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Buzz Out Loud features Molly Wood, Rafe Needleman and producer Jason Howell, along with CNET's top tech experts reviewing the day's tech news. Each episode, the crew analyzes, interprets, and argues about what all this technology means and what it's doing to us. Fans can take part by calling, e-mailing, or commenting on the blog.
Recent Episodes for Buzz Out Loud (MP3)
DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2010
SIZE: 20.3 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1319: Saucued in Spaaace! (podcast)

With Donald, Darren, and Benito at the helm, there's nothing stopping us from devoting a third of the show to outer space. After all, NASA has 19 billion dollars to burn, humanity has a new planet to play with, and space travelers now get their own special beer. Plan your space vacation now, because life on earth is getting creepy. Android apps are watching you, Groupon is launching a human breeding program, and the era of Minority Report "pre-crime" detection is nearly here. $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093667', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093667', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1319 Top Stories Apple TV teardown: 8GB flash drive, iOS guts Astronomers find Class M habitable planet showArticle.jhtml?articleID=227501036&cid=RSSfeed_I WK_All log/104031014.html Mars, here we come: Congress approves NASA budget d-congress-approves-nasa-budget/ —– Other Stories Some Android apps found to covertly send GPS data to advertisers oid-apps-found-to-covertly-send-gps-data-to-advertisers .ars Nokia starts shipping N8 smart phone Republicans scuttle Net neutrality bill ype=marketsNews Study: Audio recordings of US history fading fast ered_digital_recordings Groupon launches dating service and $60,000 “Groupspawn” scholarship Pre-crime comes to the HR department 3905931/Pre-crime-Comes-to-the-HR-Dept.htm —– Kickers and Science Beer in space. Nuff said. -for-zero-gravity-bar —– Email ( It seems to me that if the UN did not have a position for Mazlan Othman they will have one now for sure. I’m sure this discovery of her home world doesn’t come as surprise Mazlan. If you think about it, one of the goals of the UN is complete nuclear disarmament and with Mazlan and Mazlanians infiltrating the UN they are one step closer to taking over our planet. Of course, what she didn’t count on was our discovery of her home world before her plan had time to work. I would keep a watchful eye for any wormholes or positronic frequencies being sent from her home over the next few weeks as she scrambles her people for an all out attack on Earth. Or, it could just be an uninhabited rocky planet. My story is just so much more fantastic it has to be true. Keep up the hilarious week at BOL, Sanel —– Hey Buzz Crew, I was listening to episode 1318, and you were talking about texting while driving. I think I have a solution to this problem, but it would require a little bit of legislation that I don’t think anyone would really be opposed to. Mandate bluetooth in cars and phones. My car has bluetooth, and I’ve paired my phone with it. The solution to texting while driving would be to have the car automatically set the phone to driving mode when the connection is established, and the phone goes out of car mode when the connection breaks. What do you guys think? Love the show, Kevin —– On Steve Jobs’ new house: do you think the front door will have a “slide to unlock” -Kris —– – – 800-616-2638 Follow us on Twitter! @rafe @mollywood

DATE: Wed, 29 Sep 2010
SIZE: 21.5 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1318: Aliens want our nukes (podcast)

Alien coverage week continues on Buzz Out Loud, with testimony from U.S. Air Force pilots that aliens want us to disarm our nukes. For world peace, or to make sure we don't have any guns when they get here? But in actual news, a study finds that texting-while-driving bans don't reduce crashes and might even increase them. Plus, NAB goes even crazier. --Molly $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093666', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093666', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1318 Top Stories Study finds texting bans don’t reduce crashes 1-texting-while-driving-bans-dont-reduce-crashes-instit ute-says NAB introduces Astroturf FM mandate campaign site Exclusive: Facebook and Skype Readying Deep Integration Partnership -and-skype-readying-wide-ranging-integration-partnershi p/ Nintendo 3DS ships in Japan February 26, US and Europe in March, auto-generates Mii from camera ruary-26-auto-generates-mii-with-front-facing/ RIM VP Confirms PlayBook QNX OS Will Replace BlackBerry OS -handheld-confirmed-rim/ maybe not ding-blackberry-software-qnx/2010-09-29 Dell to Launch 7-Inch Android Tablet in Weeks Ahead 4575520940696477422.html Exclusive: The Plans For Steve Jobs’ New House Google instant word blacklist could be PR nightmare blacklist.mashable/ Gmail finally lets you make threaded conversations optional essages-sticks-by-search-over-sort/39814 All Six Star Wars Films To Be Re-Released In 3D be-re+released-in-3d HDCP Encryption/Decryption Code Released HDCP-EncryptionDecryption-Code-Released?from=rss —– Kickers and Science Pilots say UFOs knocked out nukes —– Voicemail (800-616-2638) Matt likes crapware AJ the student re iPad size —– Email ( Count me in as part of the silent majority… $30 to watch a movie early at home?… what!?!!? Dustin Solis —– Just thought I’d let you know that the iPad is coming to Target stores next week. Attached is a copy of the notice to store team members. Bardoksan (AKA Gigi) Regarding Facetime in the Emirates, Yahoo Messenger video and voice chat have been stripped out of the application for ages. Yahoo has a different version because there is a law against it in the UAE. Most people speculate that it is because the phone companies there want a stranglehold on communications. (For profit? For security? not sure.) Downloading Skype is banned as well, but if you install the non-Emirates version of Yahoo IM, or download Skype outside of the country, it will work when you go back over. -James —– – – 800-616-2638 Follow us on Twitter! @rafe @mollywood

DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 21.2 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1317: Pay per punch (podcast)

It turns out that you all totally disagree with us about $30 being too high a price to pay for movie rentals with a shorter release window than DVDs. But I'm sticking to my guns here: don't pay them to stop punching you in the face. In other news, we examine the PlayBook and agree on this: good name. And we get leaked pics of the HP Slate 500! Dishy! --Molly $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093665', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093665', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1317 Top Stories RIM unveils its tablet, the ‘PlayBook’ The new BlackBerry Messenger Hold on a second: is BlackBerry growing as fast as Android? s-blackberry-growing-as-fast-as-android/ I was able to get some hands-on-time with the HP Slate 500 prototype. Very cool device. Apple has to be scared. The HP contact said it’s coming end of October. I can’t wait. Love the show, FanOfShow Apple Has Already Approved The Official Google Voice App For iPhone, Expect It Soon / Goldman Sachs says Apple working on thinner iPad, with camera sachs_says_apple_planning_thinner_ipad_with_camera_mini _usb.html Yep, Amazon launching their own Android app store, too ore/ Amazon working on Android tablet to go with app store? / Amazon launches Kindle for the Web g=cnetRiver Confirmed: Hulu coming to Roku vi/2010/09/confirmed-hulu-coming-to-roku-streaming-boxe s.html Newark mayor 40 percent of the way toward matching Zuckerberg donation ewark_mayor_is_40_percent_of_the_way_to_matching_zucker berg_pledge AOL buys TechCrunch: only $25 million? -million-2010-9 Exclusive: Want Twitter to Help You Find More Followers? Pay Up For a "Promoted Account." t-twitter-to-help-you-find-more-followers-pay-up-for-a- promoted-account/ Kickers and Science Another Twitter feed gets CBS comedy deal twitter-feed-gets-cbs-comedy-deal.html UN plan for ‘alien ambassador’ a case of science fiction? en-ambassador-mazlan-othman —– Voicemail (800-616-2638) Anonymous: why you actually love the $30 movie releases —– Email ( Hello Buzz Crew, Avoiding bed bugs may be a good reason to pay extra in order to see a movie without going to the movie theater. New York movie theaters are the latest target of bed bugs. Link to CBS articles: 04.html If I lived in New York and a movie was playing that I couldn’t wait to see I would pay the extra money in order to watch it home. It’s tough to enjoy a movie while you are scratching and looking for bugs. Molly, have you run into any little friends while traveling to NY? Love the show, RJ

DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 23.7 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1316: Robo-hairdresser meets Bionic soldier (podcast)

The movie studios seem to be encouraging piracy by launching $30 movie-streaming rentals. RIM preparing marathon Blackberry announcement. Stuxnet virus successfully infects nuclear plant computers in Iran. Who to call on Earth if you're a space alien. And a bonus: Two robot stories! Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1316 Top Stories RIM on the edge of a big move? New Windows Phone 7 ads suggest you get a life Windows Ph 7 coming Nov 8? e-us-launch-is-november-8/ Sony, Warner, Disney Planning $30 Home Film-Viewing Option isney-said-to-plan-30-home-film-viewing-option.html U.S. Wants to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet =2 Apple makes progress with Ping Study Finds That Apple Dominates Tech News -finds-that-apple-dominates-tech-news/ Stuxnet worm hits Iranian nuclear plant US busts Google, Apple, Intel over secret employee poaching pact ts-google-apple-intel-over-secret-employee-poaching-pac t.ars Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident /?hpt=T2 Kickers and Science UN to appoint Earth contact for aliens th-contact-for-aliens/story-e6frfku0-1225929498742 Panasonic unleashes 16-finger, hair washing robot ic_unleashes_16-finger_hair_washing_robot/ Robocop. That is all keleton/index.html —– Email ( Hey Buzz Crew - it's Alaa from the UAE So, today the iPhone went on sale in the Emirates but they have a catch! Facetime is disabled!!! Now we heard this last night and everyone got angry at the two local carriers in the country. But then, today, a newspaper article ( 0100925/BUSINESS/100929776/1133) quotes an exec saying that they are in talks with Apple to give them access to allow FaceTime. Why on Earth would Apple disable this feature?? This will definitely let all iPhone 3GS holders to hold off from buying the phone! At the same time, another article says that this is being implemented in the Middle East as a whole with even the Apple pages for these countries being modified to not show any mention of FaceTime! in-the-uae-24104246/ What the hell is going on? When will this stop? Alaa —– Buzz Crew, As an update, Dish has given us with a new release date on the Logitech Revue, October 18th 2010. From what I was able to glean it sounds like the reason for delay is just trying to get enough boxes in stock. P.S. I wasn’t the one who sent information to Engadget, you know I only have eyes for Buzz Out Loud… plus I’d have to be crazy to try to take photos of training screens at work. Thanks, J —– Hi Buzz Crew, Would like to give my opinion on why Nokia wouldnt go for Android or WP7, in Australia Nokia has alot of services running under Ovi. Ovi has Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Mail, Music, Store & Photos(Share) These are in direct competition to Google Services, and even Bing services Why would they sabotage there own services to get on another platform, Nokia wants to become a software and services company and they cant do this by moving to Android as people would expect Google Services like maps and market. Hope this helps, Love the show. Glenn

DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 21.3 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1315: Galaxy Tab does a tech striptease

On today's show, we bid an only slightly passive-aggressive farewell to Jason Howell on his last day here at CNET. Jerk. Love you, babe! Also, we're beret without the Bookface, Netflix apologizes for rightly calling Americans self-absorbed, and did you really think the Apple TV was going to ship on time? --Molly $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093323', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093323', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1315 Top Stories Facebook outages reported; Qwest sees packet loss l re-details-on-todays-outage/431441338919 Other Stories Netflix CEO: Also, Americans not self-absorbed jerks Oh ,also: Netflix May Launch Streaming-Only Plan in the U.S. -streaming-only-plan-in-the-u-s/ Netflix gets deal to stream previous season NBC TV shows anded.agreement.includes.nbc.cable.content Blockbuster Express Quick To Tell You They Ain't Blockbuster xpress-aint-blockbuster Apple issuing refunds for Apple TV rush orders, citing delay le_issuing_refunds_for_apple_tv_rush_orders_citing_dela y.html Here it comes: ‘Super WiFi’ re_it_comes_super_wifi.html 30686_3-20017435-266.html Will Nokia build Windows phones? -stephen-elop/ Want Nine Minutes Of The Galaxy Tab On Video? You're In Luck! of-the-galaxy-tab-on-video-youre-in-luck/ Apple exploring shrunken audio jacks for even smaller iPods le_exploring_shrunken_audio_jacks_for_even_smaller_ipod s.html Google Warning Gmail Users: China Spied on Your Account ing-gmail-users-china-spied-on-your-account Apple Passes PetroChina to Become Second-Largest Stock sses-petrochina-to-become-world-s-second-largest-stock. html Consumers Like Mobile “Crapware,” Says New Study ke_pre-loaded_mobile_apps_study_finds.php Kickers and Science Show's Title, in Symbols, Defies DVRs 3dad.html Blackberry annc 1p Mon right here Voicemail (800-616-2638) Natali.wav Twitter and Email farewells for Jason And a toast… E-Mails that didn't make it into the show i would have done this on twitter, but the school blocks that here. Jason thanks for all the laughs on BOL,Android Atlas, and Gadgettes. You will be missed by everyone. btmann1 ********** Jason, You've done an amazing job over the past years. From Gadgettes to BOL, it was all great. Your leaving is not only hurting all those who listen to the show, but those who have ever entered #cnetfans as well. With a chat server filled with 600-1000 people, the one thing TWiT lacks is a community as deep as CNET's. You knew how to keep the community in mind while still keeping the production of the shows at their best. For the times you took a vacation or a break of some kind, it was obvious that you weren't producing the shows. The work you've put into everything has not gone unnoticed. Whoever is filling your spot, has large shoes to fill. I am sure whoever is filling your spot will do well. With all that said, I am sure you are very excited. Good luck to you and your future endeavors. I wish you the best. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for all the work you put in. It really is hard to see you go. Jason Regards, PacGamer (Chris Kourmoulakis) ********** Jason, I wish you the best at TWIT. I know you will be great as producer at TWIT. One door closes and another door opens big. Best wishes, Emery Walker *********** Nooooo! Say it isn’t so. Howell. Howell! Come back, Howell! – Ken from Chicago *********** Here’s why it’s ok (for the listeners/viewers, maybe not for you guys) that Jason is leaving. When Tom announced his departure I cried out in agony. But we got Tom on Tech News Today, so we didn’t really lose him AND we got more of Rafe on BOL! then we got Daren Kitchen too, who’s awesome! From our perspective, CNET appears to have an endless supply of fantastic hosts, so when Jason leaves, I’m sure you’ll have even more excellent people to entertain and inform us. Oh, and lots more Brian Cooley would be good. Good luck Jason, glad we’ll still hear you on the TWIT network, Allison Sheridan ************ It was great having u on the pod for so long. All the best for the future at twit. I will keep loving Bol no matter what, but it wont be the same withoutcha! Good luck! – Alessandro Zuniga ************ Greetings Buzz crew, As we are all aware, Jason will be bidding us farewell, Bound for opportunities of galore and greatness, He must yet bid a farewell tinged with sadness, Master of the tri-caster, Special effect savant, Close personal friend, Talented co-worker, and towering giant, We bid you adieu, May you continue to prosper, and be successful in all your endeavors, We will miss you, Jason “Raygun01″ Howell As a parting gift, I have compiled (w/the help of some chatroomers) all of the BOL remixes into a single comprehensive album at Bandcamp or at (Part1 & Part2) for your downloading pleasure and so that you may remember all your devoted fans from this and other cnet shows. We will miss you greatly, but look forward to seeing you at your new job:) Farewell, JoshuaCaleb P.S. Feel free to share these links with the Buzz army, but the remix album at Bandcamp has limited free DLs, 500 or so:( ********** Buzz crew, I started watching the podcast live a few months ago around the infamous “antennagate” scandal. When I heard that Jason was leaving, I experienced the K´┐Żbler-Ross model of grief. At first, I couldn’t believe you were leaving (denial). Second, I became angry crying out, “It’s your loss Jason. Your mac pro died because you are leaving BOL!” Third, I bargained – “Maybe he will guest produce once in awhile.” Fourth, I got the blues (depression) -”Why even watch BOL? There won’t be awesome laser transitions and follow us on twitter logos on the bottom right of the screen.” Finally, I accepted it -”You are good raygun01. Too good. And you deserve this new gig.” Best of luck tituschow ************** Hey Jason, I’ve been watching/listening to Buzz Out Loud (and other CNET shows) for about 3-4 years now. And when I realize that you’ve made almost every single one of them, I think for myself how lucky the CNET crew has been with a workforce like you. You’d always do your best for a great show, and to see that you put all your efforts in the compilation episodes, holiday specials, and just the “normal” (cough cough) episodes (but what episode was normal? :)), makes me very happy that someone like you exists. Thanks for everything you did, the great laughs, the funny commentary, all those great moments, and I wish you all the best at twit, and also with your career in making music. Your Dutch friend, Davey (klaas4) ************ Goodbye To Jason Hello To Jason ature=email Ankhwatcher $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer , CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093563', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093563', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogSmall'); });

DATE: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
SIZE: 19.8 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1314: Weaponized viruses and overclocking your pacemaker (podcast)

Today: Mark Zuckerberg clouds the air further on the FacePhone; Verizon squashes iPhone rumors flat; Netflix blames bad actors; and Peek gets it right for a change. $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093322', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093322', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1314 Top Stories Interview With Mark Zuckerberg On The "Facebook Phone" rview-facebook-phone/ Facebook Said to Be Working on Phones With INQ for AT&T ook-is-said-to-be-working-with-inq-on-smartphones-that- at-t-may-carry.html Other Stories Facebook's Zuckerberg Now Richer Than Apple's Steve Jobs acebooks-zuckerberg-now-richer-than-apples-steve-jobs/ Mark Zuckerberg plans to announce a donation of up to $100 million to the Newark schools 703860104575508472745513134.html Suppliers say Apple will build first batch of CDMA iPhones in December suppliers_say_apple_will_build_first_3m_cdma_iphones_in _december.html Verizon CEO hints iPhone not coming soon _tec_verizon_iphone NBCU CEO unlikely to join Apple 99-cent rentals 00922 Sprint may go with metered data l Verizon to Introduce Tiered Data Pricing Why We Just Launched Peek 9 Into The Insanely Crowded Mobile Device Market ine-2010-9#ixzz10Mzq0yEt First look: Roku Players roku_players_first_look.html Netflix apologizes for using actors to meet press at Canadian launch etflix-apologizes-for-using-actors-to-meet-press-at-can adian-launch/article1718924/ Netflix: We didn’t pay actors to dupe anyone html What Netflix CEO hopes U.S. won’t notice lay/news/e3if1d3902d12574ec222961f1deec0fd2b Kickers and Science Stuxnet malware is ‘weapon’ out to destroy … Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant? malware-is-weapon-out-to-destroy-Iran-s-Bushehr-nuclear -plant —– Voicemail (800-616-2638) Jay the Cardiologist on pay-to-upgrade your pacemaker —– Email ( QNX is a real-time micro kernel POSIX compliant operating system. POSIX means that it is easy to port Unix and Linux software to QNX but it is not Unix. As to this being a very odd choice for a mobile OS I would have to disagree. Frankly I have been wondering why QNX wasn’t in mobile phones for years! If you take a look at it’s features you will see this could be a great move for Blackberry. QNX is small. It has been running on realtivly small embeded devices for years. About 10 years ago QNX released a diskette that contained QNX and a browser. You could boot your PC with it and start browsing all off a single floppy! QNX is reliable. It is super stable and reliable enough to be used in control applications that really can not fail. QNX is real time. A QNX device should never feel slow or laggy if used correctly. So Blackberry has picked a fast, small, reliable OS. —– Guys, have you already forgotten the email just a couple days ago from the guy at the Naval Postgrad School? Put that together with your story yesterday about the iPad's consumer satisfaction numbers and it's obvious why Blackberry is targeting the BlackPad at it's current users: because going after the mass consumer market would be suicidal. The chink in Apple's armor is enterprise and business users. If you want to sink an arrow into the iPad's tender flesh, do it there. RIM makes a ton of money selling smart phones to this market. If they can sell a second device to each of those users, they'll be making two tons of money. Jay the Thrush from Dale

DATE: Wed, 22 Sep 2010
SIZE: 19.8 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1313: Bing bucks buy bling (podcast)

Microsoft tries -- again -- to bribe users to Bing it while Blockbuster goes bankrupt and Blackberry bets on BlackPad. Also: Blogger bounced from bar. Bye! Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1313 RIM Readies Its Answer to iPad 129204575506160515163820.html So A Blogger Walks Into A Bar... lks-into-a-bar/ 0/09/fire-in-the-valley.html Facebook game announcements 8-248.html o-announce-how-it-will-draw-more-attention-to-social-ga mes/ Micro soft Launches A New Loyalty Program: Bing Rewards -a-new-loyalty-program-bing-rewards-51374 Blockbuster Chapter 11 Filing Drawing Near, WSJ Reports 9/22/blockbuster-chapter-11-filing-drawing-near-wsj-rep orts/ Xbox Head Proclaims Blu-ray Dead box-Head-Proclaims-Blu-ray-Dead Australian 17-year-old takes blame for Twitter chaos M5ge3h0IevMgVuQ0h2yxwKgnGZ7vfw Updated Gmail app in Android Market -gmail-app-in-android-market.html evercookie: the one cookie that you just can’t delete ie-the-one-cookie-that-you-just-cant-delete/ iPad Tops in Consumer Satisfaction: Report Kickers and Science 10-minute Bioshock Infinite trailer hallucinatory, beautiful -minute-bioshock-infinite-trailer-hallucinatory-beautif ul.ars —– Voicemail (800-616-2638) Mike from Tampa on ATT —– Email ( Hey guys (and Molly), The intel chip that can be “upgraded” by paying an extra $50 is nothing new. Way back in the 70′s I worked on NCR computers. Back then, they had two models the were really the same (I think it was the Century 50 and Century 100, but memory is fuzzy.). To upgrade from the 50 to the 100, the field service guy came out and moved a wire on the backplane to increase the clock speed. Of course, the price was a lot more than $50… Take care, Mike —– Hi Buzz Crew, yesterday you talked about the issue of upgradable Intel Chipsets. Please consider the following: By offering upgrades, Intel is able to produce one type of chipset and sell it to two different types of customers. Thanks to economics of scale, this means that the price of the chips falls in average. Since Intel sells their products in a competitive market, these cost saving should also have an impact on the prices Intel charges for this specific component. So both the “high end” and the “more budget restricted” user actually profit from lower prices of their components (-> computers). On top of that, the cheap consumer has an option to upgrade his/her computer when the performance is needed without the cost of migrating data to a new system. I don’t see why this business model is acceptable with software (upgrade to the full/pro/extended version) by entering a licence code, and not hardware. I for my part would be very happy to unlock the Core i7 mode on my way too old Core Duo laptop. Thanks for the show ... keep it up! Boris from Switzerland

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 19.5 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1312: Poor little Tweetiebird gets a worm (podcast)

A nasty worm spreads quickly through but is quickly smashed. Intel wants you to pay $50 to make the CPU in the PC you just bought run at full speed. Facebook hides the "ignore" option on friend requests. And Germans say "nein!" to Street View. With special guest John Falcone. $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093317', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093317', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1312 Twitter worms spread quickly thanks to blatant security flaw ter-worms-spread-quickly-thanks-to-blatant-security-fla w.ars p/21/twitter-hack-explained-xss-javascript http://news. Did Twitter Know About Security Flaw Late Last Month? _know_about_security_flaw_late_last_mon.php Auto-comple te and Reply to All come to Twitter o-highly-requested-features-come-to-twitter/ Facepalm of the Day: Intel charges customers $50 to unlock CPU features -the-day-intel-charges-customers-50-to-unlock-cpu-featu res/9742 Other Stories Facebook Has Quietly Implemented A De-Facto Follow Feature ow-follow/ Hundreds of Thousands of Germans Opt Out of Google Street View ousands-of-germans-opt-out-of-google-street-view Verizo n iPhone would hurt AT&T less than expected – report rizon_iphone_would_hurt_att_less_than_expected_report.h tml Yahoo! ‘owns several patents’ on Google Instant wns_several_patents_on_google_instant/ HP and Oracle Reaffirm Commitment to Partnership, Resolve Litigation Regarding Mark Hurd racle-Reaffirm-Commitment-to-Partnership-Resolve/ba-p/8 2514 ison-met-marc-andreessen-plus-mark-hurd-returns-some-do ugh/ Google Bringing Document Editing to Android, iPad ocument-editing-to-android-ipad/ Mobile codes to boost Google account security .html Kickers and Science Double Rainbow Guy Now Trying to Cash In with iPhone App [VIDEO] phone-app/ Voicemail (800-616-2638) Sam from Tampa on Tivo Email ( On episode 1311, Rafe and gang suggested that Verizon’s new plan would be a better deal than Mobile Me. At $8 month per phone for Verizon new protection plan, it will cost a subscriber $96 annually for the same services offered by the Find My iPhone features with Apple’s MobileMe,however with Mobile Me you also get push email, online disk storage, Back to My Mac computer syncing and screens haring services, etc etc etc…. However, Mobile Me is just not a better value, it is cheaper because with Mobile Me you can use Find My iPhone with an unlimited number of iOS devices. – Duane Andrews Technosexual

DATE: Mon, 20 Sep 2010
SIZE: 17.8 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1311: Facebook's not building a phone, or is it? (podcast)

Facebook denies that it's building its own phone, despite its own claims of how great it would be.Captchas get replaced with ads (evil?). HP invents the tablet-powered printer. And Jason joins us on the other side of the board! $lazy(window.GeckoVideoPlayer, CBSi.lazy.videoPlayer, function(){ loadGeckoVideoPlayer({ parentElement: 'universalVideoid50093315', flashVars:{ autoplay: 'false', adTargetType: 'Page', adPreroll: 'true', contentType: 'id', contentValue: '50093315', playlistDisplay: 'over' } },'blogXsmall'); }); Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1311 Top Stories Facebook Is Secretly Building A Phone etly-building-a-phone/ Facebook denies ‘Facebook phone’ report l Anatomy Of A PR Spin (AKA How To Lie Like A Pro) pin-aka-how-to-lie-like-a-pro/ Facebook doesn't need a device, this is what they need to do in mobile: le-innovation-needed/ 2010/09/19/first-photo-of-the-facebook-phone/ 4chan to DDoS RIAA Next - Is This the Protest of the Future? -is-this-the-protest-of-the-future-100919/ RIAA Goes Offline, Joins MPAA As Latest Victim Of Successful DDoS Attacks N apster makes its way to iOS devices tml TiVo Launches Pandora Application Offering Personalized Internet Radio on TiVo Premiere Boxes ora-iw-2112504703.html?x=0 HP intros Envy 100, Android-powered Photosmart eStation AIO with Yahoo widgets (update) nvy-100-touchsmart-printer-prices-android-powered-c5/ G oodbye (Crummy) CAPTCHAs. Hello Ad Dollars? ye-crummy-captchas-hello-ad-dollars/ Apple Approves Google Voice Apps and BASIC Interpreter in C64 google-voice-apps-and-basic-interpreter-in-c64/ Verizon Wireless Adds Mobile Recovery Application to Total Equipment Coverage Program -wireless-adds-mobile-recovery-application-to-total-equ ipment-coverage-program-103274814.html Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size o/ g-match-with-college-journalism-student The transistor-level 6502 simulation, in JavaScript ̵ 2;– Email ( Hey buzz crew, I happened to catch some of the craigslist list hearing and actually found it really interesting. Lots of good info and afterwords lots of spin. Something I haven’t heard talked about that Bill Clinton Powell mentioned that CL *wasn’t* charging for adult ads until the attorneys general and FBI asked them to. He said the A.G. and FBI “suggested” they do it so CL could track the credit card info and consequently more easily track predators. Is this ignored as craigslist propaganda or just getting buried. Thanks for a great show- Savan —– On Episode 1307 someone stated you can call Apple Care and jump through some hoops. I called apple care and said the free case app wasn’t allowing me to get a case, I was transferred to the online store rep who told me over and over that I was not eligible since I was 3 days outside my return. I am dropping so many calls in my area it’s unusable. The best part was when the call dropped and they had to call me back to reiterate they could not give me a case. LOVE THE SHOW. - RYAN GALLAGHER —– MoRaJas, This is Mike from Newport. I think you're missing a very, very important point about the CDMA version of WinPho7. I think Microsoft has completely dropped the ball yet again in another HUGE marketing mistake. As a student at the Naval War College, if you're going after an enemy, attacking their weakness is far more preferable to attacking their strong point. Now, if Microsoft wants to compete with the iPhone, would it make more sense to go straight at them on AT&T, or attack one of their weak points which is AT&T, with their network and customer service issues. Putting WinPho7 on Verizon and Sprint first would likely have resulted in some poaching of those dissatisfied customers and established a beachhead of an installed user base on the largest network before the worst kept secret in the industry happens, the Verizon iPhone. Seriously, its Kin all over again. Or I could be wrong. Mike

DATE: Fri, 17 Sep 2010
SIZE: 19.1 MB
Buzz Out Loud 1310: HDCP cracked like a nut (podcast)

The news that Windows Phone 7 won't be coming to any CDMA carriers just yet has some of you close to suicide. That's extreme. Just wait for LTE. It'll happen. Also, the HDCP master key turns out to be legit (whoa!), notebook sales growth goes negative in a widespread iPad fallout pattern, and there's a new Yahoo Mail Beta coming! Listen now: Download today's podcast Subscribe: iTunes (MP3) | iTunes (320x180) | iTunes (640x360) | RSS (MP3) | RSS (320x180) | RSS (640x360) EPISODE 1310 Verizon Won't Sell Microsoft Windows Phone 7 at Start on-won-t-sell-microsoft-windows-phone-7-at-start.html W indows Phone 7 will be GSM-only in 2010 Microsoft Has No Plans To Make Another Smartphone, Exec Says s-no-plans-to-make-another-smartphone-exec-says All major carriers picking up the Tab l Now down to $599 on in the UK y-Tab-Android-2-2-Froyo-7-Touch-Screen-Tablet-P1000-ARM -Cortex-A8-1GHz/Product.html HDCP Master Key is legit: Blu-Ray is cracked! 47246/HDCP-Master-Key-Is-Legitimate-Blu-ray-Is-Cracked HDCP antipiracy leak opens doors for black boxes ml Notebook sales growth goes negative. Can we blame the iPad yet? les-growth-goes-negative-can-we-blame-the-ipad-yet/ Be st Buy CEO: iPad Cannibalizing Up To 50 Percent Of Laptop Sale ad-cannibalizing-up-to-50-percent-of-laptop-sales/ Get Ready... Yahoo! Mail Beta Is Coming yahoo-mail-beta-is-coming/ 684_3-20016706-265.html Fraudulent Groupon Photography Deal Calls Attention To Service Drawbacks ography/ Groupon in Retrospect Groupon replies d-thing/ iOS 4.2 packs new, improved YouTube, FaceTime features and more 4_2_packs_new_improved_youtube_facetime_features_and_mo re.html iPad Getting a Subscription Infrastructure? 6/2248248/iPad-Getting-a-Subscription-Infrastructure Vo icemail (800-616-2638) Rudy: il n’ya rien que suicide Email ( Hi BOL, I don’t see a problem with linking the Galaxy with contracts with carriers. We do that anyway with our phones and if I upgraded my phone for this phone/tablet hybrid I sure as heck wouldn’t carry my old phone anymore. So I would be in the same situation I am in now with my phone except with the Galaxy I would have the most awesome phone on the market because it’s also a tablet! You have to understand that people now days, while still using a phone to communicate more than ever, use the voice function less and less and instead prefer to use text or email, I.M. etc… Doing all that with the greatest of ease on a beautiful 7″” screen more than makes up for the rare occasion when you actually have to talk on your phone, which is totally doable, plus you can use it as a computer and it’s always with you! Right now I have the HD2 and as much as I love the 4.3″” screen size I only wish it was larger. My only complaint about the Galaxy Tab is that they didn’t maximize the screen size by stretching it out to the very edges of the front of the phone. As for the radio in cell phone law, I listen to NPR eight hours a day and mostly with my HD2. I love the fact that I don’t have to carry another device with me every where nor do I have to stream the broadcast for eight hours straight (how much data would that be?). That’s one of the reasons why I chose my model phone which goes along with what you were saying about free law needed. Love the show, Jim Savage San Diego ********** In episode 1309 you mentioned that the IE 9 beta will not run on Windows XP. As a web developer of a high traffic web site I see that as a potential problem. I know Microsoft has been trying to encourage individuals and businesses to upgrade to Windows 7, and that’s great, but not only are people slow to upgrade their OS, they are painfully slow at upgrading their browsers. My site gets over 2 million visitors a month from IE 6 users. Much more than XP, I wish that IE 6 would just go away. By not allowing IE 9 to run on XP there is even less incentive for my IE 6 customers to upgrade and I will have to continue the difficult job of supporting that awful browser. Love the show. Regards, Doug from Dallas, TX

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