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News in Singapore


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Keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.
Recent Episodes for News in Singapore
DATE: Fri, 29 Sep 2006
SIZE: 3.27 MB
Week 21, 2006: Hady Mirza wins Singapore Idol! New buildings to be barrier-free! LTA introduces GPS-based IUs!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Hady Mirza was crowned the winner of the second Singapore Idol competition. The 26-year-old beat 23-year-old undergraduate, Jonathan Leong, at the Grand Final on Sunday night. Hady will now have to make full use of his recording contract to build his fortune before Singaporeans lose interest in him. Does anyone remember Taufik Batisah's last hit?The Building and Construction Authority will begin implementing measures to make all buildings barrier-free. Starting immediately, all new buildings will need to have accessible routes planned out for persons with mobility difficulties. Besides benefitting the handicapped and elderly, these features will also be a godsend for the many skateboarders looking for new places to practise their new tricks. Young children will also enjoy playing around the ramps and handlebars, much to the consternation of their parents.The Land Transport Authority plans to introduce new In-Vehicle Units. These units will be able to be tracked through the Global Positioning System. With the GPS, LTA will be able to calculate how far each motorist travels. This will enable it to implement a distance-based Electronic Road Pricing scheme, instead of the current time-based one. Together with the cameras on major roads and at traffic junctions, this new system will enable Big Brother to truly track your every move, even when you are in the private confines of your car.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 29 Sep 2006
SIZE: 4.00 MB
Week 23, 2006: Haze returns! MTV retrenches 84! Police arrest music pirates!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.A thick haze has blanketed Singapore for more than a week. It is caused by large scale forest fires in Indonesia. These fires are caused by plantation owners and farmers to clear the land for their crops. As a result of the haze, Singapore's air quality index has been in the moderately unhealthy range for a few days and Singaporeans were advised to stay indoors. If nothing else, perhaps this will spur more horizontal tangos and increase the nation's birth rate.This is not the first time that a haze has enveloped the region. It has been an ongoing problem since the mid-1990s. Singaporeans have become increasingly irritated with the lack of a clear resolution. After all, they voted for a government that boasts about fixing problems, so fix this already, dammit!MTV Networks Asia retrenched 84 employees this week. This makes up about half of its workforce here. The move was in response to the company's move to shift resources to local operations. Many of the affected ex-employees shouted, "I want my MTV!" to no avail. Video killed the radio star. And MTV Asia killed the employee morale.Police raided seven homes for illegal song downloads. The arrested suspects were aged between 14 and 32 years old. The crackdown was conducted in conjunction with the Recording Industry Association of Singapore, which has been campaigning against music piracy. When asked for comments, many youths simply shrugged their shoulders and went back to their BitTorrent programs. Meanwhile, the RIAS, with its deep pockets and political backing, will continue hunting down song downloaders like the hardcore, nose-thumbing, left wing liberal junkies that they are.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 22 Sep 2006
SIZE: 4.37 MB
Weeks 19 and 20, 2006: IMF and World Bank meeting a success! Wolfowitz criticises Singapore! Thailand government toppled! IJ girls not "easy"!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.The International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting, which was held over the last two weeks, was declared a success. Delegates were impressed by the high level of security in Fortress Suntec City. They admired the many flowers and shrubs that will wither and die in two weeks. And they browsed smoothly through the many shops that had been deserted by regular Singaporean shoppers. They did all this even though they spent most of their waking hours cooped up in meetings in the convention centre.World Bank president, Paul Wolfowitz, criticised Singapore for banning not 200, not 100, not even 50, but up to 28 activists from entering the country. Singaporeans took comfort in knowing that the police was doing its job. It was preventing these unnamed potential hooligans from spreading revolutionary ideas to the four million citizens here.The IMF and World Bank meeting proved to be an especially important event. It was so important that no one really knows what was accomplished. Most Singaporeans were simply irritated by the traffic jams around Suntec City.It was not until the meeting ended that we could resume our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following:Thailand's military toppled the government of Thaksin Shinawatra. This followed accusations of tax evasion against Mr. Thaksin for his tax-free sale of Shin Corp to Temasek Holdings. George W. Bush reportedly called up Singaporean leaders immediately to find out how he too could topple foreign governments by purchasing key businesses, instead of conducting a costly war.And finally, alumni of the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus are in an uproar against Singapore Press Holdings. SPH, in its Sunday Times edition last week, had labelled IJ girls as being "easy" with boys. The alumni retorted that they were anything but easy. In fact, they are so difficult that local boys would do well to forget about wooing them. Really, get it out of your head. They're too difficult for you. Too... damn... difficult.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 08 Sep 2006
SIZE: 4.74 MB
Week 18, 2006: NS men videos! Cheaper flights to KL! Temasek reports large profit! Disney coming to Singapore!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Several videos made by full-time national servicemen have been making the rounds online. These videos range from duty guards supposedly seeing ghosts to army boys putting up a mock National Day Parade. When contacted, the Singapore Armed Forces said that such videos were in violation of its rules of conduct. The army does not allow unauthorised in camp use of cameras, nor does it take kindly to soldiers making fun of national celebrations. As punishment, the army is considering making the aspiring filmmakers record what happens at a mess hall when officers have a beer party without their spouses.Singapore and Malaysia are considering opening the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur air corridor to competition. This will hopefully lead to lower air fares, which will benefit tourists from both cities. Cheers broke out in Singapore heartlands when this news was released. It could become cheaper to bring in pirated videos and illegal software.In business news, Temasek Holdings reported a profit of $12.8 billion, up by 71 percent. Total assets stand at $129 billion as of March this year. When asked for comments, many Singaporeans could only stare dumbfounded and mutter that it was a shitload of money that they weren't seeing. Many also wondered what would happen once the deal to buy Thailand's Shin Corp is finalised. While they trust Temasek's managers implicitly, they can't help thinking about how it will affect future windfalls. Because then it wouldn't just a be a shitload of money that they aren't seeing, but also a shitload of money going into Thailand's coffers.And in other news, the Walt Disney Company is reportedly in talks with the Singapore Government to establish a theme park. If successful, Disney may build a water-based attraction at Marina Bay. This will be in spite of Singapore's dismal record with such theme parks, such as Fantasy Island at Sentosa or Big Splash at East Coast Park. Or with theme parks in general, like Haw Par Villa and Tang Dynasty. However, it is believed that the Disney brand will be a strong pull for such a new attraction. It will also benefit unemployed new graduates by creating many openings for low paid, service staff.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 01 Sep 2006
SIZE: 6.49 MB
Weeks 16 and 17, 2006: National Day Rally! More foreigners! Government to use MySpace! Mee siam mai harm! Relax demonstration rules! Security checks!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered his third National Day Rally speech last Sunday. In his over three-hour speech, he touched on various issues facing the nation. One of these that has generated the most feedback was about the population. This is a topic that has been raised many, many times over the past 40 years. Which left many people wondering, if the PAP says that it is the best party to solve Singapore's problems, why hasn't it been able to get the people to make more love? Actually, the members of Sammyboy Forum will admit that they have a lot of sex, just not with their spouses.Prime Minister Lee lamented that Singapore's birth rate has fallen so far below the replacement level that it will be very difficult for Singaporeans to maintain the population. So the government is making a stronger push for luring more foreigners to live and work here. Singaporeans are encouraged to be open-minded towards the increase in foreigners. Indeed, they should be as open-minded as the Malays were in the 19th century when the British and Chinese took over their land.In the digital arena, Prime Minister Lee touched on the challenges of bringing Singapore into the Internet age. He talked about how MySpace has become one of the fastest growing websites, where even the United States Marines has a presence. He suggested that the Ministry of Defence should also open a MySpace account. As if it is not enough to bring foreigners into Singapore, we also need to use foreign technology to promote ourselves. The label "Made in Singapore" has officially been knocked off its pedestal of pride and honour.Many netizens poked fun at a blooper made by the Prime Minister. When talking about the mrbrown saga, Prime Minister Lee said that perhaps the government should produce its own podcast and call it "Mee Siam Mai Harm". He actually meant to say "Laksa Mai Harm", or "Laksa without cockles". Netizens picked up on this soundbite and made fun of it to no end. This shows the immaturity of local Internet users who are more likely to nitpick on minor trivia than focus on the national issues raised. It is no wonder that the government pays scant attention to the ramblings on the Internet.In other news, the World Bank suggested that Singapore should drop its strict rules on demonstrations. Besides, such demonstrations at previous meetings have never prevented the World Bank nor International Monetary Fund from continuing to suck up to the First World nations. In response, the Singapore authorities, with their collars buttoned tightly around their necks, insisted that permitted demonstrations would only be allowed within an allocated area in Suntec City. Besides, such rules have never prevented the government from continuing to weed out ineffective opposition party leaders.The government also announced that police will conduct random security checks islandwide. This is because terrorists could be lurking anywhere, and this would pose a security risk to the delegates. Singapore is so small that the police believe that a bomb set off in Kranji will hurt the delegates in Suntec City. No logic is necessary to understand this thinking. In Singapore, everyone just follows along obediently.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 18 Aug 2006
SIZE: 4.15 MB
Week 15: Suntec City roads closed! MediaCorp moving! SDP leaders lose suit!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Roads around Suntec City will be closed to the public during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting. This is a security precaution against possible terrorist threats. When terrorists learned of this, they simply switched back to their original plan. Instead of using car bombs and other high-tech gadgets, they will simply have human bombs walk into the building.Many office workers and shoppers will be affected by the week-long closure of the roads. They will now have to plan their journeys better than before to accommodate any delays. If getting a taxi at rush hour now is frustrating, even with the fare hikes, it will be next to impossible with the closures. It will only be through a miracle from the high heavens that the numerous people affected will be able to find that one taxi with the "Available" light on. And anyway, that taxi will stop for foreigners only, even though, you know, taxi drivers don't suffer from Pinkerton syndrome.MediaCorp announced that it will be moving from its familiar Caldecott Hill premises by 2011. It has been at that location for more than 50 years, when Singapore's first radio broadcasting centre was set up there. It will be moving to Bukit Batok, which is well known for its hill, Little Guilin, a giant statue of Buddha, and the driving test centre. Residents were overjoyed when they heard the news. Instead of being restricted to seeing them on TV only, stars like Zoe Tay, Gurmit Singh and Fiona Xie will now be their neighbours and actual heartlanders.Singapore Democratic Party leader, Chee Soon Juan, and his sister lost a summary judgement suit on Wednesday. They had wanted to prevent the Prime Minister and Minister Mentor from applying for the summary judgement in a defamation suit against the siblings. The opposition party leaders had complained that the court proceedings were unfair and unconstitutional. If only they had used that little something called "facts", then maybe, just maybe, they would have a sliver of hope of having their day in court.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 11 Aug 2006
SIZE: 5.42 MB
Weeks 13, 14: Fight in Potong Pasir! IDA introduces phone number portability! Chawang in heat! National Day Parade!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.A public dispute broke out in Potong Pasir between Member of Parliament Chiam See Tong and his PAP counterpart, Sitoh Yih Pin. Ot was over several broken lamps on the footpath from the Potong Pasir MRT station. These lamps had been installed by Mr Sitoh and his grassroots organisation. However, since he had lost the election and the lease on the land was running out, he decided not to fix them. Mr Chiam said that the lamps were not his town council's responsibility because it had not installed them. Residents now understand what "compassionate government" and "representative of the people" mean.The Infocomm Development Authority announced that it will be introducing full phone number portability by 2007. This means that phone subscribers who switch operators can keep their existing numbers. This was greeted to cheers by phone subscribers everywhere. In particular, this move will be beneficial to all of the men who won't have to inform their mistresses about their new numbers.Meanwhile, the phone operators were not pleased with the announcement. They expect to incur higher costs as a result of number portability. Company directors are currently holding discussions with local public transport companies to find out how they can pass these costs to consumers while maintaining high profit levels.In other news, Chawang the elephant is experiencing sexual heat. As a result, he has become more temperamental. Zoo keepers are keeping him away from the other elephants in case he hurts them. He will now have have to satisfy himself until his heat passes. I'm sure there's a joke here about male solitude and sexual gratification, but i just can't find it.This is my homeShe's everything to meGrace and beautyIn all that you seeSingapore celebrated its 41st National Day on August 9th with a grand parade! There were songs and dances, soldiers and school children, and fireworks aplenty. Each performance had its own message about how far the nation had progressed. However, almost everyone in the audience was so transfixed by the lights and sounds that they treated it as just another huge "wayang" theatre.The annual National Day Parade was held at the National Stadium. This will be the last time that the parade is held at the stadium before it is demolished. Parade spectators remembered this moment by leaving behind their trash, which included uneaten food, water bottles, and soiled state flags.I believeYou will always be a part of meThis has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 28 Jul 2006
SIZE: 3.85 MB
Week 12: A*Star and Johns Hopkins University end relationship! MRT NEL service disrupted! Space set up for IMF/World Bank demonstrations!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.The Agency for Science, Technology and Research, or A*Star, ended its relationship with the Johns Hopkins University. A*Star had spent millions of dollars to woo Johns Hopkins. It begged and pleaded and cajoled, and finally, Hopkins agreed to be its partner. They even shared a nice little nest and invited their friends to join them. Alas, it was all for nought. Johns Hopkins failed to satisfy A*Star's desires fully. a star, feeling jilted, had no choice but to seek a break up, thus ending an eight-year relationship. It is now actively seeking a new suitor to hook up with.MRT service on the northeast line was disrupted for 11 hours on Monday. An electrical cable had fallen onto the tracks, causing the train to stop. This brought about great inconvenience to Singaporeans everywhere. Drivers in Little India were taken aback by the lack of pedestrians occupying whole roads, and didn't know what to do with their car horns. Massage parlours in Chinatown had to close because their mainland Chinese employees could not reach there, much to the chagrin of many male customers. And residents in Punggol felt more isolated than ever.Meanwhile, the Public Transport Council promised better service on public buses. This drew a collective response from commuters: "Whatever!"The Government announced that it has set aside an area for public demonstrations during the upcoming International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting. Civil society groups will be allowed to demonstrate in a marked area.This is a public service announcement to all civil society groups planning to demonstrate in Singapore. Remember that groups of more than four are considered as illegal assemblies. Please apply for your public assembly permits by the police. If you fail to get your permit but are still able to demonstrate without arrest, you are invited to share your secret with a local opposition party.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 21 Jul 2006
SIZE: 4.36 MB
Weeks 10 and 11: Singapore up! GIC reveals details! National bird flu exercise! SingTel loses CEO! NDP tickets for sale! RIP Lim Kim San!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Singaporeans enjoyed a series of good news last week. The economy grew in the second quarter by 1.1 percent. Singapore Press Holdings announced a third quarter net profit of $174.6 million. And the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, or GIC, reported that its portfolio stood at more than a hundred billion U.S. dollars. Singaporeans everywhere were cheered by these statements. It meant one thing: more Progress Packages!The GIC also revealed more details of its investments. Its portfolio ranges from bonds to equities to real estate. These investments are made in several locations, including the United States and Europe. Members of the Sammyboy forum were quick to dissect the list and write their quick-witted comments. And many Singaporeans quietly wished that those billions of dollars were in their pockets rather than with those "chao ang mohs".A nationwide bird flu exercise was held last Friday. This was to prepare the health institutions and professionals in case of a pandemic here. The Ministry of Health said in its report that it was pleased with the response and actions taken by the various agencies and their personnel. It also reported that no birds were injured in the duration of the exercise.Lee Hsien Yang, the chief executive officer of telecommunications giant, SingTel, announced his resignation on Friday evening. He denied that he was migrating. He also denied that he was going into politics, unlike his older brother. Observers were left to wonder which government-linked company will be handed to him on a silver platter.Sales of National Day Parade tickets have started appearing online. Part of the lure is that it will be the last parade at the National Stadium before it is demolished. Observers are cheered by the sentimentality of Singaporeans towards the demise of a national institution.Lim Kim San, former minister of national development and chairman of the Housing and Development Board, passed away on Thursday. He was eighty-nine. He is best remembered for solving Singapore's housing shortage in the early 1960s.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 07 Jul 2006
SIZE: 4.38 MB
Week 9: Smoking banned in food outlets! Taxi fares revised! Newspaper suspends columnist!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.As of Monday, smoking was banned from all food outlets, including hawker centres and coffeeshops. Besides a drop in customers, stall owners noticed that their assistants were disappearing as well. These assistants were later found huddled within the designated smoking areas, inhaling first, second and third-hand smoke.Currently, smokers are not allowed to smoke in several places, includingair-conditioned buildings,restrooms,cinemas,museums,schools,elevators,s tairwells,MRT stations,bus stops,the National Stadium,food outlets,your mother's bedroom,next to that creepy guy in the park, andwherever an environment officer decrees.Local transport operator, Comfort DelGro, announced its revised taxi fares. Flag-down fares will be $2.50, up by 10 cents. Distance between increments will be reduced by 15 to 25 metres. And peak hour surcharges will go up by one dollar. These adjustments ensure that the company continues to rake in the profits while returning little to taxi drivers and commuters.In the name of competition, the other taxi operators will work hard to ensure that they are not left behind. They will not lure commuters with lower fares, but match their fares with Comfort DelGro's revisions. It is a win-win situation for all. The operators continue to generate larger revenue and profits, while commuters are free from the hassle of memorising which taxi is cheaper.Free newspaper, "Today", suspended a column written by local blogger, mr brown. This followed a criticism by the government against his most recent article. In it, mr brown had complained about the rising prices everywhere. The government rebutted by saying that he offered no solutions and was engaging in partisan politics. All journalists have been reminded to maintain only one opinion, which is the government's. Dissenting opinions will not be tolerated. If prices go up, then it must be the right thing and everyone must reiterate that view.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 30 Jun 2006
SIZE: 3.36 MB
Weeks 7 and 8: PM Lee visits Australia and NZ! Singapore to be wired up by 2012! GRCs pave paths for new ministers! Bus and train fares to be revised!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was in Australia and New Zealand on state visits. He commented that both countries are examples of bad party politics. Ruling party politicians spend so much time arguing with their opposition counterparts that they cannot focus on national interests. But PM Lee stopped short of telling the respective prime ministers that they needed to fix their oppositions.The Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts announced that Singapore will be wired up by 2012. Everyone will be plugged in. Wired connections will link offices and homes directly to the Government. A wireless grid will provide pervasive connectivity. And you'll see why 2012 will be like 1984.Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong disclosed that Group Representative Constituencies make it easier for new Members of Parliament to enter Government. This is in spite of incentives like million-dollar salaries and national idolisation to lure potential office holders. Becoming a government minister should not require a grueling fight. Singapore does not believe in long and hard-fought battles, except when engaging with Malaysia.The Public Transport Council is likely to accept bus and train fare increases... oops, I mean revisions. This is in addition to the likely rise in taxi fares previously announced by transport giant, Comfort DelGro. This reinforces a report that Singapore is the 17th most expensive city to live in. But everyone, except those who can make a difference, continues spinning in the cycle of government payouts followed by price increases.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 16 Jun 2006
SIZE: 3.18 MB
Weeks 5 and 6: English language re-education! Emperor Akihito visits! PAP rewards supporters! New jobs created!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.The Ministry of Education announced that it will be focussing its efforts in English language instruction. Taking charge of this effort will be newly-appointed Minister of State, Rear-Admiral Lui Tuck Yew. Rear-Admiral Lui was formerly the Chief of the Republic of Singapore Navy. This is an organisation where Hokkien, especially the vulgar form, is used as the primary language of communication. It is unknown if this will have any effect on our school children.Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan were in Singapore last week. Their first place of visit was the Japanese Garden. This is nothing unusual for foreigners to do when they first come to Singapore. Chinese visitors go to Chinatown, Indian tourists go to Little India, and Caucasian sailors go to Orchard Towers.Minister of National Development, Mah Bow Tan, has said that electoral wards that voted for the People's Action Party will see their housing estates upgraded first. This is because they supported the party's policies. Residents in wards that did not vote for the PAP showed that they did not support those policies. Therefore, they will be exempted from national service, paying the Goods and Services Tax, and paying higher public transport fares.Finally, according to a Ministry of Manpower report, 45,000 jobs were created in the first quarter of this year. Interestingly, the number of jobless people remains constant.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 02 Jun 2006
SIZE: 4.12 MB
Week 4, 2006: Government sworn in! IPS survey results! New anti-terrorist vehicles! Taxi drivers trained!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Singapore saw her new government sworn in on Tuesday night. Viewers were riveted by the hour-long ceremony. They watched united as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described how he would move the country forward.Before that, President S R Nathan and Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong swore in the ministers solemnly. Oh, wasn't that just touching when father and son shook hands?Present in the audience were Singaporeans from all walks of life. Notable absences were road sweepers, bus drivers, and those aunties and uncles who clean your tables at food courts and hawker centres.The Institute of Policy Studies conducted a survey on what Singaporeans are concerned about politically. It found that most people want an efficient government that has fair policies. They also want diversity of views in Parliament and checks and balances on government. In other words, they want a Chinese government, United States of America attitude and Taiwanese parliamentary sessions.The Singapore Police Force has obtained new anti-terrorist vehicles. This is in preparation for the upcoming International Monetary Fund and World Bank meeting in Singapore. Even as I speak, you can be sure that terrorists are devising ways to counter the defences of these new vehicles.But fear not! This is Singapore. The government knows you better than your own parents.Also in preparation for the upcoming IMF and World Bank meet, 10,000 taxi drivers are being trained to provide good service. They will be trained so well in treating the foreign visitors that they will discriminate even more against local commuters.In reaction, many taxi commuters gave this non-prediction: if getting a taxi after 10pm is difficult now, it will be even more impossible during the meeting. Therefore, there will be a non-official curfew of 9pm for all taxi-using commuters. If anyone is caught attempting to hire a taxi after that time, they will be punished with a long and grueling wait to 2am. Also, all calls to taxi booking services will be greeted with a prerecorded sarcastic rebuke and name-calling.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 26 May 2006
SIZE: 3.97 MB
Week 3, 2006: IR winner announced! PM Lee reshuffles Cabinet! NUS Business School ad hits TV!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.After months of anticipation, the government has revealed the winner of the Integrated Resorts bid. Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar announced on Friday that Las Vegas Sands will build Singapore's first IR at Marina Bay. In deciding the winner, the government outsourced the decision to a panel of foreign experts.Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, stressed that price was not a factor in choosing the top bid of $3.85 billion. This is similar to how price does not play a factor when the government awards construction tenders to the lowest bidder.Minister for National Development, Mah Bow Tan, said that the imposing design of the hotel towers would make the Singapore downtown even more attractive. Many gamblers in debt would appreciate that as they jump off the towers to flee from loan sharks. In their final plunges, they would be able to admire how far Singapore has progressed.Earlier this week, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reshuffled his Cabinet. He removed two shelves, rearranged his CD collection, and added a glass door. He said that this was the Cabinet that more accurately reflected his personality and would help him perform his duties well. Mr Lee also announced that he would be making some changes in the government.And in entertainment news: this week saw the premiere of a controversial motion picture. Viewers reacted strongly to its message. Reactions ranged from mockery to contempt. Some disputed its facts, while others moaned its poor filmmaking quality. The film in question? A television commercial for the NUS Business School.Rumours have spread about the many alternate endings. The original commercial shows the girl moaning when her mother mentions the ban on chewing gum and the number of cute guys. Rumoured endings include the mother warning her about caning for vandalism, the $500 fine for spitting, and the need for police permits for public assemblies. However, when told that the legal drinking age is 18 years old, the girl reportedly whoops in joy.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

DATE: Fri, 19 May 2006
SIZE: 2.47 MB
Week 2, 2006: PM Lee lists MP rules! Aljunied election post-mortem revealed! NKF appoints new CEO!

This is "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.Leading the news: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong listed the PAP's rules for its Members of Parliament. He reiterated two key points. One: they will not fall asleep in Parliament, especially when the camera is pointed at them. Two: they must have an endless list of requests for Ministers. As Irene Ng had pointed out in her letters to The Straits Times, PAP MPs have priority access to Ministers. Therefore, they should damn well make full use of it!Earlier this week, the PAP concluded that voters in Aljunied GRC wanted to deny the party a clean sweep at the polls. Voters replied that they would have moved to Hougang, but there was no more room in the non-upgraded constituency. They also pointed out that it wasn't the James Gomez saga that turned them off. It was Sylvia Lim who turned them on.Finally, the National Kidney Foundation has appointed a new chief executive officer. Mrs Eunice Tay, who comes from the National Neuroscience Institute, will retain the same pay as at her previous job. The Monetary Authority of Singapore later announced that the peanut had been revalued at $162,000. However, the carrot remains at $180 million.This has been "News in Singapore", keeping track of events in Singapore since General Elections 2006.

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