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Going Linux

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Going Linux is a podcast for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. Whether you are new to Linux, if you are moving from Windows to Linux, or if you are thinking about moving to Linux, this podcast and website will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and Linux applications.
Recent Episodes for Going Linux
DATE: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
SIZE: 68.4 MB
Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30

Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30 "Cloud-based Linux distributions" is the topic for today. We discuss operating systems that are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently getting you on the Internet, and provides you with as many applications as possible to work FROM the Internet. Examples of cloud-based applications are Google's "Docs and Spreadsheets" office suite, and the on-line iTunes clone, "The Cloud Player." Peppermint OS is a fast, lightweight Linux distribution, based on Linux Mint and Ubuntu, using very few hard-drive based applications. This distribution uses a concept called "Site Specific Browsers" to present web applications in a single-purpose browser window, that makes it look and work much like a traditional, installed application. To put web apps on your desktop, Peppermint OS uses Mozilla's Firefox and Mozilla's Prism technology. Peppermint Ice uses Google's Chromium browser. As always, we answer plenty of listener e-mail as well. Episode 115 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #115 - Computer America #30 00:16 Introduction 02:56 Cloud-based Linux distributions 14:31 Peppermint One and Peppermint Ice 18:11 Site Specific Browsers 25:30 "Wacky orange flavor" Linux 26:00 Getting started with Peppermint Linux 35:13 Other "cloud" operating systems 38:32 Alexander: Which operating system is best? Windows, Mac, or Linux? 50:32 Jon: Portable Apps for the library user 54:52 Scott: Problem affects both wired and wireless network on Ubuntu 67:48 Jeff: Google offers "Talk" with chat 69:42 Mike: Which routers are compatible with Linux? 70:54,, +1-904-4-OUR-TUX, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 74:46 End

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 42.9 MB
Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop

Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop Tom and I walk through the setup for Remote Desktop. We also connect to each other's computers over the network. We discuss how to use port forwarding to enable the ability to use Remote Desktop to connect computers through a firewall or router. We also discuss alternative methods of connecting computers remotely over the Internet. Episode 114 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #114 - Setup Remote Desktop 00:17 Introduction 00:44 Don't use FAT32 on multi-GB USB backup drives because of file size limit 04:47 Google voice number +1-904-4-OUR-TUX 1-904-468-7889 07:03 Remote desktop setup to allow connection to your computer 18:15 Making the connection 20:20 A complete meltdown on the Internet 22:06 Port forwarding to allow bypassing of a router or firewall (port 5900) 25:30 Finding your local IP address 27:44 Connecting through your corporate network 30:26 SSH option vs. VNC? 32:13 JPEG helps with viewing video remotely 33:09 Do not run Compiz (desktop effects) 34:57 Alternative methods of connecting remotely to computers NX Free, NeatX, SSH 37:46 Software Pick: Audible player for Android 44:40,, +1-904-4-OUR-TUX, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 46:54 End

DATE: Sun, 05 Sep 2010
SIZE: 58.2 MB
Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback We have lots of audio feedback. Thanks everyone. More "Gone Linux" success stories, and questions - as always. Episode 113 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #113 - Listener Feedback 00:16 Introduction 01:12 04:00 Steve McLaughlin - The Door To Door Geek: scipe text editor 06:05 Bill: Fedora 13 review (sort of) 09:22 Skwiggs: How do I boot physical W7 partition in Virtual Box on Ubuntu host? 13:40 Jim: Moving Outlook to Thunderbird, not so easy 26:32 Troy: HP OfficeJet 8500 install, on W7 took 4 hours; on Linux, just plug it in 30:37 Jason: Don't claim OOo is 100% compatible with MS Office 34:33 Mike: Use Portable Apps to run Firefox in Library instead of IE 37:22 Mike: Commercial apps for Linux 39:26 Trevor: Highlight text in a browser and run in a terminal - TerminalRun 40:07 Angelo: How do I install Ubuntu on a system with no CD or DVD drive? 44:18 Keld: Would like to see "You dare us" like on TuxRadar 47:52 Mike: With Mint there really isn't a reason for Windows users not to switch 50:34 Dakota: Linux has made my life easier and more fun 54:58 George: Using Rhythmbox since losing iPod, now is catching up on our podcast 56:24 Zeb: Why does "complete removal" not mean "complete removal?" 62:29 OLF Promo 63:37 End

DATE: Fri, 20 Aug 2010
SIZE: 62.2 MB
Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business

Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business This episode focuses on Linux for small business, but we also discuss a bootable rescue CD on a flash drive. We discuss hardware requirements, operating systems and software applications for specific purposes as well. Episode 112 Time Stamps 00:00 00:00 Going Linux #112 - Linux for Small Business 00:16 Introduction 01:06 Vinux as a bootable talking rescue thumb drive 05:58 08:05 Thanks to Frazer and Kevin and Martin 08:29 Articles on Linux for small business 11:57 Frazer: Needs online backup and hardware requirements a new computer 16:41 Kevin: A Linux distribution for business? 22:15 Martin: Suggestions for an episode (This one) 25:09 Which hardware to choose for Linux compatibility 32:05 Software for scanning 34:27 Content Management System (CMS) 37:04 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 40:46 Mobile phone sync with Linux 43:54 Connecting from ouside 46:39 Digitally signed documents 48:56 Enterprise Content Managment (ECM) 50:05 Software suggestions from Martin 58:38 Compatibility of files 60:12 Software pick: man2html create manuals at http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html 64:33,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 66:56 OLF Promo 67:57 End

DATE: Thu, 19 Aug 2010
SIZE: 47.8 MB
Going Linux #111 - Computer America #29

Going Linux #111 - Computer America #29 Topic of the month: Office for Linux. KOffice: KWord (word processor, desktop publishing) | KSpread (spreadsheets, formulas, charts) | KPresenter (presentations) | Kexi (database) | KPlato (project planning) | Kivio (diagramming and flowcharting) - not yet released | Karbon (drawing, vector graphics) | Krita (painting and image editing)., formerly from Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle): Writer (word processor, desktop publishing, WYSIWYG html editor) | Calc (spreadsheet, formulas, charts) | Impress (presentations) | Draw (drawing, vector graphics) | Base (database) | Math (scientific formulas and equations) | Plugins from OpenOffice and third parties.Go-oo: Distributed as, with openSUSE, Mandriva and Ubuntu Linux. Episode 111 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #111 - Computer America#29 00:17 Introduction 02:10 Office for Linux 03:39 04:53 KOffice 05:50 Are office suites for Linux compatible with Microsoft Office? 07:50 Go-oo is distributed, and branded as, with many Linux distributions 10:47 How do I open a Microsoft Office document in OpenOffice? 13:01 Why not use a cloud-based office suite instead of OpenOffice? 17:52 Components and derivatives of office suites for Linux 21:08 Will Oracle kill OpenOffice? 24:18 Go-oo can open and save files with those new docx, xlsx and pptx files. 30:59,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 35:08 Ohio Linux Fest 2010 Promo 35:35 Göran: Correcting Larry's mistake 40:35 Jim: OpenOffice documentation 43:25 Henry: Will I be able to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu? 54:35 Reese: Copy and paste is different on Linux than on Windows 59:32 Where do I find Going Linux? 62:48 John: Trouble opening .mht files in Firefox (use the unMHT plug-in) 64:42 End

DATE: Thu, 05 Aug 2010
SIZE: 54.5 MB
GGoing Linux #110 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #110 - Listener Feedback It's only been a month, but it seems like a long time since we recorded a Listener Feedback episode. This time we discuss why we have taken on Audible as a sponsor. Audible provides DRM-restricted audio books and requires a prprietary player that doesn't work on Linux. Listen in to find out what we're doing and how you can help. Len and David provide us with audio feedback, and we discuss everything from Vinux and Mythbuntu, to hardware drivers and Linux pottery. Episode 110 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #110 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:48 What's up with the Audible advertisement? 03:00 Let's work together to encourage Audible to help develop a player for Linux 05:10 Audible responds... and says they are working with the Linux community 06:16 Write to customer service, especially if you are a Linux developer 09:52 Len: Corrects Larry's mistake on the show notes page 12:30 David: Rythmbox issue 16:08 Lester: Graphical version of wget... gwget 18:22 Podcast Alley thanks 19:01 k9joshua: Found us on Miro and catchin up 22:28 lightacannon: Looking for accounting software for Linux 23:40 Angelo: Wants a talking rescue disk 27:41 Ray: Disagrees with Larry and Carey that IE9 support dropped on XP will boost Linux sales 30:42 David: Additional information on Prism... no plugins 35:49 John: Tries Mythbuntu, then wishes he hadn't when it removes ubuntu-desktop 43:15 Yo! Pandabear: Nod32 antivirus for Linux 44:56 Martin: Sound volume problems when recording videos 49:03 Charles: Painting pottery 50:11 Tony: Audio streaming skips. Is it the sound card? 53:23 Richard: Needs DVD codec 54:55 David: Gone Linux on Netbook and ameture radio 57:28,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 59:29 End

DATE: Thu, 22 Jul 2010
SIZE: 68.7 MB
Going Linux #109 - Computer America #28

Going Linux #109 - Computer America #28 Topic of the month: "Supporting Linux Computers." One of the weaknesses of supporting Linux computers is that there are not as many good screen sharing and collaborative tools. Having said that, the situation is changing. Once again, Carey defends the fact that he does like Linux. As a Windows support tech, he just doesn't see value for him to use it. Yes, of course he uses embedded Linux in his NAS devices, etc. Episode 109 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #109 - Computer America 00:17 Introduction 01:51 The Comupter America hosts chit-chat about this and that 06:24 The Linux stuff starts here 08:33 Supporting Linux computers 10:10 Larry admits the "negative side" 15:54 Some software that Linux support techs might use 20:23 Other ways to get support for Linux 26:00 Distractions from the chat room 29:09 If there is no value for the individual, they will not switch to Linux 32:54 How to get the Going Linux podcast 35:17 Carey loves Linux 37:52 Barry: Have faith, Linux figures out the drivers for printers without help 48:10 Martin: Creates another Linux convert 55:08 Selecting e-mail for the show 56:56 Frazer: He uploads files using Linux on unsecure FTP connection because they don't trust Linux 69:59 Paul: Copying files over a NAS is so slow compared with using Windows? 71:26,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 75:03 End

DATE: Tue, 20 Jul 2010
SIZE: 48.2 MB
Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced

Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced We conclude our episode to show old bash shell junkies, how to to do in the GUI, many of the things they do today from the command prompt. Of course users of the graphical user interface can learn a thing or two about the command line as well. Episode 108 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #108 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Advanced 00:120 Introduction 00:67 03:22 Our inspiration 04:32 Delete and "move to trash": gparted 09:11 Users, groups, permissions and owners 12:21 Browsing and managing files 14:16 Text editors and advanced features for programmers 21:21 Starting and stopping services (processes) 23:51 System monitor 27:03 Programming and IDEs 30:09 Remote control, FTP and stuff we aren't going to cover here 31:02 mySQL administration 32:41 File downloads - FileZilla and using the browser with Nautilus 37:56 Installing applications 41:32 Thanks Jeff 42:07 Software Picks: Peppermint One Linux, Prism web application launcher 50:43,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 52:37 End

DATE: Mon, 05 Jul 2010
SIZE: 29.1 MB
Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback The idea for the episode came from listener, Jeff. He suggested we produce an episode to show old bash shell junkies like him, how to to do in the UI many of the things he's been doing for years from the command prompt. It will take us more than one episode to cover all of this, so this is the "introductory" episode. Episode 107 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #107 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 00:47 What's missing? 02:04 Haresh: browsers and tabs 05:15 Christos: Going Linux - an acquired taste, dreams of being a "minion" 11:21 Things that run Linux (tip of the hat to the Linux Action Show) 12:38 Doug: Running a physical Windows intall as a virtual box image 16:56 Frazer: Gets better help from the Linux community than from that old Microsoft OS 18:09 Mike: You can run scripts and links to executables from your home folder 20:07 Jonathan: Frostbite Systems now has Frostbite Media 21:44 Roy: Correction - CENTOS is not sponsored by Red Hat 24:09 Cross: Gone Linux! 26:35 Keld: Gone Linux with 50 old PCs 27:53 Free Linux Box donations 28:51,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 31:18 31:50 End

DATE: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
SIZE: 36.7 MB
Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction

Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction The idea for the episode came from listener, Jeff. He suggested we produce an episode to show old bash shell junkies like him, how to to do in the UI many of the things he's been doing for years from the command prompt. It will take us more than one episode to cover all of this, so this is the "introductory" episode. Episode 106 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #106 - Using the GUI for Shell Command Junkies-Introduction 00:22 Introduction 01:27 A Linux virus?! NOT! 04:24 Linux on point-of-sale terminals 07:26 Tribute to Linux Action Show (well, sort of) 07:56 Jeff suggest the topic for this episode 13:02 Command-line tip for script writers 14:39 GUI alternative to back-ups instead of using dar and dar_manager 19:39 Disk Usage analayzer is the graphical alterative to the du command. 21:26 We discover some differences between Ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10 22:47 Find files using Search for Files (gnome-search-tool) instead of find, sed, locate and awk 28:15 Advanced search options in the gnome-search-tool 37:47,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 40:04 End

DATE: Fri, 18 Jun 2010
SIZE: 70.5 MB
Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27

Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27 The topic, "Linux on the Small Business Desktop," starts a conversation about point-of-sale terminals. We discuss the need for Office Suites on Linux to be compatible with Microsoft Office, 7 reasons to move to Linux, and how Internet Explorer 9 could lead to success for Firefox and the Linux OS. Why are Linux users concerned with Windows terms of use? We answer listener questions. Episode 105 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #105 - Computer America #27 00:17 Introduction 03:08 Movie talk 09:45 Kevin wrote an e-mail that inspired today's topic 12:05 Small business software needs: Microsoft-compatible Office Suite 15:29 PDF creation for free 18:38 Point-of-sale terminals 20:08 What about support? 21:29 A POS system is a computer 27:07 Get a professional to support your Linux server 36:28 7 Reasons for small business to switch to Linux 40:37 Michael: Podcast Alley feedback Windows licenses for Linux users 47:52 Microsoft's lack of IE9 support in Windows 7 could be good for Linux 52:51 Podcast Bunker (now listing the Going Linux podcast) 54:19 Why Linux users worry about Windows licenses 56:27 Dannyboy: What makes the android phone a better device than the iPhone? 58:52 Glen: Sensors-applet and hardware-monitor are in the "universe" repository. 60:52 Deniz: What about the Going Linux CDs. 66:36 John: Learning about Unix rather than Linux in school 69:49 CitizenX: Latin support in Linux. 71:45,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 77:00 End

DATE: Sat, 05 Jun 2010
SIZE: 57.5 MB
Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback Lots of links from our listenters with help for Tom's Chrome woes, Larry's black-on-black menu issues and more. More links to cloud apps and late breaking news from Klaatu. Episode 104 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #104 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:14 Ubuntu Lucid allows simultaneous recording and Skype 04:52 Mattias: Using Dropbox to share settings on multiple computers 09:15 Michael: AdTwart for Chrome 14:43 Daniel: Blocking ads and opening all tabs easily in Chrome 16:45 Scott: Choose from "cleanlooks" in Skype to fix the black-on-black menu problem 19:06 Gord: Subscribe links fail. (Right-click and copy to podcatcher.) 21:05 Brian: Multiple links to interesting articles 23:00 Richard: Video card and printer problems may both be driver issues 27:10 Martin: Apps for blind users 29:35 Martin: Symbolic links to a command 30:45 Dharmin: Used iTunes and iPod; went mad on Vista, has now switched to ubuntu and HTC Magic 32:37 John: Expert advice and links for on-line services 37:48 Terry: Not all flash drives are created equal; choose carefully 44:28 Matt: Thumb drive advice while riding a mower (Listen. You'll figure it out.) 47:44 Chris: Gone Linux for programming 48:28 Josh: Gone Linux - the novel 53:06 Ken: How The Small Box Admin has Gone Linux 56:37 xPenguins 58:05 GNU Linux Media Sprint results 61:05,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 62:50 End

DATE: Mon, 24 May 2010
SIZE: 69.6 MB
Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26

Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26 Linux "OS-10" The latest Ubuntu is more like Mac OS-X than ever. - Designed to be easy to use. - Online music store and integrated music player. - Pre-packaged with all the basic applications an average user will need. - Advanced applications are also available that expand the basic capabilities. - And now the close, minimize and maximize buttons are on the left of each window. Episode 103 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #103 - Computer America #26 00:17 Introduction 02:19 Hello and welcome 04:01 Chat room troubles 05:15 Linux OS-10: Ubuntu 10.04 has a lot in common with the Mac OSX 09:05 Stability 11:41 Reliability 12:55 Why, oh why can't Larry get into the chat room? 14:12 On-line music store and integrated music player 18:13 Why has Apple not created a version of iTunes for Linux? 19:55 Looking at the Ubuntu 10.04 desktop 22:45 Computer up-time with Linux-based NAS devices 27:40 NAS: Build or buy? 32:50 Two versions of Java are NOT better than one 36:59 Hour two 38:18 John: Wants to installing 10.04 on machine with Ubuntu already installed using Wubi 46:02 Jeff: Looking forward to multi-touch on Linux 50:38 Dharmin: Looking for Linux alternative to iTunes 56:02 David: Uses Thunderbird. Wants mail left on the Hotmail server 60:52 Lightning and Sunbird for calendaring 62:42 Daniel: Lexmark is now officially supporting Linux 65:38 Ken: Takes issue of my characterization of non-LTS releases of Ubuntu 70:57 Ubuntu: An excellent user experience out of the box 73:08,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 76:02 End

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 55.7 MB
Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced

Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced We explain David Falcone's 100th episode audio congratulation. Larry waits to install Ubuntu 10.04 -- he waits for a day after its release! We provide lots of links, here in the show notes, for all of the topics we discuss. The Knightcast KC0035 plays a big part in this episode of Going Linux. Thanks to Knightwise for his excellent review of cloud computing -- and for saving us a lot of work! :) Episode 102 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #102 - Computing In The Cloud-Advanced 00:17 Introduction 01:20 Thanks to "the guys" at the Bar B Ranch 03:27 Tom tries Chrome again. Stays with Firefox 05:34 Larry waited to install Ubuntu 10.04 (Sure he did!) 08:04 Tom really will wait 12:13 Cloud Computing Applications - more than we thought 13:42 Google is in the healthcare business 16:40 Cloud-based office suites: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, flow diagrams and more 21:16 Cloud-based storage 29:53 Browser bookmark synchronization 34:10 Knightwise and The Knightcast podcast 36:30 Google docs and other stuff 39:20 Microsoft virtually in the cloud and delivering pizza 42:19 The Kightcast KC0035 51:38 Edward: eyeOS - cloud-base operating system 53:26: Kevin: Links courtesy of Linux Back to Basics 58:47,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 60:54 End

DATE: Tue, 11 May 2010
SIZE: 45.6 MB
Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback

Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback After we recorded Episode 101, we received an e-mail from David Falcone, who recorded a 100th episode audio congratulation on Audacity, running under openSuse 11.2, on an old laptop and using a webcam for a mic. Nicely done David! Explanations, suggestions, solutions and ideas -- all from our listeners. Thanks once again everyone! Tom and I both have software picks this time. Episode 101 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #101 - Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 01:12 David Falcone: Congratulations on your 100th episode 02:43 Ubuntu 10.04 03:08 Question: WAV or no WAV? 05:02 Tom wants to get back at spammers 07:18 Your computer IS infected. Download this program to fix it. 08:30 Russ Woodman: Xaster explained, DSL modem help 13:50 Danny: Using Orca and Debian 16:46 Dharmin: An alternative for iTunes? 19:15 John: Print screen and backups 21:48 Roger: Skype webcam solution 25:54 Alexey: More Skype webcam and printscreen ideas 35:24 Doug: Booting your physical Windows partition from within a Linux VM 36:29 Svrivani: How do I write a command-line program for Linux? 38:44 Grigory: Suggests we do an episode on light-weight distros. 41:44 Software pick: Real Player 42:55 Software pick: Any LiveCD Linux distribution 47:58,, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 49:51 End

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Recent Comments for Going Linux

This podcast has helped my whole family make the switch to linux, my laptop and the 3 computers in our home all run Ubuntu or Mint.

Submitted By: kneey5@... (on 5-2014)

useful help

I really appreciate your useful tips Tom and Larry. please tell me which of these distros are best. 1Ultimate edition 3.4 or Linux mint 13?

Submitted By: no9to5blogger@... (on 6-2013)

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