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Recent Episodes for Let's Speak Italian!
DATE: Fri, 01 Oct 2010
SIZE: 2.24 MB
Lesson #050, Friday

Che fila lunga! = What a long line! Ho fame. = I'm hungry. (I have hunger) Buon appetito! = Enjoy your meal! (Good appetite) Grazie, altrettanto. = Thanks, same to you. Basta, grazie. = That's enough, thank you. Sono sazio(a) = I'm full. Ho ancora fame. = I'm still hungry. (I have more hunger) Mi passa il sale, per favore? = Will you pass me the salt please? (formal) Mi passi il pepe, per favore? = Will you pass me the pepper please? (informal) Com'e' il cibo? = How is the food? Il cibo e' delizioso. = The food is delicious. Mi piace la zuppa. = I like the soup. (The soup pleases me) Non mi piace il latte. = I do not like the milk. (The milk does not please me) Mi piacciono i fagioli. = I like the beans. (The beans please me) Non mi piacciono i piselli. = I do not like the peas. (The peas do not please me)

DATE: Thu, 30 Sep 2010
SIZE: 1.41 MB
Lesson #049, Thursday

tavola = table bicchiere = drinking glass piatto = plate coltello = knife forchetta = fork cucchiaio = spoon tovagliolo = napkin vassoio = tray carne = meat latte = milk frutta = fruit sale = salt pepe = pepper burro = butter aranciata = orange soda pop ghiaccio = ice piselli = peas carote = carrots fagioli = beans zuppa = soup

DATE: Wed, 29 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.26 MB
Lesson #048, Wednesday

Avere = to have io ho = I have tu hai = you have (informal) Lei ha = you have (formal) lui/lei ha = he/she has noi abbiamo = we have voi avete = you have (plural) loro hanno = they have Avere bisogno di = To have need of, or to need. Then you just conjugate the verb 'avere' depending on the subject of the sentence. Noi abbiamo bisogno di aiuto. = We need help. Io ho bisogno di un dizionario. = I need a dictionary. Gli italiani hanno bisogno di imparare inglese. = The Italians need to learn English. Avete bisogno di una penna? = Do you need a pen? Si, abbiamo bisogno di una penna. = Yes, we need a pen. Tu hai bisogno di un dottore? = Do you need a doctor? No, non ho bisogno di un dottore. = No, I do not need a doctor.

DATE: Tue, 28 Sep 2010
SIZE: 1.81 MB
Lesson #047, Tuesday

You make a sentence negative by placing 'non' directly before the verb, and when responding negatively to a question, you must say 'no' as well as placing 'non' before the verb. Cantiamo bene in italiano. = We sing well in Italian. Non cantiamo bene in italiano = We do not sing well in Italian. Signor Gianni scrive una lettera. = Mr. Gianni writes a letter. Signor Gianni non scrive una lettera. = Mr. Gianni does not write a letter. Tommaso e' italiano? = Is Thomas Italian? No, Tommaso non e' italiano. = No, Thomas is not Italian. Parlate inglese alla mensa? = Do you speak English at the cafeteria? No, non parliamo inglese alla mensa. = No, we do not speak English at the cafeteria. For c'e' and ci sono put the 'non' in front of the c'e' or the ci. Ci sono molte ragazze in questa classe? = Are there many girls in this class? No, non ci sono molte ragazze in questa classe. = No, there are not many girls in this class.

DATE: Mon, 27 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.81 MB
Lesson #046, Monday

fratello = brother sorella = sister padre = father madre = mother cappotto = coat giacca = jacket cintura = belt calze = nylons, panty hose gonna = skirt camicetta = blouse problema = problem dizionario = dictionary macchina = car aiuto = help cavallo = horse comprare = to buy, compro, compri, compra, compriamo, comprate, comprano imparare = to learn, imparo, impari, impara, impariamo, imparate, imparano bere (bevere) = to drink, bevo, bevi, beve, beviamo, bevete, bevono vivere = to live, vivo, vivi, vive, viviamo, vivete, vivono

DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.55 MB
Lesson #045, Friday

Di che colore e' _____? = What color is _____? Di che colore sono _____? = What color are _____? Di che colore e' il limone? = What color is the lemon? Il limone e' giallo. = The lemon is yellow. Di che colore sono le fragole? = What color are the strawberries? Le fragole sono rosse. = The strawberries are red. Di che colore e' l'arancia? = What color is the orange? L'arancia e' arancione. = The orange is orange. Di che colore sono le porte? = What color are the doors? Le porte sono blu'. = The doors are blue. Di che colore e' l'asciugamano? = What color is the towel? L'asciugamano e' bianco. = The towel is white. Di che colore e' lo spazzolino? = What color is the toothbrush? Lo spazzolino e' viola. = The toothbrush is purple.

DATE: Thu, 23 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.60 MB
Lesson #044, Thursday

These colors must match the number and the gender of the noun which they modify: bianco = white nero = black rosso = red giallo = yellow grigio = gray camicia bianca = white shirt pantaloni bianchi = white pants vestito bianco = white dress scarpe bianche = white shoes These colors must match the number only of the noun which they modify: verde = green marrone = brown celeste = sky blue arancione = orange abito marrone = brown suit cravatta marrone = brown tie pantaloni marroni = brown pants scarpe marroni = brown shoes These colors will never change: blu' = blue rosa = pink viola = purple vestito blu' = blue dress scarpe blu' = blue shoes vestito viola = purple dress scarpe rosa = pink shoes

DATE: Wed, 22 Sep 2010
SIZE: 1.81 MB
Lesson #043, Wednesday

cravatta = tie camicia = shirt abito = suit vestito = dress scarpe = shoes calzini = socks pantaloni = pants letto = bed doccia = shower armadio = closet lavandino = sink spazzolino = toothbrush dentifricio = toothpaste sapone = soap asciugamano = towel pettine = comb rasoio = razor schiuma da barba = shaving cream shampoo = shampoo bigodini = curlers

DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.46 MB
Lesson #042, Tuesday

Essere = to be io sono = I am tu sei = you are (informal) Lei e' = you are (formal) lui/lei e` = he/she is noi siamo = we are voi siete = you are (plural) loro sono = they are C'e' = There is OR Is there? Ci sono = There are OR Are there? C'e' un insegnate qui? = Is there a teacher here? C'e' una mela per l'insegnante? = Is there an apple for the teacher? Ci sono due pere. = There are two pears. Ci sono tre belle donne. = There are three pretty women. Quanti cani ci sono? = How many dogs are there? Ci sono molti cani. = There are many dogs. Quante banane ci sono? = How many bananas are there? Ci sono molte banane. = There are many bananas.

DATE: Mon, 20 Sep 2010
SIZE: 2.03 MB
Lesson #041, Monday

un = precedes all masculine nouns, even those that begin with vowels. The exception is those masculine nouns beginning with ps, gn, z, or s and a consonant. un bambino = a baby un orologio = a clock uno = precedes masculine nouns beginning with ps, gn, z, or s and a consonant. uno specchio = a mirror uno psicologo = a psychologist una = precedes all feminine nouns beginning with a consonant. una scrivania = a desk una fragola = a strawberry un' = precedes all feminine nouns that begin with a vowel. un'ora = an hour un'arancia = an orange

DATE: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
SIZE: 2.24 MB
Download Seasons One and Two Today - All 100 Lessons

Hi everybody, my name's Mike and this is the Let's Speak Italian podcast. So you've been listening to the first few lessons, and hopefully you're learning how to speak Italian. Well with the first 100 lessons completed, I wanted to release the first few lessons for free as a little teaser so that you can see just how easy it is to learn to speak Italian. Now, by going to the website, you can buy the first 100 lessons for only $15.00. That includes 100 lessons, plus 20 review lessons as well, for a total of 120 lessons in all. That's 24 weeks of lessons, for only $15.00.  It's over 13 hours of Italian lessons, for the price of what you might pay for one music CD. I've found that the key to learning to speak Italian is to learn a little bit every day, and to practice it with your friends. So get lessons 1-100, and listen to one lesson, every day for 24 weeks. By the end, you'll be amazed at how easy it was, and just how much you can learn by practicing a few minutes every day. To buy the first 100 lessons, just go to the web site at and click on one of the banner ads. If you want to Download Lessons 1-100, click on the 'Download' banner ad. Once I get your payment, I'll e-mail you a link to the files. Be patient though, it might take a few hours before I check my email.  If you would rather Get Lessons 1-100 on CD-Rom, click on the 'CD' banner ad and once I receive your payment, I'll mail the CD-Rom to you.  For only $15.00 you'll be speaking Italian before you know it. Grazie tanto, arrivederci.

Recent Comments for Let's Speak Italian!
buone lezioni! Grazie!!!

I randomly chose this podcast and am happy with my decision. The lessons are quick and to the point, so great for on the go. The narration is clear and the lessons are related to very appropriate skills and rules.

Submitted By: Fascias@... (on 8-2013)

Excellent teaching, simple and effective, and as personal as you can get without being in person!

Submitted By: Sethspeak@... (on 7-2013)

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