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Take On The Titans




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Talking about the Tennessee Titans. We will cover each game, look at the upcoming games, and talk a little about what's happening off the field.
Recent Episodes for Take On The Titans
DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 93.7 MB
Episode 175 - Titans vs Steelers Review and Titans @ Giants Preview

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   Howdy howdy,So, Tyrone Calico, Ben Troupe, Lamont Thompson... What do these guys have in common? Yeah that's right; they all did squat for us when they were on the team.They're also guys who I really wanted to succeed for one reason or another, be it because I thought they had potential, they had great intangibles, or they had a cool name (Tyrone Calico is fun to say!!)We all have stupid guilty pleasures for who we support on the Titans. My current ones are Lavelle Hawkins, who won me over in last year's win over the Cards, and Ryan Mouton, because he's a UH guy and I'm a dirty UH sympathizer.Do you guys have any dudes you support, who probably have no hope of making an impact?Tony KingMelbourne, Australia Ex-Titans news   Keith Bullock calls out the Titans; Fisher says that KB made decision to go to NY was his own Albert Haynesworth ankle injury keeps him from practicing   Player News VY is still the QB CJ2K, along with his sponsor Powerade, has started a charity push called "Running Back for Schools" in which $10 will be donated to metro schools' sports programs for every yard CJ rushes for this year. Non-Player News   Washburn injury   Titans vs Steelers   A train wreck from hell opening kickoff 7 turnovers; almost 8 pulling VY out of the game coming back to compete OL struggles CJ's streak of consecutive 100 yd games is broken Nate Washington is stepping up Finnegan fined $5,000 for his skirmish with the Steelers CJ2.5K Watch (needs to average 157) 2,358 - 34 = 2,324 (current pace: 1,408 yds)     Defense Player of the Game   Michael - Babin 7-1-1 sack  Eric - Witherspoon 2-4-1 sack - 1 FF Lindsey - Babin   Offense Player of the Game   Michael - Nate Washington 4-34-1td Eric - nobody Lindsey - Nate Washington   Last Weeks Score Prediction   Titans 27 Steelers 24 - Michael Titans 24 Steelers 10 - Lindsey Titans 11 Steelers 19- Actual   Titans vs Giants   Can VY bounce back? Will CJ break another one for a long gain to only have it called back? OL needs to rebound and protect VY and open holes for CJ   Titans vs Giants - Offense     Eric's report Titans vs Giants- Defense   Lindsey's report Titans vs Giants Score Prediction Michael - Titans 23 Giants 14 Lindsey - Titans 27 Giants 13 (2 INTs by D) Eric - Titans 23 Giants 16 (VY will run and throw for a TD)   Upcoming Schedule   Titans @ NY Giants, 9/26 at Noon Titans vs Broncos, 10/3 at Noon Titans @ Cowboys, 10/10 at 3:15 pm Titans @Jaguars, 10/18 at 7:30 pm   Stupid Question of the Week   Since Jeff Fisher pulled VY from the Steelers game, is this the beginning of the end for his coaching career here in Nashville?    

DATE: Sat, 18 Sep 2010
SIZE: 80.9 MB
Episode 174 - Titans vs Raiders Review and Titans vs Steelers Preview

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   none Ex-Titans news   Trade talks with Albert Haynesworth still continue; however, the Jets might also be in the mix Kevin Mawae has retired from the NFL HOF early list: Eddie George, Frank Wycheck, and Bud Adams   Player News VY will not get the Heisman Titans sign FB Jack Corcoran to the practice squad; cut TE Carson Butler to make room Non-Player News   Titans mascot controversy? Eating the cheerleader...   Titans vs Raiders   Michael Griffin is back to form Jason Jones is a monster Opening run was great by VY Fumble recovery by Griffin Ringer showed he is a very capable backup CJ extended his streak to 12 consecutive 100-yard games by halftime to break a tie with Marcus Allen. He trails only Barry Sanders, who had an NFL-best 14 such games. CJ2.5K Watch (needs to average 157) 2500 - 142 = 2,358   Titans vs Raiders - Offense   Eric's report   Titans vs Raiders - Defense   Lindsey's report     Offense Player of the Game   Michael - Chris Johnson (27 car-142 yds-2 TDs, 4 rec-8 yds) Eric -  Lindsey - Chris Johnson   Defensive Player of the Game   Michael - Michael Griffin (10 tackles - 2 assists - 1 fum rec) Eric -  Lindsey - Will Witherspoon (6 tackles - 1 sack)   Last Weeks Score Prediction   Titans 31 Raiders 23 - Michael Titans 24 Raiders 10 - Lindsey Titans 23 Raiders 17 - Eric Titans 38 Raiders 13 - Actual   Titans vs Steelers    Hines Ward and the Steelers still pissed about the Terrible Towel incident QB Dennis Dixon keeps the starting job   Titans vs Steelers - Offense     Eric's report Titans vs Steelers - Defense   Lindsey's report   Score Prediction   Titans 27 Steelers 17 - Michael Titans 24 Steelers 10 - Lindsey   Upcoming Schedule   Titans vs Steelers, 9/19 at Noon Titans @ NY Giants, 9/26 at Noon Titans vs Broncos, 10/3 at Noon Titans @ Cowboys, 10/10 at 3:15 pm   Stupid Question of the Week   Can VY return to his rookie season form or will his first mistake cause him to revert back?

DATE: Fri, 10 Sep 2010
SIZE: 69.1 MB
Episode 173 - Titans vs Raiders Preview

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   18 game season. The best concession I've heard so far was on Sirius radio last year when one of the NFL host theorized a 17 game season, where the extra game is an over seas game (no one losses a home game), the NFL gets revenue from 16 over seas games, and owners don't gain, but also don't lose that home game revenue.   I would love to see ya'll take a few moments to look over each teams weekend cut lists and make wish lists of players you'd each like to see acquired. (Housh Lienart, Matt Jones (lol), Pat White (VY wanna be)     Also, I'd like to go back to the discussion of  Chris Johnson being able to get more Endorsement deals with  a large market city. How? Take another look at CJ, besides having one of the 2 scariest Profile photos (see Marshawn Lynch) (sorry but both dudes are ugly, down right scary) in the NFL, the Turrets-ish condition will also discourage major endorsement deals.   BTW looks like Bulluck will be able to play all season. AND Lets Hype Jason Jones as the newest defensive force!!! Frankie U Ex-Titans news   Titans cuts; down to 53 man roster; The Tennessee Titans waived the following players to reach the 53-player roster limit: DE Eric Bakhtiari, DE Raheem Brock, FBJed Collins, WR Dominique Edison, RB Samkon Gado, DEChris Harrington, CB Tye Hill, DT David Howard, G Nick Howell, DTJoe Joseph, C Kevin Matthews, T Nevin McCaskill, RBAlvin Pearman, TE Steven Pfahler, S Myron Rolle, TE Sean Ryan, QBChris Simms, T Michael Toudouze, LB Patrick Trahan, WRPaul Williams. Additionally, LB David Thornton was placed on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) and LB Gerald McGrath was added the Reserve/Suspended list. DT Kareem Brown - placed on IRLB Gerald McGrath - suspended for four gamesLB Mike Rivera - placed on IRLB David Thornton - placed on PUP list, will miss at least the first six weeksTitans claimed LB’s Tim Shaw and Patrick Bailey off waivers and were awarded the players this afternoonpractice squad today with six players agreeing to terms: DL Hall Davis, WR Dominique Edison, CB Pete Ittersagen, C Kevin Matthews, S Myron Rolle and LB Patrick Trahan. waived LBStanford Keglar and RB LeGarrette Blount Chris Carr cut by the Ravens   Player News Chris Johnson reaffirms his drive for a 2500 yard season Is VY going to get the Heisman Trophy? Britt has been threatened with less playing time Non-Player News   Redskins in talks with the Titans for a trade of Albert Haynesworth   Stupid Question of the Week   What other defensive player could be a big impact instead of trading for Albert Haynesworth?    

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 68.5 MB
Episode 172 - Titans @ Panthers and Titans vs Saints (preseason)

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   The stupid question of the week was too stupid this week, the preseason is so meaningless you cannot get too excited over the defense without Finny, Brown, Ford and Hayes for most of the preseason. Plus they have played some horrible offenses thus far.My other surprise cut is Justin Gage. Hawkins has stepped up and could be the slot guy and the two rookies, Williams and Mariani look to be shoe-ins for the roster. Scotty Ex-Titans news   LB Rocky Boiman is expected to sign with the Lions Titans cut 5 players (P Ricky Schmitt, CB Pete Ittersagen, LB Mike Rivera (injured), DT Kareem Brown (injured) and WR Bobby Sewall) to reduce to a 75 man roster; must cut to 53 by Sunday, 9/5 Pacman Fever has hit Cincy.   Player News Chris Johnson - "I'm not hungry, I'm greedy." Non-Player News   Titans worth $994 million (purchased in 1959 for $25,000)   Titans 3rd preseason game - Titans @ Panthers   1st team offense didn't look good 1st team defense looked stellar offense had trouble reading the run blitz Did you hear what Chuck Cecil said? "No Name Defense"... he must listen to "Take On The Titans" Jason Jones looked really good McCourty is a tackling machine Mariani is going to be exciting to watch Defense gives up no TDs, but a huge breakdown on Special Teams and tackling gives one up Jared Cook shows up   Upcoming Schedule   Thursday, September 2nd vs New Orleans   Stupid Question of the Week   If Jeff Fisher has another 8-8 season, will he be on the hot seat?

DATE: Sat, 28 Aug 2010
SIZE: 53.7 MB
Episode 171 - Preseason Game #2: Titans vs Cardinals

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   Hey guys long time listener from Johnson city Tennessee.  Who do you think will step into the leadership role on the defensive side of the football since bulluck's departure? Ps Stupid question for the week: other than VY and CJ what other player has the biggest impact on the Tennessee titan football team this year?Thanks and great show,Joshua Ex-Titans news   WR Brandon Jones signs with the Seattle Seahawks Albert Haynesworth and Shanahan pointing fingers at each other and then have a closed door meeting   Player News DE Williams Hayes is hoping to return for the season opener. He even has a chance to play in the last preseason game QB Chris Simms has a trial date in October for his Driving While Impaired offense WR Justin Gage may have ligament damage in his thumb Eric Bakhtiari is growing his hair out to the right length to donate his hair to Locks Of Love  Derrick Morgan is back on the practice field Non-Player News   Arizona Cardinals joint practice with the Titans this week   Titans 2nd preseason game - Titans vs Cardinals   Defense was in a blitzing mood I don't think Matt Leinhart will ever beat VY Paul Williams needs to just turn in his uniform Lavelle Hawkins hurdle and run VY has the highest winning percentage in the team history 26-13 (.667) VY throwing off his back foot... scary   Upcoming Schedule   Saturday, August 28th @ CarolinaThursday, September 2nd vs New Orleans   Stupid Question of the Week   Could this be the second coming of the "No Name Defense"?

DATE: Sun, 22 Aug 2010
SIZE: 77.8 MB
Episode 170 - Titans @ Seahawks - Preseason Game #1

Take On The Titans news items: Emails    Guys,I think it's next to impossible for Chris Johnson to get 2000yds rushing again. The team won't give him anywhere close to the amount of carries he got last year. The team basically had nothing else to play for and in several games the Titans were winning easily Johnson was force fed the ball in the 4th quarter, I believe he got like 10 carries in the 4th quarter against the Rams in a huge blowout win. It will be more like in his rookie year when he got less than 1300yds and White had 150 carries or so.A few other points, Ringer is a quality RB that will get a decent amount of carries himself. And another consideration, Johnson wanted more money after getting 2000yds last season so I seriously doubt the team goes out of there way to give him carries in games already decided, it will only cost them more money. I would expect him to become much more of a threat in the passing game with screens and more passes out of the backfield though.My surprise cut: David Thornton, he makes too much money, is hurt and won't be a starter when McRath is done with his suspension.Scotty----- As for the Stupid Question. I think uninjured CJ will get 1400 yards. Caveat, I think he will be Injured. He's too small too cocky and will be wore down. If they try to ease the burden with Ringer and Blount (poor Stephon)  then his yardage will drop, hence 1400 yards.   Sat night game. First team looked good. Simms needs to be released since Rusty looked pretty darn good.   Unfortunately the best looking QB of the Night was Whitehurst.  Also Why couldn't Mike Williams have looked and played like that when he was on the Titans.Frankie UUnion City, TN Ex-Titans news   49ers release WR Brandon Jones   Player News Titans sign DL Raheem Brock FB Ahmard Hall gets apology from Ed Hochuli CB Jason McCourty is in the lead for the starting CB role RB Blount takes a swing at practice Non-Player News     Titans 1st preseason game - Titans @ Seahawks   RB Stafon Johnson dislocates ankle in a gruesome looking injury; classy move by Pete Carroll; release by Titans; signed back to practice squad and put on IR QB Chris Simms looked horrible 1st string offense looked good 1st string run defense looked very good 1st string pass defense look good, but need to gel more CB Verner is going to be FANTASTIC; Is impressing the coaches WR Mariani = Welker? WR Paul Williams needs to go   Upcoming Schedule   Monday, August 23rd ArizonaSaturday, August 28th @CarolinaThursday, September 2nd New Orleans   Stupid Questions of the Week   If CJ doesn't get 2,000 yards (or even 1,000 yards), will he still get the big contract? Better yet, does he deserve it?

DATE: Fri, 13 Aug 2010
SIZE: 46.8 MB
Episode 169 - Titans Season Kickoff

Take On The Titans news items: Emails    none Ex-Titans news & nbsp; Texans RB Chris Henry is having a great camp   Player News Titans sign FB Jed Collins; waived Willie Rose from the PUP list; he ended 2009 on the Cleveland Browns practice squad CB Cortland Finnegan is questionable until the regular season DE William Hayes gets good news about his knee, only a sprained MCL Titans sign OL Michael Toudouze; formerly with the Colts (5th round pick in the 2006 draft) Non-Player News   People are excited that the NFL is back. The highest ratings ever for the HOF game.   Upcoming Schedule   Saturday, Aug. 14th @ SeattleMonday, August 23rd ArizonaSaturday, August 28th @CarolinaThursday, September 2nd @ New Orleans   Stupid Questions of the Week   If Chris Johnson stays healthy, predict the number of yards he will gain.

DATE: Fri, 06 Aug 2010
SIZE: 93.1 MB
Episode 168 - Training Camp Talk

Take On The Titans news items: Emails    I just want to make a comment about Lendale White and Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks. I think Pete Carroll had wanted to make a trade to get his former Southern Cal star Running Back Reggie Bush from New Orleans Saints but settled to make a trade for Lendale White who was the number 2 running back behind Reggie Bush.Sincerely,Travis Anderson Ex-Titans news   Titans cut DE Jay Moore and TE Gerald Harris LB Keith Bullock signs with the Giants; Titans rookie  and 3rd Round pick (97th overall) LB Rennie Curran gets the number and is signed to a 4 year deal C Kevin Mawae is upset that the Titans haven't contacted him; possibly union related? Haynesworth situation; can't pass drill; huge bust? Broncos sign LenDale White   Player News Chris Johnson agrees to 1 year deal with the Titans; Titans accelerate some of Johnson's contract Jason McCourty and Ryan Mouton are both having a good camp; both are front-runners for the remaining starting CB job Brett Favre situation could really impact the Titans. If Favre doesn't come back to the Vikings, rumors abound that Kerry Collins could be had for a middle round pick from 2011 draft Titans rookie David Howard pleads no contest to assault charge (misdemeanor assault charge in RI at a bar where he was a bouncer) Bo Jackson has been critical of VY's attitude and resulting off the field issues Roger Goodell announced that VY would not face suspension from the league Rookie S Robert Johnson signed to a multi-year deal Rookie WR Damian Williams signs position battles (DE, DT, CB, WR, RB) Kenny Britt still having a rough camp with drops; and then gets a traffic citation for driving with a revoked license. DE Derrick Morgan signs Rookie QB Rusty Smith is looking sharp in camp Non-Player News   Sinkhole at Titans Stadium to cost in excess of $250k to fix; currently Metro Nashville's insurance company is refusing to pay, therefore this would need to be covered by the taxpayers. assistant coach Kennedy Pola was lured away by Lane Kiffin at USC; Titans suing Kiffin, USC, etc.; Titans promote QB Coach Johnson to RB Coach Titans have switched to night practice during training camp Record Prediction 10-6   Upcoming Schedule   Saturday, Aug. 14th @ SeattleMonday, August 23rd ArizonaSaturday, August 28th @CarolinaThursday, September 2nd @ New Orleans   Stupid Questions of the Week   Who will be the biggest surprise cut from the Titans roster?

DATE: Sat, 10 Jul 2010
SIZE: 78.3 MB
Episode 167 - We're Back!

Take On The Titans news items: Emails        Hey guys,Pretty happy with our draft in the end, most interesting thing was shipping Lendale and Vickerson to the Seahawks. The fact that they weren't going to be used that much makes the loss fairly negligible, but I can't help thinking we should have gotten better value than to just move up a few spots.Still working on my 2005 draft grades. That ought to be finished eventually.Does Eric have a new mic or something? Whatever it is, it sounds great!Keep at it, fellas.Tony KingMelbourne, Australia I was putting this piece together for the website I write for, putting together the off season transactions of all 32 teams, and thought ya'll might be interested in the Titans part.   Tennessee Titans   Team Losses – K. Vanden Bosch – DE, K. Bulluck (?) – LB , K. Mawae (?) – C , L. White – RB   Team Additions – W. Witherspoon – LB, J. Babin – DE, T. Hill – CB, C. Simms – QB   Team Needs – DE, CB, LB, G, WR, QB   Draft: 1. Derrick Morgan – DE, Georgia Tech          & nbsp; qiH0 3. Damian Williams – WR, Southern Cal          & nbsp; Z0tQ 3. Rennie Curran – LB, Georgia          & nbsp; 0SB8 4. Alterraun Verner – CB, UCLA          & nbsp; 1l_c 5. Robert Johnson – S, Utah          & nbsp; KOnY 6. Rusty Smith – QB, Florida Atlantic          & nbsp; TfiA 6. Myron Rolle – S, Florida State          & nbsp; Yj-Y 7. Marc Mariani – WR, Montana          & nbsp; p0QQ 7. David Howard – DT, Brown          & nbsp; 0NUQ (at :22 mark)Frankie U   Look at Libsyn statistics Ex-Titans news   Steve McNair case not reopened - one year anniversary of his murder WR Chris Davis signed/waived by the Bengals and then signed/waived by the Giants Would we actually want Albert Haynesworth back? Daniel Loper signed by Raiders Seahawks RB Quinton Ganther arrested for DUI LenDale White cut; suspended by NFL   Player News Chris Johnson's contract; he wants 30-40 million guaranteed VY strip club altercation; according to Goodell suspension is unlikely Derrick Morgan arrested for speeding/suspended license Derrick Morgan slowed by hamstring and calf injuries during OTAs Gerald McGrath suspended for the first 4 games; is he going to make the cut? Tony Brown signed to a new contract Chris Simms arrested for pot; pregnant wife riding shotgun Lavelle Hawkins is getting the message; not as much of a clown in the locker room VY has signed with EAG Sports Management to handle publicity Chris Johnson works out at the Titans facality Cortland Finnegan has switched to LCB WR Kenny Britt is having a horrible offseason; dropping passes, running the wrong routes, etc David Thornton says he is healthy and is laughing off retirement talks Titans agree to terms with 4 draft picks (CB Alterraun Verner, S Myron Rolle - 3rd round, WR Marc Mariani - 7th round, and DL David Howard - 7th round) CB Rod Hood lost for the year with torn ACL Titans cut WR Mark Jones, C Kenny Alfred, and Dominique Lindsay LB Keith Bullock is drawing interest from teams like Lions and Giants Rookie S Myron Rolle finished up his finals at Oxford Jeff Fisher charity softball game; VY jersey says "RIP POPS"; game halted in the 9th inning, score tied 9-9 CJ and Titans are now meeting to see if there is a compromise on the contract; some say we should trade CJ for a blockbuster Non-Player News   A former Nashville police officer says he will present a report to a grand jury Friday asking that the Steve McNair murder-suicide case be reopened. Titans and Cardinals will scrimmage/practice together during camp LP Field sinkhole forms (5 – 6 feet deep and 30 feet wide) near gate 6 Ruston Webster is the VP of Player Personnel   Upcoming Schedule   2010 Regular Season Schedule  (all times Central) Sun. Sep. 12 vs. Raiders noon Sun. Sep. 19 vs. Steelers noon Sun. Sep. 26 at Giants noon Sun. Oct. 03 vs. Broncos noon Sun. Oct. 10 at Cowboys 3:15 PM Mon. Oct. 18 at Jaguars 7:30 PM Sun. Oct. 24 vs. Eagles noon Sun. Oct. 31 at Chargers 3:05 PM BYE Sun. Nov. 14 at Dolphins noon Sun. Nov. 21 vs. Redskins noon Sun. Nov. 28 at Texans noon Sun. Dec. 05 vs. Jaguars noon Thu. Dec. 09 vs. Colts 7:20 PM Sun. Dec. 19 vs. Texans noon Sun. Dec. 26 at Chiefs noon Sun. Jan. 02 at Colts noon   Stupid Questions of the Week   What would you give up to have Albert Haynesworth back on the team?    

DATE: Fri, 23 Apr 2010
SIZE: 7.13 MB
Episode 166 - Draft Edition 1st Round

The Tennessee Titans select DE Derrick Morgan

DATE: Thu, 22 Apr 2010
SIZE: 8.07 MB
Episode 165 - Draft Day Coverage

Draft Day Coverage - Pre-Draft

DATE: Sat, 17 Apr 2010
SIZE: 68.8 MB
Episode 164 - Pre-Draft News

Take On The Titans news items: Emails   none        Ex-Titans news   Titans in the picture to re-acquire DT Albert Haynesworth? John Clayton thinks it makes sense. The contract would be 3 years, $16.2 million. This would be very affordable in comparison. RB Quinton Ganther signed by Seahawks TE Alge Crumpler signs with the Patriots; Fisher was disappointed he was not resigned 49ers, Bengals, and Lions is considering signing Pacman Jones QB Patrick Ramsey visited the Titans CB Samari Rolle released by Ravens   Player News   Titans agree to terms with DB Rod Hood (1 year) Titans are in early discussions about resigning C Kevin Mawae C Kevin Mawae re-elected as President of the NFLPA Titans agree to terms with LB Will Witherspoon ($11M, 3 years); is this the end of Keith Bullock in TN? Titans agree to terms with DE Jasin Babin Titans agree to terms with K/P Ricky Schmitt TE Bo Scaife signs his tender DE David Ball signs his tender RB Chris Johnson says he should be on the Madden cover (Drew Brees, Reggie Wayne, and Jared Allen are the candidates) LB Stephen Tulloch is working out without a contract (seeking long-term contract) DT Tony Brown seeks long-term contract DT Kevin Vickerson has signed a waiver and can work out without a contract Titans sign QB Chris Simms (2 years, $6 million) - he thinks he can drag Bo Scaife to workouts; both went to the University of Texas LenDale White signs tender Non-Player News   Titans receive a 3rd round compensatory pick   Upcoming Schedule    NFL Draft (April 22-24) Preseason Schedule: ??? – Titans @ Seahawks August 23rd - Titans vs. Cardinals ??? - Titans @ Panthers ??? –Titans vs. Saints   Stupid Questions of the Week   What is your grade (letter or number) for the 2005 Titans draft?   Titans All-Decade Team   QB Steve McNair RB Chris Johnson FB Lorenzo Neal WR Kevin Dyson WR Derrick Mason OT David Stewart OT Brad Hopkins OG Bruce Matthews OG Benji Olsen C Kevin Mawae TE Frank Wycheck DT Albert Haynesworth DT Tony Brown DE Jevon Kearse DE Kevin Carter OLB Keith Bullock OLB David Thornton MLB Stephen Tulloch S Blaine Bishop S Michael Griffin CB Cortland Finnegan CB Samari Rolle P Craig Hentrich K Rob Bironas   2010 Draft Scenarios   Draft DE Jason Pierre-Paul (6'6" 260 lbs) - South Florida - a very raw talent, but has "Freak"-ish talent and ability Derrick Morgan (6'4" 270 lbs) - Georgia Tech - a safer pick than Pierre-Paul Brandon Graham (6'2" 270 lbs) - Michigan - another safe pick at DE Draft CB Joe Haden (5'11" 195 lbs) - Florida - the top CB in the draft Draft TE Jermaine Gresham (6'6" 248 lbs) - Oklahoma - excellent hands, good blocker Trade pick  this might be the best bet for the Titans in this heavy defensive draft; Titans currently don't have a 2nd round pick, but do have 9 overall picks

DATE: Mon, 15 Mar 2010
SIZE: 81.9 MB
Episode 163 - Free Agents and Drafts

Take On The Titans news items: Emails none   Ex-Titans news Derrick Mason resigns with the Ravens Kyle Vanden Bosch signs with the Lions Player News 5 places LenDale White can go (Browns, Texans, Chiefs, Chargers, Seahawks)Fisher says that LenDale White is still in the Titans plans Kevin Mawae will have to come back as a backup... Leroy Harris will start Titans will pay the roster bonus to VY ($4.25M) Titans choose not to use Franchise Tag Jevon Kearse is not in the Titans future plans Keith Bullock gave scholarship money to local football players Titans sign LB Will Witherspoon (3 year $11 million) Non-Player News   Titans actually picking 16th (win toss) Titans sitting back and watching during free agency (for the most part) DE Jason Babin (Eagles) visits Upcoming Schedule none Stupid Questions of the Week Will the Titans continue to sit idle when the "rules" have changed with an uncapped season? Possible Free Agents   LB Joey Porter DT Tank Johnson LB Rocky Boiman   Mock Drafts DE Everson Griffin, USC DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech (x4) DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida (x3) TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma (x2) DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida DE Brandon Graham, Michigan CB Joe Haden, Florida WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame A Look Back (2005 Draft) Adam Jones (1st Round) - out of the NFL for now Michael Roos (2nd Round - from Detroit) - Titans Starter Courtney Roby (3rd Round) - player with Saints  Brandon Jones (3rd Round) - player with 49ers Vincent Fuller (4th Round) - Titans NB David Stewart (4th Round - from Detroit) - Titans Starter Roydell Williams (4th Round) - player with Redskins Damien Nash (5th Round) - died suddenly after collapsing at a basketball game Daniel Loper (5th Round - from Kansas City) - starter with the Lions Bo Scaiffe (6th Round) - Titans starter (RFA) Reynaldo Hill (7th Round) - out of the NFL

DATE: Mon, 22 Feb 2010
SIZE: 112. MB
Episode 162 - Talking About The Defense

Take On The Titans news items: Emails Guys, I listened to the debate on Leroy Harris and have to add my two cents. While I think it's very possible Harris will start next year he has no leverage over the Titans in any way. I heard before last year the Titans plan was actually for Harris to take the LG spot and for Amano to slide to center and replace Mawae. I would add that when Harris played earlier this season he struggled at times and it was clear why he was not starting over the current starting 5. Harris is a solid back-up and like many other back-ups he's overhyped and everyone thinks he should be starting. Munchack knows who to start in my opinion. As for the leverage Leroy Harris might have. He has absolutely no leverage at all, zero. If he wanted to hold out from training camp the Titans could put him on the "did not report list" and not lose a roster spot, then fine him 15,000 a day until he shows up to camp. Considering Harris is not a highly paid player 15k might hurt, especially considering the players might get locked out in 2011 and not get paid. Assuming Harris went this path and stuck to it(basically impossible) he'd eventually lose a year of eligibility and be one more season further from being a free agent. His other option would be to report to camp and try and win a starting spot then upon seeing he wasn't a starter leave camp. He'd be placed on the Reserve/Left Squad list. In this case the Titans could send him a 5 day letter informing him he had 5 days to report back to camp. If he failed to do so he'd be suspended for the entire season, not get paid and the Titans don't have to count him on their 53 man roster and get his rights again the following season. Having said all of that I think Harris could start next year depending on whether or not Mawae is signed again. He's not about to hold out and lose money even if he doesn't start he can't afford it. I just wanted to clear up the talk of this supposed leverage by Leroy Harris if he didn't start next year. Scotty To switch Kearse to a pass rush ing OLB you'd almost have to switch our defense to a 3-4. I tried to see how this would look with our season ending roster, Whatcha think No change with the Safeties or CBs (although I'd hope Hood takes over for Harper.)   OLBs - Vanden Bosch and Ford Start on Left and Right rotate in Kearse, Hayes,...(Basically all the current DEs would have to stand up.)   ILBs - Bulluck, and Tulloch Start (yes I'd move Bulluck inside for coverage and roaming ability and Thornton would be on the bench, Bulluck and/or Thornton would be the ILBs in obvious passing and multiple receiver sets.   NT - T. Brown (hes not really big enough but we have no one who is, Marks is the biggest but I see him as a 3-4 DE)   DEs - Marks and Jason Jones (big with enough speed to demand attention)   We would have to find a true Nose Tackle (320-340 lbs) and possibly get rid of Vanden Bosch (look what happened to Kampman in GB) and Thornton. Frankie U   Ex-Titans news ex-RB Coach Earnest Byner is hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars Lawsuit by former Titans WR David Givens was thrown out of court Former LB Peter Sirmon has joined the staff of the Tennessee Vols as a graduate assistant woman who had portrait of McNair had to sue estate and is awarded $5k Kevin Dyson hired by Independence High School as AD Benji Olsen on local TV commercial  2 former Titans win Super Bowl rings Titans are 28-1 to win Super Bowl XLV Player News Kyle Vanden Bosch is not expecting to return to the Titans Chris Johnson is already talking about needing more money Titans agree to terms with OL Eugene Amano on a 5 year contract Titans P Craig Hentrich retires after 17 years C Kevin Mawae will likely test the free agent market LB Keith Bullock is still waiting for a call from the Titans Titans sign LB Pago Togafau to a contract... sort of Mike Otto and Colin Allred agree to exclusive rights contracts Kevin Vickerson change agent Vincent Fuller has enrolled in business classes at Harvard Non-Player News   Super Bowl Trivia:  -       There are roughly 300 million people in America. For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume that half of them are male. -       There are 1696 NFL players. Assuming that every American male has an equal chance of becoming an NFL player, the odds of an American male being an NFL player are roughly 88,443 to 1. -       Of the 150 million (assumed) males in America, about 25,000 of them have the first name “Pierre.” This means that the odds of being an American male named Pierre are about 6000 to 1. You’ll see where I’m going with this in a second if you don’t already. -       Thus, the odds of an American male being named Pierre and becoming an NFL player are 530,660,377 to 1 (over 530 million). -       Assuming every NFL team has equal chance to advance to the Super Bowl in any season, the odds of a team advancing to the Super Bowl are 32 to 1. This means that the odds of an American male named Pierre being a member of a Super Bowl-bound team are 16,981,056,000 to 1 (over 16 billion). -       In this year’s Super Bowl, there are TWO Pierres (RB Thomas of New Orleans and WR Garcon of the Colts). Following the rules of probability, the odds of the above happening twice in the same sample set are 288,356,262,875,136,000,000 to 1 (over 288 quintillion). -       I can’t even begin to calculate the likelihood of an American male being named Pierre, becoming an NFL player, advancing to the Super Bowl, and scoring an offensive touchdown, but as anyone who’s followed the Colts and Saints this season can tell you, that at least one of them will do so is not unlikely. If both do, know that you’re watching extreme statistical improbability in action. Titans lose out on WR Matt Jones Pacman Jones doens't get signed again Titans have probably lost out on WR Joshua Cribbs Upcoming Schedule none Stupid Questions of the Week Can the Titans defense rebound in 2010 if they lose Bullock, Kearse, Vanden Bosch, and Thornton? Titans Defense   DL Jay Moore - not familiar with him; he doesn't even have a number; probably a practice squad player or victim of a rebuilt defense William Hayes - he'll be back and be in the rotation Marcus Howard - not familiar with him; he doesn't even have a number; probably a practice squad player or victim of a rebuilt defense Eric Bakhtiari - just signed last season (mid-season); will probably be the last man in the line Jacob Ford - he'll be back and be in the rotation Kyle Vanden Bosch - gone; I don't see him returning  David Ball - he'll be back and in the rotation Jevon Kearse - strangely enough, I think he'll be back because this is his only place he still can be a hero Kareem Brown - depends on who is signed during the offseason Sen'Derrick Marks - he'll be back and in the rotation Jovan Haye - he'll be back and in the rotation Jason Jones - he'll be back and in the rotation Tony Brown - he'll be back and in the rotation Kevin Vickerson - depends on signings/draft LB Pago Togafau - just signed; probably on special teams Gerald McGrath - a possible starter; maybe a special teams player Mike Rivera - special teams player at best; might be cut depending on signings Stanford Keglar - special teams player; might be a surprise cut if he doesn't improve Stephen Tulloch - he'll be back and a starter if we don't sign a replacement Colin Allred - special teams player; might be a casualty of a revamped defense Jaime Winborn - might be a surprise if he can show some flashes from the past David Thonton - depends on how he comes back from the injury Ken Amato - back as a long-snapper Keith Bullock - doesn't look good, but there is still hope; I think he will not be back CB Cortland Finnegan - back as a starter Jason McCourty - probably back as a special teams player Rod Hood - back as a backup Ryan Mouton - back as a backup Nick Harper - probably back, but it depends on the draft and signings Jamar Love - 2009 rookie; might be a practice squad S Kevin Kaesviharn - back as special teams player Vincent Fuller - back as nickleback Nick Schommer - probably cut; has spent time on the practice squad; has been disappointing Michael Griffin - back as a starter; needs to have a much better year Donnie Nickey - will probably find his way to another team if offered, otherwise will be back on special teams Chris Hope - depends on his health, but probably back as a starter  

DATE: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
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Episode 161 - Offense Overview

Take On The Titans news items:  Emails Hey guys, With the Titans season in the bag, I thought that now might be a good time to ask a reflective question; What are your top five best and worst Titans memories of all time? I think I could guess a couple, but I'd be interested to hear what you think. Stay cool. Go Titans! Tony King Melbourne, Australia Ex-Titans news Floyd Reese doesn't get Seahawks GM job Blaine Bishop is helping students get athletic scholarships Former Titans Running Back coach Smith is interviewing with Seattle for RB coach Player News Pro Bowl additions (with a little help Ben Stein) QB Vince Young (replaces Phillip Rivers) C Kevin Mawae (replaces Jeff Saturday) DE Kyle Vanden Bosch Chris Johnson unanimous choice for All-Pro rumors are that Len Dale White might end up in Seattle most likely for a 2nd round pick Kenny Britt arrested over unpaid traffic violations Kenny Britt pays bail ($165k) for "friend" 5 Titans underwent off-season surgery DT Tony Brown - knee S Michael Griffin - shoulder CB Nick Harper - shoulder S Kevin Kaesviharn - shoulder LS Ken Amato - knee Kevin Mawae makes All-Decade team Non-Player News Titans fire RB Coach Earnest Byner; hire Kennedy Pola (came from Jacksonville) Facebook group and Twitter Upcoming Schedule none Stupid Questions of the Week Did Jeff Fisher fire Earnest Byner only because Kennedy Pola was available? Does this now speak poorly of his loyalty? Titans Offense QB Vince Young - 2010 starter Kerry Collins - probably back, but look for the Titans to draft a QB in the late rounds  RB Chris Johnson - 2010 starter Ahmard Hall - probably back, but don't rule out a change LenDale White - probably traded for a second round pick Javon Ringer - probably competing for a role to supplement CJ's role Alvin Pearman - training camp decision WR Justin Gage - probably back, but don't rule out the team going in another direction Nate Washington - probably back Kenny Britt - 2010 starter Lavelle Hawkins - training camp decision Dominique Edison - training camp decision TE Bo Scaife - probably back Alge Crumpler - a key blocker, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was cut Craig Stevens - training camp decision Jared Cook - will be on the 2010 roster, but needs to step up OL Michael Roos - 2010 starter Eugene Amano - might be supplanted by Harris Kevin Mawae - will be back as the 2010 starter Jake Scott - 2010 starter David Stewart - 2010 starter Mike Otto - 2010 backup Troy Kropog - training camp decision, but probably back Leroy Harris - look for him to possibly start in 2010 Fernando Velasco - training camp decision, practice squad hopeful Ryan Durand - training camp decision, practice squad hopeful Nevin McCaskill - training camp decision, practice squad hopeful  

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