05:10 The Computer America archives had a problem 06:34 Welcome Larry - with fanfare! 08:56 Don't fear the penguin 12:19 Why try Linux? 15:29 Today's Linux is newbie freindly 21:19 Linux isn't for everyone 26:46 Carey likes Linux - really he does! 31:40 Designing software and hardware for Linux 33:55 How you use the computer determines whether it is right for you 40:53 Brian: Introduces us the the Ubuntu Pocket Guide 46:16 Nate: Installs Compiz, but it doesn't work. How to uninstall? 50:00 What is the correct term, "directory" or "folder?" 54:23 Contest 57:55 A computer is an appliance 65:20 What did we do before the computer? 68:52 A computer is like an appliance: a dishwasher, not a toaster 70:57 When we will no longer need an operating system 75:15 - 3 episodes a month, for free! 80:20 End

DATE: Thu, 05 Feb 2009
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Going Linux #057 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #057 - Listener Feedback From new Linux podcasts, to fixing sound problems and discussing the mysteries of Linux terminology, we cover a lot of different topics in this episode. Tom takes a moment to provide an audio demonstration of his Rockbox media player, and we have audio feedback this month! Episode 57 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #057 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:37 Provide your topic suggestions for the show as Podcast Alley comments 05:03 BrotherRed: What's up with recursive acronyms? 07:58 Kyle: Teen listner likes the show and has his own tech blog 09:45 Ryan: Having sound mixer problems, lists media software he uses 14:33 Tony: No sound! Uninstalled kmix 17:45 Our article on getting into Computer America Chat 18:14 AJ: Master sound control doesn't work 20:14 Jason: Suggests Chipmark for synchronizing bookmarks 22:53 Foxmarks is an alternative 23:22 John: stunnel software can get you through proxies 24:54 John has offered to mirror our site 25:43 Wil: Uses Rockbox on Sansa 27:03 Tom demonstrates speech feature of Rockbox 28:55 Ken: Likes the show 29:25 Jason: Problem finding graphics driver for his Inspiron for Ubuntu 8.10 31:40 Mark: With Klaatu's help, found installing Linux on "Wallstreet" Mac is difficult 33:44 Jeff Smith: A new podcast - Free Linux Help Line  34:56 AJ: Linux Geekdom Podcast promo 37:06, feedback, listen, subscribe 38:32 SCALE 7x Promo 39:33 End

DATE: Thu, 22 Jan 2009
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Going Linux #056 - Computer America #10

Going Linux #056 - Computer America #10 Linux-based HP Mini Mi ships with command line disabled. Is this good? Linux: The biggest threat to the future of Windows. I heard Keith Curtis' book "After the Software Wars" discussed by Paul Thurrott on the Windows Weekly podcast. It was described as "a book which states that open source software, not Apple, is the real future competition to the Windows operating system." We have had more than a couple of Linux users who have had difficulty getting into the Computer America chat room. I have created an article on the Going Linux website that gives Computer America's listeners who use Linux, step-by-step instructions for installing the right version of Java so that the Computer America chat will work. Episode 56 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #056 - Computer America #10 00:17 Introduction 01:48 Welcome to Computer America 05:39 Will Windows 7 slow the growth of  Linux? 08:09 Linux is perfect for netbooks 10:35 Is the Linux boot time really faster? 12:55 The difference between sleep and hibernate 15:29 Linux sleep and hibernate works the same was as on Windows 19:04 Netbooks are not designed for long-term use. Are they are a fad? 21:05 Computer America Contest 23:23 The evolution of Netbook computers from UMPC 24:45 Netbook margins are razor thin 26:01 Open source software threatens Windows 29:10 Carey returns to Linux on eeePC because Windows XP runs so slowly 31:09 What is the average user of a Netbook? 33:29 The HP Mini Mi for the "average user" - runs Linux, but no command line 35:57 Hour 1 wrap-up 40:43 12 Reasons why Windows is better than Linux for non-techies 43:50 Which distro should I use? The Linux community can help! 45:17 Super Ubuntu - includes the proprietary goodies you need 47:29 Finding and installing software is more convenient and easier on Linux... 50:38 ... and you don't have to reboot -- even after security updates 54:09 Some Windows and Mac software applications are integrated into the operating system 57:49 When SHOULD you reboot your computer? 60:02 Think about all the lost productivity as people reboot their Windows PCs at work! 61:08 Listener Paul asks: Have they come up with a better way of getting proprietary drivers on Linux? 65:05 Listener Tony asks about the weather 67:47 Instructions for Linux users having trouble getting onto Computer America Chat 70:46 Listener Wil takes issue with the fuss about malware - it's easy to prevent 73:45 Can malware be prevented simply by changing behavior? 75:03 Today's computer user is using their computer as an appliance 80:15 End

DATE: Mon, 19 Jan 2009
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Going Linux #055 - Home Networking-Super Advanced

Going Linux #055 - Home Networking-Super Advanced This is the third of three episodes on Home Networking. This "super advanced" episode provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to share a printer between two Ubuntu machines; connecting to a Linux printer from Gnome, KDE, Windows XP and Windows Vista; and connecting to a Windows Vista printer from Ubuntu using SMB. We also introduce the topic of Linux remote control. We mistakenly refer to the Linux Remote Desktop Viewer as Remote Desktop Client (RDC). Apologies to the Windows folks on this. Episode 55 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #055 - Home Networking-Super Advanced 00:20 Introduction 01:43 You do not need a "network printer" or "printer server" 02:39 Klaatu talks about Linux printing on HPR269 03:24 We discuss the easiest cross-platform printing - CUPS 04:35 Share a printer between two Ubuntu machines 09:22 Preparing your Linux computer and printer 11:55 Connecting to a Linux printer from Gnome 13:49 Connecting to a Linux printer from KDE 14:50 Connecting to a Linux printer from Windows XP 16:18 Connecting to a Linux printer from Windows Vista 17:43 Connecting to a Windows Vista printer from Ubuntu (SMB) 24:58 To summarize... 26:33 Connecting to shared Linux printers using the command line 26:57 Remote control one computer from another 27:25 Remote control software 28:41 VNC and SSH Tunneling for security 29:29 NXClient and NXServer 30:00 Remote Desktop Viewer uses VNC 32:10 LogMeIn: Control Windows from Linux, Windows or Mac 33:27 Cross Loop: Control Windows from Windows or WINE 35:18 Skype Call Recorder for Linux 37:26 Super Ubuntu: Run Ubuntu 8:10 under Windows without a VM 41:08, feedback, listen, subscribe 43:12 SCALE 7x Promo 44:13 End

DATE: Sun, 04 Jan 2009
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Going Linux #054 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #054 - Listener Feedback We begin our third year of Going Linux with listener feedback. From complaints to show suggestions, this episode is packed with information. We include help for listeners from other listeners, and from other podcasters! Listen to learn about installing Linux on a black Macbook G3, proxies, remote control software, and more... Episode 54 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #054 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:36 Alex: Great show, but... 02:48 DBiddie: Networking and remote control 06:42 A.J.: Sharing printers over a home network 09:17 Stephen: Tiny Linux distributions 11:15 Mark gets help from Klaatu of The Bad Apples with his Powerbook G3 16:16 Vaughan: Linux on a VM is better than dual-booting 20:43 Carlos: Windows CAN see Linux partitions with the Ext2IFS driver 21:42 A.J.: Proxies answer for Gabe. Remote control using VNC 25:00 Mark: Thanks for Synergy 25:40 Alexandro: Bring back KDE topics, highlight Linux certified hardware 28:48 Dean-O: Got Dansguardian working with help of Ubuntu Forums 29:25 Steven vents about our Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux episode 32:46 Ryan: It's "Kross", not "k-ross"! Snooks chooses Linux for her laptop. 35:19 Göran: LVM and advanced files systems 38:32 SCALE 7x Promo 40:47, feedback, listen, subscribe 42:13 End

DATE: Mon, 22 Dec 2008
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Going Linux #053 - Home Networking-Advanced

Going Linux #053 - Home Networking-Advanced This episode is the second of two, where Larry helps Tom setup a home network for two computers. This time we dig into how to share files and folders. We also detail how to make the connection from a Linux computer to a Linux share, from a Linux computer to a Windows share, and from a Windows computer to a Linux share. Episode 53 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #053 - Home Networking-Advanced 00:15 Introduction 02:38 Chess Griffin's Linux Reality has already done the command line 03:49 Definitions: IP Address, WAN, LAN, SAMBA, NFS, CUPS 06:39 The network components 08:22 Find your IP address using ifconfig (use ipconfig on Windows) 10:30 Routers assign IP addresses using DHCP 11:47 Setup a fixed or static IP address... 13:43 ... with Windows XP 15:16 ... with Linux 16:25 ... with openSUSE 17:05 ... with KDE 3 17:31 ... with KDE 4 18:08 ... with Ubuntu 8.10 (Gnome 2.24) 18:43 Open ports on your firewall 19:58 Enable file and printer sharing... 20:00 ... with Windows 21:13 ... with Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.10 23:10 ... with KDE 3 24:12 ... with other Linux distros 24:27 Use the file manager to access shared files and folders across the network 26:23 Mount shares at boot time 27:21 Thanks to our listeners, and to everyone who donated using the PayPal button 27:51, feedback, listen, subscribe 29:26 End

DATE: Wed, 17 Dec 2008
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Going Linux #052 - Computer America #9

Going Linux #052 - Computer America #9 "Linux for the holidays"  is the topic of the month. Lots of e-mail focusing on antivirus for Linux and Linux for the visually impared. IBM offers a Microsoft-free computer, saving business big bucks. A teacher rants that free software holds students back! Episode 52 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #052 - Computer America #9 00:16 Introduction 01:48 Welcome to Computer America 02:19 Craig and Carey at the movies 06:48 Klaatu barrada nikto 10:00 Linux for the holidays - give Linux, or buy a computer with Linux pre-installed 12:20 Advice on Netbooks 14:46 Roy C. corrects Larry's mistake about WUBI. It installs Ubuntu distributions only. 20:33 Brian W. introduces us to Vibuntu - a Linux distribution for the visually impared. 24:33 James D.: Antivirus on Linux acts like a coal mine canary 28:07 Using antivirus on the Linux desktop protects your Windows friends 32:42 Antivirus programs that run on both Linux and Windows 36:55 Next on Going Linux "Advanced Networking" 39:17 Alexandro: Unless you run a server, you don't need an antivirus. 44:44 The Linux community provides support for new users 46:19 How the Going Linux podcast works 47:26 CUPS is not something you find at Hooters! 47:19 Information Week: Get a Microsoft-free computer from IBM - for business 51:19 If you have Windows on your computer get the critical security patches 52:22 The Computer America contest is open to Going Linux listeners 56:00 A Microsoft-free computer will be received well by business, prevents layoffs 59:14 A teacher rants against Linux:       "No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful" 62:05 Microsoft would be happy to provide free copies of Windows 63:53 Students should be learning about what will be used in the future 66:08 What Internet coupons and downloaded Linux distributions have in common 72:17 Teaching skills for the future is not an excuse for focusing on a specific software vendor 73:15 Teach "word processing" not "Microsoft Word"       and teach "using a spreadsheet" not "Microsoft Excel" 78:22 End

DATE: Tue, 09 Dec 2008
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Going Linux #051 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #051 - Listener Feedback Tom and Larry read comments from Podcast Alley, then launch into listener e-mail. Parted Magic for backups, dual-booting, Microsoft licensing under Linux, converting VM images and more. Episode 51 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #051 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:43 Thanks for voting on Podcast Alley. It keeps us in the top 5! 02:47 Steve4010, LauraJ, bdiddie, vair2, jefflacy, jukegiant, capra43,          drahciream, soupygato, kchristy, tomshepp, paul_hardy 09:21 Laura: Update on iMac adventure -- still needs help 12:43 Tom: Using a firewall and antivirus on Linux is probably a good idea 15:23 Gabe: Parted Magic for backups, suggestions for dual boot 18:05 Gabe: Do I need another license of Office to run it on both operating systems on a dual boot system? 21:11 Gabe: Proxy servers? 22:25 Tim: Converting a running Linux or Windows installation to a VM image 24:20 Mike: Pleased with progress educational approach on Computer America 26:39: Tom: Correction -- illegal users of Windows CAN get security updates 29:17, feedback, listen, subscribe 30:54 End

DATE: Mon, 24 Nov 2008
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Going Linux #050 - Home Networking-Introduction

Going Linux #050 - Home Networking-Introduction This episode is the first of two where Larry helps Tom setup a home network for two computers and a shared printer. In the process we discuss wired and wireless networking hardware, basics and setup considerations. In this introduction, we discuss how the network hardware connects together, security considerations and some basic setup. Most of the concepts related to networking are exactly the same whether your compter operating system is Linux, Windows, Mac or a mixture of all three. This episode will be useful whether you have already made the switch to Linux, or you are just preparing the network for the Linux computer you are about to add. Episode 50 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #050 - Home Networking-Introduction 00:15 Introduction 01:41 Definition: Home Networking 02:26 Why do I need a network? 03:36 Wireless and wired security 07:00 What do I need? 07:29 Where does the router go? 08:00 Initial setup: change the password 09:50 Home networking is cross-platform - Linux, Windows and Mac 10:47 Wireless security: WPA-2 vs. WPA vs. WEP 13:08 Connecting your computer to the network 14:39 The wireless card and Linux support 16:33 Cisco/Linksys networking tutorial 17:18 Software picks: SMPlayer, Synergy 21:50, feedback, listen, subscribe 23:31 End

DATE: Thu, 20 Nov 2008
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Going Linux #049 - Computer America #8

Going Linux #049 - Computer America #8 Larry, Craig and Carey discuss the topic. "Can I use my old familiar software if I switch to Linux?" We answer questions from callers and e-mails. Which Linux distribution for refurbished Power Mac computers in the classroom?? Larry recommends Ubuntu for the seeing-impared because of it's excellent accessibility software including the Orca screen reader. Episode 049 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #049 - Computer America #8 00:14 Introduction 01:47 Economic conditions may make the free software more popular 08:02 California fires 10:56 Can I use my old familiar software if I switch to Linux? 15:14 Getting help with Linux applications 18:46 How long does it take to get comfortable with Linux? 22:12 Switching to a free operating system an all new free software has to be attractive. 24:05 Carey doesn't get questions about Linux. 25:20 Linux doesn't have a $300 million marketing machine. 26:03 Chris is having a problem dual-booting Linux with Windows an a computer with two SATA drives. 30:06 Wubi or VMWare to run Linux under Windows. 32:14 Wine or CrossOver to run Windows programs you need to run. 36:00 Contest details 38:55 Richard wants to install a Linux that has a screen reader, without burning a CD. 48:54 Laura wants to install Linux on PowerPC Macs for a school, but which Linux? 54:14 Slackintosh: Slackware for the Macintosh geek. 56:31 Tom wondres if he needs antivirus or firewall software for Linux 62:13 Why are there no Linux viruses? 69:35 A.J. Doesn't see Skype in the Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid) repositories. 73:57 Next on Going Linux, an introduction to home networking 79:04 End

DATE: Tue, 04 Nov 2008
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Going Linux #048 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #048 - Listener Feedback Tom and Larry answer listener questions and read listener comments and feedback. Topics include backups, files and folders in Linux, sharing Going Linux episode, Linux on a USB stick, and protecting your surfing. Episode 048 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #048 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 01:39 John has problems with streaming audio 06:49 Tim likes the the change of pace with the Dan Sawyer interview in episode #46 08:30 Junwei wants to dual-boot Vista and Fedora 14:06 Barry, Daniel, Erno, Ryan, Greg, John, Todd and Roy explain Larry's mistake           in episode #45 about controlling Ubuntu's boot loader installation location 18:20 Kross trouble installing Ubuntu 8.10 Beta on Avertec computer 21:33 John loves PING for backups, switched to Ubuntu after Windows re-installs fail 25:15 Joshua: With Fedora 9, how do I take full advantage of the space on a second hard drive? 28:01 Paul Hardy's latest article on file concepts, folders and common commands 28:42 Karen found a printer sharing work-around, for Vista's broken compatibility with SAMBA 32:11 Zep asks about distributing Going Linux episodes on CD  34:33 Creative Commons explained 35:53 Brian wants to know more about Enlightenment E17 38:01 Brian creating a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive  38:41 A.J. reviews Pen Drive Linux  43:45 Steve: Do I need drivers for the Alesis Multimix 12 Firewire mixer? 46:22 Dean-O: Any program like Net Nanny for safe surfing under Linux? 47:25 Next episode: Computer America #8 47:40, feedback, listen, subscribe 48:58 End

DATE: Thu, 23 Oct 2008
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Going Linux #047 - Computer America #7

Going Linux #047 - Computer America #7 Craig and Carey are the hosts of Computer America, the longest running, nationally syndicated (USA) radio talk show on computers and technology. In this episode, they talk with Larry about Star Trek movies. Then we get back on track, discussing the topic, "I'm ready to try Linux. I'm also going to be using Windows (or Mac). How do I minimize the learning curve and maximize compatibility?" Episode 047 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #047 - Computer America #7 00:15 Introduction 01:48 Computer America 03:20 Discussion: The new Star Trek movie 06:27 Larry joins the discussion 11:08 I'm ready to try Linux, how do I minimize the learning curve? 12:27 Linux on a PC or a Mac, Vista is not for me 13:33 People are switching to the Mac, the #2 OS, and Linux, the #3 OS 15:23 Linux is a solid OS to leave viruses and spyware behind 16:40 If you already have a PC, Linux is THE choice 17:18 If you will be purchasing a computer, a Mac is an alternative, but expensive 19:17 For people on a budget, Linux is the optimal choice as an alternative to Windows 20:23 Many people want to breathe new life into an old computer 22:23 Are there Mac switchers to Linux? 23:30 What about people with older Macs? 25:08 Some people with a Mac want to experiment with Linux 26:14 Linux provides Intel Mac users with a more full-featured Unix-like environment 30:15 Apple needs to protect its Darwin Kernel  33:00 The "Sahara Experiment"  35:13 A "precipitating event" to motivate the switch from Windows 37:10 Carey's clients with servers might be better off with NAS and an old PC running Linux 41:59 Hour 2 43:00 Listener Daryl: Uses Linux to recover data from a dying hard drive, revived old computer as server 45:44 Linux can make an old laptop an file storage, print server or firewall 48:07 Linux be used for everything, or as a single-function device 51:53 What's an ISO? 55:17 How do I make or burn a Linux CD or DVD disc from an ISO image with Windows? 61:12 Burning and ISO with Linux 66:40 Where do I get an ISO and which version do I download? 68:05 Ubuntu Linux 8.10 will be out soon 70:33 Listener Trevor: In that face of sound problems, will Linux allow me to re-install Ubuntu without losing data and settings? 73:18 Backup the Linux home directory since it stores user-generated data AND preferences for your software 74:57 Listener Jonathan: Wants to pay for Linux support he can bundle with the computers he builds 80:12 End

DATE: Sun, 19 Oct 2008
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Going Linux #046 - J. Daniel Sawyer

Going Linux #046 - J. Daniel Sawyer Dan Sawyer and I discuss his Linux media studio, the Cradlepoint external wireless router for connecting to 3G wireless networks and his interview with Corey Doctorow. Dan describes his latest audio book, and reveals his latest projects. We play a promo for the full cast audio book thriller, Antithesis, Book 1: Predistination and Other Games of Chance Episode 046 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #046 - J. Daniel Sawyer 00:14 Introduction 01:20 Welcome Dan 01:47 Dan's media company runs Linux 03:02 Dan writes regularly for Linux Journal and 04:50 Dan runs 64-bit Linux in his studio and only runs Windows for specific client requirements 06:44 A 64-bit operating system is "a dream" for processor intensive work like video production 07:47 "Hot And Bothered At Starbucks" Dan's article about the Cradlepoint PHS300 16:20 Dan will interview science fiction author and activist, Corey Doctorow, in Linux Journal. 21:39 Filming a project for J.C. Huthins "Obsidian" 25:50 Antithesis series: Full cast audio drama 27:25 Audio production is not easy 28:39 What Dan uses for audio production:       Adour is more flexible than Audacity for professional work 31:00 Antithesis, Book 1: about the story, in the author's words 35:10 The difference between a character-driven and a plot-driven work 39:03 Get the book and Dan's other works at iTunes and podio books 40:20 Dan's next project 41:00 Promo: Antithesis, Book 1: Predistination and Other Games of Chance 42:47 End

DATE: Sat, 04 Oct 2008
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Going Linux #045 - Listener Feedback

This episode brings a variety of feedback from our listeners. We discuss Ohio Linux fest and the new Linux Planet site that aggregates the blogs and podcasts from today's most popular Linux bloggers and podcasters. Contributions from Listeners include an audio tip and an article about switching to Linux. As always, we try some of the suggestions and tips from listeners. Tom and Larry answer questions on KDE, Wine, speech recognition software, and much more. Promo for the full cast audio book thriller, Antithesis, Book 1, Predistination and Other Games of Chance Episode 045 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #045 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 01:39 Linux Planet blogs and podcasts site. 04:28 A.J.: Dual monotor tip. 07:58 Paul Hardy: Is Linux Right For Me? 08:48 Randall: Prefers Mandriva. Ubuntu has no option for installing boot loader on dual-boot system. 12:10 Tom: Uses to record podcast tips while driving. 14:13 Kevin: Will the switch to Linux change the visual experience from Windows? 18:29 Jordan: Got the Compiz "cube" running by disabling "wall". 19:33 Luis: A trainer who likes the way we present topics. Shares the ubuntu screencasts site 21:47 Steve: Has some additional KDE shortcuts. Needed to install lshw from repositories on PCLinuxOS. 24:05 Jeff: Speech recognition programs with OpenOffice under Linux. 26:26 Dr. C.: Listens on wifi radio. Likes the show format. Suggests Gnome's force quit applet. 29:43 Zonrai75: Sansa clip can now play OGG files. 32:06 David: Can I use printer drivers installed under Wine to run unsupported printers under Linux? 34:20 Dan: Provides a link to Ubuntu's Wine forum. 34:50 Doug: Shares a site with old versions of Windows software that might work under Wine. 37:21 Emmanuel: Interested in opinions on KDE 4.1. 39:55 Klaatu likes KDE 4. 40:36 Tom on Computer America? 41:22 Ohio Linux Fest 43:04 Next episode: An interview with the author of the scifi crime novel, Antithesis. 44:04, feedback, listen, subscribe 45:18 End

DATE: Sat, 20 Sep 2008
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Going Linux #044 - A Taste Of Wine

Going Linux #044 - A Taste Of Wine00:00 Going Linux #044 - A Taste Of Wine 00:19 Introduction 01:37 Different sound 02:35 Definition: Wine 03:56 Why is Wine important? 04:52 Some alternatives to using Wine 05:37 Advantages of Wine 06:13 How to get a copy of Wine 06:53 You may already be running Wine 07:21 How to install a Windows application under Wine 08:33 What if that doesn't work? 09:30 How to run a Windows program using Wine 10:53 WineHQ 11:14 Still have problems? Consider these alternatives to using Wine 12:42 Running iTunes under Wine 13:20 Running MS Office 2003 under Wine 15:31 Uninstalling Office 16:17 U-Torrent under Wine 17:24 Getting help with your installation of Wine 19:30 Summary 22:22, feedback, listen, subscribe 23:59 End

DATE: Wed, 17 Sep 2008
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Going Linux #043 - Computer America #6

Going Linux #043 - Computer America #600:00 Going Linux #043 - Computer America #6 00:15 Introduction 01:33 Craig and Carey discuss movies, DVDs and pay per view 05:23 Upgrading the iPhone OS to 2.1 07:40 Linux is the important operating system 08:44 The Large Hadron Collider runs Linux 10:37 CERN backs the Scientific Linux distribution 11:48 It's not the end of the earth (we hope) 13:28 No "blue screen of death" 15:14 Listener Randall: Mandriva works for him. Ubuntu and openSUSE did not. 17:30 New users should try different distributions to find one that's configured to work with YOUR hardware. 20:14 If you trying different distributions, are you missing out on anything? 25:03 Listener Paul: Installed Ubuntu Server 8.04 (Hardy Heron) to host his own website, wiki, etc. File sharing does not work as it did under Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04. Needed to use WebMin to change file permissions. 29:33 You can change file properties in the Nautilus file manager. 32:00 Next: Intripid Ibex and Jaunty Jackelope 32:32 Listener Chris: Does Linux have anything to work with a TV? 34:05 Will my Vista machines share information with the Linux machine. 35:27 MythTV or Mythbuntu for media center, LinuxMCE is a media center and whole house management system. 38:42 Hour 2 40:27 Now that I have decided to go Linux, where do I find help? 41:35 Purchase support from the publisher 42:24 Go to the support forums for your distribution 43:03 Go to the forums for other distributions 43:20 Paul's problem may be specific to Ubuntu or Ubuntu Server 44:30 Google for help or use the "Help" that's on your computer 44:54 Join a LUG (Linux User Group) for install-fests through instruction and help. 48:00 Courses, tutorials and certification for Linux 49:10 On-line courses:, 51:03 What certifications are available? 52:03 Confusion over this month's Computer America contest 57:20 Larry gets dropped 60:09 Linux Certification Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) 61:42 Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 3 levels 64:58 Linux conferences (see the list in the show notes) 66:49 Linux conference registration and fees (if any) 68:08 Other Linux podcasts for newbies (see the list in the show notes) 71:44 On-line Linux publications (Some also available in print) 73:34 Luke: Purchased PCMCIA card to fix his laptop, wants a recommendation for a wifi manager on Kubuntu. 74:07 KNetwork Manager comes with Kubuntu. You can also use WICD. 74:58 Next on Computer America 77:41 80:03 End

DATE: Fri, 05 Sep 2008
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Going Linux #042 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #042 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #042 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:43 Per: Chmod does not require a root (administrative) user 05:06 Dan: Audio feedback on using chmod, bash vs. sh, xmessage vs zenity 10:05 Jeff: Use !! when you forget sudo before your command 12:13 John: Problems with the variable bit rate episodes of the podcast 17:25 Jeff: Get the old episodes at 18:36 Will: Rants about inadequate mp3 players 22:53 David: Recommends podcatcher Podcast Ready 26:36 Jack: Does a Clonezilla backup require reconfiguring the boot loader? 28:27 Tim: Recommends the Midnight Commander command line file manager 30:18 Jeff: Would like an episode on SSH to connect remotely 32:49 A.J.: Wants to know *everything* about his computer hardware 37:30 A.J.: Boost your wireless access point's range 38:53 Jack: Article on moving to Linux. Thanks from Oz 41:47 Karen: Problems sharing networked printer on Ubuntu with Vista 46:37 James: Ubuntu disables Compiz with ATI graphics 49:58 Jordan: Tip for getting the Compiz cube working on Compaq and HP 51:30 Richard: Answers ham radio Linux questions on the Resonant Frequency podcast 54:50 T.J.: Suggest an IRC channel for the Going Linux podcast 58:13, feedback, listen, subscribe 59:50 End

DATE: Thu, 21 Aug 2008
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Going Linux #041 - Command Line Basics-Advanced

Going Linux #041 - Command Line Basics-Advanced00:00 Going Linux #041 - Command Line Basics-Advanced 00:18 Introduction 01:36 Best beginner bash tutorial 02:30 Are we qualified? 04:14 Documentation is better for the command line than for the GUI 06:09 Definition: Bash Shell script 07:17 Test your commands in the terminal first 09:31 Comments 09:45 The first line of any Bash script 12:00 Our first shell script ( 13:13 Change permissions using chmod (command line and graphical) 16:13 Running a bash shell from the terminal 17:28 Our second shell script ( 18:12 Read command and defining variables 20:38 Calling a variable and writing interactive user prompts 21:51 Saving 22:30 Running the interactive script 23:57 A more advanced script ( 24:42 The wget command 26:02 Using variables in a file path 30:47 Using the wget command 32:05 Using quotations marks in scripts 33:51 Running to get an episode of GoingLinux 35:34 Learning more about wget 35:46 Creating a cron job ( 37:57 Have fun with the tutorials - see the show notes 38:30, feedback, listen, subscribe 40:03 End

DATE: Thu, 21 Aug 2008
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Going Linux #040 - Computer America #5

Going Linux #040 - Computer America #5Going Linux #040 - Computer America #500:00 Going Linux #040 - Computer America #5 00:15 Introduction 01:32 CompUSA Contest 03:07 Try a Linux LiveCD on these Sony laptops 04:44 How to get viruses and spyware on Linux 06:47 When will Linux be more GUI friendly? 08:35 Switchers from Windows already find the Linux GUI quite familiar 10:05 Windows is better for gaming, but there are some nice Linux games 13:50 Strong points of Linux: Stability and Security 14:54 Linux-Unix similarities 17:27 Is 64-bit Linux available? 19:59 What Linux does Larry run? 22:40 Can you clone a Linux hard drive to another computer? 24:11 Restoring with CloneZilla 25:20 Where to find Going Linux 29:35 Hour 2 31:32 Computer America Show archives 34:59 How to shut down and reboot in Linux (very similar to Windows) 38:32 Changing mouse clicks is more difficult to find 40:19 Listener Mike: Using Linux and CloneZilla thanks to Computer America 43:12 Listener Frank: Needs help installing Firefox on Kubuntu 44:37 Background: Repositories, Packages and Package Managers 48:22 Installing Firefox using the package manager step-by-step 51:20 What if I want to install something that is not in the package manager 53:15 Can I share my package manager configuration with others? 55:22 Using the package manager lets you get automatic updates for all of your installed applications as well as the operating system itself 57:54 Advantages of package manager over Window updaters 60:52 Are Craig and Carey starting to get "Linux envy" over this? 67:23 End

DATE: Sat, 09 Aug 2008
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Going Linux #39 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #39 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #39 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:40 Steve: Reasons for (and against) switching from Windows to Linux 06:20 Tom's sense of humor 07:13 Why commercials interrupt US radio programs like Computer America 10:00 Thinks never stay still in Linux land 10:45 Ian: liked the command line episode 11:15 John: Uses dexconf to fix his display after he can't get the Compiz cube working 14:50 Richard: Wants info on distributions for amateur (ham) radio software 15:53 Roy: Also is looking for ham radio software that don't require compiling 17:24 Debian distributions seem the best bet. Check the show notes for the links to articles and ham packages. 20:28 Ham Radio LiveCD project 20:50 Thomas: Gone back to XP because of wireless problems 21:55 Check the Fresh Ubuntu podcast for a recent episode on a wireless option, also try WICD. 24:25 John: Happy with Windows but trying Linux because it will rule the world in 5 years 26:06 Charles: Looking forward to the WINE episode 26:54 Andy: Listening to us because Lug Radio has stopped 27:39 Barbara:Thanks for the help, Audacity not helping much with recording streaming audio from Internet 30:42 Tom suggest ffmpeg, Barbara finds a tutorial with fewer steps 32:29, feedback, listen, subscribe 33:54 End

DATE: Thu, 24 Jul 2008
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Going Linux #038 - Command Line Demystified

Going Linux #038 - Command Line Demystified00:00 Going Linux #038 - Command Line Demystified 00:15 Introduction 01:37 Generating hate 02:30 What is the command line and why is it important? 03:17 Differences between GUI and CLI 04:17 Creating a file (script) to re-run 04:43 Learning the "new language" 05:15 Guides and manuals are available in the terminal 05:27 Open a terminal: KDE 06:10 Open a terminal: Gnome 06:27 The command prompt 07:05 Command Line Tutorial - comments 09:45 The ls command 11:12 Options for the ls command 11:58 Man pages - the manual for the ls command 14:15 Arguments for the ls command 15:09 Quit the man page 15:27 Magic with the ls command 16:20 Redirecting data into a file 17:36 Moving into and out of directories using the terminal 19:11 Tab autocompletion 19:47 The top command 20:55 GUI uses more resources than CLI 21:24 Resources: lists of Linux commands and definitions 23:39 Date, time and calendars in the terminal 24:11 The uptime command 25:34 Resource: Advanced Bash script scripting guide 26:30 Resource: Tutorials and references 27:25, feedback, listen, subscribe 28:47 End

DATE: Wed, 16 Jul 2008
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Going Linux #037 - Computer America #4

Going Linux #037 - Computer America #400:00 Going Linux #037 - Computer America #4 00:15 Introduction 01:55 Welcome to Computer America 03:29 Listener "CitizenX" has trouble connecting to the chat room with her new Ubuntu installation 10:42 What is the Synaptic package manager? 13:05 Add-on chat works great with Linux as well as Windows 13:40 Carey describes "one of the problems with Linux" 15:54 Larry takes issue with Carey's position Windows has issues, too. 17:32 CitizenX gets into the chat room! 18:05 A business moving to Linux from Windows would need to hire a Linux guru for support 18:49 A business moving to Mac from Windows would need to hire a Mac guru for support 21:31 Some distributions are pre-configured with "issues" resolved up-front E.g. Linux Mint comes pre-installed for playing media. 23:23 There are Linux distributions for people who don't want to tinker with their computer 27:07 How can you try Linux? Try different distributions. Purchase a computer with Linux pre-installed. 29:20 How long does it take an experienced Windows tech to install Windows from scratch to fully functional with anti-virus and drivers installed and Windows updates completed? 32:50 How long does it take an experienced Linux tech to install Linux from scratch to fully functional with full Office Suite, games, programming applications and drivers installed and updates completed? 34:58 Psychology of the Linux fanatic and "geek cache" 38:14 Does Linux get in its own way when it comes to adoption and acceptance? 43:19 Three types of Listener feedback: "Great show!" "Help me!" and "Here's a tip" 45:21 How to play mp3 files on Ubuntu Linux: ubuntu-restricted-extras package 48:08 Paul wants to Verizon USB720 cellular modem to work under Linux 49:56 Responses from listeners: Mark provides suggestion to use the package KPPP and provides a link to PDF instructions 52:51 How to adjust font options in Linux 56:41 Change your mindset to learn Linux like learning a new language 59:51 More on fonts 61:54 KDE for the user who likes to tweak settings, Gnome for simpler settings with most settings already set 64:41 Limitation to hard drive size? What about files systems. 67:40 Do I need to choose a file system with Linux? 69:00 Steve: question about iTunes replacements for listening to podcasts in Linux 71:41 Recommended Linux options to replace iTunes: Songbird, Amarok 74:45 Why I recommend Amarok as a full Linux replacement for iTunes 79:51 End

DATE: Fri, 11 Jul 2008
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Going Linux #036 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #36 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #36 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:37 Thanks for your Podcast Alley comments and votes 02:20 G7VBX: Likes the show 03:03 Mr. Mepis: Really likes Basket 04:38 LaserTagRocks: Perfect show 04:54 Robster: Wants software picks 05:22 annyfe: Entertaining 06:08 Yo_PandaBear: Best yet 06:35 Lawlezz75: Left Vista for Linux 07:23 Window_man: Informative and easy to understand 07:50 Paul: Truck driver wants to use Verizon cellular modem 09:37 NickTheGreekk: Converted to Ubuntu AAA+++ rating 10:18 DougOnLine: Linux more like dessert than raw meat 10:42 Steve: Thanks for the hard work 10:54 Ian: Giving to the community 11:28 TMCarson1: Helped with the transition to Ubuntu 11:51 Herb: Tip - Make OpenOffice docs look like MS Office docs 13:03 John: Resource - Robbie Ferguson video 14:34 George: Rhythmbox can move audio to a media player 17:32 Thomas: Preventing Rhythmbox from opening automatically 18:30 Germ: Disable activation of software on insertion of any media 20:27 Gordon: gpodder is an excellent dedicated podcatcher, too 23:48 Dan: Wants us to cover the basics of Wine 25:26 Brian: Rhythmbox syncs with iPod shuffle 26:57 Benjamin: wants to learn to use the command line 29:12 Thomas: mp3 vs. ogg downloads 30:55 Michael: Criticism - iTunes can control auto start 33:06 Randy: Computer America didn't focus on Linux last time 35:19 Judy: Wants computer with Linux pre-installed, but not from Dell 37:04 Mike: What is the best way to update from one Linux release to another? 42:26 Alexandro: Rants about Computer America - eeePC is great 47:09 Russ TheTechieGeek: Clozilla works great 48:07 Herb: Can I listen to past episodes? 49:13 Scott: If I install Linux, can I still use the Windows system restore? 52:12 Doug: Move Mythbuntu partition from a small drive to a larger one 55:47 Sorry about the feedback line 56:14, feedback, listen, subscribe 57:45 End

DATE: Fri, 27 Jun 2008
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Going Linux #035 - Getting Podcasts Delivered Automatically

Going Linux #35 - Getting Podcasts Delivered Automatically00:00 Going Linux #35 - Getting Podcasts Delivered Automatically 00:16 Introduction 01:53 Definition: podcast - audio, video 03:15 Difference between podcast and downloadable media files 04:23 Definition: podcasting software 04:56 Definition: RSS 05:18 Definition: podcatcher (podcast receiving software) 06:00 Definition: media player (hardware) 06:39 Definition: media player (media manager software) 07:11 Switching from iTunes to Linux software 09:29 Comparing the Linux applications for receiving, playing and transferring podcasts 10:07 gtkpod (transfers media to iPod ONLY) 11:00 Bashpodder (command-line podcatcher ONLY) 13:48 User-submitted goodies for bashpodder 14:45 mplayer, vlc (plays media ONLY) 15:35 Modular method: use bashpodder, media player and gtkpod (iPod only) OR use bashpodder with media manager software 17:23 Limitations of Rhythmbox 19:12 All-in-one solutions 20:18 See the How To Subscribe Article on 21:07 Subscribe to a podcast using bashpodder 24:00 gtkpod can't subscribe to, or play a podcast 24:19 Subscribe to a podcast using Banshee 28:04 Subscribe to a podcast using Songbird 30:17 Subscribe to a podcast using Rhythmbox 30:44 Subscribe to a podcast using Amarok 32:48 Linux software has different features from iTunes 34:53, feedback, listen, subscribe 35:24 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 36:44 End

DATE: Wed, 18 Jun 2008
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Going Linux #034 - Computer America #3

Going Linux #034 - Computer America #300:00 Going Linux #034 - Computer America #3 00:16 Introduction 04:17 Welcome back to Computer America 5:00 Firefox 3 release 06:07 New features: Linux, Windows, Mac 06:39 Scroll "break" 07:43 Add-ons improvements 09:03 Back and forward arrows 10:23 Bookmarks 10:45 Site exemptions 12:55 Unsorted bookmarks 16:20 Firefox for Linux 17:35 Asus eee PC 900 review (Xandros Linux) 18:24 20GB Hard drive - not really! 20:32 Several models Linux/Windows 23:23 No optical drive (CD/DVD) 27:18 Boot using a USB flash drive 29:13 Not all flash drives are bootable 30:11 eee PC sees flash drives as hard drives 33:20 XP Drivers provided on CD 35:00 Keyboard is it's weakest point (tiny keys) 35:27 Short battery life 35:35 Slow to start with Windows XP, faster with Linux 37:15 Can't use hibernation 42:09 eee PC was designed to run Linux 42:32 Video card is nice, works well with external monitor 45:26 alternative HP mini-Note (SuSE Linux) 47:30 Linux (Xandros) interface on eee PC is simplistic (for a child) 50:44 Listener Barbara: Knoppix Linux bootable CD can easily recover data from a troublesome Windows drive 56:20 Knoppix is a full distributon, not just a rescue CD 57:20 Ophcrack to recover Windows password 60:04 Dual-boot Windows and Linux on eee PC 61:33 The "mini-PC" is a novelty 65:00 The future of mini-PCs 71:15 Upcoming episodes on the Going Linux podcast 72:44 New versions of Linux 79:40 End

DATE: Sat, 07 Jun 2008
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Going Linux #33 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #33 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #33 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 01:13 Mark: What are the best Linux applications? (Less Windows-bashing please!) 13:05 Len: What happens when an incremental backup is corrupted? 16:45 Per: Linux Distribution Chooser sites 18:31 Robert: Choosing a distribution to replace Win98 on Toshiba Satellite 2520 CDS 25:26 Anthony: Tips for getting the latest version of an application 28:09 Paul: Installing new applications on his EeePC 29:39 Bob: What was that "bumper" music (intro-3-long.ogg) 31:42 David: Wants an episode on shell scripting 33:01 Jonathan: Backup application AptOnCD 34:46 Colin: PartedMagic for imaging and backups 35:47 Kim: Linux newbie - looking forward to episode on syncing iPod under Linux 37:27 Dan: Uses Floola on his iPod 39:15 John: Tutorial on installing Ubuntu under VMWare, getting VLC working 45:59 Kedar: Is Tom being discriminated against? 47:23 Chris: Compaq Presario SR1520NX graphics problems 52:07 Dan: Setting VLC as default application 53:55, feedback, listen, subscribe 54:19 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206y-350-5251 55:34 End

DATE: Sun, 25 May 2008
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Going Linux #32 - Computer America May 20, 2008

Going Linux #32 - Computer America May 20, 200800:00 Going Linux #32 - Computer America May 20, 2008 00:17 Introduction 01:20 Hour 1 05:47 Why hasn't Linux penetrated the home market? Or has it? 10:32 Getting support for Linux 12:02 Support forums, podcasts 18:27 Do the different distributions fragment Linux support? 22:30 Linux support is about community 28:28 Purchasing support with Linux 32:53 Spyware and viruses less of an issue with Linux 34:20 Hour 2 40:00 Eric: Can I install Linux and Windows on the same computer? 41:27 Try Linux using a Live CD 43:51 Should Linux look and behave more like Windows? 46:46 Switching to Linux from Windows because of Vista 48:03 The cost of Linux training vs. ongoing operating and upgrade costs 51:30 Making Linux look more like a Mac 52:43 Linux: You get what you pay for? 55:33 Are you entitle to support with Linux if you purchase it? 59:34 Where to go to get a complete list of available Linux distributions 61:42 Specialized Linux distributions 63:35 Charles: How to change which OS boots first on a dual-boot system 66:35 Henry: How to enable auxilary buttons on a Logitec mouse 69:26 Mark: Linux certification programs 72:12 What makes the Going Linux podcast unique? 76:32 Dan: Setting VLC as the default media player 80:41 End

DATE: Thu, 22 May 2008
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Going Linux #031 - Backups - Advanced

Going Linux #031 - Backups - Advanced00:00 Going Linux #031 - Backups - Advanced 00:16 Introduction 01:24 Overview 02:06 The importance of backing up 04:16 Definitions: Full backups, incremental backups 05:56 Rsync, bash and cron: automated backups - command line 08:10 Simple Backup: automated backups - graphical ui 10:56 G4L: needs more research 12:55 Clonezilla Live: clone partitions or whole hard drives 20:07 Backup and Restore Windows and Linux partitions 28:40 Resizing partition to different size drives 31:51 Hardy Heron 8.04 discussion 35:47, feedback, listen, subscribe 36:13 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 37:48 End

DATE: Sat, 10 May 2008
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Going Linux #030 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #030 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #030 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 02:12 Podcaster Round Table Discussion 46:28, feedback, listen, subscribe 46:52 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 48:25 End

DATE: Mon, 21 Apr 2008
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Going Linux #029 - Introduction to Backups

Going Linux #029 - Introduction to Backups00:00 Going Linux #029 - Introduction to Backups 00:15 Introduction 01:23 You SHOULD be backing up. Have you? 01:57 Why should you backup? 03:36 What should you backup? 05:17 Where should you make the backup? 13:27 How often should you backup? 16:14 How do you make a backup? 19:15 Linux backup software 21:02 sbackup (Simple Backup) 21:46 rdiff backup 22:11 backerupper 22:37 hubackup (Home User Backup) 23:30 rsync 24:25 grsync 25:13 Clonezilla Live 27:47 G4L (formerly Ghost for Linux) 30:19 Larry's software pick: andLinux 34:47 Tom's software pick: Rockbox rocks! 37:04, feedback, listen, subscribe 37:26 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 38:37 End

DATE: Wed, 16 Apr 2008
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Going Linux - Computer America Special

Going Linux - Computer America SpecialLarry was invited a guest on the live radio show Craig Crossman's Computer America! Craig and his co-host Carey Holzman interview Larry about this podcast and "all things linux". Craig and Carey have graciously allowed us to download, edit and post the entire program.

DATE: Sat, 05 Apr 2008
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Going Linux #028 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #028 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #028 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:09 Jim: Wants more frequent episodes 03:21 Byron: Advanced Windows user, which Linux distro is right for new PC 06:38 Buy a computer with Linux pre-installed (Ubuntu/Kubuntu or Mint) 10:21 Alan: It's all our fault! He's gone Linux! Working with iPods 14:05 Ralph: Windows programmer, gone Mac and Linux, software should be free, it's my computer! Windows is a toy 18:19 Kedar: Klaatu was wrong about Darwin Linux distro 20:12 Ashaman: AAC is an open format, Apple lossless has DRM 22:57 Teresa: How about an episode on setting up a Linux printer 24:20 Bruce: You CAN undelete files from ext3 formatted drive 25:01 Santos: The Bad Apples and Going Linux are a symbiosis of awsomeness 26:27 David: Why, and how, is Linux free? 29:44 The long, "short" answer... 33:31 Why don't Linux users need to worry about malware? 38:12 BOINC runs slowly on an old laptop on older Ubuntu 40:48 How do I download "free beer" 42:23 Matt: Ctrl-Esc for process list (KDE only) 45:03 Johnathan: Backup Linux applications (Ghost alternative) 45:53 Next time: Backups - Intro 46:03, feedback, listen, subscribe 46:16 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 47:05 Visit our Cafe Press store 48:07 End

DATE: Wed, 19 Mar 2008
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Going Linux #027 - Why Switch? - Advanced

Going Linux #027 - Why Switch? - Advanced00:00 Going Linux #027 - Why Switch? - Advanced 00:16 Introduction 01:28 We lied... 01:54 Klaatu - The Bad Apples Podcast, long time mac user 03:17 Should you move from Windows to Mac, or to Linux? 04:21 Mac is Unix-based, but what IS "Unix Certified" anyway? 06:24 Definition: BSD 08:19 BSD, Unix and Linux 09:15 Apple and the Unix philosophy 09:39 Is Mac as flexible and open as BSD or Unix? 10:09 Is Mac really Open Source? Who knows how to compile the Darwin kernel? 12:37 Source code available, but not an Open Source project! 13:41 Running Unix/Linux applications on the Mac (sort of) 15:40 Klaatu tries to make the Mac a pure BSD box 16:17 The Fink and Mac Ports projects - software ported to Mac 18:40 The reality - Apple fights back 19:24 The Apple marketing machine, Quick Time, DRM and AAC 21:40 Reasons to choose Linux over Mac 22:57 Mac is "unsupportable" if you customize too much 23:40 Problems you aren't allowed to have on a Mac 24:15 But a Mac just works and doesn't crash, right? 25:14 The spinning beach ball of death - be cool while you crash 25:57 Using the terminal to kill a process in Linux: xkill (Ctrl-Alt-Esc) 28:00 You only thought it crashed... 29:33 Linux Basement's VA Tech interview - Mac clusters 31:29 Window, Mac, Linux all work for e-mail and browsing, right? 32:27 Recovering data? Good luck! Linux Action Show 33:04 Mac + Unix for the technical user? Not! 34:20 Why fix problems when we can make it a feature of the next release? 35:06 Do you want to report this error? 35:46 The Linux sense of community to the rescue 37:36 But the Mac looks cool... 38:15 Klaatu's final thoughts 39:10 Next episode: Listener Feedback 39:18, feedback, listen, subscribe 39:30 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 40:15 Visit our Cafe Press store 41:07 End

DATE: Mon, 10 Mar 2008
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Going Linux #026 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #026 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #026 - Listener Feedback 00:21 Introduction 01:15 Audio feedback 01:30 Verbal: Use WGET command to download files from the Internet 02:57 Greg: Installing .rpm and .deb packages 09:50 Phone line calls 10:44 Sonny: Why I switched to Linux 12:05 Bruce (Mr. Gadget) sings the blues (Eat your heart out Chad Wollenberg!) 15:00 Emmanuel: Kompozer replaces NVu, comments on Windows vs. Linux 18:45 Richard: A question on the legality of using restricted drivers in Linux 19:44 Klaatu's answer from Episode 25 21:28 Use VLC for converting audio file formats 22:41 Rich: Linux alternatives for Microsoft Money and Tax Cut 22:36 GnuCash, KMyMoney, jGnash, MoneyDance, Grisbi, and PLCash 26:50 Linux alternatives for iTunes 27:30 Definition: Smart playlists, 28:10 Amarok: Synchronize your iPod or other audio player 30:10 Drew: Recording streams using Bash scripts, Zenity 35:09 Teresa: Tries Kubuntu on Dell C610 with no OS, never looks back 37:13 Bart: Manages Linux, uses Mac OSX's Unix; 39:36 Bart: Please, no Mac-bashing! OSX-Linux similarities and differences 42:17 We'll talk to Klaatu (see Bad Apples Season 2, Episode 11) 44:28 Apple's software cost for comparison 47:07 Next episode: An introduction to backups 47:33, feedback, listen, subscribe 47:47 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 48:27 Visit our Cafe Press store 49:22 End

DATE: Wed, 20 Feb 2008
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Going Linux #025 - Why Switch?, Klaatu interview at SCaLE 6x

Going Linux #025 - Why Switch?, Klaatu interview at SCaLE 6x00:00 Going Linux #025 - Why Switch?, Klaatu interview at SCaLE 6x 00:22 Introduction 01:45 Why Tom switched to Linux 02:38 Why Larry switched to Linux 04:10 The security issue 05:03 The cost issue 05:36 Configuring equivalent systems: Vista vs. Linux 06:10 The hardware issue 06:43 Upgrade vs. "full" version 08:52 Office suites 12:40 Mail application 14:40 The cost of previous software and hardware 15:40 The cost of "content protection" 17:24 BSOD 18:10 The cost of additional software included with Linux distros 20:50 Final (software only) cost Vista ultimate: $3,000 Linux: $0 21:38 The performance cost of "assistant" programs 23:14 Cost summary 24:13 Getting new application upgrades 26:58 No Scan Disk or Defrag 28:00 No reboot for months 28:56 Community support 30:48 User-influenced development 31:42 Linux: Built on the shoulders of giants 33:24 Security: less risk for malware 34:20 Why don't people switch to Linux? Fear of change 35:30 Finding application equivalents 27:25 Linux vs. Apple 39:20 SCaLE 6x Review 44:50 Interview with Klaatu of The Bad Apples Podcast 56:30 Linux codecs legal vs. illegal 57:10 Next episode: Listener Feedback 57:24, feedback, listen, subscribe 57:45 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 58:47 End

DATE: Sun, 03 Feb 2008
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Going Linux #024 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #024 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #024 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:19 SCALE 6x 02:55 Bill: Playing Real Player streams 04:29 Emmanuel: Listener Tip - sudo !! repeats last command as root 08:02 Jim: Wants us to cover how to install Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 10:21 Stuff: Nice podcast 10:41 Steve: Clear and straightforward 12:17 Charles: Tom's color commentary helps family move from Vista to Linux 13:08 Ernie: Fantastic 13:17 Arash2005: Cool podcast 13:32 Bob: Kick the "stuff" out of Microsoft 15:48 Bill (not Gates): Finds openSuSE slab menu clunky, adopts Ubuntu on AMD 64 19:20 Ron: Needs help installing Flash and mPlayer on YDL on a PS3 20:25 Nid good: Really likes podcast 20:30 Josh: Tom's new mic helps -- he sounded too close to mic on Episode 15 21:43 Michael: Nessus scans Tom's computer for the Aardvark Challenge 22:57 Steve: Environmental factors help with Aardvark Challenge 23:38 Greg: Would like command line tips as a regular segment 22:47 Software picks: Apropos, 29:24 OpenOffice extension -- Sun Presentation Minimizer 34:00 Next episode: Why switch? 34:31 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 34:51, feedback, listen, subscribe 35:35 Promos 42:44 End

DATE: Sun, 20 Jan 2008
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Going Linux #023 - Firewalls-Advanced

Going Linux #023 - Firewalls-Advanced00:00 Going Linux #023 - Firewalls-Advanced 00:16 Introduction 01:17 Results: Aardvark Challenge 04:40 SCALE 6x 07:20 The story so far... 08:12 Definition: IPTables 10:15 Why use both software and hardware firewalls? 11:34 Windows XP firewall vs. the GuardDog Linux firewall 13:44 How do I setup a firewall? 14:08 Firestarter's default settings 16:53 Events Tab: Allowing blocked incoming connections 19:10 Policy Tab: Proactively setting policies 19:54 Port Numbers: What does each port do? 21:41 Firestarter for Gnome, GuardDog for KDE 23:22 Why the firewall works when Firestarter and GuardDog are turned off 24:22 GuardDog's default settings 24:56 Advanced planning: browsing, banking and server 25:19 Protocol Tab: Internet Zone (browsing and banking) 26:45 Protocol Tab: Local Zone (server) 27:26 Turn the firewall on and off 27:50 When to turn the software firewall on 28:25 Resources for firewall information 30:35 Going Linux Listener Feedback: +1-206-350-5251 31:29 Going Linux Cafe Press store: 31:48, feedback, listen, subscribe 33:32 Promos 37:15 End

DATE: Tue, 01 Jan 2008
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Going Linux #022 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #022 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #022 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:21 The Aardvark Challenge 03:44 Now you can donate - button on 04:45 Ben: AbiWord is stand alone word processor, KWord is part of KOffice 05:26 Henry: Basket and OneNote equivalent for Gnome Tomboy, TiddlyWiki, TiddlySnip, Jarnal and Gournal 06:50 Bobby: Debris Linux and IcePodder for older computers 09:25 Wayne: Tux Droid 11:02 Bill: Wubi, enabling multimedia and Real Player 13:48 Steve: Knoppmyth for a MythTV PVR, Geubuntu looks nice 17:18 Verbal: Listener Tip - AC Adapters 18:47 Software Picks: FileLight, Avidemux 22:26 New feature: Promo Exchange 23:17 Next episode 23:22, listen, subscribe 24:22 Promo 26:20 End

DATE: Thu, 20 Dec 2007
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Going Linux #021 - Firewalls-Introduction

Going Linux #021 - Firewalls-Introduction00:00 Going Linux #021 - Firewalls-Introduction 00:16 Introduction 01:25 Thank you Dan Sawyer and Chad Wollenberg 01:44 Advanced Windows user, you should begin using Linux right away. 02:46 What is a firewall, why is that important 03:19 Definition: Firewall 03:43 Types of firewalls 04:50 IPTables 05:32 Graphical firewall applications openSuSE, Guard Dog, Fire Starter 06:55 Where to find more information: podcasts, websites, discussion threads 08:32 What and why: The bottom line 09:14 Ports allow access to your computer 10:50 By default, ports are turned OFF 11:49 Uninstall or disable the firewall to enable all ports 12:26 Unconvinced: The Aardvark Challenge 14:30 Even with a firewall you can get hacked: social engineering 15:17 Beware the helpful command-line fix on forum posts 16:47 How to check out a command before you run itwill 17:56 Next episode 18:29, listen, subscribe 19:47 End

DATE: Wed, 05 Dec 2007
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Going Linux #020 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #020 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #020 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:21 Dan Sawyer: Sculpting God stories released 02:26 Sculpting God promo 04:34 The Linux Link Tech Show 05:06 Verbal: Listener Tip 06:04 Randy: Links to files not working 07:37 Lamar: extend laptop battery life under openSuSE, TV tuner cards 09:16, forums at, episode 5 11:08 Bill: GMail paranoia, sharing browser bookmarks, Wubi confusion 15:17 Wubi is an installer, not virtualization 18:25 Jordan: Use nVidia "legacy" drivers for older hardware 19:06 Luke: Kubuntu on older desktop, Xubutu on old laptop BusyBox error 21:27 Forum posts: Try another version of install CD, try another distro, TinyME 22:53 Ray: likes how-to's, software selections, problem solving techniques, 24:12 Playing podcasts, suggestion: undoing mistakes 25:19 Linux podcast receivers and media players: Amarok, Rhythmbox, restricted extras 27:58 Bill: Suggests donation button, provides openSuSE 10.3 overview 31:53 Supporting Going Linux: Send us an e 32:56 Ryan: Making Gnome look more like Windows for "Mom" 33:25 Install KDE; move the panels, change theme; delay 35:46 Kelly: Audio quality needs improving 38:01 Dave: Firefox printing suggestion PDF Download Extension 40:00 John: Installing Ubuntu on new hardware, link plugs for other shows 41:38 Rick: XPad for Gnome rather than Basket using TinyME 42:29 XPad is a sticky note program, not a full replacement for Basket 43:27 Henry: Local LUG helps solve nVidia problem on Dell--BIOS change! 44:53 Podcast Alley comments: Match harware and distro, don't give up, Tom is entertaining, 47:38, listen, subscribe 48:54 End

DATE: Wed, 21 Nov 2007
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Going Linux #019 - Office Suites-Advanced

Going Linux #019 - Office Suites-Advanced00:00 00:00 Going Linux #019 - Office Suites-Advanced 00:16 Welcome 01:24 Linux Basement Podcast from Chad Wollenberg 03:08 Thanks for voting on Podcast Alley 03:17 Focus on OpenOffice 03:58 Definition: Office Suite 04:40 MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint 04:53 OpenOffice: Writer, Calc, Impress 05:02 KOffice: AbiWord, KSpread, KPresenter 05:28 Why would I need an Office Suite? 06:49 Moving the OpenOffice Custom Dictionary (and other settings) between computers 08:39 Display hidden directories in Linux. 10:08 Editing the OpenOffice Custom Dictionary 11:38 Automating Keystrokes with Office Macros 12:01 Definition: Macro 13:24 Macro (in)compatibility 14:06 Resources: Using OpenOffice Macros 14:22 OpenOffice Navigator 16:28 Resources: Learning to use OpenOffice 18:08 Software picks: AdBlockPlus, KSnapshot 21:27, listen, subscribe 22:45 End

DATE: Wed, 07 Nov 2007
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Going Linux #018 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #018 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #018 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Welcome 01:38 New Web Host: Site5 03:21 Podcast Alley survey results - Thank you! 04:15 Comments from Podcast Alley 08:03 Verbal: Audio tip on the Kate text editor 09:45 Jim: Audio comment Excel-OpenOffice compatibility 12:57 Jonathan: Sabayon 14:27 Jeff: Listens again, recommends Fedora-KDE Rawhide 17:33 Command line tab completion 18:55 Why dialog boxes look different from app to app 20:45 Sarel: Installing Linux on an old laptop with no USB or CD 21:38 Smart Boot Manager 23:08 Network Installation 24:49 CF Card Installation of DSL 28:44 Alan: Linux alternatives to DocumentsToGo software 30:56 Wayne: Gutsy requires BIOS of 2000+ 32:10 Updating the older computer BIOS 33:04 For old hardware, try Xubuntu, Puppy, DSL, DSL-N 34:29 Also try Wubi to install Linux on a Windows machine 35:58 A WubiCDBoot.exe install file is included on the Gutsy CD 37:35 Tom's trials with Gutsy - Lesson: Understand before goofing with the innards 38:11 Lee: More screen shots, or add screen cast videos 39:29 Henry: Ubuntu on Inspiron 2650, not able to play demanding games 40:30 Setting up WPA on Ubuntu 44:52, listen, subscribe 46:36 End

DATE: Mon, 22 Oct 2007
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Going Linux #017 - Word Processors and Text Editors-Introduction

Going Linux #017 - Word Processors and Text Editors-Introduction00:00 Going Linux #017 - Word Processors and Text Editors-Introduction 00:17 Welcome 01:46 Podcast Alley results so far 04:36 Some common text editors 05:49 Definition: text editor 06:06 Kate text editor 08:35 gEdit text editor 10:25 Abiword word processor 12:17 KWord word processor 16:05 Writer word processor 17:28 vs. Microsoft Office 21:32 Tips for moving to 25:25 Sharing files between and MS Office 26:39 Comparison of word processors 27:20 Software pick of the month 30:27, listen, subscribe 31:56 End

DATE: Fri, 05 Oct 2007
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Going Linux #016 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #016 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #016 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Welcome 01:51 About 40 visits per day 800 visitors per month 03:48 Help us be more accurate. Vote on Podcast Alley - just once is OK 05:015 Ryan: Compile applications from source code 07:08 Definition: Compiling from source code on Linux 08:30 Advantages of compiling from source code 10:11 Dennis: DOS error when booting CD from Linux ISO 11:02 Don't use burner software to make Linux LiveCD bootable - it already is! 14:07 Make sure your computer is setup to boot from the CD 15:25 Jonathan: Linux alternatives to iTunes and MS OneNote under openSuSE 17:16 Sync your iPod under Linux using Rhythmbox 18:53 Replace MS Office OneNote using Basket for Linux 22:47 Adding a 3rd party openSuSE repository to install Basket 26:25 Jonathan: Basket software review (student perspective) 30:10 Jeff: Failed attempt to move to Linux 31:25 Jeff could have used distribution support, community wikis, message boards, online publications and the Going Linux website 32:06 The command line vs. graphical user interface 36:15 Bill: Sync PocketPC with Kmail, sync iPod 37:04 Sync your iPod under Linux using Amarok 37:49 Sync PocketPC with Kmail using SynCE-KDE 38:58 Software pick of the month 39:41, listen, subscribe 41:17 End

DATE: Thu, 20 Sep 2007
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Going Linux #015 - Installing Linux Applications-Advanced

Going Linux #015 - Installing Linux Applications-Advanced00:00 Going Linux #015 - Installing Linux Applications-Advanced 00:17 Welcome 01:49 In this episode 02:22 Definition: Repositories 03:50 A word of caution about installing software... 06:28 Adding source repositories to the package manager 08:15 The advantage of installing from a repository 09:26 Enabling supported repositories 09:56 Example: Kubuntu - enabling Adept repositories 11:35 Example: Ubuntu - enabling Synaptic repositories 12:16 Documentation and tutorials for YOUR distribution of Linux 13:35 tutorial on installing Linux applications 14:31 How do I find Linux equivalents for Windows software? 15:47 Alternative software installers: Winedoors, Automatix 17:05 Recovering from a failed Linux installation or update 18:46 Definition: Broken Dependency 20:04 Command line recovery 21:09 Next 2 episodes 22:07, listen, subscribe 23:08 End

DATE: Wed, 05 Sep 2007
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Going Linux #14 - Listener Feedback and Dan Sawyer Interview

Going Linux #14 - Listener Feedback and Dan Sawyer Interview00:00 Going Linux #14 - Listener Feedback and Dan Sawyer Interview 00:14 Introduction 01:45 Changes to the format 02:31 Listener Tom: Show needs a co-host 03:26 Tom Choudoir becomes guest co-host! 04:00 Tom's experiences with Linux 05:03 Listener Curtis: Likes that we cover Linux "from the beginning" 06:34 Listener Dan: Offers to be a guest expert on Going Linux 07:24 Interview with J. Daniel Sawyer 08:00 How did you find the Going Linux podcast? 08:37 Dan's fiction podcasts "Scultping God" and "Predestination and Other Games of Chance" 09:59 LinuxJournal articles 10:42 Questions from listener Rick (hitekwaiter) 12:08 Definition: Codec? 12:54 Lossy vs. lossless 15:33 Free and open source codecs for video 16:29 Open source non-free codecs for video 17:35 Free and open source delivery codecs 19:24 Alpha software and Beta software in "Linux land" vs. "Windows land" 20:55 Video cameras compatible with Linux 23:27 Recommendation: Linux video applications for editing single-track: kino, multi-track: openmovieeditor, blender, kdenlive, cinellera 31:07 Commercial solutions for Linux 31:38 Definition: Video compositing 34:31 Writing articles for magazines and journals 36:35 What is author Scott Sigler really like? 38:00 Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour podcast 43:00 Advice from Dan Sawyer for media newbies using Linux 44:43 Blender Wars: Open source film making community 45:15 Artistic Whispers Productions: Dan's Sawyer's media services company and tutoring 46:47 Thanks Dan 47:28 Tom Chaudoir joins Going Linux 47:43, listen, subscribe 49:00 End

DATE: Mon, 20 Aug 2007
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Going Linux #13 - Getting Updates and Installing Software-Introduction

Going Linux #13 - Getting Updates and Installing Software-Introduction00:00 Going Linux #13 - Getting Updates and Installing Software-Introduction 00:18 Introduction 01:46 Where to find Linux software to install: repositories 03:24 Deciding what to install 04:42 Getting software updates for Linux: the updater 06:23 Using the updater to retrieve and install updates Reminder definitions: packages, installers, package managers 07:50 Using the package manager 09:01 Installing packages from repositories: 3 examples Finding and installing Firefox on Kubuntu (Adept) Finding and installing software on Freespire (CNR) Finding and installing Audacity on openSuSE (YaST) 12:30 Summary 13:27 Next Episodes 13:44 Possible Format Changes 13:55, listen, subscribe 14:57 End

DATE: Sun, 05 Aug 2007
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Going Linux #12 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #12 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #12 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 02:24 Macroron: Links to share 02:53 Learning Linux Episode 3 04:51 Apple IIe Serial Terminal running Gentoo 06:09 Sabayon Linux video 06:38 Fernando: Still here listening! Thanks for the icons 07:28 Henry: Windows XP Media Center (MCE) alternatives 07:44 Outlook equivalent sync to Pocket PC 08:05 Enable advanced mouse buttons 08:15 Convert RPM to DEB 09:01 DVR replacement 09:30 Larry's answers: 09:35 Multisync & SynCE sync to Evolution 10:35 MCE Alternatives: UbuntuStudio Ubuntu Media Center Mythbuntu LinuxMCE 13:00 DVR: MythTV & Mythbuntu 14:06 Alien: convert RPM to DEB 15:46 Configure mouse: lomoco, logitech_applet, mdetect 18:37 How to decide what to install 20:57 Charles: Recording the podcast 27:44 Next Episode 28:24, listen, subscribe 29:30 End

DATE: Fri, 20 Jul 2007
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Going Linux #11 - Adjusting to Linux-Advanced

Going Linux #11 - Adjusting to Linux-Advanced00:00 Going Linux #11 - Adjusting to Linux-Advanced 00:15 Introduction 02:15 Try something new! 02:53 Ubuntu videos: Linux: A Windows Vista alternative Dell's Linux 101 - What's All The Fuss About? 03:57 Edit your Office dictionary 05:20 Switching users - Linux sessions 06:30 Keyboard shortcuts 07:29 Organizing your files 08:25 The best place to file your files 10:05 The Master Documents folder 10:42 Create subfolders 11:35 Setup programs to save files automatically 13:18 Use shortcut icons 13:55 Easy backup 14:30 Finding your files 14:53 KFind 17:25 Beagle Search 20:22 Google Desktop Search 22:36 Defining 'Free' 23:00 Things you can do in Linux but not in Windows 25:21 Move from Windows to Linux 26:37 Move your Thunderbird mail 28:29 Move from Outlook or Outlook Express 30:44 Move your Firefox bookmarks 32:13 Move your Internet Explorer favorites 34:11 Move your OpenOffice settings 36:28 Next Episode 36:45, listen, subscribe 37:45 End

DATE: Mon, 02 Jul 2007
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Going Linux #10 - Listener Feedback

00:00 Going Linux #10 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #10 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 01:33 In this episode 01:50 Lucas: A winmodem resource for Linux 03:43 Ed Labonte: The LIP is back 06:00 Macroron: The LIP, links and swap file help for Zenwalk 07:52 Definitions: Swap partition (Linux), Swap file (Windows) 08:55 Improving the podcast: Trafcom News 09:48 Big-O TechnoFodder promo exchange 11:12 11:33 Big-O and J.C. Hutchins Clone Line Live (7th Son Book 3 launch July 5) 14:25 Chess Griffin, Linux Reality: Great job! 15:41 Next episode overview 16:15, listen, subscribe 17:10 End

DATE: Fri, 15 Jun 2007
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Going Linux #9 - Adapting to Linux-Introduction

Going Linux #9 - Adapting to Linux-Introduction00:00 Going Linux #9 - Adapting to Linux-Introduction 00:16 Introduction 01:33 In this episode 02:07 Previous episodes 02:47 KDE desktop icons 03:48 Application icons 05:10 System icons 06:55 My Computer, Home (Documents), Printers, Trash 11:21 Control mouse actions 12:30 Disk defragmentation 13:15 Kill a "runaway" program 14:41 Ways to reboot the computer 15:28 Launch programs from a dialog box 16:02 Run programs when your computer starts 16:59 Lock the your computer 17:12 Change the way the mouse works 18:15 Getting help for Linux and Linux applications 18:28 Documentation 19:19 Online resources 20:24 Googling for Linux 22:15 Next episode overview 22:45, listen, subscribe 23:54 End

DATE: Sat, 02 Jun 2007
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Going Linux #8 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #8 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #8 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Introduction 01:47 Bill C - Trials & tribulations installing Feisty 03:55 No modem support 05:22 Monitor resolution: Firefox doorknob 06:24 Printer support 07:10 GUI 07:29 Rant: Linux fragmentation 08:15 Larry - Distribution consolidation & competitive pressure 09:23 Use Live CD to test hardware compatibility 10:53 Linux is ready. Have you ever installed Windows? 11:43 Bill C - Recommends Marcel Gagne's book 12:32 Rant: Geek elitism 15:18 Mike P - Printing PDF from Firefox is easy 16:51 Larry - I tried it and it works! 17:19 James F - Why not Xandros? Newbie podcasts should stick to GUI. 19:10 How about a show on Crossover? 19:36 Larry - We will stick to the GUI. Xandros $100 price might be a put-off. I'll try Crossover. 21:12 Jon L - Which Distro is a good one for newbie with a PC and a PPC? 22:23 Larry - Try Kubuntu for PC or openSuSE for either hardware. Try the Kubuntu Live CD or openSuSE DVD first. 26:18 Bill C - Gets recommendations from Computer America show. 30:25 Rant: Linux not ready for the masses. 30:08 Larry - Installing ANY operating system can be difficult. 33:02 Win Modem depends on Windows to work. 33:20 Use the hardware compatibility list can help. 35:08 George M - Job well done! 35:47 Larry - Open to different points of view. No Bashing. 35:16 Windows vs. OS X vs. Linux. 37:53 Frank - How do I subscribe? 38:09 Larry - Subscribing with Amarok and Rhythmbox. 44:29 Dave Jackson's 44:45 Next episode overview. 45:24, listen, subscribe 46:26 End

DATE: Sat, 19 May 2007
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Going Linux #7 - E-mail-Advanced Topics

Going Linux #7 - E-mail-Advanced Topics00:00 Going Linux #7 - E-mail-Advanced Topics 00:15 Introduction 01:41 Topics 02:11 Managing you inbox 02:54 E-mail signatures 05:30 Resources: Articles, Show Notes and 06:40 Automated mail management features of Thunderbird 07:26 Pre-sort your mail into folders 09:53 Color code your incoming mail 10:59 Take out the trash 11:49 Eliminate electronic junk mail and spam 14:32 Block images and java script for safety 15:07 Searching for mail messages 16:13, listen, subscribe 17:13 End

DATE: Fri, 04 May 2007
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Going Linux #6 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #6 - Listener Feedback00:00 Going Linux #6 - Listener Feedback 00:25 In this episode 00:37 Feedback from Geek Acres Podcast - Doug Rapson 04:08 Feedback from Linux System Administration Podcast - Ted Streit 05:55 Jim - Home networking in a mixed environment 07:30 Norahaura - Dual boots Ubuntu/XP on the desktop 08:34 Tracy (High Tech Redneck) - Linux server recommendation 09:09 My home network configuration 10:33 Considerations for mixed-environment networks 12:03 Stuart - Podcast format recommendations, distro confusion 15:45 Linux Distributions: Compared with Windows Vista, examples and references 21:55 Definitions: Linux, kernel, desktop, K-menu/Start menu, kicker/taskbar, software 25:27 Summary 25:53, listen, subscribe 27:05 End

DATE: Fri, 20 Apr 2007
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Going Linux #5 - E-Mail-Introduction

Going Linux #5 - E-Mail-Introduction00:00 Episode 5 - E-mail-Introduction 00:17 Welcome 00:25 Topics 00:36 Where is Serge? 01:38 Want to be a podcaster? 02:17 Thank you Serge 03:54 Introduction to e-mail 04:21 Definition - e-mail client software 06:04 How e-mail works 07:42 Definitions - POP3, IMAP 08:30 E-mail software in Linux 09:14 Browser-based e-mail systems 09:51 Setup Thunderbird to receive Gmail 11:19 Incoming mail settings 14:40 Outgoing mail settings 15:44 Articles section for details 16:17 Using Thunderbird 17:00 Next episodes 17:36, listen, subscribe 18:44 End

DATE: Fri, 30 Mar 2007
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Going Linux #4 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #4 - Listener Feedback00:00 Episode 4 - Listener Feedback 00:14 Welcome 00:25 New format - an experiment 01:14 Listener feedback episodes 02:09 Linux install episodes 03:42 Linux user experience episodes 04:04 New release schedule 04:54 Thanks: Middle Management Lobotomy 05:32 Thanks: The Linux Link Tech Show 06:52 Listener Feedback 07:36 Bill C: Finds dial-up modem for Ubuntu-Dell system 09:32 Ridgid: Thanks for fixing download problem 09:53 Jack: Pushed to Ubuntu Linux by cost of staying MS for development 12:42 Neil C: Networking and Linux servers 14:39 Neil C: Follow-up re: VM Ware and Parallels running Linux 16:47, listen, subscribe 18:02 End

DATE: Fri, 23 Mar 2007
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Going Linux #3a - Linux Browsers-Advanced

Going Linux #3a - Linux Browsers-Advanced00:00 Episode 3a - Linux Browsers-Advanced 00:15 Welcome 00:45 Overview 01:48 Konqueror Web Shortcuts 04:31 Desktop Links-Konqueror 06:03 Desktop Links-Firefox 09:21 Tabbed Browsing 10:11 Konqueror Tabs 11:29 Changing Konqueror 13:20 Firefox Tabs 13:49 Changing Firefox 14:48 Browser Add-Ons 15:51 Firefox Extensions and Themes 17:15 Plug-ins 18:10 Definition: Repositories 19:37 Installing Plug-ins 21:36 FreeSpire-Click and Run 22:30 Kubuntu-Adept 23:30 OpenSuSE-YaST 24:37 Alternative Browsers 25:22 GUI-based: Opera Epiphany Netscape Mozilla and SeaMonkey 26:40 Text-based: Lynx and W3M 27:55 Thanks For Listener Feedback 53:46, listen, subscribe 54:58 End

DATE: Tue, 20 Feb 2007
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Going Linux #2 - Linux Browsers

Going Linux #2 - Linux Browsers00:00 Episode 2 - Linux Browsers 00:16 Welcome 00:24 Topics: Two browsers, SCALE 01:14 Definitions: Distribution, kernel 04:09 More information 04:24 Definition: Desktop environment 05:33 Konqueror 12:15 Firefox 16:35 Resources: Going Linux Articles, Linux Reality Podcast 18:47 Thanks: Middle Management Lobotomy Podcast 19:25 Listener Feedback 21:07 SCALE Review 22:23 Jono Bacon - Canonical Community 23:08 6 Linux Distributions 26:08 Debian 28:04 Gentoo 29:48 Linspire, FreeSpire 34:26 Novell - openSUSE , SLED 38:46 Red Hat - Fedora Core 42:56 Ubuntu 46:24 Swag 47:41, listen, subscribe 48:31 End

DATE: Sat, 20 Jan 2007
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Going Linux #1 - Introduction

Going Linux #1 - Introduction00:00 Episode Overview 00:44 Goals Going Linux 01:34 Easy Transitions 02:02 World Domination 04:25 Assumptions 05:18 Podcast Format 06:04 Why Listen? 06:17 Larry 08:33 Serge 10:55 Linux Install Podcast 12:04 FourBitsWorth Podcast 13:18 Corporate Users 14:53 Academic Users 15:37 Home Users 17:35 18:45 Your Feedback 19:00 Listen-Subscribe 19:39 Thanks 20:29 End

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This podcast has helped my whole family make the switch to linux, my laptop and the 3 computers in our home all run Ubuntu or Mint.

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useful help

I really appreciate your useful tips Tom and Larry. please tell me which of these distros are best. 1Ultimate edition 3.4 or Linux mint 13?

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