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The Conservative Fun House

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James Wright and Damon Rexroad are two conservative friends who come together weekly for an all out, zany assault on the hypocrisy and idiocy of the liberal left and the spineless waffling of the GOP.
Recent Episodes for The Conservative Fun House
DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 38.2 MB
BR 6 – Pledge to America, Colbert Goes to Washington, Nudists and More!

The GOP releases their Pledge to America and both the Democrats and the Tea Party don’t like it.  -Nudists are angry that swingers are inching in on their turf and hurting that purity and values of the nudist life style. - Colbert is asked by congress to testify about immigration and then is asked to leave because he “is making a mockery of the proceedings”… WHAT!  - and Finally, Obamacare has it’s six-month anniversary.

DATE: Sun, 19 Sep 2010
SIZE: 38.4 MB
BR 5- Palin, O'donnell, Sex in the Tea party and Cancer

DATE: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
SIZE: 37.7 MB
BR 4 – Obama is Cracking, Castro Joins the Tea Party, and Quran Burning

Will we or won’t he Burn the Quran and even if he does not, others say that they well… Oh wait, someone already did, a long time ago, and it is on YouTube! Also, Obama can’t handle the failure of his polices and seems to be cracking under pressure, while Castro admits that the Jews are Good and Communism does not work. Welcome to the Twilight-Zone version of Breaking Right.

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 35.2 MB
BR 3 – Naked Latinas, Smoking Babies and Unemployment is Good?

James and Damon talk about a shared acquaintance that will be appearing naked in the upcoming movie “Machete”. Also, the new jobs report is out and once again it is bad news, but who cares when there is a chain smoking baby in Indonesia!

DATE: Fri, 27 Aug 2010
SIZE: 41.2 MB
BR 2 – Lying Liberals, Dissing the Majority, Bristol Dances and More!

Damon and James discuss: the lies and intolerance of the left, Bristol Palin will go on Dancing with the stars, How the left’s appeal to the wisdom of the modern elite is making everyone stupid, and finally, Mike Morrison calls in to give us the inside story on what really happed with Debra Medina and why he was/is  a supporter.

DATE: Sun, 22 Aug 2010
SIZE: 22.7 MB
CR 08/21/10 - Obama's Failures, Nuclear Iran, Streaking, and More Mosque Talk.

James, joined by special guest, Mike Morrison, takes over Natalie Arceneaux's "The Civil Right:" for a day. Topics include: Obama's many failures (health care, cap and tax, etc), streaking, Dr. Laure, the ground zero mosque and more.

DATE: Fri, 20 Aug 2010
SIZE: 41.1 MB
BR 1 - NEW SHOW, Ground Zero Mosque, Medicine Men and Dr Laura

Damon and James begin their all new show with Mosque chat, native american medicine men and Dr Laura. Find out more about the show and how to listen live @

DATE: Fri, 13 Aug 2010
SIZE: 14.9 MB
Big Show Update, Target v Gays & More Government Cheese

Big update on the future of Damon, James and the show. Also, Target is in trouble for financially backing a candidate that was pro prop 8 and even more proof that the common person lives in a different reality from those in Washington.

DATE: Sat, 07 Aug 2010
SIZE: 22.1 MB
CFH 108 – The non-recovery, Saving Spain’s Economy, Anchorless News, and Gay Marriage

The media is confused at why the economy is not coinciding with the recovery, Michelle Obama does her best to help the economy… SPAIN’S ECONOMY, Local TV station will try to do local news, WITH OUT anchors, and more Gay Marriage Chat.

DATE: Sat, 31 Jul 2010
SIZE: 22.2 MB
CFH 107 – Snooki Gate, Jesus Stops Crime, Arizona Immigration Update and More!

Woman stops would be robber by telling him about Jesus. Obama “says” he does not know who Snooki is but he mentioned Snooki in a speech almost a year ago. Thought in the judges ruling on Arizona law and one VERY angry caller. Plus, BIG NEWS about the future of the show.

DATE: Sat, 24 Jul 2010
SIZE: 19.5 MB
CFH 106 – Evil Republicans, Saint Sherrod and Stolen Babies

Rep. Alan Grayson believes that everyone in the GOP owns and yacht, stock and Rembrandt and that they enjoy watching you suffer – Shirley Sherrod has gone from racist to victim to a liberal deity in less in a week – Should stupidity be a crime and more.

DATE: Sat, 10 Jul 2010
SIZE: 20.2 MB
CFH 105 – Killing Crackers, Healthcare, and Google Wi-Spy

From CBS Radio in Houston - Topics Include: Saying no to cowardice when it comes to race as we talk openly about the Black Panther leader who called for the killing of crackers and their babies.  An Obama appointee admits that healthcare with lead to both rationing and redistribution but we are not supposed to say “told you so”. Google is under fire for the possibility that may have gained info to the UNSECURED wifi internet at some high ranking Congressional members homes, but Damon just wants to know why people in congress dealing with top secrete info have UNSECURED wifi at their homes?

DATE: Sat, 03 Jul 2010
SIZE: 40.2 MB
CFH 104 – The Grand Cyclops Dies, Unemployment is Good, Health Care, Jobs and More

Now part of CBS Radio, James and Damon talk about Robert Byrd, Nancy Pelosi misunderstanding of economics, the “unexpected” jobs report, Bad Health Care news, Children suing parents and more.

DATE: Sat, 26 Jun 2010
SIZE: 20.4 MB
CFH 103 - Don’t Taze Granny, Touched by Gore and New Financial Regulations

From CBS Studios in Houston. Damon thinks a bed ridden granny getting tazed by police is the ultimate win for liberal equality.  Audio from the woman who claims Al Gore tried to force sex on her and congress is pushing though another 2000 page bill.

DATE: Sat, 19 Jun 2010
SIZE: 42.7 MB
CFH 102 – Oil Spill and Interviews with Adam Baldwin and S.E. Cupp

Damon and James have a special extended show, complete with interviews with conservative actor Adam Baldwin (of NBC “Chuck”) and S.E. Cupp (author of “Losing our Religion”). We also work in some BP, Barton, Obama, Jindal talk as well as a news story on cross dressing grade-schoolers.

There are 85 more episodes in this feed. View All Episodes
Recent Comments for The Conservative Fun House
To the interesting things of life!

Know that have given laughter to someone. Thanks for spin. Ciao

Submitted By: christinerogers74@... (on 5-2007)

great show

Keep up the good work guys

Submitted By: andivokes@... (on 4-2007)

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